1.        Hercules v. Tony Atlas ((HTM's first appearance on WWF TV,  He says that he’s coming in at the
request of none other than Hulk Hogan!  HTM would indeed debut as a babyface.)

2.        JYD & George “The Animal” Steele v. Mr. X & The Gladiator (After doing his customary post match dance, JYD
introduces THE HONKYTONK MAN!  Actually, JYD mistakenly calls him the “HONKY TONKY MAN”.
Vince McMahon though announces him as “Wayne Farris,
THE HONKYTONK MAN” and the WWF’s newest
babyface makes his debut.  Yes, I did indeed say he was a babyface.   ) WC 8/30/86 #3

3.        Promo – Honkytonk Man, who has some words for Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. 

4.         Update – The Honkytonk Man is in the studio talking about cutting a new single.

5.        Honkytonk Man v. Ron Shaw (Vince McMahon is still identifying HTM as Wayne Farris.  The crowd doesn’t see too
interested.  HTM’s finisher is a closed fist from the top rope, much like his cousin Jerry Lawler.)  Superstars 10/4/86

6.        Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (A still babyface Honkytonk Man tries to win the IC Title from the Macho Man.  Spectrum 10/18/86)

7.        Honkytonk Man v. Al Navarro (Vince McMahon tries to get HTM over as much as he can by saying that he can really
pump up the crowd.  But anyone watching Honky dance and gyrate can tell that the crowd is absolutely dead.

(Superstars 11/1/86) 

8.        Int – Honkytonk Man, who acknowledges that sometimes the fans get upset because he dances too much. WC 10/26/86

9.        Snake Pit – Honkytonk Man.  Not the one where he hits Jake with the guitar though.  HTM was still a babyface at this point.
And he is as stale as week old bread. WC 10/26/86

10.     Jesse Ventura interviews the Honkytonk Man, who complains that the fans haven’t been taking to him like they should.

         Jesse suggests a “Vote of Confidence” poll by the fans where they’d write in and say whether or not they like the Honkytonk

         Man.  Superstars 11/8/86

11.     Vince McMahon gives the address to mail in your vote for the Honkytonk Man vote of confidence poll.  Superstars 11/8/86

12.     Honkytonk Man pleads for your vote in the vote of confidence poll, but in decidedly heelish fashion.  And he looks and sounds
10 times better than he has since arriving in the WWF.  Superstars 11/15/86

13.     Jesse Ventura interviews the Honkytonk Man on the results of the Vote of Confidence Poll.  But Honkytonk Man finds out
that the fans overwhelmingly voted AGAINST him!  HTM storms off the set.   Superstars 11/22/86

14.     Promo – Honkytonk Man can’t believe that the fans voted against him in the Vote of Confidence poll.  HTM promises that he
can be as mean and nasty as anyone else in the WWF, and plans a surprise for everyone in the near future.  Superstars 11/29/86

15.     Honkytonk man finally cements his heel turn, introducing Jimmy Hart as his new manager.  Superstars 12/6/86

16.     Honkytonk Man v. Sivi Afi (HTM attacks Afi before the match, and it has to be rescheduled for later in the card.) MSG 12/26/86 

17.     Honkytonk Man v. Sivi Afi (following the match, Honkytonk Man attacks Tito Santana, who had come out for his match against
Hercules.  MSG 12/26/86)  

18.     Honkytonk Man v. Jose Luis Rivera (Superstars 12/20)

19.     Honkytonk Man & Jimmy Hart outside Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.  HTM isn’t impressed with the place. Superstars 1/10/87

20.     Promo – Honkytonk Man on location at the Heartbreak Hotel restaurant.  (Superstars 1/24/87)

21.     Honky Tonk Man Promo (talks about getting his own 747 jet plane like the one Elvis used to own.)  WC 1/25/87

22.     Promo – Honkytonk Man and Jimmy Hart on location at an Elvis Presley museum.  HTM claims to be a waaaay better performer
than Elvis. (Superstars 1/31/87)

