During the mid 80's Bret "The Hitman" Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart were one of the greatest tag teams 
in WWF history.  During 1997, Bret & Owen Hart, along with Daveyboy Smith, Jim Neidhart & Brian Pillman
united to form the biggest heel stable in the WWF U.S.  However, an ingenious angle where the Hart Foundation 
would mock the American fans for their lack of morals, and for backing people like "Stone Cold", while turning
on, and booing role models like Bret Hart would make the Foundation monster heels in the United States and 
TREMENDOUS faces in Canada and everywhere else in the world.  Until their abrupt break up at the 1997
Survivor Series, The Hart Foundation generated some INCREDIBLE heat as heels in the U.S., and as faces in
Canada.  Presented here is a comprehensive history of the Hart Foundation.  I've collected many of the Hart 
Foundation's matches from their tag team days in the 1980's and early 1990s, and virtually every RAW & PPV 
appearance during the Hart Foundation's resurgence during 1997 up until the infamous and controversial WWF 
Title match at the 1997 Survivor Series, and even some of the events that happened back stage after the Survivor


By Bnewt14


Hart Foundation Disc 1
1. Hart Foundation Squash (Championship Wrestling – 4/20/85)
2. Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs (Spectrum – 4/27/85)
3. Hart Foundation Squash (Championship Wrestling – 5/4/85)
4. Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs (MSG – 7/13/85)
5. Hart Foundation Squash (Championship Wrestling – 8/3/85)
6. Hart Foundation Interview (TNT – 8/16/85)
7. Jim Neidhart vs. Davey Boy Smith (Cap Center – 9/14/85)
8. Bret Hart vs. Dynamite Kid (Cap Center – 9/14/85)
9. Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs (MSG – 9/23/85)

Hart Foundation Disc 2
1. Hart Foundaton vs. Killer Bees (Prime Time Wrestling – 10/1/85)
2. Hart Foundation Interview (TNT – 10/11/85)
3. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (All-Star Wrestling – 10/12/85, BOWWF Vol. 5)
4. Hart Foundation/Barry o vs. Killer Bees/Paul Orndorff (Championship Wrestling – 10/26/85, BOWWF Vol. 5)
5. Body Shop w/Hart Foundation (All-Star Wrestling – 11/16/85)
6. Piper’s Pit w/Hart Foundation (All-American Wrestling – 12/15/85)
7. Jim Neidhart vs. B. Brian Blair (MSG – 12/30/85)
8. Bret Hart vs. Jim Brunzell (MSG – 12/30/85)
9. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (Boston Garden – 2/8/86)
10. Hart Foundation Squash (Championship Wrestling – 2/15/86)
11. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (MSG – 2/17/86, Bret DVD)

Hart Foundation Disc 3
1. Bret Hart vs. Ricky Steamboat (Boston Garden – 3/8/86)
2. Battle Royal (Wrestlemania II)
3. Hart Foundation Interview (TNT – 4/30/86)
4. Hart Foundation Squash (Championship Wrestling – 5/17/86)
5. Bret Hart vs. Jim Brunzell (Prime Time Wrestling – 5/19/86)
6. Jim Neidhart vs. Brian Blair (Prime Time Wrestling – 5/19/86)
7. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (Spectrum – 5/31/86)
8. Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs (Prime Time Wrestling – 6/2/86)

Hart Foundation Disc 4
1. The Mating Game (Prime Time Wrestling – 6/2/86)
2. Hart Foundation Squash (Championship Wrestling – 6/21/86)
3. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (Prime Time Wrestling – 7/7/86)
4. Hart Foundation vs. Sheik/Volkoff (Boston Garden – 8/9/86)
5. Hart Foundation Interview (Prime Time Wrestling – 8/18/86)
6. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (MSG – 9/22/86)
7. Snake Pit w/Hart Foundation (Wrestling Challenge – 9/28/86)
8. Jim Neidhart vs. Dyanmite Kid (MSG – 10/20/86)
9. Bret Hart vs. Raymond Rougeau (MSG – 10/20/86)

