1.        Pipers Pit – Piper welcomes Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy, who issue a challenge to Andre the Giant and a
partner of his choosing to a tag match. (WWF TV 4/19/86)

2.        King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd v. Ted Arcidi & Hillbilly Jim (Arcidi subs for the Missing in action Andre
the Giant. Studd & Bundy are upset that Andre isn’t there. WWF TV 4/26/86)

3.        Update – Andre the Giant is suspended by WWF President Jack Tunney for no-showing his match (WWF TV 6/14/86)

4.        Mean Gene Okerlund is on location in Japan looking to find Japan ’s premiere tag team, The Machines! Okerlund
is asking various people on the street where he can find them. He’s not having the best of luck though. (Primetime 6/23/86)

5.        footage from Japan, where Gene Okerlund is on location with an interview with the “Japanese” tag team, the Super
Machine, and the “Giant” Machine. The Super Machine is actually Bill (Masked Superstar, Demolition Ax) Eadie, and
speaks English with a laughable imitation of a Japanese accent. The Giant Machine doesn’t speak much at all, but what
little he says, makes it obvious as to who he really is.

6.        Heenan of course, is FURIOUS! He easily sees that the Giant Machine is of course Andre the Giant and vows to get to the
bottom of the story. (Primetime 7/7/86)

7.        Int – Studd & Bundy with Heenan, who complain that the Giant Machine is really Andre the Giant. Vince  actually claims
that the Giant Machine could actually be BABA THE GIANT [from All Japan]. We then cut to more footage of Gene Okerlund
on location in “ Japan ” with the Super and Giant Machines. The Machines look forward to fighting Studd & Bundy. Needless to
say, Heenan, Studd & Bundy are extremely upset. (WWF TV 7/12/86)

8.        Heenan complains some more about the Machines, and about Hogan & Orndorff, who’ll be wrestling Studd & Bundy next
week. (WWF TV 7/12/86)

9.        Update – Gene Okerlund focuses on the Machines. Footage is shown of the Super and Giant Machines wrestling in Japan
(WWF TV 7/19/86)

10.     Update – WWF President Jack Tunney is interviewed regarding Andre the Giant’s suspension. Apparently, Andre was
suspended” for failing to appear for several matches, and a hearing regarding the no-shows (This was obviously storyline
stuff, and not real). Bobby Heenan comes in and complains about the Giant Machine, that is so obviously Andre the Giant,
but Tunney proclaims that he has a Japanese passport, and could very well be “Giant” Baba (from All Japan), so no further
investigation is necessary. Tunney tells that if Heenan can unmask the Giant Machine, then the Machine will be suspended
for life. (WWF TV 7/26/86)

11.     Int – Capt. Lou Albano and the Super & Giant Machines (WWF TV 7/26/86)

12.     Gorilla Monsoon shows off a magazine with the Machines on the cover. Heenan of course, is furious because he’s been
trying to prove that one of the Machines is Andre the Giant. (PT 7/28/86)

13.     Int – Bobby Heenan/Studd & Bundy (WWF TV)

14.     From TNT – Gene Okerlund interviews Bobby Heenan and his new find from Korea. “Kim Chee” Kim Chee (no relation
to Kamala’s handler) is obviously a masked Big John Studd. Studd eventually takes the mask off during the interview
though, as Heenan did this only to prove how silly it is that Andre the Giant comes out with a mask on as one of the
Machines and nobody wants to acknowledge that it’s really Andre under the mask. (PT 8/4/86)

15.     Int – King Kong Bundy.  Footage is shown of the Super Machine & Giant Machine wrestling in Japan. (TNT)

16.     The Super Machine & The Giant Machine v. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd (MSG 8/15/86)

17.     Int Capt - Lou Albano talks about an upcoming match between the Machines & Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy

18.     The Super Machine v. Ivan MacDonald (Super Machine finishes MacDonald off with the swinging neckbreaker. The same
move that the Masked Superstar used to use. Hmmmmm…. WWF TV 8/16/86)

19.     Int – Bobby Heenan with Studd & Bundy, who promise to unmask the Giant Machine. (WWF TV 8/16/86)

20.     Update – Gene Okerlund and his continuing discussion on the mysterious Machines. Bobby Heenan and King Kong Bundy
aren’t too happy about it. (WWF TV 8/23/86)

21.     The Super Machine & The Giant Machine v. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd (Spectrum 8/86)

22.     The Machines v. King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan (Big Event 8/28/86)

23.     Flowershop – Lou Albano and the Machines. Bobby Heenan comes out and attempts to reveal who they are. The Super
Machine comes out, but Heenan can’t tell who he is (He was Bill Eadie, best known as the Masked Superstar and
Demolition Axe). Heenan then calls out the Giant Machine (who was obviously Andre the Giant), but the Giant Machine
that comes out isn’t Andre! A confused Heenan turns around to confer with Adonis and Jimmy Hart and when he turns
around, THE REAL GIANT MACHINE IS THERE! Heenan throws a fit and while he’s ranting with Hart and Adonis,
the FAKE Giant Machine returns. Heenan goes nuts! Hilarious stuff. (WWF TV 8/30/86)

24.     Int. George Steele & The Big, Super & Giant Machines (The Machines get a third member in The “Big” Machine, who
was actually Blackjack Mulligan. Absolutely some of the most HILARIOUS promos here, as Mulligan doesn’t know
a word of Japanese, and simply rattles off stuff like “hi Honda, Hi Honda, Sushi Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet.” And
yes, I know that Chevrolet is an American brand. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Big Machine’s interview Superstars 9/6/86)

25.     The Machines v. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan (Boston 9/5/86)  


Disk 2

1.        The Machines (Big, Super & Giant) v. Rick Hunter, JJ Jackson & Al Navarro (WWF TV 9/13/86)

2.        Int – The Machines with George “The Animal” Steele (More hilarious stuff by the Big Machine. I absolutely love his
“Japanese” interviews!) Superstars 9/27/86)

3.     Giant Machine v. Tasumi Fujinami (New Japan)

4.        Int – Lou Albano with the Big Machine, Strong Machine and THE HULK MACHINE. And yes, the Hulk Machine is exactly who you think he is. (Superstars 9/20/86)

5.     Int - Big, Super & Hulk Machines / King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan (MSG 9/22/86)

6.        The Big, Super & Hulk Machines v. Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (MSG 9/22/86)

7.        Int – The Machines (Big & Super) Superstars 10/4/86

8.        Big Machine, Super Machine, & Piper Machine vs. King Kong Bundy, John Studd, & Bobby Heenan (Boston 10/4/86)

9.     Big Machine v. King Kong Bundy (MSG 10/20/86)

10.     Sparks fly at the contract signing between the Machines and Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy (Superstars 11/8/86)

11.     Int – Capt. Lou Albano says that he’ll be in the corner of the Machines, and will retire as a manager, making this his final match. (Superstars 11/15/86)

12.     The Machines v. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd (Superstars 11/15/86)











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