111 DISKS!

Yes, the NWO series has now reached 111 disks!  I just finished converting Jeremy Miller's continuing NWO comp to add
the full menus, and we now have 105 disks covering everything from the start of the NWO faction in 5/96 through April of 2000

The set also includes 3 bonus disks featuring shoot interviews with both Kevin Nash & Scott Hall, as well as footage of the NWO in New

Japan Pro Wrestling.

And that's not including the also fantastic 6 disk 2002 NWO in the WWE set. 

And remember, you are not limited to getting the entire set.  You can get as many or as few disks as you like.




1.        Mike Enos v. Steve Doll (Scott Hall makes his first appearance in WCW and all hell breaks loose!  The average fan didn’t know that Hall and Kevin Nash had left the WWF, and Hall’s first promo made it look like he was still working for Vince McMahon. The segment looked very much like a total shoot!  Nitro 5/27/96)

2.        Scott Hall invades the announcers table and challenges WCW’s best wrestlers, alluding to having been sent down to WCW by Vince McMahon to start an inter-promotional war. This angle was so ground breaking that many fans thought that
Vince really did send Hall down to WCW to interrupt things.  The WWF had to eventually file a lawsuit because the angle
was so misleading.  FANTASTIC STUFF!  After tonight the wrestling world would never be the same again.  (Nitro 5/27/96)

3.        Scott Hall storms the announcers booth again. This time Sting comes out and confronts Hall.   Hall challenges WCW to get 3 of their best against Hall and 2 partners of his choice.  Sting accepts the challenge and slaps Hall across the face and Hall promises a big surprise for Sting next week!  (Nitro 6/3/96)

4.        Scott Hall returns to the announcers booth and brings out KEVIN NASH!    (Nitro 6/10/96)

5.        Hall & Nash rough up Eric Bischoff and POWERBOMB HIM THROUGH A TABLE! (Great American Bash 1996)

6.        Lex Luger, Randy Savage & Sting are announced as the 3 men who will wrestle against the 3 “Outsiders” as Mean Gene
calls them at the upcoming Bash at the Beach PPV.  (Nitro 6/17/96)

7.        Steiners v. Harlem Heat v. Sting & Lex Luger (Hall & Nash storm the ringside area and disrupt things again. Nitro 6/24/96)

8.        Nash & Hall interrupts the show once again, but get ejected by security while many of WCW’s top wrestlers surround
the announcers booth to keep Hall & Nash away.  Nitro 6/24/96

9.        Hall & Nash & a mystery partner v. Sting, Lex Luger & Randy Savage (It looks like Nash & Hall are without a third partner
as it’s 3 on 2 for most of the match.  Lex is injured and is taken to the back.  The match looks to be evened out when Hulk Hogan comes out to replace Luger, but IMMEDIATELY ATTACKS RANDY SAVAGE!  HULK HOGAN TURNS HEEL, AND JOINS FORCES WITH HALL AND NASH IN THE BIGGEST SHOCKER OF THE YEAR!  Hogan then
cuts a shocking promo denouncing the fans and declaring his alliance to the newly christend Outsiders!  The outraged fans shower the ring with garbage.  Bash at the Beach 1996)

10.     Gene Okerlund interviews Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan about Hogan’s heel turn.  Both Hart and Sullivan were heels,
but still expressed regret about Hogan’s heel turn and the coming of a “New World Order”.(Nitro 7/8/96)

Several great interviews with a variety of wrestlers regarding Hulk Hogan’s heel turn.  Even the heels were disappointed
with Hogan, as they commented on how despite their own rulebreaking ways, they relied on Hogan to be a role model
and how he let them all down. 

11.     The Nasty Boys comment on Hulk Hogan (Nitro 7/8/96)

12.     The 4 Horsemen comment on Hulk Hogan (Nitro 7/8/96)

13.     Sting v. Arn Anderson (The Outsiders come down to ringside, but are run off by security.  Nitro 7/8/96)

14.     Int – Sting & Randy Savage comment on Hulk Hogan turning heel during their match at Bash at the Beach.  Sting tells Hogan to
 “Stick it”, and Savage (Nitro 7/8/96)

15.     Int – The Outsiders (Nitro 7/8/96)

16.     The Outsiders are in the arena and begin their “Take Over” of WCW by covering up the huge WCW letters at the top of the
arena with the letters “N-W-O” (Nitro 7/15/96)

17.     Lex Luger v. Big Bubba Rogers (The Outsiders and Hulk Hogan, now wearing black run in and attack Luger.  Hogan,
Hall and Nash are now officially being referred to as THE NEW WORLD ORDER.   The NWO then proceeds
to beat the hell out of Big Bubba as well. Nitro 7/15/96)

18.     The NWO attacks Sting in the parking lot.

19.     Sting, Randy Savage & Lex Luger v. Ric Flair, Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael (No contest, as the NWO is shown
back stage ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING several of the WCW wrestlers including Arn Anderson, Marcus Bagwell
and Rey Misterio Jr., who is thrown like a javelin into one of the production trailers before jumping into a limo
and driving off.  Lots of chaos ensues as the wrestlers try to restore order and get medical attention for the injured
people.  Nitro 7/29/96)

20.     black & white NWO promo



1.        Outsiders v. Lex Luger & Sting (Hog Wild 1996)

2.        Hulk Hogan v. The Giant (After the match, Hogan’s longtime buddy Ed “Brutus Beefcake” Leslie comes to the ring
in an NWO T-shirt, but Hogan and the Outsiders destroy him in the ring.  Hogan spray paints NWO on the  WCW
Title belt and declares it the NWO World Heavyweight Title.  Hog Wild 1996)

3.        Promo – NWO  (Nitro 8/12/96)

4.        Int – Hulk Hogan (Nitro 8/12/96)

5.        Ric Flair v. Randy Savage (Hulk Hogan runs in and attacks Randy Savage with a chair!  8/12/96)

6.        Outsiders v. Lex Luger & Sting (Sting didn’t immediately come out, with Luger, and speculation immediately
starts as to why Sting didn’t show up.  Sting comes down to ringside soon enough though, and joins Luger in working
over the Outsiders.  Before too long, Luger is out cold, but the Outsiders don’t get to double team Sting for very long
as THE FOUR HORSEMEN RUN IN and chase the Outsiders away.  Nitro 8/12/86)

7.        Int – Hulk Hogan (Clash of the Champions 33)

8.        Hollywood Hulk Hogan v. Ric Flair (For the first time in one of their matches, Flair is cheered as the babyface, while
Hogan is booed mercilessly.  Clash of Champions 33)

9.        The NWO spraypaints one of the WCW production trailers with graffiti.(Nitro 8/26/96)

10.     Sting & Luger v. Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael (The NWO runs in and attacks all 4 men.  All the while, the
announcers speculate about a mysterious 4th man in the NWO.  Nobody knows who he is yet, but they suspect that it’s
someone on the inside of WCW.  Nitro 8/26/96)

11.     NWO promo

12.     Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael v. Kevin Sullivan, Big Bubba Rogers and the Faces of Fear
(The NWO runs in and attacks everyone!  The Giant seemingly runs in to break it up, but JOINS THE NWO
The Giant is the 4th Man!  Randy Savage runs in, but is immediately destroyed by the NWO.  Nitro 9/2/96))

13.     The NWO take over the announcers table again, but the Horsemen and the Dungeon of Doom run out and attack the NWO.
Nitro 9/2/96)

14.     Lex Luger v. Rick Steiner (Referee Nick Patrick, who had been quite controversial with his conspicuously pro-NWO
decisions comes out and tells Lex Luger to go to the back.  Luger gets to the back and sees Ted DiBiase (who is now
a heel, financing the NWO  talking to someone in a limo who sounds a lot like Sting!  Has Sting joined the NWO? The
answer seems obvious, AS STING ATTACKS LUGER!  This throws the Wargames match at the upcoming Fall Brawl
PPV into chaos, as Sting is supposed to be teaming with Luger, Flair and Arn against the NWO!  Nitro 9/9/96)

15.     NWO Promo



1.        The Giant v. Randy Savage (Fall Brawl 1996)

2.        Int – Sting tries to convince Flair, Arn and Luger that he didn’t attack Lex in that parking lot incident.  Flair, Arn and Luger
refuse to believe anything that Sting has to say. (Fall Brawl 96)

3.        Hogan, The Outsiders & Sting v. Flair, Arn and Sting (Wargames match.  Yes, you read that right.  Sting was on both
sides of this match.  It turned out that the Sting that attacked Lex Luger 2 weeks ago was an imposter look-alike.  The
REAL sting finally made it out to the ring last and beats the living hell out of the entire NWO before yelling at Lex
for not trusting him and then WALKS OUT!  Afterward, Randy Savage runs in and gets the hell beat out of him.
Fall Brawl 96)

4.        Int – Shawn Waltman (formerly known as the 1-2-3 Kid) is in the front row for Monday Nitro9/16/96)

5.        The NWO and their newest member Shawn Waltman, now known as SYXX (i.e. the former 123 kid 1+2+3 = 6 (Syxx) or if that’s stretching it, how about the fact that he’s also the SIXTH member of the NWO) brag about how they tricked Lex Luger
and everyone else into believing that Sting had joined the NWO with a tape recording of his voice.  Nitro 9/16/96)

6.        Promo – NWO

Matches 7 - 16 are from Nitro 9/23/96.  when the NWO takes over the entire broadcast.

7.        Randy Savage v. Greg Valentine (The entire NWO runs in and DESTROYS Randy Savage (again.  It’s getting to
be a weekly thing these days huh?) They then announce that they’re taking over the rest of the show.)

8.        The NWO take over the announcers table, while the Giant takes over as the ring introductions. Also now having
Joined the NWO is Ted DiBiase’s former bodyguard from the WWF, Virgil, now known as VINCENT as an obvious dig at
WWF owner Vince McMahon.  (The name Virgil, was a dig by Vince at Dusy Rhodes, whose real first name is Virgil.  9/23/96

9.        V.K. Wallstreet v. Jim Powers (The Outsiders come out to the ring and beat up Powers, while Wallstreet leaves
the ring and goes to the back.  Powers isn’t finished here though… )

10.     The Giant v. Jim Powers (Powers is barely conscious from the previous beating as the Giant announces himself as Powers’
new opponent and chokeslams the hell out of him.  )

11.     Hulk Hogan offers the Nasty Boys a chance to join the NWO.

12.     Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Ron Studd (The match doesn’t happen, as Hogan beats down Studd before the bell. 
The match is immediately changed by the NWO to….)

13.     Syxx v. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (With some help from The Giant, Syxx wins his first match in WCW.  9/23/96)

14.     NWO Sting v. Bo LeDuc

15.     The Amazing French Canadians (Jacques Rougeau and Jean Pierre Lefitte)  v. High Voltage (I’m sure, you’ve
figured it out by now.  The Canadians are quickly replaced by Hall & Nash, changing the match to….)

16.     Outsiders v. High Voltage



1.        NWO Promo

2.        NWO Promo.  The Nasty Boys are welcomed into the NWO’s hotel room. (Nitro 9/30/96)

3.        NWO Promo – The new NWO T-shirt.

4.        Randy Savage v. Ric Flair (And if it’s Randy Savage, you know that an NWO ass kicking can’t be very far
behind. Both Savage and Flair are beat up by the NWO in short order.  Nitro 10/7/96)

5.        Harlem Heat v. Faces of Fear (No finish, as both teams confront the NWO when they come down to
rindside.  Nitro 10/14/96)

6.        The entire NWO including the Nasty Boys come down to ringside and discuss the Nastys’ new contract.  Hogan discovers
that he didn’t sign their new contracts, resulting in a massive NWO beat down for the Nasty Boys!  Nitro 10/14/96)

7.        NWO Sting v. J.L (JL gets squashed, but the REAL STING (now in his Crow gimmick) runs in and demolishes
the NWO Sting!  The NWO offers Sting a place in their group, but Sting leaves without giving an answer.
Nitro 10/21/96)

8.        NWO Promo – Hulk Hogan is on the set of his current film, “The 3 Ninjas” – Nitro 10/21/96

9.        Int – Randy Savage  

Matches 10- 13 are from Halloween Havok 1996

10.     The Giant v. Jeff Jarrett

11.     Syxx v. Chris Jericho

12.     Outsiders v. Harlem Heat (The Outsiders win the WCW World Tag Team Titles)

13.     Hollywood Hogan v. Randy Savage (Hogan beat Savage, but the action isn’t over as RODDY PIPER RETURNS



The next 2 matches are from WCW (NWO) Saturday Night 11/2/96.  and were done in an empty arena with piped in crowd noise.

1.          Outsiders v. Jack Shane & Brian Costello

2.          Syxx v. Bounty Hunter

3.          Ice Train v. Diamond Dallas Page (ending only, as the Outsiders attacks Ice Train.  Are the NWO courting DDP?
Nitro 11/4/96)

4.          Int – DDP, who gives his views on the NWO helping him win his match last week.  The Outsiders come out and offer
DDP a slot in the NWO.  Nitro 11/11/96

5.          The Outsiders brawl with the Faces of Fear in the back.  Nitro 11/11/96

6.          Int – DDP, who confirms again that he doesn’t want to join the NWO.  Nitro 11/11/96

7.          Eric Bischoff calls Roddy Piper to the ring, but it turns into a double cross, as not only does the NWO attack Piper,
but ERIC BISCHOFF JOINS THE NWO!  Nitro 11/11/96

8.          The Giant v. Jeff Jarrett (WWIII 1996)

9.          Roddy Piper brings a contract and challenges Hollywood Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Title.  Needless to say,
it isn’t long before the entire NWO comes out and completely destroys Piper, injuring his leg in the process. (World War III

10.       Outsiders v. Faces of Fear v. Nasty Boys (Triangle Match.  World War III 1996)

11.       The last 10 minutes of so of the WW3 three ring battle royal.  Lex Luger is left in the ring against almost the entire NWO.
He does a great job, but in the end, is eliminated by the Giant, who wins the match.  (WWIII 96)

12.       Eric Bischoff with the entire NWO at his side demands every WCW wrestler in the back to convert their contracts from
WCW to NWO within 30 days.  He doen’t say what would happen if they don’t though.  It also fails to be mentioned just
what would happen to the organization if everyone in the company joined the NWO.  Wouldn’t that mean that there’d be
nobody to fight against?  This is WCW booking at its finest.  Anyway, immediately following Bischoff’s ultimatum,
Marcus Bagwell comes out and joins the NWO. (Nitro 11/25/96)

13.       Harlem Heat v. Faces of Fear (Neeless to say, we have an obligatory NWO run in and both teams get destroyed. 
Nitro 11/25/96)

14.       The NWO takes over the announcers table and begins commentating for the match between David Taylor & Eddie Guerrero.
Nitro 12/2/96

15.       Sting v. Rick Steiner (The NWO is still in the announcers booth, as Sting nearly beats Rick with a baseball bat.  The
NWO then invites Sting to join them, but he apparently refuses, and leaves without saying a word.  Nitro 12/2/96)

16.       DDP v. Jeff Jarrett (The Outsiders run in again and finish off Jarrett again for DDP.  Nitro 12/9/96)

17.       Roddy Piper comes to the ring and calls out Hulk Hogan.  Eric Bischoff comes out instead, and Piper takes out his frustrations
on him.  The rest of the NWO runs out, but Piper has a chair and holds them off.  Pro football player Kevin Green runs in
to help Piper (Nitro 12/19/96)



1.          Eric Bischoff and Ted DiBiase take over the announcer’s booth at the start of the 12/16/96 Nitro. 

2.          Int – Sonny Ono and Masahiro Chono.  Chono attacks Ono and reveals himself to have joined the NWO!  The NWO HAS
(Nitro 12/16/96)

3.          Chris Jericho v. Masahiro Chono (Nitro 12/16/96)

4.          Sting v. Rick Steiner (Rick comes out with his brother Scott.  Sting comes out, and finds himself accompanied by none
other than the NWO Sting!  The NWO is still trying to recruit the real sting, but it falls flat as the real Sting gives the
fake one the Scorpion Death Drop!  Nitro 12/16/96)

5.          Promo – Hulk Hogan calls out Piper, who he already knew wasn’t in the building.

6.          Outsiders v. Faces of Fear (Big Bubba Rogers runs in and joins the NWO, attacking the Faces of Fear!  M. Wallstreet
also comes out and joins the NWO.  Eventually prettymuch the entire lockerroom is in the ring in a huge
NWO v. WCW brawl.  Finally, Sting comes out and is attacked by Arn Anderson, Steve McMichael and Rey
Misterio Jr.  Sting beats them back, but doesn’t indicate whether or not he’s actually joined the NWO.  12/16/96)


The signing of “B” level stars like Big Bubba, Bagwell and Wallstreet was the response by Kevin Nash and his buddies to the problem that the NWO was constantly going over everyone that they faced.  Because guys like Nash and Hogan refused to lose
matches to anyone, they decided to induct several mid-carders, so that when it was necessary for the NWO to lose, they’d
throw those guys to the wolves and have them do the job.  This was one of the main reasons why the NWO gimmick eventually got old and died.  Because the bad guys kept going over the good guys so consistently, and when they never got the payoff of
the big guys in the NWO finally losing, the fans eventually stopped caring about it, as the angle had continued for too long without the aforementioned payoff and got stale.  Just my opinion.


7.          Big Bubba Rogers v. Konnan (Nitro 12/23/96)

8.          Eric Bischoff is in the ring dressed like Roddy Piper and mocking him..  Needless to say, Piper makes his way to the ring, and
yes, you guessed it, gets his butt kicked by the entire NWO. (Nitro 12/23/96)

Matches 9– 12 are from Starrcade 1996

9.          Outsiders v. Faces of Fear

10.       DDP v. Eddie Guerrero (The NWO runs in and beats up DDP, causing him to lose the match and the US Title.  The
NWO then proceeds to destroy Guerrero as well.)

11.       The Giant v. Lex Luger (Sting comes to the ring and leaves a baseball bat, but tells both men that its there.  Luger
gets to it first and pins the Giant, giving the NWO it’s first loss ever.  Sting meanwhile still has made no decision
as to whose side he’s on.)

12.       Hulk Hogan v. Roddy Piper (in a non-title match, despite interference by the entire NWO, RODDY PIPER CLEANLY
DEFEATS HOGAN!!! Afterward, Hogan and the Outsiders yell at the Giant for losing his match earlier in the



1.          The Giant talks with the NWO about his having lost last night at Starrcade.  He also asks Hogan for a titleshot since
he won World War III earlier this year.  Hogan tries to convince the Giant not to take the title match, and the Giant
begins to get upset.  Hogan reprimands the Giant afterward.  Is there some dissention there?(Nitro 12/30/96)

2.          M. Wallstreet v. Konnan (Strap Match.  Nitro 12/30/96)

3.          Promo – Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff (Nitro 12/30/96)

4.          Promo – Roddy Piper., who says that his match against Hogan last night was his final match.  Of course, it isn’t long
before Hogan comes out with Eric bischoff.  Long story short, Piper takes a MASSIVE ass kicking at the hands of the entire
NWO, including their newest member, Scott “Flash” Norton.  Piper is stretchered out screaming unitelligibly.  But the action
isn’t over, as The Giant loses it, and demands a title shot against Hogan.  Hogan grants the Giant his shot and orders the NWO
to attack him. It doesn’t do any good, as after destroying the entire “B” section of the NWO (now do you see why they joined?), the remainder of the NWO beats the Giant into the ground.   Btw, And by the way, hasn’t Eric Bischoff’s 30 day ultimatum
mentioned in volume 4, match #12 passed by now? (Nitro 12/30/96)

5.          Big Bubba Rogers v. Konnan (Strap Match.  1/6/97)

6.          The NWO comes out to gloat about their beating up Piper and the Giant, but the Giant shows up and runs off the entire
NWO and then proceeds to beat up Hogan.  Of course, this doesn’t last too long, as the NWO recovers and proceeds to
absolutely DEMOLISH the Giant.   Afterward, Vincent (Formerly Virgil) goes to the ring to have some fun with the still fallen Giant.  Unfortunately for Vincent, the Giant wakes up and chokeslams the hell out of him.  (Nitro 1/6/97)

7.          The Giant tries to attack Hogan, calling him a coward for refusing to grant him a title shot (Nitro 1/13/97)

8.          NWO Promo

9.          The NWO takes over the announcer’s booth for the following match. Nitro 1/13/97

10.       DDP v. Mark Starr (The Outsiders are still courting DDP and come out to offer him an NWO T-shirt.  And to
everyone’s surprise, DDP puts it on!  And then IMMEDIATELY WIPES OUT BOTH HALL AND NASH to the
delight of the entire crowd!  Nitro 1/13/97)

11.       NWO promo

12.       NWO promo

13.       Hulk Hogan v. The Giant (Nitro 1/13/97)

14.       RANDY SAVAGE RETURNS!  And boy is he pissed!  (wouldn’t you be, if every time you stepped in the ring, the NWO
would run in and beat you unconscious?  Savage interrupts the beginning of the broadcast and refuses to leave the ring until he talks to somebody in charge.  And he means it!  Chavo Guerrero and his opponent Max both try to make Savage leave so they can have their opening match, and the Macho Man destroys both men before throwing them over the top rope.  Savage then throws out the referee.  Head of Security, Doug Dillinger comes to the ring, and Savage beats him up too!  Finally Sting makes his entrance from the rafters and finally convinces Savage to leave the ring, and leads him out to the back. (Nitro 1/20/97)

15.       NWO Sting v. Scotty Riggs (Nitro 1/20/97)

16.       NWO promo Eric B

17.       NWO promo

18.       The NWO takes over the announcer’s booth

19.       Scott Hall v. Booker T  (Nitro 1/20/97)



This volume is the entire NWO Souled Out 1997 PPV.  Since this is an NWO history comp, and the whole PPV was run by the NWO,
I decided to include the show in its entirety.

1.        Masahiro Chono Vs. Chris Jericho

2.        Big Bubba Vs. Hugh Morrus

3.        Jeff Jarrett Vs. Michael Wallstreet

4.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Scotty Riggs

5.        Scott Norton Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

6.        Outsiders Vs. Steiners (The Steiners win the WCW Tag Titles when Hall is pinned by Scott Steiner!)

(Nash would go nearly another full year before ever getting pinned in WCW), but the titles are returned to the Outsiders because Hall wasn’t
the legal man in the ring.  The Steiners were actually supposed to win the match and keep the titles, but Nash had convinced Bischoff to let the
Outsiders keep the titles. )



Matches 1 & 2 are from NWO Souled out 1997

1.        Eddie Guerrero Vs. Syxx "Ladder"

2.        Giant Vs. Hollywood Hogan 

3.        The Outsiders & Eric Bischoff take over the announcers table, and the antics start right away, as Eric Bischoff fires
referee Randy Anderson.  Anderson was the referee who counted the pinfall last night when the Steiners won the Tag Titles
from the Outsiders  (Nitro 1/27/97)

4.        Bischoff and the Outsiders then call out the Steiners and demand that they hand over the Tag Titles that they had won from the
Outsiders the previous night.  (Nitro 1/27/97)

5.        Hogan & Bishoff come out to accept a challenge from the Giant (Nitro 1/27/97)

6.        Hollywood Hogan v. The Giant (Nitro 1/27/97)

7.        Int – Hulk Hollywood Hogan (Nitro 2/3/97)

8.         Syxx steals Dean Malenko's Cruiserweight title during a match between Malenko & Mike Enos. (Nitro 2/3/97)

9.        INT- Rowdy Roddy Piper/His Son/Hollywood Hogan/Eric Bischoff. (Hogan & Bischoff humiliate Piper in front of his
son.  Nitro 2/3/97)

10.      Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (Syxx tries to steal the US Title from Eddie Guerrero.  Nitro 2/10/97)

11.     Eric Bischoff/Outsiders take over the broadcast booth (Bischoff tells Anderson that he can get his job back if he
beats Nick Patrick next week on Nitro 2/10/97)

12.     INT- Randy Anderson & his family (Nitro 2/10/97)

13.     Outsiders vs. The Extreme (Nitro 2/10/97)

14.     INT- Outsiders/Syxx   INT- Rowdy Roddy Piper/Hollywood Hogan (Nitro 2/10/97)



1.        The NWO arrives at the arena.  But when they weren’t looking, one of the NWO members is attacked in the parking lot.
(Nitro 2/17/97)

2.        Syxx challenges Dean Malenko to a tag team match. (Nitro 2/17/97)

3.        The Outsiders & Syxx argue with Schiavone & Zbysko at  announcer’s booth regarding the footage of the NWO
being attacked at the start of the show.  (Nitro 2/17/97)

4.        Earlier footage of what proved to be Big Bubba being loaded into an ambulance earlier in the night. (Nitro 2/17/97)

5.        Nick Patrick v. Randy Anderson (Anderson is fighting for his job. Hilarious finish!  I won’t tell you what happened,
but Eric Bischoff isn’t too happy about it, and fires not only Anderson, but the referee that was officiating the
match, as well!  Nitro 2/17/97)

6.        Additional footage of the NWO driving around earlier in the day.  They followed the Steiners in their car and ran them off
the road!  The Steiners car flips over and the Outsiders speed off.  (Nitro 2/17/97)

7.        The Giant v. Top Gun & Johnny Swinger (The Giant destroys both men quickly, and then spray paints Halls name on
Gun’s back! Nitro 2/17/97)

8.        Int – Giant & Lex Luger.  They have a contract to wrestle the Outsiders at the upcoming Superbrawl PPV.  Eric Bischoff
interrupts (Nitro 2/17/97)

9.        Syxx v. Dean Malenko (Superbrawl 1997)

10.     Buff Bagwell v. DDP (Superbrawl 1997)

11.     Outsiders v. Giant & Lex Luger (Superbrawl 1997)

12.     Hollywood Hogan v. Roddy Piper (Superbrawl 1997)

13.     The NWO arrives at the arena in a stretch Hummer.  Also arriving, is the head of Turner Sports, Dr. Harvey Schiller (Nitro 3/3/97)

14.     Dr. Harvey Schiller gives Randy Anderson his job back and then he suspends Eric Bischoff! (Nitro 3/3/97)

15.     V.K. Wallstreet v. Scotty Riggs (Buff Bagwell comes out.  Nitro 3/3/97)

16.     Hogan & Dennis Rodman have a short laugh together at the start of Nitro (Nitro 3/10/97)

17.     Int NWO.  Hulk Hogan introduces Dennis Rodman as the newest member of the NWO!  Sting (The real one) is also out there
with the NWO.   (Nitro 3/10/97)