Hart Foundation Disc 5
1. Hart Foundaton vs. British Bulldogs (Boston Garden – 11/1/86)
2. Bret Hart vs. Raymond Rougeau (Prime Time Wrestling – 11/3/86)
3. Hart Foundation vs. Islanders (Spectrum – 11/8/86)
4. Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs (Superstars – 11/29/86)
5. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (SNME – 11/29/86)
6. Hart Foundation vs. Tito Santana/Pedro Morales (Spectrum – 12/13/86)
7. Piper’s Pit w/Hart Foundation (Superstars – 12/20/86)
8. Hart Foundation vs. Kirchner/Slater (MSG – 12/26/86)
9. Hart Foundation Interview (Prime Time Wrestling – 1/5/87)

Hart Foundation Disc 6
1. Hart Foundation vs. Davey/JYD (Spectrum – 1/10/87)
2. Hart Foundation vs. Islanders (Prime Time Wrestling – 1/14/87)
3. Hart Foundation Interview (Superstars – 1/17/87)
4. Hart Foundation vs. Davey/Haynes (MSG – 1/19/87)
5. Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs (Wrestling Challenge – 2/7/87)
6. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (Boston Garden – 2/7/87)
7. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (MLG – 2/15/87)
8. Hart Foundation vs. Islanders (Superstars – 2/21/87)
9. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (MSG – 2/23/87)
10. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (Boston Garden – 3/7/87)

Hart Foundation Disc 7
1. Hart Foundation vs. Islanders (Spectrum – 3/14/87)
2. Hart Foundation vs. Tito Santana/Dan Spivey (SNME – 3/14/87)
3. Hart Foundation/Davis vs. British Bulldogs/Tito Santana (WrestleMania III – 3/29/87)
4. Hart Foundation vs. british Bulldogs (Boston Garden – 5/2/87)
5. Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs (SNME - 5/2/87)
6. Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith (Prime Time Wrestling – 5/11/87)
7. Hart Foundation/Davis vs. British Bulldogs/Haynes (MSG – 6/14/87)
8. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (Superstars – 6/20/87)

Hart Foundation Disc 8
1. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (Prime Time Wrestling – 7/13/87)
2. Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs (MSG – 7/25/87)
3. Hart Foundation vs. Rick Martel/JYD (Prime Time Wrestling – 8/3/87)
4. Hart Foundation vs. Young Stallions (Superstars – 8/8/87)
5. Hart Foundation/Htm vs. Jake/Bruno/Tito (Boston Garden – 8/15/87)
6. Hart Foundation Interview (Wrestling Challenge – 9/27/87)
7. Hart Foundation vs. Young Stallions (SNME – 10/3/87)
8. Hart Foundation/Davis vs. Rougeaus/Duggan (Wrestling Challenge – 10/4/87)
9. Hart Foundation Stage Interview (Wrestling Chalenge – 10/11/87)
10. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (Prime Time Wrestling – 10/15/87)

Hart Foundation Disc 9
1. Hart Foundation vs. Strike Force (Superstars – 11/7/87)
2. Hart Foundation vs. Strike Force (MSG – 11/24/87)
3. Bret Hart vs. Randy Savage (SNME – 11/28/87)
4. Hart Foundation Interview (Superstars – 12/12/87)
5. Hart Foundation vs. Strike Force (Spectrum – 1/9/88)
6. Bret Hart vs. Paul Roma (Prime Time Wrestling – 1/12/88)

Hart Foundation Disc 10
1. Hart Foundation/HTM vs. Strike Force/Savage (Boston Garden – 3/5/88)
2. Bret Hart Squash (Superstars – 6/18/88)
3. Hart Foundation vs. Killer Bees (Prime Time Wrestling – 6/20/88)
4. Hart Foundation vs. Conquistadors (Prime Time Wrestling – 7/25/88)
5. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (LA Sports Arena – 8/13/88)
6. Hart Foundation vs. Conquistadors (Superstars – 8/27/88)
7. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (Spectrum – 8/27/88)
8. Hart Foundation vs. Demolition (SummerSlam – 8/29/88)
9. Hart Foundation Squash (Superstars – 9/10/88)

