Disk 1

1.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Bob Holly (Summerslam 8/27/95)

2.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Doink the Clown (low sound RAW 10/16/95)

3.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Fatu (IYH 4 - 10/22/95)

4.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a battle royal (low sound RAW 10/23/95)

5.        HHH/Lawler/Mabel/ Yankem Vs. Fatu/H.Godwinn/Undertaker/Vega (Survivor Series 11/19/95)

6.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Henry Godwin (“Arkansas Hog Pen match”.  IYH 5 – 12/17/95)

7.        Helmsley in the 1996 Royal Rumble


Disk 2

1.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Razor Ramon (RAW 1/22/96)

2.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese (IYH 6 – 2/18/96)

3.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Bret Hart (RAW 3/4/96)

4.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Vin Grier (RAW 3/11/96)

5.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Aldo Montoya (RAW 3/25/96)

6.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Ultimate Warrior (The Warrior makes his long awaited return to the WWF and demolishes
Helmsley in a 2 minute squash.  Wrestlemania 12 – 3/31/96)

7.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese (RAW 4/8/96)


Disk 3

1.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Shawn Michaels (RAW 5/13/96)

2.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Marc Mero (IYH 8 Beware of Dog I – 5/26/96)

3.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Jake Roberts (good quality)

4.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Ahmed Johnson (RAW)

5.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. The Stalker (RAW 9/23/96)

6.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Freddy Joe Floyd (RAW 10/14/96)

7.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Steve Austin (IYH 11 Buried Alive – 10/20/96)

8.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Marc Mero (RAW 10/21/96)

9.        HHH/Crush/Goldust/Lawler Vs. Mero/Rocky Maivia /Stalker (The Rock makes his WWF debut.  Survivor Series 11/16/96)


Disk 4

1.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Billy Gunn v. Jake Roberts & Marc Mero (RAW 12/2/96)

2.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Psycho Sid (RAW 12/9/96)

3.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Marc Mero (IYH 12  It’s Time – 12/15/96)

4.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Marc Mero (RAW 12/23/96)

5.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Flash Funk [Too Cold Scorpio] RAW 12/30/96

6.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Jerry Lawler v. Goldust & Marc Mero (RAW 1/13/97)

7.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Goldust (Royal Rumble 1/19/97)


Disk 5

1.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley in the 1997 Royal Rumble.

2.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Marc Mero (RAW 2/3/97)

3.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Rocky Maivia (RAW 2/13/97)

4.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Rocky Maivia (IYH 13 Final Four – 2/16/97)

5.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Bart Gunn (RAW 2/17/97)

6.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Bret Hart (RAW 3/3/97)

7.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Flash Funk (RAW 3/17/97)

8.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Goldust (Wrestlemania 13 – 3/23/97

9.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Bart Gunn (RAW 3/24/97)


Disk 6

1.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Goldust (RAW 3/31/97)

2.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Undertaker (4/21/97)

3.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Goldust (RAW 4/28/97)

4.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Flash Funk (IYH 15 A Cold Day in Hell – 5/11/97)

5.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Ahmed Johnson (KOTR 5/12/97)

6.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Mankind (KOTR 5/12/97)


Disk 7

1.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Crush (5/19/97)

2.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Rock-a-Billy [Billy Gunn] RAW 5/26/97

3.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Goldust (RAW 6/2/97)

4.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Phineas Godwinn (RAW 6/16/97)

5.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Goldust v. Owen Hart (RAW 6/23//97)

6.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Ken Shamrock (RAW 6/30/97)

7.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Steve Austin (RAW 7/7/97)

8.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Mankind (IYH 16 Canadian Stampede – 7/9/97)

9.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Patriot (RAW 7/21/97)

10.     Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Mankind (Steel Cage match – Summerslam 8/3/97

11.     Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Vader (8/4/97)

12.     Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Ahmed Johnson (KOTR 8/6/97)

13.     Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Mankind (HHH wins the King of the Ring tournament.  KOTR 8/6/97)

14.     HBK vs. Mankind (Helmsley and Chyna come out, but that's not who Mankind should've been
Worried about, as "RAVISHING" RICK RUDE comes to ringside.  Rude wastes no time as he hits
Mankind with a chair leading to a win by HBK.  At this point Helmsly and Chyna aren't yet officially
Allied with Shawn Michaels.  Raw - 8/11/97)

15.     INT -  Helmsley/Chyna (Raw - 8/18/97)


Disk 8

1.        HBK/ Hunter Hearst Helmsley v Undertaker/Mankind (The first team up of the founding members of what will eventually be
known as Degeneration X.  Michaels hist a WICKED chair shot on the Undertaker.  Raw - 8/18/97)

2.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Undertaker (Rude and Chyna are at ringside, but not for long as they and Shawn Michaels
jump in the ring and DESTROY the Undertaker.  FNME - 9/5/97)

3.        HBK vs. Undertaker (GREAT MATCH!  This one goes all over the outside ring area.  HBK sells like NO
ONE ELSE!  Michaels & The Undertaker go through 3 referees in this match before a 4th comes in and
calls for the bell.  HBK, Helmsley & Chyna brawl with the Undertaker, and the whole locker room has to run
onto Michaels and about 6 other wrestlers on the outside of the ring.  IYH Ground Zero - 9/7/97)

4.        Daveyboy Smith v. The Patriot (No match here, as Helmsley, HBK & Chyna attack Smith on the entrance
Raw - 9/8/97)

5.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v . CACTUS JACK!  (Helmsley was supposed to fight Dude Love in a Falls Count Anywhere
match, but we are treated to video footage of both the Dude AND Mankind saying how neither one of
them is suited for such a match, but they know who is.  They decide that their substitute will be none
other than CACTUS JACK!!  Cactus then walks out for his first match in a WWF ring to an
ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUS OVATION!  The Cactus Jack & ECW chants are almost
DEAFENING as the "Hardcore Legend beats the HELL out of Helmsley.  Raw - 9/22/97)

6.        Int. HBK (Michaels calls out the Undertaker, but Helmsley attacks him on the way to the ring.  HBK, Helmsley,
Chyna and Rick Rude then quadruple team the Undertaker.  Raw - 9/22/97)

7.        Bret Hart vs. Goldust. (Joined in Progress.  HBK comes to ringside and attacks Hart [teasing the
upcoming DX v. Hart Foundation feud].  Rude, Helmsley and Chyna run out, followed by Owen Hart,
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, and Daveyboy Smith of the Hart Foundation.  Ken Shamrock & The
Legion of Doom also run in to join the brawl, but THE UNDERTAKER runs in and clears the ring. 
He finishes with a simultaneous chokeslam on BOTH Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels!  Raw 9/22/97)

8.        Int. HBK/Helmsley/Chyna/Rude (All 4 are interviewed together, but are still not referring to themselves by
any specific name.  Helmsley finally gives a full promo outside of his aristocrat gimmick, but is upset when
Commissioner Slaughter orders him to fight the Undertaker later on in the show.  The Hart Foundation
then interrupt, and promise payback for the incident in #26.  Raw - 9/29/97)

9.        Hunter Hearst Helmsley v. Undertaker (Undertaker doesn't make it to the ring before he is attacked by both
Helmsley and Michaels.  The match finally begins, but HBK, Chyna & Rude eventually run in, and after beating the
Undertaker senseless, STUFF HIM INTO A BODY BAG!  Raw - 9/29/97)

10.     Int. HBK/Helmsley/Chyna/Rude (Pretty funny segment as Michael Cole is stuffed into the shower, while
Helmsley conducts the interview himself.  IYH Badd Blood Free For All - 10/5/97)

11.     Int. HBK/Helmsley/Chyna/Rude.  The abuse of poor Michael Cole continues as he receives the WEDGIE
FROM HELL!  Michaels manages to throw in a shot out to Hall, Nash & Shawn (X-PAC) Waltman
By referring to the infamous Kliq.   


NOTE:  over the previous couple of years, Michaels, Helmsley, Nash & Hall were together in the WWF and

Held significant power back stage.  They were known by the other wrestlers as the Kliq.  Michaels would

make various references to the kliq during his interviews.  The fans thought he was referring to them (like

Hulk Hogan referring to his "little Hulksters"  Michaels was really referring to him and his friends.  The

Kliq used their Considerable influence with Vince McMahon to derail the pushes of numerous wrestlers

whom the various members of the Kliq didn't like.  Among them were Bam Bam Bigelow, Lex Luger and

Shane Douglas.


Anyway, Michaels calls for footage of the previous night's Hell in the Cell match, but instead, we get

Of what became known as the "farewell to the Kliq" at Madison Square Garden in 1995.  This footage

Showed the aforementioned Kliq members celebrating in the ring together even though Helmsley & Nash

were both heels, while Michaels and Hall were babyfaces.  HHH even points this out during the segment

as the video is shown. 


ANOTHER NOTE:  HHH got the short end of the stick here as the WWF was EXTREMELY upset about

the four Of them BLATANTLY breaking kayfabe like they did.  Hall & Nash couldn't be punished however,

because they were going to WCW.  They couldn't punish Michaels because he was one of the WWF's top stars

at this point.  This left HHH.  Helmsley, who was about to get a big push, was busted down to job detail for the

next several months.  He was supposed to win the 1996 King of the Ring Tournament.  But this was scrapped. 

As a result, the KOTR victory went to a guy we know as "STONE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN.  On that night,

Steve coined the phrase:  Austin 3:16, and the rest was history.


Back to the story, before HHH & HBK were done berating Vince McMahon, the Hart Foundation interrupt.

Bret Hart proceeds to call Shawn Michaels several names including a DEGENERATE.  HBK answers Bret's

Tirade with 2 words that Michaels & his friends would make famous over the next several years.  "SUCK IT!"


This interview was most notable as it was the first time that Hunter Hearst Helmsley is referred to as Triple H.  This was done to drop
the “aristocratic snob” gimmick and update HHH to be seen as more “cool” with the fans.

Raw - 10/6/97


STILL ANOTHER NOTE:  The exchange of insults between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart appeared to be done

With great feeling.  The reason for this is because in real life, these guys really HATED each other.  This feud

would continue in and out of the ring in both work and shoot fashion for the next several months.  If you listen

closely to HBK's comments toward Bret in his RAW interviews from here on out, you will be able to catch

numerous SHOOT insults and hidden references to their actual real life feud.


Disk 9

1.        HHH vs. Bret Hart (HBK comes out and sticks Hart's Canadian flag up his nose! The HART FOUNDATION
(Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, Daveyboy Smith & Brian Pillman until  he died Were the WWF's most
hated heel group.  They were involved in an excellent and original angle as the Foundation denounces the American
fans, while extolling the virtues of the fans in every other country in the world ESPECIALLY CANADA!  As a result,
The Hart Foundation would be booed as monster heels in America. Raw - 10/6/97)


2.        Hart Foundation Interview interrupted by HBK/HHH/Chyna/Rude (HBK finally assigns the name “DEGENERATION X"
to his group of himself, HHH, Chyna and Rick Rude.  Raw - 10/13/97)

3.        Owen Hart vs. Kama . DX does commentary (The Hart Foundation and the Nation of Domination would
eventually brawl with each other while DX watches attentively, trying to figure out how to fan the flames
even further.  They eventually would escalate this 3 way feud in an angle that I found completely
REPULSIVE.  But we'll get to that shortly.  Raw - 10/13/97)

4.        HBK vs. Flash Funk (Ending shown as HHH counts the pin and Rick Rude announces HBK as the winner. Raw - 10/13/97)

5.        HHH vs. The Patriot (No match here, as DX beats up the Patriot before he got halfway down the ramp.
Commissioner Slaughter comes out and orders HHH to face a replacement who turns out to be….
AHMED JOHNSON! (Yeah, I know, but AJ actually was getting a decent pop at the time.)  Anyway, still no match as
the NOD attack Johnson with DX once again watching (and eating popcorn no less.)Raw - 10/13/97)


NOTE:  The WWF decided to make racism the motivation behind the feud between DX, The Hart Foundation & The

Nation.   I believe that this was a very tasteless angle.  Racism is a REAL thing.  And because it's something that

STILL exists in many overt AND covert forms in our society, (despite what a lot of people may want to believe)

there is in my opinion no funny or tasteful way to exploit it, unless the end goal is to send the message out that it’s wrong.

. HBK/Owen video (Raw - 10/20/97)


6.        HHH vs. Goldust (Raw - 10/27/97)

7.        Int. DX (HBK, now at the absolute HEIGHT of his arrogance proceeds to MOON THE ARENA CROWD AND THE

8.        Int. HHH (Survivor Series 97 - Free For All - 11/9/97)

9.        HHH vs. Shamrock (Raw - 11/10/97)

10.     Promo. DX (DX calls out, and then OBLITERATES SGT. SLAUGHTER! Raw - 11/17/97)


Disk 10

1.        Promo. DX (Rick Rude had left the WWF in protest of what happened to Bret Hart.  As a result, Harvey Whippleman
comes out to Rude's music and gets run off by DX.  Thus, Rude's character is unceremoniously dumped.  Shawn then
surprises the crowd by promising an ON THE AIR MEETING WITH BRET HART! Michaels actually sounds sincere
as he takes responsibility for the Survivor Series incident, and promises to clear the air once and for all with "The Hitman"  Raw - 11/24/97)

2.        The Face to Face meeting (I won't spoil the surprise here, but let's just say that it's just a "little" different
from what you may have been expecting.  BUT IT'S NOT OVER, as Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart comes
out and threatens to beat up HBK and the rest of DX.  Michaels, however, offers Neidhart a spot in DX.
Michaels cites that the rest of the Hart Foundation abandoned "the Anvil", and that DX would give him
The opportunity that Bret Hart never gave him. Raw - 11/24/97)

3.        Promo. DX (Jim Neidhart accepts the invitation to join DX, and gets beaten up for his troubles. Raw - 12/1/97). 
Actually Neidhart, like Daveyboy Smith, Rick Rude, and Brian "Crush" Adams quit the WWF in protest to the
Bret Hart controversy.  Smith & Crush never returned after the Survivor Series.  Neidhart was also allowed to
leave the WWF, but was made to suffer a few extra indignities before being given his release. 

