Matches 1-7 are in Fair quality.


1.        Interview – THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS!  Jim Hellwig & Steve Borden talk to Bob Caudle before a match..  Hellwig & Borden are the real names for Ultimate Warrior & Sting

2.        Freedom Fighters v. Dave Johnson & The Invader

3.        Fantastics v. Dutch Mantel &  ??? (Tarus Bulba & The Sheepherders run in to attack the Fantastics.  The Freedom
Fighters come in to make the save.)

4.        Int – Freedom Fighters.  Hellwig cuts something of a heel interview, making fun of fan favorite Phil Hickerson

5.        Jim Hellwig v. Phil Hickerson (After being manhandled for most of the match, Hickerson gets the advantage and Borden
run in and double team Hickerson.  Steve Kiern comes in with a chair to run the Freedom Fighters off.)

6.        The Freedom Fighters double team Hickerson until their run off by Stan Lane

7.        Int – Freedom Fighters, who are now managed by Percival Pringle III


8.        Int – Hellwig & Borden come out and re-introduce themselves as the Blade Runners

9.        Int – Blade Runners, Bill Dundee & the rest of Dundee’s stable.


Hellwig leaves Mid-South wrestling and travels to World Class Championship Wrestling in Texas and becomes the Dingo Warrior.

10.     Dingo Wariror v. Rick Rude (Warrior is a heel managed by Gary Hart, while Rude is managed by Percy Pringle)

11.     Dingo Warrior & Rick Rude v. Kevin & Mike Von Erich (Rude hits the referee, getting his team disqualified, angering
the Warrior.  After the match Warrior and Rude start fighting each other with the crowd standing behind the Warrior.)


Disk 2

1.        Ultimate Warrior v. Terry Gibbs (Warrior’s TV debut October 7, 1987)

2.        Ultimate Warrior v. Frenchy Martin (MSG- November 24, 1987 Warrior's MSG debut)

3.        Ultimate Warrior v. Dusty Wolf  ((SUPERSTARS 12/12/87)

4.        Ultimate Warrior v. Rick Renslow (SUPERSTARS 12/26/87)

5.        Ultimate Warrior in the 1988 Royal Rumble

6.        Ultimate Warrior v. Terry Gibbs (SUPERSTARS 1/30/88)

7.        Ultimate Warrior v. King Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan) (Hercules runs in and attacks the Warrior with his steel chain;
after the bout, Warrior gained possession of the chain and chased Hercules and Race out of the ring with it  

8.        Ultimate Warrior v. Tom Stone (SUPERSTARS 3/12/88)

9.        Ultimate Warrior v. Hercules Hernandez (Wrestlemania 4)

10.     Ultimate Warrior v. Barry Horowitz SUPERSTARS 4/9/88)

11.     Ultimate Warrior v. Joe Milano (SUPERSTARS 4/30/88)

12.     Ultimate Warrior v. Steve Lombardi (SUPERSTARS 6/4/88)

13.     Ultimate Warrior v. Larry Simpson (SUPERSTARS 6/25/88)

14.     Promo – Ultimate Warrior (MSG 6/25/88)

15.     Ultimate Warrior v. Bobby Heenan (Weasel Suit Match  Madison Square Garden June 25, 1988)

16.     Ultimate Warrior v. Bob Emery (SUPERSTARS 7/23/88)

17.     Ultimate Warrior v. Bobby Heenan (Weasel Suit match WRESTLEFEST 7/31/88)

18.     Ultimate Warrior v. Dusty Wolfe (SUPERSTARS)

19.     Ultimate Warrior v. Honkytonk Man (Warrior  pins HTM in 19 seconds to win the Intercontinental Title!

20.     Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior.  Honkytonk Man attacks the Warrior (Superstars 9/3/88)

21.     Ultimate Warrior v. Honkytonk Man (Boston 9/10/88)

22.     Ultimate Warrior v. Gene Ligons (Superstars 10/8/88)

23.     Ultimate Warrior v. Honkytonk Man (Boston 10/10/88)

24.     Int – Ultimate Warrior & Brutus Beefcake about the upcoming Survivor Series (Superstars 10/9/88)

25.     Ultimate Warrior v. George South (Superstars 11/5/88)


Disk 3

1.        Ultimate Warrior , Brutus Beefcake, Jim Brunzell, Blue Blazer & Sam Houston v. Honkytonk Man, Ron Bass, Greg Valentine
Bad News Brown & Danny Davis (Survivor Series 1988)