Hart Foundation Disc 11
1. Hart Foundation vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Meadowlands – 9/11/88)
2. Hart Foundation Promo (Superstars – 9/24/88)
3. Hart Foundation Squash (Wrestling Challenge – 10/2/88)
4. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (Boston Garden – 10/8/88)
5. Hart Foundation Squash (Superstars – 10/15/88)
6. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (MSG – 10/24/88)
7. Hart Foundation vs. Demolition (SNME – 10/29/88)
8. Jim Neidhart vs. Raymond Rougeau (Boston Garden – 11/5/88)
9. Bret Hart vs. Jacques Rougeaus (Boston Garden – 11/5/88)
10. Hart Foundation vs. Rhythm & Blues (Superstars – 1/7/89)

Hart Foundation Disc 12
1. Hart Foundation/Jim Duggan vs. Rougeaus/Dino Bravo (Royal Rumble – 1/15/89)
2. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (Milwaukee, WI – 2/3/89, BOWWF Vol. 20)
3. Jim Neidhart vs. Honkytonk Man (Prime Time Wrestling – 2/20/89)
4. Bret Hart vs. Ted DiBiase (Odessa, TX – 3/8/89)
5. Hart Foundation vs. Rhythm & Blues (WrestleMania V – 4/2/89)
6. Hart Foundation vs. Twin Towers (Duluth, MN – 5/17/89, Fan Favorites)
7. Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect (Boston Garden – 6/3/89)

Hart Foundation Disc 13
1. Hart Foundation vs. Power of Pain (Prime Time Wrestling – 8/13/89)
2. Hart Foundation vs. Brainbusters (SummerSlam – 8/28/89)
3. Hart Foundation vs. Rockers (Springfield, MA – 8/29/89)
4. Hart Foundation vs. Rockers (MSG – 11/25/89)
5. Hart Foundation vs. Rougeaus (Prime Time Wrestling – 12/18/89)
6. Bret Hart vs. Greg Valentine (Prime Time Wrestling – 12/25/89
7. Hart Foundation vs. Bolsheviks (Prime Time Wrestling – 1/1/90)
8. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestling Challenge – 2/11/90)
9. Brother Love w/Hart Foundation (Superstars – 3/10/90)
10. Hart Foundation vs. Bolsheviks (Wrestlemania VI – 4/1/90)

Hart Foundation Disc 14
1. Hart Foundation vs. Rockers (SNME – 4/28/90)
2. Brother Love w/Hart Foundation (Superstars – 7/14/90)
3. Hart Foundation vs. Demolition (SummerSlam – 8/27/90)
4. Hart Foundation vs. Rockers (Fort Wayne, IN – 10/30/90, HBK DVD)
5. Hart Foundation vs. Rhythm & Blues (Superstars – 11/17/90)
6. Bret Hart vs. Honkytonk Man (Survivor Series Showdown – 11/18/90)

Hart Foundation Disc 15
1. Dream Team vs. Million $ Team (Survivor Series – 11/22/90)
2. Hart Foundation vs. Power & Glory (London, Ontario – 12/13/90, jip)
3. Hart Foundation vs. Orient Express (Wrestling Challenge – 2/3/91)
4. Hart Foundation vs. Legion of Doom (Biloxi, MS – 3/12/91, LOD DVD)
5. Hart Foundation vs. Earthquake/Din Bravo (MSG – 3/15/91)
6. Bret Hart vs. Brian Knobbs (Superstars & Stripes Forever – 3/17/91)
7. Hart Foundation vs. Nasty Boys (WrestleMania VII – 3/24/91)
8. Hart Foundation vs. Rockers (Tokyo Dome – 3/30/91)
9. Hart Foundation vs. Nasty Boys (MSG – 7/1/91)


By Goodhelmet
Disc 1
Bret v. Austin - Survivor Series 11/17/96 (VHS Master)
Bret vs. Owen 11/25/96
Bret vs. Vader 1/6/97
Royal Rumble 1/19/97 (VHS Master)

Disc 2
Bret quits the WWF 1/20/97
Owen and Davey Boy vs. Furans and Lafon (WWF Tag Titles) 1/20/97
Monsoon interview (continuation of the earlier Bret angle) 1/20/97 
Austin vs. Taker 1/20/97
Owen and Davey Boy vs. Furans and Lafon (WWF Tag Titles) 2/3/97
Shawn Michaels loses his smile 2/13/97
Bret vs. Vader 2/13/97
Owen & Davey Boy vs. Furnas & Lafon - Final Four 2/16/97 (DVD)
Bret vs. Austin vs. Vader vs. Undertaker - Final Four 2/16/97 (DVD)

