1.        Jake "The Snake" Roberts - Hero Of Wrestling (HOW PPV, 10/99)

2.        2) Sting-Jake "Spin the wheel, make the deal" movie (WCW Clash 20, 9/92)

3.        "Mo' Better Bruise" (LOD vs. Nasty Boys on The Arsenio Hall show, 11/91)

4.        Uncle Elmer's Fried Pig PartsT! (WWF SNME, 5/86)

5.        Arm-wrestling: Paul E. vs. Missy Hyatt (WCW Clash 14, 1/91)

6.        Sable's mystery wrestler = Sable! (WWF Over The Edge 98)

7.        Booker's blooper (WCW Spring Stampede PPV, 4/97)

8.        Brawl For All: Butterbean vs. Bart Gunn (WWF WM 15, 99)

9.        Kane demonstrates his unholy superpowers (WWF Raw, 3/98)

10.     The Crawl Of Shame! (WWF Raw, 98)

11.     Road Warrior Hawk, suicidal drug addict (WWF Raw, 98)

12.     "The New Age Idiots" witless Headbanger parody of Dogg & Ass (WWF Raw, 98)

13.     The Undertaker-Austin embalming angle (WWF Raw, 98)

14.      The last temptation of Vader (WWF Raw, 98)

15.     Al Snow demonstrates a hardcore match by wrestling himself (WWF Heat, 99)

16.     Gillberg - Who's first? (WWF Raw, 99)

17.     Evil Jim Ross, version 2.0 (WWF, 99)

18.     Steven Regal, A Real Man's Man (WWF, 98)

19.     ICP's Oddities video (WWF Heat 98)

20.     The Austin-Pillman gun angle (WWF Raw 97)

21.     The Shockmaster bursts onto the scene (WCW Clash 24, 8/93)

22.     Huckster vs. Nacho Man (WWF WM 12 Free-For-All, 96)

23.     Shawn Michaels loses his smile (WWF "Thursday Raw Thursday" special, 2/97)

24.     Big Bossman pays his respects to Big Show's daddy (WWF, 99)

25.     Jericho hammers Chyna (WWF Raw, 99)

26.     Debut of The Viking (WWF Wrestling Challenge, 91)

27.     The homo-erotic debut of Narcissus (WWF Royal Rumble 93)

28.     Macho Man's hat - REPOED! (WWF Raw, 1/93)

29.     Four Doinks vs. Team Bam Bam (WWF Survivor Series 93)

30.     El Gigante vs. One Man Gang (WCW Great American Bash 91)

31.     WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Red Rooster vs. Brooklyn Brawler (WWF SNME, 3/89)

32.     The double shame of Mike Shaw: Friar Ferguson & Bastion Booger (WWF, 93)

33.     Debut of Adam Bomb & Johnny Polo (WWF Superstars, 93)

34.     Halloween Havoc Hoax (WCW Halloween Havoc 90)

35.     Lord Alfred Hayes' The Call Of The Action! (WWF Supertape III, 91)

36.     Tuxedo Match: Hillbilly Jim vs. Mr. Fuji (WWF, mid-80s)

37.     Piper's Family (WCW Nitro, 3/97)

38.     Oktoberfest! (WWF SNME, 10/90)

39.     Debut of Rockabilly (WWF In Your House 15, 4/96)

40.     Debut of Johnny B. Badd (WCW Superbrawl 1 PPV, 5/91)

41.     Debut of Oz (WCW Superbrawl 1, 91)

42.     "Tag Team" pilot episode (ABC, 91)* * Once-aired action/adventure show featuring Roddy Piper and Jesse Ventura as blackballed wrestlers turned cops.

         Ventura mentioned this in his book "I Ain't Got Time To Bleed."



1) Mean Gene, the swearing machine (WWF Summerslam 89)

2) Jarrett lies down; Russo "shoots" on Hogan (WCW BATB 00)

3) Hardcore Evening Gown match: Patterson vs. Brisco (WWF KOTR 00)

4) The NWO spoofs The Four Horsemen (WCW Nitro, 9/97)

5) Brief clip of The Sandman, surfer dude (ECW Ultra Clash, 9/93)

6) Al Snow & Head vs. Too Much (WWF KOTR 98)

7) The Dynamic Dudes. Booed. (WCW Halloween Havoc 89)

8) Steve Austin's three-minute U.S. title reign (WCW Fall Brawl 94)

9) The Hollywood Backlot Brawl (WWF Wrestlemania 12, 96)

10) Run! Loose cannons and F-bombs! (WCW Clash 32, 1/96)

11) The wedding of Sherri and Col. Rob Parker (WCW Clash 32, 1/96)

12) Release The Hounds, part I: The "Kennel From Hell" match (WWF Unforgiven 99)

13) Release The Hounds, part II: The chew toy called Sting (WCW GAB 99)

14) Mister P disses Master P (WCW GAB 99)

15) Quickie recap of the Savage-Nash feud: Raw sewage, contortionists, and a stupid Hummer mystery that never did get resolved (WCW, 99)

16) The Judy-Bagwell-on-a-forklift match (WCW New Blood Rising 00)

Matches 17-23 are from WCW Halloween Havoc 95: Night Of The Living Wrestlecrap! 

17) A Zodiac match! (Complete with a fan run-in)

18) Live Dungeon Of Doom promo!

19) Recap of the Hogan-Dungeon feud! ("Jimmy, this poofy shirt was Andre's!")

20) The monster truck sumo match!

21) The Giant is pushed off Cobo Hall and falls to his death!

22) Despite falling to his death, The Giant returns just in time for the main event!

23) The Yeti shows up to make a Manwich out of Hogan in the gayest double-team move EVER!

24) The Doomsday Cage Match! (WCW Uncensored 96)

25) The debut of Norman The Lunatic (WCW Clash 7, 7/89)

26) The debut of The Ding Dongs (WCW Clash 7, 7/89)

27) The Hog Pen match (WWF In Your House 5, 12/95)

28) The Nasty Dream (WCW Fall Brawl 94)

29) "Rowdy" Roddy Piper stars in "Hell Comes To Frogtown" (B-Movie, 87)



1)       Sid learns what that red light on the camera means (WWF Free-For-All, 95)

2)       Hunter Hearst Helmsley intro vignette (WWF, 95)

3)       The offbeat shenanigans of Mr. Bob Backlund (WWF, 95)

4)       Body Donnas debut (WWF, 95)

5)       Waylon Mercy.know what he means? (WWF, 95)

6)       Hakushi gets head (WWF, 95)

7)       Wedding Gown match (WCW BATB 00)

8)       Naked Mideon (WWF No Mercy 00)

9)       P.N. News on a scaffold (WCW GAB 91)

10)    WWF WresleCrap - Class Of '88 (WWF, 88)

11)    Arsenio meets Akeem (The Arsenio Hall Show, 89)

12)    The Sisters Of Love - BUSTED! (WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, 96)

13)    Sunny Nights - That Bret sure is kinky (WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, 96)

14)    Tarnished Gold: Women's champ Bertha Faye (WWF Summerslam 95)

15)    Tarnished Gold II: Tag Team champs American Males (WCW Nitro, 95)

16)    Tarnished Gold III: U.S. champ David Flair (WCW BATB 99)

17)    Mike Awesome vs. gravity (ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed, 2/94)

18)    A baaaaaaadd boxing match (WCW Clash 21, 11/92)

19)    Jim Cornette vs. Jose Lothario (WWF IYH: Mindgames, 9/96)

20)    Bischoff challenges McMahon to a match (WCW Slamboree 98)

21)    Bret swears at Buffer for screwing up his intro (WCW Slamboree 98)

22)    The Blow Away Diet! (WWF The Main Event, 11/90)

23) Dr. Death: "Prescription For Punishment," indeed (WCW Clash 10, 1/90)

23)    Beavis & Butt-head critique Hulk's "Real American" music video (MTV, 1994)

24)    The secret origin of Dr. Isaac Yankem, D.D.S. (WWF, 95)

25)    R.S.V.P.! It's a Hardcore Junkyard Invitational! (WCW BATB 99)

26)    Dueling crappy promos: Warlord vs. Davey Boy (WWF WM7, 91)

27)    Cowboy Bob Orton cheats at cards (Heroes Of Wrestling PPV, 10/99)

28)    Why it's difficult for The Shark to make friends (WCW Nitro, 95)

29)    Evening gown swimming pool match (WWF Armageddon 99)

30)    Rikishi - Hero to fat people everywhere (WWF Armageddon 99)

31)    Blood Runs Cold, attention span runs out (WCW Uncensored 97)

32)    The Outsiders run The Steiners off the road (WCW, 97)

33)    The Big Pimp (WWF Smackdown, 00)

34)    Kama tangles with Mongo (WWF, 95)

35)    Stupid "NYPD Blue" skits (WWF, 95)

36)    "Canadian rules" match (WCW New Blood Rising 00)

37)    "Duchess Of Queensbury rules" match (WWF J Day 01)

38)    THE definitive sign for WCW PPVs (WCW GAB 98)

39)    Even "Hot Rod" uses protection (WWF Saturday Night's Main Event, 2/92)

40)    Royal Rumble Remix! Now with 99% more "Hogan" chants (WWF, 2/92)

41)    Clowns Are Us vs. Royal Family (WWF Survivor Series 94)

42)    Tony Schiavone frightens children (WCW Halloween Havoc 93)

43)    Body Slam (B-Movie theatrical release, 11/87)