4.        HHH vs. Niedhart (DX eventually runs in, and TOTALLY DESTROY the "Anvil".  They cap off Niedhart's WWF
career by spray painting WCW on his back and handcuffing him to the ropes.  Shamrock & Commissioner Slaughter
run in to make the save.  Shamrock slaps the ankle lock on Shawn Michaels, while Slaughter applies the Cobra Clutch
on HHH, teasing the Shamrock v. HBK title match and the Slaughter v. HHH Boot Camp match at the upcoming IYH
Degeneration X PPV.  Raw - 12/1/97)

5.        Sgt. Slaughter Video (Footage of Slaughter at his "best" is shown to give the fans some background on the man that many
of the current fans have never seen wrestle.  IYH Degeneration X - 12/7/97)

6.        Int. HHH/Chyna (IYH Degeneration X - 12/7/97)

7.        Int. Sgt. Slaughter (IYH Degeneration X - 12/7/97)

8.        HHH vs. Sgt. Slaughter (Boot Camp Match.  This match was actually better than I'd expected.  Sgt. Slaughter surprised
me here. - IYH Degeneration X - 12/7/97)

9.        Promo. DX (HBK rips on the Hart family in general, and Owen in particular, calling him a NUGGET.  A   
dubious nickname that stuck with him for the rest of his career.  DX then proceeded to play a game of
strip poker while waiting for Owen to show up.  Raw - 12/8/97)

10.     DX plays Poker (The Poker game has moved from ringside, to inside the ring.  The Headbangers
come out for their match and IMMEDIATELY wish they hadn't as DX totally DESTROYS both men.
but just when it seems that all is lost, OWEN HART comes out of the crowd again, and attacks DX! Raw - 12/8/97)

11.     Promo. DX (Raw - 12/15/97)

12.     HBK/HHH vs. Legion of Doom (During the match, the New Age Outlaws come out and attack the LOD for the DQ. 
They shave Hawks Mohawk, and powerbomb Animal through the announcer's table.  keep iun mind that the Outlaws
are not yet members of DX.  RAW - 12/15/97)


Disk 11

1.        Promo. DX (Another HILARIOUS promo by DX as they talk trash to the outlaws, Owen Hart and the
Undertaker.  Slaughter comes out and orders Michaels to defend his European Championship against
HHH.  Raw - 12/22/97)

2.        HBK leaves the DX locker room after apparently arguing with HHH(Raw - 12/22/97)

3.        HHH is on the way to the ring and is attacked by OWEN HART! (Raw - 12/22/97)

4.        Chyna talks to HHH (Raw - 12/22/97)

5.        Chyna talks to HBK (Raw - 12/22/97)

6.        HBK vs. HHH  (Helmsley pins Michaels in a complete mockery of a match.  But as we cut to the end of
the show, we get a look at Commissioner Slaughter, who looks like he has a plan to get back at DX.  He
does indeed have a plan.  He promises that HHH's first title defense will be against Owen Hart.Raw - 12/22/97)

7.        Promo. Dx - HHH comes out on crutches due to a legit injury, promising no Euro title match with Owen
Hart.  HBK comes out in a casket, mocking his upcoming casket match with the Undertaker at the Royal
Rumble.  But the BIGGEST (pun intended) news is that Chyna comes out SEVERAL CUP SIZES
The WWF apparently sprung for breast augmentation
Surgery and HHH and Shawn Michaels proceed to make several (pretty funny) jokes to commemorate
the occasion.  Slaughter comes out and decides that HHH can't fight Owen Hart for the European
Title, then HBK would defend the World title against Hart.Raw - 12/27/97

8.        An unentered HHH eliminates Owen Hart from the Royal Rumble (Royal Rumble 98 - 1/18/98)

9.        Video Buildup to HBK vs. Undertaker @ Royal Rumble

10.     DX talks in the back (Raw - 1/19/98)

11.     Promo. DX (Raw - 1/19/98)

12.     DX Finds women in Hearse (Raw - 1/18/98)

13.     DX talks to Mexican Minis (Raw - 1/18/98)

14.     DX talks Backstage (Raw - 1/19/98)

15.     Promo. DX (Raw - 1/19/98 - HHH Rips on Flair)

16.     DX talks with Mike Tyson, and offers him a spot in Degeneration X(Raw - 1/19/98)



Disk 12

1.        Promo. DX (Raw - 1/26/98)

2.        Int.  The Hardcore Legends (Cactus Jack & Terry Funk) HBK & HHH distracts the legends and the New Age
Outlaws attack them from behind. Raw - 1/26/98)

3.        HHH vs. Owen Hart (European Title match.  Actually, the part of HHH is played by "The artist formerly
known as" Goldust.  Owen wins the match, but Slaughter drops a bomb on DX by declaring Goldust a legal
substitute for HHH.  As a result, Owen's victory is declared a legal title change.  OWEN IS THE NEW
EUROPEAN CHAMPION!  - Raw - 1/26/98)

4.        DX Special Report  HHH & HBK discuss the words and phrases that cannot be used on RAW. (COMPLETELY UNEDITED

5.        Promo. DX tries to instigate a fight between Steve Austin and Mike Tyson (mainly to avoid the inevitable
Austin v. Shawn Michaels main event at Wrestlemania 14. Raw - 2/2/98)

6.        Int.  New Age Outlaws (DX interrupetsRaw - 2/2/98)

7.        Owen Hart vs. Billy Gunn (Ending shown, as the Road Dog and DX interfere for the DQ and quintuple team Owen. 
Raw - 2/2/98)

8.        Austin vs. Road Dogg. (DX runs in and attack Austin.  Cactus Jack & Terry Funk make the save.  We're now building up
to the HBK v. Stone Cold main event at Wrestlemania 14.  Raw - 2/2/98)

9.        Promo - DX.  Austin comes out, but gets surrounded by DX and the Outlaws.  Then, to even the sides,
Cactus & Terry "Chainsaw Charlie" Funk come out from under the ring (literally).  Owen Hart then
comes in from the back, and they run DX and the Outlaws off. (Raw - 2/9/98)

10.     Video Build up to the 8-man tag match (IYH No Way Out - 2/15/98)

11.     HHH/Outlaws/Savio Vega vs. Austin/Owen/Hardcore Legends (IYH No Way Out - 2/15/98)

12.     Promo. DX at HBK's House.  As of right now, Shawn Michaels is scheduled to drop the title to Austin
at Wrestlemania, but HBK now has such a big (and well deserved) reputation for no-showing events where
he's supposed to lose cleanly, that no one is expecting him to actually show up for his match at
Wrestlemania.  Vince McMahon was very concerned that this would cause ticket sales and PPV buy rates
to drop (he was probably right)  As a result, Vince actually made Michaels say IN NO UNCERTAIN
TERMS that he would be at Wrestlemania to defend the WWF title against Austin.  (Raw - 2/16/98)

13.     Promo. DX (Raw - 2/23/98)

14.     Mike Tyson Interview Interrupted by DX.  Tyson challenges HBK to a fight, and both DX, and Tyson's
Entourage leave the ring so they can fight!  And just as they are about to lock up, HBK rips off Tyson's
shirt and…..
(Well that would spoil the surprise wouldn't it?  Raw - 2/23/98)

15.     DX Celebrates backstage (Raw - 2/23/98)

16.     Int. Mike Tyson while leaving the arena (Raw - 2/23/98)

17.     Austin vs. Kane. No Contest. DX lays out Austin (Raw - 2/23/98)

18.     Promo. HHH joined by HBK (Raw - 3/2/98)

19.     Owen Hart vs. Barry Windham. (HHH does commentary.  Windham was part of the failed attempt to
bring back the NWA.  Very forgettable match as Windham isn't NEARLY the competitor that he was
10 years ago.  Raw - 3/2/98)

20.     HHH vs. Savio Vega (Austin runs in and attacks everyone in the rung, but catches a Superkick by
Shawn Michaels.  DX then proceeds to destroy Austin in the traditional @$$ kicking that the babyface
Takes in the weeks prior to Wrestlemania.  Raw - 3/2/98)

21.     HBK Video (Raw - 3/17/98)

22.     Owen Hart vs. HHH (European Title.  Owen is tricked into defending the title, and loses it almost
Immediately to HHH. Raw - 3/17/98)


Shawn Michaels would lose the WWF Title to Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 15, and leave the company for several years.  With Michaels gone, Triple H takes his place as the new leader of DX, and begins his rise to the top of the company.

Disk 13

1.        DX arrives in Limo with Mike Tyson(Raw - 3/23/98)

2.        Promo. DX (Raw - 3/23/98)

3.        DX talks backstage (Raw - 3/23/98)

4.        End of Austin vs. Rock.

5.        Promo. DX (Raw - 3/23/98)

6.        HHH vs. Owen (European Title - Wreslemania 14 - 3/29/98)

7.        HHH and Chyna talk backstage (3/30/98)

8.        Promo. HHH (Helmsley unloads on Shawn Michaels for "Dropping the ball" and losing the WWF title to
Austin, and vows to take over DX.  Michaels, in leaving the WWF after his title loss, not only passed the
torch to Austin, but to HHH as well.  HHH now had the opportunity to step out from HBK's shadow.  He
began his reign as the leader of DX by bringing in SEAN “123 KID, SYXX” WALTMAN (who would soon be known as
X-PAC.  He'd just been fired from WCW).  Waltman cuts a pretty good promo on Eric Bischoff & Hulk
Hogan.  Raw - 3/30/98)

9.        New Age Outlaws vs. Hardcore Legends. (Cage match.  DX interferes, and in the process of completely
destroying Cactus and Funk, add the Road Dogg & Bad @$$ Billy Gunn to their number, Raw - 3/30/98)

10.     HHH/Outlaws Vs. Owen/LOD(Raw 4/20/98)


Disk 14

1.        HHH Vs. Owen(Chyna is suspended in a cage to keep her from interfering.  Yeah, like that'll stop her.  IYH-Unforgiven)

2.        DX SKIT - DX is on location at the arena where WCW is holding NITRO causing trouble outside, and yelling "LET MY
PEOPLE GO!" (Referring to Kevin Nash & Scott Hall), and generally badmouthing Eric Bischoff & WCW.

3.        Chyna/HHH/Outlaws Vs. DOA/LOD(Unfortunately, the LOD & DOA couldn't get along and started fighting.  Raw 5/4/98)

4.        DX SKIT - DX is on location in Atlanta, GA at the offices of WCW as their "assault on WCW" continues.

5.        DX Promo - Owen Hart interrupts and challenges HHH to a n on-title match, but Owen also brings his new friends, THE
NATION led by The ROCK as an insurance policy to hold off any DX interference. (RAW  5/11/98)

6.        HHH Vs. Owen (With both DX and the Nation at ringside, you just know that we won't see a clean finish.  Raw 5/11/98)

7.        HHH Vs. Rock (Not a good night for the Rock as he gets drilled again by Farooq.  DX comes in and breaks up a post
match beatdown as the Nation was decimating Farooq following the Rock's successful IC Title defense.  Since DX was being cheered anyway, the WWF decided to make them full fledged baby faces. Raw 5/25/98) \


Disk 15

1.        HHH/Outlaws Vs. Owen/D'Lo/Godfather (IYH-Over The Edge)

2.        HHH/Outlaws Vs. Owen/Rock/D'Lo (The rest of the Nation & DX are ordered to go to the back during this match. 
They don't stay away very long.Raw 6/1/98)

3.        DX SKIT - On location in New York City, DX has some fun with the locals.

4.        DX strategy session - DX discuss the HHH Vs. X-Pac King of the Ring qualifying match. 

5.        HHH v. X-Pac  (The two DX teammates are forced to fight each other in a King of the Ring qualifier.  Owen Hart runs in
and attacks X-Pac, leading to HHH winning the match by count-out.  Raw 6/15/98)

6.        Owen Hart & The Rock v. Dan Severn & Ken Shamrock  (Ending, as Owen is mauled by DX who runs in to get revenge on his attack on Xpac earlier in the night.  The Nation runs out and evens up the score. - Raw 6/15/98)

7.        HHH Vs. Rock (First round of the King of the Ring Tournament.  The Nation & DX run in for the traditional post-match
brawl Raw 6/22/98)

8.        The Rock v. Ken Shamrock  (HHH is doing guest commentary since he's feuding with the Rock.  Very Good match here,
as Ken Shamrock gets a clean victory over the Rock to win the 1998 King of the Ring tournament.  KOTR 98)

9.        INT - Ken Shamrock.  Shamrock is interrupted by Owen Hart, who challenges Shamrock to a match.  HHH comes out and
challenges both of them to a 3 way dance.

