Disk 1


AWA 1970s  (Very Good – Excellent quality)

1.        Superstar Graham Vs Tommy DiMarco 12/02/72

2.        Superstar Billy Graham vs. Armando Rodriguez (AWA All Star Wrestling, 8/25/73)

3.        Superstar Billy Graham vs. Angel Rivera (AWA All Star Wrestling, 10/6/73)

4.        "I am the arm wrestling champion of the universe." 10/6/73)

5.        Battle Royal won by “Superstar” Billy Graham

6.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Wahoo McDaniel (Indian Death [leather strap] match.)

7.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Wilbur Snyder (Chicago 10/31/73)

8.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Crusher

9.        “Superstar” Billy Graham interview

10.     “Superstar” Billy Graham interview

11.     Ivan Putski demonstrates several feats of strength.  Billy Graham runs in and attacks Putski

12.     “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Ivan Putski

13.     “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Dick the Bruiser (8mm)

14.     “Superstar” Billy Graham interview

15.     “Superstar” Billy Graham interview

16.      “Superstar” Billy Graham  & Dusty Rhodes v. Baron Von Raschke & ??? (2/25/75)

WWWF 1970s

17.     “Superstar” Billy Graham interview WWWF 8/27/75)

18.     “Superstar” Billy Graham vs Bruno Sammartino 10/13/75

Matches 19, 20, 22 & 24 were recorded on 8mm film with a voice over by Boston’s Rocky Raymond.  Good quality

19.     “Superstar” Billy Graham & Spiros Arion v. Bruno Sammartino & Dominic Denucci (2/3 falls.  This was Graham’s Boston
debut.  Graham pins Bruno!  Boston 10/25/75)

20.     “Superstar Billy Graham v. Bruno Sammartino (Title defense by Bruno.  Boston 10/21/75)

21.     “Superstar Billy Graham v. Bruno Sammartino (MSG 1/12/76)

22.     “Superstar Billy Graham & Ivan Koloff v. Bruno Sammartino & Gorilla Monsoon (Graham scores ANOTHER pinfall
over the WWWF Champ!  Boston 1/17/76)


Disk 2


1.        Superstar Billy Graham vs. Animal Hamaguchi in an “Arm Wrestling Match.” (9/15/74)

2.        Superstar Billy Graham vs. Animal Hamaguchi (9/15/74)

3.        Superstar Billy Graham & Baron Von Raschke vs. Rusher Kimura & The Great Kusatsu (9/23/74)

4.        Superstar Billy Graham vs. Mighty Inoue (10/7/74)

5.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Antonio Inoki (Ivan Koloff runs in to attack Inoki.  Japan)  Good quality

6.        Superstar Billy Graham vs. Mitsu Endo & Yang Seung Hi in an “Arm Wrestling Match.” (4/19/79)

7.        Superstar Billy Graham vs. Rusher Kimura (“Steel Cage Match.” - 4/21/79)


Disk 3


1.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Bruno Sammartino (MSG 2/2/76)

2.        “Superstar” Billy Graham & Ernie "the Big Cat" Ladd v. Tony Parisi & Louie Serdan (Boston 2/7/76)

3.        “Superstar” Billy Graham & Ivan Koloff  v. Tonoy Parisi & Louis Cerdan (MSG 3/1/76)

4.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Harley Race (St. Louis 3/77 - 8mm no sound) 

5.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Bruno Sammartino (Graham wins the WWWF Title!   Baltimore 4/30/77)

6.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Tony Garea (Graham’s first title defense since defeating Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF
Title.  8mm film with commentary by Rocky Raymond.  Bos 5/15/77) 

7.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Gorilla Monsoon ( MSG 5/16/77)

8.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Bruno (MSG 6/27/77)


Disk 4

1.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Bruno (Gorilla Monsoon is the guest referee.  MSG 8/1/77)

2.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Chief Jay Strongbow (8mm film.  Boston 8/22/77)

3.         “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Ivan Putski (Graham, who recently won the WWWF Title, gives probably the greatest promo/interview in the history of MSG to date!  This guy was so far ahead of his time, it’s ridiculous!  With his incredible physique, colorful tie dyed attire and fantastic charisma, it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that If the Billy Graham of 1977 showed up in today’s WWE, he’d have the title put around his waist within a couple of months.  It’s no wonder that
wrestlers like Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Scott Steiner, and none other than Hulk Hogan all emulated Billy Graham’s
style during their respective careers.  MSG 8/29/77)