1) Show vs. Bossman, recap and blowoff (WWF Armageddon 99)
2) The Master Blasters debut (WCW Clash 12, 9/90)
3) The Third Rocker (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, 91)
4) "R.O.T.C." match w/ Stacy "shoot" stretcher job (WCW New Blood Rising 00)
5) The Million-Dollar Man, arriba la barrio (WWF, 91)
6) Fonzie's Cuban cousin? Oh, the hilarity! (ECW, 96)
7) Style clash at the Bash! Juventud vs. Reese (WCW GAB 98)
8) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Sultan vs. Flash Funk (WWF IYH 15 FFA, 4/97)
9) Rocky Maivia, Blue-Chipper: Roody poo candy ass promo (WWF, 97)
10) Curse Of The Warrior I: The voodoo of Papa Shango (WWF, 92)
11) Curse Of The Warrior II: Dark Side 101 with Professor Roberts (WWF, 91)
12) Curse Of The Warrior III: Hogan-Warrior II (WCW Halloween Havoc 98)
13) Scott Steiner's WrestleCrap nightmare!
Scotty & Firebreaker Chip vs. Johnny B. Badd & Arachniman! (WCW Starrcade 91)
14) Executioner! Gordy buries his dignity, then buries UT (WWF IYH11, 10/96)
15) Summer school w/ Dean Douglas (WWF Summerslam 95)
16) Let's get it over with! Piper vs. Bagwell in boxing (WCW BATB 99)
17) Jailhouse match: Bossman vs. Mountie (WWF Summerslam 91)
18) Cactus Jack vs. Van Hammer in a rodeo area (WCW Clash 18, 1/92)
19) Men On A Mission debut (WWF, 93)
20) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Kona Crush vs. Bastion Booger (WWF, 93)
21) Crack whores in the ring! I mean, besides Hall and Nash (WCW, 99)
22) The Artist! The Maestro! THE HORROR!! (WCW Nitro, 99)
23) The stars of WOW (WOW Unleashed PPV, 2/01)
24) The Fink with hair? That's just…disturbing (WWF WM10, 94)
25) Doink & Dink vs. Bam Bam & Luna (WWF WM10, 94)
26) Crappy tag teams on parade! (WCW WrestleWar 91)
27) Live Danger Zone w/ El Gigante (WCW WrestleWar 91)
28) See-through blindfold match (WWF WM7, 91)
29) The Prisoner - The original "POWCW" (WCW Slamboree 93)
30) Eric Bischoff gets molested by an Ox (WCW Slamboree 93)
31) Dos Hombres, starring Tom Zenk as Shane Douglas (WCW Slamboree 93)
32) Earl Hebner vs. Nick Patrick (WWF Invasion PPV, 7/01)
33) Lenny & Lodi - Ambiguously Gay Duo (WCW, 99)
34) Kaz sets a world record for strength…and sucking (WCW Clash 16, 9/91)
35) Paul E. picks up the Motor City Madman in a pool hall (WCW, 90)
36) Sgt. Slaughter, that wacky Iraqui (WWF, 90/91)
37) Missy Hyatt in the men's locker room. Yeah, that's a stretch (WCW, 91)
38) Graveyard match (WCW BATB 00)
39) The Mating Game (WWF TNT, 80s)
40) "You're not The Boss of me now!" (WCW Spring Stampede 94)
41) Undertaker and Jake decide to see other people (WWF, 92)
42) Paul E. vs. Madusa (WCW Clash 21, 11/92)
43) Pinata-on-a-pole match…with Oklahoma! (WCW Nitro, 99)
44) Sting gives the NWO the bird! (WCW Clash 35, 8/97)
45) Buzzkill, man. Plus, no wonder Juvi did drugs (WCW Nitro, 99)
46) Age In The Cage - Hogan vs. Piper (WCW Halloween Havoc 97)
47) Meet Joe Fowler (WWF Summerslam 93)
48) Sheik & Volkoff vs. Luke & Butch - Worst PPV match ever? (HOW PPV, 99)


1) The Gobbledy Gooker hatches (WWF Survivor Series 90)
2) This Is Your Life, Nikolai Volkoff (WWF TNT, 80s)
3) Adrian Adonis - Before and After (WWF, 80s)
4) Chris "Champagne" Kanyon (WCW, 99)
5) Time Crapsule: WWF Gang Wars (WWF, 97)
6) The first, last, and only Loch Ness PPV match (WCW Uncensored 96)
7) Nightstick-on-a-pole: Bossman v Nailz. Attica! Attica! (WWF S Series 92)
8) The Amazing French Canadians! (WCW, 96)
9) Time Crapsule: The XFL (A WWFE/NBC joint, 01)
10) Glacier (WCW, 96)
11) Iron Circle match (WWF Fully Loaded 99)
12) Danny Doring proposes to his "rat." Recognize her? (ECW HW 99)
13) Glimpse of Jean Paul Levesque (WCW, 94)
14) Crybaby match (WWF IYH6, 2/96)
15) Meet the Dungeon Of Doom! (WCW, 95)
16) Reo's Roundup w/ "Stu & Helen" (WWF, 11/93)
17) Horsemen reunion! Hey, who the hell let Roma in? (WCW Slamboree 93)
18) Real American Zeroes: Cobra vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman (WCW FB 95)
19) The gospel according to Ludvig Borga (WWF, 93)
20) Time Crapsule: Cactus Jack, lost in Cleveland (WCW, 93)
21) Yee-haw! It's a Funkin' BBQ! Vince brought the mustard (WWF TNT, 80s)
22) Al Snow turns ECW upside down (ECW Living Dangerously 98)
23) The NWO beats Piper so bad, they break his vocabulary (WCW 12/96)
24) Bobby Heenan dances in grapes for Andre's amusement (WWF PTW, 91)
25) Norman Smiley wins the Backyard Championship (WCW Thunder, 00)
26) The last stand of Giant Gonzalez (WWF Summerslam 93)
27) Jimmy Graffiti? Please, no "tag team" puns (WCW, 97)
28) Klip of Kloudi (WWF KOTR 96)
29) David Flair vs. Kimberly (WCW Mayhem PPV, 11/99)
30) Mae Young's puppies (WWF Royal Rumble 00)
31) Oklahoma-Vampiro feud, w/ a WrestleCrap cast of dozens (WCW, 99)
32) The final fate of Moppy (WWF Raw, 9/01)
33) Wet N' Wild (UWF, 80s)
34) Buried Alive: Austin vs. Undertaker (WWF Rock Bottom 98)
35) WCW Time Crapsule: The Beginning Of The End (WCW, 98)
Ø Lowlights of Hogan & Rodzilla vs. DDP & Mailman (BATB 98)
Ø Lowlights of Hogan & Bischoff vs. DDP & Leno (Road Wild 98)
Ø Clip of The Eric Bischoff Show, a.k.a. "NWO Nightcap" (Nitro, 98)
Ø Clip of Hogan running for President (Nitro, 98)
36) Midnight strikes (out)! (WCW, 99)
37) Powerbomb match: Sid vs. Nash (WCW Starrcade 99)
38) The first-ever thong stinkface match (WWF Summerslam 00)
39) Another forgettable Scotty Riggs gimmick (WCW, 99)
40) Tennessee Lee (WWF, 98)
41) Vader cuts a scathing promo on Vader! That's not a typo. (WWF OTE 98)
42) The WWF "honors" Crusher & Mad Dog Vachon (WWF Over The Edge 98)
43) The first (and last) in-ring appearance of 7even/Seven (WCW Nitro, 99)
44) Sweet Sapphire sells her soul! (WWF Summerslam 90)
45) Super Invader (WCW, 92)
46) Earthquake squashes Damian (WWF, 91)
47) Scott "Gator" Hall (WCW, 89)
48) "Secret Service" Jack Victory commercial (WCW, 89)
49) "The Jesse Ventura Story" awful TV movie (NBC, aired 5/23/99)


1) Beaver Cleavage (WWF, 99)
2) Chaz swears off Beaver, but the fun's not over yet (WWF, 99)
3) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Chaz vs. Meat (WWF, 99)
4) The Chaz-Marianna domestic violence angle recap/blowoff (WWF, 99)
5) Raven gets depressed and goes home to his mansion (WCW, 98/99)
6) The Ringmaster! Hey, every circus needs one (WWF, 96)
7) What Drove The APA To Drink, part 1: Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw (WWF, 96)
8) What Drove The APA To Drink, part 2: Faarooq Asad (WWF, 96)
9) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Wildo & Ingus Jynx v Grimm Twins (WWF 96)
10) The New Rockers (WWF, 96)
11) The Blonde Bytch Project - Aborted after this first vignette (WWF, 99)
12) Hey, isn't that Raven's wacky neighbor? (WCW Nitro, 99)
13) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Lance Cassidy vs. Skinner (WWF, 91)
14) Debut of Duke "The Dumpster" Droese (WWF, 94)
15) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Avatar vs. Isaac Yankem, DDS (WWF, 96)
16) Tugboat toots his way into your heart… (WWF, 90)
17) …then breaks it by becoming the evil Typhoon (WWF, 91)
18) Glimpse of Mantaur (WWF, 95)
19) Glimpse of Aldo Montoya (WWF, 94)
20) The Raw Bowl! Prelude to the XFL, perhaps? (WWF Raw, 1/96)
21) Barry Horowitz Americanizes Hakushi (WWF, 95)
22) Somebody called Buff's mama (WCW Nitro, 98)
23) Deodorant "commercial" with The New Headshrinkers (WWF, 94)
24) Jimmy Hart vs. Mancow (WCW Spring Stampede 00)
25) Austin bound to a crucif-er, Undertaker symbol (WWF Raw, 12/98)
26) Witless DX parody of The Corporation (WWF, 99)
27) Art imitates life; Scott Hall is a drunk (WCW, 98)
28) Chyna vs. Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco (WWF Raw, 1/99)
29) Crash Test Kimmy (WCW Nitro, 98)
30) Now THIS is WrestleCrap: The "Poo-Poo" Platter match (WWF Raw, 10/99)
31) The Macho Midget (WWF Raw, 93)
32) Hardcore title match: Al Snow vs. Head (WWF, 99)
33) Bob Holly kills Al Snow's deer head, Pierre. Don't ask (WWF, 99)
34) Just when you thought Luke & Butch couldn't get any lamer… (WWF 96)
35) The Kliq Cam (WWF, 96)
36) Fun With Reptiles, part 1: Skinner (WWF, 91)
37) Fun With Reptiles, part 2: The Dragon (WWF, 91)
38) WrestleCrap parade! Genius, Beverly Bros, High Energy, Max Moon (WWF, 91)
39) The Stalker (WWF, 96)
40) Glimpse of The New Harlem Heat, a.k.a. "H2K" (WCW, 00)
41) The REAL Double-J! Listen for Vince's goof in his debut match (WWF, 96)
42) The LWO: Lame WCW Offshoot (WCW, 98-99)
43) …and just in case you wonder what happened to Pepe (WCW, 99)
44) Milton Bradley Karate Fighters Hoilday Tournament Final (WWF, 96)
45) Exposed! Pro Wrestling's Greatest Secrets! (NBC special, 99)



