Disc 1

1.        Hector Mercedes

2.        Trent Singleton

3.        Don Halpin

4.        Rick Spain

5.        John Alderson

6.        Lorenzo Canady

7.        Michael Johnston

8.        Donnie Long

9.        Robert Colay

10.     Sterling Benjamin (Tyson KOs Benjamin with his first punch!11/1/85)

11.     Eddie Richardson (ANOTHER FIRST PUNCH KNOCKDOWN!  11/13/85)

12.     Conroy Nelson

13.     Sammy Scaff

14.     Mark Young


Disc 2

1.        David Jaco

2.        Mike Jameson

3.        Jesse Ferguson

4.        Steve Zouski

5.        James Tillis


Disc 3

1.        Mitch Green(Full HBO Broadcast)

2.        Reggie Gross


Disc 4

1.        William Hosea

2.        Lorenzo Boyd

3.        Marvis Frazier  (Tyson absolutely DEMOLISHES Frazier in less than 30 seconds! 7/26/86)

4.        Beyond The Glory

5.        2003 Hotel Brawl Footage


Disc 5

Jose Ribalta(HBO Broadcast)


Disc 6

1.        Alfonso Ratliff(HBO Broadcast)

2.        Trevor Berbick(HBO Broadcast - Berbick is knocked absolutely silly, as Tyson wins the WBC Heavyweight Championship
with a 2nd round KO to become the youngest Heavyweight Champion in Boxing history. Las Vegas - 11/22/86.)


Disc 7

1.        Bonecrusher Smith(Full HBO Broadcast - Tyson Unifies his WBC World Heavyweight Title with Smith’s
WBA World Title. Las Vegas - 3/7/87)

2.        Pinklon Thomas(HBO Broadcast)


Disc 8

Tony Tucker (HBO Broadcast - Tyson unifies the WBA, WBC and IBF World Heavyweight Titles.  Las Vegas – 8/1/87)


Disc 9

Tyrell Biggs(Full HBO Broadcast)


Disc 10

1.        Exhibition Match with James Tillis in Chicago

2.        Larry Homes(Full HBO Broadcast)


Disc 11

Tony Tubbs(Full HBO Broadcast)


Disc 12

Michael Spinks(HBO Broadcast)


Disc 13

Frank Bruno I(Full HBO Broadcast)


Disc 14

Carl Williams(Full HBO Broadcast)

Sports Century

Legendary Nights: Tyson vs. Lewis


Disc 15

Buster Douglass(Full HBO Broadcast - Legendary Nights: Tyson vs. Douglass (In one of the biggest upsets in boxing
history, James “Buster” Douglas knocks Tyson out to win the Undisputed Heavyweight Title! 
February 11, 1990 in Tokyo, JAPAN)


Disc 16

1.        Henry Tillman(Full HBO Broadcast)

2.        Alex Stewart(Full HBO Broadcast)


Disc 17

1.        Razor Ruddock I(Full Showtime Broadcast - Richard Steele stops the fight in the 7th round and a huge brawl breaks
 out between Tyson and Ruddock’s handlers, as Ruddock wasn’t beaten badly enough to warrant a stoppage. 
 March 18, 1991 in Las Vegas, NV)

2.      Razor Ruddock II(Full Showtime Broadcast - (June 28, 1991 in Las Vegas, NV; This is Mike Tyson's final professional fight before going to prison)



Disc 18

Peter McNeeley

Buster Mathis Jr.


Disc 19

1.        Frank Bruno II (March 16, 1996 in Las Vegas, NV; Mike Tyson wins  his second WBC World Heavyweight Title)

2.        Bruce Seldon (September 07, 1996 in Las Vegas, NV; Mike Tyson temporarily unifies the WBA & WBC
World Heavyweight Titles)

3.        ESPN Chronicles


Disc 20

Evander Holyfield I (In one of Boxing’s last dream matches, Holyfield stops Tyson in the 11th round to win
the WBAHeavyweight Title!   November 09, 1996 in Las Vegas, NV)


Disc 21

Evander Holyfield II (No contest, as the fight is stopped after  Tyson bites off part of Holyfield’s ear!  Mike Tyson’s
career from this point on, begins to become a caricature of what it was back in his prime.  June 28, 1997 in Las Vegas, NV)


Disc 22

Francois Botha (Tyson knocks Botha out in 5 rounds, but it nearly didn’t last past the first round, as  both men refused to
separate at the closing bell, with both men throwing punches after the bell!  The trainers for both  men stormed the ring to
restore order as Tyson nearly breaks Botha’s arm while they are locked up. January 16, 1999 in Las Vegas, NV)


Disc 23

1.        Botha Pre/Post Fight

2.        Orlin Norris  (The downfall of Mike Tyson’s career continues as Tyson appears to have knocked Norris
 down after the bell  sounded to end the first round.  Referee Richard Steele takes 2 points from
Tyson when he could have DQ’d him.  The fight is ended with no decision before the beginning of the
second round when Norris claims to have injured his knee during that knock down and can’t
continue.  October 23, 1999 in Las Vegas, NV)

3.        Julius Francis

4.        Lou Saverese (At 38 seconds, this fight was over so quickly that I accidentally fast forwarded through it
 to the next fight and missed it the first time.  But in true Tyson fasion, he still kept attacking
Savarese after the ref had tried to stop it.  June 24, 2000 in Glasgow, SCOTLAND)

5.        Andrew Golota (C’mon, Tyson AND Golota in the same ring?  You know that there has to be some
 drama.  And you wouldn’t be disappointed, as Golota abruptly quits the match and leaves the ring
before the start of the second round! Tyson meanwhile, was on his best behavior.  October 20, 2000 in Auburn Hills, MI)


Disc 24

Brian Neilson


Disc 25

Lennox Lewis  (Tyson gets his final Heavyweight Title shot and Lewis finally shuts the doubters up by
 Knocking Tyson out in the 8th round. 6/8/02)


Disc 26

Clifford Ettienne


Disc 27

1.        Danny Williams

2.        Kevin McBride (Tyson's final professional fight.  He goes 6 rounds before McBride pushes Tyson down at the end of the
round.  An exhausted Tyson doesn't appear able to get back up without help, but manages to make his way to his corner. 
Tyson, still exhausted, doesn't answer the bell for the 7th round and retires from the sport following the fight.   6/11/05)

3.        Epilogue


Disc 28

Fallen Champ: The Mike Tyson Story


Disk 29

TYSON - 2009 Documentary on Tyson's career.


Disk 30

Mike Tyson's Greatest Hits!








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