4.         “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Bruno Sammartino (PHL 9/17/77)

5.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Chief Jay Strongbow (Steel Cage Match.  8mm film.  9/19/77 Boston ) 

6.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Dusty Rhodes (Graham defends the WWWF Title.  MSG 9/26/77)

7.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Dusty Rhodes - Texas Death Match (Madison Square Garden, 10/24/77)

8.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs Mil Mascaras (MSG 12/19/77)

9.         Int - "Superstar" Billy Graham

10.      Int - "Superstar" Billy Graham

11.      “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Dusty Rhodes (1/16/78 Boston)

12.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Harley Race (WWWF Champion v. NWA Champion. - Miami 1/25/78) 


Disk 5

1.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Bruno Sammartino (Phl 1/78 – fair quality)

2.        “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Bruno Sammartino (Phl 2/18/78  cage match, good quality)

3.        Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham (WWWF TV)
4.        Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham (WWWF TV)
5.        WWWF Champion Superstar Billy Graham comes down to ringside prior to a match between Bob Backlund and his
no-named opponent, and despite being the heel, is greeted with a thunderous ovation.  Graham shakes hands with the ref, 
Backlund’s opponent & the ring announcer, but snubs Backlund.  WWWF TV)
6.        Int – Superstar Billy Graham’s manager, The Grand Wizard regarding Graham’s upcoming title match with Bob Backlund.
7.        Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham (WWWF TV)

8.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Bob Backlund (Backlund wins the WWWF Title.  MSG 2/78)

9.        Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham (WWWF TV) 
10.     Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham (WWWF TV)
11.     “Superstar” Billy Graham vs Tony Garea (from WWWF TV)
12.     Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham (WWWF TV)
13.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Bob Backlund (Great Cage Match, 4/78 With Japanese Commentary)
14.     Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham (WWWF TV)
15.     Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham (WWWF TV)
16.     Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham (WWWF TV)
17.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Dusty Rhodes  (Texas Bullrope Match - MSG 8/78)

18.     “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Bruno Sammartino (This was Graham & Bruno’s final match.  MSG 10/23/78)

19.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Dusty Rhodes  (Texas Bullrope Match – 11/18/78)

20.     “Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Bill Papas (from LaBelle’s LA promotion)

21.     “Superstar” Billy Graham competing in World’s Strongest Man competitons


Disk 6


1.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Victor Mercado (9/25/82)

2.        “Superstar “Billy Graham v. Barry Hart (10/2/82)

3.        “Superstar “Billy Graham v. Jeff Craney (10/16/82)

4.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Tony Rico (TV 10/23/82)

5.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Miguel Feliciano (TV 11/20/82)

6.        Bob Backlund V. Swede Hanson (Graham Destroys The WWF Belt, Tv '82 – fair quality)

7.        Int – Billy Graham prior to his match with Bob Backlund (MSG 11/82)

8.        “Superstar” Billy Graham V. Bob Backlund (MSG 11/82)

9.         “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Eddie Carson (TV 12/18/82)

10.      “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Bob Backlund (Lumberjack match.  Swede Hansen is the guest referee.  Graham attacks
Hansen after the match! MSG 12/28/82)

11.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Israel Matia (TV 1/1/83)

12.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Curt Hennig (1/8/.83)

13.      “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Jerry O (1/15/83)

14.     Int – Superstar Billy Graham & Swede Hanson do pre-match interviews prior to their big match.  MSG 1/83)

15.      “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Swede Hansen (MSG 1/83)

16.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Pedro Morales (Morales defends the IC Title against Graham.  PHL 1/83

17.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Gary Diamond (2/19/83)

18.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Rocky Johnson (MSG 2/83)

19.      “Superstar” Billy Graham, Playboy Buddy Rose, Mr. Fuji, Ray Stevens & Magnificent Muraco v. Rocky Johnson, Sal Bellomo
Pedro Morales, Jimmy Snuka & Andre the Giant (PHL 2/19/83)

20.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Jules Strongbow (MSG 3/83)


Disk 7


1.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Mike Fever

2.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Mike Fever (4/21/84)

3.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Denny Brown (5/5/84)

4.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Wild Bill Snyder (Arm Wrestling Match.  5/12/84.  Billy Jack Haynes comes out to challenge
Graham, but the Superstar refuses the challenge.)

5.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Chief Joe Lightfoot (5/12/84)

Matches 6-9 are in black and white.