Matches 1 - 3 are from Uncensored 97

1.        Int – DDP.  Randy Savage attacks DDP and beats him senseless.

2.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Scotty Riggs

3.        Promo - NWO

4.        Benoit/Jarrett/McMichael/Piper Vs. Giant/Luger/Steiners Vs. Hall/Hogan/Nash/Savage (The NWO wins, thanks to some
massive interference by Dennis Rodman.  Sting comes in afterward and wipes out the entire NWO. )

5.        Int – NWO (Nitro 3/17/97)

6.        Promo – Dennis Rodman & Hollywood Hogan  (Nitro 3/17/97)

7.        Outsiders vs. Mike Enos/Bunkhouse Buck  (Nitro 3/17/97)

8.        Steiner Brothers vs. Harlem Heat ( nWo attack both teams. Giant/Sting/Lex Luger make the save. Nitro 3/17/97)

9.        Footage from last week’s show where Randy Savage taunted DDP from the stands, causing Page to chase after Savage.
(Nitro 3/24/97)

10.     Randy Savage v. Prince Iaukea (Most of the NWO is at ringside for the match.  This still doesn’t stop DDP from
running in and attacking Savage though.  Needless to say, the NWO beats 6 kinds of hell out of him.  Nitro 3/24/97)

11.     Int – DDP.  Randy Savage interrupts from the stands again. (Nitro 3/24/97)

12.     The NWO arrive at the arena.  (Nitro 3/31/97)

13.     The NWO seem to be having some leadership problems in the back. (Nitro 3/31/97)

14.     Nash and Syxx take over the announcer’s booth to talk about the state of the NWO.  Nash seems to be a bit upset with Bischoff
and Hogan and now wants the rest of the NWO to stand behind Nash as the leader of the group.  (Nitro 3/31/97)

15.     Kevin Nash v. Rick Steiner (Singles match for the World Tag Titles.  Nash is practically killing Steiner, and Ted DiBiase
jumps in the ring to argue with Nash, and then walks out!  Spring Stampede 97)



1.        Randy Savage v. DDP (No DQ match. The problems with the NWO are even more pronounced, as Nick Patrick
counts the pinfall to give DDP the victory.  The NWO runs out and not only destroys DDP, but NICK PATRICK
AS WELL!  Eric Bischoff yells at Savage, and SAVAGE GOES AFTER BISCHOFF!  Looks like Hogan needs to come
back and restore order to the NWO.  Spring Stampede 97)

2.        The NWO arrive at the arena, but in separate cars!  (Nitro 4/7/97)

3.        Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman talk to the NWO and attempts to restore order.  Hogan & Bischoff are yelling at Savage.
Meanwhile, Nash simply walks away.  (Nitro 4/7/97)

4.        INT – The entire NWO comes to the ring to work out their differences.  Seems that despite the fact that they have ironed out
their differences, there are still some leadership issues between Hogan and Nash as to who is in charge.  (Nitro 4/7/97)

5.        Int –DDP, The NWO comes out.  So does Sting.  (Nitro 4/7/97)

6.        nWo takeover the broadcast booth (Nitro 4/14/97)

7.        DDP v. Konnan (finish only.  DDP puts Konnan away, and Randy Savage calls out Page from the crowd.  DDP runs
up into the stands to get Savage.  Nitro 4/14/97)

8.        Lex Luger v. Kevin Nash (Of course, the NWO does their obligatory run-in.  DDP, The Giant and Sting come in to even
the score.  Nitro 4/14/97)

9.         J.J. Dillon arrives in WCW (Nitro 4/21/97)

10.      Nick Patrick comes to the announcer’s booth and apologizes to the WCW fans for his actions over the past
several months and asks WCW to bring him back as a referee. (Nitro 4/21/97)

11.     INT- J.J. Dillon announces that Eric Bischoff is no longer suspended, but he doesn’t have the power that he had before.
Dillon also announces that the NWO contracts of Big Bubba Rogers & Michael Wallstreet are invalid, and they have to
leave the NWO.   (Nitro 4/21/97)

12.     Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Syxx (Kevin Nash runs in and powerbombs Rey to help  Syxx get the win, but but JJ
Dillon and a bunch of officials come out to call for a DQ.  Syxx actually has a legitimate confrontation with one
of the security guards in the ring and gives him a quick ass kicking.  Meanwhile, Rey is taken out on a stretcher
and put in an ambulance.
Nitro 4/21/97)

13.     Hollywood Hogan on the set of his new movie, McGinsey’s Island (never heard of it?  That should tell you how it did.)
Also appearing with Hulk in this promo, is Grace Jones, and Robert Vaughn.  The entire production crew and all of the
actors are wearing NWO shirts.  (Nitro 4/21/97)

14.     INT- NWO.  Kevin Nash rips on the previous generation of wrestlers like Flair and Piper, with some
semi shoot comments about how guys like Flair held down guys like Nash and Hall back in the day.  (which is funny, as
Nash himself hasn’t put anyone over since coming to WCW a year ago.  (Nitro 4/21/97)

15.     DDP v. Psycosis.  (ending only.  After DDP finishes Psycosis off, Savage does his usual taunt from up in the stands.
But instead of going after Savage again, DDP challenges Savage to come down to the ring.  Nitro 4/21/97)

16.     INT- Ric Flair/Rowdy Roddy Piper (w/Kevin Greene) answer the comments of Nash.  The NWO comes out and welcomes
back none other than Scott Hall!  They try to run in on Piper, Flair & Green, but the babyfaces run them off.   

17.     Syxx v. Juventud Guerrera (Nitro 4/28/97)

18.     INT- Outsiders/Syxx (Nitro 4/28/97)

19.     INT – Randy Savage/Elizabeth (Nitro 4/28/97)

20.     INT – Roddy Piper & Ric Flair.  Flair is hilarious ripping on Syxx.  During their promo, hundreds of NWO flyers fall from
the ceiling into the ring and the crowd saying “Tradition Bites!”  The Outsiders & Syxx run in and attack Piper & Flair. 
(Nitro 4/28/97)



1.        Outsiders/Syxx attack Rey Misterio Jr. (Nitro 5/5/97)

2.        INT- Hollywood Hogan/Eric Bischoff (Nitro 5/5/97)

3.        nWo attack DDP/Harlem Heat & the Giant  Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ric Flair & Kevin Greene come out. (Nitro 5/5/97)
INT- Randy Savage/Elizabeth (Nitro 5/12/97)

4.        INT- Rowdy Roddy Piper/Ric Flair/Kevin Greene/Outsiders/Syxx (Nitro 5/12/97)

5.        nWo attack Rowdy Roddy Piper (Nitro 5/12/97)

6.        INT- Eric Bischoff/nWo Sting.  (Nitro 5/12/97)

7.        Int Randy Savage.  DDP comes out and lays out Savage and several other members of the NWO! The NWO begins to get the
advantage, but the Giant comes out to even the score. Slamboree 97

8.        Ric Flair, Roddy Piper & Kevin Green vs. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Syxx Slamboree 97

9.        Syxx comes out and confronts Ric Flair. Flair chases him off (Nitro 5/19/97)

10.     Sonny Ono promises a surprise for Mashiro Chono next week (Nitro 5/19/97)

11.     JJ Dillon re-instates Nick Patrick as a WCW referee (Nitro 5/19/97)

12.     Syxx vs Ric Flair (Hall and Nash come out and destroy Flair.  Nitro 5/19/97)

13.     Promo – Eric Bischoff talks some major trash about Sting, thinking that he’s not in the building.  Sting comes out and
wipes out Bischoff!  (Nitro 5/19/97)



1.        Int – Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan (Nitro 5/26/97)

2.        Chono vs The Great Muta (Muta joins the nWo! Nitro 5/26/97)

3.        Randy Savage black and white promo (Nitro 5/26/97)

4.        Int – DDP (Nitro 5/26/97)

5.        Syxx comes out to cut a promo about Ric Flair. He brings out the Outsiders as well.(Nitro 5/26/97)

6.        Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out and cut a promo. Sting comes out (Nitro 5/26/97)

7.        Scott Hall and Syxx come out to cut a promo (Nitro 6/2/97)

8.        Great Muta and Chono vs The Steiner Brothers (Nitro 6/2/97)

9.        Scott Hall (with Syxx) vs Ric Flair (Needless to say, Syxx interferes.  Steve McMichael runs in to help Flair.  Nitro 6/2/97)

10.     Randy Savage (and Elizabeth) come out and cut a promo. JJ Dillon comes out to yell at Savage for the way he has been
behaving, and when he mentions how Savage hides behind Elizabeth, Savage DESTROYS Dillon!(Nitro 6/2/97)

11.     DDP attacks Savage in his limo as Savage arrives at the arena.  (Nitro 6/9/97)

10.     INT- Eric Bischoff/Hollywood Hogan.  Hogan tries to back out of the match between himself and Luger, but Luger attacks him
leading directly to…

11.     Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan (Nitro 6/16/97)

12.     INT- Hollywood Hogan/Eric Bischoff (Nitro 6/16/97)

13.     INT- J.J. Dillon fines Savage $50,000 for attacking Dillon last week, and declares the match between Savage & DDP a
falls count anywhere in the building.  Savage threatens to come down to the ring and attack Dillon again, but DDP shows
up to challenge Savage.  (Nitro 6/16/97)

12.     Scott Hall and Kevin Nash vs Ric Flair and Roddy Piper (This match concludes with a huge brawl and Sting emerges.
Nitro 6/16/97)

13.     The Outsiders vs Ric Flair and Roddy Piper (The Great American Bash)

14.     Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) vs Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) (Great American Bash)

15.     nWo arrive (Nitro 6/16/97)

16.     Hulk Hogan, Dennis Rodman, and Eric Bischoff come to the ring to cut a promo  (Nitro 6/16/97)



1.        Int – The NWO’s Vincent confronts Harlem Heat and gets the hell beat out of him.  (Nitro 6/16/97)

2.        Syxx (with The Outsiders) vs Rey Mysterio (After the match Nash and Hall cut a promo. They then bring out Randy
Savage who cuts a Promo.  DDP taunts Savage from up in the stands and challenges him to a tag match at the
Bash at the Beach.. Nitro 6/16/97)

3.        Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton v. Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael (McMichael turns on Jarrett!  Nitro 6/16/97)

4.        Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman are confronted by Lex Luger and The Giant  (Nitro 6/16/97)

5.        Int – Vincent, Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton (Nitro 6/23/97)

6.        Syxx (with Scott Hall) vs Chavo Guerrero (Nitro 6/23/97)

7.        Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman black and white promo (Nitro 6/23/97)

8.        Scott Hall (with Randy Savage) vs DDP Sting appears at the end of the match (Nitro 6/23/97)

9.        Chris Jericho is interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund about his winning of the WCW Cruiserweight Title from Syxx. Syxx then
comes out and confronts Jericho resulting in a brawl (Nitro 6/30/97)

10.     Rey Mysterio Jr. challenges Kevin Nash to a match! (Nitro 6/30/97)

11.     Eric Bischoff gives Hollywood Hogan a brand new NWO motorcycle.  (Nitro 6/30/97)

12.     The Outsiders offer the Se

13.     Buff Bagwell/Scott Norton/Chono vs Chris Benoit/Ric Flair/Steve McMichael (Nitro 6/30/97)

14.     Kevin Nash vs Rey Mysterio ( Konnan comes out after the match and destroys Mysterio after the match.  Rey is
taken out on a stretcher. (Nitro 6/30/97)

15.     Randy Savage/Scott Hall/Kevin Nash vs Lex Luger/The Giant/DDP (Sting comes down from the rafters. Curt Hennig
then comes out from the back and Raven emerges from the crowd as Nitro goes off the air. Nitro 6/30/97)

16.     Scott Hall and Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) overtake the commentators table. Hall and Zbysko insult each other.
(Nitro 7/7/97)



1.        Randy Savage (with Scott Hall) vs LaParka (LaParks turns out to be DDP! Nitro 7/7/97)

2.        Randy Savage attacks Nick Patrick backstage.  (Nitro 7/7/97)

3.        Int – Hogan & Bischoff.  Luger & the Giant run in (Nitro 7/7/97)

4.        Great Muta and Chono vs The Steiner Brothers (Bash at the Beach ‘97)

5.        Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman black and white nWo promo

6.        Scott Hall and Randy Savage vs Curt Hennig and Diamond Dallas Page (Hennig was DDP’s mystery opponent for this
match, but it came back to haunt him, as Hennig turned on Page during the match.  Bash at the Beach ‘97)

7.        Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman vs The Giant and Lex Luger (Rodman shocks the crowd with a great armdrag! 
Turns out, that this was just about the only wrestling move he learned though.  Despite all that, Rodman still
looked better in the ring than most any other celebrity that WCW put in front of the fans.  Bash at the Beach ‘97)



1.        Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton vs The Steiner Brothers (During this match, they show Konnan arriving to the arena
with Scott Hall and Syxx.  Muta & Chono run in and attack the Steiners. Nitro 7/14/97)

2.        The NWO arrive.  (Nitro 7/14/97)

3.         Super Calo vs. La Parka (Randy Savage runs in and attacks La Parka.  DDP runs in and attacks Savage, but
Curt Hennig runs in and KOs DDP.  Nitro 7/14/97)

4.        The nWo comes out to cut a promo. Kevin Nash is sitting in a wheel chair and officially announces Konnan as the newest
member of the nWo. (Nitro 7/14/97)

5.        Scott Hall and Syxx vs Harlem Heat (Nitro 7/14/97)

6.        Great Muta & Masa Chono v. Public Enemy  (Nitro 7/14/97)

7.        NWO promo (Nitro 7/14/97)

8.        Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out to cut a promo. Hogan says people started watching wrestling because of him and he
sets the pace for professional wrestling (Nitro 7/21/97)

9.        Konnan vs Tsubaba  (Nitro 7/21/97)

10.     Syxx confronts Ric Flair  (Nitro 7/21/97)

11.     Great Muta v. The Giant (Nitro 7/21/97)

12.     Lex Luger v. Scott Norton (Nitro 7/21/97)

13.     INT- Lex Luger/Hollywood Hogan (Nitro 7/21/97)

14.     Buff Bagwell v. Booker T (Nitro 7/21/97)

15.     Int – Rey Mysterio Jr. comes out on crutches from his knee injury at the hands of Konnan a month ago.  Konnan comes
out to bully Rey around.  Psicosis, the Villanos & La Parka come to Rey’s aid. (Nitro 7/21/97)

16.     Kevin Nash and Scott Hall (with Syxx) vs Ric Flair and Chris Benoit  (Ntro 7/21/97)


 July 1997 – September 1997

1.           Syxx (with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) vs “Hardwork” Bobby Walker (WCW Saturday Night)

2.           The Outsiders vs The Public Enemy (WCW Saturday Night)

3.           Konnan vs Psycosis (WCW Saturday Night)

4.           Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton vs Ric Flair and Curt Hennig (Nitro 7/28/97)

5.           Syxx vs Diamond Dallas Page (with Kimberly) (Nitro)

6.           Syxx vs Chris Benoit Good match! (Nitro)

7.           The Steiner Brothers interview They come out with their new manager, and former nWo memember, Ted DiBiase. Hall and
Nash come out and tell him that nWo 4 life meant 4 life and he is a dead man. Nash then says that The Steiners employed
DiBiase so they have someone to read the menus when they are on the road (Nitro)

8.           Hulk Hogan vs Lex Luger Luger makes Hogan submit in his hometown to win the tile! (Nitro)

9.           Konnan vs Rey Mysterio (Road Wild)

10.        Syxx vs Ric Flair (Road Wild)

11.        Kevin Nash and Scott Hall vs The Steiner Brothers (with Ted DiBiase) (Cut off - Road Wild 97)



1.           Kevin Nash and Scott Hall vs The Steiner Brothers (with Ted DiBiase) (Ending  only - Road Wild 97)

2.           Hulk Hogan vs Lex Luger Hogan regains the title (Road Wild)

3.           Hulk Hogan (with the nWo and Dennis Rodman) post match interview (Road Wild)

4.           Syxx vs Lenny Lane (WCW Pro)

5.           Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Syxx come out to cut a promo. This is the first time that Hall asks the crowd who they are here to
see. (Nitro)

6.           The Outsiders vs Bobby Starr and David Moore The Steiners come out and attack them at the end of this match(Nitro)

7.           Eric Bischoff comes out on a Harley Davidson (accompanied by Scott Norton) to cut a promo. Hall, Syxx, and Bagwell then
come out. (Nitro)

8.           Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) vs Curt Henning (Nitro)

9.           Syxx and Konnan vs The Texas Hangmen (WCW Saturday Night)

10.        Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton vs Harlem Heat (Nitro)

11.        Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come out to cut a promo. (Nitro)

12.        Syxx vs Ric Flair The nWo tries to attack Flair, but Curt Hennig makes the save (Nitro)

13.        nWo black and white commercial advertising the nWo Syxx tshirt

14.        An announcement paid for by the nWo featuring Savage, Nash, Hall, and Syxx

15.        Scott Hall and Kevin Nash vs Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger (Nitro)|

16.        Syxx and Konnan vs Ric Flair and Curt Hennig (Clash of Champions)

17.        Hall, Nash, Syxx, Savage, Konnan, Norton, and a few others come out to cut a promo about the 1 year birthday of the nWo.
(Clash of Champions)



1.         Scott Hall and Randy Savage vs Lex Luger and Diamond Dallas Page (Clash of Champions 35)

2.         The nWo birthday celebration takes place in the ring. Sting shows up in the rafters with an eagle.

3.         INT- Eric Biischoff.  J.J. Dillon has offered Sting a Title match against Hulk Hogan, and Bischoff is upset!  He’s so
uset that he doesn’t see Sting come down to the ring(Nitro 8/25/97)

4.         Scott Hall and Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) cut a promo (Nitro 8/25/97)

5.        INT- Four horsemen (Arn Anderson’s retirement speech.  Nitro 8/25/97)

6.        The nWo spoof the Four Horsemen in one of the most controversial skits ever!
Syxx is dressed as Ric Flair, Konnan as Steve McMichael, and Buff Bagwell as Curt Hennig. Syxx keeps wooing as he
asks “Curt” to join the Horsemen. A fat, bald, Kevin Nash with a cooler of beer under his arm  then comes out as Arn
Anderson. This is one of the most CONTROVERSIAL moments in pro wrestling! Nash mocks Arn talking about being
an alcoholic and being in such bad physical shape. All the while, Syxx (as Ric) keeps Wooing! This is a monumental skit
and one of which caused a lot of problems backstage! (Nitro 9/1/97)

7.         Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come to the ring to cut a promo about Sting. JJ Dillon comes out and Hogan attacks him.
(Nitro 9/1/97)

8.         Scott Hall and Randy Savage vs DDP and Lex Luger (Nitro 9/1/97)

9.         Eric Bischoff comes to the announcer’s booth while Zbysko, Schiavone & Tenay talk about the 4 Horsemen skit from last
week.  Bischoff orders that clips of the skit be shown.  The Horsemen storm the announcers booth, and run Bischoff away.

10.      Int – The Horsemen comment on the NWO’s parody last week, and challenge the NWO to a fight. (Nitro 9/8/97)

11.      Syxx, Nash, Konnan, and Buff Bagwell come out and answer the Horsemen’s challenge. (Nitro 9/8/97)

12.      Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out to cut a promo. A dummy Sting drops from the ceiling. (Nitro 9/8/97)

13.       Scott Hall vs. Super Calo ( Ray Traylor runs in & Lays out Hall!  Vincent runs in and is taken out as well.  Hogan
comes in though, and together with Hall, destroys Traylor.
Nitro 9/8/97)

14.      Buff Bagwell and Konnan vs Ric Flair and Curt Hennig (Nitro 9/8/97)

15.     DDP v. Lex Luger (The NWO comes out)

 September 1997 - Late October 1997 6 Hours

1.           Konnan (w/Vincent) vs Curt Hennig (WCW Saturday Night)

2.           Syxx vs Devon Storm (WCW Saturday Night)

3.           Vincent vs Diamond Dallas Page (WCW Pro)

4.           Scott Hall and Randy Savage vs Lex Luger and DDP Hall and Zbysko get into a scuffle! (Fall Brawl)

5.           Kevin Nash/Syxx/Konnan/Buff Bagwell vs Ric Flair/Curt Hennig/Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael in a War Games Steel Cage
match. Hennig turns on the Horsemen and joins the nWo! Great angle! (Fall Brawl)

6.           Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton vs The Steiner Brothers (WCW Pro)

7.           Scott Hall and Kevin Nash vs Mortis and Wrath (Nitro)

8.           The nWo comes out for a promo and brings out its newest member, Curt Hennig! Hennig comes out wearing one of Ric Flair’s
robes. (Nitro)

9.           Curt Hennig vs Steve McMichael Hennig wins the US Title! (Nitro)

10.        nWo black and white promo showing the Horsemen spoof

11.        Scott Hall (with Syxx) cuts a promo. He talks trash about Larry Zbysko and then demands a match with Luger. (Nitro)

12.        Scott Hall vs Hector Garza (Nitro)

13.        Buff Bagwell vs Diamond Dallas Page (Nitro)

14.        Scott Hall (on crutches) and Syxx come out to cut a promo (Nitro)



1.           Syxx vs Chris Jericho (Nitro)

2.           Curt Hennig vs The Giant A big brawl breaks out and Sting comes out (Nitro)

3.           Black and white nWo promo with Randy Savage

4.           Curt Hennig vs Chris Benoit (WCW Saturday Night)

5.           Scott Hall and Syxx come out to cut a promo (Nitro)

6.           Scott Hall (with Syxx) vs Hector Garza (Nitro)

7.           Curt Hennig vs Chris Benoit (Nitro)

8.           Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage come out to cut a promo (Nitro)

9.           Scott Hall and Syxx come out to cut a promo (Nitro)

10.        Scott Hall and Syxx vs The Steiner Brothers (Nitro)

11.        Curt Hennig vs Diamond Dallas Page DDP wins the US Title A huge brawl breaks out and a dozen people dressed as Sting
come out. The real Sting beats up the nWo (Nitro)

12.        The is shown backstage after being blindly attacked (Nitro)

13.        Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Eric Bischoff come out and call out Piper and Sting (Nitro)

14.        Scott Hall cuts a promo about his upcoming match with Lex Luger (Nitro)

15.        Scott Hall vs Scott Steiner (Nitro)

16.        Hogan, Savage, and Bischoff cut a promo and Sting, DDP, and Piper comeout and attack (Nitro)

17.        Great Muta vs Lenny Lane (WCW Saturday Night)

18.        Konnan vs Sumo Kazui (WCW Saturday Night)



1.           Syxx vs Hector Garza (In Progress - WCW Saturday Night)

2.           Buff Bagwell vs Rey Mysterio (WCW Pro)

3.           Syxx vs Hecotr Garza (WCW Pro)

4.           Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair (Halloween Havoc)

5.           Scott Hall (w Syxx) vs Lex Luger Larry Zbysko gets involved in Hall’s business! (Halloween Havoc)

6.           Randy Savage vs Diamond Dallas Page (Halloween Havoc)

7.           Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper in a Steel Cage Match Randy Savage jumps off the top of the cage and nearly nWo himself as his
legs buckle! A fan then climbs the cage and enters! He then gets his ass kicked! (Halloween Havoc)

8.           Scott Hall and Syxx confront Larry Zbysko after he challenges Hall (Nitro)

9.           Hulk Hogan vs Diamond Dallas Page Another brawl ensues and Sting comes out! (Nitro)

10.        Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out to cut a promo about Sting (Nitro)



1.           Curt Henning vs Booker T (Niro 10/27/97)

2.           Randy Savage vs Ric Flair (Nitro)

3.           Scott Hall comes out and cuts a promo on Larry Zbysko (Nitro 11/3/97)

4.           Scott Hall vs Chris Jericho (Nitro)

5.           Curg Hennig v. Lex Luger

6.           Hulk Hogan leads the nWo to the ring all carrying Canadian Flags. This is twentyfour hours after the HBKBret Hart screwjob,
meaning that Bret Hart is on his way to WCW, and possibly the nWo!! Kevin Nash returns from injury and the nWo is at full
force. The entire nWo then sings the Canadian National Anthem. (Nitro 11/10/97)

7.           Bischoff & Hogan come out and call out Sting. (Nitro)

8.           Randy Savage v. Ray Traylor (Nitro)

9.           Curt Hennig vs Diamond Dallas Page (Nitro)

10.        Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff call out Sting and Sting arrives and is beat down by the entire nWo (Nitro)

11.        The entire nWo is in the ring to cut a promo. This is a historic segment because Rick Rude comes out and joins the nWo.

He was on Raw at the same exact time, since it was a taped show! Rude then denounces Shawn Michaels. (Nitro 11/17/97)

12.        Hall, Hogan, Norton, Buff, Konnan, and Savage come out and ambush Ray Traylor. (Nitro)

13.        Eric Bischoff comes out and screams at Larry Zbysko. Konnan, Vincent, Buff, and Norton then beat him down. (Nitro)

14.        The nWo ambushes The Steiner Brothers (Nitro)

15.        Curt Hennig v. Lex Luger (Nitro)

16.        Scott Hall vsThe Giant Kevin nash does commentary and he is funny! (Nitro)



1.           Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair (World War 3, 1997)

2.           60 Man Battle Royal with the Winner to receive a title shot at Super Brawl in February. Participants include Scott Hall, Fake
Sting, Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell, and Vincent. Hall outlasts everyone and earns the shot when Nash dressed as Sting comes

out and attacks.. (World War 3, 1997)

3.           The nWo (Bischoff, Hogan, Vincent, Buff, Hennig, Konnan, Savage, DiBiase, Hall, Rude, Elizabeth) comes out to cut a promo. 

Hogan hold up a sign thay says “Bischoff owns Vince”. It’s funny how a few years changes things! The Giant and JJ Dillon come out (Nitro 11/24/97)

4.           nWo black and white commercial mocking Larry Zbysko

5.           Eric Bischoff comes out to confront Larry Zbysko (Nitro 11/24/97)

6.           Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) vs Disco Inferno (Nitro 11/24/97)

7.           Buff Bagwell vs Chris Jericho (Nitro 11/24/97)

8.           Hulk Hogan (w/Vincent) vs The Giant (Eric Bischoff and Rick Rude take over commentary. Nash dressed as Sting comes
out along with other nWo members and attacks The Giant. Sting then comes from the rafters and falls thru the ring. It
turns out to be a dummy Sting and the nWo beats it up! (Nitro 11/24/97)



1.           Eric Bischoff continues to antagonize Larry Zbysko (Nitro 12/1/97)

2.           Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff cut a promo in the ring.  Hilarious, as Hogan gets into an argument with an old lady at ringside
who tries to hit “The Hulkster”! (Nitro 12/1/97)

3.           Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come out to cut a promo (Nitro 12/1/97)

4.           Scott Hall vs Disco Inferno (Nitro 12/1/97)

5.           Gene Okerlund interviews JJ Dillon about Eric Bischoff refusing to wrestle Larry Zbysko.  Will Larry finally get his match?