10.     HHH Vs. Owen Vs. Ken Shamrock (Raw 6/29/98)

11.     DX SKIT - HILARIOUS IN-RING SKIT as DX comes out dressed up as the Nation, and does some very good impersonations.
especially from Jason Sensation, who does a near PERFECT Owen Hart.  (RAW 7/13/98)

12.     Jason Sensation is at the commentator's table, and regrets it, as after the Nation cuts a promo in response to DX's skit, OWEN
HART runs out and absolutely DESTROYS JASON SENSATION!!!  DX eventually runs in to make the save.  (Raw 7/13/98)

13.     HHH/X-Pac Vs. Owen/Rock (Raw 7/13/98)


Disk 16

1.        HHH Vs. D'Lo Brown  (Dlo wins the European Title! Raw 7/20/98)

2.        HHH Vs. Rock "2/3 Falls"  (IYH-Fully Loaded)

3.        HHH Vs. X-Pac Vs. Rock  (Raw 7/27/98)

4.        HHH Vs. X-Pac  (The 2 DX teammates settle a score from the previous week's RAW in a match to determine the #1
contender for the Rock's Intercontinental Title.  Chyna gets involved.  But who does she help? Is there some dissention in
the ranks of Degeneration X Raw 8/3/98)

5.        DX Promo - More sparks fly between X-Pac and HHH, and then HHH shouts at the Outlaws?  Is this the end for DX?  IS IT
Well, yes.  But not the kind of split you're expecting.  Let's just say that Chyna
makes an "a$$" of herself.  (Raw 8/10/98)

6.        HHH/X-Pac Vs. Southern Justice (Heat 8/16/98)

7.        DX Vs. The Nation "Street Fight"  (Jeff Jarrett comes out and attacks X-Pac & Roaddog, CUTTING X-PAC'S HAIR IN
THE PROCESS!  Then Southern Justice comes out to assist Double J by attacking the Outlaws, leaving HHH to get
creamed by The Rock, D-Lo and Mark Henry.  Raw 8/17/98)


Disk 17

1.        Chyna calls out the Rock, and REALLY, REALLY REGRETS IT.  The Rock cuts an excellent promo, and then completely
  (RAW 8/24/98)


3.        The Rock and the Nation almost cuts a promo, but DX runs in and attacks them.  Nice pre-PPV brawl  (Summerslam 98)

4.        HHH Vs. Rock  (Ladder Match - Summerslam 98  FANTASTIC MATCH!  HHH wins the Intercontinental title, but the
real star in this match was the Rock.  This was by far the Rock's best match to date!  He was already getting lots of heat
as a heel, but, you could finally see the general audience [and not just his fans] really begin to APPRECIATE the Rock as
not only were there the usual "ROCKY SUCKS" chants, but towards the end, the crowd was actually chanting
"ROCKY! ROCKY!"  and cheering him just as loud as HHH despite the fact that the Rock was clearly the heel in this match.  It was at this point that the Rock transcended Good and bad like Austin did roughly a year earlier, and became
THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPION in fact, as well as name.  A definite breakout match for the Rock) 

5.        HHH Vs. Owen Hart (Raw 9/14/98)

6.        Chyna/X-Pac Vs. Mark Henry(Raw 9/14/98)

7.        HHH, Billy Gunn & X-Pac v. Dlo Brown, Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (Heat 9/20/97)

8.        X-Pac v. Owen Hart (RAW 9/21/97)


Disk 18

1.        HHH Vs. Jeff Jarrett (Capital Carnage)

2.        HHH/X-Pac Vs. Bossman/Shamrock (Raw 12/7/98)

3.        HHH Vs. Droz (Heat 12/13/98)

4.        HHH Vs. Rock (Raw 12/14/98)

5.        HHH/X-Pac Vs. Rock/Test (Raw 12/21/98)

6.        HHH Vs. Ken Shamrock (Raw 12/28/98)


Disk 19

1.        HHH Vs. Mankind (Shane McMahon is the guest referee and makes life rough for Mankind.  Mankind returns the favor
after the match, nearly breaking Shane’s arm, while demanding a title shot from Vince McMahon. Raw 1/4/99)

2.        Mankind v. The Rock (With DX at his side for the match, and a little help from Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley
wins his first World Title! RAW 1/4/99) 

3.        HHH Vs. Edge (Raw 1/11/99)

4.        Corporate Rumble (RAW 1/11/99)

5.        HHH in the 1999 Royal Rumble

6.        HHH Vs. Rock "I Quit" (Raw 1/25/99)

7.        HHH Vs. Kane "Steel Cage" (Raw 2/1/99)


Disk 20

1.        HHH/X-Pac Vs. Owen/Jarrett v. Dlo Brown & Mark Henry  (Heat 2/7/99)

2.        HHH/X-Pac Vs. Chyna/Kane (IYH-St Valentine's Day)

3.        HHH/X-Pac Vs. Kane/Shane McMahon (Raw 2/15/99)

4.        HHH/X-Pac Vs. Owen/Jarrett (Raw 3/1/99)

5.        HHH Vs. Chyna (LiveWire 3/6/99)

6.        Triple H Vs. Godfather (Heat 3/21/99)

7.        Int. DX  (Heat - 3/28/99)

8.        HHH vs. Kane  (Chyna, who had been hanging with Kane, turns on him and rejoins HHH - Wrestlemania 15)


Disk 21

1.        Int. DX  (Wrestlemania 15 - 3/28/99)

2.        End of Xpac vs. Shane  (This was actually a good match.  No one expected Shane to deliver.  HHH turns on Xpac.
Wrestlemania 15 - 3/28/99)

3.        Int. Xpac  (Xpac calls out HHH.  Raw - 3/29/99)

4.        HHH vs. Xpac  (Raw - 3/29/99)

5.        The Corporation jumps Austin  (The Big show makes the save.  Raw - 3/29/99)

6.        Int. HHH/Chyna/Shane/Rock  (Heat - 4/4/99)

7.        Int. The Corporation  (Raw - 4/5/99)

8.        HHH/Rock vs. Paul Wight  (Raw - 4/5/99)

9.        Xpac/Kane vs. Outlaws vs. Owen/Jarrett  (Heat - 4/11/99)

10.     Int. The Corporation  (Raw - 4/12/99)

11.     Xpac/Kane vs. HHH/Test  (WWF Tag Titles - Raw - 4/12/99)

12.     HHH and Bossman attack Shamrock  (Raw - 4/12/99)

13.     Int. HHH/Chyna  (Heat - 4/18/99)

14.     Xpac/Kane vs. HHH/Rock  (WWF Tag Titles - Heat - 4/18/99)

15.     HHH vs. Mankind  (Raw - 4/19/99)

16.     HHH/Xpac video  (Heat - 4/25/99)

17.     Int. HHH/Chyna  (Heat - 4/25/99)

18.     Int. HHH/Chyna  (Backlash - 4/25/99)

19.     HHH vs. Xpac  (Backlash - 4/25/99)


Disk 22

1.        Int. Rock  (Raw - 4/26/99)

2.        HHH vs. Billy Gunn  (Raw - 4/26/99)

3.        End of Rock vs. Shane  (Raw - 4/26/99)

4.        Int. Vince/Stephanie McMahon  (Smackdown - 4/29/99)

5.        Int. Rock  (Smackdown - 4/29/99)

6.        Corporate Ministry plots backstage  (Smackdown - 4/29/99)

7.        HHH/The Undertaker vs. Rock/Austin  (Smackdown - 4/29/99)

8.        McMahon family video  (Heat - 5/2/99)

9.        Shane reacts backstage  (Heat - 5/2/99)

10.     End of Acolytes vs. Shamrock/Test  (Heat - 5/2/99)

11.     End of Bossman vs. Mankind  (Boiler Room Brawl - Heat - 5/2/99)

12.     Int. Big Show  (Heat - 5/2/99)

13.     Int. Corporate Ministry  (Heat - 5/2/99)

14.     Int. Corporate Ministry  (Raw - 5/3/99)

15.     Int. Corporate Ministry  (Raw - 5/3/99)

16.     Corporate Ministry attacks Vince in office  (Raw - 5/3/99)

17.     HHH vs. Shamrock  (Raw - 5/3/99)

18.     Rock vs. Austin  (Corporate Lumberjack match - Raw - 5/3/99)


Disk 23

1.        HHH vs. Road Dogg  (Heat - 5/9/99)

2.        Int. Rock  (Heat - 5/9/99)

3.        Int. Union  (Raw - 5/10/99)

4.        Chyna vs. Shamrock  (Raw - 5/10/99)

5.        HHH/The Undertaker/Shane vs. Rock/Austin/Vince  (Raw - 5/10/99)

6.        Int. Corporate Ministry  (Heat - 5/16/99)

7.        Int. Corporate Ministry  (Raw - 5/17/99)

8.        End of Rock vs. The Undertaker  (Casket Match - Raw - 5/17/99)

9.        HHH vs. Austin  (Raw - 5/17/99)

10.     Int. Rock  (Heat - 5/23/99)

11.     HHH vs. Rock  (Over The Edge 99 - 5/23/99.  This was the show where Owen Hart tragically died.)

12.     A moment of Silence for Owen Hart  (Raw - 5/24/99)

13.     HHH and Chyna talk about Owen  (Raw - 5/24/99)

14.     HHH vs. Al Snow  (Raw - 5/24/99)

15.     Int. Corporate Ministry  (Raw - 5/31/99)

16.     Int. Mankind  (Raw - 5/31/99)

17.     Hhh Vs. Mankind  (Hardcore Match - Raw - 5/31/99)

18.     End Of Undertaker Vs. Austin  (Raw - 5/31/99)

19.     Chyna Vs. Val Venis  (King Of The Ring Tournament - Heat - 6/6/99)

20.     Int. Vince Mcmahon  (Raw - 6/7/99)

21.     Int. Corporate Ministry  (Raw - 6/7/99)

22.     Hhh Vs. Rock  (Cast Match - Raw - 6/7/99)


Disk 24

1.        Int. Hhh/Chyna/Billy Gunn  (Heat - 6/13/99)

2.        Chyna/Billy Gunn Vs. Road Dogg/Ken Shamrock  (Heat - 6/13/99)

3.        Int. Corporate Ministry  (Raw - 6/14/99)

4.        Int. Vince/Shane Mcmahon  (Raw - 6/14/99)

5.        Hhh Vs. Undertaker Vs. Rock  (Raw - 6/14/99)

6.        Int. Undertaker  (Heat - 6/20/99)

7.        Hhh Reacts Backstage  (Heat - 6/20/99)

8.        Chyna Vs. Road Dogg Vs. Xpac Vs. Hardcore Holly  (Elimination Rules - Heat 6/20/99)

9.        Chyna Vs. Billy Gunn  (Heat - 6/20/99)

10.     Int. Hhh/Chyna  (Raw - 6/21/99)

11.     Hhh Talks To Vince And Shane  (Raw - 6/21/99)

12.     The Undertaker Vs. Hhh  (Wwf Title - Raw - 6/21/99)

13.     King Of The Ring Video Package  (Wwf Superstars - 6/27/99)

14.     Int. Road Dogg  (Heat - 6/27/99)

15.     Int. Hhh/Chyna  (King Of The Ring 1999 - 6/27/99)

16.     Chyna Vs. Road Dogg  (King Of The Ring 1999 - 6/27/99)

17.     End Of Undertaker Vs. Rock  (King Of The Ring 1999 - 6/27/99)

18.     Int. Corporate Ministry  (Raw - 6/28/99)

19.     Int. Billy Gunn  (Raw - 6/28/99)

20.     Hhh Vs. Rock  (Raw - 6/28/99)

21.     Int. Rock  (Raw - 7/5/99)

22.     Int. Hhh/Chyna  (Raw - 7/5/99)

23.     Hhh Vs. Rock  (Steel Cage Match - Raw - 7/5/99)

24.     Int. Rock  (Heat - 7/11/99)

25.     Int. Xpac/Road - Raw - 7/12/99)

26.     Int. Hhh/Chyna/Billy Gunn  (Raw - 7/12/99)

27.     Hhh/Chyna/Billy Gunn Vs. Xpac/Road Dogg/Kane  (Raw - 7/12/99)



Disk 25

1.        Hhh Vs. The Big Show  (Heat - 7/18/99)

2.        Int. Corporate Ministry  (Raw - 7/19/99)

3.        Hhh Talks To Vince Backstage  (Raw - 7/19/99)

4.        Hhh And Chyna Talk Backstage  (Raw - 7/19/99)

5.        Jesse Ventura Promo  (Raw - 7/19/99)

6.        Hhh Vs. The Undertaker  (Raw - 7/19/99)

7.        Int. Hhh  (This Interview Jim Ross gave with HHH will go down as the interview where “THE GAME” was born. Heat - 7/25/99)