6.         “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Denny Brown ($1000 Arm Wrestling challenge.  Billy Jack Haynes comes out again to
challenge Graham to an arm wrestling contest.  5/19/84)

7.         “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Wild Bill Snyder (5/19/84)

8.        “Superstar” Billy Graham & One Man Gang [with Sir Oliver Humperdink] v. Denny Brown & Mike Davis (5/26/84)

9.        Int – SSBG & One Man Gang.  Graham finally accepts Haynes’ challenge to an arm wrestling match.

10.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Billy Jack Haynes (Arm wrestling match.  Haynes is the FL Heavyweight Champion.  Haynes
wins the match, but gets destroyed by Graham and the One Man Gang.  5/26/84)

11.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Denny Brown (6/9/84)

12.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Tony  D’Amata (Graham had recently defeated Billy Jack Haynes to win the Fl Heavyweight Title.  7/7/84)

13.      “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Shotgun Willie (7/21/84)

14.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Shotgun Willie (7/28/84)

15.     “Superstar” Billy Graham & Kevin Sullivan v. Mike Rotundo & Chief Joe Lightfoot (8/18/84)

16.     “Superstar” Billy Graham & Kevin Sulivan v. Mike Allen & Chief Joe Lightfoot ( Before the match, Black Jack Mulligan
and Kendall Windham grab one of the young ladies that has been accompanying Kevin Sullivan to the ring.  Her name
is Cindy Lou, and was a childhood friend of Kendall.  She is now wrapped up in Sullivan’s cult.  The Mulligans try to
convince her to leave Sullivan and come home. 8/25/84)

17.      “Superstar” Billy Graham & Kevin Sullivan v. Mike Allen & Tony D’Amata (Humperdink and Cindy Lou are at ringside
for Graham and Sullivan.  Kendall Windham comes out and brings Cindy Lou to the interviewers table, and Sullivan
gets mad and attacks her.  Graham steps in to stop Sullivan, and along with Blackjack Mulligan, is attacked by Sullivan
and Humperdink!)


Disk 8

1.        Int – Sullivan & Humperdink

2.        Int – Superstar Billy Graham

3.        Int – Sullivan & Humperdink

4.        Promo – Superstar Billy Graham as he purifies himself of his demons in preparation for getting back at Sullivan & Humperdink (9/22/84)

5.        Int – Sullivan & Humperdink

6.        Kevin Sullivan v. Pez Whatley (closing moments, as Superstar Billy Graham runs in and attacks Graham.  The
Superstar’s babyface turn is complete.  He would remain a face for the remainder of his career.)

7.        Int – Sullivan & Humperdink

8.        Int – Superstar Billy Graham

9.        Int – Superstar Billy Graham

10.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham.  Cindy Lou, who has broken away from Kevin Sullivan’s cult is at Blackjack Mulligan’s bedside thanking Graham Graham for helping her.  Footage is also shown of a match between Graham & Sullivan with Graham taking
Sullivan’s Golden Spike in the process of running off both Sullivan and Oliver Humperdink. 

11.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham / Kevin Sullivan (9/29/84)

12.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham / Kevin Sullivan (10/13/84)

13.     Dory Funk Jr. v. Larry Hamilton Dory Funk Jr. (Superstar Graham runs out and attacks Funk!10/13/84)

14.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Kevin Sullivan (Cage Match.  Purple Haze & Oliver Humperdink run in to decimate Billy
Graham.  Mike Graham comes in though, to help out Billy.   In the melee, Graham still manages to score the pinfall!

15.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham & Mike Graham (10/20/84)

16.     Mike Graham v. Kevin Sullivan & Purple Haze (handicap match.  Eventually the heels take control and  destroy Graham. 
“Superstar” Billy Graham runs in to make the save. 10/27/84)

17.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham & Mike Graham (10/27/84)

18.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham & Mike Graham (10/27/84)

19.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham (11/3/84)

20.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Jesse Barr (Barr wins with his feet on the ropes.)