2.        Ultimate Warrior v. Super Ninja (Rip Oliver) (Saturday Night’s Main Event 11/88)

3.        Ultimate Warrior v. Honky Tonk Man (SNME 1/89)

4.        Ultimate Warrior v. Rick Rude in a Posedown (Royal Rumble 1989)

5.        Ultimate Warrior v. WWF Champion Randy “Macho Man” Savage (Boston Garden February 11, 1989)

6.        Ultimate Warrior v. Dusty Wolfe (SUPERSTARS 2/25/89)

7.        Ultimate Warrior v. Joe Milano (SUPERSTARS 3/18/89)

8.        Ultimate Warrior v. Rick Rude (With Bobby Heenan’s help, Rude pins the Warriorto win the IC title! WRESTLEMANIA V)

9.        Ultimate Warrior v. Dusty Wolfe (SUPERSTARS 6/17/89)

10.     Ultimate Warrior v. Mike Williams (SUPERSTARS 7/15/89)

11.     Ultimate Warrior, Bobby Heenan & Andre the Giant are guests of the Brother Love Show (SUPERSTARS 7/29/89)

12.     Ultimate Warrior v. Barry Horowitz (Horowitz was taken out on a stretcher after the bout.(SUPERSTARS 8/5/89)

13.     'Update' segment with highlights from the Warrior / Haku match from Prime Time Wrestling (SUPERSTARS 8/19/89)

14.     Int – Rick Rude

15.     Ultimate Warrior v. Steve Vega (after the bout, Warrior attempted to carry Vega backstage but was confronted by Bobby
Heenan; as Warrior was distracted by Heenan, Andre the Giant came up from behind and choked him out



1.         Gene Okerlund DROPS THE “F BOMB” ON A LIVE PPV!  He’s attempting to interview Rick Rude prior to his match with the
Ultimate Warrior and part of the set collapses, startling Okerlund, who yells F*CK IT!

2.         Ultimate Warrior v. Rick Rude (The Warrior regains the Intercontinental Title! Summerslam 89)

3.         Ultimate Warrior v. Andre the Giant (THE WARRIOR SLAMS THE GIANT! MSG 9/30/89)

4.        Ultimate Warrior v. Dusty Wolfe  (After the bout, Warrior kicked his opponent underneath the ring, chased him
underneath it, and then returned ringside with Wolfe, showing that he had painted his opponent's face SUPERSTARS

5.        Ultimate Warrior v. Andre the Giant (In the fastest IC title defense on record, The Warrior drills Andre with 3 rapid fire
clotheslines and a big splash for the clean pin! This match was over so quick, the sound crew barely had a chance to turn the Warriors music off! MSG 10/28/89

6.        Featured Gene Okerlund hosting a ‘Test of Strength’ segment where Dino Bravo came out with Jimmy Hart and did several
pushups with Hart on his back, which Okerlund found to be not too impressive; Hart then selected the biggest man in the
audience he could find so that Bravo could do pushups with him on his back instead; Okerlund briefly interviewed the man, who
gave his name as John (Tenta) from West Virginia and that he weighed 460 pounds; Bravo then completed several pushups with
John on his back; the Ultimate Warrior then came out and was about to complete the same task, but John hit a sit-down splash on
the Warrior's back instead of sitting on him, and then he and Bravo proceeded to attack the Warrior with John hitting some
splashes before referees swarmed the ring; the Warrior then quickly got back up and ran backstage to look for Bravo (SUPERSTARS 11/11/89)

7.        Ultimate Warrior, Jim Neidhart & The Rockers v. Andre the Giant, Haku, Arn Anderson & Bobby Heenan (Heenan
was subbing for Tully Blanchard, who had intentionally failed a drug test and was fired.  SURVIVOR SERIES 89