23.     Int – Honkytonk Man & Jimmy Hart (WC 2/1/87)

24.     Jake Roberts vs. David Gold (The Honkytonk Man comments on how he doesn’t like Snakes or anyone who handles
snakes.)  WC 2/8/87

25.     Honky Tonk man Promo (from a recording studio)  WC 2/16/87

26.     Snake Pit – Honkytonk Man puts his heel turn in high gear as he blasts Jake Roberts over the head with his guitar!  This will set up a match between the two at Wrestlemania 3, while turning Roberts into a babyface in the process.  Superstars 2/21/87

27.     Honkytonk Man v. Jerry Monti (Superstars 3/28//87)

28.     Wrestlemania Report – Honkytonk Man v. Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been signed for Wrestlemania 3 (Superstars 3/28/87)

29.     Update – Jake Roberts has secured the services of Rock Star Alice Cooper to watch Jake’s back during his Wrestlemania 3
match against the Honkytonk Man. Superstars 3/7/87

30.     Snake Pit w/Jake Roberts interviewing himself about his upcoming match against the Honkytonk Man at Wrestlemania 3.  WC 3/29/87

31.     Honkytonk Man v. Jake Roberts (Wrestlemania 3 - 3/29/87)

32.     Honky Tonk Man vs. Jerry Allen (Jimmy Hart is carrying a sign that says “Ban the DDT”) WC 4/19/87

33.     Honkytonk Man v. George “The Animal” Steele (HTM may be a heel, but he’s still wearing those silly looking suspenders.) PT 4/20/87

34.     Int – Honkytonk Man & Jimmy Hart talk about banning the DDT and getting rid of Jake Roberts.  WC 4/26/87



1.         Jake Roberts v. Kamala (And what does this have to do with the Honkytonk Man?  Kim Chee has the answer to that one.)  SNME 4/28/87

2.         Int – Jimmy Hart & the Honkytonk Man WC 5/3/87

3.         Int – Honkytonk Man WC 5/3/87

4.         Honkytonk Man v. George “The Animal” Steele (WC 5/10/87)

5.         Honkytonk Man v. Ken Patera (MSG 5/18/87)

6.         Int – Honkytonk Man talks about an upcoming match.  (Superstars 5/9/87)

7.         Honkytonk Man & Kamala v. Hulk Hogan & Koko B. Ware (Jake Roberts makes an appearance at ringside for this match. 
Buffalo, NY-6/2/87) 

8.         Int – Honkytonk Man

9.         Int – Honkytonk Man & Ricky Steamboat (Superstars 6/6/87)

10.      Honky Tonk Man v. Ricky Steamboat (Honkytonk Man defeats Steamboat to win the WWF Intercontinental
Championship!  Steamboat was supposed to be a long term IC champion, but he asked for time off because his wife was
due with their child very soon.  It was allegedly supposed to be Butch Reed who would win the title, but he allegedly no-
showed the TV Taping, and Honkytonk Man got the nod.  HTM would proceed to hold the title for 14 months!  ) WC 6/14/87

11.      Update – The Honkytonk Man winning the Intercontinental Championship last week from Ricky Steamboat.  Also included, is
footage from the lockeroom as HTM celebrates his victory.  Randy Savage, who lost the title to Steamboat is the first to
congratulate him.  Very ironic considering that it will be Savage who will feud with HTM for the title in the upcoming months,
turning babyface in the process.  Superstars 6/20/87

12.      Honky Tonk Man v. David Stoudemire (Before the match starts, Mr. T comes down to the ring for a guest appearance. 
Honkytonk Man acts like he wants to fight Mr. T, but backs off.) Superstars 6/27/87

13.      Int – Honkytonk Man (Bos 7/87)

14.      Honkytonk Man v. Bruno Sammartino (Bos 7/87)

15.      Honkytonk Man v. Ricky Steamboat (MSG 7/25/87)

16.      Post match interviews with both Steamboat and the Honkytonk Man (MSG 7/25/87)

17.      Ricky Steamboat takes the microphone from Howard Finkel and demands a rematch with the Honkytonk Man at the next MSG
show (MSG 7/25/87)