6.           Buff Bagwell v. Lex Luger (Nitro 12/1/97)

7.           Curt Hennig vs Diamond Diamond Page (with Kimberly) (Hogan, Nash, and other nWo members come out and attack
DDP Nitro 12/1/97)

8.           Konnan v. Ray Traylor (Nitro 12/8/97)

9.           Buff Bagwell comes out for an interview with Mean Gene Okerlund (Nitro 12/8/97)

10.        nWo black and white promo with Kevin Nash

11.        Randy Savage vs Hugh Morrus (The lights go out and Savage is knocked out with a Sting mask put on him Nitro 12/8/97)

12.        Rick Rude and Eric Bischoff threaten the announce team about the lights going out in the previous match.

13.        Buff Bagwell v. Lex Luger (Nitro 12/8/97)

14.        NWO commercial featuring Hogan destroying Roddy Piper. (Nitro 12/8/97)

15.        Scott Hall comes out to cut a promo (Nitro 12/8/97)

16.        Scott Hall vs Diamond Dallas Page The nWo comes out and Sting comes out to destroy them (Nitro 12/8/97)

17.        The entire NWO comes out to cut a promo. (Nitro 12/15/97)

18.        Vincent v. Ray Traylor (Nitro 12/15/97)

19.        Int – Eric Bischoff tries to weasel his way out of his upcoming match with Larry Zbysko. (Nitro 12/15/97)



1.           Scott Hall vs Chris Jericho (Nitro 12/15/97)

2.           Konnan and Scott Norton vs The Steiner Brothers (with Ted DiBiase) (Nitro 12/15/97)

3.           Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) vs Booker T (Nitro 12/15/97)

4.           Bischoff tries again to get out of his match with Larry Zbysko by arguing about the referee.  JJ Dillon chooses none other than
Bret Hart!  “The Hitman” makes his first appearance in WCW in what was definitely a less than auspicious debut.  Hell, they
didn’t even announce his name as he came down the aisle.  This was definitely a precursor to the career that Bret would have
in WCW. (Nitro 12/15/97)

5.           Int – Buff Bagwell.  Lex Luger comes out and challenges Buff to an impromptu match, but Buff tries to get out of it. 
His excuses don’t work, and we wind up with….

6.           Buff Bagwell v. Lex Luger (Nitro 12/15/97)

7.           Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair (The nWo comes out and a brawl ensure Ric Flair is injured and is carried off. Two fans charge the ring

 at DDP. Nitro 12/15/97)

8.           Hulk Hogan and the nWo come out to cut a promo. The lights go out and Sting appears in the rafters. They go off again and he
appears abouve the WCW Nitro logo. (Nitro 12/15/97)

9.           A black and white nWo video featuring Eric Bischoff  (Nitro 12/22/97)

10.        The nWo takes over Nitro. They remove the WCW logos from the announcers booth, Konnan takes over the video truck, a crew

takes down all the WCW stuff to put up nWo stuff, and a nWo Monday Nitro video airs.

11.        The entire nWo comes out to cut a promo. Eric Bischoff gives Hulk Hogan a personalized nWo motorcycle. (Nitro 12/22/97)

12.        Scott Norton vs Rick Stiener (Nitro 12/22/97)

13.        Curt Hennig v. Disco Inferno (Nitro 12/22/97)



1.           Buff Bagwell vs Chris Jericho (Nitro 12/22/97)

2.           Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and the nWo come out to cut a promo. Bischoff does a tribute to Hogan showing his Sport Illustrated

cover, showing footage of Hogan in Rocky III and more kissing up. (Nitro 12/22/97)

3.           Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) vs Lex Luger Kevin Nash interferes (Nitro 12/22/97)

4.           Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out to cut a promo. Hogan is sent a wrapped gift that Hogan opens and finds his head
insider. A limo pulls up in the arena and Bret Hart heads for the ring. Hogan looks at his head that was in the box and Sting
appears above the nWo logo at the entrance way. Sting then slides into the ring and Nitro stupidly goes off the air (Nitro 12/22/97)

5.           Scott Hall vs Ray Traylor (WCW Saturday Night)

6.           Scott Hall comes out to cut a promo and does his little survey. The Giant comes out and press slams him. (Starrcade 1997)

7.           Randy Savage/Vincent/Scott Norton vs The Steiner Brothers/Ray Traylor (Starrcade 1997)

8.           Curt Hennig vs Diamond Dallas Page (Starrcade 1997)

9.           Eric Bischoff (with Scott Hall) vs Larry Zbysko with Bret Hart as the referee. (Bret punches Bischoff and puts Hall in the
sharpshooter -Starrcade 1997)



1.           Hulk Hogan vs Sting (This match was supposed to be the culmination of his title quest, and should have been one of  the greatest

dream matches of all time with Sting pinning Hogan cleanly for the title.  But because of Hogan and and his
ability to control the finishes of his matches, and his refusal to do clean jobs for most anyone, we wound up with a
TERRIBLE match with Hogan completely dominating Sting and no-selling any of Sting's offense.  Even worse, we
wind up with an extremely convoluted ending with a heel ref, and a Bret Hart run-in that resulted in Sting winning the 
title in VERY anticlimactic fasion  Starrcade 1997)

2.           Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out to cut a promo. Hogan claims to still be the champion due to Bret’s interference. (Nitro 12/27/97)

3.           Bobby Heenan, after abandoning the WCW announcers to suck up to the NWO when they took over the program last week, invites

himself back to the WCW announcers booth.  Very funny.

4.           JJ Dillon responds to Hogan and Bischoff’s tirade.

5.           Curt Hennig vs Chris Jericho (Nitro 12/27/97)

6.           Scott Hall comes out to cut a promo (Nitro 12/27/97)

7.           Buff Bagwell v. Lex Luger (Nitro 12/27/97)

8.           Hulk Hogan vs Sting.  (Nitro runs out of time and ends before the match finishes.  Nitro 12/27/97)

9.           Buff Bagwell/Konnan/Scott Norton vs The Steiner Brothers/Ray Traylor (w/ Ted DiBiase) (Is it me, or is Scott hogging
a bit too much of the action?  He doesn’t tag in either Traylor or his brother Rick.  Nitro 1/5/98)

10.        Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) vs Lex Luger (Savage punches Bischoff when he prevents Savage from nailing Luger with a
chair. Savage then slaps Hogan and Nash takes out Savage. Definite tension in the nWo!! Sting then comes out to back Luger (Nitro 1/5/98)

11.        The broadcast team brings us up to speed on the goings-on in the NWO from this past Nitro (Thunder 1/8/98)

12.        Randy Savage (with Elizabeth) vs Chris Adams (Luger interferes and Savage is pinned!  Savage has just about the
worst luck I’ve ever seen!  Thunder 1/8/98)

13.        Promo – Bischoff & Hogan (Thunder 1/8/98)

14.        Buff Bagwell & Konnan v. The Steiner Brothers (No, it’s not me.  Scott is barely tagging Rick in during their matches. 
Is there an attitude change coming?  (Thunder 1/8/98)



1.           Scott Hall vs Ray Traylor (Larry Zybysko distracts Hall, and Traylor pins him!  WCW Thunder 1/8/98)

2.           Scott Norton v. Lex Luger

3.           The unseen footage of  the end of the Hogan vs Sting match from the 12/27/97 Nitro.  The finish is even more
convoluted than the Starrcasde match. (WCW Thunder 1/8/98)

4.           Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Konnan, Eric Bischoff, and Sting come out to speak about the title controversy.  Because of
the controversial finish to the match, JJ Dillon holds the title up!(WCW Thunder 1/8/98)

5.           Kevin Nash (with Hulk Hogan) vs Diamond Dallas Page (WCW Thunder 1/8/98)

6.           Hogan & Nash cut a promo

7.           The Outsiders (with Hulk Hogan) vs The Steiner Brothers (Savage comes to ringside and goes after Nash (Nitro 1/12/98)

8.           The Giant and Kevin Nash agree on a match at Souled Out, but until the match takes place, the Giant can’t touch Kevin Nash.
Needless to say, Nash wastes no time in antagonizing the Giant, and trying to make him hit him before the match.  (Thunder 1/15/98)

9.           Scott Hall vs Louie Spicolli Larry Zbysko comes out and Spicolli and Hall beat him down (Thunder 1/15/98)

10.        Kevin Nash and Randy Savage vs Lex Luger and DDP (Hulk Hogan is ringside and tried to make things better between Nash and

Savage. Chaos breaks out as Sting and The Giant comes out (Thunder 1/15/98)

11.        Scott Hall cuts an awesome, as always, promo and ranks on Larry Zbysko (Nitro 1/19/98)

12.        Hogan comes out and makes sure that everyone knows that there’s a pecking order in the NWO and that he’s in charge and
Savage, Nash and Hall all know their place. (Nitro 1/19/98)

13.        Scott Hall comes out and antagonizes Larry Zbysko some more. (Nitro  1/19/98)

14.        Buff Bagwell & Konnan v. The Steiners (Scott Steiner again, hogs the match without tagging in his brother Rick.  Looks
like there might be some dissention in the ranks.  Nitro 1/19/98)



1.           Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan come out to confront The Giant. Randy Savage then comes out. Sting comes to The Giant’s aid.
(Nitro 1/19/98)

2.           Scott Hall vs Lex Luger (Nitro 1/19/98)

3.           Hulk Hogan vs The Giant (Randy Savage interferes, costing Hogan the match..  The rest of the NWO runs in and attacks
the Giant, causing Sting to come out. (Nitro 1/19/98)

4.           Konnan v. Scott Steiner (Thunder 1/22/98)

5.           Kevin Nash cuts a program and promises that the Giant will finally snap before the show is over (Thunder 1/22/98))

6.           Scott Hall cuts a great promo with Louie Spicolli. Larry Zbysko comes out (Thunder 1/22/98))

7.           Scott Hall vs The Giant (Savage, Hogan, and Nash come out. The Giant destroys the ring! (Thunder 1/22/98)

8.           Roddy Piper and JJ Dillon discuss the upcoming World Title match.  (Souled Out 98)

9.           Scott Hall vs Larry Zbysko (w/Dusty Rhodes) Dusty turns on Larry and joins the nWo. (Souled Out 98)

10.        Buff Bagwell/Scott Norton/Konnan vs The Steiner Brothers/Ray Traylor (Souled Out 98)



1.           Kevin Nash (with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff) vs The Giant Nash (Nash injures the Giant LEGIT when he botches a Powerbomb 

and theGiant lands on his head!!! (Souled Out 98)

2.           Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) vs Lex Luger (Sting, Hogan, Hall, and others attempt to interfere, but Sting evens
the odds.  (Souled Out)

3.           After Nash botched his Jacknife Powerbomb on the Giant at Souled Out (Match #1), JJ Dillon outlaws the Powerbomb (Nitro 1/26/98)

4.           Konnan v. Jerry Flynn (Nitro 1/26/98)

5.           Buff Bagwell v. Rick Steiner (Rick has the match won, but Scott inadvertently gets Rick disqualified.  Scott and Rick
argue in the ring afterward.  Nitro 1/26/98

6.           Kevin Nash and Eric Bischoff come out and gloat about injuring the Giant at Souled Out. (Nitro 1/26/98)

7.           Randy Savage arrives at the arena, and he doesn’t look happy (Nitro 1/26/98)

8.           Savage runs in during a match between Psicosis and Louie Spicoli and Piledrives Psicosis before demanding that Lex
Luger come out for a no DQ rematch from Souled Out.  The NWO comes down to confront Savage.  (Nitro 1/26/98)

9.           Kevin Nash vs Ray Traylor (Nitro 1/26/98)

10.        Scott Hall taunts Larry Zbysko some more in the ring. (Nitro 1/26/98)

11.        Scott Hall vs Lex Luger Randy (Savage comes out and destroys Luger. Sting then comes down from the rafters to Luger’s
aid.  (Nitro 1/26/98)

12.        Scott Hall cuts an awesome promo and brings out Dusty Rhodes (Thunder 1/29/98)

13.        Scott Hall vs Disco Inferno (Thunder 1/29/98)

14.        Kevin Nash and Konnan vs The Steiner Brothers (Buff Bagwell distracts Steiner who abandons his partner so they have a posedown

in the aisle. Kevin Nash powerbombs a referee and is removed from the arena in handcuffs
(Thunder 1/29/98)

15.        Kevin Nash comes out to cut a promo. (Nitro 2/2/98)

16.        Promo – Scott Hall & Dusty Rhodes rant about Hall not getting a title shot even though he won the World War III battle Royal.

17.        Scott Hall v. Jim Neidhart (Louie Spicolli comes out and volunteers to fight for Hall until Hall gets his title shot.  And
then Spicolli immediately blasts Neidhart with the microphone, allowing Hall to make short work of “The Anvil”.
Spicolli goes to work on Neidhart after the match, but Daveyboy Smith runs in and makes the save.  Nitro 2/2/98)

18.        Hogan & Bischoff cut a promo.



1.               Promo – Nash promises that he doesn’t care about being fined, and that he’s going to powerbomb anyone whenever he wants,
(Nitro 2/2/98)

2.               Konnan v. Hugh Morrus (Nitro 2/2/98)

3.               Kevin Nash and Buff Bagwell vs The Steiner Brothers (Once again, Scott hogs all the action without tagging his
brother even once, and some heated words are exchanged between Rick & Scott Nitro 2/2/98)

4.               Randy Savage vs Sting (Lex Luger and Hulk Hogan interfere.  Nitro 2/2/98)

5.               Buff Bagwell & Konnan v. The Steiners (Dusty Rhodes joins the commentators team for this one, as Buff & Konnan
attack the Steiners before the bell.  The Steiner Brothers clean house and seem to be back on one accord again.
That is, until Scott Hall caused a collision between Rick & Scott and Scott storms off mad at Rick (Thunder 2/5/98)

6.               Louie Spicolli v. Jim Neidhart (Scott Hall interferes, and Davey Boy Smith runs in to make the save again.  Steve
McMichael runs in to attack Daveyboy.  Thunder 2/5/98)

7.               Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out to cut a promo. Randy Savage comes out and tells Hogan that he’s gonna beat his ass

all over Texas. (Nitro 2/9/98)

8.              Konnan v. Norman Smiley (Louie Spicolli joins the announce team in place of Larry Zbysko for this match.  Nitro 2/9/98)

9.               Louie Spicolli v. Chris Adams (Spicoli has Larry’s Zbysko’s briefcase and uses it to KO Adams for the DQ.  Zbysko
runs in and chases Louie off.  Nitro 2/9/98)

10.            Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage (Hall, Konnan, Bagwell, and Vincent come out and beat Savage down.   C’mon, You
can’t have Randy Savage come out without his taking an ass kicking now can we?)

11.            Lex Luger calls out Randy Savage, who runs in and beats the hell out of him.  But just when you thought that Savage
could get away without getting beat up again, Sting runs in and beats Savage down.  The NWO comes out and surrounds
the ring with Sting and Lex standing back to back.  And then A BIGNET DROPS DOWN FROM THE CEILING ON
The NWO then runs in and beats up Sting & Lex   Nitro 2/9/98

12.            Outsiders v. Steiner Brothers (Scott Steiner as usual, refuses to tag Rick.  That is, until Hall causes Scott to collide with
Rick on the ring apron, forcing the tag!  Rick immediately comes in and scores the pinfall, to win the tag team titles!
Scott is happy to have regained the tag titles, but doesn’t seem too pleased that his brother got in the match and scored the win. Nitro 2/9/98)

13.            Promo – Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan.  Savage comes out and attacks both men.  (Thunder 2/12/98)

14.            Louie Spicolli is once again sitting in Larry Zbysko’s seat at the announcer’s table (Thunder 2/12/98)

15.            Buff Bagwell v. Chris Adams (Thunder 2/12/98)



1.               Nitro opens the show acknowledging the sudden death of Louie Spicolli who had passed away the day before.  Spicolli had
been best known as a jobber in the WWF for years before working in Mexico’s AAA promotion, as well as ECW.  It
seemed that Louie had finally gotten his big break when his buddies Hall & Nash brought him into the spotlight by bringing
him into the NWO and giving him some major TV time.  Unfortunately, Louie died before he could really get a chance to
enjoy it.  Nitro 2/16/98

2.               Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Scott Norton, Curt Hennig, Konnan, Buff Bagwell, Vincent, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Dusty
Rhodes all come to the ring to cut a promo. Randy Savage and Elizabeth come out and talk trash (Nitro 2/16/98)

3.               The Outsiders vs The Public Enemy (Nash powerbombs Rocco Rock through a table and  once again, Nash leaves in
handcuffs.  Nitro

4.               Curt Hennig v. Bobby Eaton (Nitro 2/16/98)

5.               Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton v. The Steiners (Nitro 2/16/98)

6.               Bret Hart is cutting an interview and Bryan Adams (aka Crush in the WWF) comes out and interrupts Bret. He tells Bret that he

is his friend and will watch his back. Adams then grabs Bret and Hennig, Norton, Konnan, Rick Rude, and Buff stomp Bret out. Hulk Hogan

then comes to the ring and beats on Bret Hart. Ric Flair comes out to help Bret. (Nitro 2/16/98)

7.               Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage vs Lex Luger and Sting (Curt Hennig, Bret Hart, Sting and othe nWo members run in
and it becomes an all out brawl with Ric Flair and Bret Hart running in to help the WCW crew.  Nitro 2/16/98)

8.               The entire NWO attacks Lex Luger and Randy Savage in the parking lot before the show. (Thunder 2/23/98)

9.               Hulk Hogan (with Eric Bischoff) comes out to cut a promo (Thunder 2/23/98)

10.            Scott Hall and Kevin Nash cut a promo with Dusty Rhodes (Thunder 2/23/98)

11.            The Outsiders vs Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom (once known in the WWF as The Beverly Brothers and the AWA
as the Destruction Crew.  Thunder 2/23/98)

12.            Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, and Bryan Adams come out to cut a promo talking about Bret Hart Jim Neidhart and The British
Bulldog come out and a brawl ensues (Thunder 2/23/98)

13.            Int – The Steiner Brothers.  Rick promises that the Outsiders won’t regain the tag titles. (Thunder 2/23/98)

14.            Hulk Hogan leads the nWo to the ring, who is carrying an unconscious Randy Savage on their shoulders. Hogan then cuts a
promo with Savage laid in the middle of the ring. Sting comes out with Lex Luger to save Savage (Thunder 2/23/98)

15.            Randy Savage v. Lex Luger (Superbrawl 98)

16.            Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (with Dusty Rhodes) vs The Steiner Brothers (with Ted DiBiase) (Scott Steiner turns on Rick
causing  The Outsiders to become tag team champions again and Steiner is the newest member of the nWo -
SuperBrawl 98)



1.               Hulk Hogan vs Sting (Sting wins the World Title!  SuperBrawl 8)

2.               Curt Hennig (with Rick Rude) vs Lex Luger (Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell interfere followed by Rick Steiner and
the rest of  the nWo. Sting comes down from the rafters (Nitro 2/23/98)

3.               Promo – Hulk Hogan/Bischoff (Nitro 2/23/98)

4.               Vince v. Rick Steiner (Nitro 2/23/98)

5.               Konnan v. Lizmark Jr. (Nitro 2/23/98)

6.               Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton v. High Voltage (Nitro 2/23/98)

7.               Int – Bryan Adams.  Bret Hart runs in and brawls with Adams, putting him in the sharp shooter!  Curt Hennig and Rick Rude
run in to even the score, but Ric Flair comes out to help Bret run the heels off. (Nitro 2/23/98)

8.               Hulk Hogan (accompanied by the entire nWo) vs Sting Sting is jumped and beaten badly! The Disciple makes his nWo debut
(Nitro 2/23/98)

9.               Promo - Scott Hall (Thunder 2/26/98)

10.            Promo - Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell (Steiner in his early NWO days, is called “White Thunder”.  That name of course,
didn’t last very long.) (Thunder 2/26/98)

11.            Scott Steiner vs Marty Jannetty (Thunder 2/26/98)

12.            Buff Bagwell does a commercial for a movie coming up after Thunder goes off called coincidentally, “The Outsiders”. 
(Thunder 2/26/98)

13.            NWO – commercial

14.            Curt Hennig v. Jim Neidhart (Thunder 2/26/98)

15.            Kevin Nash vs Raven (Thunder 2/26/98)

16.            Randy Savage receives the “Real Man of the Year” award from Harvard University.  (No, seriously!  He really received
this award.  Some stuff you just can’t make up.)  Nitro 3/2/98

17.            Promo – Hogan & Bischoff (Nitro 3/2/98)

18.            Promo – Sting & Randy Savage (Nitro 3/2/98)



1.               Scott Norton v. Daveyboy Smith (Nitro 3/2/98)

2.              Konnan v. Super Calo (Konnan calls out Juventud Guerrera for losing his mask in a match against Chris Jericho.
Nitro 3/2/98)

3.               Scott Steiner v. Jim Duggan (Nitro 3/2/98)

4.               Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Konnan, and Dusty Rhodes all come out to the ring to cut a promo. Rick Stiener

comes down as if he joined the nWo but then punches Nash. The nWo then stomps him out. The Giant in a neckbrace and jackknifes Nash! (Nitro 3/2/98)

5.               Bryan Adams vs Bret Hart (Curt Hennig interferes - Nitro 3/2/98)

6.               Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall vs Randy Savage and Sting The nWo comes out and The Giant makes the save. (Nitro 3/2/98)

7.               Hulk Hogan (with Bryan Adams) vs Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) (The nWo comes out to attack and Sting makes
the save Nitro 3/2/98)

8.               NWO promo (Thunder 3/5/98)

9.               Goldberg v. Vincent (Thunder 3/5/98)

10.            Promo – Randy Savage (Thunder 3/5/98)

11.            Scott Steiner v. Chase Tatum (Thunder 3/5/98)

12.            Curt Hennig v. Jim Neidhart (Thunder 3/5/98)

13.            Bryan Adams & Hulk Hogan v. Randy Savage (The entire NWO runs in to destroy Savage.  Sting makes the save.  The
crazy thing here, is that Savage despite his feud with Hulk Hogan and everyone else, is STILL a member of the

14.            Promo – Hogan & Bischoff (Nitro 3/9/98)

15.            Promo – Kevin Nash (Nitro 3/9/98)

16.            Yet ANOTHER Bischoff/Hogan promo(Nitro 3/9/98)

17.            Bryan Adams v. Kaos (Nitro 3/9/98)

18.            Scott Norton v. Juventud Guerrera (Konnan comes out first and cuts a promo, and then stays at ringside for the match. 
Think he gets involved in the match too?) (Nitro 3/9/98)

19.            Konnan v. Daveyboy Smith (Nitro 3/9/98)

20.            Curt Hennig v. Ric Flair (Nitro 3/9/98)

21.            Scott Norton & Scott Steinier v. Lex Luger & Rick Steiner (Nitro 3/9/98)

22.            Hulk Hogan/Scott Hall/Kevin Nash vs Sting/Randy Savage/The Giant (Nitro 3/9/98)

23.            Promo – The Giant challenges the entire NWO to a match.  Randy Savage comes out and endorses the match, as it will
allow Savage to have Hulk Hogan all to himself in a steel cage at Uncensored.  Sting comes out as well, and confronts
Savage and challenges him to a World Title match later in the evening.  (Thunder 3/12/98)



1.               Scott Steiner v. Johnny Grunge (Thunder 3/12/98)

2.               Promo – Hogan, Hall & Bischoff (Thunder 3/12/98)

3.               Konnan v. Lizmark (Thunder 3/12/98)

4.               Int – Curt Hennig & Rick Rude (Thunder 3/12/98)

5.               The Giant vs the ENTIRE nWo (Thunder 3/12/98)

6.               Randy Savage vs Sting (And of course, it doesn’t take long before the entire nWo comes out. Thunder 3/12/98)

7.               Konnan vs Juventud Guerrera (Uncensored 98)

8.               Kevin Nash vs The Giant (Uncensored 98)

9.               Curt Hennig (with Rick Rude) vs Bret Hart (Uncensored 98)

10.            Scott Hall (w/Dusty Rhodes) vs Sting (Uncensored 98)



1.              Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage (in a steel cage match.  The Discipile [formerly Brutus Beefacke]  enters the cage to help

Hogan. Sting comes to aid Savage, but Savage attacks Sting and reaffirms his allegiance with the NWO!
Uncensored 98)

2.               Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Rick Rude, Scott Hall, Scott Norton, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Bryan Adams, Buff Bagwell,

Dusty Rhodes, and Vincent all come to the ring to cut a promo. This is a Nitro Spring Break party in a small out door venue in Florida. (Nitro 3/16/98)

3.               Scott Norton (with Buff Bagwell) vs Chris Adams (Nitro 3/16/98)

4.               Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) cuts a promo with Eric Bischoff telling why he rejoined the nWo (Nitro 3/16/98)

5.               Scott Steiner v. Ray Traylor  (Nitro 3/16/98)

6.               Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come out to cut a promo. This Nitro is an outdoor spring break special. Hall does his infamous

survey and then Nash gets on the mic to remind all the guys to “be nice to the fat chicks because they need love too”. Hall then does

his classic Giant impersonation! Hysterical!! The Giant comes out and throws them in the pool! (Nitro 3/16/98)

7.               Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage vs Lex Luger and Sting (Hogan and Savage aren’t getting along during this match. Sting

comes down from a helicopter. Nitro 3/16/98)

8.               Int – Curt Hennig & Rick Rude (Thunder 3/19/98)

9.               Bryan Adams v. Marty Jannetty (Thunder 3/19/98)

10.            Curt Hennig v. Rick Steiner (The entire NWO B team runs in to attack Steiner.  Ray Traylor runs in for the save, but
gets beat down as well.  It looks bad for the WCW crew until none other than GOLDBERG RUNS IN AND CLEANS
HOUSE! Thunder 3/19/98

11.            Roddy Piper returns to WCW and orders a handicap match between the Giant v. Hogan & Nash. (Nitro 3/23/98)

12.            Promo – Hulk Hogan & Bischoff (Nitro 3/23/98)

13.            Scott Steiner v. Wayne Bloom (Nitro 3/23/98)



1.               Konnan v. Prince Iaukea (Nitro 3/23/98)

2.               Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan vs The Giant in a handicap match (Eric Bischoff gets chokeslammed! Nitro 3/23/98)

3.               Curt Hennig v. Daveyboy Smith (Nitro 3/23/98)

4.              Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) vs Roddy Piper (Hogan, Sting, The Giant and others run out and Piper kisses Elizabeth. 
More importantly, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash seem to have a difference of opinion on how to deal with Savage
after the match.  Is there some dissention in the ranks? Nitro 3/23/98)

5.               Eric Bischoff is in the production truck bullying the video crew around and telling them not to show the NWO footage.
from Nitro where Hogan and Nash start arguing.  WCW security shows up and ejects Bischoff from the truck, and the
crew shows the footage anyway. (Thunder 3/26/98)

6.               Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff cut a promo and bring out Kevin Nash. Hogan and Bischoff try to convince everyone
that there is no dissention within the ranks of the NWO.  Nash isn’t as convinced though and asks why Syxx was fired,
(which was actually true. While rehabbing a neck injury, Syxx was fired via Fed-Ex and went back to the WWF and
became a member of Degeneration X with fellow Kliqster, Triple H.) Hogan says that Syxx can’t “cut the mustard and run
with the rest of the nWo”.( Thunder)

We interrupt our NWO history for the rebuttal comments from Sean Waltman from Monday Night RAW.