Disc 3
Bret and Sid angle 2/17/97
Bret and Sid angle continued 2/17/97
Bret vs. Sid (WWF championship) 2/17/97
Owen vs. Davey Boy (European Championship) 3/3/97 
Bret vs. Sid and Bret's uncensored tirade (WWF Championship) 3/17/97 
Bret vs. Austin (WM XIII) (DVD)
Bret heel turn promo after WM 13 3/24/97 

Disc 4
Owen vs. Davey, Bret reforms the Hart Foundation 3/31/97 
Austin and Bret promo 3/31/97 
Bret vs. Rocky Maivia 3/31/97
Austin vs. Bret - Revenge of Taker 4/20/97 (VHS Master)
Austin and Bret promo 4/21/97 
Bret vs. Austin (street fight) and post match shenanigans 4/21/97 
Brian Pillman, Owen, Davey Boy promo, Austin run in 4/28/97 
Bret promo 4/28/97 

Disc 5
Owen vs. Rocky (Owen wins the IC title in a Very Good match & dedicates the victory to his brother Bret RAW 4/28/97)
Austin promo 4/28/97
Taker vs. Davey Boy 4/28/97
Hart Foundation (first promo with all five members) 5/5/97
HBK Promo, Harts run in 5/5/97 
Hart Foundation Promo 5/12/97 
Austin Promo 5/12/97
Austin and HBK Promo 5/19/97 
Bret and HBK Promo Bret challenges Shawn Michaels to a match with the stipulation that he'll never wrestle
in the United States if he couldn't beat Michaels in less than 10 minutes. Shawn of course, accepts with the
stip that The rest of the Foundation be handcuffed to the ringpost during the match. LEGIT SHOOT 

NOTE: During this interview, Shawn Michaels makes a thinly veiled reference to a rumor that he started about
Bret Hart having an affair with Sunny (Tammy Sytch). This would eventually lead to a 
back stage brawl between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. (Shawn got his a$$ kicked.) RAW 5/19/97
Austin and HBK Promo 5/26/97 
Pre-Tag Title Match angle 5/26/97 
HBK and Austin vs. Owen and Davey (Austin & Michaels who hate each other, actually succeed in beating Owen & Daveyboy 
for the Tag titles. (RAW 5/26/97)
Bret and HBK and Austin Promo 6/2/97

Disc 6
HBK vs. Austin 6/8/97 (VHS Master) ***Bonus Match***
Austin Promo 6/9/97
Pillman vs. Foley 6/9/97
Pillman Pre-Match Promo 6/16/97
Austin vs. Pillman 6/16/97
Hart Foundation Promo 6/16/97
Owen vs. Goldust vs. HHH (WWF IC Title) - 6/23/97
Team Austin vs. Team Canada - Canadian Stampede (The Hart Foundation are clearly over as baby faces here as they get a 
TREMENDOUS pop from the crowd. Conversely, Team USA nearly gets booed out of the building! IYH Canadian Stampede - 7/6/97)

Disc 7
Bret Promo 7/7/97
Bret vs. Goldust - 7/7/97
Hart Foundation Promo - The Harts were the biggest heroes short of Jesus Christ last week in Canada.
Well, only Satan himself could have been hated more than the Hart Foundation this week in Texas. 
Almost every member of the Hart Foundation is involved in a match at the upcoming Summer Slam PPV, and 
they each volunteered to a different stipulation. Bret promised to never wrestle in America again if he failed to 
win the WWF title. Owen Hart's stipulation, is that if Austin can't win the IC title, he'd have to kiss Owen's 
a$$. Daveyboy Smith promised to eat a can of dog food if he couldn't beat Ken Shamrock. Brian Pillman 
promised to wear a dress if he couldn't beat Goldust. And Jim Neidhart promised to shave his goatee if any 
member of the Hart Foundation lost their match. During the interview, Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, The 
Patriot, Sycho Sid & Shawn Michaels come out to a HUGE pop. RAW 7/14/97
Austin and Foley vs. Owen and Davey Boy - 7/14/97
Hart Foundation and Austin Promo - 7/21/97
HBK Promo - 7/21/97
Austin and Foley and Taker vs. Hart Foundation (Flag Match) - 7/21/97
Hart Foundation Prom (The Pittsburgh Enema Promo) - 7/28/97
HBK Promo - 7/28/97
Bret vs. Patriot 7/28/97
Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart - (In one of the sacriest moments in the history of the WWF, Owen Hart botches a 
Piledriver and BREAKS AUSTIN'S NECK! Austin actually was paralyzed for the next minute, and 
couldn't move! Owen & the Ref had to stall for time until Austin could move enough to quickly end the match.
I don't know how true this next part is, but I understood that Austin never forgave Hart for that mistake which 
very nearly Ended his career. As it is, Austin would not be able to wrestle again for several months. Summerslam 1997)