1) The Black Scorpion saga (WCW, 90)
2) Xanta Klaus is coming to town (WWF, 12/95)
3) Good Crush/Bad Crush (WWF, 92/96)
4) Peggy Sue (WWF, 88)
5) The Orange Goblin Of The Opera (WCW Nitro, 95)
6) Johnny Polo camps it up with Killer Kowalski (WWF All-American, 94)
7) "Nickel-n-Dime" Volkoff (WWF, 94)
8) As if the Godwinns weren't stupid enough, meet Uncle Cletus (WWF, 97)
9) Disco beats me to it, goofing on Konnan's video before I could (WCW, 99)
10) European title match: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H (WWF Raw, 12/97)
11) European title match: Hunterdust vs. Owen Hart (WWF Raw, 1/98)
12) My brother…my WrestleCrap: Eddie Guerrero vs. Lasertron (WCW, 97)
13) Fuji Vice (WWF TNT, 80s)
14) Ric Flair trades one nuthouse for another (WCW, 99)
15) Glimpse of Fake Razor & Fake Diesel (WWF, 96)
16) The Booty Man! (WCW, 97)
17) Gerry Spivey teaches Mr. Wonderful how to love again (WCW, 9/95)
18) Muraco speaks on acting, then goes Hollywood w/ Fuji (WWF TNT, 80s)
19) Piper Scrooged Piper. "Ebineezer Piper" skit (WWF TNT, 80s)
20) Piper spends a week in the Rock. Um, Alcatraz, that is. (WCW 97)
21) The UWF mission statement (UWF, 80s)
22) Clips from the "Chamber Of Horrors" match (WCW Halloween Havoc 91)
23) Disco Inferno, married to the mob (WCW, 99)
24) The sumo match (WWF Raw, 94)
25) Debut of Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz (WWF, 94)
26) Randy Savage vs. Dennis Rodman (WCW, 8/99)
27) Undertaker throws a piñata party for Bossman (WWF WM 15, 3/99)
28) With this sketch, the NWO officially ceased to be cool (WCW, 99)
29) "Double-J" Jeff Jarrett (WWF, 93)
30) Time Crapsule: The Lex Express (WWF, 93)
31) Juventud fall down, go boom (WCW FB 96)
32) DDP, motivational speaker (WWF, 9/01)
33) The finger that killed a company: Hogan vs. Nash (WCW Nitro, 1/4/99)
34) Shamrock calls an audible (WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 2/99)
35) So that's what they were "Revolting" against; Janitors (WCW, 99)
36) No Holds Barred (Theatrical release, 89)



1) WWF WrestleCrap, Class Of '96 (WWF, 96)
L Debut of Who (Jim Neidhart's punishment)
L Debut of Salvatore Sincere (Tom Brandi as um, an insincere guy)
L Debut of Freddie Joe Floyd (Tracey Smothers as a good ol' boy)
L Debut of T.L. Hopper (Dirty White Boy as a wrestling plumber)
L Debut of Alex "The Pug" Porteau (A wrestler?? Like he had a chance)
L Debut of The Goon (Bill Irwin as a wrestling hockey player)
2) Tenay and Zbyszko cross-promote The Chimp Channel (WCW, 99)
3) Debut of Chainsaw Charlie (WWF Raw, 98)
4) Debut of The Bolsheviks (WWF Challenge, 87)
5) Battle Kat! (WWF, 90)
6) Saba Simba ring intro (WWF, 91)
7) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Saba Simba vs. Barbarian (WWF, 91)
8) Disco vs. Jackie (WCW, 10/97)
9) Phantasio appears, then disappears just as fast (WWF Challenge, 95)
10) The newest WWF diva…Jeff Jarrett! (WWF Raw, 97)
11) Debut of Thurman "Sparky" Plugg (WWF Challenge, 94)
12) Debut of Kwang The Ninja (WWF Challenge, 94)
13) IRS with "This Week's Top Three Tax Cheats" (WWF Superstars, 94)
14) The New Blackjacks (WWF, 97)
15) The Truth Commission (WWF, 97)
16) The Nation Of Domination's locker room desecrated (WWF, 97)
17) El Matador! Ay caramba… (WWF, 91)
18) Glimpse of Big Bully Busick (WWF, 91)
19) WCW's mascot beaten into nonexistence. Ironic, no? (WCW Nitro, 99)
20) The Marc Mero-Butterbean angle (WWF, 97)
21) Debut of Man Mountain Rock (WWF Superstars, 95)
22) Too Much becomes Too Cool (WWF Heat, 99)
23) Mideon finds the Euro belt and thus, becomes new champ (WWF, 99)
24) The Erotic Adventures of "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry (WWF, 98-99)
25) Missy vs. Madusa: bikini contest (WCW Beach Blast 92)
26) Tekno Team 2000 (WWF, 95)
27) WrestleCrap v WrestleCrap: "Think Positive" Fatu v Rad Radford (WWF 95)
28) Well Dunn (WWF, 93)
29) Kaz Hayashi's new threads (WCW, 99)
30) Jim Cornette leads an NWA invasion (WWF, 98)
31) Outback Jack gets squashed (WWF, 87)
32) "Outlaw" Ron Bass (WWF, 87)
33) Vince unsuccessfully searches for WWF fans (WWF Raw, 97)
34) Al Snow vs. Four minis (WWF Heat, 99)
35) Godfather & Val Venis vs. Droz & Prince Albert (WWF Heat, 99) If Droz & Albert win, they can pierce any part of Venis they want;
If GF & Venis win, Droz & Albert must become hos for a night

36) Droz discovers he likes being in drag and becomes a transvestite (WWF, 99)
37) First-ever Hardcore Evening Gown match: Droz vs. Al Snow (WWF, 99)
38) Debut of Jean Pierre Lafitte (WWF Superstars, 95)
39) Koko B. Ware's "Piledriver" music video (WWF, 87)
1) Giant Gonzalez debut match (WWF Superstars, 93)
2) Lenny & Lodi have a secret… (WCW, 99)
3) Sultan debut match (WWF Raw, 96)
4) Jim Ross goes nuts and brings in Fake Razor & Fake Diesel (WWF, 96)
5) Ric Flair trades one nuthouse for another - full version (WCW, 99)
6) All eight Billionaire Ted skits (WWF, 96)
7) More campaign promises from Mr. Bob Backlund (WWF, 95)
8) The lost Body Donna skit (WWF, 95)
9) "The Report Card" with Dean Douglas (WWF, 95)
10) First appearance of The Yeti (WCW Nitro, 95)
11) The Big Bossman/Al Snow/Pepper triangle (WWF, 99)
12) Evil Jim Ross, version 2.0 - J.R. Is Raw (WWF Raw, 99)



1) The Val Venis castration angle (WWF, 99)
2) Dustin's moral warning. Real subtle acronym there, Russo (WWF, 99)
3) Regal joins the Mr. McMahon "Kiss-My-Ass Club" (WWF Raw, 11/01)
4) Ric Flair has food poisoning (WCW Nitro, 98)
5) Just Joe (WWF, 00)
6) Rocco The Dummy (WWF, 92)
7) What do they call a lame skit in France? (WWF, 00)
8) Crash Holly meets Shaft (WWF, 00)
9) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Blackblood vs. Big Josh (WCW GAB 91)
10) The past lives of Al Snow come back to haunt us (WWF, 99)
11) Gravy Bowl Invitational: Trish vs. Stacy (WWF Smackdown, 11/01)
12) Debut of "Heavy Metal" Van Hammer (WCW Clash 16, 9/91)
13) Right To Censor (WWF, 00)
14) Carson City Silver Dollar match: John Tenta vs. Big Bubba (WCW BATB 96)
15) The Dudleys' secret benefactor - MISTER Mustafa! (ECW, 99)
16) "White Castle Of Fear" mini-movie (WCW, 93) - edited version
17) Zeus steps off the silver screen and into the Hall Of Shame (WWF, 89)
18) Glimpse of The Patriots (WCW, 91)
19) Was this the worst Raw EVER? You make the call (WWF, 11/26/01)
20) Mean Mark (WCW, 90)
21) Jeff Jarrett - He-Man Woman Hater! Which leads to… (WWF, 99)
22) …"Good Housekeeping" match: Jarrett vs. Chyna (WWF No Mercy 99)
23) Gary Cappetta interviews El Gigante in Spanish (WCW Clash 11, 6/90)
24) Jerry Lawler's "mother" (WWF IYH 1, 5/95)
25) The New Dangerous Alliance (Do "New" teams ever work?) (ECW 99)
26) Gotch Gracie (WWF Raw, 99)
27) History joins the Mr. McMahon "Kiss My Ass Club!" Vince wins the belt (WWF, 9/99)
28) Glimpse of The New Brood (Do "New" teams ever work?) (WWF, 99)
29) Heat don't get no cheaper than this: Gertner's JFK Jr. rant (ECW, 99)
30) Arm-wrestling challenge: DDP vs. Evad Sullivan! Not dumb enough? Well, if Evad wins, he gets a date with the Diamond Doll,
but if DDP wins, he gets Evad's pet rabbit, Ralph. See? Told ya. (WCW GAB 95)

31) USA vs. Russia! Corporal Kirshner vs. Nikolai Volkoff!  A "Boot Camp" match … in MAPLE LEAF GARDEN????????? (WWF, 80s)
32) Two lousy gimmicks come to an end! C.W. Anderson leaves The New D.A. to chase away Simon Diamond's traveling circus (ECW, 00)
33) Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling! (WWF Saturday morning cartoon, 80s)
* "Muscle Madness"
* "Big John's Car Lot"
* "Foster Wrestler"