7.               Syxx, now known in the WWF as XPac, actually responds to Hogan’s comments and tells him that he sucks. (RAW

8.               Daveyboy Smith & Jim Neidhart v. Bryan Adams & Curt Hennig (Thunder 3/26/98)

9.               Scott Norton v. Rick Steiner (Thunder 3/26/98)

10.            Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash vs Lex Luger and Sting Hogan and Nash have to be pulled apart by the rest of the nWo (Thunder 3/26/98)

11.            Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Rick Rude, Disciple, Scott Norton, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Bryan Adams, Buff Bagwell, and Vincent all

                come to the ring to cut a promo. Kevin Nash comes out and mocks Hogan saying “Well brotherrrrr!!!”
(Nitro 3/30/98)

12.            Curt Hennig v. Jim Neidhart (Nitro 3/30/98)

13.            Kevin Nash and Randy Savage vs Sting and Lex Luger (Hollywood Hogan and the Disciple interfere. Roddy Piper
comes out to attack Hogan, leading directly to….)

14.            Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper (Nitro 3/30/98)



1.               Randy Savage is knocked out outside the arena (Nitro 3/30/98)

2.               Footage is shown of the feud between Hogan and Savage (Nitro 3/30/98)

3.               Konnan v. Norman Smiley (Nitro 3/30/98)

4.               Update on Randy Savage (Nitro 3/30/98)

5.               Buff Bagwell vs Diamond Dallas Page (Nitro 3/30/98)

6.               Footage from earlier in the night is shown of a red Viper driving away, while Vincent and the Disciple walk past a
fallen Randy Savage. (Nitro 3/30/98)

7.               Promo – Hollywood Hogan and the entire NWO (Nitro 3/30/98)

8.              Curt Hennig & Bryan Adams v. Bulldog & Neidhart (Rick Rude is again guest commentating for Hennig’s match.
(Nitro 3/30/98)

9.               More footage of Savage outside getting medical attention. (Nitro 3/30/98)

10.            Scott Steiner (w/Vincent) vs Sick Boy (Nitro 3/30/98)

11.            Kevin Nash (w/Konnan) vs Sting Nash and Hogan shove one another (Nitro 3/30/98)

12.            Buff Bagwell is interviewed by Tony Schiavone (Thunder 4/9/98)

13.            Konnan vs Chris Benoit (Thunder 4/9/98)

14.            Curt Hennig v. Jim Duggan (Rude is again at the announcers booth, but runs down to ringside and handcuffs
Duggan’s arm to the ropes for the vicious double team.  Neidhart and Daveyboy run in to make the save.
(Thunder 4/9/98)

15.            Scott Steiner v. Disco Inferno (Thunder 4/9/98)

16.            Eric Bisvhoff and Scott Steiner are interviewed by Tony Schiavone.  Arn Anderson, Lex Luger and Rick Steiner
(Thunder 4/9/98)
come out.  Rick destroys Bischoff and Lex Brawls with Steiner. (Thunder 4/9/98)

17.            Kevin Nash (w/Konnan) comes out and cuts a promo (Thunder 4/9/98)

18.            Kevin Nash vs Rick Stiener (w/Ted DiBiase) (Thunder 4/9/98)

19.            Scott Steiner v. Fit Finley (Steiner is now being called by his more familiar nickname:  “Big Poppa Pump”
 Nitro 4/13/98)

20.            Hulk Hogan and The Disciple assault Roddy Piper backstage (Nitro 4/13/98)

21.            Kevin Nash comes out and cuts a promo and Sting comes out and confronts him (Nitro 4/13/98)




1.               Curt Hennig v. Yuji Nagata (Rude is of course, with Curt and Curt’s Dad Larry “The Axe” Hennig

2.               Nitro 4/13/98)

3.               Konnan v. Rick Steiner (Nitro 4/13/98)

4.               Kevin Nash vs Sting (Randy Savage and Bret Hart interfere ) (Nitro 4/13/98)

5.               Promo – Buff Bagwell (Thunder 4/16/98)

6.               Buff Bagwell v. Rick Steiner (Thunder 4/16/98)

7.               Promo – Hulk Hogan (Thunder 4/16/98)

8.               Promo – Kevin Nash (Thunder 4/16/98)

9.               NWO Promo (Thunder 4/16/98)

10.            Int – Buff Bagwell & Scott Steiner (Thunder 4/16/98)

11.            Scott Norton v. Chris Benoit (Thunder 4/16/98)

12.            NWO Promo (Thunder 4/16/98)

13.            Curt Hennig v. Super Calo (Thunder 4/16/98)

14.            NWO Promo (Thunder 4/16/98)

15.            Int – JJ Dillon & Randy Savage, whom Dillon just named as the challenger for Sting’s World Title at Spring Stampede.
(Thunder 4/16/98)

16.            Bryan Adams v. The Giant (Thunder 4/16/98)

17.            Kevin Nash and Randy Savage vs Bret Hart and Sting (Thunder 4/16/98)

18.            Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell vs Lex Luger and Rick Steiner (Spring Stampede 98)



1.                  Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash vs Roddy Piper and The Giant (Spring Stampede 98)

2.                  Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) vs Sting (Hulk Hogan interferes and hurts Savage, but Kevin Nash runs in and helps
Randy Savage, leading to Savage becoming the new World Champion - Spring Stampede 98)

3.                  Hulk Hogan, Disciple and Eric Bischoff come out and challenge the new WCW World Champion Randy Savage
to a title match.  (Nitro 4/20/98)

4.                  Randy Savage cuts a promo and Kevin Nash comes out and gets on the mic. (Nitro 4/20/98)

5.                  Konnan v. Chris Adams (Nitro 4/20/98)

6.                  Curt Hennig v. Chris Benoit (Nitro 4/20/98)

7.                  Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell v. Public Enemy (Nitro 4/20/98)

8.                  Bryan Adams v. Lex Luger (Nitro 4/20/98)

9.                  Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage (Nash comes out and is assaulted by Hogan and Disciple. Bret Hart comes
out and helps Hogan regain the World Title! Piper comes out to see why Bret did this and Bret nails Piper
(Nitro 4/20/98)

10.               Hulk Hogan, Disciple, and Eric Bischoff cut a promo. (Thunder 4/22/98)

11.            Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton vs Lex Luger and Rick Steiner  (This is the match where Buff Bagwell legitimately
fractures his neck when Rick Steiner bulldogs him from the second rope and Buff’s head bounces off the mat in a
really nasty bump. He is paralyzed in the ring and stretchered out - Thunder 4/22/98)

12.            Scott Steiner (w/Vincent) vs Sting (The Giant comes out - Thunder 4/22/98)

13.            Kevin Nash and Randy Savage come out to cut a promo and Konnan joins them (4/27/98)

14.            Hogan promo (4/27/98)

15.            Scott Norton v. Bill Goldberg (4/27/98)

16.            Scott Stiener/Bryan Adams/Konnan vs The Giant/Lex Luger/Sting (4/27/98)

17.            Bret Hart is interviewed by Mean Gene Okelund. Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Disciple come out. Bret declares his
allegiance to Hogan and Savage comes out and nails Bret. Hogan, Bret, and Disciple beat Savage down (4/27/98)

18.            Scott Norton v. Chavo Guerrero (5/4/09)


19.            Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, and Konnan come to the ring thru the crowd during the Billy Kidman vs Scott Putski match.

They are wearing nWo black and red shirts, signifying that they have seceded from the nWo and formed their own nWo known as

the Wolf Pack. Nash gives a shout out to Scott Hall who hasn’t been on tv for quite some time. Curt Hennig then comes out and joins The Wolf Pack. (5/4/09)

20.            Scott Stiener come out on crutches while Rick Steiner is being interviewed. Byan Adams then assaults Rick (5/4/09)

21.            Konnan vs Bryan Adams (nWo wolf pack vs nWo! Bret Hart comes out and assaults Konnan. Kevin Nash comes out and helps Konnan. - 5/4/09)

22.            Lex Luger v. Kevin Nash (5/4/09)



1.         Savage promo (5/11/98)

2.        Bischoff Promo (5/11/98)

3.        Norton v. Nagata (5/11/98)

4.        Dusty Promo (5/11/98)

5.        NWO Promo (5/11/98)

6.        Savage v. Hogan (5/11/98)

7.        Savage/Bret Promo (5/14/98)

8.        A letter from Vince’s lawyers (5/14/98)

9.        Outsiders NWO Promo (5/14/98)

10.     Nash/Dusty v. Public Enemy (5/14/98)

11.     Savage v . Sting (5/14/98)

12.     NWO Promo – Bischoff/McMahon (5/14/98)



1.         Paid advertisement by the nWo - Bischoff in-ring training (Thunder 5/14/98)

2.         Randy Savage in-ring promo about facing Bret Hart, and Roddy Piper as the special referee. Bret Hart interupts Savage.

3.         Eric Bischoff in-ring promo talking about the challenge he's issued to Vince McMahon.

4.         Paid advertisement by the nWo - T-Shirt

5.         Kevin Nash & Dusty Rhodes vs Public Enemy (pretty much a handicap match)

6.         Randy Savage vs Sting fought to a no-contest. Bret Hart came to the ring to attack Savage, and got hit with a chair. Then The Giant came to the ring to make sure nothing
happened to Sting. The Giant hands Sting an nWo t-shirt, and say's, "if you want to win the tag belts at Slamboree, then join me (black and white nWo). Luger comes to the
ring to talk to Sting.

7.         Security waits for Vince McMahon to arrive at the Slamboree PPV (Slamboree 1998) 

8.         Eric Bischoff vs Vince McMahon ends with Bischoff winning by forfiet. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring ready to fight, but Vince McMahon "no shows". Did we really
think that Vince would show up on WCW turf? I guess I at least entertained the idea he would since he did back in the 80s.

9.         Randy Savage vs Bret Hart (Roddy Piper special referee)

10.       Sting & The Giant defeats Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (w/ Dusty Rhodes) to win the WCW Tag Team Titles. Scott Hall turns on Kevin Nash. match skips

11.       Eric Bischoff in-ring promo...on a motorcycle. He's saying that once again he's beaten Vince McMahon, but it's a bittersweet victory. (Nitro 5/18/98) (periodic 1/10 second
blackouts. Audio isn't affected).

12.       Randy Savage, Roddy Piper & "Mean" Gene in-ring interview. Bret Hart, "Hollywood" Hogan, Bischoff & The Disciple come to the ring looking for a fight.

13.       "Hollywood" Hogan, & The NWO Black & White in-ring promo. Scott Hall is introduced as the new member of nWo Black & White. Sting comes to the ring, but The
Giant stops him, and it comes to blows. Kevin Nash comes out with a lead pipe to stop The Giant from doing further damage.

14.       The Giant comes to the ring for an in-ring interview, wearing both Tag Team belts. Lex Luger comes into the ring to confront The Giant. (Thunder 5/20/98)



1.         Rick Rude & Curt Hennig in-ring promo calling Goldberg out., but then changing his mind and challenging Goldberg to a Title match at The Great American Bash 1998

(Thunder 5/20/98)

2.         Randy Savage & Elizabeth in-ring promo.

3.         Randy Savage NWO T-shirt ad

4.         Giant v. Lex Luger

5.         The Giant, Brian Adams & Vincent in-ring promo calling out Kevin Nash. The Wolfpac comes out and drives the Black & White nWo from the ring. Lex Luger joins the
fight, and joins the Wolfpac. (Nitro 5/25/98)

6.         Konnan vs La Parka (Thunder 5/27/98)

7.         Roddy Piper, Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) & "Mean" Gene in-ring interview.

8.         Lex Luger & Sting vs The Giant & nWo Sting. The Wolfpac attempts to get Sting to join the Wolfpac.

9.         The Wolfpac in-ring promo.

10.       Bret Hart & nWo Black & White in-ring promo calling out to Sting to join nWo Black & White.

11.       Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth), Roddy Piper & Tony Schivane in-ring interview.

12.       nWo Black & White in-ring promo.

13.       Konnan vs Lenny Lane

14.       Int – Curt Hennig, Rick Rude & Konnan

15.       "Hollywood" Hogan & The Giant (w/ The Disciple) vs Kevin Nash & Lex Luger

16.       The Giant & Brian Adams in-ring promo as the new WCW/nWo Tag Team Champions (Thunder 6/4/98)



1.         Lex Luger & Tony Schavanie in-ring interview (Thunder 6/4/98)

2.         Int – Curt Hennig & Konnan

3.         The Giant & Brian Adams vs Lex Luger & Diamond Dallas Page. Sting comes to ringside, and distracts The Giant long enough for DDP to pin Adams, and win the Tag
Team Titles!

4.         nWo Black & White (w/ Dennis Rodman) in-ring promo (Nitro 6/8/98)

5.         Wolfpac in-ring promo. Hogan interupts The Wolfpac, shuts off Nash's microphone, and takes over the show.

6.         Konnan backstage with J. J. Dillon asking him what he's going to do about the Black & White.

7.         nWo Black & White partying backstage.

8.         Kevin Nash & Konnan backstage talking smack to Black & White.

9.         The nWo Black & White party continues out amongst the fans.

10.       Curt Hennig, Rick Rude & Konnan have a ringside interview with Tony Schavonie.

11.       "Hollywood" Hogan & Bret Hart (w/ Elizabeth) backstage promo.

12.       Sting in-ring interview.

13.       Roddy Piper & Randy Savage in-ring interview. "Hollywood" Hogan, Bret Hart, Elizabeth, The Disciple & Bischoff interupt.

14.       "Hollywood" Hogan partying with 6 women backstage.

15.       nWo backstage on backstage on "Hollywood" Hogan's (w/ Big Pappa Pump) newest movie set.

16.       nWo backstage party continues.

17.       The Wolfpac in-ring promo with a final invitation to join the Wolfpac. Before DDP can answer The Wolfpac's invitation, Hogan & Rodman attack DDP from behind, knocking him out with chairs.

18.       nWo Black & White sitting off to the side of the entrance ramp to the ring, "taking over" the Thunder show. (Thunder 6/11/98)




1.         Lex Luger interview w/ Tony Schiavone.

2.         Bret Hart & Eric Bischoff promo.

3.         Konnan vs Scott Putski

4.         Eric Bischoff & Elizabeth promo.

5.         Lex Luger & Randy Savage vs The Giant & The Disciple. Bischoff & Elizabeth bad mouth Savage and baits him to where Hogan & Hart can attack him. Nash saves the
day, but gets triple teamed.

6.         Konnan (w/ Curt Hennig & Rick Rude) vs Goldberg (The Great American Bash 1998). After Konnan gets pinned, he's attacked by Hennig & Rude, and during the attack
Hennig tears off the Wolfpac colors, and has a nWo Black & White shirt underneath. Nash & Luger run into the ring to make the save of Konnan.

7.         Randy Savage & Roddy Piper vs "Hollywood" Hogan & Bret Hart (The Great American Bash 1998)  Immediately after the match, it leads directly into….

8.         Randy Savage vs Roddy Piper (The Great American Bash 1998).

9.         The Giant vs Sting (The Great American Bash 1998). The winner gets to choose his own partner to hold the Tag Team Title with.

10.       Randy Savage in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. (Nitro 6/15/98)

11.       The Wolfpac in-ring promo.

12.       nWo Black & White Curt Hennig & Rick Rude promo.

13.       The Giant vs Chris Adams

14.       "Hollywood" Hogan, The Disciple & Eric Bischoff in-ring promo

15.       Sting & Kevin Nash vs Harlem Heat (Prior to the match, Sting announces that his new partner and co-holder of the World Tag Team Titles is Kevin Nash!)

16.       Big Poppa Pump & Eric Bischoff ramp promo.

17.       Masahiro Chono & Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs High Voltage (nWo Black & White Japan)

18.       Randy Savage vs DDP (Special Referee: Roddy Piper) (Cage Match)



1.         Lex Luger & Konnan in-ring promo. (Thunder 6/18/98)

2.         The Giant vs Disco Inferno

3.         Masahiro Chono & Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs Davey Boy Smith & Jim Neidhart

4.         Int – Rick Rude

5.         Konnan vs Alex Wright

6.         Kevin Greene in-ring interview with "Mean" Gene. Curt Hennig & Rick Rude come to the ring, and challenges Greene to a fight, but The Giant attacks Greene from behind. (Nitro 6/22/98)

7.         HUGE backstage brawl between Greene / WCW & nWo Black & White

8.         Bret Hart in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene.

9.         The Tonight Show excerpt: "Hollywood" Hogan & Rodman. Mallone & DDP make an entrance, and confront them. (Nitro 6/22/98)

10.       The Wolfpac in-ring promo.

11.       Konnan vs Scotty Riggs

12.       nWo Black & White in-ring promo.

13.       Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit. (Nitro 6/22/98)

14.       The Giant vs Kevin Greene. The Giant gets the upperhand, and 6 members of nWo Black & White attack Greene. Goldberg comes to the ring and DESTROYS the nWo Black & White.

15.       The Giant & Vincent ramp promo. (Thunder 6/25/98)

16.       Sting & Konnan in-ring promo. Sting says that tonight when he faces The Giant for the Tag Team Titles, he's going to have a tag team partner, and that partner is, Lex Luger.

17.       Eric Bischoff ramp promo. Eric Bischoff calls Big Poppa Pump out to interview him.

18.       Sting & Lex Luger vs The Giant & Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) (Thunder 6/25/98)

19.       nWo Black & White backstage looking like a street gang with all of the crowbars & chains they're swinging around (Nitro 6/29/98)




1.         The Giant (w/ Curt Hennig & Rick Rude) vs Sumo Fuji & Judo Suwa in a handi-cap match. After the match Curt Hennig calls out anyone to "enter my world". Kevin
Greene comes out with Goldberg and clears the ring.

2.         "Hollywood" Hogan & Eric Bischoff in-ring promo.

3.         Sting & Lex Luger vs British Bulldog & Jim Neidhart(Nitro 6/29/98)

4.         Eric Bischoff & Elizabeth on the first edition of, "The Eric Bischoff Show", with special guest: Big Poppa Pump.

5.         Booker T interview with "Mean" Gene, with Stevie Ray coming out during the interview, and finally Bret Hart of nWo Black & White coming out and challenging Booker
to a match.

6.         "Hollywood" Hogan & Eric Bischoff backstage

7.         "Hollywood" Hogan & Eric Bischoff in-ring promo. During their in-ring promo, DDP & Malone enter the ring and corner Hogan.

8.         The Giant in-ring promo (Thunder 7/2/98)

9.         Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) vs Bobby Blaze

10.       J. J. Dillon stating in an interview that "Hollywood" Hogan must defend his WCW/nWo Heavyweight Title against Goldberg.

11.       Konnan vs Kanyon. The rest of Raven's Flock attacks Konnan, and Luger makes the save. (Thunder 7/2/98)

12.       "Hollywood" Hogan, Bischoff (w/ Elizabeth) in-ring promo (Nitro 7/6/98)

13.       nWo Black & White waiting for a limo to pull up. Scott Hall steps out of the limo.

14.       Scott Hall vs Goldberg. If Goldberg beats Scott Hall, then he gets his Heavyweight Championship shot at "Hollywood" Hogan later on Nitro. (Nitro 7/6/98)

15.       The Giant vs "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. After the match, The Giant calls out Kevin Greene. Greene comes to the ring, and after a slap to the face, clotheslines The Giant out
of the ring over the top rope.

16.       The Wolfpac in-ring promo. Kidman & Sick Boy come to the ring. Before The Wolfpac can even get their promo going, Kidman & Sick Boy come to the ring for a match,
which leads to…

17.       Sting & Lex Luger vs Kidman & Sick Boy. (Nitro 7/6/98)

18.       "Hollywood" Hogan vs Goldberg. Goldberg wins the WCW/nWo Heavyweight Championship!!!



1.         Curt Hennig (w/ Vincent) interview w/ Tony Schiavone (Thunder 7/9/98)

2.         Konnan vs Stevie Ray

3.         Curt Hennig (w/ Vincent) backstage on the phone with Rick Rude.

4.         Curt Hennig vs DDP. The match is cut short with a lawyer's order that Hennig doesn't have to wrestle DDP, to save himself for Goldberg at Bash At The Beach 1998.

5.         Konnan (w/ Lex Luger & Kevin Nash) vs Disco Inferno (w/ Alex Wright) (Bash At The Beach 1998)

6.         The Giant vs Kevin Greene (Bash At The Beach 1998)

7.         Curt Hennig backstage with wcwwrestling.com (Bash At The Beach 1998)

8.         Bret Hart vs Booker T (Bash At The Beach 1998)

9.         Curt Hennig vs Goldberg (Bash At The Beach 1998)

10.       "Hollywood" Hogan & Dennis Rodman vs DDP & Karl Malone

11.       nWo Black & White in-ring promo. "Hollywood" Hogan challenges Scott Hall to a match for "dropping the ball" against Goldberg, and blames Hall for him losing his Title
for him. (Nitro 7/13/98)

12.       Curt Hennig & Rick Rude interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Hennig challenges Goldberg again for the Title.

13.       "Buff" Bagwell (in a wheelchair & neckbrace) interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Rick Steiner comes out during the interview to apologize, and "Hollywood" Hogan comes

out and tells "Buff" to stop being a "cream-puff".



1.         Bret Hart vs Fit Finlay (Nitro 7/13/98)

2.         Konnan (w/ Sting) vs Barry Darsow

3.         The Disciple vs DDP. DDP is just pummeled by the nWo Black & White. (Nitro 7/13/98)

4.         The Wolfpac vs Boogie Nights

5.         "Hollywood" Hogan vs Scott Hall (Special Referee: Eric Bischoff). DDP comes to the ring, and then Kevin Nash comes to the ring, joins Scott Hall (for at least 6 seconds),
and when Nash is about ready to Powerbomb Hogan, Hall hits Nash from behind. (Nitro 7/13/98)

6.         Curt Hennig vs Goldberg (Nitro 7/13/98)

7.         Kevin Nash discusses about Scott Hall turning on him yet another time. (Thunder 7/16/98)

8.         Konnan vs El Dandy

9.         Bret Hart in-ring promo (Thunder 7/16/98)

10.       Scott Hall in-ring promo.

11.       Scott Norton (w/ Vincent) vs Ciclope

12.       Curt Hennig, Scott Hall, Rick Rude & Vincent in-ring promo. Konnan interupts nWo Black & White, faces Hall, and says that he sold out.

13.       Curt Hennig & Scott Hall vs DDP & Konnan (Thunder 7/16/98)

14.       Scott Hall in-ring promo (Nitro 7/20/98)

15.       Re-cap of the history of "Buff" Bagwell & Rick Steiner, on "Buff" calling out Steiner to, "get something off of his chest". Steiner comes out for an interview w/ "Mean"
Gene. "Buff" comes out in his wheelchair to confront Steiner. It's a total set-up, as Scott Steiner & "Buff" attack Rick Steiner.

16.       Scott Hall takes over the announcing table.

17.       The second edition of "The Eric Bischoff Show" (w/ Elizabeth)



1.         Kevin Nash confronts Scott Hall backstage. A fight starts. Before you know it, TONS of Wolfpac and Black & White nWo members join the fight! (Nitro 7/20/98)

2.         Bret Hart DEMANDS that he gets his U. S. Championship Title shot against DDP right now!

3.         Sting & Kevin Nash in-ring promo. Nash gets interupted by nWo Black & White, Scott Hall & The Giant, and we get a Tag Team Title match.

4.         Muta & Masa Hiro Chono vs Boogie Nights. After the match, Scott Norton came into the ring and destroyed Boogie Nights! (Nitro 7/20/98)

5.         Scott Norton (w/ Vincent) vs Jim Powers

6.         A look at "Hollywood" Hogan.

7.         nWo "Hollywood" Black & White in-ring promo.

8.         Konnan (w/ "Big Dog" Antwon Garr) vs Eddie Guererro (Nitro 7/20/98)

9.         Lex Luger vs Curt Hennig (w/ Rick Rude)

10.       Bret Hart comes to the ring to wreslte DDP for the U. S. Championship. After waiting a few minutes, DDP slowly makes his way to the ring. DDP gets the life pummeled
out of him by Hart. Hart easily takes care of DDP for the U. S. Title. "nWo Black & White enter the ring to congratulate Hart on his Title win. DDP gets taken out on a

11.       nWo Black & White in-ring promo. (Nitro 7/27/98)

12.       Eric Bischoff's "The Night Cap" Talk Show (w/ Elizabeth). "Hollywood" Hogan is the guest.

13.       The annoucing table gets taken over by Scott Hatt, Dusty Rhodes & Scott Norton.

14.       Scott Norton (w/ Dusty Rhodes) vs Jim Neidhart

15.       Bret Hart in-ring promo. Bret Hart says that he's Sting's friend.

16.       Curt Hennig vs "Mongo" McMichael (Nitro 7/27/98)

17.       nWo Black & White in-ring promo.

18.       Scott Hall vs Sting. All hell breaks loose when Kevin Nash, Bret Hart, Curt Hennig & Vincent have an all-out brawl.

19.       Re-cap of "Buff" Bagwell storyline with Rick Steiner. "Buff" is back with Scott Steiner interview. (Nitro 7/27/98)



1.         Brian Adams vs Goldberg

2.         "Hollywood" Hogan (w/ The Disciple) vs DDP. DDP got "The Diamond Cutter" on Hogan, but nWo Black & White made the save. The Wolfpac came in to even the odds.