18.      Int – Ricky Steamboat (Superstars 8/15/87)

19.      Honkytonk Man & Jimmy Hart insult Elvis Presley on the 5th anniversary of his death. Superstars 8/15/87



1.        Honkytonk Man v. Ricky Steamboat (Lumberjack Match.  MSG 8/22/87)

2.        Randy Savage is offended when Honky Tonk Man says he;s the greatest IC Champ ever. Savage threatens Jimmy Hart. 
Honkytonk Man insults Savage further.  An irate Savage assaults Honky’s manager Jimmy Hart in the back room. WC 9/20/87

3.        Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan discuss Savage and the Honkytonk Man during a match between Savage
and Omar Atlas (WC 9/20/87)

4.        Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (Savage scores a clean pin on the Honkytonk Man!  It was a non-title match though.
MSG 9/21/87)

5.        Special Interview – The Honkytonk Man declares himself to be not only the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, but
specifically better than RANDY “MACHO MAN” SAVAGE ever was.  HTM was going to give 10 reasons why he was a
better champion than Savage, but only got as far as #3 before Savage ran out to challenge him to an impromptu title match. 
Savage goes straight to the ring to wait for the Honkytonk Man, but HTM and Jimmy Hart immediately run to the back.  (Superstars 9/26/87)

6.        Update: Randy Savage/Honky Tonk Man confrontation (WC 10/4/87)

7.        Interviews with both the Honkytonk Man & Randy Savage about their upcoming Intercontinental Title match on tonight’s
Saturday Night’s Main Event. (WC 10/4/87)

8.        Honky Tonk Man - vs - Randy " Macho Man " Savage  (The MEGA POWERS are born as Savage is triple teamed by
HTMM and the Hart Foundation.  Elizabeth
runs to the back and brings out HULK HOGAN who makes the save. 

Savage & Hogan shake hands and the rest is history.  Yeah I feel the same way about Hogan as you do, but tell me who
DIDN'T mark out when this happened in 1987?)  SNME 10/4/87

9.        Int – Honkytonk Man comments on Randy Savage and their match at the 10/87 Saturday Nights Main Event when HTM blasted
Savage over the head with his guitar.   (Superstars 10/10/87)

10.     The Honky Tonk Man v. George "the Animal" Steele (Steele tries to get revenge on Honkytonk Man for striking Elizabeth
on the10/87 SNME.  Jimmy Hart throws his megaphone in the ring, but it’s George that the ref sees using it, thus HTM
wins the match via Disqualification.) Superstars 10/24/87

11.     Int – Honkytonk Man talks about his Survivor Series team of Harley Race, Danny Davis, Hercules, and Ron Bass.  Superstars 10/31/87

12.     IC Champ Honky Tonk Man vs. Brutus Beefcake (Jimmy Hart gets Brutus DQ’d, and winds up getting a haircut!) WC 11/1/87

13.     Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (Houston, 11/6/87)

14.     Music Video – Honkytonk Man, by well….The Honkytonk Man.  From the Piledriver album.  (Superstars 11/7/87)

15.     Special Interview – Honkytonk Man & Jimmy Hart (WC 11/8/87)

16.     Int – Ricky Steamboat (Superstars 11/14/87)

17.     Int – Honkytonk Man ((Superstars 11/14/87)

18.     Int – Honkytonk Man plays the guitar in preparation for his match against Ricky Steamboat. (Superstars 11/21/87)

19.     The Honky Tonk Man v. Ricky Steamboat (Honkytonk Man brings out his entire Survivor Series team for support. 
Steamboat goes to the back and brings out the remaining members of his own Survivor Series team as well!  In the end,
all 10 men wind up in the ring brawling with each other.)  Superstars 11/21/87

20.     Int – Honkytonk Man (Honky Tonk Man talks about his upcoming match against Randy Savage.  Superstars 11/21/87)



1.         Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (MSG 11/24/87)

