In 1987, Hulk Hogan and Randy “Macho Man” Savage united and set the WWF on its ear.  The meeting of

“The Madness” and “The Mania” became the cornerstone of the WWF from their union, through their break-up and

eventual title match at Wrestlemania 5.  Here’s a look at what was in my opinion, one of the last good angles of the

Hulk Hogan era.


1.          Randy Savage is offended when Honky Tonk Man says he;s the greatest IC Champ ever. Savage threatens Jimmy Hart.

WWF TV 9/20/87

2.          Randy Savage v. Omar Atlas (during the match, Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan discuss the upcoming

match between Savage and the Honkytonk Man.

3.          Honky Tonk Man - vs - Randy " Macho Man " Savage (The MEGA POWERS are born as Savage is triple teamed

by HTM and the Hart Foundation.  Elizabeth runs to the back and brings out HULK HOGAN who makes the save.

Savage & Hogan shake hands and the rest is history.– Saturday Night’s Main Event 10/3/87)

4.          Int – Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan officially call themselves “The Mega P owers” (SNME 10/3/87)

5.          CM Punk, Matt Hardy & The Miz talk about the formation of the Mega Powers

6.          INT – Ted DiBiase & Andre the Giant (re: Andre’s upcoming title shot against Hulk Hogan, and how Andre

will win the title for DiBiase)

7.          Hulk Hogan - vs - Andre the Giant (The Main Event 2/5/88 - The infamous identical

twin referee angle as Hogan loses the title to Andre despite lifting his shoulders at the 2 count.  Andre then

immediately relenquishes the title to DiBiase.  BUT TED WON’T ENJOY IT LONG BECAUSE….)

8.          Jack Tunney strips Ted DiBiase of the WWF Title.  It turns out that although the title can change hands on a

pinfall or submission, you can’t just give it away.  As a result, not only is DiBiase no longer the champion, but

since Andre willfully gave up the title, he has no claim on it either.  The belt will go up for grabs in a 16 man

tournament at Wrestlemania 4.

9.          Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase. (GREAT MATCH! These two would go on to have numerous matches against

each other over the course of the next several months.  Each one was great to watch.

10.       Hulk Hogan v. Andre the Giant (Round 2 of the World Title tournament.  - Wrestlemania 4)

11.       Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (FINALS.  Savage, with an assist from Hulk Hogan, wins the WWF Title!)


Interesting story here.  Ted DiBiase was originally scheduled to win the WWF Title here, while Savage was supposed

to have won the Intercontinental Title at the previous 3/12/88 Main Event special. However, HTM refused to do the

job and threatened to jump ship to the NWA with the IC title in hand.  As a result, Vince McMahon changed the script

to allow HTM to keep the title, but when Savage heard about this, he promised to SHOOT on HTM during the show

which was to be broadcast LIVE!  In order to avert a surefire disaster, McMahon promised Savage the World Title at

Wrestlemania 4, which was supposed to be won by DiBiase.  Good thing DiBiase didn't get upset huh?)


12.      Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (FANTASTIC MATCH!   In the opening seconds of the match, Savage absolutely

DRILLS Ted with a wicked double forearm and breaks his nose! – MSG 5/27/88)

13.       Randy Savage v. Virgil (WWF TV 5/28/88)


Disk 2

1.          Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (Cage Match.  As the match reaches it’s climax with Savage, DiBiase and Virgil

Fighting it out at the top of the cage, SOME IDIOT FAN ACTUALLY CLIMBS THE CAGE AND ATTACKS


2.          INT - Randy Savage.  DiBiase & Andre the Giant beat the hell out of the Macho Man. Savage issues a challenge to

Andre and DiBiase in a tag match.  Savage will select his partner at a later date (but we all know who it will be.)

WC 7/17/88

3.          Update – Jesse “The Body” Ventura is named as the special guest referee for the tag match between the Megapowers

and the Megabucks at the upcoming Summerslam PPV. DiBiase & Andre don’t seem too worried.(WWF TV 8/3/88)

4.          INT - Randy Savage.  The champ brings out none other than HULK HOGAN as his tag team partner.  They

Formally christen their union as the MEGA POWERS.

5.          Int – Mega Powers (WWF TV 8/6/88)

6.          Randy Savage v. Conquistador #1.  (Hulk Hogan accompanies Savage to the ring)  WWF TV 8/13/88 

7.          The Mega Powers on the Brother Love show. (WWF TV 8/14/88)

8.          Int – The Megapowers (WWF TV 8/20/88)

9.          Brother Love Show – Jesse Ventura is interviewed and speculates on whether or not he’ll be an impartial referee.  Ted

DiBiase and Andre the Giant come out and place several hundred dollar bills in Jesse’s pocket, furthering the speculation

as to whether or not the already heel oriented Ventura will help stack the deck in favor of the Megabucks and the Megapowers.