3.         Clips of "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. "Hollywood" Hogan & Eric Bishchoff take over the set. DDP attacks Hogan from behind, and security gets rid of Hogan &
Bischoff. DDP says that Jay Leno should train and tag with him at Road Wild 98. (Nitro 8/3/98)

4.         DDP in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. (Nitro 8/3/98)

5.         Eric Bischoff's "The nWo Night Cap" Talk Show (w/ Elizabeth). "Hollywood" Hogan is the guest. Clip from "The Tonight Show" with Hogan & Bischoff taking over the

6.         Goldberg in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Sting makes his way to the ring, and gets in Goldberg's face. nWo pamphlets fall from the ceiling. nWo Black & White baits
Goldberg from the ring, and Goldberg makes short work of the Black & White.

7.         The Wolfpac "Big Sexy" t-shirt advertisement.

8.         Sting finds Lex Luger knocked out backstage.

9.         Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) vs "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

10.       "Mean" Gene is looking for an update on Lex Luger. Bret Hart interupts Gene's attempts to find anything out. Bret Hart is looking for Sting to be his partner.

11.       Konnan vs Curt Hennig (w/ Scott Norton) (Nitro 8/3/98)

12.       Scott Steiner in-ring promo. Scott says that he's done with nWo Black & White, and calls out Rick Steiner to apologize. "Buff" Bagwell comes out dressed as Rick Steiner.
Pretty funny...but, the REAL Rick Steiner comes to the ring and hits Scott with a chair.

13.       The Nitro Girls dancing in the ring. nWo Black & White comes out to the ring, and "Hollywood" Hogan corners Kimberly Page in the ring. Eric Bischoff gets in her face,
and she slaps him. DDP has seen enough, and storms the ring. nWo stops him in a second.

14.       The Giant & Scott Hall vs Sting & Bret Hart. Sting in once again in his "Crow" Black & White wrestling attire. After the match, all hell breaks loose, and Goldberg runs to
the ring to spear The Giant.

15.       The Giant v. Lizmark Jr. (Thunder 8/5/98)

16.       Lex Luger in-ring promo. The Wolfpac then joins Luger in the ring to finish his promo.

17.       Eric Bischoff's "The nWo Night Cap" Talk Show (w/ Elizabeth). Eric Bischoff bad-mouths Kimberly one last time, and DDP has heard enough, and wipes the floor with
Eric. The Giant comes out and helps Bischoff up.

18.       nWo Black & White in-ring promo. (Thunder 8/5/98)

19.       nWo "Hollywood" Black & White in-ring promo.

20.       Sting, Lex Luger & Konnan vs Scott Hall, Curt Hennig & Brian Adams. (Thunder 8/5/98)

21.    Rick Steiner v. Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) (Road Wild 98)

22.    Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) vs Steve McMichael  (Road Wild 98)

23.    9-man NWO (and Goldberg) Battle Royal  (Road Wild 98)



1.         DDP & Jay Leno (w/ Kevin Eubanks) v.  "Hollywood" Hogan (w/ The Disciple) & Eric Bischoff (w/ Elizabeth) (Road Wild 98)

2.         Lex Luger in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Bret Hart comes to the ring, and gets in Luger's face. Luger challenges Hart for the U. S. Championship. Bret accepts! (Nitro 8/10/98)

3.         nWo Black & White in-ring promo.

4.         Eric Bischoff (w/ Elizabeth) ramp promo. Bischoff says that he and Hogan beat Leno & DDP at Road Wild 98. Any other footage you see is "doctored".

5.         Lex Luger vs Bret Hart for the U. S. Championship. Luger wins the Title! (Nitro 8/10/98)

6.         The Wolfpac Red & Black t-shirt advertisement

7.         Curt Hennig vs Konnan

8.         Sting & Kevin Nash vs The Giant & Scott Hall for the Tag Team Titles

9.         Meng vs Goldberg for the Heavyweight Title (Lumberjack Match w/ members of both nWo Black & White and The Wolfpac acting as the Lumberjacks) (Nitro 8/10/98)

10.       Scott Hall vs Konnan (Thunder 8/12/98)

11.       "Dinner & a movie" advertisement (w/ special guest: "Hollywood" Hogan)

12.       Bret Hart in-ring promo

13.       Kevin Nash vs Curt Hennig (w/ Rick Rude). Both Rick Rude and Scott Hall jump into the ring, and all 3 men attack Nash. Luger runs into the ring and drives all 3 men away.

14.       Stevie Ray vs Eddie Guerrero. Scott Hall & The Giant are scouting Stevie Ray's match. (Thunder 8/12/98)

15.       Lex Luger vs Bret Hart

16.       nWo "Hollywood" Black & White in-ring promo. (Nitro 8/17/98)



1. "Captain" DDP (WarGames WCW Captain) in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene (Nitro 8/17/98). Bret Hart comes to the ring and gets in DDP's face. DDP challenges Hart for the U.S. Title.

2. The Wolfpac in-ring promo.

3. Scott Norton vs Scott Putski (Nitro 8/17/98)

4. nWo "Hollywood" in-ring promo. Hogan is saying he can beat anyone, and there's nothing to worry about at WarGames. The lights go out, and the debut of The Warrior happens.

5. Curt Hennig vs Dean Malenko

6. Scott Steiner & "Buff" Bagwell (w/ Steiner's "doctor") in-ring promo about how injured Steiner is because of Rick Steiner. Rick Steiner confronts Scott.

7. Stevie Ray vs Chris Jericho vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. The Giant comes into the ring and chokeslams Stevie Ray. (Nitro 8/17/98)

8. Bret Hart vs DDP

9. The Giant vs Goldberg. nWo Black & White and The Wolfpac storm the ring and Goldberg accidently spears Nash. Once Nash recoups, he gets in Goldberg's face. (Nitro 8/17/98)

10. "Wolfpac in the house" advertisement. (Thunder 8/19/98)

11. Brian Adams vs Dean Malenko. Curt Hennig runs in behind the ref's back and hits Malenko, leading Malenko getting pinned by Adams.

12. nWo "Hollywood" advertisement.

13. The Giant backstage interview w/ "Mean" Gene (Thunder 8/19/98)

14. Curt Hennig (w/ Rick Rude) vs Steve McMichael. Malenko attacks Hennig from behind, but Rude jumps in to stop him.

15. The Giant (w/ Scott Hall) vs Stevie Ray. Scott Hall attacks Ray, and Ray wins by DQ.

16. nWo "Hollywood" arrives to the arena in a limo. "Hollywood" Hogan leads the way to an in-ring promo. (Nitro 8/24/98)

17. The Wolfpac in-ring promo. Nash says that "Hollywood" Hogan & The Giant want a tag team match, and Nash asks Goldberg to join him in a tag match. Goldberg comes out and accepts!

18. Konnan vs Jim Neidhart

19. Scott Norton (w/ Vincent) vs Rick Fuller

20. Scott Steiner in-ring promo (w/ his "doctor"). Scott calls out Rick, and out comes "Buff" dressed as Rick Steiner.

21. Lex Luger (w/ Konnan) vs Brian Adams (w/ Vincent)



1.         Curt Hennig vs Chris Jericho (Nitro 8/24/98)

2.         Bret Hart promo

3.         Bret Hart vs Booker T. The match never happens. Booker T is knocked down backstage w/ Stevie Ray standing over him and screaming at T. Stevie comes out and

confronts Hart. Hennig, The Giant & "Buff" come to the ring with a nWo Black & White shirt. The rest of the nWo Black & White enter the ring, and recruit Stevie Ray

into nWo Black & White.

4.         "Hollywood" Hogan & The Giant vs Goldberg & Kevin Nash. After Goldberg wins the match, Hogan tries to cheapshot Nash, but Nash goes for a big boot, but

instead hits Goldberg. (Nitro 8/24/98)

5.         Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) interview w/ Tony Schavonie (Thunder 8/26/98)

6.         Konnan vs Silver King. After the match, Rick Rude (along with nWo Black & White) comes out to take Konnan out.

7.         Scott Norton vs Jim Neidhart

8.         Curt Hennig (w/ Rick Rude) vs Van Hammer (Thunder 8/26/98)

9.         Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) vs DDP

10.       nWo "Hollywood" in-ring promo. He calls out The Warrior. The Warrior comes into the ring to confront Hogan. The lights go out, smoke rises, and The Warrior

disappears. (Nitro 8/31/98)

11.       Scott Norton vs Norman Smiley. After the match, the lights go out and The Warrior stands up in the rafters looking out over the crowd.

12.       The Wolfpac in-ring promo. (Nitro 8/31/98)

13.       Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) vs Eddie Guerrero. Eddie gets in the ring and immediately lays down on the mat. Too funny. Totally playing mind games like only Eddie can do!

14.       Konnan vs Marty Jannetty

15.       DDP in-ring interview w/ Tony Schavonie. Roddy Piper then comes into the ring. The Giant comes out and destroys DDP & Piper, and then gets cuffed by security. (Nitro 8/31/98)



1.         Scott Steiner in-ring promo (w/ his "doctor"). "Buff" comes out dressed in tie-dye. The lights go out, and The Warrior is perched up on the catwalk. (Nitro 8/31/98)

2.         Sting & Lex Luger vs "Hollywood" Hogan & Bret Hart. Hart walks out on Hogan, Hogan chases him, then the 2 get back in the ring and have a shoving match, with the

nWo Black & White separating the 2. Then the lights go out, smoke rolls in, and The Warrior stands in the middle of the ring, with the nWo Black & White knocked out.

3.         Brian Adams vs Dean Malenko. Before Malenko gets to the ring, Curt Hennig blind-sides him. After that, Adams just has his way with him. Adams throws Malenko into

the ring, where Hennig is waiting (already having knocked out the ref), and Malenko is just taken apart. (Thunder 9/3/98)

4.         The Giant & Stevie Ray vs Konnan & DDP. nWo "Hollywood" attacks DDP. Goldberg hits the ring, and destroys everyone!

5.         nWo "Hollywood" has been "marked" by the OWN. Hogan and crew are livid! Hogan heads to the ring and cuts a promo of FEAR of the OWN! (Nitro 9/7/98)

6.         Konnan vs Bull Pain

7.         nWo Black & White runs into their dressing room to find The Disciple hanging upside down, courtesy of OWN.

8.         Bret Hart comes to the ring, with some Black & White members following him. They confront him in the ring, but leave when Sting comes to the ring. Sting hands Hart his

baseball bat, and turns his back to Hart. Hart drops the bat and asks what's going on?

9.         A look at the Steiner Brothers (featuring Rick Steiner)

10.       Scott Steiner vs Evan Karagias. Scott cuts an in-ring promo, while "Buff" sits at the announcer's table. (Nitro 9/7/98)

11.       Curt Hennig (w/ Rick Rude) interview w/ "Mean" Gene.

12.       Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) vs Chris Adams

13.       Curt Hennig vs Dean Malenko (Steel Cage Match). Malenko gets Hennig in the Cloverleaf, but nWo Black & White come to the ring, get inside the cage,and attack Malenko.

Arn Anderson gets into the cage and cleans house.

14.       Sting & Lex Luger vs Roddy Piper & DDP. During the match, Kevin Nash runs to the ring, knocks down Piper, grabs DDP and powerbombs him. (Nitro 9/7/98)

15.       "Hollywood" Hogan & The Giant in-ring promo. The cage lowers and Hogan ends up getting trapped along with The Warrior inside the Steel Cage. Hogan is able to leave the

cage, but leaves The Giant behind to save his own butt. Smoke fills up the ring, and The Warrior once again escapes.



1.         nWo Black & White in-ring promo. (Thunder 9/10/98)

2.         Lex Luger gets attacked by Jim Neidhart & British Bulldog backstage.

3.         Curt Hennig vs Steve McMichael. "Buff" attacks McMichael, but Arn Anderson comes to the ring to even the odds.

4.         McMichael gets carried away on a stretcher. Tony Schiavone interviews Arn Anderson (w/ Malenko). Eric Bischoff comes to the ring, gets in Arn's face, and asks Arn,

"who do you work for?". Bischoff brings up Flair, and literally chokes the life out of Bischoff. Bischoff challenges Arn to an arm-wrestling contest, but with the left arm. Bischoff

knows that Arn's left arm has had surgery, and isn't what it used to be.

5.         Lex Luger vs British Bulldog (w/ Jim Neidhart). In some way-shape-form, this is almost the "explosion" of WWF's "Allied Powers". It ends up becoming a handi-cap match.

Bret Hart comes out and stops them from double-teaming Luger. All of a sudden it becomes a tag team match: Lex Luger & Bret Hart vs Jim Neidhart & British Bulldog. (Thunder 9/10/98)

6.         Konnan vs Disco Inferno (w/ Alex Wright)

7.         Goldberg vs Rick Fuller. nWo "Hollywood" attacks Goldberg, but he fights back and destroys nWo Black & White.

8.         Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) vs Kevin Nash. After the match, Vincent gets powerbombed, and then out of nowhere Scott Hall attacks Nash from behind. The rest of nWo

"Hollywood" come to the ring to cheer Hall on. Hall beats Nash down to the mat. nWo "Hollywood" leaves the arena, as the camera follows them, Hogan sees on the wall,

"Warrior O.W.N.s Hollywood Hogan." (Thunder 9/10/98)

9.         Scott Steiner & "Buff" Bagwell hallway interview. (Fall Brawl 98)

10.       Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner. Rick gets his hands on "Buff" throwing him into the turnbuckle outside the apron, and "Buff" falls re-injuring his neck/clavical area that Rick

Steiner previously injured, but to no one's surprise, it was a total work, as Buff jumps out of the ambulance and attacks Rick with help from Scott. (Fall Brawl 98)

11.       Curt Hennig vs Dean Malenko. Hennig is DQed after Rude attacks Malenko. Arn Anderson rushes the ring, and gets stomped down for his efforts. (Fall Brawl 98)

12.       Konnan vs Scott Hall. Scott Hall comes to the ring with a alcoholic drink, setting up his "alcoholic" angle, but unfortunately, this is another instance where Pro Wrestling

mimicks life way too closely. (Fall Brawl 98)

13.       "Hollywood" Hogan / Bret Hart / Stevie Ray vs DDP / Warrior / Roddy Piper vs Kevin Nash / Sting / Lex Luger (WarGames Main Event) (Fall Braw l998)



1.         Bret Hart in-ring interview. Roddy Piper comes to the ring to confront Hart. (Nitro 9/14/98)

2.         nWo "Hollywood" in-ring promo. The Warrior's smoke fills the ring, and The Disciple disappears.

3.         Eric Bischoff & Eddie Guerrero hallway promo.

4.         Jim Neidhart comes to the ring for his match, but the nWo "Hollywood" comes to the ring, because The Warrior has The Disciple (who's knocked out, and on his knees)

with him in the ring. nWo "Hollywood" storms the ring, but The Warrior's smoke fills the ring, and he disappears, with The Disciple, before the Black & White can touch him.

5.         Scott Steiner vs Norman Smiley & Silver King

6.         The Giant vs Meng

7.         Lex Luger vs Scott Hall. Scott Hall is so wasted he fell down...Hall's only concerned about getting that next drink during the match. Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash, Vincent &

Konnan, even Luger, try and talk Hall down.

8.         Sting vs Goldberg. THIS IS AN AWESOME MATCH!!! The Stinger REALLY gives Goldberg THE match of Goldberg's career, up until that point. "Hollywood" Hogan

comes to the ring and interfers. Hogan attacks Goldberg, but Bret Hart comes to the ring and drives Hogan off. (Nitro 9/14/98)

9.         Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) interview w/ "Mean" Gene. (Thunder 9/17/98)

10.       Vincent vs Steve Armstrong. After the match some weird laughing was heard over the speakers.

11.       Curt Hennig vs Norman Smiley

12.       Stevie Ray & Scott Hall vs Kevin Nash & Konnan

13.       Eric Bischoff vs Arn Anderson (Arm Wrestling Contest) (Thunder 9/17/98)

14.       Scott Hall arriving to the arena drunk. (Nitro 9/21/98)

15.       Smoke appears in the ring, and then The Disciple appears, unconcious, in the ring. Hogan & Bischoff come to the ring. Smoke enters the ring again, and the whole nWo

Black & White comes to the ring. The Warrior is up in the catwalk, with The Disciple.

16.       nWo Black & White enter the ring. The Warrior baits nWo "Hollywood" to the back dressing rooms, where Hogan finds The Disciple. Smoke fills the room out of nowhere,

and The Disciple disappears once again. Hogan goes crazy!

17.       The Cat vs Lenny Lane. Scott Hall comes to the ring WASTED, Dusty Rhodes comes out to intercept him, and Hall falls from the apron and collapses before he even gets

into the ring to interfere in the match. (Nitro 9/21/98)

18.       Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) in-ring promo. Steiner says he wants to know where Bret Hart stands with nWo "Hollywood". Hart comes out, and starts getting beat in

the ring. Sting comes out, and cleans house to save Hart. Scott runs from the ring, only to be attacked by Rick Steiner.



1.         Konnan vs Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (Nitro 9/21/98)

2.         Eric Bischoff (w/ Elizabeth) in-ring promo trash-talking the 4 Horsemen. Ric Flair comes to the ring and gets in Bischoff's face.

3.         Kevin Nash & Lex Luger vs The Giant & Stevie Ray. Scott Hall goes to the announcer's table, and makes an ass of himself. Hall then goes to the ring in a drunken-stupper,

and the match stops. Hall takes a swing at Nash, and Nash moves out of the way, as Hall falls to the mat.

4.         "Hollywood" Hogan & Eric Bischoff in-ring promo. Hogan calls The Warrior to the ring, and he comes out with The Warrior comes out with The Disciple. The Disciple turns

around and has O.W.N. on the back of his vest.

5.         Stevie Ray in-ring promo trash-talking the 4 Horsemen. Doug Dillager (WCW Head Of Security) "stops" the 4 Horsemen from going out to the ring to confront Stevie Ray,

but Dillager turns his back to allow the Horsemen to pass and run Ray off. Arn Anderson joins the Horsemen with a crowbar. The 4 Horsemen trash-talk the nWo Black & White,

and say that WCW doesn't belong to the nWo, but to the 4 Horsemen. (Thunder 9/25/98)

6.         One Warrior Nation advertisement. (Nitro 9/28/98)

7.         nWo "Hollywood" in-ring promo.

8.         The Disciple vs jobber

9.         Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) vs Lenny Lane & Nick Dinsmore (the future WWE's Eugene) in a hand-cap match. After the match, Steiner's back seems to go out on him. (Nitro 9/28/98)

10.       "Buff" Bagwell comes out in an interview w/ "Mean" Gene with an update on Scott Steiner's condition. There's that weird laugh again.

11.       4 Horsemen in-ring interview. Eric Bischoff (w/ security) comes to the ring to kick them out.

12.       Scott Hall vs Billy Kidman 

13.      Brian Adams vs Kevin Nash. Nash gets jumped by nWo Black & White, but The Wolfpac comes to the ring to save the day.

14.       Lex Luger & Konnan vs Barry Darsow & Hugh Morris

15.       "Hollywood" Hogan vs Bret Hart. Hart's knee is shot, and Sting takes Bret Hart's place, turning it into…..

16.       "Hollywood" Hogan vs Sting. Scott Steiner & "Buff" attack Luger & Konnan (who accompanied Hart to the back), and Hart got away from Steiner & Bagwell, came back to

the ring, acting like he wanted to help Sting, but instead he turns on Sting, and takes him out with a chair. With this act, Hart solidifies his alliance with nwo "Hollywood". (Nitro 9/28/98)



1.         Mike Enos vs Jerry Flynn ends in a no-contest. Scott Hall comes into the ring and destroys both wrestlers. (Thunder 10/1/98)

2.         Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) vs Konnan. Scott Hall attacks Konnan, but Kevin Nash comes to the ring, and confronts Hall.

3.         The Wolfpac arrives in a Hummer Limo. They search for the nWo Black & White dressing room, and all hell breaks loose. All of the cops that were there were a
joke...Sting is looking for Bret Hart, and once he find him in his dressing room, it's an intense brawl. (Nitro 10/5/98)

4.         Hector Garza vs Damian ended in a no-contest due to Eddie Guerrero coming into the ring, stopping the match, and beginning the LWO. (Debut of the LWO).
(Nitro 10/5/98)

5.         The Wolfpac backstage interview. Nash says they're going to go out on the town and find Scott Hall.

6.         Scott Steiner promo.

7.         Mike Tennay following The Wolfpac, who's still looking for Scott Hall.

8.         Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) in-ring promo. Rick Steiner comes out, as does "Buff"'s Mom, and she gets right in "Buff"'s face. She slaps "Buff", Scott grabs her arm.
She gets away, and chases "Buff" to the back.

9.          Brian Adams vs Rick Steiner (Footage during the commercial break: Scott Steiner & Brain Adams beat up Rick Steiner. Nitro 10/5/98)

10.       The Wolfpac searching a bar for Scott Hall.

11.       nWo "Hollywood" in-ring promo.

12.       The Wolfpac (w/ Mike Tennay) still searching for Scott Hall.

13.       The Disciple vs Lenny Lane. After the match, The Disciple heads backstage, but "Hollywood" Hogan & Eric Bischoff come out of nowhere, and follow him backstage.
Hogan loses The Disciple, and heads back to his dressing room. Hogan goes up to a mirror, and sees The Warrior. He's the only one who can see him though.  Well Hogan
and everyone watching on TV..

14.       The Wolfpac still searching for Scott Hall. Nash FINALLY finds him, and there's a barroom brawl!!! (Nitro 10/5/98)

15.       Eric Bischoff in-ring promo trash-talking Ric Flair. Arn Anderson comes out to confront Bischoff. Arn calls Reid Flair (age 10) to the ring, and takes down Bischoff. After  being embarassed by Reid, Bischoff yells at Elizabeth to get Ric Flair on the phone and get him to the arena. Bischoff is talking to Flair on the phone...as he enters the
arena...Flair makes it to the ring, and all of a sudden is surrounded by nWo Black & White, but the 4 Horsemen run to the ring and run nWo Black & White off.

16.       Sting vs Bret Hart. Hart doesn't make it to the ring. Instead, he lures Sting backstage and it's just a brawl.

17.       Mike Tennay interviewing Scott Hall...who of course is wasted. (Thunder 10/8/98)

18.       Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) in-ring promo. Scott gets in "Buff"'s face, and says that his Mom embarassed him and the nWo. They get in each other's face, and "Buff"
just walks out on Steiner.

19.    El Dandy vs Tokyo Magnum ends in a no-contest when Scott Norton comes into the ring, and DESTROYS both wrestlers. That weird laughing is heard again.
Eddie Guererro does more recruiting for the LWO.  (Thunder 10/8/98)

20.       Bret Hart in-ring interview with Tony Schavonie.

21.       Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) vs Lex Luger. Ray is DQed due to Scott Hall attacking Luger. Scott Hall then does the "Outsiders Edge" on Konnan.




1. Eric Bischoff at the front desk, and then at security outside, to stop Ric Flair from coming into the arena. (Nitro 10/12/98)

2. Sting in-ring promo calling Bret Hart & "Hollywood" Hogan out. The Warrior comes out and calls Sting to his side. (Blade Runner's reunion of over 12 years!!!)

3. "Hollywood" Hogan, Eric Bischoff & The Giant in-ring promo. Bischoff is informed that the 4 Horsemen have arrived at the arena. The owner of the arena escorts the Horsemen

into the arena as his guests, and Bischoff loses it!

4. Super Calo, Psychosis & Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs La Parka, Ciclope & Villano V. Eddie Guererro and the LWO enter the ring after the match. Eddie says that no member of the nWo

could do what the Luchadors could do. All of the wrestlers in the 6 man tag match join the LWO!

5. Scott Steiner in-ring promo trash-talking "Buff" and his Mom. "Buff" and his Mom come into the ring. Steiner knocks "Buff" to the mat, and trash-talks him Mom. (Nitro 10/12/98)

6. Kevin Nash in-ring promo. Scott Hall comes out in a drunken mess, and Nash has seen enough and chases Hall to the back.

7. Eric Bischoff in-ring promo.

8. Eric Bischoff makes his way to the luxury suite of the 4 Horsemen. Bischoff goes too far, and gets DESTROYED by security. There are about 15 guys on Bischoff.

VERY ENTERTAINING... (Nitro 10/12/98)

9. The Giant vs Goldberg in a no-DQ match. Stevie Ray interfers, then DDP makes the save. Goldberg wins with a spear, and The Giant gets out of the ring and gets counted out.

10. "Hollywood" Hogan & Bret Hart vs Sting & The Warrior (Michael Buffer introduces Sting and Warrior as if they’re teaming up for the first time, when they actually broke
into the wrestling business together, and teamed together for more than a year back in the mid-80s.)

11. Konnan vs La Parka. This is the first nWo Wolfpac vs LWO match. (Thunder 10/15/98)

12. Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) vs Dean Malenko.

13. The LWO confront Rey Mysterio, Jr. about joining the LWO. (Thunder 10/22/98)

14. Re-cap of nWo "Hollywood" kicking out Horace Hogan out of the nWo Black & White. The Warrior comes to the ring, and gets choke slammed by The Giant, and leg-

dropped multiple times by Hogan.

15. Lex Luger vs Scotty Riggs

16. Konnan vs Steve Armstrong

17. Re-cap of the history of Bret Hart & Sting.

18. Sting vs The Giant.



1.         Halloween Havoc 98 Intro (Halloween Havoc 98)

2.         "Hollywood" Hogan & Eric Bischoff promo

3.         "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner & The Giant promo (Halloween Havoc 98)

4.         Re-cap of the "Buff" Bagwell / Scott Steiner / Rick Steiner storyline

5.         Konnan (nWo Wolfpac) music video (Halloween Havoc 98)

6.         The Giant & Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner & "Buff" Bagwell for the WCW / nWo Tag Team Titles. "Buff" turns on Rick & walks out on Rick about 4 minutes into the
match, so it ends up being a handi-cap match, but when The Giant goes for a missle dropkick, he accidently dropkicks Scott instead, and Rick pins The Giant to win the Tag
Team Titles. Due to pre-match stipulations, if Rick & "Buff" win the match, not only do they win the Titles, but Rick gets a match with Scott.

