By Tabe
DISC 1: 
12/7/91: vs Akira Maeda - Han debuts in this excellent match 
3/5/92: vs Genaddy Gigant 
4/3/92: vs Akira Maeda - Maeda makes Han a superstar, jobbing to him in just his third match 
5/16/92: vs Grom Zaza 
6/25/92: vs Herman Renting 
7/16/92: vs Andrei Kopylov - fabulous mat-based match with maybe the most-ignored excellent wrestler of the last 15 years (Kopylov). 
8/21/92: vs Dick Vrij 
10/29/92: vs Akira Maeda 
12/19/92: vs Sotir Gotchev 
2/28/93: Submission Demonstration - dressed in his army fatigues - Han was a legit self-defense instructor in the Soviet army - 
Han demonstrates a number of submissions here. Very cool. 

DISC 2: 
3/5/93: vs Andrei Kopylov 
4/24/93: vs Mitsuya Nagai - Basically just a Volk Han submission demo. Awesome! 
7/13/93: vs Dick Vrij 
10/23/93: vs Masayuki Naruse 
11/18/93: vs Nikolai Zouev 
12/8/93: vs Pavel Orlov 
1/21/94: vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto - Yamamoto would go on to become an excellent worker but here he's just along for the ride - 
and it's a fun one for the viewer. 
4/23/94: vs Bitsadze Tariel 
5/17/94: vs Mitsuya Nagai 
6/18/94: vs Akira Maeda 
7/14/94: vs Hans Nyman 
10/22/94: vs ANdrei Kopylov 
12/16/94: vs Hans Nyman 

DISC 3: 
12/24/94: vs Mitsuya Nagai 
1/25/95: vs Akira Maeda - Biggest win of Han's career, the Finals of the Mega Battle Tournament 
3/18/95: vs Nikolai Zouev - Zouev is one of Han's best opponents. He's another non-threatening Russian dude who surprises with his tremendous skill. 
4/28/95: vs Masayuki Naruse 
6/17/95: vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto 
7/17/95: vs Tony Halme 
8/27/95: vs Bitsadze Tariel 
9/22/95: vs Akira Maeda 
11/16/95: vs Andrei Kopylov 
12/19/95: vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto 
1/24/96: vs Hans Nyman 

DISC 4: 
3/25/96: vs Dick Vrij 
4/26/96: vs Nikolai Zouev 
5/25/96: vs Hans Nyman - Han refuses to break his submission hold, even after the ref repeatedly pounds on his back, so Dick Vrij comes running in 
and punts Han in the head. All hell breaks loose after that, with punches thrown and debris tossed into the ring. Not real sure why Han did what he did... 
6/29/96: vs Mitsuya Nagai 
7/16/96: vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka - well on its way to being a classic when it's ended early by a legit KO 0.00000000 
8/24/96: vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka - the rematch! Also a great match. 
9/25/96: vs Kiyoshi Tamura - First in what has become a legendary series of matches with Tamura. Great stuff. 
10/25/96: vs Masayuki Naruse - Naruse DRILLS Han with a vicious spinning backhand to the jay so Han, in a rare moment of anger, tosses him over the top rope! 
11/22/96: vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka 
12/21/96: vs Bitsadze Tariel 
1/22/97: vs Kiyoshi Tamura - Han snags his second Mega Battle tournament win in another great match with Tamura. 

DISC 5: 
4/22/97: vs Akira Maeda 
5/23/97: vs Joop Kasteel 
8/13/97: vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto 
9/26/97: vs Kiyoshi Tamura 
10/25/97: vs Andrei Kopylov 
11/20/97: vs Dick Vrij 
12/23/97: vs Mikhail Ilioukhine - Great match until Han legit injures his leg, ending it early. I can't help but think he was scheduled to win in order to 
setup another match with Tamura in the Mega Battle Finals on 1/21/98 - the next rematch with Tamura would never occur, unfortunately. 
1/21/98: vs Akira Maeda 
4/16/98: vs Akira Maeda 
5/29/98: vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka 
7/20/98: vs Kenichi Yamamoto 
8/28/98: vs Bitsadze Tariel - Han takes a pounding here in a rare squash 

DISC 6: 
10/23/98: vs Dick Vrij - short match from RINGS' ill-fated attempt to change the Mega Battle tourney into a team format; bad idea 
10/23/98: vs Joop Kasteel 
1/23/99: vs Hiromitsu Kanehara 
2/21/99: vs Nikolai Zouev 
5/22/99: vs Masayuki Naruse 
6/15/00: vs Brandon Lee Hinkle 
12/22/00: vs Lee Hasdell - That Volk Han, he's a submissions-only guy. Can't strike. *POW*! Out go the lights for Mr. Hasdell. 
12/22/00: vs Bobby Hoffman 
2/24/01: vs Antonio Nogueira - Greatest Worked Submission Guy vs Greatest Legit Submission Guy. Something of a dream match. 
4/6/01: vs Andrei Kopylov 
5/12/01: vs Grom Zaza (Lithuania) 
2/15/02: vs Andrei Kopylov - Han's last match. This is done as an exhibition in the "old RINGS rules" on RINGS' final show in Japan. 
Fun to see these two go at it one last time






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