8.        Hhh Vs. Rock  (Fully Loaded Strap Match - Fully Loaded 99 - 7/25/99)

9.        End Of Austin Vs. Undertaker  (Fully Loaded 99 - 7/25/99)

10.     Hhh Vs. Shamrock  (Raw - 7/26/99)

11.     Rock/Chyna Promo  (Raw - 7/26/99)

12.     Chyna/Billy Gunn Vs. Rock  (Raw - 7/26/99)

13.     Footage Of What Happend After Raw Went Off The Air  (Raw - 7/26/99)

14.     Int. Shane  (Raw - 8/2/99)

15.     Austin Vs. Undertaker  (Wwf Title - No Holds Barred - Raw - 8/2/99)

16.     Int. Jesse Ventura  (Raw - 8/9/99)

17.     Austin Seen Backstage Knocked Out Cold  (Raw - 8/9/99)

18.     Austin Gets Put In The Ambulance  (Raw - 8/9/99)

19.     Int. Hbk  (Raw - 8/9/99)


Disk 26

1.        Hhh Vs. Undertaker Vs. Chyna  (Raw - 8/9/99)

2.        Segment From Mtv Rocks Featuring Hhh And Chyna  (Mtv Rocks - 8/10/99)

3.        Mtv's Stone Cold Tv  (8/11/99)

4.        Mtv's Countdown To Summerslam  (8/13/99)

5.        Footage From True Life: I'm A Pro-Wrestler Featuring Hhh And Chyna  (8/14/99)

6.        Int. Chyna  (Heat - 8/15/99)

7.        Int. Hhh/Chyna  (Raw - 8/16/99)

8.        Hhh Vs. Chyna  (Raw - 8/16/99)

9.        Int. Mankind  (Raw - 8/16/99)

10.     Chyna Vs. Mankind  (Raw - 8/16/99)

11.     Hhh Vs. Mankind  (No Holds Barred - Raw - 8/16/99)

12.     Jesse Ventura Video  (Heat - 8/22/99)

13.     Footage Of Mankind At Minnesota Twins Game  (Heat - 8/22/99)

14.     Int. Mankind  (Heat - 8/22/99)

15.     Hhh Video  (Heat - 8/22/99)

16.     Int. Austin  (Heat - 8/22/99)

17.     Int. Hhh/Chyna  (Heat - 8/22/99)


Disk 27

1.        Austin vs. HHH vs. Mankind  (WWF Title - Summerslam 99 - 8/22/99)

2.        Int. HHH/Chyna  (Raw - 8/23/99)

3.        Mankind vs. HHH  (WWF Title - Raw - 8/23/99)

4.        Int HHH/Chyna  (Smackdown - 8/26/99)

5.        End of Shane vs. Mankind  (Smackdown - 8/26/99)

6.        Int. Austin  (Smackdown - 8/26/99)

7.        Int. HHH/Chyna  (Smackdown - 8/26/99)

8.        HHH vs. Rock  (WWF Title - Smackdown - 8/26/99)

9.        Video recap  (Heat - 8/29/99)

10.     Int. HHH/Chyna/HBK/Shane  (Heat - 8/29/99)

11.     Int. Rock  (Raw - 8/30/99)

12.     Int. Shane McMahon  (Raw - 8/30/99)

13.     End of Mankind vs. The Mean Street Posse  (Raw - 8/30/99)

14.     End of Rock vs. Undertaker  (Raw - 8/30/99)

15.     Int. HHH/Chyna/Shane  (Smackdown - 9/2/99)

16.     HHH vs. "That Baldheaded SOB"  (WWF Title - Smackdown - 9/2/99)

17.     End of Rock vs. Mankind  (Smackdown - 9/2/99)

18.     Int. HHH/Chyna/Shane  (Smackdown - 9/2/99)

19.     Rock/Mankind vs. HHH/Shane  (Tag Titles - Smackdown - 9/2/99)

20.     Rock/Mankind vs. HHH/Kane  (Tag Titles - Raw - 9/2/99)

21.     Int. HHH/Chyna  (Raw - 9/2/99)

22.     Earl Hebner talks to Chyna  (Raw - 9/2/99)

23.     HHH vs. Billy Gunn  (WWF Title - 9/2/99)


Disk 28

1.        HHH and Chyna jump Kane in the parking lot  (Smackdown - 9/9/99)

2.        Kane douses HHH's car in gasoline  (Smackdown - 9/9/99)

3.        Kane attempts to burn HHH  (Smackdown - 9/9/99)

4.        Kane destroys The New Brood  (Smackdown - 9/9/99)

5.        Int. HHH  (Smackdown - 9/9/99)

6.        Int. Xpac  (Smackdown - 9/9/99)

7.        HHH vs. Kane  (WWF Title - Smackdown - 9/9/99)

8.        End of Rock/Mankind vs. Undertaker/Big Show  (Buried Alive - Smackdown.  (9/9/99)

9.        HHH Video  (Heat - 9/12/99)

10.     Int. Linda McMahon  (Raw - 9/13/99)

11.     HHH vs. Austin  (WWF Title - Raw - 9/13/99)

12.     Linda talks to Patterson and Brisco  (Raw - 9/13/99)

13.     Int. HHH/Chyna  (Raw - 9/13/99)

14.     Int. Austin  (Smackdown - 9/16/99)

15.     HHH and Chyna talk backstage  (Smackdown - 9/16/99)

16.     HHH and Chyna talk backstage  (Smackdown - 9/16/99)

17.     Int. HHH/Chyna  (Smackdown - 9/16/99)

18.     HHH vs.  (a man who has neen in a PPV main event with Austin - WWF Title.  (Smackdown - 9/16/99)

19.     Video Recap  (Heat - 9/19/99)

20.     Int. Vince McMahon  (Raw - 9/20/99)

21.     HHH/Chyna vs. Test/Shane McMahon  (Raw - 9/20/99)

22.     Int. Vince McMahon  (Smackdown - 9/23/99)

23.     HHH vs. Big Show  (Chokeslam Match - Smackdown - 9/23/99)

24.     HHH vs. Kane  (Inferno Match - Smackdown - 9/23/99)


Disk 29

1.        HHH vs. Mideon/Viscera  (Casket Match - Smackdown - 9/23/99)

2.        HHH vs. Mankind  (Boiler Room Brawl - Smackdown - 9/23/99)

3.        Vince talks to Bulldog  (Smackdown - 9/23/99)

4.        HHH vs. Rock  (Bullrope Match - Smackdown - 9/23/99)

5.        Int. HHH  (Heat - 9/26/99)

6.        Int. HHH/Bulldog  (Unforgiven 99 - 9/26/99)

7.        HHH vs. Rock vs. Mankind vs. Big Show vs. Kane vs. Davey Boy Smith  (WWF Title - Unforgiven 99 - 9/26/99)

8.        Int. Austin  (Raw - 9/27/99)

9.        End of "This is your Life Rock"  (Raw - 9/27/99)

10.     HHH vs. Rock  (WWF Title - Raw - 9/27/99)

11.     Int. Vince McMahon  (Smackdown - 9/30/99)

12.     HHH and Vince argue backstage  (Smackdown - 9/30/99)

13.     Int. Rock  (Smackdown - 9/30/99)

14.     Int. Davey Boy Smith  (Smackdown - 9/30/99)

15.     HHH vs. Davey Boy Smith  (WWF Title - Smackdown - 9/30/99)


Disk 30

1.        HHH v. The Rock (Cage Match – Rebellion 99)

2.        Deja Video: HHH vs. Mankind  (Summerslam 97 - Heat - 10/3/99)

3.        Video Recap  (Heat - 10/3/99)

4.        Int. HHH  (Raw - 10/4/99)

5.        Int. Austin  (Smackdown - 10/7/99)

6.        Int. HHH in Snakeroom  (Smackdown - 10/7/99)

7.        Int. HHH  (Smackdown - 10/7/99)

8.        Video Recap  (Smackdown - 10/7/99)

9.        Int. Vince McMahon  (Raw - 10/11/99)

10.     Int. HHH/Chyna  (Raw - 10/11/99)

11.     Austin talks to Jim Ross  (Raw - 10/11/99)

12.     HHH/Chyna vs. Austin/Jim Ross  (No DQs - Raw - 10/11/99)

13.     HHH attacks Austin  (Raw - 10/11/99)

14.     Int. HHH  (Smackdown - 10/14/99)

15.     HHH is taken away in an ambulance  (Smackdown - 10/14/99)

16.     HHH confronts Austin in Locker Room  (Smackdown - 10/14/99)

17.     Int. HHH  (Heat - 10/17/99)

18.     Vince talks to HHH  (Heat - 10/17/99)

19.     Int. HHH  (Heat - 10/17/99)

20.     Int. Rock  (No Mercy - 10/17/99)

21.     HHH vs. Austin  (WWF Title - No Holds Barred - No Mercy - 10/17/99)


Disk 31

22.     Int. Rock  (Raw - 10/18/99)

23.     End of Rock/Mankind vs. The Hollys  (Raw - 10/18/99)

24.     Int. HHH  (Smackdown - 10/21/99)

25.     HHH talks to Vince  (Smackdown - 10/21/99)

26.     Int. Al Snow  (Smackdown - 10/21/99)

27.     HHH vs. Al Snow  (WWF Title - Smackdown - 10/21/99)

28.     End of Rock vs. Mankind  (Smackdown - 10/21/99)

29.     End of Austin vs. Val Venis  (Smackdown - 10/21/99)

30.     Video Recap  (Heat - 10/24/99)

31.     Outlaws talk to Vince  (Raw - 10/25/99)

32.     Int. Rock  (Raw - 10/25/99)

33.     Mankind talks to Vince  (Raw - 10/25/99)

34.     HHH vs. Mankind  (WWF Title - Raw - 10/25/99)

35.     HHH talks to Outlaws  (Raw - 10/25/99)

36.     End of Austin/Rock vs. Outlaws  (Raw - 10/25/99)

37.     Int. DX  (Smackdown - 10/28/99)

38.     DX jumps Rock  (Smackdown - 10/28/99)

39.     Int. DX  (Smackdown - 10/28/99)

40.     DX talks backstage  (Smackdown - 10/28/99)

41.     Road Dogg gets trapped in a bear trap  (Smackdown - 10/28/99)

42.     EMTs tend to Road Dogg  (Smackdown - 10/28/99)

43.     Billy Gunn gets caught in a Snare  (Smackdown - 10/28/99)

44.     DX talks backstage and the ceiling falls down on XPac!  (Smackdown - 10/28/99)

45.     Int. DX  (Smackdown - 10/28/99)

46.     DX Video  (Heat - 10/31/99)

47.     Int. Rock  (Raw - 11/1/99)

48.     HHH v. Shane McMahon (RAW 11/1/99)

49.     Vince talks to DX  (Raw - 11/1/99)

50.     DX talks backstage  (Raw - 11/1/99)

51.     HHH, NAO, Xpac v. Austin, Rock, Kane & Shane McMahon (Survivor Series elimination rules.  SD 11/4/99)

52.     Int – DX (RAW 11/8/99)


Disk 32

53.     HHH v. Test (RAW 11/8/99)

54.     HHH, Roaddog & Billy Gunn & XPac v. Austin, Test Rock & Shane McMahon (Elimination tag match.  SD 11/11/99)

55.     Int. Shane McMahon  (Survivor Series 1999 - 11/14/99)

56.     HHH vs. Rock vs. ???  (WWF Title - Survivor Series 1999 - 11/14/99)

57.     Int. DX  (Raw - 11/15/99)

58.     Detectives talk to DX  (Raw - 11/15/99)

59.     Detectives talk to Vince  (Raw - 11/15/99)

60.     Vince talks to DX  (Raw - 11/15/99)

61.     Detectives talk to Patterson and Brisco  (Raw - 11/15/99)

62.     Detectives talk to Rock  (Raw - 11/15/99)

63.     HHH and Xpac jump Kane  (Raw - 11/15/99)


Disk 33

1.        HHH vs. Kane  (Raw - 11/15/99)

2.        McMahon Family arrives at building  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

3.        Slaughter talks to Vince  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

4.        Vince talks to DX  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

5.        Test ventures to the parking lot  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

6.        DX and McMahons argue backstage  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

7.        McMahons recover Test  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

8.        McMahons talk in office  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

9.        HHH talks to McMahons  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

10.     Detectives talk to JR  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

11.     Vince talks to Police Officers outside office  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

12.     McMahons talk in office  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

13.     McMahons escape from smoke filled office  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

14.     Int. HHH  (Smackdown - 11/18/99)

15.     Video Recap  (Heat - 11/21/99)

16.     DX talks in Limo  (Raw - 11/22/99)

17.     Shane searches for Vince  (Raw - 11/22/99)

18.     Vince waits outside the DX locker room  (Raw - 11/22/99)

19.     Vince gets arrested  (Raw - 11/22/99)

20.     Vince gets escorted to squad car  (Raw - 11/22/99)

21.     Vince arrives at County Jail  (Raw - 11/22/99)

22.     Vince gets finger printed  (Raw - 11/22/99)

23.     Vince gets Mug Shots taken  (Raw - 11/22/99)

24.     Shane gets a phone call  (Raw - 11/22/99)

25.     Int. HHH  (Raw - 11/22/99)

26.     EMTs tend to Billy Gunn  (Raw - 11/22/99)

27.     Vince gets put in a cell  (Raw - 11/22/99)

28.     Vince gets released  (Raw - 11/22/99)

29.     HHH vs. The Acolytes  (No DQs - Raw - 11/22/99)

30.     Raw Video  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

31.     DX talks backstage  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

32.     DX files a T.O.P on Vince  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

33.     McMahons talk backstage  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

34.     DX talks backstage  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

35.     DX talks outside the arena  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

36.     DX talks to Homeless People  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

37.     DX talks to Homeless People  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

38.     DX talks to The Homeless about Thanksgiving Dinner  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

39.     DX talks more about Thanksgiving Dinner  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

40.     DX talks more about Thanksgiving Dinner  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

41.     HHH/Xpac vs. Shane/Test  (Smackdown - 11/25/99)

42.     Video Recap  (Heat - 11/28/99)

43.     Int. DX  (Raw - 11/29/99)

44.     HHH vs. Test  (Raw - 11/29/99)

45.     DX talks backstage  (Raw - 11/29/99)

46.     Test/Stephanie Wedding Ceremony  (Raw - 11/29/99)

47.     Int. DX  - X-Pac and the Outlaws all bring wedding presents to their leader HHH.(Smackdown - 12/2/99)


Disk 34

1.        Stephanie talks to HHH in DX locker room  (Raw - 12/6/99)

2.        Int. HHH  (Raw - 12/6/99)

3.        HHH/Xpac vs. Test/Kane  (Raw - 12/6/99)

4.        McMahons talk in office  (Smackdown - 12/9/99)

5.        Stephanie talks to Test  (Smackdown - 12/9/99)

6.        McMahons talk in office  (Smackdown - 12/9/99)

7.        HHH/Vince contract signing  (Smackdown - 12/9/99)

8.        EMTs tend to Shane  (Smackdown - 12/9/99)

9.        Linda talks to Patterson and Brisco  (Smackdown - 12/9/99)

10.     HHH vs. Kane  (Smackdown - 12/9/99)

11.     HHH/Vince Video  (Heat - 12/12/99)

12.     Int. HHH  (Heat - 12/12/99)

13.     HHH/Vince Promo  (Armageddon - 12/12/99)

14.     HHH vs. Vince  (Armageddon - 12/12/99)

15.     New Age Outlaws v. Test (Stephanie turns on Test!  RAW 12/20/99)



With HHH and Stephanie married (on TV only.  They wouldn’t be married in real life for another 3 and a half years), the WWF began a new era of heel management with HHH as the WWF Champion and husband to Vince McMahon’s daughter.  In between most of these matches are a huge load of promos and interviews.  Not to mention additional matches that aren’t even listed here, but involve HHH in one form or another.


