Disk 1 (1:57)

1.        Goldberg vs Hugh Morris (nitro 9/22/97)

2.        Goldberg vs The Barbarian (nitro 9/29/97)

3.        Goldberg vs Road Block (saturday night 10/11/97)

4.        Goldberg vs Scotty Riggs (Goldberg uses spear for the first time. nitro 10/13/97)

5.        Goldberg vs Wrath (nitro 10/20/97)

6.        Goldberg vs Mike Anthony (saturday night 10/25/97)

7.        Goldberg vs Disco Inferno (nitro 10/27/97)

8.        Goldberg brawls with Steve McMichael

9.        Goldberg vs The Renegade (saturday night 11/1/97)

10.     Goldberg brawls with McMichael again.(saturday night 12/27/97)

11.     Goldberg vs Steve McMichael (Starrcade 97)

12.     Goldberg vs Glacier (nitro 12/28/97)

13.     Goldberg vs Stevie Ray (nitro 1/5/98)

14.     Goldberg vs Steve McMichael (thunder 1/8/98)

15.     Goldberg vs Barry Horowitz (saturday night 1/10/98)

16.     Goldberg vs Jerry Flynn (nitro 1/12/98)

17.     Goldberg vs Kendall Windham (thunder 1/22/98)

18.     Goldberg vs Mike Tolbert (saturday night 1/24/98)

19.     Goldberg vs Brad Armstrong (nitro 1/26/98)

20.     Goldberg vs Yuji Nagata (thunder 1/29/98)

21.     Goldberg v. Meng (WCWSN 1/31/98)

22.     Goldberg vs Mark Starr (nitro 2/2/98)

23.     Goldberg vs Jim Powers (thunder 2/5/98)

24.     Goldberg vs Steven Regal (nitro 2/9/98)

25.     Goldberg vs Glacier (thunder 2/12/98)

26.     Goldberg vs Hugh Morris (nitro 2/16/98)

27.     Goldberg vs Fit Finlay (thunder 2/19/98)


Disk 2 (1:57)

1.        Goldberg v . Jerry Flynn (WCWSN 2/21/98)

2.        Goldberg vs Brad Armstrong (Superbrawl 98)

3.        Goldberg vs Rick Fuller (thunder 2/26/98)

4.        Goldberg vs Sick Boy (nitro 3/2/98)

5.        Goldberg vs Vincent (thunder 3/5/98)

6.        Goldberg vs Barry Darsow (nitro 3/9/98)

7.        Goldberg vs Chase Tatum (saturday night 3/14/98)

8.        Goldberg vs Lodi (nitro 3/16/98)

9.        Goldberg vs Wayne Bloom (thunder 3/19/98)

10.     Goldberg runs in and saves Rick Steiner from a beating (nitro 3/23/98)

11.     Goldberg vs Renegade (nitro 3/23/98)

12.     Goldberg vs Jerry Flynn (thunder 3/26/98)

13.     Goldberg vs Ray Traylor (nitro 3/30/98)

14.     Goldberg vs Hammer (nitro 4/6/98)

15.     Goldberg vs Rocoo Rock (nitro 4/13/98)

16.     Goldberg vs Saturn (Spring Stampede 98)

17.     Goldberg vs U.S Champ Raven for the title (nitro 4/20/98) Goldberg becomes US Champ

18.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Mike Enos (thunder 4/22/98)

19.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Scott Norton (nitro 4/27/98)

20.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Jerry Flynn (nitro 4/28/98)

21.     Goldberg runs in during a match between Juventud Guerrera & Sick Boy

22.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Yuji Nagata (saturday night 5/16/98)

23.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Len Denton (nitro 5/11/98)

24.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Sick Boy (thunder 5/14/98)

25.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Yuji Nagata (wcwsn 5/16/98)


Disk 3 (1:41)

1.        U.S Champ Goldberg vs Saturn (Slamboree 98)

2.        U.S Champ Goldberg vs Glacier (nitro 5/18/98)

3.        U.S Champ Goldberg vs Johnny Attitude (nitro 5/25/98)

4.        U.S Champ Goldberg vs Barry Horowitz (thunder 5/27/98)

5.        U.S Champ Goldberg vs La Parka (nitro 6/1/98)

6.        U.S Champ Goldberg vs Hugh Morris (thunder 6/4/98)

7.        Goldberg T-Shirt commercial

8.        Goldberg Video

9.        U.S Champ Goldberg vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. (nitro 6/8/98)

10.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Konnan (Goldberg extends his record to 100 & 0!  Great American Bash 1998)