1) David Arquette invades WCW and wins the World title (WCW, 00)
2) Black like Roddy (WWF WM6, 3/90)
3) Steve Allen meets The Bolsheviks in the men's shower. No, really. (WM6)
4) Run-In Man…Run-In Man…does whatever a run-in can… (WWF, 91)
5) Undertaker locks Warrior in a casket (WWF Superstars, 91)
6) Tugboat's Cabin (WWF PTW, 91)
7) Booker T loses his music and his "T"… (WCW, 00)
8) …and he eventually relapses into his old G.I. Bro gimmick (WCW, 00)
9) Poor Enos & Bloom. Debut of The Beverly Brothers & Coach (WWF, 91)
10) Lowlights of the "Viagra-on-a-pole" match (WCW, 00)
11) Macho Man's bachelor party (WWF PTW, 8/91)
12) The wedding reception of Mr. & Mrs. Macho (WWF, 91)
13) Kamloops streetfight: Mean Gene vs. Mark Madden (WCW Thunder, 00)
14) "That 70s Guy" Mike Awesome, his Lava Lamp Lounge, his bus, his unrequited lust for Double-P, and his little buddy Gary Coleman (WCW, 00)
15) Jeff Jarrett kabongs Beetlejuice (WCW, 00)
16) The Dog! (WCW, 00)
17) Paul Orndorff courts Big Jake (WCW, 00)
18) Skins match: Tank Abbott vs. Big Al (WCW SB 10, 2/00)
19) James Brown meets Cat and Maestro. He was better off in jail (SB 10)
20) The Undertaker dies… (WWF RR 94)
21) …but comes back to fight the evil version of himself (WWF SSlam 94)
22) Lowlight of The Renegade's debut night (WCW Uncensored 95)
23) Beach Blast '93 mini-movie (WCW, 93)
24) The Berzerker throws Jameson off the roof of a building and instantly becomes my favorite wrestler ever (WWF PTW, 91)
25) Of all the wrestlers to do a hotel room skit with… (WWF PTW, 91)
26) Must be Open Mic Night. Koko crashes a Vegas lounge act (WWF, 91)
27) Hogan (in costume) shills"Suburban Commando" (WWF, 91)
28) Hacksaw Duggan and some Boy Scouts welcome a defecting Nikolai to the US (WWF, 90)
29) The Screamin' Demon (WCW, 00)
30) Lenny & Lodi repackaged as "Lane & Rave; 2XS" (WCW, 00)
31) Big Poppa Pump's famous "change the channel" promo (WCW, 00)
32) It's a Prime Time Wrestling Halloween, Charlie Brown (WWF PTW, 91)
33) Native American Chris Chavis vignette (WWF, 91)
34) The Rosatti Sisters visit Prime Time Wrestling (WWF PTW, 90)
35) The Desperados (WCW, 90)
36) The Bushwhackers weather report (WWF PTW, 91)
37) The Bushwhackers fashion show (WWF PTW, 91)
38) The Mountie and his horse (WWF PTW, 91)
39) Normania, Part 1: Norman makes a purty picture for Woman (WCW, 90)
40) Normania, Part 2: Ninja Norman is part of Capt. Mike's Crew (WCW, 90)
41) Normania, Part 3: Trucker Norm (WCW, 90)
42) "Candyman" Brad Armstrong interview (WCW Havoc 90)
43) Paul Bearer gives lessons in embalming (WWF PTW, 91)
44) Poor Enos & Bloom. Debut of Minnesota Wrecking Crew II (WCW, 90)
45) Three episodes of "Learning The Ropes" (Syndicated shitcom, 80s)



1) Dusty's "Common Man" skits. No description could do these justice (WWF, 89)
2) "Sing-A-Song" Showdown: Dusty vs. Honky Tonk (WWF, 89)
3) The First Slammy Awards (WWF, 85)
NOTE: From this point up to our feature presentation, this tape is the WRESTLECRAP EXTRA! More lost angles and extended footage of
your favorite (and least favorite) WRESTLECRAPPERS!

4) Quake squashes Snake - Full Mooneyized version and aftermath (WWF, 91)
6) WCW U.S. title: Shark vs. Sting (WCW Nitro, 95)
7) WCW World title: Shark vs. Giant (Bubba shaves Shark) (WCW Nitro, 95)
8) Tenta declares "I'm not a fish" (WCW Nitro, 95)
9) WCW World title: Tenta vs. Giant (Bubba shaves Tenta again) (WCW Nitro, 95)
10) "White Castle Of Fear" mini-movie - Full version (WCW, 93)
11) Skinner vignettes (WWF, 91)
12) The lost (and first) Jake-Warrior training skit (WWF, 91)
13) Debut of Big Bully Busick & Harvey Wippleman (WWF, 91)
14) Tito Santana becomes El Matador (WWF, 91)
15) Debut of Tugboat Thomas (WWF, 90)
16) Debut of Saba Simba (WWF, 91)
17) Debut of Battle Kat (WWF, 90)
18) Debut of "The Dragon" gimmick (WWF, 91)
19) Debut IRS vignette (WWF, 91)
20) Repo Man debut vignette/match (WWF, 91)
21) "Chamber Of Horrors" - Full match (WCW Halloween Havoc 91)
22) The Patriots beat The Freebirds for some reason (WCW, 91)
23) "Heavy Metal" Van Hammer music video (WCW, 91)
24) Big Josh debuts by hopping the rail. Oy (WCW, 91)
25) Oklahoma vs. Madusa, Asya, Spice, and women in general (WCW, 00)
26) Norman & Ralphus lose a career match and have to get jobs (WCW, 00)
27) Setup for the "Judy-Bagwell-on-a-forklift" match (WCW, 8/00)
28) The Geriatric Control Center previews Huckster vs. Nacho Man (WWF, 96)
29) "Model" Rick Martel unveils his "Arrogance" to Brother Love. Um… (WWF, 90)
30) Martel blinds Jake with said "Arrogance." Blind people are funny (WWF, 90)
31) Sarge defects to Iraq and uses a noogie, but he still beats up pinko commies (WWF 90)
32) Ed Leslie becomes Zodiac (WCW, 95)
33) Al Snow buries Pepper; Bossman pays his respects (WWF, 99)
34) Doring's rat becomes "Ms. Congeniality" (ECW, 99)
35) The Renegade beats Arn Anderson for the WCW TV title (WCW GAB 95)
36) Naked Mideon debut appearance/match (WWF, 00)
37) Santa With Muscles (Hogan's cheesiest B-movie ever, released in 96)



1) Bret Hart "shoots" on Will Sasso. Lawler-Kaufman this wasn't (MadTV, 99)
2) Rare footage of Outback Jack winning a match (WWF, 87)
3) Chyna vs. Ivory (WWF Wrestlemania 17, 4/1/01)
4) The future of WrestleCrap: World Wrestling All-Stars! (Inception PPV, 10/01)
* Dog-collar match with simulated anal rape!
* Disco Inferno meets the Bananas In Pajamas!
* "Open invitation" battle royal!
* Special "King's Court" with fruits (Don't ask)!
* More gay stuff: Lenny vs. Lodi vs. Road Dogg!
* "Tits, Whips, & Buff" match: Bagwell vs. Jarrett!

* "Black Wedding" match: Luna vs. Vampire Warrior!
* Disco Inferno kills a Banana In Pajamas!
5) The Machines: Big, Super, Giant, and Hulk (WWF, 86)
6) Pretender To The Throne, Part 1: King Duggan (WWF, 89)
7) Pretender To The Throne, Part 2: King Mabel (WWF KOTR 95)
8) George Steele tries electrotherapy (WWF TNT, 80s)
9) Art Donovan sets a new standard for color commentary (WWF KOTR 94)
10) Piper vs. Lawler? This would've sucked even without Art (WWF KOTR 94)
11) Baltimore gets Nasty-sized (WCW, 95)
12) King Kong Bundy tries on wigs. Bald people are funny (WWF TNT, 80s)
13) "New" Midnight Express vs. Old Rock & Roll Express (WWF Unforgiven 98)
14) Evening Gown match: Sable vs. Luna (WWF Unforgiven 98)
15) Back because no one demanded it! More Rock n' Wrestling! (WWF 80s)


1) Hulk Hogan trains Mean Gene to be a wrestler (WWF, 80s)
2) The Repo Cam! (WWF, 92)
3) Billy Gunn sucks ass! No, literally, this time (WWF Summerslam 99)
4) Fun with Captain Lou Albano! (WWF, 80s)
L “Captain Lou’s Advice To The Lovelorn!”
L Captain Lou as “The Great Pumpkin!”
L “Captain Lou’s Spicy Spaghetti!”
5) Slick’s “Jive Soul Bro” music video (WWF, 87)
6) WWF 2001 – The Year in Wrestlecrap (WWF, 01)
7) Jeff Jarrett sings with Sawyer Brown (WWF Unforgiven, 4/98)
8) Stephanie McMahon’s Most Embarrassing Moments (WWF, 00s)
9) Greg Valentine & Dino Bravo form “The New Dream Team” (WWF, 87)
10) “The Perfect Prank with Doink & Dink” (WWF, 94)
11) Ranger Danger? Don’t quit your day job, dude (WWF, 94)
12) A visit to the office of The Hart Foundation (WWF, 87)
13) Brutus The Barber learns from the Yoda of hairdressing (WWF, 87)
14) The Tower Of Doom (NWA GAB 88)
15) Rhythm & Blues premiere “Hunka Hunka Honky Love” (WWF WM6, 3/90)
16) Another “Worst Match Of The Year”: Sid vs. Nightstalker (WCW Clash 13)
17) The Lost Hillbilly Jim Tape (WWF, 80s)
18) Perry Saturn becomes a goth cross-dresser (WCW, 99)
19) One of the ring crew feels the power of the Warrior (WWF, 90)
20) The Lance Storm-Tommy Dreamer urine angle (ECW, 99)
21) Wrestlecrap v Wrestlecrap: Uncle Elmer v Adorable Adrian (WWF WM2)
22) Eggnog match: Stacy Keibler vs. Torrie Wilson (WWF Raw, 12/24/01)
23) The ripping, stripping return of Mae Young (WWF Raw, 12/24/01)
24) “Superfans” George & Adam present a Slammy (Slammy Awards, 3/97)
25) KISS Demon vs. Wall? “Special main event,” my ass (WCW SB 2/00)
26) Battle of the Ts for the “T!” Booker vs. Big (WCW SB 2/00)
27) “Perfect One” Shawn Stasiak goes for the free throw record (WCW, 00)
28) Major Gunns gives mouth-to-mouth to Pops (WCW GAB, 6/00)
29) In the gym with “Main Event” Chuck Palumbo (WCW, 00)
30) Eric Bischoff pins Terry Funk to win the WCW Hardcore title (WCW, 00)
31) Jeff Jarrett’s singing Viking women. Did they lip-synch, too? (WCW, 00)
32) The wedding of David Flair & Stacy Keibler (WCW, 00)
33) Ready for another “Worst MOTY?” UT & Kane vs. Kronik (Unforgiven 01)
34) WC v WC: Buzzkill & “Varsity Club” Rotunda v Hairless Boys (WCW, 00)
35) The Game loses to Das Wunderkind (WCW Starrcade 94)
36) Mean Gene profiles The Bushwhackers (WWF, 80s)
37) Larry Zbyszko challenges “Vince JUNE-YORRRE” (WWA Revolution, 2/02)
38) Grooming tips with Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake (WWF, 91)
39) Earthquake steps on Bulldog and slips. Damn oily Englishmen (WWF 91)
40) “At Home With El Matador” (WWF, 91)
41) Friends to the end! Hulk & Bruti face Zeus & Macho in a cage! (WWF 89)
42) The end! Hulk vs. Bruti in the worst Starrcade main event ever! (WCW 94)
43) The Funkster! Like the real thing wasn’t annoying enough (WWA, 02)
44) The Wrestlecrap of yesteryear! The Rugged Russians! The Wolfman! Mad Maxine! Missing Link promo in a cave! (WW{W}F, 1900s)
45) One last episode of “Hulk Hogan’s Rock n’ Wrestling!” (WWF, 80s) * “The Wrong Stuff”