Don’t be fooled by the fact that many of the following disks may only have 2 or 4 matches listied.  Those are just the 4 matches that HHH actually wrestled in.  There are many more matches on this disk, as well as every promo and interview with HHH that took place between them.


Disk 35

1.        Several matches and interviews involving HHH.

2.        Mankind v. Big Show (HHH is suspended above the ring in a cage.  SD  12/23/99)

3.        Triple H vs. Big Show (RAW 12/27/99)


Disk 36

1.        HHH v. Big Show (RAW 1/3/00)

2.        HHH v. Rikishi (SD 1/6/00)

3.        HHH v. X-Pac (RAW 1/10/00)


Disk 37

1.        HHH, X Pac & The New Age Outlaws v. Mankind, The Rock & The Acolytes (RAW 1/10/00 - (Lots of Dissention in the
ranks of DX, as earlier in the Card The Outlaws were forced to fight each other, and HHH and X-Pac also had to
fight each other.  After the Rock & The Acolytes run the Outlaws and X-Pac back to the dressing rooms, we finally get
HHH & Mankind in the ring alone.  Mick loses the match, and finally SNAPS!  He rips off his mask and is a BLOODY
From there, we get hardcore as Foley DESTROYS HHH!   If you watch closely, you'll catch Foley point his
fingers and say "BANG BANG!!"  Could this herald the long awaited return of the Hard Core Legend CACTUS JACK?
 We'll find out for sure in…)

2.        Int. HHH/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsly (The Fake Mankind comes out and gets abused some more by HHH, but the
REAL Mankind comes out and we, for the first time, see Mankind get MAD!  Unfortunately for HHH, that means the return of CACTUS JACK!   Smackdown - 1/13/00)

3.        HHH & X Pac v. The Rock (SD 1/13/00)

4.        HHH & X-Pac v. Acolytes (RAW 1/17/00)


Disk 38

1.        HHH v. Cactus Jack (GREAT ‘NO HOLDS BARRED’ MATCH! The only problem I had with this match, is that
Cactus lost.  I’m not upset because I don’t like HHH.  I just thought that after all of the hell that HHH put him through,
that a victory for Foley should have been the payoff here.  Royal Rumble 1/23/00)

2.        HHH/Big Show vs. The Rock/Rikishi Phatu (RAW 1/24/00)

3.        HHH v. Cactus Jack (RAW 1/31/00)

4.        HHH v. Chris Benoit (SD 2/3/00)

5.        HHH & X Pac v. Kane (SD 2/10/00)


Disk 39

1.        HHH/X-Pac/Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit/Saturn vs. Cactus Jack/The Rock/Rikishi Phatu/Too Cool (FANTASTIC MATCH!
 RAW 2/7/00)

2.        HHH & Big Show v. Kane & Cactus Jack (RAW 2/14/00)

3.        HHH v. Kane (SD 2/17/00)

4.        HHH, XPac & Big Show v. Kane, Cactus Jack & The Rock (Hardcore Rules)  RAW 2/21/00

5.        HHH & Roaddog & X-Pac v. Too Cool & Rikishi (SD 2/24/00)


Disk 40

6.        HHH v. Mankind (INCREDIBLE HELL IN A CELL MATCH!  It’s a damn shame that Foley couldn’t put HHH over
at least once during their feud though.  No Way Out 2/27/00)

7.        HHH & Big Show v. Rock (RAW 2/28/00)

8.        The Rock v. HHH and The Big Show (SD 3/2/00)

9.        HHH v. Rikishi (RAW 3/6/00)


Disk 41

10.     HHH & Big Show v. Rikishi (SD 3/9/00)

11.     HHH v., Godfather (SD 3/16/00)

12.     HHH vs. The Rock vs. Big Show (RAW 3/20/00)


Disk 42

1.        The first hour contains loads of promos, and matches that HHH was either at ringside for, or was a guest referee for.

2.        HHH v. Mick Foley Vs. Rock Vs. Big Show "Fatal Four Way" (Mick Foley ends his career with the one match that he had
always dreamed of working.  The Main Event at Wrestlemania.  Wrestlemania 2000 – 4/2/01)

3.        The entire McMahon/Helmsley Family in the ring discusses their actions from Wrestlemania 2000.

And yes, this is indeed a 2hr disk.


Disk 43

1.        HHH & Shane McMahon v. The Rock (RAW 4/3/00)

2.        HHH v. Taka Michinoku (VERY GOOD MATCH!  RAW 4/10/00)

3.        HHH, Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan v. Rock & The Acolytes (SD 4/13/00)

4.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (RAW - 4/17/00 Jericho pins HHH clean to win the world title! But….)

5.        HHH gets Earl Hebner to reverse the decision and give him back the title in a classic example of the "Dusty Finish".)


Disk 44

1.        HHH v. Tazz (SD 4/20/00)

Again, trust me.  The disk is indeed 2hrs long.  There are many additional matches on here that HHH was in some way involved in.  There are also loads of interviews and promos chronicling the continuing McMahon/Helmsley era angle.


Disk 45

1.        HHH v. The Rock (Backlash 4/30/00)

2.        HHH, X Pac & Roaddog v. The Rock & Earl Hebner (SD 5/4/00)

3.        HHH v. The Rock & Shane McMahon (Triple Threat match.  Insurrextion 2000)


Disk 46

1.        HHH, Roaddog & X Pac v. Too Cool & Rikishi (Elimination match.  SD 5/11/00)

Again, trust me.  The disk is indeed 2hrs long.  There are many additional  matches on here that HHH was in some way involved in.  There are also loads of interviews and promos chronicling the continuing McMahon/Helmsley era angle.



Disk 47

1.        HHH v. The Rock (VERY GOOD IRON MAN MATCH!  Judgment Day 5/21/00)

Again, trust me.  The disk is indeed 2hrs long.  There are several matches on here that HHH was in some way involved in.  There are also loads of interviews and promos chronicling the continuing McMahon/Helmsley era angle.


Disk 48

1.        HHH v. Kane (SD 6/1/00)

2.        HHH, Roaddog & X Pac v. Undertaker, Rock & Kane (SD 6/8/00)

3.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (RAW 6/12/00)


Disk 49

1.        HHH v. Hardcore Holly (Heat 6/18/00)

2.        HHH, Vince & Shane McMahon v. Rock, Undertaker & Kane (SD 6/22/00)

3.        HHH, Vince & Shane McMahon v. Kane, Undertaker & The Rock (KOTR 6/25/00 2000.  The Rock pins Vince McMahon to
win the WWF Title in a match where the title would go to whoever scored the winning pinfall for their team.)


Disk 50

1.        HHH v. Rock v. Kurt Angle (RAW 6/26/00)

2.        HHH, Roaddog & X Pac v. Chris Jericho, & The Dudley Boys (SD 6/29/00)

3.        HHH v. Rikishi (RAW 7/3/00)

4.        HHH v. Kaientai & The Brooklyn Brawler (handicap elimination match.  SD 7/5/00)

5.        HHH v. X Pac (RAW 7/10/00)

6.        HHH v. The Undertaker in a No DQ match (SD 7/12/00)


Disk 51

1.        HHH & Kurt Angle v. Kane & Undertaker (RAW 7/17/00)

2.        HHH & Chris Benoit v. Rock & Jericho (SD 7/19/00)

3.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (“Last Man Standing” match.  Fully Loaded 7/23/00)

4.        HHH & Trish Stratus v. Rock & Lita (RAW 7/31/00)

5.        HHH, Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley v. The Dudley Boyz & Lita (no DQ match.  8/3/00)


Disk 52

1.        HHH & Kurt Angle v. Chris Jericho (RAW 8/7/00)

2.        HHH & Kurt Angle v. Undertaker & Rock (SD 8/10/00)

3.        HHH, Kurt Angle & Shane McMahon v. Rock & The Dudley Boys (RAW 8/14/00)


Disk 53

1.        HHH v. Rock (SD 8/17/00)

2.        HHH & Kurt Angle v. The Acolytes (RAW 8/21/00)

3.        HHH v. Kurt Angle v. The Rock (GREAT MATCH!  Angle suffers a concussion during the match when the
Announcer’s table breaks ahead of schedule.  Angle would later say that he doesn’t even remember the match now
and credits HHH and the Rock for leading him through the rest of it. 
 Summerslam 8/27/00.)

4.        HHH v. Eddie Guerrero (RAW 8/28/00)


Disk 54

1.        HHH v. Test (RAW 9/4/00)

2.        HHH v. T&A (in a handicap match.  9/7/00)

3.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (RAW 9/11/00)

4.        HHH & Kurt Angle v. T&A (SD 9/14/00)

5.        HHH, Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon Helmsley v. Test, Albert & Trish Stratus (RAW 9/18/00)


Disk 55

1.        HHH, The Undertaker, and The Rock v. Chris Benoit, Kane, and Kurt Angle (SD 9/21/00)

2.        HHH v. Kurt Angle (No DQ match.  Unforgiven 9/24/00)

3.        HHH & The Rock v. Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle (SD 9/28/00)

4.        HHH v. Kurt Angle (RAW 10/2/00)

5.        HHH v. Perry Saturn (Heat 10/8/00)


Disk 56

1.        HHH & Chris Jericho v. Chris Benoit & X Pac (RAW 10/9/00)

2.        HHH & Roaddog v. Benoit & Saturn (SD 10/12/00)

3.        HHH v. Kane (RAW 10/16/00)

4.        HHH v. Angle v. Rock v. Benoit (SD 10/19/00)

5.        HHH v. Chris Benoit (No Mercy 10/22/00)

6.        HHH & Rock v. Kurt Angle (RAW 10/23/00)

7.        HHH & Roaddog v. Benoit & Malenko (SD 10/26/00)


Disk 57

1.        HHH v. Kurt Angle (RAW 10/30/00)

2.        HHH, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg & Chyna v. Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko & Eddie Guerrero (RAW 11/6/00)

3.        HHH & Rikishi v. Rock & Austin (SD 11/9/00)

4.        HHH v. Steve Austin (No DQ match.  Good match, but the ending was a bit out of hand with HHH trying to drive

away, and picking up the car with a crane and then dripping it from about 40 feet up! Survivor Series 11/19/00)


Disk 58

1.        HHH v. Rikishi v. Kurt Angle v. Steve Austin v. Undertaker v. The Rock (Hell in a Cell – Armageddon 2000)

Once again, trust me.  There are loads of additional matches on here that HHH was in some way involved in.  There are also loads

of interviews and promos chronicling the continuing feud between HHH and Steve Austin, as well as the love rectangle between HHH, Kurt Angle Trish Stratus and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley.


Disk 59

1.        HHH v. Kurt Angle (Royal Rumble 1/21/01)

2.        HHH & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley v. Kurt Angle & Trish Stratus (RAW 1/22/01)

Once again, trust me.  There are loads of additional matches on here that HHH was in some way involved in.  There are also loads

of interviews and promos chronicling the continuing feud between HHH and Steve Austin, as well as the love rectangle between HHH, Kurt Angle Trish Stratus and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley.


Disk 60

1.        HHH & Steve Austin v. Kurt Angle & The Rock (RAW 2/5/01)

2.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (2/8/01)

3.        HHH v. Billy Gunn (RAW 2/12/01)

4.        HHH v. The Rock (SD 2/15/01)


Disk 61

1.        HHH v. Steve Austin (No Way Out 2/25/01)

Keep in mind that there are LOADS of additional matches on here that HHH was in some way involved in.  There are also loads

of interviews and promos chronicling the continuing feud between HHH and Steve Austin, as well as the love rectangle between HHH, Kurt Angle Trish Stratus and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley.  This is indeed a 2hr disk.


Disk 62

1.        HHH & Kurt Angle v. Steve Austin & The Rock (RAW 3/5/01)

2.        HHH v. Kane (SD 3/15/01)

3.        HHH v. Big Show (SD 3/22/01)

4.        HHH v. Test (RAW 3/19/01)


Disk 63

1.        HHH v. Undertaker (Wrestlemania 17 – 4/1/01)

2.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (HHH wins the IC Title.  SD 4/5/01)

3.        HHH, Steve Austin & Stephanie McMahon Helmsley v. Lita & The Hardy Boys (RAW 4/9/01)

4.        HHH v. Jeff Hardy (Hardy wins the IC Title.  SD 4/12/01)


Disk 64

1.        HHH & Steve Austin v. Kane & The Undertaker (Backlash 4/29/01)

2.        HHH v. Test (RAW 4/30/01)

3.        HHH v. Jeff Hardy (SD 5/3/01)


Disk 65

1.        HHH v. Steve Austin v. Undertaker (Insurrextion 5/5/01)

2.        HHH v. Rikishi (SD 5/10/01)

3.        HHH & Steve Austin v. Kane (RAW 5/14/01)

4.        HHH v. Undertaker (SD 5/17/01)


Disk 66

1.        HHH v. Kane (Chain Match.  Judgment Day 5/20/01)

2.        HHH & Steve Austin v. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho (HHH suffers a serious Quadracept injury during the match.
To his credit, HHH in tremendous pain, still works the match to its conclusion!  He even allows Y2J to place him in

the WALLS OF JERICHO!  He would require major surgery and spend the next 8 months rehabbing the injury before
returning to the ring.  RAW 5/21/01)


3.        HHH, now healed enough to walk around,  makes a guest appearance on Tough Enough to work with the contestants.  Included
in the class is both Nidia and Maven.