11.     Goldberg video

12.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Reese (thunder 6/18/98)

13.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Rick Fuller (nitro 6/22/98)U.S Champ Goldberg vs Glacier (nitro 6/29/98)

14.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs John Nord (world wide 7/4/98)

15.     Goldberg video

16.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs Scott Hall (nitro 7/6/98)

17.     U.S Champ Goldberg vs World Champ Hollwood Hogan (Goldberg defeats Hogan cleanly for the WCW World Title!  for
the title.  nitro 7/6/98)


Disk 4 (1:58

1.        World Champ Goldberg vs Curt Hennig (Bash At the Beach 98)

2.        World Champ Goldberg vs Curt Hennig (nitro 7/13/98)

3.        Int – Goldberg (Nitro 7/27/98)

4.        World Champ Goldberg vs Bryan Adams (nitro 7/27/98)

5.        DDP v. Hogan (Goldberg runs in.  Nitro 7/27/98)

6.        Int – Goldberg/Giant/Sting (Nitro 8/3/98)

7.        Bret Hart & Sting v. Scott Hall &  The Giant (Goldberg runs in.  Nitro 8/3/98)

8.        World Champ Goldberg in a NWO battle royal (Road Wild 98)

9.        World Champ Goldberg vs Meng (nitro 8/10/98)

10.     World Champ Goldberg won by dq over The Giant (nitro 8/17/98)

11.     World Champ Goldberg & Kevin Nash vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan & The Giant (nitro 8/24/98)

12.     Clips of Goldberg and Homerun ace, Mark McGwire meeting before McGwire’s baseball game.

13.     Goldberg T-Shirt commercial

14.     World Champ Goldberg vs Al Green (nitro 8/31/98)

15.     World Champ Goldberg vs Scott Putski (nitro 9/7/98)

16.     World Champ Goldberg vs Rick Fuller (thunder 9/10/98)

17.     World Champ Goldberg vs Sting (nitro 9/14/98)

18.     Goldberg/DDP video


Disk. 5

1.        World Champ Goldberg vs Kanyon (thunder 9/24/98)

2.        World Champ Goldberg vs Chris Jericho (The match never took place as Jericho ran off before the match could start (nitro 9/28/98)

3.        World Champ Goldberg vs Raven (thunder 10/1/98)

4.        World Champ Goldberg vs The Giant (nitro 10/12/98)

5.        Chris Jericho v. DDP (Goldberg runs in.  Nitro 10/19/98)

6.        World Champ Goldberg vs Dallas Page (Halloween Havoc 98)

7.        Bret Hart v. DDP (ending only, as Hart brutally attacks DDP with a chair.  Goldberg runs in to make the save.  Nitro

8.        Int – Chris Jericho puts the badmouth on Goldberg.  Goldberg runs in to attack Jericho.  Nitro 11/9/98)

9.        World Champ Goldberg vs Meng (nitro 11/10/98)

10.     Goldberg video

11.     Giant v. Lex Luger (Goldberg runs in and brawls with the Giant.  Thunder 11/12/98)

12.     Bam Bam Bigelow makes his surprise WCW debut and immediately challenges World Champ Goldberg.  The two later brawl
with each other with more than a dozen security guards having to separate them. (nitro 11/16/98)

13.     Goldberg & Nash arrive at the arena and have a few pointed words for each other. (Nitro 11/23/98)

14.     World Champ Goldberg vs The Giant (Bam Bam Bigelow runs in to attack Goldberg.  Nash comes out as well.  nitro 11/23/98)

15.     Contract signing between Kevin Nash and Goldberg for their upcoming match at Starrcade.  (Nitro 11/30/98)

16.     World Champ Goldberg and Bigelow brawl outside (nitro 11/30/98)

17.   Int – Goldberg & Nash confront each other again. (Nitro 12/7/98)

18.     World Champ Goldberg v. Bam Bam Bigelow (No match though, as Nash runs in and all 3 men brawl with each other.  Nitro 12/7/98)

19.     World Champ Goldberg v. Bam Bam Bigelow v. Kevin Nash (Nitro 12/14/98)

20.     World Champ Goldberg vs Scott Hall (12/21/98)



Disk. 6

1.        World Champ Goldberg vs Kevin Nash (Kevin Nash pins Goldberg to win the WCW World Title and puts an end to
the streak!  Starrcade 1998).