7.         Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner. Rick Steiner pins Scott Steiner, despite "Buff" coming back ringside to interfere in the match. (Halloween Havoc 98)

8.         A brief history of The Outsiders.

9.         Scott Hall vs Kevin Nash. Nash powerbombs Hall twice, but after beating him to a pulp, but instead of pinning Hall, Nash just leaves the ring and gets counted out.
(Halloween Havoc 98)

10.       Bret Hart vs Sting for the WCW U.S. Title. Hart wins via KO with the Sharpshooter after Sting hits his head on the ringpost attempting a Stinger Splash, and also Hart beats
 Sting repeatedly with his own baseball bat. After the match, Sting is fitted with a neckbrace and hauled off on a stretcher. (Sting's last appearance for 6 months)
(Halloween Havoc 98)

11.       Hollywood Hogan v. Warrior (The long awaited rematch from Wrestlemania 6.  If you were expecting a good match like their first one, you’ll be disspaponted.  This one
sucked.  Halloween Havok 98)

12.       Stevie Ray vs Kenny Kaos. "Buff" comes in to the ring to double team Kaos, but Rick Steiner runs into the ring to stop them. He asks Kaos to team with him in a tag team
match later tonight. (Nitro 10/26/98)

13.       Lockerroom interview with Kevin Nash & "Mean" Gene. Scott Hall interupts, softly talks to Nash, offers his hand in friendship, but The Giant blindsides Nash, and both
The Giant & Scott Hall throw Nash through a wall.

14.       "Hollywood" Hogan & Eric Bischoff (w/ nWo Black & White) in-ring promo on how they destroyed The Warrior last night at Halloween Havoc 98.

15.       Eddie Guerrero (LWO) vs Perry Saturn. Saturn is about to put the Rings Of Saturn on, but the LWO attacks Saturn, and wins by DQ. (Nitro 10/26/98)

16.       Judy Bagwell interview w/ "Mean" Gene about "Buff"and how sad she is about the way "Buff" has turned out.

17.       The Giant & Stevie Ray vs Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos (Nitro 10/26/98)

18.       Scott Steiner & "Buff" Bagwell in-ring promo. Scott calls J. J. Dillon to the ring to make the match with his Brother, Rick. Scott loses it and puts J. J. in the Steiner-



1.         Bret Hart vs DDP for the U. S. Title. DDP pins Hart after the Diamond Cutter. (Nitro 10/26/98)

2.         Eddie Guererro (LWO) vs Dean Malenko ends in a no-contest because both the LWO & the Horsemen run into the ring and brawl. (Thunder 10/29/98)

3.         Chavo Guererro, Jr. vs Billy Kidman (JIP). After the match, Eddie Guerrero & the LWO come into the ring and tell Chavo he's a Guererro and he needs to earn his LWO
colors and earn respect.

4.         Scott Hall vs Steve Armstrong

5.         The Giant vs Raven. It quickly becomes a hardcore match, with The Giant winning after slamming Raven through a table. (Thunder 10/29/98)

6.         Bret Hart in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Lex Luger comes to the ring, and gets in Hart's face. Luger clotheslines Hart out of the ring. Watch "Mean" Gene as Luger
almost clips him when he clotheslines Hart.(Nitro 11/2/98)

7.         Scott Norton (w/ Vincent) vs Van Hammer

8.         Bret Hart backstage getting taped up from Luger's assault.

9.         Eddie Guerrero (LWO) vs Perry Saturn. Konnan stops the match, and confronts the entire LWO, and tries to talk some sense into the rest of the LWO. Konnan compared
 the LWO to Raven's Flock, with the "mind control" that Eddie has over the rest of the LWO. (Nitro 11/2/98)

10.       Altercation between Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) / J. J. Dillon / Kenny Kaos

11.       Psychosis (LWO) vs Rey Mysterio, Jr.

12.       Dean Malenko vs Raven (JIP). Malenko gets attacked by Kanyon, and Benoit gets attacked from behind by Bret Hart. Lex Luger then comes out to confront Hart, and is
saved by The Giant.

13.       J. J. Dillon & Kenny Kaos interview w/ Tony Schiavone (at the announcer's table) with the announcement that "Buff" has been fined $50,000, and that Steiner has been
fined $100,000. Steiner runs to the announcer's table and goes nuts. Then he runs to the ring for an in-ring promo.

14.       Scott Hall vs Booker T

15.       The Giant vs Lex Luger



1.         Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) in-ring promo. (Thunder 11/5/98)

2.         Horace vs Norman Smiley

3.         Eddie Guererro (LWO) in-ring promo about Rey Mysterio, Jr. not wanting to join the LWO. Rey says "no", and that he still refuses to join the LWO. The rest of the LWO
comes out just as the time-limit expires.

4.         Scott Hall (w/ Horace) vs Disco Inferno (Thunder 11/5/98)

5.         Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) comes to the ring for a match, but instead gets in Nick Patrick's face, and starts beating the hell out of him, as Patrick was the ref who
counted his shoulders down for the count at Halloween Havoc against Rick Steiner. Lex Luger comes to the ring to save Nick, and cleans house. Steiner gets the upper
hand, and once Luger is back down, he goes after Patrick again. Even beating him down when he's being carried away on a stretcher. It becomes a match without a referee.
The match ends once Rick Steiner comes to the ring.

6.         "Mean" Gene & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan backstage waiting for the President Of The United States to show up at the arena, but instead it's nWo Black & White and The
Wolfpac. A fight ensues. (Nitro 11/9/98)

7.         Alex Wright vs Barry Horowitz (JIP). The Wolfpac interupts the match for an in-ring promo. They calling out the nWo Black & White in any combination that they want.
THIS IS WAR!!! Eric Bischoff comes out and says that be careful what you wish for.

8.         Scott Norton (IWGP Heavyweight Champion) (w/ Vincent) vs Lodi

9.         The Disciple in-ring interview with Tony Schivonie. During the interview nWo Black & White comes into the ring. During the course of them getting in each other's faces,
it comes to blows. During the nWo beatdown, The Warrior comes to the ring and destroys the nWo.

10.       "Hail To The Chief" plays as "Secret Service" lines the entrance to the ring, and out comes "Hollywood" Hogan & Eric Bischoff to the ring, as an American flag falls.
"Mean" Gene conducts the interview. Hogan announces that he's running for President Of The United States. (Nitro 11/9/98)

11.       Bret Hart in-ring promo.

12.       Eddie Guerrero (LWO) vs Rey Mysterio, Jr. Chavo Guererro, Jr. comes to the ring, inadvertantly distracts Eddie, and allows Rey to get the pin. The LWO then attacks
Chavo, but he gets away with Rey.

13.       Eric Bischoff (w/ Elizabeth) in-ring promo with the "bean counters" about them deducting Scott Steiner & "Buff" Bagwell's pay. Bischoff then attacks the 3 "office guys".
(Nitro 11/9/98)

14.       Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) vs Chris Adams. It's a 2 on 1, but Rick Steiner runs to the ring to run them off.

15.       A special look at Lex Luger.

16.       Scott Steiner & & "Buff" Bagwell vs Rick Steiner & Judy Bagwell for the WCW Tag Team Titles ends in a no-contest.

17.       Konnan vs Bret Hart. Bret attacks Konnan with a chair, but Lex saves him. (Nitro 11/9/98)

18.       The Giant & Scott Hall vs Kevin Nash & Lex Luger. Nash & Luger win by DQ when Bret Hart blindsides Nash and attacks his leg. Luger clears the ring with a chair.
(Nitro 11/9/98)

19.       Stevie Ray (w/ Horace, Scott Norton & Vincent) vs Jerry Flynn. (Thunder 11/12/98)

20.       Konnan vs The Giant. Konnan gets DQed for using a chair. (Thunder 11/12/98)



1.         Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, Jr. Rey says if he wins, then there's no more asking Rey into the LWO. The LWO interferes, but Juventud tries to help,

        but accidently kicks Rey which leads to Eddie pinning Rey. Due to pre-match stipulations, Rey has to join the LWO. (Nitro 11/16/98)

2.         Bam Bam Bigelow makes his debut as "Mean" Gene tries to get a word with him. He finds his way to the ring. Goldberg, along with TONS of security,

        storm the ring to get him out. Eric Bischoff, along with security, gets the situation handled. As a result of Bischoff, and the situation at hand, J. J. Dillon quits.

3.         Konnan vs Perry Saturn. During the match, Eric Bischoff in an interview w/ "Mean" Gene is interrupted by Goldberg who says he wants Bigelow, forcing

         Bischoff to agree to the match. The LWO alsocomes out during the match. The LWO attacks Saturn, but Saturn fights back. (Nitro 11/16/98)

4.         Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) & a new nWo referee for an in-ring promo. The new referee shows the "correct" way to count to 3. Rick Steiner interupts

         the promo. Scott Norton attacks Rick from behind, and all 3 guys beat Rick to the mat.

5.         Presidential candidate "Hollywood" Hogan comes to the ring (w/ his Secret Service Agents) for an in-ring promo. During the promo a Monica Lewinski

         look-a-like comes into the ring. Bischoff & Hall later join him in the ring. Hall ends up punching Bischoff to the mat, and Hogan then attacks Hall. Kevin Nash

         comes to the ring to stop Hogan. (Nito 11/16/98)

6.         Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit. Benoit wins by DQ when Hart uses a chair. Dean Malenko makes the save and drives Hart from the ring. Malenko turns his back on

         Hart, and Hart attacks both Horsemenuntil DDP makes the save. (Nitro 11/16/98)

7.         Scott Hall (w/ Scott Norton) vs Disco Inferno (Thunder 11/19/98)

8.         Scott Hall & Kaz Hayashi backstage

9.         Rey Mysterio, Jr. (now wearing a LWO shirt) vs Billy Kidman. The LWO comes to the ring to back up Rey, and Eddie says he'll take Rey's spot against Kidman in the match.

10.       Scott Norton (IWGP Heavyweight Champion) (w/ Vincent) vs Scott Putski (Thunder 11/19/98)

11.       Konnan vs Bret Hart. Bret wins after Stevie Ray comes to the ring, hits Konnan over the head with the flapjack, and Bret puts the Sharpshooter on Konnan.

          Bret then puts a chair onto Konnan's leg andis going to jump off of the middle turnbuckle onto it, but DDP comes to the ring and stops him.

12.       Profile on Bret "Hitman" Hart (WW3 1998)

13.       Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) vs Konnan

14.       Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell & their own referee) vs Rick Steiner. The nWo attacks Rick backstage before he can make it to the ring, and The Giant drags Rick to

          the ring. Goldberg comes in the even the odds. (WW3 1998)

15.       Scott Hall (w/ nWo Black & White) vs Kevin Nash. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring and commands the nWo Black & White to attack Scott Hall. Kevin Nash comes to

         the ring and makes the save.



1.         WW3 3-ring / 60-man Battle Royal (featuring: nWo Black & White, nwo Wolfpac & LWO)

2.         Bret Hart vs DDP for the U. S. Title

3.         Lex Luger vs Mike Enos. (Nitro 11/23/98)

4.         Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio, Jr. interview w/ "Mean" Gene. The LWO interupts, and says that Rey is a member of the LWO, and that's what the contract says.

5.         The Wolfpac in-ring promo. (Nitro 11/23/98)

6.         Backstage interview with The Wolfpac.

7.         The Giant in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene.

8.         Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) (coming to the ring in a ridiculously large LWO shirt) vs Billy Kidman

9.         Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair (w/ Barry Windham) in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Barry turns on Flair, and becomes part of the nWo Black & White. The other members

         of the Horsemen come to the ring, but are beaten down by the nWo.

10.       Konnan vs Booker T. Stevie Ray comes into the ring, and gets in Booker T's face. (Nitro 11/23/98)

11.       Bret Hart in-ring intervew w/ "Mean" Gene

12.       Kevin Nash vs Wrath (Nitro 11/23/98)



1.         Scott Hall vs Alex Wright (Nitro 11/23/98)

2.         Bret Hart vs Dean Malenko. Bret goes after Malenko's leg with a chair, but DDP makes the save.

3.         The Giant vs Goldberg. Bam Bam Bigelow attacks Goldberg, and security storms the ring to haul him away. Then Nash comes in the ring, and gets a hold of Goldberg.
(Nitro 11/23/98)

4.         Scott Norton (w/ Vincent) vs Kaz Hayashi (Nitro 11/24/98)

5.         Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) vs Van Hammer

6.         Juventud Guerrera (LWO) vs Prince Iuakea

7.         Horace vs Wrath (Nitro 11/24/98)

8.         "Hollywood" Hogan on the Tonight Show - clips (Nitro 11/30/98)

9.         nWo Black & White shows up to the arena in limos. They walk from the parking lot, through the arena and then finally to the ring for an in-ring promo.

10.       Konnan vs Chris Jericho. Konnan pins Jericho to win the WCW TV Title. Konnan celebrates with The Wolfpac in the ring.

11.       Scott Hall in-ring promo saying that now he's fighting alone. Nash comes out and says that he'll have Hall's back. (Nitro 11/30/98)

12.       Bret Hart in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene.

13.       Eddie Guererro (LWO) vs Billy Kidman (Nitro 11/30/98)

14.       Eric Bischoff & Barry Windham in-ring promo. Dean Malenko comes out to the ring and Bischoff says that if Malenko wrestles, and wins a match, against Windham, then
Ric Flair can wrestle Bischoff. The special referee for the match is Dusty Rhodes.

15.       Kevin Nash (w/ Luger & Konnan) & Goldberg in-ring contract signing. Bam Bam rushes the ring, but a TON of security stops him and hulls him out. (Nitro 11/30/98)

16.       Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) vs Lex Luger

17.       Barry Windham vs Dean Malenko (Special nWo Referee: Dusty Rhodes). Dusty Rhodes turns on the nWo, and counts Windham's shoulders down to the mat. Because of
this, Bischoff HAS to wrestle Ric Flair.

18.       Scott Steiner (who is now billed as the new leader of the nWo Black & White) & Horace (w/ their own nWo referee) vs Scott Hall & Kevin Nash. The nWo ref refuses to
count Hogan's shoulders down after the Outsider's Edge, and gets Jacknifed by Nash. A WCW ref makes the count.

19.       Bret Hart vs DDP in a No DQ match. During the match The Giant comes to ringside, and kicks DDP when he's down, and throws him over the top rope from the ringside
floor. The Giant chokeslams DDP twice, and the Hart puts the Sharpshooter in an unconscience DDP.



1.         Profile on "Hollywood" Hogan. (Thunder 12/4/98)

2.         Scott Steiner (the new leader of the nWo Black & White) (w/ his nWo referee) in-ring promo.

3.         Eddie Gurerrero (LWO) vs Ciclope. Eddie goes up to the top rope to Frog Splash Ciclope, but steps down, asks the rest of the LWO to come into the ring, and asks Ciclope
to join the LWO.

4.         The Giant vs Renegade. After the match, The Giant cuts a promo, but DDP comes into the ring with a chair, and knocks The Giant out of the ring. (Thunder 12/4/98)

5.         Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Villano V. Interview w/ Tony Schiavone after the match. The LWO comes out during the interview.

6.         Konnan vs Disco Inferno (Thunder 12/4/98)

7.         Scott Steiner (w/ the nWo referee) vs Scott Hall

8.         Scott Steiner (w/ the nWo referee) in-ring promo. (Nitro 12/7/98)

9.         Eddie Guerrero (LWO) interview w/ "Mean" Gene

10.       Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Silver King (LWO)

11.       Goldberg escorted by TONS of security backstage, runs into Kevin Nash and they trashtalk each other. (Nitro 12/7/98)

12.       Stevie Ray & Horace vs Disco Inferno & Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

13.       Kevin Nash in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. (Nitro 12/7/98)

14.       Lex Luger vs Emery Hale

15.       The Giant vs Scott Putski

16.       Konnan vs Booker T. Booker T gets DQed because Stevie Ray comes into the ring and knocks Konnan out from behind. Booker T almost comes to blows with Stevie Ray. (Nitro 12/7/98)

17.       Scott Hall in-ring promo calling Scott Steiner out. Steiner doesn't want to start the match without the nWo referee. The nWo referee is all taped up and can barely make it to
the ring. Referee Micky Jay pushes the nWo referee down,a nd takes over the match. Stevie Ray, Horace, Vincent & Steiner gang-up on Hall, but The Wolfpac comes into
the ring to save Hall. The Giant comes out and has his waywith The Wolfpac, until DDP comes into the ring with a chair, clearing the ring of nWo Black & White.

18.       Bret Hart in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene

19.       Goldberg vs Bam Bam Bigelow. Before the match starts Nash comes to the ring, and destroys Bigelow. Goldberg runs into the ring, and starts pounding on Nash. It
becomes a three-way free for all!!!

20.       Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Juventud Guerrera (LWO). The remaining LWO members come out to the ring. Rey is about to win the match, but the LWO attacks Rey, but
Billy Kidman makes the save.(Thunder 12/11/98)

21.       Booker T vs Lodi. Stevie Ray comes into the ring, and gets in Booker's face, and says he needs to think about joining the nWo Black & White.

22.       Stevie Ray, Horace & Vincent vs Lex Luger & Konnan (3-on-2 handicap match). Scott Hall comes ringside, punches Stevie Ray, which allows Luger to put Ray in the
torture rack. (Thunder 12/11/98)

23.       Eddie Guererro (LWO) vs Villano V. Eddie has the match won, but breaks the count, and asks Villano V to join the LWO. (Nitro 12/14/98)

24.       Eric Bischoff in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Ric Flair rushes the ring, driving Bischoff off. Flair then comes to the ring for an in-ring promo w/ "Mean" Gene. Flair
collapses in the ring.

25.       Backstage Bam Bam Bigelow is attacking Scott Hall. Kevin Nash makes the save, then Goldberg gets involved. Needless to say, security has their hands full! (Nitro 12/14/98)



1.         Billy Kidman in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) comes to the ring, and interupts Kidman's interview. (Nitro 12/14/98)

2.         Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Billy Kidman. The LWO interfers in the match and beats down both Mysterio & Kidman.

3.         Chris Jerico (w/ Ralphus) in-ring promo where he parodies Konnan.

4.         Int – Bret Hart

5.         Konnan vs Stevie Ray (w/ a reluctant Booker T) (Nitro 12/14/98)

6.         Eric Bischoff in-ring interview about Flair's heart attack.

7.         Booker T interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Stevie Ray interupts.

8.         Scott Hall vs Horace. Hall is about to win until nWo Black & White attack him in the ring. Disco Inferno, who is now a member of The Wolfpac, attempts to save Hall, but
gets destroyed.

9.         Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell & the nWo referee) vs Van Hammer. After the match, Steiner cuts an in-ring promo. During the promo, Lex Luger comes into the ring,
and confronts the 3.

10.       Kevin Nash vs Bam Bam Bigelow vs Goldberg (Nitro 12/14/98)

11.       Konnan vs Kenny Kaos. During the match, Scott Steiner & "Buff" comes to the announcer's table and cut a promo. (Thunder 12/18/98)

12.       Scott Hall in-ring promo about how he's all alone. He has no friends...he has no family.

13.       Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Prince Iaukea. Before Iaukea can make it to the ring, the LWO stops him. Juventud Guerrera takes Iaukea's place, leading to….

14.       Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Juventud Guerrera (LWO). Eddie Guererro is at ringside. (Thunder 12/18/98)

15.       Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff") enter Lex Luger's lockerroom, and try and get him into the nWo Black & White. Konnan enters and tells them to leave. Konnan leaves, only to get
blindsided. When Luger responds, he finds Scott Hall standing over Konnan. Luger pushed Hall away to tend to Konnan.

16.       Disco Inferno (The Wolfpac) vs Shiima Nobunaga

17.       Scott Hall vs Lex Luger. Disco Inferno, Scott Steiner & "Buff" all come out during the match. Luger's about to go for the win, but Steiner & "Buff" attack Hall, so Luger
gets DQed. Luger, Hall & Konnanclear the ring.

18.       Tony Schiavone in-ring interview w/ David & Reid Flair. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring, and says how sorry he is for what happened to their Dad. Barry Windham then
comes to the ring, and both Bischoff and Windham double team David Flair, beating him to the mat. Eric then does the unthinkable, and kisses Flair's Wife!!!



1.         A look at the nWo.(Nitro 12/21/98)

2.         Kevin Nash in-ring promo.

3.         Eric Bischoff in-ring promo. During the promo, Arn Anderson & Ric Flair make their way into the arena, and attempt to find the ring. On their way they find Scott Norton,

         and all 4 Horsement beat him down. Flair goes out on his own to find Bischoff, and when he finds them things get crazy. Flair comes back to the ring, once he chases Bischoff

         away backstage, for an in-ring promo.

4.         Eddie Guerrero (LWO) vs Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) (Nitro 12/21/98)

5.         Scott Steiner in-ring promo.

6.         Barry Windham vs Van Hammer. Ric Flair rushes the ring and attacks Windham for revenge against Windham & Eric Bischoff attacking his family. Flair destroys Windham.

         The situation gets WAY out of hand!!! Bischoff comes out to antagonize Flair, and Flair is stopped by security. (Nitro 12/21/98)

7.         Lex Luger vs Kenny Kaos

8.         Konnan vs Alex Wright. During the match Chris Jericho comes into the ring, and takes the TV Title belt. (Nitro 12/21/98)

9.         The Giant vs Disco Inferno

10.       Scott Hall vs Goldberg. During the match Kevin Nash comes to ringside. Bam Bam comes to the ring and attacks Goldberg. (Nitro 12/21/98)

11.       Juventud Guererra (LWO) vs Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Billy Kidman. Kidman wins the match, and Eddie Guererro comes into the ring and loses it. Kidman says that if Eddie

         thinks he can beat him, then he can give it a try. (Starrcade 1998)

12.       Eddie Guererro (LWO) vs Billy Kidman. (Starrcade 1998)



1.         Scott Hall in-ring promo. (Starrcade 1998)

2.         Re-cap of Bam Bam Bigelow's debut (w/ Kevin Nash & Goldberg). (Starrcade 1998)

3.         Lockerroom verbal altercation between Scott Steiner & "Buff" Bagwell vs Konnan & Lex Luger (Starrcade 1998)

4.         Brian Adams & Scott Norton (w/ Vincent) vs Jerry Flynn & Fit Finlay (Starrcade 1998)

5.         Eric Bischoff interview w/ "Mean" Gene (Starrcade 1998)

6.         Konnan vs Chris Jericho (Starrcade 1998)

7.         Lee Marshall w/ The Giant (Starrcade 1998)

8.         Eric Bischoff vs Ric Flair (Starrcade 1998)

9.         The Giant vs DDP. The referee gets knocked out during the match, then Bret Hart comes to the ring with a chair, swings for DDP, but accidently hits The Giant, allowing DDP to get the Diamond Cutter on The Giant. (Starrcade 1998)

10.       Kevin Nash vs Goldberg for the WCW Heavyweight Title. Scott Hall, posing as security, helps Nash win the Heavyweight Title, and ENDS GOLDBERG'S WIN STREAK!!! (Starrcade 1998)

11.       What happened after Starrcade 1998 with the nWo Black & White. (Nitro 12/28/98)

12.       Ric Flair in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring during the interview to gloat.

13.       Disco Inferno & The Wolfpac backstage.

14.       Eddie Guererro & Juventud Guerrera (LWO) vs Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) & Billy Kidman



1.         Kevin Nash (the new WCW Heavyweight Champion) & The Wolfpac in-ring promo. (Nitro 12/28/98)

2.         Disco Inferno vs Bam Bam Bigelow

3.         Eric Bischoff & Curt Hennig in the lockerroom warming up, and an interview w/ "Mean" Gene. (Nitro 12/28/98)

4.         Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" & the nWo referee) vs Konnan. Konnan takes out the nWo ref, gets a WCW ref, and the match gets started. Scott Steiner wins the TV Title from Konnan.

5.         Scott Hall vs Brian Adams (w/ Vincent)

6.         Eric Bischoff vs Ric Flair. Flair puts his wrestling career on the line in a re-match against Bischoff. Bischoff tries to leave the arena, but the 4 Horsemen stop him, and carry
him to the ring. Eric Bischoff is getting pounded by Flair, so the nWo Black & White comes into the ring to attack Flair. Randy Savage makes his surprise return, wearing a
nWo Black & White shirt. The Giant turns around, and Savage  blindsides him, and clotheslines him to the floor. Flair beats Bischoff, so he doesn't have to retire. The 4
Horsemen & The Wolfpac join Ric Flair in the ring. (Nitro 12/28/98)

7.         Horace vs Chris Benoit (Nitro 1/4/99)

8.         Goldberg backstage with a TON of Police Officers saying that there's a warrant out for his arrest. They cuff him, and haul him outside to a car. Once outside, Nash is out
there in the parking lot, along with "HOLLYWOOD" HOGAN!!!

9.         Goldberg being hauled into the Police Station. Ms. Elizabeth of the nWo Black & White has filed aggravated assault charges. She is being questioned by Police in the

10.       LWO party video (starring: Eddie Guererro & the LWO) (Nitro 1/4/99)

11.       Juventud Guerrera & Psychosis (LWO) vs Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO)

12.       Goldberg is questioned by the police.

13.       Kevin Nash & Ric Flair interview w/ "Mean" Gene. (Nitro 1/4/99)

14.       Ms. Elizabeth still being questioned by Police.

15.       "Hollywood" / Presidential Candidate Hogan in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene.

16.       Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) vs Konnan. Steiner wins when the nWo referee comes to the ring and counts Konnan out in the "Steiner Recliner".

17.       More questioning by the Police with Ms. Elizabeth.

18.       Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) vs DDP

19.       Goldberg gets released from the Police Station, and is on his way back to the arena.

20.       "Hollywood" Hogan (w/ Scott Steiner) vs Kevin Nash (w/ Scott Hall) for the WCW Heavyweight Title. This is the "infamous" match of "The Fingerpoke Of Doom". It's the
reunion of the original nWo.  Goldberg however, makes it to the arena, and destroys the nWo. Goldberg goes to Jackhammer Hogan, but Lex Luger comes to the ring and
attacks Goldberg from behind. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Lex Luger are now members of nWo Black & White!!!



1.         nWo Black & White, along with The Wolfpac, now joining forces. (Thunder 1/7/99)

2.         Psychosis (LWO) vs Billy Kidman. The LWO interfers in the match, which brings down Rey Mysterio, Jr. to help out Kidman. Then the nWo "Hollywood" comes to the
ring, and destroys everyone!

3.         Barry Windham & Curt Hennig interview w/ "Mean" Gene.

4.         Super Calo & Lizmark, Jr. vs Fit Finlay & Dave Taylor (JIP). Right after the match, the nWo comes into the ring to attack all combatants.