Disc 8
Bret Hart vs. Undertaker - (The Hitman wins his 5th WWF World Title!)
Hart Foundation, Slaughter, and Austin Promo (Slaughter's debut as Commissioner 8/4/97
HBK Promo (heel turn) - 8/4/97
Owen vs. Dude Love - 8/4/97
Owen and Davey Boy vs. Patriot and Shamrock - 8/11/97
Bret vs. Vader (WWF Championship) 8/29/97
Bret vs. Patriot - Ground Zero 9/7/97 (PPV Master)

Disc 9
Bret vs. Vader - 9/8/97
Owen vs. Goldust - 9/8/97
Austin stuns Lawler - 9/15/97
Owen vs. Patriot - 9/15/97
Bret and Davey Boy vs. Headbangers (WWF Tag Titles) 9/15/97
Owen Hart vs. Vader - One Night Only 9/20/97 (PAL Convert DVD)
Bret Hart vs. Undertaker - One Night Only 9/20/97 (DVD)
HBK vs. Davey Boy Smith - One Night Only 9/20/97 (PAL Convert DVD)

Disc 10
Owen vs. Pillman Owen Hart v. Brian Pillman (Pillman, who still has Marlena with him, tries to weasel his way out of fighting 
fellow Hart Foundation member Owen Hart in this IC tournament match. Unfortunately for the "Loose Cannon", 
"Commissioner" Sgt. Slaughter ordered the match to go on. Very Good and at times FUNNY match, but Goldust 
the IC tournament without pinning any of his opponents. Austin then runs in and attacks Owen Hart, leading to…
INT - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Vince McMahon - McMahon stops the police from arresting Austin (Owen 
has a restraining order on Steve Austin). And in one of the most long awaited moments in recent memory, 
Bret vs. Goldust 9/22/97
Kliq, Slaughter, and Harts Promo 9/29/97
Vader vs. Davey Boy (The rest of the Hart Foundation runs in, Patriot attempts to makes the save, but just
winds up sharing the @$$ whipping that Vader got. This sets up the Bret/Daveyboy v. Vader/Patriot match at
the upcoming Badd Blood PPV - RAW 9/29/97)
Austin Promo - 9/29/97
Owen Promo (Austin dressed as a Riot Squad Member) - 9/29/97
Owen v. Faarooq Badd Blood 10/5/97 (VHS Master)
Bret & Bulldog vs. Vader & Patriot (During the match some idiot fan actually runs into the ring to attack the Foundation. The 
Ref and Daveyboy kick the kid out of the ring, getting in a few good shots in the process. Badd Blood 10/5/97)
Pillman Salute 10/6/97
Kliq and Harts Promo (MSG "Curtain Call" Footage Shown) - 10/6/97