1) Outback Jack visits Jake’s “Snake Pit” (WWF Superstars, 87)
2) Tuxedo match: Jim Cornette v. Paul E. Dangerously (WCW GAB 89, 7/89)
3) “The Rebel” Dick Slater (WWF, 80s)
4) The “Designated Hitter” match (NWA WCW, 5/6/89)
5) A selection of Freddy matches (CWA, 80s)
6) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Repo Man vs. Kona Crush (WWF SSlam 92)
7) When Kongs collide! (WCW Battlebowl PPV, 11/93)
8) Rootin’ tootin’ hillbillies! (WWF, 85)
9) Ranger Ross (WCW, Clash 7, 7/14/89)
10) Bushwhackers interview. Really bad, even for them (WWF SSlam 92)
11) Lord Alfred Hayes = Ring rat (WWF SSlam 92)
12) Gary Hart picks a winner (NWA, 88)
13) The Ultimate Giant (WWF, 88)
14) P.Y. Chu’i (USWA, 89)
15) Genius squash (WWF, 89)
16) Quite possibly the worst tag team match EVER (WWF, 89)
17) Harley Racist (WCW Clash 19, 6/92)
18) Team Challenge Series update (AWA, 80s)
19) Battle Of The “O”s! Outback Jack vs. Barry O! (WWF, 87)
20) Evening Gown match: Midajah vs. Queen Bee (WWA Eruption PPV, 4/02)
21) Captain Lou hotline commercial in a barn (80s)
22) The Good Sheppard (Windy City Wrestling, 80s)
23) What the hell was this doing on a Starrcade? (NWA/WCW Starrcade 90)
24) Mr. Perfect searches for the perfect stamp (WWF Coliseum Video, 90s)
25) Who’s the man with the Klan? (NWC, 8/26/95)
26) Perhaps the stupidest WWF fan sign ever (WWF Coliseum Video, 90s)
27) WC vs. WC: “Candyman” Brad Armstrong vs. Big Cat (WCW Clash 13)
28) Don’t ask, don’t tell: First Lieutenant Sean Mooney (WWF C. Video, 90s)
29) The racist angles continue! Hot Rod slurs Bruno (WWF MSG, 10/21/85)
30) The debut match for Rotundo as “V.K. Wallstreet” (WCW Nitro, 9/95)
31) “Wildman” Sal Bellomo (ECW, 94)
32) Product Placement, Part 1: Four Horsemen vitamins (NWA, 80s)
33) Product Placement, Part 2: WWF ice cream bars (WWF, 80s)
34) Product Placement, Part 3: The Spam Slam Of The Week???? (NWA, 80s)
35) Yukon John Nord (AWA, 89)
36) “Macho King” Randy Savage (WWF, 89)
37) Ox Baker presents…The Russian Brute! (AWA, 89)
38) The Midnight Rider (NWA, 80s)
39) 6-woman mud match [Foreword by Gordon Solie] (WCCW, 80s)
40) The Ebony Assassin (NWA, 89)
41) The One Man Gang becomes Akeem – Full skit (WWF, 88)
42) Men On A Mission favor us with the “Wrestlefest Rap” (WWF, 94)
43) Hogan fends off eight wrestlers with his mighty chair (WCW SB6, 2/96)
44) Mismanagement In The 80s, Part 1: The Baron (WWF, 88)
45) Mismanagement In The 80s, Part 2: Frenchy Martin (WWF, 88)
46) He was better off as Akeem. One Man Gang vs. Konnan (WCW SB 6)
47) Two episodes of G.L.O.W. (80s)

1) Robocop! (WCW Capital Combat 90)
2) Outback Jack vignettes (WWF, 80s)
3) The Young Pistols betray their 14 fans by turning heel (WCW Havoc 91)
4) Wcrap v. Wcrap: P.N. News & Big Josh v. The Creatures (WCW Havoc 91)
5) The Excellence Of Electrocution (WWF Superstars, 91)
6) The Warlord works out with a dumbbell. ZING! (WWF PTW, 91)
7) Michael Wallstreet & Alexandra York (WCW, 90)
8) WC vs. WC: York Foundation’s Thomas Rich vs. Arachniman (WCW, 91)
9) Meet The Minotaur (WCW, 90s)
10) Sullivan’s Saloon with El Gigante (WCW, 90s)
11) P.N. News-Salt & Pepa-Johnny B. Badd angle (WCW Clash 15, 6/91)
12) Luna = Miss America? (WWF Raw, 98)
13) Oddities become “Tag Team Champions Of The Universe” (WWF, 98)
14) Faces Of Fear: The Butcher, The Baker, The Kendo Stick Maker (WCW 94)
15) Wcrap vs. Wcrap: Dynamic Dudes vs. New Zealand Militia (WCW, 89)
16) Lawrence Taylor’s All-Pro Team. Recognize anyone? (WWF WM11, 3/95)
17) Mr. Bob Backlund puts over Jonathan Taylor Thomas (WWF WM11, 3/95)
18) L.T. sacks Bam Bam’s career (WWF WM11, 3/95)
19) Eric Bischoff pins Ric Flair at Starrcade (WCW SC 98, 12/98)
20) Time Crapsule: The Mamalukes! Um, isn’t that an ethnic slur? (WCW, 00)
21) Billy & Chuck: Not-So-Ambiguously Gay Duo (WWF, 01/02)
22) “The Italian Stallion..Salvatore Bellomo??? (WWF, 87)
23) Jim Ross helps Rick Steiner prepare for his date with Woman (WCW, 90)
24) Hillbilly Jim and his lucky horseshoe (WWF, 89)
25) Bret Hart talks to the dead. No, really (ABC special, 4/22/02)
26) Clips of Rock closing Vince’s “Kiss-My-Ass” club (WWF, 12/01)
27) Sumo-style catfight: Kat vs. Terri (WWF WM16, 3/00)
28) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Shockmaster vs. Equalizer (WCW Clash 25)
29) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: J.J. Funk vs. The Dog Of War (USWA, 89)
30) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Polka-Dotted Dusty vs. Akeem (WWF, 90)
31) Encore! Two Dusty “Common Man” skits – Excellent VQ (WWF, 89)
32) Superstation debut of The Dudes…with music video! (NWA, 5/89)
33) Another poem from The Genius (WWF, 89)
34) Tarnished Gold: Mongo wins the U.S. title (WCW Clash 35, 8/21/97)
35) That stupid Dino Bravo bench press angle (WWF Royal Rumble 88)
36) Beverly Hills Lingerie Streetfight Battle Royal (AWA Superclash III, 12/88)
37) Undertaker gets attacked by druids and Bundy (WWF RR 95, 1/95)
38) Lowlights of the one WBF PPV (Another gem of an idea from Vince, 91)
39) Time Crapsule: The “Kiss-My-Foot” Match (WWF KOTR 95, 6/95)
40) Reverend Slick teaches Kamala how to bowl (WWF Coliseum Video, 93)
41) Home Improvement with The Bushwhackers (WWF Coliseum Video, 93)
42) Mean Gene’s “Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo” music video (WWF, 87)
43) Uncle Elmer debuts in a world not ready for him (WWF, 80s)
44) Lord Alfred enjoys Tea Time with Moondog Spot (WWF, 80s)
45) Mr. T vs. Kevin Sullivan; Special run-in by Evad Claus! (WCW SC 94)
46) Encore! Slick’s “Jive Soul Bro” music video (WWF, 87)
47) Your favorite Wrestlecrappers are back for one last curtain call! A Wrestlecrap Invitational “Gimmick Battle Royal!” (WWF WM17, 4/01)
Bushwhackers! Sgt. Slaughter! Nikolai Volkoff! Iron Sheik! Kamala! Kim Chee!Goon! Doink! One Man Gang! Repo Man! Hillbilly Jim! Brother
Love! Tugboat!Duke “The Dumpster” Droese! Earthquake! And the return of The Gobbledy Gooker!



1) 2002 GOOKER AWARD WINNER! The Saga Of Katie Vick (Raw, 10-11/02)

2) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Shockmaster vs. King Kong (Starrcade 93)

3) Remember that PPV with four Doinks? How about four Godfathers? (S Series99)

4) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Babyface Doink vs. Bastion Booger (WWF 93)

5) Time Crapsule: The Vince-Trish-Steph triangle (WWF, 2001)

6) The Giant vs. Kevin Greene (WCW Bash At The Beach 98)

7) Damian Demento talks to his hands (WWF Raw, 93)

8) Raw Roulette! (WWE Raw, 10/02)

9) El Gigante's in-ring debut (he never tagged in) (Great American Bash 90)

10) Stephanie HLA angle (WWE No Mercy 02)

11) KISS vs. Clowns? Gotta love lucha (Lucha Libre, 02)

12) "Trick Or Treat" match: Dawn Marie vs. Torrie (WWE Smackdown, 10/31/02)

13) Dawn Marie marries Al Wilson (WWE Smackdown, 1/2/03)

14) Dawn Marie kills Al Wilson (WWE Smackdown, 1/9/03)

15) Dawn Marie mourns Al Wilson (WWE Smackdown, 1/16/03)

16) "Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter:" Dawn Marie vs. Torrie (Royal Rumble 03)

17) The York Foundation adds a member (WCW Clash Of Champions 15, 91)

18) Ultimate Warrior vs. Jerry Lawler (WWF KOTR 96)

19) IRS meets a bad President Clinton impersonator (WWF Wrestlemania X)

20) 3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain (Theatrical Release, 1998)




1) The Redneck Triathalon (WWE Badd Blood PPV, 6/15/03)

2) A tragedy of errors starring Vince Russo as Double-J (NWA TNA, 7/9/03)

3) 20 minutes that killed the biggest angle ever: Raw Is WCW (WWF, 01)

4) The Canadian Penalty Box match (WCW Sin, 1/01)

5) Sara Undertaker vs. DDP (WWF Raw, 8/20/01)

6) Clueless Putts, Part 1: "Mr. Hole-In-One" Barry Darsow (WCW, 99)

7) Clueless Putts, Part 2: Los Guerreros cheat at golf (WWE Smackdown, 03)

8) Bret Hart vs. Will Sasso (WCW Nitro, 99)

9) Brian Kendrick streaks (WWE Smackdown, 2/03)

10) The Warrior Workout, Part 1: Buy the video (NWC, 95)

11) The Warrior Workout, Part 2: Squash some no-name jobber (WM 12)

12) Another damn Wrestlemania catfight (WWE Wrestlemania 19, 3/30/03)

13) El Gigante invades Japan! Summon Godzilla! (Japan Supershow 91)

14) Goldust gets electrocuted and contracts Tourette's (WWE Raw, 03)

15) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Adam Bomb vs. Kwang (WWF Superstars, 94)

16) Bat BAD match: Hogan & Nash vs. Piper & Giant (WCW S. Stampede 98)