4.        IT’S THE WEAKEST LINK!  HHH, Stephanie McMahon, Lita, Big Show, Kurt Angle, William Regal, Trish Stratus &
Booker T compete on the Weakest Link game show.

5.        HHH guest stars on Mad TV


Disk 67

1.        HHH makes his long awaited return to the WWF.  RAW 1/7/02

2.        HHH & Steve Austin v. Booker T & Kurt Angle (SD 1/17/02)

3.        HHH enters the Royal Rumble at #22 and goes on to win the Rumble and a title shot at Wrestlemania.  Royal Rumble 1/20/02

4.        HHH & The Rock v. Undertaker & Kurt Angle (SD 1/31/02)


Disk 68

1.        HHH v. Booker T (RAW)

2.        HHH v. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho (SD 2/7/02)


Disk 69

1.        HHH & Maven v. Kurt Angle & Undertaker (SD 2/14/02)

2.        HHH v. Undertaker (SD 2/21/02)

3.        HHH v. Kurt Angle (Angle beats HHH to win the Wrestlemania title shot!  No Way Out 2/17/02)

4.        HHH v. Kurt Angle (In a rematch ordered by Ric Flair, HHH wins back his Wrestlemania title shot.  RAW 2/18/02)

5.        HHH & Kane v. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho (SD 2/28/02)

6.        HHH v. Kurt Angle (Steel Cage – RAW)

7.        HHH on Off The Record


Disk 70

1.        Lots of good promos, interviews and segments building up the feud between Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho and
HHH.  Unfortunately, Jericho actually took a back seat to his ‘manager’ Stephanie McMahon who had recently turned heel,
joining Jericho and making her “husband” HHH’s life a living hell.  It was actually a shame to see the first Undisputed
World Champion in nearly 50 years playing second fiddle to Stephanie McMahon, whose ever appearance on camera with her
constant ear splitting screeching

2.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (HHH defeats Jericho to win the Undisputed World Heavyweight  Title.  This was a good match, but
unfortunately overshadowed by the match between the Rock & Hulk Hogan.  Hogan and Rock’s match should have been
the last match on the show, as it completely stole the show away from the World Title Match.  Wrestlemania 18 – 3/17/02)


Disk 71

1.        HHH & Ric Flair v. Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle (SD 3/28/02)

2.        HHH v. Kurt Angle (SD 4/11/02)

3.        HHH v. Hulk Hogan (SD 4/18/02)


Disk 72

1.        HHH v. Hulk Hogan (Hogan wins the World Title.  Backlash 4/21/02)

2.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (SD 4/25/02)

3.        HHH v. Undertaker (Insurrextion 5/4/02)

4.        HHH v. Dvon Dudley (SD 5/9/02)

5.        HHH & Edge v. Angle & Jericho (SD 5/16/02)

6.        HHH on Byte This


Disk 73

1.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (Hell in a Cell – Judgment Day 5/19/02)

2.        HHH v. Lance Storm (SD 5/23/02)

3.        HHH v. Test (SD 5/30/02)

4.        Battle Royal.  HHH & Hulk Hogan win, and will wrestle for the #1 contenders spot later on in the night.  (SD 6/6/02)

5.        HHH v. Hulk Hogan (#1 Contenders match.  SD 6/6/02)


Disk 74

1.        HHH v. Undertaker & Kurt Angle (SD 6/13/02)

2.        HHH v. Billy Gunn (SD 6/20/02)

3.        HHH is confronted by the NWO (Shawn Michaeks, Kevin Nash, Big Show & X-Pac).  HHH & HBK hug and the NWO
offer their assistance to HHH for his match against the Undertaker.

4.        HHH v. Undertaker (KOTR 6/23/02)

5.        HHH says that he’ll make his decision at Vengeance as to whether or not he’ll go to RAW or Smackdown.  (SD 7/18/02)

6.        HHH decides to join his best friend Shawn Michaels and go to RAW.  (Vengeance, 7/21/02)

7.        Eric Bischoff announces that Shawn Michaels will be HHH’s new manager.  HBK isn’t too happy about it, but HHH
convinces Michaels to go with it, and reform Degeneration X.  Doesn’t last long, as after teasing a return of the legendary
Degeneration X, HHH immediately turns on Michaels and Pedigrees him in the middle of the ring!  RAW 7/22/02)

8.        HHH is in the ring asking Shawn Michaels to come out and ‘talk things over’, when a stage manager informs HHH that
something has happened to HBK in the back.  HHH finds Michaels unconscious and a bloody mess in the parking lot!  RAW 7/29/02)


Disk 75

1.        HHH becomes a crime scene investigator, interrogating several wrestlers trying to find out who attacked Michaels.  In the end
it’s Shawn Michaels himself who reveals through an enhanced security video that the man who attacked him was HHH
  Michaels then challenges HHH to a match at Summerslam! RAW 8/5/02

2.        HHH & The UnAmericans v. Rock, Undertaker, Booker T & Goldust (RAW 8/10/02)

3.        HHH v. The Rock (Shawn Michaels runs in and attacks HHH, while the Rock winds up brawling with Brock Lesnar. (RAW 8/17/02)


Disk 76

1.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels (INCREDIBLE MATCH!  Shawn Michael s makes his return to a WWE ring  For the first time
in 4 years and absolutely blows away the crowd!  Oldschool style, Tables, Ladders, It’s all there!  HBK once again
did it brilliantly!  Summerslam 8/25/02)

2.        HHH v . The Undertaker (9/2/02)

3.        With Brock Lesnar leaving RAW with the Undisputed Title,   RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff brings back the former
WCW  “Big Gold” Belt and christen it The World Heavyweight Championship, awarding it to HHH (surprise, surprise).
Lesnar’s title on Smackdown would now become known as the WWE Heavyweight Championship.  The celebration doesn’t
last long though, as Ric Flair comes out and criticizes HHH for simply being handed the World Title to HHH without earning
it in an actual match.  Bischoff immediately orders a match between HHH & Ric Flair for the New World Championship.
RAW 9/2/02)

4.        Bubba Ray Dudley confronts HHH (RAW 9/2/02)

5.        HHH v. Ric Flair  (HHH & Ric Flair wrestle for the first time.  HHH of course, wins the match to retain his new
World Title.  Afterward, Chris Jericho runs in to attack Ric Flair and RVD runs in to attack HHH.  9/2/02)

6.        HHH & Chris Jericho v. RVD & Ric Flair (RVD scores a huge upset, pinning HHH! RAW 9/9/02)

7.        Bubba Ray Dudley confronts HHH again,  but is attacked in mid-sentence by Steven Richards (RAW 9/9/02)

8.        HHH v. Spike Dudley (In an uncharacteristic finish, HHH wins clean with a sleeper hold!  Frankly, I was glad to finally
see a match where the ending wasn’t the all too preditable finishing maneuver.  Fans always know that when a pin is
attempted before the finisher is used, that the best you can hope for is a 2 count.  The WWE fans have been conditioned
to this for years.  They know that a match can’t end until a wrestler uses his finisher.  Changing this up from time to time
and having the match end with a different move, adds a level of unpredictability that is desperately needed in a program
that we already know is a work.  Giving the fans the sense that they really DON’T know what’s going to happen next,
makes the matches more enjoyable in my opinion.  RAW 9/9/02)


Disk 77

1.        A very somber Ric Flair is interviewed after losing yet another match.  HHH confronts him and berates him for having fallen
so low.  HHH tells Flair that he’s lost it, and tells him to retire, and that he’s pathetic.  Flair gets fired up and yells back at HHH
before walking off.  Could HHH have re-lit the fire of “The Nature Boy?” 

2.        RVD v. Chris Jericho (HHH runs out, and RVD attacks him.  In the end, HHH interferes and causes RVD to lose the
match and the Intercontinental Title to Jericho.  RAW 9/16/02)

3.        HHH v. Jeff Hardy (RVD attacks HHH prior to the match and bloodies him.  RAW 9/16/20)

4.        HHH tells RVD that he doesn’t have the desire to become World Champion.  HHH then points out Ric Flair sitting nearby and
tells RVD that Flair USED to have that desire, but doesn’t have it anymore and calls Flair a loser.  Flair stands up, but doesn’t
respond.  (Unforgiven 9/22/02)

5.        HHH v. RVD (Ric Flair comes out during the match AND TURNS ON RVD!  The Nature Boy allies himself with HHH,
helping him retain the World Title!  Unforgiven 9/22/02)

6.        HHH & Ric Flair v. Bubba Ray Dudley & RVD (Bubba & RVD put HHH through a table!  RAW 9/23/02)

7.        HHH v. Bubba Ray Dudley (RAW 9/30/02)

8.        HHH . Dlo Brown  (Blindfold match.  Flair comes out and distracts the ref, allowing HHH to remove his blindfold and
pedigree Dlo for the win.   RAW 10/7/02)

9.        HHH and Flair beat down the Hurricane.  Hurricane’s partner Kane (They’re the current Tag Team Champions) chases them off.



If you don’t know who Katie Vick was, you soon will.  Shortly after that, you’ll wish you’d NEVER heard of her, as the WWE
has just begun what may very well be THE WORST ANGLE IN THE HISTORY OF THE COMPANY!


10.     Kane has just won a big ladder match on RAW, and HHH invokes one of the worst names in the history of the WWF as he asks
The “Big Red Machine” about KATIE VICK!  HHH reveals that apparently 10 years ago, Kane killed her.

11.     HHH confronts Kane and talks about Kane and his involvement in the death of Katie Vick in a drunken car accident 10 years
ago.  HHH also reveals that although Kane loved Vick, Vick didn’t share those feelings, and implies that Kane killed Vick
and then raped her after her death!  (Oh no, this isn’t the part where you’ll wish you never heard of this angle.  Just wait.  It’ll
get worse.

12.     HHH has just backed up a forklift to a door, blocking half of the wrestlers who are supposed to be at ringside for the upcoming
Canadian Lumberjack match between HHH & RVD (RAW 10/14/02)


Disk 78

1.        HHH v. RVD (Canadian Lumberjack Match.  Wrestlers surround the ring like a normal [American?] Lumberjack
match, but in the Canadian Lumberjack match, the wrestlers all have leather straps and can whip the contestants if they
leave the ring. Eventually, all of the remaining Lumberjacks make it to ringside and an all out brawl ensues outside the
ring!  In the end, it’s Ric Flair who tips the balance in HHH’s favor and the game once again retains the title.  But the
action isn’t over though, as Kane storms the ring and beats the hell out of HHH, Flair and about a dozen other wrestlers! 
RAW 10/14/02)

2.        HHH v. Kane (No Mercy 10/20/02)

3.        HHH cuts another promo about Kane and Katie Vick and holds up a video tape that he says will prove whether or not Kane
had sex with Katie Vick before or after she died. Hurricane immediately runs in and attacks both HHH and Ric Flair!
Hurricane then snatches the tape and tries to escape, but unfortunately he doesn’t get away fast enough, as HHH & Flair
beat him down and promise to show the tape tonight.  (RAW 10/28/02)


4.        In perhaps the most disgusting and distasteful segment ever shown on WWE TV, HHH airs a tape of himself portraying Kane
in a funeral home with the deceased Katie Vick.  HHH (dressed as Kane) goes over to Vick in her casket, climbs in, and…
Let’s just say that the next part is so damn disgusting that you’ll have to see it for yourself to get the rest of the story.
This segment was so tasteless, that the WWE received more complaints following this show than perhaps any other
thing that the company had done to date!  More than a few people vowed to never watch RAW ever again. (RAW 10/28/02)

5.        HHH & Ric Flair v. Kane & RVD (While RVD & Flair fight it out in the ring with RVD getting the victory with the 5*
Frog Splash, Kane & HHH battle all the way to the back, with Kane eventually throwing HHH in the trunk of a car and
driving off!  The effect was spoiled however when you could clearly see the trunk open back up as the car drove off. The
trunk quickly closed when it was apparent that the cameras were still rolling, but the effect had already been spoiled by
now. RAW 10/28/02

6.        HHH comes out dressed in a suit apparently none the worse for wear after being driven off by Kane last week.  HHH explains away the

        messed up trunk segment from last week by claiming to have pulled the child safety handle before the car drove off.
HHH then addresses the other big topic, which was the necrophilia segment from last week, bringing out the mannequin of
“Katie Vick”  from last week and doing a more lighthearted segment with it, designed to take some of the heat off of the
very bad press that the WWE got from last week’s episode.  To his credit, HHH was pretty funny here, and even had the live
arena crowd laughing at several points.  But you can tell that this was definitely the WWE trying to cover its ass and calm down
it’s critics.