2.        Goldberg gets arrested!  Elizabeth claims that Goldberg had been stalking her.  The original angle called for Goldberg to be
arrested for rape, but he refused to go along with that angle.  Good for him. (Nitro 1/4/99)

3.        Int – Kevin Nash.  Nash accuses Hogan of being behind Goldberg’s arrest and demands a match against him.

4.        The police interview Elizabeth to determine what it was that Goldberg did, but she can’t seem to keep her story straight and
agrees to drop the charges. (Nitro 1/4/98)

5.        Goldberg is released from police custody (Nitro 1/4/98)

6.        World Champ Kevin Nash v. Hollywood Hogan.  (Nash lays down for Hollywood Hogan and reforms the NWO. Goldberg runs
in and attacks the NWO.  Nitro 1/4/98)


This was largely seen as the beginning of the end for WCW as Kevin Nash had just gotten booking control in WCW and the
first thing he did was put himself over by unceremoniously beating Goldberg for the World Title at Starrcade and ending his
winning streak.  To add insult to injury, Nash immediately drops the title to Hulk Hogan the following night in what many say
was the match that completely took all value away from the WCW World Title.  (What little value was left, was taken away, as
the title would later be worn by David Arquette and Vince Russo)


7.        Goldberg talks about his World title loss at Starrcade (low sound Nitro 1/11/99)

8.        Goldberg v. Scott Hall (Ladder/Taser Match SOULED OUT  1/17/1999)

9.        Goldberg v. Bam Bam Bigelow v. Scott Hall (Nitro 1/18/99)

10.     Bam Bam Bigelow v. Scott Hall (Tazer on a ladder match.  Goldberg comes out.  Nitro 1/25/99)

11.     Goldberg v. Scott Norton (Nitro 1/25/99)

12.     Int – Goldberg & Bam Bam Bigelow (2/8/99)

13.     Ric Flair & Steve McMichael v. The Outsiders (Goldberg, Hogan & Bigelow all run in to interfere.  2/8/99)

14.     Goldberg v. Bam Bam Bigelow (SUPERBRAWL 2/21/1999)

15.     Goldberg v. Scott Steiner (Nitro 2/22/99)

16.     Goldberg & Rick Steiner v. Buff Bagwell & Scott Steiner (Nitro 3/1/99)


Disk7 (2:03)

1.        Int – Goldberg confronts David Flair.  David's father (and current WCW President Ric Flair comes out and attacks

           Goldberg (Nitro 3/8/99)

2.        Goldberg v. Ric Flair (Nitro 3/8/99)

3.        Int – Goldberg/Flair/Arn Anderson/Nash/Hogan (Nitro 3/15/99)

4.        Goldberg & Ric Flair v. Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash (Nitro 3/15/99)

5.        Goldberg v. Hak (Nitro 3/22/99)

6.        Goldberg and Kevin Nash talk to each other (Nitro 4/5/99)

7.        Int – Goldberg/Hogan/Flair/DDP (Nitro 4/5/99)

8.        Goldberg v. Ric Flair v. Hollywood Hogan v. DDP (Sting runs in.  Nitro 4/5/99)

9.        Goldberg v. Kevin Nash (SPRING STAMPEDE 4/11/1999)

10.     Int – Goldberg (Nitro 4/12/99)

11.     Goldberg v. Kenny Kaos (Nitro 4/12/99)

12.     Goldberg arrives at the arena.  Nitro 4/19/99)

13.     Int – Goldberg/DDP (Nitro 4/19/99)

14.     Goldberg v. DDP (Nitro 4/19/99)


Disk 8

1.        Goldberg v. Earnest Miller (Thunder 4/22/99)

2.        Goldberg v. DDP v. Nash v. Sting (Nitro 4/25/99)

3.        Goldberg v. Meng (Thunder 4/29/99)

4.        Goldberg v. Sting (Bret Hart runs in and attacks Goldberg.  Goldberg would be out for several months after this match
against Sting  SLAMBOREE 5/9/1999)

5.        Goldberg returns to WCW (Nitro 7/5/99)

6.        Hulk Hogan v. Sid Vicious (In progress.  Goldberg comes out accompanied by new entrance music that completely fails to
complement him.  Nitro 7/19/99)