17) Lex Luger joins the WBF (That's not a typo) (WWF Wrestlemania 8)

18) La Resistance ruins Memorial Day (WWE Raw, 5/26/03)

19) One Man Gang vs. George (The Animal) Steele (WWF, 88)

20) Big Sky's one PPV match (WCW Fall Brawl 93)

21) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: IRS vs. Babyface Doink (WWF Superstars 7/94)

22) Test vs. Mae Young (WWE Raw, 6/16/03)

23) Hennig is wasted, and the PPV's theme is "perfect" (WWF No Way Out 02)

24) Ed Leslie Failed Gimmick #78: The Man With No Name SHAME (WCW 95)

25) John Cena spanks Skankanie (WWE Smackdown, 7/24/03)

26) Senile Dean: The "catch-as-catch-can" match (WCW Souled Out 00)

27) Backyard Dogs: The Movie (B-Movie, 2000)




(A special Wrestlecrap compilation-within-a-compilation)

1) Part 1: The Red Rooster's one Wrestlemania match (WM 5, 1989)

2) Part 2: Skinner's one Wrestlemania match (WM 8, 1992)

3) Part 3: Giant Gonzalez's one Wrestlemania match (WM 9, 1993)

4) Part 4: Men On A Mission's one Wrestlemania match (WM 10, 1994)

5) WTF??? Lucha Libre "Star Wars" open (AAA, 03)

6) John Cena fumbles, but recovers (WWE Smackdown, 4/24/03)

7) Dick + Dick = The Hardliners (Nice debut dive, Slater) (WCW, 91)

8) SummerScam! The Million-Dollar Giveaway (WWF SummerSlam 97)

9) Stephanie & Carrot Top together? There is no God (WWE/AT&T, 3/03)

10) Bunkhouse Buck in a bunkhouse match (WCW Spring Stampede 94)

11) The future "Butcher" butchers a finish. You suck, Ed Leslie. (WWF, 87)

12) The Santa Claus Match (WWF Raw, 12/24/01)

13) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Berzerker vs. Barbarian (WWF PTW, 91)

14) Hardcore handicrap match: Big Vito vs. Norman & Ralphus (BATB 00)

15) Mark Henry battles Vis to defend Mae Young's honor (No Way Out 00)

16) Just when you thought I was out of Outback Jack matches… (WWF, 87)

17) Flat, Boring Interlude: Two crappy FBI skits (WWE Smackdown, 03)

18) Harlem streetfight: Stevie Ray vs. "Ten-Cent" Vincent (Uncensored 99)

19) Shawn is shooting blanks (WWE Wrestlemania 19, 3/30/2003)

20) Steiner vs. Nowinski: The Great Debate DEBACLE (WWE Raw, 4/14/03)

21) Witless "Joe Millionaire" spoof commercial for Backlash (WWE, 4/03)


(Another special Wrestlecrap compilation-within-a-compilation) VS.

22) Part 1: Frenchy Martin in the ring (WWF, 88)

23) Part 2: Frenchy Martin in "Le Studio" with "Jack The Snake" (WWF, 88)

24) Part 3: "World's Strongest Man" Kazmaier no-sells IN FRENCH! (WCW 91)

25) Part 4: It seems WCW announcers are dorks in any language (WCW 91)

26) Part 5: Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Pierre vs. MMR IN FRENCH! (WWF 95)

27) Part 6: La Resistance vignettes, debut angle, first TV match (WWE 4-5/03)

28) "Last Call" Scott Hall (WCW, 98)

29) "Right To Nudity" match (WWF No Way Out 2001)

30) WCrap v. WCrap: Double-J & Quebecers v. MOM & Babyface Doink (WWF, 94)

31) JR grills Kane, then Kane grills JR (WWE Raw, 7/14/03)

32) New Shark! (NWA TNA, 7/16/03)

33) Big Floppa Pump (WWE Badd Blood PPV, 6/15/03)

34) WCW stinks! And Madusa has the cologne to prove it! (WCW H. Havoc 99)

35) Thunder In Paradise (B-movie, 1993)



1) Crap In A Mask, Part 1: The Saga Of Mr. America (WWE Smackdown, 03)
2) Crap In A Mask, Part 2: The Yellow Dog in a "bounty match"(GAB 91)
3) Capt. Kirk manages Bret. Maybe if he had a megaphone… (WWF 95)
4) Barry Darsow has an identity crisis (WCW, 00)
5) Mae Young gives birth (WWF Raw, 2/00)
6) AborShawn*, Part 1: PerfectShawn vs. G.I. Bro in a Boot Camp match (GAB 00)
7) AborShawn*, Part 2: Planet Stasiak (WWF/WWE, 02)
8) 3 Live Crew look for (and find) the meaning of life (NWA TNA, 7/9/03)
9) Suck-rebleu! La Resistance wins the World Tag Title (WWE Badd Blood 03)
10) Berlyn says "auf weidersen" to his push (WCW Halloween Havoc 99)
11) Chris Benoit vs. Doink The Clown?! WTF??? (WWE Smackdown, 7/31/03)
12) Girls Gone Mild. Part of the build for that damn GGW PPV (WWE Raw 03)
13) That damn Summerslam ad where Brock F5s a shark - Widescreen (WWE 03)
14) Wrestlecrap Recall: Animals, togas, and animals wearing togas (WM9)
15) Goldberg comes out of the closet (WWE Raw 8/11/03)
16) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Blueblood HHH vs. Flash Funk (WWF Raw, 1/97)
17) WWE Divas Undressed (WWE special on TNN, 02)



1) Ten years of Wrestlecrap! Lowlights from the Raw X Special (WWE 1/14/03)
2) Russo's first "worked shoot" on WCW PPV: Hogan lies down (Havoc 99)
3) Georgia (WWF at Boston Garden, 3/6/88)
4) Lord Alfred's Advice To The Lovelorn (WWF TNT, 80s)
5) Evad vs. Kevin (Debut of "I Wanna Be A Hulkamaniac" intro) (Havoc 94)
6) RVD in bondage (WWE Raw, 8/18/03)
7) The Bourbon St. Bikini Contest (WWE Smackdown, 9/4/03)
8) Dennis Rodman, Pro Wrestler (WCW Bash At The Beach 97)
9) Triple H now controls the bees (YJ Stinger commercial on Spike TV, 9/8/03)
10) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrocket, Part 1: Bastion Booger vs. Owen (WWF 93)
11) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrocket, Part 2: "Narcissist" Lex Luger vs. Owen (WWF 93)
12) "Real Man's Man" vs. X-Pac. WTF was up with that finish? (S Series 98)
13) Well, Butch spent most of his career as part of a canvas, anyway… (WWF, 91)
14) The famous Meat "boner" match (WWF Heat, 99)
15) Brown Goes For Gold: Lazor-Tron challenges for the Jr Hvt Title (NWA, 80s)
16) Aldo Montoya defeats Stone Cold. Yes, I'm serious. (WWF Superstars, 96)
17) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: The Real Double-J feuds with JHB & Zeb (WWF, 97)
18) Wrestlecrap reloaded - Dungeon Of Doom goes to War (Games)! (FB 95)
19) Faarooq drinks the Hatorade. Good thing Ahmed keeps it real (WWF 97)
20) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: El Matador vs. Skinner (WWF SSS, 91)
21) Raw blooper reel! HHH is unable to perform; Christian's do-over (WWE, 9/03)
22) Baby Doll shovels do-do for Dusty and turns to horse thievery (NWA, 80s)
23) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Bushwhackers vs. Repo & Demento (WWF, 93)
24) Double-J (the fake one) meets Rip Taylor on the LV strip (WWF Raw, 12/93)
25) Mabel meets Santa. He should have asked for talent (WWF Raw, 12/93)
26) Ultimate Warrior vs. Isaac Yankem. Hey, I have tape to fill (WWF Raw, 96)
27) Wrestlecrap reloaded: Leslie Nielsen is on the case (WWF Summerslam 94)
28) Intergender Indifference, Part 1: Madusa vs. Col. Parker (Uncensored 96)
29) Intergender Indifference, Part 2: Steph vs. A-Train (WWE SD 8/14/03)
30) Intergender Indifference, Part 3: Steph vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE SD 9/11/03)
31) How King's feud with a trash man turned into a feud with a midget clown (WWF, 94)
32) Would you expect pyro for Z-Man? Well, neither did he (WCW WWar 92)
33) Debut match of H.O.G. (WWF Superstars, 95)
34) The APA Invitational Bar Brawl, plus buildup (WWE SD 03, Vengance 03)



1) The Jackie Gayda match. Yes, THAT Jackie Gayda match. (WWE, 7/8/02)
2) DAMN. Oz got his emerald ass BEAT. (WCW Great American Bash 91)
3) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Double-J vs. Mabel (WWF Summerslam 94)
4) A Butcher is born (WCW Halloween Havoc 94)
5) Jesse Meets His Public (WWF TNT, 80s)
6) "Boring" Lance Storm (WWE Raw, 03)
7) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Flash Funk vs. The Goon (WWF Raw, 12/96)
8) Jerry Lawler brags about causing the death of Tiny Tim (WWF Raw, 12/96)
9) Just plain Tori-ble, Part 1: Ivory helps Tori with her body paint (WWF, 99)
10) Just plain Torrie-ble, Part 2: "Indecent Proposal" match + aftermath (WWE 7/03)
11) The "Human Torch" match (WCW Great American Bash 2000)
12) A special feature on The Bushwhackers (WWF, 88)
13) "Jungle Fight:" Kamala vs. George Steele (WWF, 80s)
14) Christian swipes Buh Buh Ray Dudley's old gimmick (WWE Raw, 9/8/03)
15) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Johnny B. Badd vs. Young Pistol Tracey (WWar 92)
16) Charlie Minn marks out (WWF Action Zone, 94)
17) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Babyface Doink vs. Blueblood HHH (WWF Raw, 95)
18) Rad Radford wants to be a Bodydonna… (WWF, 95)
19) …leading to a new tag team being formed. (WWF Superstars, 1/96)
20) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Rocky Maivia vs. Leif Cassidy (WWF Raw, 97)
21) Mount Fiji attacks Bob Eubanks (Card Sharks, 80s)
22) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Bushwhacker Luke vs. Blake Beverly (WWF, 91)
23) Lazor-Tron's debut match (against a Mulkey, no less) (NWA, 80s)
24) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Sid Justice vs. Skinner (WWF PTW, 91)
25) Elvis Bartlett (WWF Raw, 93)
26) Wrestlcrap vs. Wrestlecrap: El Matador vs. The Barbarian
Featuring the world's gayest bearhug! (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, 91)
27) Thunder In Paradise II (B-movie, 1994)