Disc 11
Davey Boy vs. Rock (After the match, the Nation and the Hart Foundation brawl. Rocky is a heel here, having recently 
joined the Nation. He hasn't yet become the ROCK we all know and love yet, but he was always an EXCELLENT worker - 
RAW 10/6/97)
Bret vs. HHH - 10/6/97 The WWF decided to make racism the motivation behind the feud between The Hart Foundation & 
The Nation. I believe that this was a very tasteless angle. Racism is a REAL thing. And because it's something that STILL 
exists in many overt AND covert forms in our society, (despite what a lot of people may want to believe), there 
is in my opinion no funny or tasteful way to exploit it. From what I understand, The Nation and the Hart 
Foundation were also against this angle, but there wasn't much they could do about it.
Bret and Kliq Promo (Degeneration X named) 10/13/97
Owen vs. Kama 10/13/97
Bret vs. Farooq 10/20/97
HBK vs. Owen (GREAT MATCH! No finish though, as Austin runs in and beats up the ref and Bret comes out and beats up 
Michaels. DX comes out to make the save - RAW 10/20/97)
NoD, Harts, and DX Promo 10/27/97
Bret vs. Shamrock (Bret's last Raw match) 10/27/97
Bret and HBK Video Package 11/3/97
Vader vs. Davey Boy (Dog Collar Match) 11/3/97
Owen vs. Austin - Survivor Series 11/9/97 (Since having to relenquish the Inter-continental title, Austin has 
done everything possible to make sure that Owen would not only regain the title, but to also HOLD 
ONTO the title. Austin repeatedly got Owen's opponents disaualified thus allowing Owen to keep the 
IC Title. All this, so Austin could get his revenge for Owen breaking Austin's neck at Summer Slam, 
and win the Title for himself.)
Bret vs. HBK - Survivor Series 11/9/97 (Without a doubt one of the most INFAMOUS matches in the History of the
sport. Bret & Shawn, who had LEGIT heat with each other squared off in what turned out to be Bret 
Hart's LAST match in the WWF. This was a GREAT MATCH, but this match will not be known for it's
work rate. The match was scheduled to end with a DQ run in by the Hart Foundation. However, Vince 
McMahon, afraid that Bret (who was to go to WCW) would show up on Nitro with the WWF championship
belt around his waist, decided to change the script. Vince, unbeknownst to Bret Hart, ordered the referee
to stop the match the instant that Shawn Michaels locked Bret Hart in the Sharpshooter. 
The result was the BIGGEST SCREW JOB IN THE HISTORY OF THE SPORT!  Bret Hart would immediately 
leave the WWF and wouldn't return for more than 12 YEARS!

Disc 12: Epilogue
DX, Shamrock, and Slaughter Promo 11/10/97
Austin Promo 11/10/97
Vince Interview Part 1("Bret Screwed Bret") 11/17/97
Vince Interview Part 2 11/17/97
DX Promo (Handsome Harvey) 11/24/97
DX Promo (Midget Bret) 11/24/97
HBK vs. Vader 11/24/97
HHH vs. Jim Neidhart 12/1/97
"Destruction of the Hart Foundation" Video Package 12/8/97
DX Promo and Strip Poker 12/8/97
Vince and Owen Promo 12/15/97
HBK vs. Owen (HBK's last Raw match before 2002) 12/29/97


1.        Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, Bruce Hart, Jason The Terrible Interview on Karachi Vice - Stampede Wrestling

2.        Owen Hart/Brian Pillman/Bruce Hart/Jason The Terrible VS Karachi Vice (Makhan Singh/Johnny Smith/Rip Rogers/Kerry Brown) - Stampede Wrestling

3.        Post match Interview with Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, Bruce Hart, Jason The Terrible - Stampede Wrestling

4.        Bret Hart & Chic Donovan VS Jacques Goulet & Chris Markov (Bret, making his Georgia Championship Wrestling debut, is announced as being

         from Montana - Georgia Championship Wrestling - October 1979 )

5.        Bret Hart VS Bill Howard (Bret gets the win with a rollup - Georgia Championship Wrestling , October 1979)

6.        Owen Hart VS Pat Rose (Owen's WCW Debut - WCW Worldwide March 30, 1991)

7.        Owen Hart VS Rip Rogers (Owen facing his former Stampede Wrestling counterpart, feeds a "Faggot" chant and limps his wrist for the

         blonde-haired Rogers , wearing a pony-tail on top of his head and pink tights  - WCW Worldwide, April 1991)

8.        Bret Hart/Owen Hart VS Steiner Brothers (Rare match involving 2 babyface teams –   January 11, 1994 )

9.        Bret Hart (IC Champ)/Randy Savage (World Champ) VS Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair (Worcester, MA - July 20, 1992)

10.     Owen Hart VS Ken Shamrock (Submission Match - WWF Fully Loaded 1998.  this is hardly a rare match, as it aired on a major WWF PPV)

11.     Bret Hart (w/ Dynamite Kid) VS Tiger Mask - New Japan Pro Wrestling - 1982





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