This chronicles the AWA career of Mad Dog Vachon from 1970 through 1985. No footage has yet to be released from before 1970 that I have been able to find. As a result this is a volume of some of his best and most famous later work.

By Kevin Cerutti

1) Interview from “The Dog Shop” with Mean Gene Okerlund. Mad Dog is building a coffin for his Death Match with Jerry

    Blackwell. One of the best interviews ever!
2) Mad Dog Vachon vs. Jerry Blackwell (Death match, 1983). Falls don’t count, it goes until one man can’t continue.
3) Highlights of the October 1983 St. Paul Battleroyal, won by Mad Dog. This was for $50,000 and a Thanksgiving
AWA title shot.
4) Nick Bockwinkel (
AWA World Champion) vs. Mad Dog Vachon (Thanksgiving 1983, Raw footage). Bobby Heenan figures

    prominently in the outcome.
 5) A set of three Mad Dog Interviews.
    The First one announces Hulk Hogan, Mad Dog’s partner for a tag bout vs. David Schults and Mr. Saito in
Chicago that night, was

    injured and won’t be there. Mad Dog has a partner to replace him, though….Santa! The Dog reveals who it is in the second      

     interview.  In the third interview, Mad Dog announces that Da Crusher will be at ringside to watch Bobby Heenan after what

     happened in Mad Dog’s title match on Thanksgiving. Mad Dog and Crusher are great together….
6) Nick Bockwinkel (
AWA World Champion) vs. Mad Dog Vachon (Christmas 1983, St. Paul, JIP). Wild ending.
7) Mad Dog Vachon and Crusher vs. Nick Bockwinkel and Blackjack Mulligan (January 1984, St. Paul). Another crazy ending with a

    surprise visitor….
8)An interview clip announcing Bobby Heenan will be forced to wrestle Mad Dog Vachon on an upcoming card. Mad Dog is

9) Mad Dog Vachon and Verne Gagne vs. Jesse Ventura and Adrian Adonis (Minneapolis, 1980, JIP). Verne and Mad Dog held the

    AWA tag titles before forfeiting them to “the East-West Connection” after Verne won the World title. I’m not sure who were the

    champs in this bout.
10) Mad Dog and Butcher Vachon (
AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Kenny Jay and Santiago Acosta (1970, AWA TV, 2/3 falls

       clipped). Plus an interview with the Vachons after the bout.
11) TV CLIP: Mad Dog and Butcher Vachon vs. Bruce Kirk and Ed Carpentier (1970’s TV, end clip). Crusher comes in and brawls

      with Mad Dog, resulting in one of the worst gashes I’ve ever seen, on Mad Dog. It looks horrid now, imagine what it looked like           

      back then?
12) Clip of a TV bout vs. Jos LeDuc (Mad Dog goes nuts), early 70’s.
13) A brief interview clip of Mad Dog talking from behind a cage fence.
14) Mad Dog Vachon and Baron Von Raschke vs. Sheik Kaissie and Jerry Blackwell (March 1983,
St. Paul Civic Center, Raw

      Footage). Mad Dog, Baron Verne Gagne, and others get destroyed by the villains, which leads to…
15) Mad Dog Interview asking Verne Gagne to come out of retirement to tag up and fight Blackwell and Kaissie. Verne agrees.
16) Mad Dog Vachon and Verne Gagne vs. Jerry Blackwell and Sheik Kaissie (Super Sunday, April 1983, clipped).
BOUT : Mad Dog Vachon vs. Jean “Andre the Giant” Ferre ( Montreal , 1974). This isn’t an AWA match but I had to

      include it anyway. Where else can you see Mad Dog turn a Jean-Ferre bodyslam attempt into a rolling headscissors? Andre is in

      GREAT shape here, I would guess his physical prime. Must see!
18) Mad Dog Vachon and Nick Bockwinkel (!!) vs. Boris Zurkov and Chris Markoff (NO DQ, Winter 1985, Winnipeg). Only time

      these two legends ever teamed. Quick violent bout, maybe Mad Dog’s last AWA bout.






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