BEST OF ANTONINA ROCCA (Very Good Fair Quality) 2HRS

All matches are in black & white (except #8 which is in color), but all have sound, and are in great shape considering the age of the footage.

1.     Rocca v. Lou Thesz (Rocca gets a rare pin on Thesz!)

2.     Rocca v. Benito Gardini

3.     Rocca & The Great Scot v. Karl & Eric Von Hess

4.     Rocca & Miguel Perez v. Karl Von Hess & Skull Murphy (the picture goes in and out for this match)

5.     Rocca & Miguel Perez v. Dr. Jerry & Eddie Graham

6.     Rocca v. Johnny Valentine

7.     Rocca, Miguel Perez & Micky Starr v. The Fabulous Kangaroos & Dr. Jerry Graham

8.     Tony Garea v. The Wolfman (Antonina Rocca is the guest referee WWWF 1975)

9.     Rocca is interviewed at ringside.

10.  Rocca & Edouard Carpentier v. Skull Murphy & Pampino Firpo

11.  Rocca v. Hans Schmidt (Former Boxing Champ Joe Louis is the guest referee)

12.  Rocca v. The Beast

13.  Rocca v. Kim (tracking line at the bottom of the screen)

14.  Rocca v. Lou Thesz (Lou Thesz executes a POWER BOMB on Rocca!)

15.  Rocca v. Lou Thesz (re-match 2/3 falls.  Tracking line at the bottom of the screen.)

16.  Rocca v. Don Leo Johnathan


BEST OF ANTONINO ROCCA vol. 2 (very good quality) 1hr (all footage is in black & white)

1.        Antonio Rocca vs. Lou Kim.

2.        Antonio Rocca vs. Primo Carnera.

3.        Antonio Rocca vs. Lou Thesz.

4.        Antonio Rocca vs. Lou Thesz.

5.        Antonio Rocca vs. Don Leo Jonathan.

6.        Antonio Rocca vs. Johnny Valentine.

7.        Antonio Rocca, Miguel Perez & Ricky Starr vs. The Fabulous Kangaroos & Dr. Jerry

8.        Antonio Rocca vs. Benito Gardini.

9.        Antonio Rocca & The Great Scot vs. The Von Hess Brothers.

10.     Antonio Rocca & Eduardo Carpentier vs. Pampiro Firpo & Skull Murphy.

11.     Antonio Rocca & Miguel Perez vs. The Graham Brothers.






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