Back in the mid - late 1980s the WWF had the deepest and absolute BEST tag team roster of any promotion to date.  Even without having

Face v. face or heel v. heel matches, the WWF still experienced probably it’s greatest period of tag team competition.  These from house shows, and were never aired on regular WWF TV (hence the phrase “you’ve NEVER seen”).  These matches are

Gems that never made it to TV or PPV, but were absolute show stoppers on the cards they appeared on. 


WARNING: These matches took place before anyone knew what a "spot" was. You won't find tables, chairs and ladders. You won't

find any 5 minute spot fests. What you WILL see is good tag team wrestling. Lots of ring psychology, and great execution. Enjoy.

Disk 1

1.       Tag Team Battle Royal (Unique concept here, as all the participants were tag teams.  If one person  was
eliminated, then his partner was eliminated too.  Philadelphia 4/27/85)

2.       Hart Foundation v. British Bulldogs ( Madison Square Garden 7/85)

3.       Hart Foundation v. Killer Bees (MSG 2/17/86 )

4.       British Bulldogs v. The Dream Team [Beefcake & Valentine] (MSG 5/19/86

5.       Hart Foundation v. Rougeau Brothers (MSG 9/22/86 )

6.       Hart Foundation v. The Islanders (phl 3/14/87 )


Disk 2

1.       Hart Foundation v. British Bulldogs (msg 7/25/87) 

2.       Killer Bees v. New Dream Team [Valentine & Bravo] (msg 10/16/87)

3.       Strike Force v. Islanders (2/3 falls, msg 10/16/87)

4.       Glamour Girls v. Jumping Bomb Angels (I'm serious! This was a very good match. One of the first
powerbombs in WWF history is performed in this match! msg 11/24/87

5.       Strike Force v. Hart Foundation (msg 11/24/87)

6.       Killer Bees v. Islanders (msg 12/26/87) 

7.       Strike Force v. Hart Foundation (phl 1/9/88)


Disk 3

1.      Islanders v. British Bulldogs (phl 2/6/88)

2.       Strike Force v. Demolition (msg 4/25/88)

3.       Hart Foundation v. Rougeau Brothers (msg 10/27/88 )

4.       Rockers v. Brain Busters (Probably the best match on this tape! msg 1/23/89 )

5.       Rockers v. The Brainbusters (Yes, I know it’s a rematch from the previous one.  But these teams were
JUST THAT GOOD!  Arn Anderson counts the rockers as the best team he and Tully ever wrestled.  MSG 3/89)

6.       Rockers v. Rougeau Brothers ( Nassau Coliseum 6/10/89)

7.       Rockers v. Hart Foundation (msg 11/25/89)





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