8.        Ultimate Warrior v. Andre the Giant by Disqualification (SNME 11/25/89)

9.        Ultimate Warrior v. Len Wagner (SUPERSTARS 12/2/89)

10.     Ultimate Warrior v. Brian Costello (SUPERSTARS 12/23/89)

11.     Int – Ultimate Warrior (Royal Rumble 1990)

12.     Ultimate Warrior  in the 1990 Royal Rumble





1.        Ultimate Warrior v. Bob Bradley (SUPERSTARS 1/27/90)

2.        Ultimate Warrior  & Hulk Hogan v. Mr. Perfect & The Genius (SNME 1/27/90)

3.        Hulk Hogan challenges the Ultimate Warrior to a match at Wrestlemania 6

4.        The announcement that WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan would face WWF IC Champion the Ultimate Warrior in a title vs.
title match at WrestleMania VI (SUPERSTARS 2/10/90)

5.        Ultimate Warrior v. Dino Bravo (Main Event 2/23/90)

6.        Several promos by the Ultimate Warrior regarding his upcoming Title for Title match against Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 6.

7.        Ultimate Warrior v. Mr. Perfect (One of Mr. Perfect’s first pinfall losses! MSG 3/90)

8.        Ultimate Warrior v. Steve Vega (SUPERSTARS 3/24/90)

TITLE!  Despite the fact that neither men were known as good workers, this was a surprisingly good match.! Wrestlemania 6)




1.        Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan challenging the new WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior to a title match

2.        Ultimate Warrior v. Ted DiBiase (WWF/AJPW Summit: 4/13/90)

3.        Footage of Rick Rude in training for his upcoming world title shot against the Ultimate Warrior
(SUPERSTARS 4/28/90)

4.        Promo – Ultimate Warrior/Haku (SNME 4/28/90)

5.         Int – Ultimate Warrior (SNME 4/28/90)

6.       Ultimate Warrior v. Haku (SNME 4/28/90)

7.        Footage of Rick Rude in training for his world title shot against the Ultimate Warrior (SUPERSTARS 5/5/90)

8.        More footage of Rick Rude in training for his title match. (SUPERSTARS 5/12/90)

9.        Yup, still more footage of Rick Rude.  (SUPERSTARS 5/19/90)

10.     Promo – Ultimate Warrior

11.     Included Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan as guests of the Brother Love Show with Rude saying there would be no more 'Rude
Awakening' kisses until he takes the WWF Championship from the Ultimate Warrior (SUPERSTARS 6/2/90)

12.     Promo – Ultimate Warrior

13.    WWF World Champion Ultimate Warrior, and a small girl called ‘Amanda Ultimate Warrior’ as guests of the Brother Love Show (SUPERSTARS 6/23/90)

14.     Promo - Ultimate Warrior, who will be facing Rick Rude in a Steel Cage at Summerslam.  (SUPERSTARS 7/21/90)

15.    Promo - Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan and WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior about their upcoming match on Saturday Night's Main Event
       (SUPERSTARS 7/28/90)

16.     Ultimate Warrior v. Rick Rude (SNME 7/28/90)

17.     Post Match interview  – Ultimate Warrior & Rick Rude (SNME 7/28/90)

18     Ultimate Warrior as a guest of the Brother Love Show, discussing his upcoming match with Rick Rude at Summer Slam (SUPERSTARS 8/11/90)

19.     Ultimate Warrior v. Rick Rude ("steel cage" match SUMMERSLAM 90 8/27/90)

20     Sensational Sherri as a guest of the Brother Love Show which was interrupted by WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior, who tore up a contract

       Sherri wanted him to sign so that Randy Savage would receive a title shot against the Warrior (SUPERSTARS 9/8/90)

21.     Brother Love - Ultimate Warrior (SUPERSTARS 10/13/90)

22.     Promo – Ultimate Warrior & The Legion of Doom (Superstars 10/13/90)

23.     Ultimate Warrior & Legion of Doom v. Demolition [Axe, Smash, & Crush] (SNME 10/13/90)

24.   'Update' segment on WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior's appearance on the Brother Love Show the previous week, with additional comments

       from Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri  (SUPERSTARS 10/20/90)

