BEST OF JINSEI SHINZAKI by Delfin X (VG Q) 5HRS [3 disks]
1. Hakushi/Yokozuna/Owen Hart VS Bret Hart/Razor Ramon(Scott Hall)/Savio Vega 
2. Hakushi VS 1-2-3 Kid(Xpac) 
3. Hakushi helps Horowitz with Skip(Candido) 
4. Hakushi in the 1996 Royal Rumble 
5. Jinsei Shinzaki VS Great Sasuke 
6. Jinsei Shinzaki/Gedo VS Great Sasuke/Ultimo Dragon 
7. Jinsei Shinzaki/Super Delfin/Gran Naniwa VS Great Sasuke/Taka Michinoku/? 
8. Jinsei Shinzaki/Gran Naniwa/Taka Michinoku VS Dick Togo/Men's Teoh/Sato 
9. Jinsei Shinzaki VS Taka Michinoku 
10. highlights of Hakushi in the WWF 
11. Jinsei Shinzaki VS The Undertaker 
12. press conference 
13. Jinsei Shinzaki/Sho Funaki VS Super Delfin/Men's Teoh 
14. highlights of the Shinzaki-Sasuke feud 
15. Jinsei Shinzaki VS Great Sasuke 
16. highlights of Shinzaki joining Hayabusa 
17. Jinsei Shinzaki VS Hayabusa 
18. Jinsei Shinzaki/Hayabusa/Ricky Fuji/Kuroda VS Headhunters/Mr. Gannosuke/Oya 
19. Jinsei Shinzaki/Hayabusa VS Mitsuaru Misawa/Jun Akiyama 
20. Jinsei Shinzaki/Hayabusa VS Mr. Gannosuke/Kintaro Kanemura/ 
21. Jinsei Shinzaki/Hayabusa VS Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue 
22. Jinsei Shinzaki/Hayabusa/Masato Tanaka/Nakagawa VS Kintaro Kanemura/Hosaka/Hido/Kuroda 
23. Jinsei Shinzaki/Hayabusa VS Mr. Gannosuke/Oya 
24. Jinsei Shinzaki/Hayabusa VS Mike Awesome/Super Leather 
25. Jinsei Shinzaki/Hayabusa VS Rob Van Dam/Sabu 
26. Jinsei Shinzaki VS Alexander Otsuko





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