21.      “Superstar” Billy Graham promo for upcoming Starrcade match with Wahoo McDaniel

22.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Wahoo McDaniel (Starrcade 84  11/22/84)


Disk 9


1.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Rocky King (4/6/85)

2.        “Superstar” Billy Graham & Barbarian v. Jim Jeffers & Mack Jeffers (4/13/85)

3.        Int – Graham, Barbarian, Abdullah the Butcher & Paul Jones (4/27/85)

4.        Int – Jimmy Valiant & Dusty Rhodes.  Clips are shown of Billy Graham and Barbarian injuring Valiant’s throat during a match. 4/27/85

5.        “Superstar” Billy Graham, Barbarian & Abdullah the Butcher v. Simiani, Ligon & Rossi (4/27/85)

6.        “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Mark Hill (6/22/85)

7.        “Superstar” Billy Graham, Abdullah The Butcher & The Barbarian v. Buzz Tyler, Sam Houston & Manny Fernandez (Great American Bash 8/85)


8.        Superstar Billy Graham v. The Marauder (Now once again, a full fledged babyface, Graham returns to the colorful tiedyed ring attire and comes out to the music of George Thorogood & the Destroyers' "Bad to the Bone"

9.        Int – “Superstar” Billy Graham

10.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Brady Boone

11.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Golden Terror

12.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. George South.  9/21/85)

13.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham

14.     Int – Billy Graham & “Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant

15.     Int – Jim Cornette

16.     Int – Billy Graham & “Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant

17.     Int – Jim cornette

18.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. Jim Backlund

19.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. jobber

20.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham & Paul Jones.  Jones isn’t very happy with Graham’s new attitude.

21.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham & Paul Jones.  Jones again tries to exert some control over the now babyface Graham, but
the Superstar chases him off.

22.     Int - “Superstar” Billy Graham

23.     Int – Paul Jones & Barbarian.  Jones declares war on Superstar Billy Graham

24.     “Superstar” Billy Graham is in the ring and calls out Paul Jones.  Jones comes out, but the Barbarian brutally attacks Graham.
Jimmy Valiant runs in to make the save.

25.     Int – Paul Jones & Barbarian

26.     Int – a very bloody “Superstar” Billy Graham after being attacked by Jones & The Barbarian.

27.     Int – Superstar Billy Graham, who is now a babyface and set to compete against his old partner the Barbarian in an Arm
Wrestling match for $5000.    Paul Jones comes out to yell at Graham and challenge him to a match against Abdullah

The Butcher.  (11/2/85)

28.     Superstar Billy Graham v. Abdullah the Butcher (Needless to say, it’s not long before the Barbarian runs in to attack
Graham. 11/2/85)

29.     “Superstar” Billy Graham v. The Barbarian (Starrcade 85)

30.     “Superstar” Billy Graham and The Mighty Igor vs. The Zambouie Express (From Puerto Rico)



Disk 10


1.           Update – Superstar Billy Graham’s upcoming return to the WWF.  (Superstars 9/6/86)

2.           Promo – Superstar Billy Graham (Superstars 9/20/86)

3.           promo – Superstar Billy Graham talks with Jesse “The Body” Ventura (Superstars 9/27/86)

4.           Superstar Billy Graham v. Bob Bradley

5.           Update – Superstar Billy Graham (Superstars 11/8/86)

6.           Promo – Superstar Billy Graham (Superstars 11/22/86)

7.           Update – Superstar Billy Graham who had recently returned to action, is recovering from hip surgery. (Superstars 5/23/87)

8.           Update on Superstar Billy Graham’s rehabilitation (Superstars 6/20/87)

9.           Superstar Billy Graham continues his road to rehabilitation. Butch Reed tells everyone that he’s not impressed by Billy
Graham’s recovery.  (Superstars 7/4/87)

10.        Superstar Billy Graham poses and shows off his physique.  Butch Reed promises to come out next week and out-do Graham
with his own pose down. (Superstars 7/11/87)

11.        “The Natural” Butch Reed poses in an effort to show up Superstar Billy Graham (Superstars 7/18/87)

12.        "Superstar" Billy Graham v. Steve Lombardi (Graham finally returns to action after his hip surgery.  Superstars 7/25/87)

13.        Special Interview – Butch Reed & Slick (Wrestling  Challenge 7/26/87)

14.        Int – Superstar Billy Graham (Superstars 7/25/87)

15.        "Superstar" Billy Graham v. Butch Reed in a Posedown Contest.  And as you might have guessed, it isn’t long before Reed
viciously attacks Graham.  Reed goes after Grahams hip, but the Superstar recovers and runs off Reed and Slick before being
announced the winner of the pose down. (Superstars 8/1/87)

16.        Update – the feud between Graham and Butch Reed. (Superstars 8/8/87)

17.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Barry Horowitz (WC 8/9/87)