25     Ultimate Warrior, WWF IC Champion Kerry Von Erich, & the Legion of Doom as guests of the Brother Love Show (SUPERSTARS 11/17/90)




1.        Ultimate Warrior, Kerry Von Erich, L.O.D. vs Mr. Perfect & Demolition (Survivor Series 1990)

2.        Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan & Tito Santana v. Rick Martel, Ted DiBiase, Warlord, Hercules & Dino Bravo (Survivor Series

3.        Ultimate Warrior v. Ted DiBiase (“Macho King” Randy Savage DESTROYS the Warrior after the match.  SNME 11/23/90 )

4.        Int – Ultimate Warrior (SNME 11/23/90)

5.        Ultimate Warrior vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage (The Warrior gets a measure of revenge here as he absolutely
DEMOLISHES Savage!  Most of the Warrior’s TV Squash match opponents got off more offense than the Macho Man.
This match took place on the same night as the 11/23/90 SNME match between the Warrior & Ted DiBiase, but was
never aired.   It apparently was meant for the live crowd to see a payoff for the tremendous beating that the Warrior took from Savage earlier in the evening after the match against DiBiase)

6.        Featured the announcement that the Ultimate Warrior would defend the WWF Championship against Sgt. Slaughter at the
Rumble (SUPERSTARS 12/15/90)

7.        Featured an 'Update' segment focusing on the Ultimate Warrior / Sgt. Slaughter WWF Title match at the Royal Rumble, with
footage of Gene Okerlund interviewing the Warrior about the match and comments from Randy Savage about the match; (SUPERSTARS 1/5/91)

8.        Int – Randy Savage.  Afterward, Sensational Sherri tries to seduce the Ultimate Warrior into giving Randy Savage a title shot. 
The Warrior shows no signs of being impressed. (Royal Rumble 91)

9.        Int – Sgt. Slaughter

10.     Int – Ultimate Warrior

11.     Ultimate Warrior v. Sgt. Slaughter (Sgt Slaughter defeats The Warrior for the title after Randy Savage interferes. Royal Rumble 91 1/19/91)

12.     Brother Love – Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri

13.     Update – Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage are signed to a career ending match at Wrestlemania 7.

14.     Brother Love – Ultimate Warrior ends Brother Love’s career.  The Warrior beats Love so bad, he has to be stretchered out
and is never seen in the WWF again.

15.     Several updates about Warrior & Savage’s upcoming match.

16.     Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior




1.        Ultimate Warrior v. Randy Savage in a "Retirement" match. (Wrestlemania 7 3/24/91)

2.        "The Funeral Parlor" calling out The Ultimate Warrior

3.        The Ultimate Warrior gets attacked and forced into a casket by The Undertaker on "The Funeral Parlor"

4.        Ultimate Warrior v. Sgt Slaughter (SNME 4/27/91)

5.        Int – Ultimate Warrior/Smash (Superstars 5/18/81)

6.        Ultimate Warrior v. Demolition Smash (w/ Mr. Fuji) (SUPERSTARS 5/18/91)

7.        Ultimate Warrior v. the Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) (bodybag match MSG 7/1/91)

8.        Promo – Ultimate Warrior

9.        Announcement that WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan & the Ultimate Warrior would face Sgt. Slaughter, Gen. Adnan, & Col.
Mustafa in a handicap match at Summer Slam with a special referee to be announced at a later date (SUPERSTARS 7/6/91)

10.     Funeral Parlor – Jake Roberts tells Paul Bearer that he’s going to share the “Secrets of the Dark Side” with the Ultimate Warrior.