5.         La Parka (LWO) vs Booker T

6.         Konnan vs Chris Jericho

7.         Ric Flair, J. J. Dillon & LWO in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene. (Nitro 1/11/99)

8.         Eric Bischoff getting out of a limo at WCW Headquarters, and his card isn't working to get in the door. He's also kept waiting, which makes him very aggravated. He ends
up having a meeting with Flair. It looks like Bischoff's new job is riding in the WCW truck.

9.         Motorcycle escort for the nWo who is arriving to the arena in a limo. The nWo gets a motorcycle escort all the way to the ring.

10.       Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Kaz Hayashi (Lex Luger interferes, and Konnan confronts Luger & Kevin Nash about what's going on with the Wolfpac. The nWo, Luger &
Nash included, beat Konnan down.Nitro 1/11/99)

11.       The Giant in-ring interview w/ "Mean" Gene.

12.       "Hollywood" Hogan & Kevin Nash advertisement. (Nitro 1/11/99)

13.       Scott Steiner (w/ "Buff" Bagwell) vs DDP

14.       Eric Bischoff being put to work setting up the ring, and being told what to do.

15.       Scott Hall vs Bam Bam Bigelow

16.       Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair (Nitro 1/11/99)



1.         The Giant vs Kevin Nash (w/ Scott Hall) (Nitro 1/11/99)

2.         The Faces Of Fear vs Bobby Duncan & Mike Enos (JIP). During the match, the nWo interupts the match, beats the wrestlers down and does an in-ring promo. (Thunder 1/14/99)

3.         El Dandy (LWO) vs Wrath

4.         The Disco Inferno vs Super Calo (JIP). Scott Hall comes into the ring, and says that the nWo doesn't forget who does them favors. Hall does a promo on Goldberg.

5.         Curt Hennig & Barry Windham vs Steve McMichael & Chris Benoit (Thunder 1/14/99)

6.         Lex Luger vs Konnan (Souled Out 1999)

7.         Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Psicosis (LWO) vs Juventud Guerrera (LWO) vs Billy Kidman for the WCW Cruiserweight Title. (Souled Out 1999)

8.         Curt Hennig & Barry Windham vs Ric & David Flair. After the match, the nWo comes into the ring and destroys both Flairs. (Souled Out 1999)

9.         Scott Hall vs Goldberg in a Stun Gun Ladder Match. Goldberg wins when he climbs the ladder, gets the stun gun and stuns Hall for the win. (Souled Out 1999)



1. nWo in their limo - 4 Horsemen attack! Ric Flair / Eric Bischoff promo (Nitro 1/18/99)

2. Mike Enos & Bobby Duncum, Jr. vs Faces Of Fear. nWo attacks and cuts an in-ring promo

3. Disco Inferno vs Wrath

4. Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) vs Perry Saturn

5. Lex Luger / Kevin Nash / Ms. Elizabeth in-ring promo

6. Scott Steiner backstage with the Nitro Girls and security

7. Lex Luger vs Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO). Kevin Nash attacks

8. Scott Hall (w/ Disco Inferno) vs Goldberg. All hell breaks loose!!!

9. nWo backstage (Thunder 1/21/99)

10. Disco Inferno vs Jerry Flynn

11. nWo backstage

12. nWo backstage - 4 Horsemen attack Horace Hogan - Ric Flair in-ring interview challenging "Hollywood" Hogan

13. nWo helps Horace to his feet backstage

14. nWo backstage

15. nWo in-ring promo

16. Brian Adams & Horace (w/ Vincent) vs Billy Kidman & Chavo Guererro

17. nWo backstage

18. Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs La Parka



1. nWo backstage (Thunder 1/21/99)

2. Stevie Ray / Scott Norton / Vince vs Ric Flair / Chris Benoit / Steve McMichael

3. nWo backstage (Nitro 1/25/99)

4. Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair - souvenir stand promo

5. Disco Inerno vs Al Green

6. nWo backlot promo - nWo attacks Curt Hennig

7. nWo backstage

8. Scott Hall vs Bam Bam Bigelow - Ladder Match

9. Scott Norton vs Goldberg

10. nWo in-ring promo

11. "Hollywood" Hogan / Kevin Nash / Scott Steiner vs Ric Flair / Chris Benoit / Steve McMichael

12. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs Bobby Duncan & Mike Enos (Thunder 1/28/99)

13. Disco Inferno vs Hector Garza

14. Kevin Nash / Disco Inferno / Scott Hall vs Konnan & Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO)

15. Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) & Konnan in-ring interview (Nitro 2/1/99)

16. nWo at the airport

17. Ric Flair dictating to Eric Bischoff that there will be retribution for all the wrong he's done...his punishment - to sit on a dunk tank in the freezing cold weather



1. J. J. Dillon dunks Bischoff into the freezing cold water (Nitro 2/1/99)

2. nWo backstage

3. Ric Flair / Scott Hall / Disco Inferno in-ring promo

4. Eric Bischoff continues to sit on the dunk tank

5. Lex Luger & Ms. Elizabeth nWo promo

6. Eric Bischoff still sitting on the dunk tank

7. nWo & DDP backstage confrontation (Nitro 2/1/99)

8. DDP's in-ring challenge to Scott Steiner / nWo backstage

9. Bobby Heenan trying to dunk Bischoff into the water

10. "Hollywood" Hogan in his limo

11. Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) in-ring promo (Nitro 2/1/99)

12. Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) vs Chris Jericho

13. Lex Luger / Kevin Nash / Ms. Elizabethe in-ring promo

14. Scott Norton vs The Cat

15. Ric Flair dunks Bischoff (Nitro 2/1/99)

16. Scott Hall (w/ Disco Inferno) vs Chris Benoit

17. "Hollywood" Hogan in his limo staking out waiting for David Flair / Ric Flair sees the footage at the arena

18. Konnan & Rey Mysterio, Jr. (LWO) vs Disorderly Conduct (Thunder 2/4/99)

19. nWo arriving to the arena earlier in the day.

20. nWo backstage

21. The Disciple vs Norman Smiley

22. nWo backstage

23. Brian Adams & Horace vs Faces Of Fear (Thunder 2/4/99)

24. Aftermath of an attack on Vince



1. nWo attacks Arn Anderson (Nitro 2/8/99)

2. Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs Blitzcreig

3. Hulk Hogan & Horace backstage

4. Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair in the lockerroom

5. Eric Bischoff backstage in the bathroom (Nitro 2/8/99)

6. Hulk Hogan & Brian Adams backstage

7. Horace & Brian Adams vs Curt Hennig & Barry Windham

8. Eric Bischoff backstage in the bathroom

9. Hulk Hogan & Vince backstage (Nitro 2/8/99)

10. Vince vs The Cat

11. Eric Bischoff & Larry Zbyszko backstage in the bathroom

12. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (w/ Disco Inferno) vs Ric Flair & Steve McMichael

13. Disco Inferno vs Chris Adams (Thunder 2/11/99)

14. Disco Inferno & Arn Anderson brawl backstage / Eric Bischoff chauffeurs Ric Flair & company (Nitro 2/15/99)

15. nWo assault on Mysterio & Konnan Re-cap

16. Eric Bischoff chauffeurs Ric Flair & company

17. Eric Bischoff drives Ric Flair into an nWo trap and Flair gets the hell beat out of him (Nitro 2/15/99)

18. nWo Black & White and nWo Wolfpac in-ring promo

19. "Hollywood" Hogan vs "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (Nitro 2/15/99)

20. Ric Flair gets rescued by a drifter

21. Disco Inferno & Scott Hall in-ring promo (Thunder 2/18/99)

22. Horace & Brian Adams promo

23. Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell in-ring promo

24. Scott Steiner vs Bobby Blaze (Thunder 2/18/99)



1. Horace & Brian Adams vs Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (Thunder 2/18/99)

2. Main Event advertisement (SuperBrawl IX 2/21/99)

3. Disco Inferno vs Booker T

4. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (w/ Lex Luger & Elizabeth) vs Konnan & Rey Mysterio, Jr. (SuperBrawl IX 2/21/99)

5. Scott Steiner vs DDP

6. Scott Hall (w/ Disco Inferno) vs Roddy Piper

7. "Hollywood" Hogan vs Ric Flair (SuperBrawl IX 2/21/99)

8. Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell promo (Nitro 2/22/99)

9. Disco Inferno vs Kaz Hayashi

10. Brian Adams & Scott Norton backstage

11. Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell in-ring promo (Nitro 2/22/99)



1.       Kevin Nash & Lex Luger (w/ Elizabeth) promo. Rey Mysterio, Jr. comes to the ring (Leads right into….)

2.       Kevin Nash vs Rey Mysterio, Jr. (Nitro 2/22/99)

3.       Scott Norton, Horace Hogan & Disco Inferno backstage (Nitro 2/22/99)

4.       "Hollywood" Hogan & Scott Norton backstage (Nitro 2/22/99)

5.       Scott Norton vs The Cat

6.       Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) vs Goldberg (Pt. 1)

7.       Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) vs Goldberg (Pt. 2)

8.       nWo backstage / nWo skit (Nitro 2/22/99)

9.       Stevie Ray vs The Cat (Thunder 2/25/99)

10.    Disco Inferno vs Bret Hart (Pt. 1)

11.    Disco Inferno vs Bret Hart (Pt. 2)

12.    Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell promo (Nitro 3/1/99)

13.    nWo Wolfpac promo

14.    David Flair / Torrie / Arn Anderson backstage

15.    "Hollywood" Hogan & Vince backstage (Nitro 3/1/99)

16.    Rey Mysterio, Jr. gets attacked by the nWo backstage

17.    nWo Wolfpac backstage w/ Stevie Ray

18.    nWo in-ring promo (Nitro 3/1/99)

19.    Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell vs Goldberg & Rick Steiner

20.  Horace & Vincent vs Curt Hennig & Barry Windham (Thunder 3/4/99)

21.  Advertisement paid for by the nWo - "Hollywood" Hogan

22.  Buff Bagwell v. Booker T (Thunder 3/4/99)



1. Advertisement paid for by the nWo - "Hollywood" Hogan & Kevin Nash (Nitro 3/8/99)

2. "Road To Spring Break-Out" - w/ Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell

3. Advertisement paid for by the nWo - "Hollywood" Hogan & Kevin Nash (w/ Torrie) (Nitro 3/8/99)

4. Advertisement paid for by the nWo - "Hollywood" Hogan & Kevin Nash (w/ Torrie)

5. David Flair (w/ Torrie) Interview

6. Goldberg / Ric Flair in-ring interview

7. Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) vs Booker T (Pt. 1 Nitro 3/8/99)

8.  Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) vs Booker T (Pt. 2 Nitro 3/8/99)

9. Scott Norton vs Rey Mysterio, Jr.

10. "Hollywood" Hogan & Kevin Nash invade the broadcast booth

11. Goldberg vs Ric Flair. The nWo attacks (Nitro 3/8/99)

12. Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell vs Booker T & Rey Mysterio, Jr. (Pt. 1 Thunder 3/11/99)

13. Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell vs Booker T & Rey Mysterio, Jr. (Pt. 2 Thunder 3/11/99)

14. Disco Inferno vs Ric Flair

15. Vincent vs Stevie Ray - nWo vs nWo (Uncensored 1999 3/14/99)

16. Kevin Nash (w/ Lex Luger & Elizabeth) vs Rey Mysterio, Jr.



1. Scott Steiner (w/ Buff Bagwell) vs Booker T (Uncensored 1999 3/14/99)

2. "Hollywood" Hogan vs Ric Flair (Uncensored 1999 3/14/99)

3. Disco Inferno "invades" the broadcast booth / making fun of Konnan's music video (Nitro 3/15/99)

4. Kevin Nash & Torrie monitoring David Flair getting set up on video with another woman

5. "Hollywood" Hogan / Kevin Nash / Ric Flair / Arn Anderson / Goldberg in-ring promo

6. Horace & Vincent backstage (Nitro 3/15/99)

7. Horace & Stevie Ray backstage

8. Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell in-ring promo

9. Stevie Ray vs Horace - nWo vs nWo

10. Disco Inferno vs Konnan (Nitro 3/15/99)



1. "Hollywood" Hogan & Kevin Nash vs Ric Flair & Goldberg (Nitro 3/15/99)

2. Horace & Brian Adams backstage (Thunder 3/18/99)

3. Disco Inferno vs The Disciple

4. Horace vs Brian Adams (Thunder 3/18/99)

5. "Hollywood" Hogan in-ring interview

6. "Hollywood" Hogan vs Curt Hennig (Thunder 3/18/99)

7. "Hollywood" Hogan & Kevin Nash host a bikini contest (Nitro 3/22/99)

8. Horace vs Vincent - nWo vs nWo

9. Scott Steiner vs Chris Jericho

10. Horace vs Kaz Hayashi (Thunder 3/25/99)

11. Vincent vs Konnan (Nitro 3/29/99)

12. "Hollywood" Hogan & Torrie promo

13. "Hollywood" Hogan in-ring interview (Nitro 3/29/99)

14. DDP interview about Scott Steiner

15. Kevin Nash & Torrie promo (Nitro 3/29/99)

16. "Hollywood" Hogan / DDP / Ric Flair in-ring promo - Sting returns!!!

17. Scott Norton vs Rick Steiner (Nitro 3/29/99)



1. "Hollywood" Hogan vs DDP (Nitro 3/29/99)

2. "Hollywood" Hogan / Ric Flair (w/ The Disciple) in-ring interview (Thunder 4/1/99)

3. nWo backstage

4. Horace vs DDP

5. "Hollywood" Hogan vs The Disciple (Thunder 4/1/99)

6. Kevin Nash / Goldberg in-ring promo (Nitro 4/5/99)

7. Kevin Nash & Ric Flair together backstage. "Hollywood" Hogan catches them

8. Kevin Nash & "Hollywood" Hogan backstage

9. "Hollywood" Hogan / Ric Flair / DDP / Goldberg in-ring interview (Nitro 4/5/99)

10. Scott Steiner vs Meng

11. Vincent vs Horace vs Brian Adams vs Stevie Ray - nWo vs nWo

12. "Hollywood" Hogan vs Ric Flair vs Goldberg vs DDP (Nitro 4/5/99)

13. Disco Inferno vs Konnan (Spring Stampede 4/11/99)



1.         Scott Steiner vs Booker T (Spring Stampede 4/11/99)

2.         Kevin Nash (w/ Lex Luger & Elizabeth) vs Goldberg

3.         "Hollywood" Hogan vs Ric Flair vs DDP vs Sting (Spring Stampede 4/11/99)

4.         La Parka & El Dandy vs Master Blasters. Kevin Nash interfers and destroys all 4 wrestlers (Nitro 4/12/99)

5.         Scott Steiner in-ring promo

6.         Scott Steiner vs DDP (Pt. 1 - Nitro 4/12/99)

7.         Scott Steiner vs DDP (Pt. 2 - Nitro 4/12/99)

8.         Horace vs Meng (Thunder 4/14/99)

9.         Disco Inferno vs Mikey Whipwreck (Pt. 1)

10.       Disco Inferno vs Mikey Whipwreck (Pt. 2)

11.       nWo interview



1.         Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent) vs DDP (Thunder 4/14/99)

2.         nWo attacks Konnan (Nitro 4/19/99)

3.         nWo backstage

4.         Disco Inferno vs Buff Bagwell

5.         Scott Steiner in-ring promo

6.         Scott Steiner vs Scott Norton - nWo vs nWo (Nitro 4/19/99)

7.         Kevin Nash in-ring promo

8.         Kevin Nash vs Ric Flair

9.         DDP vs Goldberg. Kevin Nash interfers (Nitro 4/19/99)

10.       Disco Inferno vs Rick Steiner (Pt. 1 - Thunder 4/21/99)

11.       Disco Inferno vs Rick Steiner (Pt. 2 - Thunder 4/21/99)

12.       Brian Adams vs Konnan (Nitro 4/26/99)

13.       Kevin Nash in-ring promo

14.       Hardcore match - featuring the nWo (Pt. 1 - Nitro 4/26/99)

15.       Hardcore match - featuring the nWo (Pt. 2 - Nitro 4/26/99)

16.       Scott Steiner v. Randy Savage

17.       Kevin Nash vs DDP vs Goldberg vs Sting (Pt. 1)

18.       Kevin Nash vs DDP vs Goldberg vs Sting (Pt. 2)

19.       Buff Bagwell impersonates Scott Steiner in an in-ring promo (Thunder 4/28/99)

20.       Stevie Ray vs Jerry Flynn



1.         Kevin Nash vs Hak (w/ Chastity) (Thunder 4/28/99)

2.         Stevie Ray & Ric Flair backstage (Nitro 5/3/99)

3.         nWo backstage

4.         Horace vs Konnan. The nWo attacks Konnan, but Kevin Nash makes the save

5.         Stevie Ray (w/ Vincent & Horace) vs Konnan (Slamboree 1999 5/9/99)

6.         Scott Steiner vs Buff Bagwell (Slamboree 1999 5/9/99)

7.         Kevin Nash vs DDP (Slamboree 1999 5/9/99)

8.         Eric Bischoff face-turn promo (Nitro 5/17/99)

9.         Roddy Piper in-ring interview. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring to back up Piper. Macho Man comes into the ring and gets into Bischoff's face, and then attacks both
men. Kevin Nash makes the save.

10.       Kevin Nash vs DDP

11.       Horace & Vincent vs Raven & Saturn (Thunder 5/20/99)

12.       Disco Inferno vs Curt Hennig. Macho Man interfers and attacks Disco Inferno. Buff Bagwell makes the save



1.         Disco Inferno in-ring interview. The Cat interupts and attacks Disco Inferno (Nitro 5/24/99)

2.         Eric Bischoff video biography

3.         "Hollywood" Hogan in-ring interview (Nitro 5/24/99)

4.         Kevin Nash in-ring promo

5.         Roddy Piper & Chris Benoit vs DDP / Bam Bam Bigelow / Ric Flair (JIP). DDP brawls with Raven & Saturn to the back where "Hollywood" Hogan beats DDP
with his crutches

6.         Scott Norton vs The Cat (Nitro 5/31/99)

7.         Kevin Nash attacks Macho Man (w/ his entourage) with human waste when they're in their limo

8.         Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) vs Buff Bagwell (Pt. 1 - Thunder 6/3/99)

9.         Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) vs Buff Bagwell (Pt. 2 - Thunder 6/3/99)

10.       Scott Norton vs Silver King

11.       Kevin Nash in-ring promo. Randy Savage interupts (Nitro 6/7/99)

12.       The nWo backstage

13.       The Cat in-ring promo. Horace attacks (Nitro 6/7/99)

14.       Kevin Nash is lured into a limo by Macho Man's entourage. Once Nash is in the limo he realizes that Macho Man is the driver and a Hummer crashes into the side
of the limo with Nash in it

15.       Disco Inferno vs Buff Bagwell (Pt. 1 - Nitro 6/7/99)

16.       Disco Inferno vs Buff Bagwell (Pt. 2 - Nitro 6/7/99)

17.       Macho Man riding is his limo thinks he sees Kevin Nash and attacks, but it's actually Brian Adams (Thunder 6/10/99)

18.       Brian Adams (w/ Vincent) vs Macho Man

19.       Kevin Nash live on the phone regarding his condition

20.       Disco Inferno vs Buff Bagwell (The Great American Bash 1999 6/13/99)



1.         Horace Hogan vs The Cat (The Great American Bash 1999 6/13/99)

2.         Kevin Nash vs Macho Man. Sid Vicious makes his return

3.         Brian Adams & Vincent vs Curt Hennig & Barry Windham (Nitro 6/14/99)

4.         Scott Norton vs The Cat

5.         Disco Inferno vs Van Hammer

6.         Kevin Nash in-ring promo (Nitro 6/14/99)

7.         Kevin Nash vs Sid Vicious & Macho Man. Sting makes the save

8.         Disco Inferno vs Scotty Riggs (Thunder 6/17/99)

9.         Billy Kidman vs Psychosis (JIP). Macho Man & Sid Vicious interfers in the match. Sting makes the save. Kevin Nash comes to the ring (Nitro 6/21/99)

10.       Kevin Nash in-ring promo (Thunder 6/24/99)

11.       Kevin Nash in-ring promo (Nitro 6/28/99)

12.       Stevie Ray / Brian Adams / Vincent / Horace vs Curt Hennig / Barry Windham / Kendall Windham / Bobby Duncam, Jr.



1.        Kevin Nash vs David Flair - Lumberjack Match (Nitro 6/28/99)

2.        Kevin Nash / Macho Man promo about Gorgeous George (Thunder 7/1/99)

3.        Kevin Nash / Macho Man promo about Gorgeous George

4.        Kevin Nash / Macho Man promo. Sid, Macho & "Sting" attack Nash and they think they get Gorgeous George back, but it's
actually Torrie

5.        Chavo Guerrero vs Juventud Guerrera (JIP). Sid & Macho Man come into the ring and destroy both wrestlers. They both call Kevin Nash out (Nitro 7/5/99)

6.        Kevin Nash vs Sid Vicious. The ref gets knocked down, and "Sting" comes to the ring and helps triple team Nash with Sid & Macho. Then the real Sting comes to the ring to make it even. Sting helps Nash up to his feet, but Nash thinks that Sting attacked
him before.

7.        Kevin Nash in-ring promo (Thunder 7/8/99)

8.        Horace & Jimmy Hart backstage

9.        Brian Knobbs vs Fit Finlay. During the match all hell breaks loose when a ton of wrestlers come ringside and make it a hardcore match

10.     Disco Inferno v. Billy Kidman

11.     Disco Inferno vs The Cat (Bash At The Beach 1999 - 7/11/99)

12.     Junkyard Hardcore Invitational Match - Featuring the nWo

13.     Kevin Nash & Sting vs Macho Man & Sid Vicious

14.     Macho Man in-ring interview. "Hollywood" Hogan interupts (Nitro 7/12/99)



1.         "Hollywood" Hogan vs Macho Man. Sid comes to the ring to attack Hogan, but Sting makes the save, then Kevin Nash comes into the ring and powerbombs
Macho, allowing Hogan to win the Title. Kevin Nash challenges Hogan (Nitro 7/12/99)

2.         "Hollywood" Hogan in-ring interview (Nitro 7/19/99)

3.         Sting vs Ric Flair. Sid attacks Sting, but "Hollywood" Hogan makes the save

4.         Horace vs Rick Steiner. Kevin Nash comes into the ring to make a statement to "Hollywood" Hogan by attacking Horace, but "Hollywood" comes to the ring and
cuts a promo on Nash

5.         nWo backstage

6.         Stevie Ray vs Kanyon. DDP & Bigelow attack Stevie Ray, but Booker T makes the save

7.         "Hollywood" Hogan vs Sid Vicious (Pt. 1 - Nitro 7/19/99)

8.         "Hollywood" Hogan vs Sid Vicious. ( Pt. 2 - Kevin Nash comes into the ring and attacks Hogan, with Sting making the save. Then Rick Steiner comes and attacks Sting, but then

         Goldberg comes in and cleans house - Nitro 7/19/99)

9.         Kevin Nash on-phone interview (Thunder 7/22/99)

10.       "Hollywood" Hogan in-ring interview. His interview is interupted by Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious & Rick Steiner. The 3 attack Hogan, but Sting makes the save
(Nitro 7/26/99)

11.       Vincent (w/ Horace) vs Stevie Ray

12.       "Hollywood" Hogan & Sting in-ring promo

13.       nWo history re-cap (Nitro 7/26/99)

14.       "Hollywood" Hogan & Sting vs Kevin Nash & Sid Vicious. nWo Black & White vs nWo Wolfpac

15.       Booker T vs Bam Bam Bigelow (JIP). DDP & Kanyon attack Booker T, but Stevie Ray makes the save. Harlem Heat reforms (Thunder 7/29/99)

16.       "Hollywood" Hogan in-ring interview (Nitro 8/2/99)



1.         Sting & Goldberg vs Sid Vicious & Rick Steiner. "Hollywood" Hogan sits ringside w/ Eric Bischoff doing commentary. Kevin Nash attacks Hogan, and
powerbombs him through the commentary table (Nitro 8/2/99)

2.         "Hollywood" Hogan / Kevin Nash profiled. Hogan backstage and is attacked by Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious & Rick Steiner. Sting & Goldberg make the save
(Nitro 8/9/99)

3.         Scott Norton vs Buff Bagwell. The Cat interferes

4.         Kevin Nash / Sid Vicious / Rick Steiner vs Hulk Hogan / Sting / Goldberg. Hogan returns to the red & yellow

5.         Kevin Nash vs Hulk Hogan (Road Wild 1999 8/15/99)

6.         Horace, Vincent, Brian Adams & Scott Norton promo. The nWo attack Brian Adams (Nitro 8/16/99)

7.         Horace, Vincent & Scott Norton vs Harlem Heat. Brian Adams comes to the ring and attacks the members of the nWo

8.         Nintendo 64 "Monster Truck Madness 64" commercial - featuring Kevin Nash (Thunder 8/19/99)

9.         Horace & Scott Norton vs Harlem Heat (Pt. 1)

10.       Horace & Scott Norton vs Harlem Heat (Pt. 2)

11.       Lex Luger comes to the ring and tells Sting that he has proof that Hulk Hogan is not what he appears to be. That in fact he's still a part of the nWo Black & White
(Nitro 8/30/99)

12.       Horace vs Brad Armstrong (Thunder 9/9/99)

13.       Scott Norton vs Goldberg

14.       The Outsiders arrive into the arena, and take their front row seats where they're interviewed by Bobby Heenan (Nitro 10/11/99)



1.         Horace vs Goldberg (Nitro 10/11/99)

2.         Horace vs MVP (Thunder 10/21/99)

3.         Goldberg vs Sid Vicious. The Outsiders attack Goldberg on his way to the ring (Halloween Havoc 1999 10/24/99)

4.         The Outsiders arrive to the arena (Nitro 10/25/99)

5.         The Outsiders backstage interview

6.         The Outsiders backstage

7.         The Outsiders backstage (Nitro 10/25/99)

8.         The Outsiders in-ring promo

9.         The Outsiders backstage

10.       The Outsiders vs a couple of bikini babes. Goldberg attacks (Nitro 10/25/99)

11.       Bret Hart vs Goldberg. The Outsiders & Sid Vicious attack Goldberg

12.       The Outsiders w/ Bret Hart backstage (Nitro 11/1/99)

13.       Bret Hart in-ring promo. Sid Vicious comes to the ring and attacks Bret. The Outsiders come to the ring and hand over the U.S. Title back to Sid