7.         The Hurricane comes out to interrupt HHH during his promos and airs a video of his own.  Apparently, it’s of  “HHH” in
an operating room having a sledge hammer (among other humorous objects) being removed from his @$$!  Pretty
funny segment, but it still didn’t erase  the taste of the Katie Vick skit from the minds of most people.  Needless to say
though, HHH isn’t very happy, as he throws a tantrum and proceeds to destroy the Katie Vick mannequin with a steel chair
Kane then runs in and attacks HHH.  It takes most of the locker room to break them up.(RAW 11/4/02)

8.        HHH v. Kane (Casket Match.  HHH seems poised to win the match, but when he opens up the casket, SHAWN
  HBK makes his first appearance since Summerslam and tips the
balance in Kane’s favor as the Big Red Machine choke slams HHH and puts him in the casket to get a well deserved
victory.  RAW 11/4/02)


Disk 79

1.        HHH v. Booker T (RAW 11/11/02)

2.        HHH,Chris Jericho, Christian, Rosey & Jamal v. Booker T, Kane, Jeff Hardy, Bubba Ray Dudley & RVD (RAW Super
Saturday - 11/16/02)

3.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels v. Booker T v. RVD v. Chris Jericho v. Kane (HBK wins the WWF Title in the ELIMINATION
CHAMBER.  Survivor Series 11/17/02)


Disk 80

1.        HHH v. RVD (#1 contender match.  Shawn Michaels is the guest referee.  RAW 11/25/02)

2.        HHH v. Jeff Hardy (RAW 12/2/02)

3.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels (2/3 falls match 1st fall – Street Fight, 2nd fall – Cage match, 3rd fall – Ladder  Match.  HHH
regains the World Title.  Armageddon 12/15/02)

4.        HHH is in the ring gloating about regaining the World Title when he’s interrupted by BIG POPPA PUMP, SCOTT
Steiner decides to take this moment to sign with Monday Night RAW and challenge HHH for the World Title!
HHH initially refuses, but eventually relents.  Steiner wants to fight HHH right there in the ring, but HHH runs off.
(RAW 12/16/02)

5.        HHH v. Scott Steiner (Arm Wrestling contest.  Steiner wins in convincing fashion and then challenges HHH to a fight, but
again, HHH runs off.  RAW)


Disk 81

1.        HHH v. Scott Steiner (Pose Down contest.  Steiner bests HHH again and a frustrated HHH challenges Steiner to a
pushup challenge.  This was of course, a setup, as the men who were judging the posedown contest immediately attack
Steiner, but “The Genetic Freak” fights them all off.  RAW 1/6/03)

2.        Scott Steiner challenges HHH to a bench press contest, but HHH refuses.  Steiner then proceeds to beat 6 kinds of hell out
of HHH.  RAW 1/13/03)

3.        HHH v. Scott Steiner (Unfortunately, despite all of the buildup, this match wasn’t very good.  HHH did his best to carry
Steiner as much as possible, but Steiner’s new enhanced physique has cost him much of the mobility that he used to
have back in the 90s.  Royal Rumble 1/19/03)

4.        HHH & Batista v. RVD & Kane (Scott Steiner runs in after the match to run off HHH, Flair & Batitsta.  Chris Jericho
runs in to attack Steiner, and HHH, Batista, Orton and Flair come back in to demolish Steiner.  RAW)

5.        HHH, Ric Flair, Batista & Randy Orton come to the ring together and are introduced as EVOLUTION. 

6.        Batista v. Booker T (ending only, as the rest of Evolution runs in and destroys Booker.  RAW 2/20/07)

7.        HHH & Batista v. Booker T & Scott Steiner (The last 2 men to hold the WCW World Title before WCW folded team
together for the first time in the WWE [possibly ever]  Booker T scores a clean pinfall over HHH!  RAW 2/27/03)


Disk 82

1.        HHH v. Scott Steiner (You don’t even want to know how bad this match was.  And it was no fault to HHH.  No Way Out 03)

2.        HHH confronts Booker T in the ring and openly proclaims to Booker T that “Someone like you doesn’t get to be World
Champion.”  HHH proceeds to repeatedly use phrases like “People like you”, and other racially charged ‘code’ words and
phrases to allude to the fact that Booker T isn’t good enough to be World Champion because he is a Black Man, and that his only
role is to entertain  people like HHH.  (RAW)

3.        Scott Steiner v. Booker T (ending, as HHH and Flair come down to ringside to watch HHH’s to biggest rivals fight it out.)

4.        Footage is shown of Booker T laying out Ric Flair in the ring after a confrontation before going to find HHH.  He finds him
in the lockerroom.  HHH insults Booker again, and Booker beats the hell out of him!

5.        HHH & Flair harasses Maven while looking for Booker T.

6.        HHH v. Maven (HHH wins and then hangs Maven from the ropes.  Al Snow comes out to help Maven, and HHH beats
him down too!)

7.        HHH and Flair call out Booker T, but Booker’s sometime partner Goldust comes out instead.  HHH & Flair beat down Goldust
leading to Booker T comes out and runs both HHH and Flair out of the ring. 

8.        HHH is in the back throwing a tantrum after once again getting run off by Booker T.

9.        HHH v. Goldust (RAW)

10.     HHH & Ric Flair v. Booker T & Goldust (Booker T comes out on top again, as he scores ANOTHER victory over HHH! RAW)

11.     In the back immediately after the match,  Flair is trying to encourage  a dejected HHH after losing yet another match to
Booker T)

12.     HHH v. Booker T (VERY GOOD MATCH!  Wrestlemania 19 - 3/30/03)


Disk 83

1.        HHH v. Hurricane

2.        Booker T v. Chris Jericho (Ending only, as HHH and Flair come out and along with Jericho, triple team Booker.  Shawn
Michaels runs in to make the save, but eventually gets a beatdown of his own.

3.        HHH & Chris Jericho v. Booker T & Shawn Michaels (After a 9 month absence, KEVIN NASH REUTRNS!  Nash beats
down Jericho and Flair, saving Shawn Michaels from a post match beating.  Nash then confronts HHH, but allows him to
leave the ring without a fight. (RAW)

4.        Kevin Nash demands that HHH and Shawn Michaels come out and patch up their differences.  Both men come out at
Nash’s request, but in the end, HHH turns on Nash as well. (RAW)

5.        HHH & Ric Flair v. Booker T & Hurricane

6.        HHH, Ric Flair & Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash & Booker T (Backlash 4/27/03)

7.        HHH, Ric Flair v. RVD & Kane (RAW 5/4/03)


Disk 84

1.        HHH, Ric Flair & Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash & Booker T (Backlash 4/27/03)

2.        HHH, Ric Flair v. RVD & Kane (HHH & Flair are on the verge of winning the Tag Titles from Kane & RVD when
Kevin Nash comes out with a sledge hammer and chases HHH right out of the arena!  RAW 5/4/03)

3.        HHH v. Kevin Nash (Judgment Day 5/18/03)

4.        HHH confronts Ric Flair in the back after a match has been ordered between Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair against HHH.

5.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair (looks like sparks will fly between HHH & Flair, but as expected, Flair turns on HBK
and helps HHH beat him down.  Kevin Nash runs in and attacks HHH & Flair until a masked man comes in and helps
out HHH & Flair put Nash & HBK away.  The masked man is revealed to be none other than Randy Orton!)

6.        HHH, Ric Flair & Randy Orton v. Kevin Nash, Hurricane & Shawn Micahels


Disk 85

7.        HHH v. Kevin Nash (Street Fight.  Insurrextion 2003)

8.        Mick Foley is inside a cage on RAW as he is announced as the guest referee for the upcoming Hell in a Cell match between
HHH & Kevin Nash.  HHH doesn’t like the decision and attempts to convince Foley to turn down the assignment.  When this
doesn’t happen, HHH beats the hell out of Foley.  When the repeated @$$ kickings don’t change his mind, the rest of
Evolution runs in to help HHH out.  This draws out Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels and it becomes a big brawl with
Kevin Nash finishing off HHH with the Jacknife! (RAW 6/8/03)

9.        HHH v. Kevin Nash (Hell in a Cell.  Mick Foley is the guest referee.  Badd Blood 6/15/03)

10.     HHH v. Kane (Kane must win tonight or he will have to unmask.  HHH wins, thanks to the interference of Evolution.
RVD runs in afterward to help Kane fight off the heels.  Kane then unmasks for the first time AND THEN TURNS ON


Disk 86

1.        HHH v. RVD (RAW)

2.        HHH, Ric Flair & Randy Orton v. D-Von, Spike & Bubba Ray Dudley (RAW)

3.        HHH with the rest of Evolution (Orton & Flair) is cutting another long promo when he’s interrupted by none other than
BILL GOLDBERG!  Goldberg stands up to all 3 members of Evolution and runs them off without a fight. (RAW)

4.        Ric Flair v. Bill Goldberg (After the match, Evolution and Chris Jericho runs in and beats the hell out of Goldberg. 
Kevin Nash & Shawn Michaels run in to make the save.  RAW 8/11/03)

5.        Randy Orton v. Bill Goldberg (RAW 8/18/03)


Disk 87

1.        HHH v. Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Bill Goldberg, Randy Orton, and Kevin Nash (in an "elimination chamber" match. 
Summerslam 8/24/03)

2.        HHH, Randy Orton & Ric Flair v. Goldberg, Maven & Shawn Michaels (RAW 9/8/03)

3.        HHH & Ric Flair v. Goldberg & Randy Orton (Randy Orton?  Yes, you guessed it.  Goldberg has been set up, as RAW GM
Eric Bischoff intentionally put Goldberg in the ring with all 3 members of Evolution.  As the match goes on, Bischoff
orders that a STEEL CAGE be lowered to the ring, making this a 3 on 1 CAGE MATCH!  Goldberg is massacred!
(RAW 9/15/03)

4.        HHH v. Goldberg (Goldberg wins the World Title.  Unforgiven 9/21/03)

5.        HHH, Randy Orton & Ric Flair v. Maven, Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak (RAW 9/22/03)

6.        HHH puts up a $100,000 bounty on the head of Bill Goldberg.  (RAW 9/29/03)

7.        Wait!  Have Jindrak & Cade managed to outsmart Evolution and run off with the money?  HHH confronts Flair & Orton
and Flair does a HILARIOUS job of placing all the blame on Orton for losing the money.  (RAW)


Disk 88

1.        Goldberg v. Batista (HHH, who had been ordered from the building earlier in the night, runs in and attacks Goldberg
with a sledge hammer!  RAW)

2.        HHH v. Goldberg (Survivor Series 11/16/03)

3.        HHH, Randy Orton & Ric Flair v. Goldberg (RAW 11/17/03)

4.        HHH v. Goldberg (Kane interrupts the match and chokeslams Goldberg!  HHH though, isn’t happy, as he was set to pin
Goldberg when Kane interfered.  RAW)

5.        HHH v. Kane v. Goldberg (HHH wins the World Title.  Armageddon 12/14/03)

6.        HHH, Batista & Ric Flair v. RVD & Shawn Michaels (RAW 12/15/03)


Disk 89

1.        HHH, Batista & Ric Flair v. RVD & Shawn Michaels (RAW 12/15/03)

2.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels (RAW 12/29/03)

Yes, I know there are only 2 matches listed.  It'e still a 2hr DVD, and the remaining time is filled with all of HHH's promos and interviews. .


Disk 90

1.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels (“Last Man Standing” match.  Royal Rumble 1/25/04)

2.        HHH v. Spike Dudley (2/2/04)

3.        HHH v. Chris Benoit v. Shawn Michaels (Chris Benoit wins his first World Title, forcing HHH to tap out! 
Wrestlemania 20 – 3/14/04)


Disk 91

1.        Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels v. Batista & Ric Flair (RAW 3/15/04)

2.        HHH v. Eddie Guerrero (3/22/04)

3.        HHH v. Shelton Benjamin (Benjamin scores a CLEAN PIN on HHH!  3/29/04)

4.        HHH v. Shelton Benjamin (Benjamin scores a countout victory for his second consecutive upset of HHH!  Evolution tries
to run in and attack Benjamin, but Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels & Mick Foley come out to even the odds.  In the end,
Benjamin still winds up bloody at the hands of Evolution though.4/5/04)


Disk 92

1.        HHH, Batitsta, Ric Flair & Randy Orton v. Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley & Shelton Benjamin (4/12/04)

2.        HHH v. Chris Benoit v. Shawn Michaels (Triple Threat Match.  Backlash 4/18/04)

3.        Ric Flair & Batista v. Edge & Chris Benoit (Despite HHH’s interference, Benoit & Edge win the WWE Tag Team Titles. 
RAW 4/19/04)

4.        HHH v. Tajiri (4/26/04)

5.        HHH, Orton & Batista v. Tajiri, Edge & Benjamin (5/3/04)


Disk 93

1.        HHH, Orton & Batista v. Tajiri, Edge & Benjamin (5/3/04)

2.        Shawn Michaels v. Chris Benoit (ending only, as HHH pedigrees Michaels, causing Benoit to win the match.  RAW 5/3/04)

3.        18 Man Battle Royal for the #1 Contenders position (5/17/04)

4.        Randy Orton v. Shawn Michaels (6/7/04)


Disk 94

1.        Shawn Michaels v. Randy Orton  (6/7/04)

2.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels (Hell in a Cell match.  Badd Blood  6/13/04)

3.        Evolution comes out to give Eugene several presents, as HHH is Eugene’s favorite wrestler.


Disk 95

1.        Ric Flair, Batista & Randy Orton v. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho & Edge (HHH is at ringside)

2.        HHH v. Eugene (Eric Bischoff signs a match between Eugene & his favorite wrestler HHH!  In the end, after Bischoff
threatens to take HHH’s upcoming title shot away from him, HHH attempts to take a chair to Eugene, but Chris Benoit
runs in to make the save.  He inadvertently though, nails Eugene with a chair instead.  6/21/04)