11.     Summerslam Report

12.     Featured a pre-taped segment of Jake Roberts having the Ultimate Warrior lay in the same casket the Undertaker once locked
him in to help prepare Warrior to face the Undertaker; after closing the lid, Roberts locked Warrior in the casket; moments later,
Roberts opened the casket and the Warrior sat up and stared at the camera in a fasion similar to the Undertaker


Disk 9

1.        Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior/Hulk Hogan/Sid Justice

2.        Update – “The Match Made In Hell”  including promos with Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan

3.        Featured a pre-taped segment in which Jake Roberts and the Ultimate Warrior were shown in a cemetary, with Warrior digging a grave

and pulling a skull out; moments later, Roberts buried Warrior up to his head in the open grave to help prepare him to face the Undertaker (SUPERSTARS 8/10/91)

4.        Featured a pre-taped segment in which Jake Roberts made the Ultimate Warrior enter a dark room to face Lucifer the snake; after Warrior walked into the room,

Roberts turned on the light to reveal dozens of snakes on the ceiling and floor; Roberts then told Warrior to go to the center of the room; after opening a box in the

room, Warrior was bit in the face by a cobra; after Warrior broke through the door and collapsed, the Undertaker & Paul Bearer appeared, revealing that it was a set-up

all along between Roberts and Taker (SUPERSTARS 8/17/91)

5.        Int – Sgt. Slaughter, Col. Mustafa & Gen. Adnan (Summerslam 91)

6.        Int – Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan (Summerslam 91)

7.        Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan v. Slaughter, Mustafa & Adnan (handicap match.. The Ultimate Warrior held up Vince McMahon for more money

before the event and was promptly fired after the match.  Summerslam 91 8/26/91)

8.        Interviews with Hulk Hogan, Sgt. Slaughter , Vince McMahon, Gene Okerlund & Ted DiBiase talking about what it was like working with the Ultimate Warrior at

Summerslam 91and the events leading up to the Warrior being fired following the match.  (Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior)



Disk 10

Additional footage

1.        Ultimate Warrior & King Duggan vs. "Ravishing" Rick Rude & Andre the Giant (Fan Favorites)

2.        Ultimate Warrior v. Mr. Perfect (One of Mr. Perfect’s first losses!  MSG 2/90 Battle of the WW Superstars )

3.        Legion of Doom & Ultimate Warrior v. Demolition (Ax, Smash & Crush) (MSG 9/21/91 Supertape Vol. 3)

4.        Ultimate Warrior v. Randy Savage (Warrior BEATS THE HELL out of Sensational Sherri after the match!
MSG 1/91 – Mega Matches)

5.      Ultimate Warrior  v. Sgt. Slaughter (The Warrior is still the WWF Champion here, so this match took place prior to
the 1991 Royal Rumble.  Supertape Vol. 4)

6.        Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior vs. Undertaker/Sgt. Slaughter/Gen. Adnan (World Tour 91)




1.        Hulk Hogan v. Sid Justice (Wrestlemania 8: The Warrior made a suprise return, helping Hulk Hogan during an attack
from Sid & Papa Shango)

2.        included pre-taped promos from both the Ultimate Warrior and Sid Justice regarding the closing moments of WrestleMania VIII
and laying the foundation for a feud between the two (SUPERSTARS: 4/11//92)

3.        Interview with Sid Justice in which Sid mentioned the Ultimate Warrior and claimed to have driven Hulk Hogan out of the
WWF  (SUPERSTARS: 4/25//92)

4.        Ultimate Warrior v. Skinner  (Warrior's TV return after an 8-month absence SUPERSTARS: 5/2//92)

5.        promo by Papa Shango on the Ultimate Warrior in which he placed a curse on Warrior (SUPERSTARS: 5/9//92)

6.        Ultimate Warrior v. Brian Knobbs (w/ Jimmy Hart & Jerry Saggs) (during the match, Papa Shango appeared at ringside and
took a piece of Warrior's outfit that the Nasty Boys had removed, then returned backstage; after the bout, Shango
reappeared at ringside and cursed the Warrior, with Warrior eventually falling to the floor, clutching his stomach; he
was helped backstage by Rene Goulet, JJ Dillon, and Tony Garea; after the commercial break, Warrior was shown being
helped backstage where he was soon shown throwing up SUPERSTARS: 5/16//92)

7.        'Update' segment showing last week's incident where Papa Shango placed a curse on the Ultimate Warrior followed by
comments from Shango in which he said he owned the Warrior's soul; The Ultimate Warrior has a promo with Mean Gene
(SUPERSTARS 5/23//92

8.        'Update' segment showing the recent incidents between the Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango (SUPERSTARS: 5/30//92)