7.        Goldberg talks about Curt Hennig (Nitro 7/26/99)

8.        Goldberg v. Curt Hennig  (Nitro 7/26/99)

9.        Hulk Hogan & Sting v. Sid Vicious & Kevin Nash (In progress.  Goldberg comes out.  Nitro 7/19/99)

10.     Goldberg, Sting, and World Champ Hulk Hogan v. Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious, and T.V Champ Rick Steiner (Nitro 8/2/99)

11.     Goldberg v. Rocco Rock (Thunder 8/5/99)

12.     Int - Hollywood Hogan/Kevin Nash/Sid Vicious/Rick Steiner/Sting (Nitro 8/9/99)

13.     Goldberg, Sting & Hulk Hogan v. Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious & Rick Steiner (Hogan returns to his traditional red & yellow.  Nitro 8/9/99)

14.     Goldberg v. T.V Champ Rick Steiner (Non title - ROAD WILD 8/14/99)


Disk 9

1.        Goldberg v. Barry Windham (Good quality - Nitro 8/16/99)

2.        Int – Goldberg & Hulk Hogan (Nitro 8/30/99)

3.        Goldberg & Hulk Hogan v. DDP & Bam Bam Bigelow (Nitro 8/30/99)

4.        Goldberg v. Ernest Miller (Goldberg’s more familiar and ominous entrance music FINALLY returns.  Thunder 9/2/99)

5.        Goldberg, Sting & Hulk Hogan v. Sid Vicious, Rick Steiner & DDP (Cage Match.  Nitro 9/6/99)

6.        Goldberg v. Bam Bam Bigelow (Thunder 9/9/99)

7.        Goldberg v. Dallas Page (FALL BRAWL 9/12/1999)

8.        Int – Goldberg attacks Jerry Flynn while laying out a challenge to Sid Vicious. (Nitro 9/13/99)

9.        Goldberg v. Brian Knobbs (Nitro 9/20/99)

10.     Goldberg v. Hugh Morrus (Nitro 9/27/99)

11.     Goldberg plays some mindgames with Sid (Nitro 9/27/99)

12.     Int – Goldberg (Thunder 9/30/99)

13.     Goldberg v. Scott Norton (Thunder 9/30/99)

14.     Goldberg/Sid video (Nitro 10/4/99)

15.     Goldberg v. Jerry Flynn (Nitro 10/4/99)

16.     Goldberg v. Horace (Nitro 10/11/99)

17.     Lex Luger & Rick Steiner v. Bret Hart & Chris Benoit (In progress.  Goldberg & Sid Vicious interfere.  Nitro 10/11/99)

18.     Int – Goldberg & Sid Vicious.  Sid attacks and Powerbombs Goldberg!  Goldberg then has a confrontation with the Outsiders
who are then escorted out of the building. (Nitro 10/18/99)


Disk 10

1.        Goldberg v. Lex Luger (Nitro 10/18/99)

2.        Goldberg v.U.S Champ Sid Vicious (Goldberg wins the US title from Sid when the match is stopped due to excess Bleeding on Sid’s part. HALLOWEEN HAVOC 10/24/1999)

3.        Goldberg v. Sting (Goldberg pins Sting to win the WCW World Title!  Or does he?  Halloween Havoc 10/24/99)

4.        Int – Goldberg (Nitro 10/25/99)

5.        Int – Goldberg & The Outsiders (Nitro 10/25/99)

6.        Int – Goldberg (Nitro 10/25/99)

7.        Outsiders v. 2 porn stars (No, I’m not kidding here.  And yes, it’s terrible.  Goldberg eventually comes out to attack the Outsiders.  Nitro 10/25/99)

8.        Goldberg v. Bret Hart (Nitro 10/25/99)

9.        Int – Goldberg/ Sid Vicious/Outsiders/Bret Hart (Sid has the line of the night when he says “I'm HALF the man you think I am!"  PRICELESS!!! Nitro 11/8/99)

10.     Goldberg v. Sting (Lex Luger interferes.  Nitro 11/8/99)

11.     Sid Vicious v. Lex Luger (Goldberg & Sting come out.  Nitro 11/8/99)

12.     Goldberg v. Bret Hart v. Sid Vicious v. Scott Hall (Kevin Nash is the guest referee.  Nitro 11/8/99)

13.     Int - Goldberg (Nitro 11/15/99)

14.     Goldberg v. Curt Hennig (Goldberg & Curt Hennig brawl with each other before Goldberg even gets out of his dressing room!  (Nitro 11/15/99)