2.         Honkytonk Man, Danny Davis, Harley Race, Ron Bass & Hercules v. Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts, Brutus Beefcake &
Jim Duggan.  (Not only had Honkytonk Man had just finished major feuds with Savage, Roberts & Steamboat, he was responsible
for turning both Roberts & Savage babyface!  He’d also be soon feuding with Brutus in the months leading up to Wrestlemania 4. 
Say what you will about the Honkytonk Man’s in-ring skills, but he knew how to get heat.  Good match, that winds up with it just
being HTM in the ring against Savage, Jake and Steamboat.  Survivor Series 11/26/87)

3.         Int – Honkytonk Man and Jimmy Hart.  Survivor Series 11/26/87

4.         Int – Honkytonk Man with “Peggy Sue” Superstars 11/28/87

5.         Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (Jimmy Hart is suspended above the ring in a small cage to keep him from interfering.  Do you
think this will stop him?  MSG 12/26/87

6.         Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (Cage Match.  Spectrum 1/9/88 – good quality)

7.         Randy Savage v. Terry Gibbs (Honkytonk Man comes out during the match to taunt Savage.  WC 1/30/88)

8.         Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (Main Event 2/5/88)

Honky was supposed to lose the Intercontinental title to Savage in this match, but several days beforehand, Honky refused to do the job, and went
as far as to negotiate with the NWA about showing up on WTBS the next day with the I-C belt! McMahon agreed to let Honky keep the belt, but
another problem surfaced- Randy Savage was telling people he planned to shoot on HTM over screwing him out of his promised title.  In order
not to have a catastrophe on LIVE network television, McMahon promised Savage the WWF World Title at Wrestlemania IV (which  was
originally supposed to go to Ted Dibiase).



1.          Honkytonk Man & Hart Foundation v. Strikeforce & Randy Savage (6 man steel cage match.  Bos 3/88)

2.         Int – Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake/Honkytonk Man  (Wrestlemania 4)

3.         Honkytonk Man v. Brutus Beefcake (Wrestlemania 4.  3/27/88)

4.         Special Interview – Brutus Beefcake.  Honkytonk Man attacks him from behind (PT 6/6/88)

5.         Honkytonk Man v. Bret Hart (PT 7/18/88)

6.         Honkytonk Man v. Outback Jack (WC 4/9/88)

7.         Honkytonk Man v. Jim Duggan (Wrestlefest 7/30/88)

8.         Honkytonk Man v. Brutus Beefcake (Boston 8/6/88)

9.         Int – Honkytonk Man, who doesn’t care who he’s defending the IC Title against tonight.  Summerslam 8/29/88

10.      Honkytonk Man v. Ultimate Warrior (In roughly 19 seconds, the Warrior ends Honky’s 14 month IC Title reign! 
Summerslam 88)

11.      Int – Honkytonk Man is none too happy about having just lost the IC title earlier in the night.  Summerslam 88

12.      Honkytonk Man v. Ultimate Warrior (MSG 9/88)

13.      Int – Honkytonk Man (PHL 9/88)

14.      Honkytonk Man v. Ultimate Warrior (PHL 9/88)

15.      Honkytonk Man v. Ultimate Warrior (Bos 10/88)



1.        Honkytonk Man, Ron Bass, Bad News Brown, Danny Davis & Greg Valentine v. Ultimate Warrior, Brutus Beefcake,
Blue Blazer, Jim Brunzell & Scott Casey (This match was most notable for the incident which saw Bad News Brown walk
out on his own team.  Pretty funny.  Survivor Series 11/24/88)

2.        Honkytonk Man v. Ultimate Warrior (SNME 1/7/89)

3.        Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine  v. Hart Foundation (Superstars 1/7/89)

4.        Brother Love – Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine (Superstars 1/14/89)

5.        Honkytonk Man v. Bret Hart (MSG 1/89)

6.        Honkytonk Man v. Jim Neidhart (Bret Hart & Greg Valentine all get involved for the double disqualification.)

7.        Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine v. The Hart Foundation (Wrestlemania 5.  4/2/89)