9.        Gene Okerlund conducting an interview with Papa Shango in which he caused black goo to begin dripping from Okerlund's
jacket sleeve  (SUPERSTARS: 6/6//92)

10.     Ultimate Warrior & Undertaker vs. The Berzerker & Papa Shango (Rampage 19/92)

11.     Gene Okerlund conducting a face-to-face podium interview with WWF World Champion Randy Savage and the Ultimate
Warrior regarding their match at Summer Slam, with Savage reminding Warrior that he was the champion and was thinking of
the present not the past like Warrior was; Warrior then took Okerlund off the podium and began to make his way back on it
when Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect went to the ring, with Flair saying if either came to the ring he could beat both of them; Perfect
then called Savage a "Macho Chicken", with Savage then running to the ring and attacking Flair; Perfect then began choking
Savage with his belt and Savage was double teamed by Perfect and Flair until Warrior made the save; Savage and Warrior then
argued in the ring and had to both be held back by referees and officials (SUPERSTARS: 7/25//92)

12.     included Gene Okerlund conducting an interview with the Ultimate Warrior regarding his match with
WWF World Champion Randy Savage at Summer Slam, during which Ric Flair appeared and said that Mr. Perfect had begun
negotiations with Randy Savage to be in the champion's corner at the pay-per-view (SUPERSTARS: 8/8//92)

13.     included Gene Okerlund conducting an interview with WWF World Champion Randy Savage
regarding his match at Summer Slam with the Ultimate Warrior, during with Mr. Perfect appeared and said that the Ultimate
Warrior contacted him about wanting Perfect in his corner at the pay-per-view and, as a result, Perfect's asking price had risen (SUPERSTARS: 8/15//92)

14.     'Update' segment showing comments from the Ultimate Warrior and WWF World Champion Randy
Savage, with neither man saying if they had really been in negotiations with Mr. Perfect, but with both men agreeing that
whomever had Perfect in their corner would win the match at Summer Slam; included footage from the previous Monday's
Prime Time Wrestling where Gene Okerlund interviewed Jimmy Hart, with Hart revealing he had a contract for the Nasty Boys
to face Savage & the Warrior; it was then announced that the match would take place the following night during the Summer
Slam Spectacular TV special  (SUPERSTARS: 8/22//92)

15.     The Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage vs The Nasty Boys (Summer Slam Spectacular)



1.        Ultimate Warrior v. WWF Champion Randy Savage (Summerslam August 29, 19/92)

2.        featured Gene Okerlund conducting a podium interview with Randy Savage about the recent attack he sustained from Razor
Ramon, with Savage saying while he no longer had the WWF World Title he had a new knee pad with "Ultimate Maniacs"
written across it; Savage then addressed WWF World Champion Ric Flair before introducing the Ultimate Warrior, giving
Warrior a pair of his own sunglasses, and saying he would be the next WWF World Champion (SUPERSTARS: 9/26//92)

3.        Survivor Series report segment in which Gene Okerlund announced Randy Savage & the Ultimate Warrior would face WWF
World Champion Ric Flair & Razor Ramon in the main event; included the announcement there would be a special interview the
following week with WWF World Champion Ric Flair & Razor Ramon (SUPERSTARS: 10/10//92)

4.        Several promos by Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Razor Ramon & Ric Flair

5.        'Update' segment with comments from Randy Savage & the Ultimate Warrior about the Survivor
Series, with Savage congratulating Hart for his title win, as well as Ric Flair, Razor Ramon, & Mr. Perfect; included the
announcement of the following matches for Survivor Series (SUPERSTARS: 10/17//92)

6.        featured an opening segment in which Gene Okerlund interviewed Randy Savage & the Ultimate
Warrior regarding their match at the Survivor Series  (SUPERSTARS: 10/24//92)

7.        Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage def Ted DiBiase & IRS (SNME 11/8//92)

8.        Special Interview – Razor Ramon & Ric Flair

9.        Several Survivor Series Reports

10.     Update – Ultimate Warrior is being replaced by Mr. Perfect in the Survivor Series match with Randy Savage.  (Once again
The Warrior held McMahon up for more money and was fired.)