15.     Sid Vicious v. Kevin Nash (Goldberg, Scott Hall & Bret Hart come out.  Nitro 11/15/99)

16.     Goldberg v. Sid Vicious (I quit match - MAYHEM 11/21/1999)


Disk 11 (2:26)

1.        Int – Goldberg & Bret Hart (Nitro 11/22/99)

2.        Goldberg & ??? v. The Outsiders (Goldberg needs to pick a mystery partner to face the outsiders and he chooses SID
VICIOUS!  Sid comes out to a huge pop as WCW’s newest babyface just 24 hours after feuding with Goldberg.Nitro 11/22/99)

3.        INT- Goldberg.  The Outsiders come out to brawl with Goldberg and Sid Vicious comes out to even the odds. (Nitro 11/29/99)

4.        Scott Hall v. Sid Vicious (Goldberg & Jeff Jarrett interfere.  Nitro 11/29/99)

5.        Goldberg & Sid Vicious v. The Outsiders (Bret Hart interferes.  Nitro 11/29/99)

6.        The Outsiders challenge everyone to a steel cage match.  Nitro 11/29/99

7.        Goldberg,& Sid Vicious v. The Outsiders v. Bret Hart & Chris Benoit (Steel Cage match.  Roddy Piper is the guest referee.  Nitro 11/29/99)

8.        Int – Goldberg & Jef Jarrett (Nitro 12/6/99)

9.        Goldberg v. Jeff Jarrett (Lumberjack Match.  Roddy Piper is the guest referee.  Nitro 12/6/99)

10.     Goldberg and World Champ Bret Hart v. Tag Champs Creative Control (Goldberg & Hart win the Tag titles.  Thunder 12/9/99)

11.     Int – Goldberg, Bret Hart & The Outsiders (Nitro 12/13/99)

12.     Goldberg & Bret Hart v. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (The Outsiders win the WCW Tag Titles.  Nitro 12/13/99)

13.     Goldberg & Bret Hart v. The Outsiders (Cage Match.  Thunder 12/16/99)

14.     Goldberg v.Bret Hart (Goldberg mule kicks Bret Hart in the head, giving Hart a concussion.  STARRCADE 12/19/1999)

15.     Int – Goldberg, Bret Hart & Roddy Piper (Nitro 12/20/99)

16.     Bret Hart v. Goldberg (Shortly after this match, Bret Hart discovered that the concussion he suffered during his
Starrcade match against Goldberg was so serious that he would have to retire from active wrestling.  Nitro 12/20/99)

17.     Goldberg is injured when he punches through a window and has to take several months off (Thunder12/23/99)


Disk 12

1.        Goldberg returns and saves Kevin Nash from a beat down by Rick Steiner and Tank Abott.  (Nitro 5/29/00)

2.        Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo call out Goldberg.  Needless to say, Goldberg shows up and runs them off.  (Nitro 5/29/00)

3.        Goldberg v. Tank Abbott (Nitro 6/5/00)

4.        Kevin Nash is being beaten down by the Filthy Animals and Goldberg comes in seemingly to run them off, but TURNS HEEL
(Great American Bash 6/11/2000)

5.        Int - Goldberg talks about why he joined the New Blood (Nitro 6/12/00)

6.        Goldberg comes out during a match between Jeff Jarrett & Hulk Hogan, and attacks Hogan, Jackhammering him through a
table! (Nitro 6/12/00)

7.        Goldberg v. Kevin Nash (Nitro 6/12/00)

8.        Goldberg v. Horace Hogan (Nitro 6/19/00)

9.        Goldberg v. Jim Duggan (Nitro 6/26/00)

10.     Goldberg v. Kevin Nash v. Scott Steiner v. Jeff Jarrett (Nitro 6/26/00)

11.     Goldberg talks about his upcoming match against Kevin Nash

12.     Goldberg v. Kevin Nash (BASH AT THE BEACH 7/9/2000)

13.     Goldberg v. Scott Steiner v. Jeff Jarrett v. Chris Kanyon (Nitro 7/10/00)

14.     Goldberg v. Scott Steiner (Nitro 7/18/00)

15.     Goldberg v. Booker T (Nitro 7/24/00)

16.     Goldberg v. Booker T (REMATCH - Nitro 7/24/00)


Disk 13 (2:08)