14.       The Outsiders backstage

15.       The Outsiders in-ring promo. Nash comes to the ring as a "Vince McMahon" type producer, and introduces "The Trouser Stank" Scott Hall as his next major star (Nitro 11/1/99)

16.       The Outsiders backstage doing a parody of "The Montreal Screw Job"

17.       The Outsiders backstage with Sid Vicious. Sid goes on a rant, and the person responsible for the censor button, didn't censor Sid saying "shitter". Too funny

18.       The Outsiders backstage with Sid Vicious

19.       Kevin Nash got attacked, as Scott Hall yells for help

20.       Scott Hall vs Sid Vicious. Bret Hart comes to the ring and hits Sid with his crutch, allowing Scott Hall to pin Sid. Bret then goes after Scott, but he gets away

21.       Sid Vicious in-ring promo calling out The Outsiders. The Outsiders set the record straight in reminding Sid that Bret Hart cost Sid the belt. Bret comes to the ring to fight,

          and Goldberg spears Sid out of nowhere (Nitro 11/8/99)

22.       Kevin Nash getting fitted with his Oz outfit.

23.       The Outsiders backstage. Nash is dressed as one of his original (and silliest) WCW gimicks, Oz! (Nitro 11/8/99)

24.       The Outsiders, Sid Vicious & Rick Steiner backstage

25.       The Outsiders backstage (Nitro 11/8/99)

26.       Scott Hall (w/ Kevin Nash) vs Lash LaRoux. Goldberg, posing as security, attacks The Outsiders

27.       Scott Hall vs Sid Vicious vs Bret Hart vs Goldberg (Nitro 11/8/99)

28.       The Outsiders (w/ Kevin Nash dressed as Sid Vicious) in-ring promo. Sid interupts (Nitro 11/15/99)

29.         Kevin Nash backstage interview (Nitro 11/15/99)

30.         Scott Hall (w/ Kevin Nash) vs Chris Benoit (w/ Bret Hart)



1.         Kevin Nash vs Sid Vicious

2.         Scott Hall vs Booker T (Mayhem 1999 11/21/99)

3.         Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit (The Outsiders & Goldberg interfere)

4.         Bret Hart in-ring promo. The Outsiders interupt. Jeff Jarrett attacks Bret Hart from behind with a guitar, and steals his Title belt (Nitro 11/22/99)

5.         The Outsiders backstage interview

6.         The Outsiders vs Goldberg & Sid Vicious (Nitro 11/22/99)

7.         Goldberg in-ring promo. The Outsiders interupt and attack Goldberg. Sid Vicious makes the save

8.         The Outsiders backstage interview. Kevin Nash throws the TV Title belt in the trash

9.         Scott Hall vs Sid Vicious (Nitro 11/29/99)

10.       Kevin Nash vs Goldberg. Scott Hall attacks Goldberg backstage, but Sid Vicious makes the save. It becomes a 4-way brawl

11.       The Outsiders backstage

12.       The Outsiders vs Bret Hart & Chris Benoit vs Goldberg & Sid Vicious (Nitro 11/29/99)

13.       The Outsiders backstage interview (Nitro 12/6/99)

14.       Kevin Nash (w/ Scott Hall) vs Chris Benoit

15.         Scott Hall (w/ Kevin Nash) vs Sting (Nitro 12/6/99)



1.         The Outsiders in-ring promo. Sid Vicious attacks The Outsiders, but then gets beaten down. Dustin Rhodes makes the save, only to be attacked by Jeff Jarrett, who then is saved by Chris Benoit (Thunder 12/9/99)

2.         The Outsiders & Jeff Jarrett vs Dustin Rhodes, Sid Vicious & Chris Benoit

3.         Bret Hart in-ring promo calling his partner, Goldberg, out to the ring. The Outsiders interupt (Nitro 12/13/99)

4.         Sid Vicious vs Steve Williams. The Outsiders attack Sid Vicious

5.         The Outsiders vs Goldberg (Nitro 12/13/99)

6.         Kevin Nash vs Goldberg & Bret Hart (Cage Match - Thunder 12/16/99 Pt. 1)

7.         Kevin Nash vs Goldberg & Bret Hart (Cage Match - Thunder 12/16/99 Pt. 2)

8.         Kevin Nash vs Sid Vicious (Starrcade 1999 12/19/99)

9.         Kevin Nash Promo

10.       Kevin Nash vs Creative Control (Nitro 12/20/99)

11.       Bret Hart vs Goldberg...nWo 2000 Black & Silver forms!!!

12.       nWo 2000 Black & Silver in-ring promo. Goldberg interupts (Thunder 12/23/99)

13.       Jeff Jarrett gets attacked by Goldberg

14.       Ron & Don Harris vs Curt Hennig. nWo 2000 Black & Silver attack (Thunder 12/23/99)

15.       Kevin Nash (w/ Scott Hall) vs The Wall



1.         The Outsiders get attacked by Goldberg backstage (Thunder 12/23/99)

2.         Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit. Jeff Jarrett attacks Benoit, but Goldberg makes the save and goes after Bret Hart.  Goldberg winds up injuring his hand when he
punched out a glass window, putting him out of action for several months.

3.         nWo 2000 backstage intimidating J.J. Dillon (Nitro 12/27/99)

4.         nWo outside checking out the nWo 2000 monster truck

5.         nWo 2000 grafitting Sid Vicious' car

6.         Scott Steiner in-ring promo. nWo 2000 interupts (Nitro 12/27/99)

7.         nWo in-ring promo. Sid & Benoit storm the ring and attack the nWo

8.         Bret Hart vs Jerry Flynn

9.         Kevin Nash on the phone with Scott Hall backstage

10.       Jeff Jarrett vs Billy Kidman. nWo 2000 & The Filthy Animals go at it (Nitro 12/27/99)

11.       Kevin Nash on the phone with Scott Hall backstage

12.       nWo 2000 backstage

13.       Kevin Nash vs Sid Vicious & The Wall. Scott Steiner joins nWo 2000 (Nitro 12/27/99)

14.       nWo 2000 backstage (Nitro 1/3/00)

15.       Bret Hart gets attacked by Sid Vicious backstage

16.       nWo 2000 tends to Bret Hart

17.       DDP vs PG-13 (DDP destroys PG-13- Nitro 1/3/00)

18.       Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner vs PG-13 (Not much of a match, as PG-13 is still unconcious after DDP beat them.

19.       nWo 2000 in-ring promo

20.       Terry Funk is named the new WCW Commisioner. Arn Anderson comes to the ring for an in-ring promo, and then nWo 2000 interupts (Nitro 1/3/00)

21.       Terry Funk, Arn Anderson and the NWO search for David Flair

22.       Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner vs Ron & Don Harris

23.       nWo 2000 has kidnapped Daphne

24.       Jeff Jarrett vs Sid Vicious (Nitro 1/3/00)

25.       Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner vs David Flair & Crowbar

26.       Tony Schavonie getting bullied around, and Terry Funk comes to the rescue. Terry then cuts an in-ring promo that is interupted by Jeff Jarrett (Thunder 1/6/00)

27.       nWo beating the kidnapped Arn Anderson to a pulp



1.         Jeff Jarrett vs Norman Smiley

2.         David Flair attacks Jarrett with a crowbar, while Funk watches on. The nWo 2000 comes out with a battered Arn Anderson (Thunder 1/6/00)

3.         Kevin Nash vs Bam Bam Bigelow. Bigelow was assaulted backstage by the nWo, and then wheeled to the ring in a wheelbarrow so he could wrestle Nash

4.         Bret Hart vs Terry Funk

5.         nWo 2000 arrives to the arena in their limo (Nitro 1/10/00)

6.         The War Of Words: nWo 2000 vs Terry Funk, Paul Orndorff, Arn Anderson & Larry Zbysko

7.         Jeff Jarrett vs George "The Animal" Steele (Arn Anderson runs in and nails Jarrett with the Spinebuster allowing Steele to score the pinfall.  Chris Benoit is the guest referee)

8.         Kevin Nash & Jeff Jarrett backstage

9.         "The Old Age Outlaws" backstage with Steele

10.       Jeff Jarrett & Bret Hart backstage (Nitro 1/10/00)

11.       Jeff Jarrett vs Tito Santana (Paul Orndorff runs in and PILEDRIVES Jarrett!  Chris Benoit is the referee.)

12.       Jeff Jarrett vs Jimmy Snuka (Cage Match.  Referee Chris Benoit is attacked prior to the match, but gets his revenge, as both Benoit AND SNUKA execute

         their diving attacks FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE onto Jarrett with Benoit then counting the pinfall for Jimmy Snuka!)

13.       Bret Hart vs Kevin Nash. nWo vs nWo. Arn Anderson distracts Bret, while Sid Vicious attacks Bret from behind. The cage is lowered so that Arn & Sid can have their way with Bret (Nitro 1/10/00)

14.       Bret Hart in-ring promo. nWo 2000 interupts (Thunder 1/12/00)

15.       The nWo backstage looking for Bret Hart, they find him in his lockerroom, enter his lockerroom and shut the door behind them.

16.       nWo 2000 dragging a beaten Bret Hart backstage

17.       nWo torturing Bret Hart (Thunder 1/12/00)

18.       nWo still torturing Bret Hart

19.       nWo giving Bret Hart a haircut

20.       Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett talk backstage while Bret Hart is looked at by the medics.

21.       Kevin Nash & Jeff Jarrett vs Sid Vicious & Chris Benoit (Thunder 1/12/00)

22.       Scott Steiner is knocked out backstage.  Kevin Nash & Jeff Jarrett help Steiner. Bret Hart is shown staggering backstage

23.       Bret Hart limps to the ring and calls out the nWo 2000. Kevin Nash & Jeff Jarrett come to the ring with baseball bats, but Terry Funk & Arn Anderson come to help Bret,

          but Bret double-crosses Funk & Anderson.  A huge battle ensues (Thunder1/12/00)

24.       Kevin Nash vs Terry Funk (Souled Out 2000 1/16/00)



1.         Commissioner Kevin Nash (w/ nWo 2000) walks to his dressing room (Nitro 1/17/00)

2.         nWo 2000 backstage with their nWo girls

3.         nWo 2000 backstage

4.         The Nitro roster is called into the ring by Commissioner Kevin Nash

5.         nWo 2000 backstage

6.         Scott Steiner in-ring promo

7.         nWo 2000 backstage (Thunder 1/19/00)

8.         Terry Taylor in-ring promo about the WCW Heavyweight Title status. Commissioner Kevin Nash interupts

9.         nWo 2000 backstage

10.       nWo 2000 arrives to the arena in their limos. Scott Hall is with them (Nitro 1/24/00)

11.       nWo 2000 backstage

12.       Scott Steiner and Scott Hall talk backstage.

13.       The Harris Brothers vs Sid Vicious

14.       Kevin Nash vs Sid Vicious (Nitro 1/24/00)

15.       Sid Vicious in-ring interview. nWo 2000 interupts. Commissioner Nash says that Sid must give up the Heavyweight Title. Sid gives the Title to Kevin Nash. Nash is now the Champion (Thunder 1/26/00)

16.       nWo 2000 backstage

17.       nWo gambling backstage (Thunder 1/26/00)

18.       nWo still gambling backstage

19.       nWo backstage

20.       Kevin Nash & Ron Harris vs Sid Vicious (Cage - Thunder 1/26/00)

21.       nWo 2000 backstage (Nitro 1/31/00)

22.       nWo in-ring promo

23.       nWo backstage (Nitro 1/31/00)

24.       Brian Knobbs backstage with nWo 2000

25.       Fit Finlay backstage with nWo 2000

26.       Jeff Jarrett & The Harris Brothers vs Terry Funk & Sid Vicious (Nitro 1/31/00)

27.       nWo 2000 in-ring promo (Thunder 2/2/00)

28.       nWo backstage

29.       Madusa backstage with nWo 2000

30.       The Harris Brothers backstage interview

31.       The Harris Brothers vs Sid Vicious. Sid gets the victory, but nWo 2000 attacks and destroys Sid (Thunder 2/2/00)



1.         nWo 2000 in-ring promo (Nitro 2/7/00)

2.         nWo backstage

3.         Scott Hall backstage with Jeff Jarrett

4.         Scott Hall vs Sid Vicious (Nitro 2/7/00)

5.         Jeff Jarrett walking with The Harris Brothers - Scott Hall arriving to the arena (Thunder 2/9/00)

6.         nWo 2000 in-ring promo. Scott Hall comes out and interupts, with Hall calling on the JumboTron, and Kevin Nash does a promo against nWo 2000

7.         Kevin Nash & Scott Hall on the phone together

8.         The Harris Brothers (w/ Jeff Jarrett) vs Sid Vicious & Terry Funk (Thunder 2/9/00)

9.         Jeff Jarrett (w/ The Harris Brothers) - Scott Hall both heading to the ring. Kevin Nash on the phone

10.       Jeff Jarrett (w/ The Harris Brothers) vs Scott Hall. Scott has Jeff pinned, but another ref stops the ref's count. The Harris Brothers attack Hall, but Sid Vicious comes down to the ring to even the odds

11.       The Harris Brothers vs Villano IV & V (Saturday Night 2/12/00)

12.       nWo 2000 in-ring promo. Kevin Nash interupts (Nitro 2/14/00)

13.       Jeff Jarrett backstage demanding a Title match

14.       Mean Gene announcement - nWo backstage - Kevin Nash backstage - Sid backstage

15.       Jeff Jarrett vs Sid Vicious (Nitro 2/14/00)

16.       Terry Taylor in-ring promo. nWo 2000 interupts and attacks Taylor with Jarrett's guitar shot to the head (Thunder 2/16/00)

17.       The Harris Brothers vs Billy Kidman & Vampiro

18.       Kevin Nash backstage

19.       Referee Mark Johnson (w/ The Harris Brothers) vs Referee Mickie Jay

20.       Kevin Nash & nWo 2000 backstage altercation (Thunder 2/16/00)

21.       The Harris Brothers vs Rick Fuller & Chad Hart (Saturday Night 2/19/00)



1.         Scott Hall vs Jeff Jarrett vs Sid Vicious (SuperBrawl 2/20/00)

2.         Nwo 2000 promo (Nitro 2/21/00)

3.         Harris Brother vs Terry Funk & Dustin Rhodes (Nitro 2/21/00)

4.         Kevin Nash arriving to the arena with amnesia (Thunder 2/23/00)

5.         Kevin Nash in the dressing room (Thunder 2/23/00)

6.         nWo 2000 in the dressing room (Thunder 2/23/00)

7.         Kevin Nash in the dressing room (Thunder 2/23/00)

8.         Kevin Nash in the dressing room (Thunder 2/23/00)

9.         Kevin Nash in the dressing room (Thunder 2/23/00)

10.       Harris Brothers vs Billy Kidman & Booker T (Thunder 2/23/00)

11.       nWo 2000 interview (Nitro 2/28/00)

12.       Jeff Jarrett interview (Nitro 2/28/00)

13.       Billy Kidman vs Booker T - Harris Brothers attack (Nitro 2/28/00)

14.       Jeff Jarrett vs Vampiro (Nitro 2/28/00)

15.       nWo 2000 receives a package (Nitro 2/28/00)

16.       nWo 2000 interview (Thunder 3/1/00)

17.       nWo 2000 interview (Thunder 3/1/00)

18.       nWo 2000 interview (Thunder 3/1/00)

19.       nWo 2000 interview (Thunder 3/1/00)

20.       nWo 2000 promo (Thunder 3/1/00)

21.       nWo 2000 vs Sid Vicious / Booker T / Billy Kidman (Thunder 3/1/00)

22.       Ron Harris vs Big Vito (Nitro 3/6/00)

23.       Harris Brothers get arrested (Nitro 3/6/00)

24.       Jeff Jarrett promo (Nitro 3/6/00)

25.       Jeff Jarrett & The Wall vs Sid Vicious & Vampiro (Nitro 3/6/00)

26.       nWo 2000 backstage (Thunder 3/8/00)

27.       nWo 2000 @ WCW Motor Sports

28.       Harris Brothers vs Mamalukes vs Harlem Heat 2000 vs Booker T & Billy Kidman (Pt. 1 - Thunder 3/8/00)

29.       Harris Brothers vs Mamalukes vs Harlem Heat 2000 vs Booker T & Billy Kidman (Pt. 2 - Thunder 3/8/00)

30.       Uncensored 2000 advertisement

31.       Jeff Jarrett v. Vampiro

32.       Harris Brothers vs Disorderly Conduct (Saturday Night 3/11/00)

33.       Jeff Jarrett vs The Demon (Saturday Night 3/11/00)



1.         nWo 2000 promo (Nitro 3/13/00)

2.         Harris Brothers vs Sid Vicious & Vampiro (Nitro 3/13/00)

3.         Jeff Jarrett interview (Thunder 3/15/00)

4.         Jeff Jarrett vs Booker T (Thunder 3/15/00)

5.         Harris Brothers vs Mamalukes (Uncensored 2000 3/19/00)

6.         Jeff Jarrett vs Sid Vicious (Uncensored 2000 3/19/00)

7.         nWo 2000 promo (Nitro 3/20/00)

8.         Harris Brothers vs Booker T & Billy Kidman (Nitro 3/20/00)

9.         nWo 2000 dressing room promo (Nitro 3/20/00)

10.       Jeff Jarrett & Big Poppa Pump vs Sid Vicious & Hulk Hogan (Nitro 3/20/00)

11.       Big Poppa Pump vs Chuck Palumbo (Thunder 3/23/00)

12.       Jeff Jarrett interview (Thunder 3/23/00)

13.       Jeff Jarrett vs Buff Bagwell (Thunder 3/23/00)

14.       nWo 2000 promo (Nitro 3/27/00)

15.       Harris Brothers interview (Nitro 3/27/00)

16.       Ron Harris vs Booker T (Nitro 3/27/00)

17.       Mamalukes vs Jung Dragons - Harris Brothers attack (Nitro 3/27/00)

18.       nWo 2000 promo (Nitro 3/27/00)

19.       nWo 2000 vs Curt Hennig & Buff Bagwell (Nitro 3/27/00)

20.       Jeff Jarrett vs Booker T (Thunder 3/29/00)

21.       Ron Harris vs Billy Kidman (Thunder 3/29/00)

22.       End of the nWo 2000 - Rise of the New Blood (Nitro 4/10/00)




1.         Scott Hall & Kevin Nash Shoot Interview (talking about the nWo)

2.         Scott Hall Shoot Interview

3.         Kevin Nash  Shoot Interview



“The Outsider” Scott Hall in Japan

1.         Scott Hall & Scott Norton vs. Kensuke Sasaki & Yuji Nagata (3/4/01) 

2.         Scott Hall & Scott Norton vs. Kensuke Sasaki & Manabu Nakanishi (3/6/01) 

3.         Scott Hall vs. Yutaka Yoshie (3/9/01) 

4.         Scott Hall & Scott Norton vs. Brian Johnston & Manabu Nakanishi (3/11/01) 

5.         Scott Hall & Tatsutoshi Goto vs. Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi (3/17/01)  

6.         Scott Hall vs. Manabu Nakanishi (3/20/01) 

7.         Scott Hall & Satoshi Kojima vs. Takashi Iizuka & Robbie Rage (4/19/01) 

8.         Scott Hall & Masahiro Chono vs. Manabu Nakanishi & Yutaka Yoshie (4/20/01) 

9.         Scott Hall & Masahiro Chono vs. Keiji Mutoh & Taiyo Kea (4/28/01)  

10.       Scott Hall & Super J vs. Takashi Iizuka & Yutaka Yoshie (5/2/01)  




1.          nWo Black & White in New Japan (Loads of clips of the Japanese nWo faction in

New Japan Pro Wrestling.  Features NWO Sting, Great Muta, Masahiro Chono Hiroyoshi Tenzan, and others.


NWO in WWE 2002 Comp (6 Discs)
Volume 1
1. 5 Promo’s
2. No Way Out 2002
a. Entrance, Interview
b. NWO Meets Austin
c. NWO Meets The Rock
d. NWO interferes in Austin – Jericho match and costs Austin the title

3. RAW 2-18-02
a. Austin calls out NWO
b. Hogan sends NWO away
c. Hogan on way to ring
d. NWO takes out the Rock

4. Smackdown 2-21-02
a. Vince says NWO will apologize
b. NWO apology, Austin attacks
c. Austin Attack continues
d. Austin has Hall I
e. Nash and Hogan look for Hall I
f. Austin has Hall II
g. Nash and Hogan look for Hall II
h. Austin has Hall III
i. Austin locks up Hogan and Nash
j. Austin has Hall IV
k. Austin destroys Hall in ring

5. RAW 2-25-02
a. NWO interview – Hall challenges Austin for ‘Mania
b. Austin responds
c. Hogan talks to cardboard Rock
d. NWO talks to Curt Hennig
e. NWO attack Austin after match with Hennig and break block over knee

6. Smackdown 2-28-02
a. NWO and Austin have words
b. Hogan’s “Epic” about himself

Volume 2
1. RAW 3-4-02
a. NWO runs in on Booker T – Austin, take out Austin
b. NWO in Austin’s locker room
c. NWO assaults a backstage hand
d. NWO plays Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who wrestles
e. Scott Hall vs. Spike Dudley

2. Smackdown 3-7-02
f. Rock retuns, Hall challenges the Rock
g. Scott Hall vs. The Rock

3. RAW 3-11-02
a. NWO Pre Match
b. NWO vs. Austin and The Rock

4. Smackdown 3-14-02
a. Hogan on his way to the Ring
b. Hogan – Rock confrontation
c. Hall – Austin confrontation

5. Wrestlemania 18
a. Scott Hall vs. Steve Austin
b. NWO meeting
c. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan – NWO turns on Hogan

6. RAW 3-18-02 Part 1
a. Hogan leaves NWO, Hall and Nash come out to confront

Volume 3
1. RAW 3-18-02 Part II
a. Hall and Nash vs. Hogan and Rock

2. Smackdown 3-21-02
a. Hall and Nash interview about Rock
b. Hall and Nash with Vince – NWO will be drafted as a whole
c. Kevin Nash vs. Rock – X-Pac returns to NWO

3. RAW 3-25-02
a. Flair drafts NWO to RAW
b. NWO meet Flair about being drafted
c. NWO vs. Hogan and Rock – Handicap, Kane runs in

4. Smackdown 3-28-02
a. Hogan, Rock, Kane pre-match
b. NWO vs. Hogan / Rock / Kane

5. RAW 4-1-02
a. NWO takes over APA office
b. NWO takes out Bradshaw in APA office
c. X-Pac vs. Kane – Outsiders and Bradshaw run in

6. RAW 4-8-02
a. NWO Pre-Match
b. X-Pac vs. Kane – NWO take out Kane and unmask him
c. Flair suspends Nash
d. Scott Hall vs. Steve Austin – NWO, Taker, Bradshaw, Flair run-in

7. RAW 4-15-02
a. NWO interrupts Flair / Austin / Taker interview
b. NWO about Bradshaw
c. NWO / Taker vs. Austin / Bradshaw

8. Backlash 2002
a. Scott Hall vs. Bradshaw

9. RAW 4-22-02
a. Bradshaw found laid out
b. Flair questions NWO and adds Big Show to main event tag
c. NWO vs. Austin / Big Show – Show joins NWO

Volume 4
1. RAW 4-29-02
a. NWO vs. Austin – Bradshaw (Flair ref)
b. NWO questions Flair about match
c. Flair makes 6-Man tag for next week

2. Insurrextion 2002
a. X-Pac vs. Bradshaw
b. Big Show vs. Austin

3. RAW 5-6-02
a. NWO backstage
b. NWO interview, Flair interrupts
c. NWO waiting for surprise
d. Flair questions Bradshaw
e. NWO, Flair, Bradshaw entrance, Nash arrives
f. NWO vs. Flair – Austin – Bradshaw – Flair joins NWO

4. RAW 5-13-02 Part I
a. Flair explains Hall firing and says new member coming
b. Flair – Show interview
c. Flair vs. Hogan – NWO, Austin, Bradshaw run-in
d. Flair makes Handicap match and lumberjack match
e. NWO vs. Bradshaw – Handicap

Volume 5
1. RAW 5-13-02 Part II
a. Austin vs. Booker T – Booker new NWO member – Lumberjack

2. Judgement Day
a. Booker T interview
b. Flair – Show vs. Austin

3. RAW 5-20-02
a. Big Show – X-Pac vs. Hardy Boyz
b. NWO backstage meeting
c. Booker T – Goldust vs. Hardy Boyz
d. NWO argue after match, Nash returns to fix things

4. RAW 5-27-02
a. NWO backstage – If anyone loses tonight, out of NWO
b. Booker T – X-Pac vs. Hardy Boyz
c. Big Show vs. Bradshaw
d. Booker T – X-Pac – Goldust backstage
e. Goldust vs. Crash – Nash comes down

5. RAW 6-3-02
a. NWO backstage with Goldust – If Goldust beats X-Pac, he is in
b. X-Pac vs. Goldust – KOR qualifier
c. Booker T vs. Regal – KOR qualifier
d. Nash announcement – HBK joins NWO

6. RAW 6-10-02
a. NWO backstage earlier in day
b. NWO (Show, Pac, Book) vs. Spike, Dreamer, Stasiak
c. Booker T and Goldust backstage – Goldust warns Booker
d. Coach tries to interview HBK and Nash
e. HBK interview, brings out NWO and kicks out Booker T

7. RAW 6-17-02
a. X-Pac vs, RVD – KOR quarters
b. NWO backstage after match, Nash has a plan
c. NWO backstage run into Heyman and Lesnar
d. Booker T vs. Brock Lesnar – NWO at ringside, jump Booker after match

8. KOR 2002
a. HHH runs into NWO

Volume 6
1. RAW 6-24-02
a. NWO comes out during Vince meeting, tag match made
b. Goldust as crocodile hunter, Book and Gold jump X-Pac
c. NWO Pre-Match, Nash and HBK rile up Big Show and X-Pac
d. Big Show – X-Pac vs. Booker T – Goldust

2. RAW 7-1-02
a. Goldust and Booker T about NWO
b. Goldust gets beat up by Show and Nash
c. Big Show finds X-Pac beat up
d. Big Show vs, Booker T
e. HBK says HHH coming to NWO – Big Show gets punished by Nash and HBK

3. RAW 7-8-02
a. NWO runs into Benoit and Guerrero
b. NWO in ring, HBK says HHH has two weeks to join, Nash says he wrestles tonight
c. NWO, Benoit, Guerrero vs. Book, Gold, Dudleys, RVD – Nash injures knee

4. RAW 7-15-02
a. Vince ends NWO









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