11.     Survivor Series report






1.        Ultimate Warrior v. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley (The Warrior makes his long awaited return and completely squashes
the future Triple H!  Wrestlemania XII)

2.        Vince McMahon conducting an in-ring interview with the Ultimate Warrior regarding his match with Goldust at In
Your House 4/8/96 RAW

3.        Ultimate Warrior v. Goldust (April 28, 1997 In Your House 7)

4.        Ultimate Warrior v. Isaac Yankem DDS (the future Kane - April 29, 1996 RAW).

5.        The Ultimate Warrior vs Goldust (KING OF THE RING 96 QUALIFYING MATCH May 27, 1996 RAW:)

6.        In-ring interview with the Ultimate Warrior conducted by Jerry Lawler in which Lawler attempted to apologize
for costing Warrior the match against Goldust several weeks back and offering a drawing of the Warrior as a present; after
Warrior rejected the present and apology, Lawler smashed the framed picture over Warrior's head before fleeing backstage 6/10/96 RAW

7.        Ultimate Warrior v. Jerry "The King" Lawler (June 23, 1996 King of the Ring 96)

8.        Ultimate Warrior v. Owen Hart (July 08, 1996 RAW  This was the Warriors final televised appearance on WWF TV.  The
Warrior failed to appear at several WWF live events on which he was advertised.. The Ultimate Warrior was
promptly fired by Vince McMahon and released from his WWF contract.  The Warrior would never again work for the WWF.





1.        The Warrior makes his return to Wrestling on the 8/17/ 98 episode of WCW Monday Nitro.

2.        Promo – Warrior (Nitro 8/24/98)

3.        Bill Goldberg/Kevin Nash vs. Giant/Hollywood Hogan (In Progress.  Warrior, Roddy Piper & DDP run in when Goldberg
is being doubleteamed by Hogan & the Giant.  Nitro 8/24/98)

4.        Warrior confronts Hulk Hogan &  Eric Bischoff (Nitro 8/31/98)

5.        Warrior in the War Games match as the captain of his team  (In progress -  Fall Brawl 9/11/98)



1.        Warrior appears in the ring with The Disciple. (Nitro 9/14/98)

2.        Hogan goes to his dressing room and finds that the Warrior has spraypainted his OWN (One Warrior Nation) symbol
on the wall. (Nitro 9/21/98)

3.        Hogan calls out the Warrior again.  The Warrior comes out with the Disciple at his side. (Nitro 9/21/98))

4.        Video – Warrior/Hogan II at the upcoming Halloween Havok 98.

5.        Promo – Ultimate Warrior

6.        Hogan calls out the Warrior, then goes to the back and sees the Warrior’s reflection in the mirror, but when he turns around,
nobody is there.  Hulk acts like he’s seeing things and is very confused.  The stupid thing about it, is that everyone watching
on TV saw the Warrior in the mirror as well. (Nitro 10/5/98)

7.        Warrior & Sting v. Hollywood Hogan & Bret Hart (Michael Buffer announces the teaming of Sting & The Warrior
as if it’s their first ever teaming, when they actually broke into the sport together.  Nitro: 9/12/98, 1998)

8.        The NWO beats down the Warrior.

9.        Hollywood Hulk Hogan v. Warrior (Their rematch didn’t even come close to living up to their first match 8 years ago.
Unfortunately, the Warrior and WCW couldn't agree to a contract and disappeared from WCW Television much like (October 25, 1998 Halloween Havoc)

10.     Ultimate Warrior v. Orlando Jones (10 years after his last match, the Warrior returns!  This time to the NEW to face
another former WWE wrestler in Orlando Jones.)


Disk 16 covers The Ultimate Warrior's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, as well as his untimely passing.  Disks

17-20 cover the WWE's "WARRIOR WEEK" as they celebrated the Warrior's career with some of his greatest

matches, interviews with WWE wrestlers and officials about the Warrior's legacy, as well as exclusive interviews with

Warrior himself as he was leading up to his HOF induction.