3.        HHH continues to manipulate Eugene, reminding him about how Benoit hit him with a chair last week.  (6/28/04)

4.        HHH v. William Regal (with Eugene as the guest referee.  HHH’s manipulation of Eugene continues as Eugene winds up
attacking Regal!   6/28/04)

5.        HHH, Eugene & Ric Flair v. Chris Benoit & Edge (7/5/04)


Disk 96

1.        HHH v. Chris Benoit (Vengeance 7/11/04)

2.        HHH v. Chris Benoit (60 Minute Iron Man Match.  7/26/04)

3.        HHH v. William Regal (8/2/04)


Disk 97

1.        HHH & Randy Orton v. Chris Benoit & Eugene (8/9/04)

2.        HHH v. Eugene (Summerslam 8/15/04)

3.        HHH v. Eugene (8/30/04)

4.        HHH v. Eugene (Steel Cage – 9/6/04)


Disk 98

1.        HHH v. Randy Orton (HHH regains the World Title.  Unforgiven 9/12/04)

2.        HHH, Ric Flair & Batitsta v. Randy Orton (9/13/04)

3.        HHH, Ric Flair & Batista v. Randy Orton, Chris Benoit & Shelton Banjamin (9/20/04)

4.        HHH v. Shelton Benjamin (9/27/04)


Disk 99

1.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (Lumberjack Match – 10/4/04)

2.        HHH & Ric Flair v. Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels & Edge (10/11/04)

3.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels v. Chris Benoit (Triple Threat match.  10/18/04)

4.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels (Taboo Tuesday 10/19/04)

5.        HHH, Ric Flair & Batista v. Chris Jericho, Randy Orton & Maven (11/1/04)

6.        HHH v. Tajiri (11/8/04)


Disk 100

1.        HHH, Gene Snitsky, Batista & Edge v. Randy Orton, Maven, Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit (Survivor Series 11/14/04)

2.        HHH v. Maven (11/15/04)

3.        HHH v. Chris Benoit v. Edge (11/29/04)

4.        HHH & Batista v. Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit (12/6/04)


Disk 101

1.        HHH & Batista v. Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit (12/13/04)

2.        HHH v. Shelton Benjamin (12/27/04)

3.        HHH v. Randy Orton (1/3/05)

4.        HHH v. Randy Orton v. Chris Jericho v. Edge v. Batista v. Chris Benoit (Elimination Chamber match.  Shawn Michaels is
the guest referee.  HHH wins the World Title.   New Years Revolution 1/9/05)


Disk 102

1.        Randy Orton v. Batista (1/10/05)

2.        Randy Orton v. Ric Flair (1/10/05)

3.        HHH v. Randy Orton (Royal Rumble 1/30/05)


Disk 103

1.        HHH & Ric Flair v. Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels (1/31/05)

2.        HHH v. Edge (2/7/05)

3.        Several segments that result from Batista winning the 2005 Royal Rumble, and deciding that he will challenge his
friend HHH for the World Title at Wrestlemania, becoming an immediate babyface in the process..  Needless to say, HHH
isn’t very happy about it. 

4.        HHH v. Hurricane (2/28/05)

5.        HHH v. Rosey (3/7/05)

6.        Batista v. Ric Flair (3/7/05)


Disk 104

1.        HHH v. Benoit (3/14/05)

2.        Batista v. Snitsky (3/14/05)

3.        Batista v. Kane (Lumberjack Match.  3/21/05)

4.        HHH v. Batista (HHH becomes the only wrestler to lose the World Title in 2 consecutive Wrestlemanias!  WM 21 – 4/3/05)


Disk 105

1.        HHH v. Hurricane & Rosey (4/11/05)

2.        HHH v. Jim Ross (Yes, you read that one correctly.  HHH beats Ross to a bloody pulp.!  Batista runs in to help out
and  in the end, Good ‘ol JR, scores an upset victory over ‘The Game!’ 4/18/05)

3.        Batista v. Christian (Johnathan Coachman is the guest referee.  Needless to say, Batista doesn’t have the easiest of times o
out there.  Especially when Ric Flair and HHH come down to pay Batista a visit.  4/25/05)

4.        HHH v. Batista (Backlash 5/1/05)

5.        HHH v. Benoit (Gold Rush tournament match.  5/2/05)


Disk 106

1.        HHH & Kurt Angle v. Batista & Shawn Michaels (6/20/05)

2.        HHH v. Batista (Hell in a Cell – Vengeance 6/26/05)

3.        The RAW Announcers discuss that HHH will be taking some time off after his intense feud with Batista. (7/11/05)

4.        New IC Champion and now babyface Ric Flair announces that HHH will return next week as his partner.

5.        HHH & Ric Flair v. Carlito & Chris Masters (HHH makes his return after a nearly 4 month absence to team up with
Ric Flair .  Unfortunately, HHH’s babyface run doesn’t last long, as he turns on flair and gives him the absolute

Disk 107

1.        HHH v. Viscera (10/31/05)

2.        HHH v. Ric Flair (Flair gets a measure of revenge on HHH by winning a VERY GOOD STEEL CAGE MATCH! 
Taboo Tuesday 11/1/05)

3.        HHH v. Chris Benoit (This was from the Eddie Guerrero memorial episode of Smackdown which took place 
the day after Eddie was found dead in his hotel room.  FANTASTIC MATCH!  Both men break kayfabe and
shake hands and hug in the ring after the match.  SD  11/14/05)

4.        HHH v. Val Venis (11/21/05)


Disk 108

1.        HHH v. Ric Flair (“Last Man Standing” match.  Survivor Series 11/27/05)

2.        HHH v. Tajiri (12/5/05)

3.        HHH v. Kane (12/12/05)

4.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels (Boot Camp Match.   RAW in IRAQ! 12/19/05)


Disk 109

1.        The 2006 Royal Rumble.  HHH & Rey Misterio are the first man in the match.  HHH doesn’t last until the end, but
Rey does (having also personally eliminated HHH as well), as he dedicated his victory to the memory of Eddie Guerrero.

2.        HHH v. Chavo Guerrero (1/30/06)

3.        HHH v. Ric Flair (2/6/06)

4.        HHH v. Big Show (2/16/06)


Disk 110

1.        HHH v. RVD v. Big Show (2/20/06)

2.        HHH v. Kane (3/6/06)

3.        HHH v. Big Show (3/13/06)

4.        HHH & Shane McMahon v. John Cena & Shawn Michaels (3/20/06)


Disk 111

1.        John Cena v. Vince McMahon (Shawn Michaels is handcuffed to the ring ropes for this match.  Unfortunately, it leaves
him wide open for HHH to come down and have his way with him.  Vince McMahon manages to get a few shots in as
well.  3/13/06)

2.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels (3/27/06)

3.        HHH v. John Cena (Wrestlemania 4/2/06)

4.        HHH & Edge v. John Cena (4/3/06)

5.        HHH & John Cena v. Edge (4/10/06)

6.        HHH v. Edge & John Cena (4/17/06)


Disk 112

1.        HHH, Edge & John Cena v. The Spirit Squad (4/24/06)

2.        HHH v. John Cena v. Edge (Backlash 4/30/06)

3.        HHH v. Shelton Benjamin, RVD, Chris Masters & Jon Cena (Texas Tornado match for the IC Title.  5/15/06)


Disk 113

1.        HHH v. Kenny (5/29/06)

2.        HHH v. Big Show (6/5/06)

3.        HHH v. The Spirit Squad (Shawn Michaels makes his return and comes to HHH’s side to help his buddy out.  And was
that a Crotch Chop I saw at the end of the match?  Can Degeneration X be returning? 6/12/06)


The sophomoric hijinx of Degeneration X are back, and boy are they a welcome change from some of the bad storylines of
recent months.

1.        DX has a pretty’cheeky’ discussion with Jonathan Coachman.

2.        Promo – DX.  Very funny as they make fun of the Spririt Squad.  They have the audience laughing in “short order”

3.        DX v. The Spirit Squad [Kenny, Johnny, Nicky, Mikey & Mitch]  Vengeance 6/25/06

4.        Promo – Vince McMahon.  No, wait!  It’s HHH dressed up like, and doing a hilarious imitation of Vince McMahon.  HHH isn’t
alone though, as Shawn Michaels soon follows out doing an equally funny rendition of Shane McMahon!


Disk 114

1.        Promo – Vince McMahon.  No, wait!  It’s HHH dressed up like, and doing a hilarious imitation of Vince McMahon.  HHH isn’t
alone though, as Shawn Michaels soon follows out doing an equally funny rendition of Shane McMahon
But that’s not the best part though! 
Remember the classic segment when Steve Austin gave McMahon drove a beer truck to the ring and gave McMahn a beer bath? 

       And when Kurt Angle drove a milk truck to the ring and gave Austin and Co. a milk bath?  Well, there’s a port-a-potty here, and let’s

        just say that when Vince, Shane & the Spirit Squad come out, and based on the bath that they get,  the  “Holy S#*t”, chant is entirely appropriate.

2.        DX isn’t allowed in the building tonight (and based on what happened last week, I can’t blame ol’ Vince.)  Undaunted, HHH &
HBK hold a cookout outside the arena and appear to have a lot more fun out there than Vince & Co. inside the arena.

3.        More hilarious hijinx, as DX visits the WWE production truck and has some more fun at Vince McMahon’s expense.

4.        Vince & Shane McMahon v. Eugene (JIP.  After taking a hellacious beating at the hands of Vince and the Spirit Squad,
DX still manages get the last laugh, and Eugene gets a pinfall over Vince!  RAW 7/10/07)

5.        More production truck funnies with DX as they do a very funny voice-over for Vince & The Spirit Squad getting ready for their
upcoming match against DX. (Saturday Night’s Main Event 7/15/07)

6.        DX v. The Spirit Squad (5 on 2 Elimination match.  Despite overwhelming odds, HHH & Shawn Michaels eliminate the entire
Spirit Squad.   SNME 7/15/07)

7.        Shawn Michaels v. Shane McMahon (Needless to say, the Spirit Squad isn’t far behind, and get’s liberally involved in the
match.  7/17/06)

8.        Vince arranges for some contraband substances to be found in HHH’s bags, and HHH is ejected from the building. (RAW 7/14/06)

9.        Shawn Michaels v. Umaga (cut off.  7/31/06)

10.     This week, it’s Shawn Michaels who is ejected from the building (8/7/06)

11.     HHH v. Umaga (8/7/06)

12.     DX [HHH & Shawn Michaels] v. Vince & Shane McMahon (Not only does the Spirit Squad get involved, but so does Mr.
Kennedy & THE BIG SHOW!  Summerslam 8/20/06)

13.     DX pays a visit to Vince McMahon’s private jet.  Needless to say, they “leave their mark” on it once they’re through.  RAW 8/21/06)

14.     DX v. William Regal, Fit Finlay & Kennedy (8/28/06)


Disk 115

1.        DX v. Big Show (ECW)

2.        HHH v. Vince McMahon (9/11/06)

3.        HHH & Shawn Michaels v. Big Show, Vince & Shane McMahon (Handicap “Hell in a Cell” match.  Unforgiven 9/17/06)

4.        HHH, Shawn Michaels & John Cena v. Edge, Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade (9/18/06)

The next 3 matches were all on the same night, as Johnathan Coachmen forces DX had to wrestle a “3 Team Challenge series”.

5.        DX v. The Highlanders (9/25/06)

6.        DX v. Viscera & Charlie Haas (9/25/06)

7.        DX v. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (9/25/06)

8.        DX v. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (10/2/06)

9.        DX, having gone through everything that Johnathan Coachmen has thrown at them, set their sights on Coachman himself!  Very
funny segment as DX gets a measure of revenge on the Coach.


Disk 116

1.        DX, having gotten rid of Johnathan Coachman, have decided to run Monday Night RAW themselves.  The first group of guys
they decide to confront, are the Spirit Squad.  10/2/06

2.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Nicky (Thanks to HHH, Sarge gets the win.  10/2/06)

3.        John Cena v. Edge (Cade & Murdoch try to help Edge win the WWF Title, but DX runs out and evens the odds.  10/2/00)

4.        DX v. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (Street Fight – 10/9/06)

5.        HHH v. Randy Orton (10/16/06)

6.        HHH v. Randy Orton (10/23/06)

7.        HHH v. Randy Orton (Edge is the guest referee.  Think Edge will call this one down the middle?  Nah, me neither.  10/30/06)

8.        DX v. Randy Orton & Edge (Cyber Sunday 11/5/06)


Disk 117

9.        DX v. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Charlie Haas & Viscera (11/13/06)

10.     Several good segments with DX in the back, dealing with Coach, and then with Cryme Tyme. (11/13/06)

11.     Lita v. Mikki James (DX is at ringside, but still manages to get involved in the match.  Afterward, Randy Orton & Edge
have DX ejected.  11/13/06)

12.     Randy Orton & Edge v. Ric Flair & Roddy Piper (ending only, as “Rated RKO” win the tag team titles.  DX runs in
afterward, but Orton & Edge leave the ring.  DX takes their anger out on ringside security before taunting Orton &
Edge.  11/13/06)

13.     HHH, Shawn Michaels, John Cena & Ric Flair v. Randy Orton, Kenny, Edge & The  Big Show (11/20/06)

14.     HHH, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Matt & Jeff Hardy (Team DX) v. Randy Orton, Edge, Mike Knox, Gregory Helms, & Johnny
Nitro (Team Rated RKO)  Survivor Series 11/26/06

15.     DX & Ric Flair v. The Spirit Squad (11/27/06)

16.     DX & The Hardys v. Rated RKO & MNM (12/4/06)







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