BEST OF AL SNOW (RF) (VG - Good Q) 3HRS 30MIN [2 disks]
Al Snow has long been considered the "Greatest wrestler that NOBODY'S ever heard of".  Snow would languish
In the smaller Indy promotions in the Mid West as well as Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling, where he was the
Partner of Unibomb (you'd know him now as the WWF's KANE) .  Snow enjoyed 2 runs in ECW.  The first one
Was somewhat forgettable.  However after an absolutely horrible run in the WWF (by no means was this Al's fault),
Snow would return to ECW where he adopted his Head gimmick to great success.  The first 14 matches are from ECW
And also contain several very funny Promos that Snow and Head did during that time.
1. Al Snow v. Osamu Nishimura
2. Al Snow v. Chris Benoit (GREAT MATCH!)
3. Al Snow v. Taz (Taz was still doing the Tazmanian Devil gimmick here)
4. Al Snow v.  Taz (Al returns to ECW after a dismal run in the WWF.  His career would get revitalized during his
    second run in ECW
5. Al Snow v. Rob Van Dam
6. Al Snow v. Paul Diamond
7. Al Snow, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer & Taz v. Sabu, RVD, Furnas & Lafon
8. Al Snow v. Roadkill
9. Al snow v. Paul Diamond
10. Chris Candido v. Shane Douglas v. Lance Storm & Mystery Partner (At first it appears that Sunny will be Storm's
Mystery partner, but she quickly turns on Storm at the start of the match.  But who should come to the rescue, but
AL SNOW!  Snow comes in for the last minute save and pins Douglas, who is the current ECW champion.)
11. Al Snow v. RVD (Good Match!)
12. Shane Douglas has a few "not so nice" things to say about Al.  But Snow runs in and cleans house.
13. Al Snow v. Doug Furnas (Al fights Furnas on a segment called HEAD TV!)
14. Al snow v. Shane Douglas (With Douglas suffering from a broken elbow, a broken cheekbone, and a broken
pallatte, It was widely expected that Snow would win the ECW Heavyweight title.  However, Al had just signed 
a contract to return to the WWF.  As a result, the outcome wasn't as much assured as people may have thought.)
15. PROMO - Al Snow and Unabomb make fun of the Rock & Roll Express (HILARIOUS!!!! From Smoky Mountain)
16. Al Snow & Unabomb v. Jobbers (Smoky Mountain)
17. Al Snow & Unabomb v. Rock & Roll Express (Scaffold Match- Smoky Mountain)
18. Al Snow v. Jimmy Garvin  (This was Al Snow's first, or one of Al's first and only matches in the NWA)
19. Al Snow v. Sabu (VERY GOOD MATCH!  Terry Funk runs in afterward and brawls with both contestants.  
     At the time [1993 or 1994 I think] Sabu was the darling of the indy circuit, and could do absolutely no wrong 
     in the ring.  Al had not broken into a major promotion at this point, but was also very well known to indy fans.)





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