1.       The Ultimate Warrior is coming to the WWE Hall of Fame

2.       The Ultimate Warrior is inducted to the 2014 WWE hall of Fame

3.       Ultimate Warrior and the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014 at Wrestlemania 30

4.       Ultimate Warrior speaks at the 4/7/14 Monday Night RAW.  This was Warriors final appearance before passing away
unexpectedly less than 24 hours later

5.       The entire WWE roster honors the passing of the Ultimate Warrior with a 10 bell salute. (RAW 4/14/14)

6.       Warrior Moment - Clips of Ultimate Warrior v. Honkytonk Man from Summerslam 1988

7.       Warrior Moment - Clips of Ultimate Warrior v. Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania 6

8.       Warrior Moment - Clips of Ultimate Warrior v. Rick Rude from Summerslam 1990

9.       Clips of Ultimate Warrior from the 4/14/14 Monday Night RAW



1.       Warrior just prior to his HOF induction gives an introduction to his greatest matches.

2.       Int – Shawn Michaels on the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior

3.       Ultimate Warrior v. Barry Horowitz (Wresting Challenge 11/7/87)

4.       Int – Ricky Steamboat

5.       Ultimate Warrior v. Honkytonk Man (Warrior wins the Intercontinental Title in 19 seconds!  Summerslam 88)

6.       Int – Batista

7.       Int – Chris Jericho

8.       Ultimate Warrior v. Andre the Giant (SNME 11/25/89)

9.       Int – Scott Hall

10.    Ultimate Warrior v. Ted DiBiase (Tokyo, 4/13/90)

11.    Int – CJ Parker

12.    Int – Sami Zayn

13.    Ultimate Warrior v. Rick Rude (SNME 7/28/90)

14.    Int – John Cena

15.    Int – Hulk Hogan

16.    Warrior concludes the special


This disk goes in depth into the Wrestlemania 6 match between Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, as well as the buildup over
the previous months, leading up to their match.  Lots of interviews with different wrestlers both young and old about the legacy
of this match.


This disk covers the career of the Warrior, to include candid interviews with the Warrior and Sting as they about how Warrior
got into the business, and with Warrior as he gives a running commentary about his career as it unfolded over the years, and
even candid footage as Warrior talks with Triple H about rejoining the WWE and going into the Hall of Fame.  Loads of other
interviews as well with other WWE wrestlers, including Jerry Lawler, Hulk Hogan, and Vince McMahon


WWE Legends Roundtable, with Booker T, Sgt. Slaughter and Ted Dibiase discussing the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior.





By Billy Newton

Disk 1

1. Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage (Boston Garden – 2/11/89)

2. Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage (MSG – 2/20/89)

3. Brother Love w/Sensational Sherri (Superstars – 9/8/90)

4. Brother Love w/Ultimate Warrior (Superstars – 10/13/90)

5. Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage (Fort Wayne, IN – 10/30/90)

6. Randy Savage Interview (Survivor Series 1990)

7. Ultimate Warrior vs. Ted DiBiase (The Main Event – 11/23/90)

8. Ultimate Warrior & Sherri Interview (Royal Rumble 1991)

9. Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter (Royal Rumble 1991)


Disk 2

1. Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage (MSG – 1/21/91, cage)

2. WWF Update (Superstars – 2/9/91)

3. Brother Love w/Randy Savage (Superstars – 2/23/91)

4. Brother Love w/Ultimate Warrior (Superstars – 3/2/91)

5. Ultimate Warrior Interview (Superstars – 3/23/91)

6. WWF Update (Superstars – 3/23/91)

7. Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage (WrestleMania VII)

8. Randy Savage Interview (WrestleMania VII)

9. Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage Interview (Superstars – 7/25/92)

10. Ultimate Warrior Interview (Superstars – 8/8/92)

11. Randy Savage Interview (Superstars – 8/15/92)

12. WWF Update (Superstars – 8/22/92)


Disk 3

1. Ultimate Maniacs vs. Nasty Boys (SummerSlam Spectacular – 8/23/92)

2. Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage Interviews (Superstars – 8/29/92)

3. Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage (SummerSlam 1992)

4. Ultimate Maniacs vs. Money, Inc. (SNME – 11/14/92)








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