8.        Honkytonk Man  & Greg Valentine v. Demolition (Ronnie Garvin is the guest referee.  Greg Valentine isn’t happy
about this, because he just recently beat Garvin in a retirement match.  As a referee, Garvin would proceed to make
life hell for Valentine. WC 5/14/89) 

9.        Honkytonk Man v. Hillbilly Jim (MSG 4/26/89)  

10.     Honkytonk Man v. Hillbilly Jim (Meadowlands Arena 5/8/89) 

11.     Honkytonk Man v. Red tyler (Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka makes his WWF return, and attacks the Honkytonk Man.  WC 6/4/89)

12.     Special Interview – Honkytonk Man (WC 6/11/89)

13.     Brother Love – Jimmy Snuka.  Honkytonk Man comes out and blasts him with his guitar.  Not bad, but it’ll never top Snuka on Piper’s Pit. (Superstars 6/17/89)

14.     Honkytonk Man v. Hulk Hogan (SNME 7/29/89)


Disk 7

1.         Honkytonk Man & Dino Bravo v. The Hart Foundation (Oakland, CA  8/8/89)

2.         Honkytonk Man v. Dusty Rhodes (Summerslam 8/28/89)

3.         Honkytonk Man v. Jimmy Snuka (MSG 9/30/89)

4.         Honkytonk Man v. Jim Duggan (London 10/10/89)

5.         Honkytonk Man v. Tito Santana (The Big Bossman runs in during the match to attack Tito.  Dusty Rhodes makes
the save and runs Bossman and Honkytonk Man out of the ring.  WC 11/12/89)

6.         Honkytonk Man, Big Bossman, Bad News Brown & Rick Martel v. Dusty Rhodes, Brutus Beefcake, Red Rooster &
Tito Santana (HTM and Beefcake are on opposing teams for the 3rd consecutive year.  And for the second consecutive
year, Bad News Brown walks out on his own team!  Survivor Series 11/23/89)


7.         Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine v. Ron Garvin & Jimmy Snuka (MSG 1/15/90)

8.         Honkytonk Man v. Jimmy Snuka (11/25/89)

9.         Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine v. Paul Roma & Jim Gorman (Superstars 1/6/90)

10.      Int – Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine announce that they are an official tag team.  “Rhythm & Blues” (Superstars 2/10/90)



1.         Honkytonk man v. Jim Duggan (Greg Valentine, who has now dyed his hair black, runs in and attacks Duggan.  Superstars 2/24/90)

2.         Rhythm & Blues v. Frankie Valdez & Gary Sabaugh (Superstars 3/10/90)

3.         Rhythm & Blues [Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine] v. Jim Gorman & Jerry Monti (Following the match, the
Bushwhackers come down to ringside and Rhythm & Blues beat the hell out of them.) pt 3/25/90

4.         Update – Rhythm and Blues beating up the Bushwhackers last week.  Superstars 3/31/90

5.         Rhythm & Blues sing at Wrestlemania 6.  The Bushwhackers run in and break it up.  Never thought I’d ever say that
I was glad to see the Bushwhackers.   4/1/90

6.         Rhythm & Blues v. The Bushwhackers (MSG 4/30/90) Battle of the WWF

7.         Rhythm & Blues v. The Bushwhackers (10/10/90)

8.         Rhythm & Blues v. The Hart Foundation (MSG 10/19/90)

9.         The Hart Foundation v. Rhythm & Blues  (Superstars 11/17/90)

10.      Honkytonk Man, Ted DiBiase, Greg Valentine & a Mystery Partner v. Dusty Rhodes, Koko B. Ware & The Hart Foundation
(The mystery partner turned out to be THE UNDERTAKER!  This was ‘Taker’s first appearance in the WWF.  Also
notable in this match was the Absolutely FANTASTIC work by DiBiase & Bret Hart during the final portion of this match.  Survivor Series 11/22/90)

11.      Honkytonk Man entering, and quickly being eliminated from the 2001 Royal Rumble.





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