Disk 1

1.        Clips of Rocky Johnson in action in Florida. 

2.        Rocky Johnson & Tony Garea v. Riki Choshu & Mr. Saito (2/3 falls – MSG 11/82)

3.        Rocky Johnson v. Black Demon (MSG 12/28/82)

4.        Rocky Johnson v.  Mr. Fuji (In one of his first matches in the WWF, Rocky delivers Mr. Fuji his first pinfall loss. MSG 1/83)

5.        Rocky Johnson v.  Johnny Rodz (WWF TV 1983)

6.        Rocky Johnson v.  "Superstar"  Billy Graham (Rocky dazzles the former WWF champ with his speed and agility, and Graham just walks out taking the intentional countout! MSG 2/83)

7.        “Superstar” Billy Graham, Playboy Buddy Rose, Mr. Fuji, Ray Stevens & Magnificent Muraco v. Rocky Johnson, Sal Bellomo
Pedro Morales, Jimmy Snuka & Andre the Giant (PHL 2/19/83)

8.        Buddy Rogers Corner - Rogers interviews the Magnificent Muraco.  Rocky comes out and challenges the then Intercontinental
Champion to a title match on WWF TV the following week.)

9.        Rocky Johnson v.  The "Magnificent" Don Muraco (ROCKY WINS THE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE!   Or does he?  As

Muraco is clearly submitting to Rocky's Boston Crab, Captain Lou Albano jumps in the ring.  Did the ref stop the match for the
submission or the DQ? - WWF TV 1983)

10.     Discussion between Pat Patterson and Vince McMahon about the controversial finish of the match. 

11.     Rogers Corner - Rocky Johnson finds out that Muraco was indeed DQ'd and is none to happy about it.

12.     Promo - Rocky Johnson.  Although a MUCH better wrestler than his son Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson, he has NONE of

his son's skills on the microphone.  Very bland.

13.     Muraco v. SD Jones (ending, as Muraco destroys Jones after the match.  Rocky Johnson runs in and cleans house on Muraco)

14.     Rocky Johnson v. Don Muraco (GREAT MATCH! The match cuts off just as Rocky has put Muraco out with a sleeper hold.  It

looks like Rocky has FINALLY won the Intercontinental Title!  It turns out that the time limit had expired, allowing Muraco

to once again slip away with the title intact.  MSG 5/83)

15.     Rocky Johnson v.  Muraco (Cap Centre, Landover MD)


Disk 2

1.        Rocky Johnson v. Don Muraco (Swede Hansen is the guest referee - Cap Centre, Landover MD)

2.        Rocky Johnson  & Andre The Giant v. Don Muraco & Big John Studd (Philly Spectrum 4/83)

3.        Rocky Johnson, Chief Jay Strongbow, Ivan Putski & Andre the Giant v. Big John Studd &
The Wild Samoans (PHL 7/83)

4.        Rocky Johnson v.  Don Kernodle (MSG 7/30/83)

5.        Rocky Johnson & Sal Bellomo v. The Wild Samoans (PHL 8/83)

6.        Rocky Johnson, Tito Santana  & Jimmy Snuka v. Sika, Samu & Ivan Koloff (2/3 falls  PHL 9/83)

7.        Rocky Johnson v.  Sika (Because it took so long to put up the cage for the Snuka/Muraco match earlier in the evening, Rocky

only had 2 minutes to put away the "Wild Samoan".  He managed it though.  MSG 10/83)

8.        Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas v. Bob Bradley & Renee Goulet

9.        Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas v. Steve Lombardi & Charlie Fulton (WWF TV)

10.     Int - Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas 4


Disk 3

1.        Int – Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas

2.        Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas v. The Wild Samoans (Match ends in a DQ)

3.        Int - Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas demand a rematch with the Samoans

4.        Johnson & Atlas v. The Wild Samoans [Afa & Sika] (Johnson & Atlas become the first Black team to win the WWF Tag

Team titles in a NO DQ match! WWF TV 11/15/83)

5.        Johnson & Atlas v. Kurt Von Hess & Rene Goulet (WWF TV 11/83)

6.        Rocky Johnson vs Bob Bradley (PHL 11/24/83)

7.        Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas & SD Jones v. Samoans 1,2 & 3 (MSG 12/83)

8.        Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas & Andre the Giant v. Samoans 1,2 & 3 (MSG 1/84)

9.        Johnson, Atlas & Ivan Putski v. Mr. Fuji, Tiger Chung Lee & Sgt. Slaughter (Slaughter had just turned babyface probably before

this match was booked.  As a result, Slaughter was still on the heel team after just turning face.  Well, Fuji and Lee turn on

Slaughter after the match, leading to handshakes all around between Slaughter and the baby face team, helping to cement his face

turn. (MSG - 2/84)

10.     Piper's Pit - Roddy Piper gets under Johnson & Atlas's skin as only Piper can.

11.     Rocky Johnson & Atlas v. Roddy Piper & Don Muraco (PHL 2/84 – good quality)

12.     Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas v. Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee (PHL 3/21/84 – good quality)

13.     Rocky Johnson, Atlas & Putski v. Roddy Piper, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff & "Dr. D" David Schultz (MSG 4/84)


Disk 4

1.        Rocky Johnson & Atlas v. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (Murdoch & Adonis win the WWF Tag Team titles.  WWF TV 4/17/84)

2.        Rocky Johnson v. Samu (PHL 5/84)

3.        Piper’s Pit – Roddy Piper calls Rocky Johnson “Boy” and tells him to shine his shoes.  Needless to say, a huge brawl ensues. (WWF TV 5/5/84)

4.        Rocky Johnson, Bobo Brazil & SD Jones v. Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff & David Schultz (Cap Centre 5/19/84)

5.        Rocky Johnson v. Roddy Piper (Cap Centre 6/9/84)

6.        Rocky Johnson v. Greg Valentine (PHL 9/84)

7.        Rocky Johnson v. Ken Patera (MSG 10/84)

8.        Rocky Johnson v. “Dr. D” David Schultz (MSG 11/84)

9.        Rocky Johnson v. Charlie Fulton (MSG 3/85)

10.     Rocky Johnson v. Rene Goulet (MSG 5/85)

Bonus Footage

11.     Rocky Maivia v. The Sultan [Now known as Rikishi] (Rocky Johnson’s son Rocky Maivia wins the match successfully defending

The Intercontinental Title and is double teamed for his trouble by the Sultan and the Iron Sheik, when who should run in to make

The save but ROCKY JOHNSON!!  Father and son then proceed to clean house on the heels.  Wrestlemania 13)

12.     Int – Rocky Johnson & Rocky Maivia (RAW 3/24/97)

13.     Rocky Johnson is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his son The Rock








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