(WWF TV 8/21/88)

10.       Int – The Megapowers respond to Jesse Ventura being named as the special guest referee for the Summerslam Main Event. (WWF TV 8/27/88)

11.       Jesse “The Body’ Ventura on whether or not he can be bought off by DiBiase.

12.       Int – The Mega Powers (Summerslam 1988)

13.       THE MEGA POWERS vs. THE MEGA BUCKS (Summerslam 1988)

14.       Int - The Mega Powers, Koko B. Ware & Hercules (Superstars 11/5/88)

15.       Brother Love – The Mega Powers (Superstars 11/19/88)


Disk 3

1.          Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Hillbilly Jim, Koko B. Ware & Hercules v. Ted Dibiase, Big Bossman, Akeem, Haku

& The Red Rooster (Survivor Series 1988 - During this match, Savage is forced to fight both the Twin Towers

and Haku while Hogan is handcuffed to the railing.  Elizabeth actually makes herself useful, and frees Hogan who

steals Savage’s thunder and wins the match by pinning Haku.  During the celebration, Hogan is sucking up the

spotlight by standing between Savage and Elizabeth.  You can see that Savage isn’t too happy about this,

2.          Randy Savage assures Jesse Ventura in a post match interview, that there’s no problem.   But that’s not entirely true is it?

3.          Hulk Hogan [with Elizabeth] v. Akeem [with Slick & The Big Bossman] (The break-up of the Mega Powers looms

near, as Hogan is double teamed for much of this match, but Savage, who is watching the match from the back

repeatedly refuses to help his partner.  Savage maintains that Hogan is not in trouble, and will be able to take care

of himself, and only finally aids Hogan when Elizabeth was in danger.  

4.          Int – Megapowers.  Randay Savage later maintains the integrity of the Megapowers, but you just know that there is some serious dissension on Savage’s side of the team.– SNME 1/7/89)

5.          Royal Rumble 1989  Hulk Hogan accidentally eliminates Randy Savage, and Savage is pissed!  Elizabeth clears the air, and the
Mega Powers shake hands again, but there is definitely some trouble brewing for the WWF’s 2 biggest babyfaces.

6.          Randy Savage v. Akeem (Hogan saves Savage from a Twin Towers beat down, and Savage looks almost as if he’s
going to attack Hogan.  In the end, the Mega Powers do a post match posedown for the crowd.  WWF TV 1/21/89)

7.          Brother Love – Elizabeth and the Mega Powers (WWF TV 1/28/89)


Disk 4

1.          The Mega Powers v. The Twin Towers (The dissention finally reaches the boiling point, as THE MEGA POWERS

BREAK UP ONCE AND FOR ALL!  Hulk Hogan leaves Savage to fend for himself as he takes an injured

Elizabeth to the back for medical attention.  The insanely jealous Savage then slaps the returning Hulkster and

leaves him in the ring.  Hogan wins the match for his team, but is later attacked by the Macho Man, who has totally

completed his heel turn here.  The Main Event 2/3/89)


Another interesting note here, as Brutus Beefcake is the one who comes to Hogan’s aid after Savage destroys Hogan

in the medical area.  This becomes more significant later in the year, as Brutus would the teaming with Hogan against Savage and

Tiny “Zeus” Lister.


2.          An enraged Hulk Hogan searches for Randy Savage (Main Event 2/6/89) 

3.          Randy Savage tells his side of the story of the Mega Powers feud PART 1 (Primetime 3/6/89)

4.          Hulk Hogan tells his side of the story of the Mega Powers feud PART 1 (Primetime 3/6/89)

5.          Elizabeth announces she will not be in either Hulk or Macho`s corner for Wrestlemania 5. (SNME 3/11/89)

6.          Randy Savage goes BESERK! (SNME 3/11/89)

7.          Randy Savage tells his side of the story of the Mega Powers feud PART 2 (Primetime 3/13/89)

8.          Hulk Hogan tells his side of the story of the Mega Powers feud PART 2 (Primetime 3/13/89)

9.          Int – Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania 5)

10.       Int – Elizabeth (Wrestlemania 5)

11.       Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (The story of the Mega Powers concludes as Hulk Hogan regains the WWF title

from the Macho Man. – Wrestlemania 5)   





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