(A pink-and-black-versus-brown compilation-within-a-compilation)

1) Part 1: Bret "Hitman" Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart vs. Rhythm & Blues
(Cameo appearance by the Gobbledy Gooker's egg!) (WWF, 90)
2) Part 2: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Warlord (WWF Wrestling Challenge, 91)
3) Part 3: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Barbarian (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, 91)
4) Part 4: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Skinner (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, 91)
5) Part 5: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Big Bully Busick (WWF Superstars, 91)
6) Part 6: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Col. Mustafa (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, 91)
7) Part 7: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Kato (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, 91)
8) Part 8: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. The Model (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, 92)
9) Part 9: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Berzerker (WWF Prime Time, 92)
10) Part 10: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Kamala (WWF, 92)
11) Part 11: Bret "Hitman" Hart gets KO'ed by The Narcissist (WWF, 93)
12) Part 12: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Papa Shango (WWF, 93)
13) Part 13: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Blake Beverly (WWF, 93)
14) Part 14: Bret "Hitman" Hart & "Rocket" Owen Hart vs. Well Dunn (WWF 93)
15) Part 15: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. IRS (Reo Rogers on color!) (WWF, 93)
16) Part 16: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Adam Bomb (WWF Superstars, 94)
17) Part 17: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Kwang (WWF Coliseum Video, 94)
18) Part 18: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Henry O. Godwinn (WWF Superstars, 95)
19) Part 19: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Dr. Isaac Yankem, DDS (SSlam/Raw 95)
20) Part 20: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Rad Radford (WWF Superstars, 95)
21) Part 21: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Waylon Mercy (WWF Superstars, 95)
22) Part 22: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Jean-Pierre Lafitte (WWF IYH3/Raw 96)
23) Part 23: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Connecticut Blueblood HHH (WWF, 97)
24) Part 24: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. "Blue Chipper" Rocky Maivia (WWF, 97)
25) Part 25: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Warrior In WCW (tag match) (Nitro 95)
26) Part 26: Wrestlecrap reloaded - The Bret "Hitman" Hart-Will Sasso saga (99)
27) And now, just for the hell of it, here's a match where
Lazor-Tron has joined forces with Kendall Windham (NWA, 80s)
28) "The Mullets" series premiere w/ Dudleys & La Resistance (UPN, 9/11/03)



A show-stopping, Vince-plopping WRESTLECRAP compilation-within-a-compilation.

1) Part 1: Shawn Michaels & What's-His-Name break up The Bolsheviks (WWF, 90)
2) Part 2: Shawn Michaels vs. Kato (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, 91)
3) Part 3: Shawn Michaels & What's-His-Name vs. Beverly Bros (WWF, 91)
4) Part 4: Shawn Michaels vs. El Matador (WWF Wrestlemania VIII)
5) Part 5: Shawn Michaels vs. The Model (WWF Summerslam 92)
6) Part 6: Shawn Michaels vs. Max Moon (1st Monday Night Raw, 1/93)
® Featuring Rob Bartlett impersonating Mike Tyson!
(Hey, Shawn had to get his win back from Part 2)
7) Part 7: Shawn Michaels vs. Kona Crush (WWF KOTR 93)
8) Part 8: Shawn Michaels vs. Kamala (WWF Raw, 93)
9) Part 9: Shawn Michaels vs. Skinner (WWF, 93)
10) Part 10: Shawn Michaels vs. Adam Bomb (WWF Superstars, 95)
11) Part 11: Shawn Michaels vs. Rad Radford (WWF Action Zone 95)
12) Part 12: Shawn Michaels vs. Kama (WWF KOTR 95)
13) Part 13: Shawn Michaels vs. IRS (WWF Raw 95)
14) Part 14: Shawn Michaels vs. "Double-J" Jeff Jarrett (WWF IYH2)
® Plus post-match party with Barry Didinsky!
15) Part 15: Shawn Michaels vs. Bodydonna Skip (WWF Superstars, 95)
16) Part 16: Shawn Michaels vs. Dean Douglas (sorta) (WWF IYH4)
® Featuring Dean's IC Title reign in its entirety!
17) Part 17: Shawn Michaels vs. Shinobi (WWF Superstars, 96)
18) Part 18: Shawn Michaels vs. Leif Cassidy (WWF Raw, 96)
19) Part 19: Shawn Michaels vs. Connecticut Blueblood HHH (WWF Raw, 96)
20) Part 20: Shawn Michaels vs. Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw (WWF Superstars, 96)
21) Part 21: Shawn Michaels vs. Salvatore Sincere (WWF Superstars, 96)
22) Part 22: Shawn Michaels vs. Flash Funk (sorta) (WWF Raw, 97)
23) Part 23: Shawn Michaels vs. Mizark Henry (WWE Raw, 11/3/03)
24) Part 24: Wrestlecrap reloaded - Shawn Michaels lost his smile (WWF, 97)
25) You like him, you love him, you want more of him. Another Lazor-Tron bout (NWA80s)
26) Trick Or Treat Costume Contest: Torrie vs. Dawn Marie (WWE SD, 10/30/03)
27) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: El Matador vs. Col. Mustafa (WWF PTW, 91)
28) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Doink vs. Roadie (WWF Superstars, 95)
29) Hogan matches wits with Space Ghost…and gets OWNED (SGC2C, 94)



1) Please excuse Big Show. He has explosive diarrhea (WWE SD, 10/2/03)
2) Eddie sprays shit all over Big Show. So did the critics (WWE SD, 10/9/03)
3) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Spark Plugg vs. Roadie (WWF KOTR 95)
4) The LOD didn't even put over their own piledrivers (WWF WM13)
5) Ken Shamrock challenges Mike Tyson. Desperate people… (WWF Raw, 5/97)
6) Brown Goes For Gold: Skinner challenges for the World Title (WWF, 92)
7) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Big Josh vs. Thomas Rich (WCW Clash 17)
8) Adam Bomb wages war on Harvey Wippleman's Wrestlecrap (WWF, 94)
9) When Comrades Collide! (WWF Superstars, 90)
10) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Flash Funk vs. Blueblood HHH (WWF Raw, 97)
11) Bastion Booger/Bam Bam Bigelow/Luna Vachon love triangle (WWF, 94)
12) Start of American Males push. It was all downhill from there… (WCW, 95)
13) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Tugboat vs. Warlord (WWF Prime Time, 91)
14) Coach turns heel, igniting a war between announce teams (WWE Raw, 03)
15) W-Crap v W-Crap: Lazor-Tron & Boogie-Woogie Man v New Breed (NWA, 80s)
16) Oh Christ, it's in syndication now (WCW/UPN/WWE???, 10/3/03)
17) Loser-must-wear-a-weasel-suit match (WWF WrestleFest 88, 7/31/88)
18) Jackie Gayda still sucks (WWE Raw, 12/1/03)
19) Strike Farce! Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: El Matador vs. Model (WWF, 91)
20) Bertha Faye loses 10 lbs, so her boyfriend leaves her (WWF Raw, 95)
21) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Outback Jack vs. "Natural" Butch Reed (WWF, 87)
22) Akeem takes the Nestea plunge (WWF The Main Event, 2/3/89)
23) Thunder In Paradise III (B-movie, 1995)



1) Nothing, NOTHING can prepare you. Warrior on C-SPAN (C-SPAN, 2003)
2) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: "Model" Rick Martel vs. Kona Crush (WWF, 92)
3) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: El Matador vs. Berzerker (WWF, 92)
4) A selection of matches with Mr. J.L. (WCW, 97)
5) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Blueblood HHH vs. The Dumpster (WWF IYH6)
6) Kamala turns babyface (WWF, 1/93)
7) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Aldo Montoya vs. Salvatore Sincere (WWF, 96)
8) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Faarooq vs. Crush vs. Savio (WWF IYH: GZ)
9) Raw Roulette II (WWE Raw, 11/24/03)
10) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: "The Driver vs. The Driller" (WWF, 96)
11) Brown Goes For The Gold: King Duggan challenges for the IC Title (WWF, 89)
12) Sean Mooney's honeymoon (WWF, 93)
13) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Rockabilly vs. Flash Funk (WWF Raw, 97)
14) Phinneas dumps his slop on Sunny. You read it right (WWF Superstars, 96)
15) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Tiger Ali Singh vs. Gillberg (WWF Heat, 99)
16) Mean Gene meets The Machines (WWF TNT, 86)
17) Brown Goes For The Gold: P.N. News challenges for the TV Title (WCW Clash 17)
18) Nice Halloween costume, Vince (WWF Raw, 10/95)
19) Enter The War (Exploitation) Zone, Part 1:
Iraq's Most Wanted vs. Bushwhackers (WWF Prime Time Wrestling, 91)
20) Enter The War (Exploitation) Zone, Part 2:
Santa's Little Helper contest from "Xmas In Baghdad" (WWE, 12/25/03)
21) Lazor Tron and Boogie Woogie compete in the Crockett Cup (NWA, 87)
22) Hillbillies camp it up on Saturday Night's Main Event (WWF SNME, 85/86)
23) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Tugboat vs. Boris Zhukov (WWF PTW, 91)
24) 9-1-DONE! Big Al's first - and last - Nitro in Philly (WCW, 97)
25) Mini Marlena (WWF Raw, 97)
26) Wrestlecrap reloaded: Adorable Adrian and others visit TNT (WWF, 86)
27) Frenchy Martin and Dino Bravo bring the U.S.A. hate (WWF SNME, 88)
28) Mick Foley jobs to Norman The Fucking Lunatic on PPV (NWA WWar 90)
29) D-Lo Brown buys tampons (WWF Raw, 99)
GE #1) Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Repo Man (WWF, 92)
GE# 2) Shawn Michaels vs. Evil Money-Grubbing Tatanka (WWF, 95)



2 Disks

1) G.L.O.W. Brawlin' Beauties (80s G.L.O.W. stuff on In Demand PPV, aired 1/04)

2) Jericho and Mae share a moment (WWE Raw 1/5/04)

3) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: El Matador vs. Adam Bomb (WWF Raw, 6/93)

4) The Natural Disasters do The Bird! (WWF, 7/21/92)

5) The Masked Skyscraper (NWA WrestleWar 90)

6) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Bushwhackers vs. Rhythm & Blues (WWF, 90)

7) Screeches and peaches! The Steph-Sable catfight (WWE Vengeance 03)

8) Hey, let's make our announcers look like complete idiots! (WWF, 80s)

9) Piper Machine in six-man action (WWF, 86)

10) Shane-O-Mac throws Kane into a fire pit on live TV… (WWE Raw 8/25/03)

11) …so Kane tortures Shane's testicles in revenge… (WWE Raw 9/1/03)