18.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Hercules (Graham replaces Ken Patera and faces Hercules in a “Country Whippin” match. 
Bobby Heenan is handcuffed to Mr. T!  Spectrum 8/15/87 – good quality)

19.        Butch Reed v. Jim Evans (After the match, Reed calls out Superstar Billy Graham.  Graham comes out and runs off both Reed and Slick.  Superstars 8/22/87)

20.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Butch Reed (MSG 8/22/87)

21.        Update – Superstar Billy Graham and his current feud with Butch Reed (Superstars 9/12/87)

22.        Billy Graham vs. Tim Patterson (WC 9/13/87)

23.        Int – Superstar Billy Graham (Superstars 9/26/87)

24.        Billy Graham & Ivan Putski vs. Tom Stone & Joe Mirto (Extremely quick match, as both Graham & Putski immediately lock
their opponents in bear hugs and gets the quick submission.  Graham & Putski have quite the history, as they had been

          feuding with each other more than 20 years earlier!  WC 9/27/87)

25.        "Superstar" Billy Graham & The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers v. Joe Mirto, Rick Gantner & Tom Stone (Superstars 10/3/87)

26.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Butch Reed (Steel Cage Match - MSG 10/16/87)


Disk 11


1.           Int – Superstar Billy Graham (Superstars 11/7/87)

2.           Special Interview – Hulk Hogan talks about facing Andre the Giant alongside his Survivor Series team of Paul Orndorff, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ken Patera and Superstar Billy Graham (WC 1/8/87)

3.           "Superstar" Billy Graham v. Butch Reed (One Man Gang runs in and together with Reed & Slick, DESTROY Graham!  Don Muraco
comes in to run off the heels, but it was too little, too late, as Graham would have to be taken from the ring on a stretcher. 
Unfortunately, they couldn’t remove him fast enough, as the Gang still managed to splash Graham while on the stretcher.
Superstars 11/14/87)

4.           Update:  Butch Reed and the One Man Gang putting Superstar Billy Graham out of action and perhaps out of wrestling for good.  “The Rock” Don Muraco is picked to replace Graham in the Survivor Series. 

It had actually been earlier determined that even after his operation and rehabilitation, Graham’s hip was no longer in good enough shape for him to continue wrestling, and Graham would have to retire from the ring as an active wrestler, thus the brutal attack by Reed & One Man Gang to explain Graham’s retirement.  Muraco would become Graham’s protégé after this.  This would become readily apparent by the tie dyed T-shirts that Muraco would begin wearing, as well as his incredible new physique, no doubt brought on by the same steroids that Graham had been taking for so long during his own career.  Superstars 11/21/87)

5.           Special Interview – Slick & Butch Reed talk about putting Billy Graham out of wrestling. (WC 11/29/87)

6.           Superstar Billy Graham officially announces his retirement from the sport of Professional Wrestling.  Clips from Graham's early career, as well as
his return to the ring and the attack which took him out of action are shown.  (WC 12/6/87)

7.           Superstar Billy Graham at the 1987 Slammy Awards

Bonus Match

8.           Hulk Hogan, “The Rock” Don Muraco, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ken Patera  Paul Orndorff v. Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, Butch Reed, One Man Gang
& King Kong Bundy (Muraco is wrestling in Graham’s place. (Survivor Series 1987)

9.           Superstar Billy Graham Hall of Fame special.  Includes a retrospective on Graham’s career and his HOF acceptance speech.



1. Superstar Billy Graham vs. Armando Rodriguez (AWA All Star Wrestling, 8/25/73)
2. Superstar Billy Graham vs. Angel Rivera (AWA All Star Wrestling, 10/6/73)
3. WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino vs. Superstar Billy Graham (Baltimore, Maryland 4/30/77, Graham's title win)
4. WWWF champion Superstar Billy Graham vs. Ivan Putski (Madison Square Garden, 8/29/77)
5. WWWF champion Superstar Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes - Texas Death Match (Madison Square Garden, 10/24/77)
6. WWF champion Bob Backlund vs. Superstar Billy Graham (Madison Square Garden, 11/21/82)
DVD Promo Extras
* "I am the arm wrestling champion of the universe." 10/6/73
* "These hands can crush coconuts."
* "I don't want you to ask me any questions" 8/27/75
* "This is the beauty of a champion" 6/27/77
* "I am the most colorful man in all of wrestling" 9/3/85
* "The people want the real thing" 9/10/85
* "The comeback" 11/29/86









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