12) …prompting Shane to try killing Kane with a runaway limo... (WWE Raw 10/6/03)

13) …then shame him into rising from a coma… (WWE Raw 10/13/03)

14) …which builds to a blowoff "Ambulance match"… (WWE Raw 11/3/03)

15) …including a friendly dinner at a nice restaurant… (WWE Raw 11/10/03)

16) …ending with the lads finally giving in to their unspoken desires. (S Series 03)

17) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: The Double-J vs. Man-O-War saga (WWF, 95)

18) Booker T goes on a booty call (WWE Judgment Day 2002)

19) Steve McMichael vs. Reggie White (WCW Slamboree 97)

20) Wrestlecrap vs. Wrestlecrap: Flash Funk vs. Sal Sincere (WWF 96)

21) Debut of Blu Twins & Uncle Zeb (WWF Superstars, 95)

22) Corporal Kirschner visits TNT (WWF, 86)

23) Girls Gone Wild PPV w/ Coach, Stacy & Test (WWE/GGW, 2003)



2 Disks

1) 2001 Gooker Award Winner: The InVasion’s blowoff match (S. Series 01)

2) RumbleCrap, Part 1: HHH vs. BPP = Worst PPV match EVER? (WWE RR 04)

3) RumbleCrap, Part 2: Bushwhackers (w/ Jamison) vs. Bevs (w/ Genius) (RR 92)

4) RumbleCrap, Part 3: The Best Of Billy Gunn Countdown (WWE SD 1/04)

5) Hair vs. Hair manager’s match: Ellering vs. “Sugar Ray” Long (C Combat)

6) Rosey is a Super Hero In Training. Get it? “S.H.I.T.”! Ha. (WWE Raw, 03)

7) Regis & Rey Jr. vs. Kathie Lee & Giant. Seriously. (Live w/ Regis & KL, 1/97)

8) Lowlights of “Invasion 92” featuring Commander Mooney (C. Video, 92)

9) WCrap vs. WCrap: West Texas Rednecks vs. No-Talent Soldiers (WCW GAB 99)

10) Sacrificial LAME: Dennis Knight becomes Mideon (WWF Raw, 99)

11) Waylon Mercy beats the WWF World champion. Seriously. (WWF SS, 95)

12) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Kona Crush vs. Narcissist (WWF Raw, 93)

13) R-K-D’OH! Randy Orton blows his finisher (WWE Raw, 04)

14) WrestleCrap Recall: Steve Allen meets The Bolsheviks in the shower (WM6)

15) Brown Goes For The Gold: Hillbillies challenge for Tag Title (WWF, 80s)

16) Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend blindfold match: Noble vs. Nidia (WWE NWO 04)

17) Another Glacier match I found somewhere (WCW Slamboree 97)

18) Scheme Gene spreads some filthy, slanderous gossip (WCW Slamboree 97)

19) Brown Goes For The Gold: Tugboat challenges for the IC Title (WWF, 91)

20) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Blueblood HHH vs. Freddie Joe (WWF, 96)

21) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Jailbird Crush vs. Man O’ War (WWF, 96)

22) NWO Nitro (WCW, 12/22/97)



2 Disks

1) NWO Souled Out lowlights (WCW/NWO PPV, 1/25/97)

? Jeff Katz interviews “Miss NWO" contestants

? Male-on-Male! Bagwell vs. Riggs

? Miss NWO is crowned

? Nash exposes The Giant’s ass

2) Annoying hype for WWE Originals (WWE, 12/03 – 2/04)

3) Harlem Heat vs. Johnny Bluejeans & A Monkey (Viva Variety, 90s)

4) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Blueblood HHH vs. Spark Plugg (WWF, 96)

5) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Ringmaster vs. “Think Positive” Fatu (WWF, 96)

6) Debut of Rad Radford (WWF, 86)

7) Ron Garvin in drag? Meet Ms. Atlanta Lively (NWA Starrcade 85)

8) WrestleCrap Recall: The Gimmick Battle Royal (WM17, 4/1/01)

9) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Rocky Maivia vs. Flash Funk (WWF Raw, 97)

10) First-Ever Father-vs.-Daughter “I Quit” match: Vince v Steph (No Mercy 03)

11) Brown Goes For The Gold: Ludvig Borga challenges for the IC Title (WWF, 12/14/93)

12) The Mulkeys vs. The Gladiators (NWA WCW on TBS, 80s)

13) HHH’s 9th World Title victory celebration (WWE Raw, 9/13/04)

14) The return of Viscera! (WWE SD 9/04)

15) Lowlights from “Bloopers, Bleeps & Bodyslams” (WWF Coliseum Video 94)

16) T&S T&A, Part 1: Bikini challenge: Torrie vs. Sable (WWE Judgment Day 03)

17) T&S T&A, Part 2: Torrie & Sable vs. Jackie & Stacy (WWE WMXX, 3/14/04)

18) T&S T&A, Part 3: Torrie vs. Sable vs. Jackie vs. Dawn (WWE SD, 6/04)

19) T&S T&A, Part 4: Torrie vs. Sable (WWE Great American Bash 04)

20) T&S T&A, Part 5: Torrie vs. Sable – GAB Rematch (WWE SD, 7/1/04)

21) WWF Studio Tour w/ Johnny Polo (WWF Coliseum Video 1994)

22) “Catch The Buzz, Feel The Bling” contest (WWE/Stacker promotion, 04)

23) Fans, meet Nina (WWE Raw, 7/12/04)

24) WWE Diva Search Casting Special (WWE special on Spike TV, 7/15/04)



2 Disks

1) Hooray for retards! Eugene bursts on the scene (WWE Raw, 04)

2) Booker T discovers voodoo (WWE SD, 5/04)

3) Lowlights from “WWF Superstars – The Music Video” (WWF C. Video, 93)

4) The New Breed’s debut squash (NWA WCW on TBS, 80s)

5) Diva Search contestants meet Ugandan Pimp Kamala (WWE Raw, 04)

6) Heidenreich kidnaps Cole, possibly for pimping (WWE SD, 9/16/04)

7) The Fink’s pimp hand is weak (WWE SummerSlam 02)

8) Samoans in the kitchen. This has nothing to do with pimps (WWF TNT, 80s)

9) After meeting the girls, Kamala now has a crapping cock (WWF TNT, 80s)

10) The Big Boys Shopping Network (WCW, 97)

11) Screw-serweight Title! Jackie Disco-dances with the Chavos (WWE SD, 04)

12) The Under-Toddler (WWE Smackdown, 8/04)

13) Break the ropes down (WWE No Mercy 02)

14) WrestleCrap Reloaded: All My Wilsons (WWE, 02)

15) Body Donna 2004! Simon Dean and his “Simon System” (WWE Raw, 04)

16) Gender-bending lowlights from the “Women Of The WWF” (WWF CV, 89)

17) Austin & Bischoff in the GM Skybox (WWE Judgment Day 03)

18) Kiss My Arse match: Rikishi vs. Albert (WWE Rebellion 02)

19) WTF?? Jeff Hardy’s music video (NWA TNA Impact, 10/1/04)

20) Oooooooooooooh, burn. Vince mocks his betters (WWE Raw, 11/22/04)

21) Battle (C)rap: John Cena vs. Kenzo Suzuki (WWE Smackdown, 1/6/05)

22) Wrestling’s Country Boys (WWF Coliseum Video, 85)



2 Disks

1) RumbleCrap! WrestleCrap icons enter – and exit – the Royal Rumble!

Red Rooster! The Model! Saba Simba! Tiger Ali Singh! Flash Funk! Golga!

Akeem! Mantaur! Tugboat! Berzerker! Warlord! Kwang! Ringmaster!

Repo Man! Damien Demento! Aldo Montoya! Max Moon! Evil Japanese Crush!

El Matador! Duke The Dumpster! Kurrgan! Adam Bomb! Sparky Plugg!

Prince Albert! Skinner! Fake Razor! Fake Diesel! Bushwhackers! Los Boricuas!

Well Dunn! Squat Team! Blu Twins! IRS! RTC! DOA! MOM! HOG! PIG! HHH! JJ! The Real JJ! Isaac Yankem, DDS!

“Think Positive” Fatu! Sultan! Papa Shango! Kama! Kama Mustafa! Goodfather!

Mabel! King Mabel! Mabel gets abducted! Viscera! And much, much more!!

(WWF Royal Rumble 1989 – 2001)

2) Heidi The Fat Chick gets fed, then gets fed to Jarrett (WCW Nitro, 8/7/00)

3) “2nd Annual Battle Of The WWF Superstars” lowlights…featuring Hacksaw Duggan’s Woody!! (WWF Coliseum Video, 91)

4) Butcher Vachon’s wedding! (WWF TNT, 80s)

5) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: “Phantom Of The Opera” UT vs. Sir Mo (WWF, 95)

6) The best acting of Linda McMahon’s career (WWF Smackdown, 3/8/01)

7) Viscera falls for Hacksaw’s Woody (WWF Raw, 2/7/00)

8) Brown Goes For The Gold: Viscera challenges for the IC Title (WWF Raw, 2/7/00)

9) THE 2004 GOOKER AWARD WINNER!!!! Lowlights from the Diva Search!!

Diva Dodgeball! Diss The Diva! Seattle Slutfest! And the finale! (WWE RAW, 04)

Gooker Egg: Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Evil Japanese Crush (WWF, 04)



2 Disks

1) The entire “Brawl For All” tournament/WM match (WWF Raw, 98/WM15, 99)

2) WrestleCrap vs. WrestleCrap: Stalker vs. P.I.G. (WWF Superstars, 96)

3) Ultimo Dragon trips twice within 15 seconds (WWE WMXX, 3/14/04)

4) Lowlights from another Smackdown Thanksgiving (WWE SD 11/25/04)

5) MiniCrap! Mascarita Sagrada vs. Piratita Morgan (TNA V Road 11/7/04)

6) Randy Orton hosts a Diva lingerie fashion show (WWE Raw, 11/29/05)

7) Brown Goes For The Gold: Double-J challenges for the IC Title (WWF RR 95)

8) Lowlights from “Best Of The WWF 16: Around The World” featuring Giant Machine, Outback, Frenchy, bad skits, worse matches,
and MeanGene’s schizophrenic fashion show (WWF Coliseum Video, 88)

9) Babyface Doink (w/ Little Dink!) vs. Jerry Lawler (WWF C. Video, 95)

10) Lowlights from the Trish-Steph feud, including Trish barking (WWF, 01)

11) Another “Call Of The Action” w/ Lord Alfred (WWF Coliseum Video, 90)

12) “Sci-Fighters” starring Roddy Piper (B-Movie, 1996)









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