1.        Goldberg v. Kevin Nash v. Scott Steiner (Nash enters the match well after it’s underway and abruptly walks out
while the match is still in progress!  Vince Russo comes out to try to stop him, and Goldberg tells him to f*ck off!
New Blood Rising 8/13/00)

2.        Vince Russo talks about wanting to fire Goldberg after the events surrounding Godberg’s match at NEW BLOOD RISING 2000 (Nitro 8/14/00)

3.        Scott Steiner runs out to attack Kevin Nash and WCW Champ Booker T, but is interrupted as Goldberg is seen in the back
attacking Steiner’s valet! Steiner immediately runs out to find Goldberg.  (Nitro 8/14/00)

4.        Video recap of the feud between Goldberg and Scott Steiner (Nitro 8/21/00)

5.        Jeff Jarrett demands a match with Bill Goldberg. (Nitro 8/21/00)

6.        Vince Russo and Goldberg finally get to talk to each other but are interrupted by Scott Steiner, who is at Goldberg’s hotel
and is about to beat up his girlfriend Beth.  Goldberg immediately runs out to find Steiner. (Nitro 8/21/00)

7.        Goldberg arrives at his hotel to find out that Steiner and Beth are already back at the arena. (Nitro 8/21/00)

8.        Steiner drags Beth to the ring and calls out Goldberg to come save her.  Goldberg comes out and is double teamed by Steiner
and Jeff Jarrett.  Booker T and Kevin Nash come out to help Goldberg.  This effectively turns Goldberg back to a babyface,
as Goldberg never wanted to be a heel in the first place. (Nitro 8/21/00)

9.        Vince Russo, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and Kevin Nash stack the deck against WCW Champ Booker T before attacking
Booker and WCW Commissioner Ernest Miller.  Goldberg appears on screen digging a grave and telling Vince Russo
that Russo IS NEXT!  (Nitro 8/28/00)

10.     Clips of Kevin Nash winning the WCW Title and later celebrating with Jarrett, Steiner and Russo.  Booker T is leaving
the arena in disgust when Goldberg arrives and convinces Booker to stick around because in Goldberg’s words, “The fun has
just begun” (Nitro 8/28/00)

11.     Int – Shane Douglas lays out an open challenge to anyone in the back.  Guess who shows up?  (Nitro 8/28/00)

12.     Goldberg attacks Scott Steiner in the locker room. (Nitro 8/28/00)

13.     Goldberg and Vince Russo have some more words for each other.  Unfotunately, Russo gets the short end of the stick, and
is carried out to Goldberg’s car (Nitro 8/28/00)

14.     Goldberg has Russo out where he was digging his hole earlier, and is met by Bret Hart who offers to help bury Russo.  But
as soon as Goldberg turns his back, BRET BLASTS GOLDBERG OVER THE HEAD WITH A SHOVEL!  (Nitro 8/28/00)

15.     Goldberg v. Shane Douglas (Nitro 9/4/00)

16.     Goldberg v. Vince Russo v. Kevin Nash v. Scott Steiner v. Jeff Jarrett v. Sting v. Booker T.  (Triple Cage Tower of Doom
Match.  It looks like Goldberg is about to walk out with the World Title, when once again, Bret Hart shows up and spoils
things for Goldberg.  Nitro 9/4/00)

17.     Goldberg attempts to go into Bret Hart’s locker room, but is stopped by security.  Not for long though.  (Thunder 9/6/00)

18.     Int – Bret Hart comes out and explains why he’s been tormenting Goldberg lately.  Goldberg comes out and gets destroyed by
Scott Steiner.  (Thunder 9/6/00)

19.     Sting v. Vampiro (The Insane Clown Posse run in to attack Sting, and Goldberg runs in to even the score.  He then calls
out Bret Hart.  Lance Storm & Elix Skipper answer the challenge instead.  Thunder 9/6/00)

20.     Goldberg v. Lance Storm & Elix Skipper (Thunder 9/6/00)

21.     Scott Steiner v. Goldberg in a no dq match (FALL BRAWL 9/17/2000)



Disk 14 (2:08)

1.        Vince Russo & Scott Steiner gloat over Steiner’s win over Goldberg at Fall Brawl.  Russo tells everyone that Goldberg has
quit WCW.  (Nitro 9/18/00)

2.        Goldberg returns (Nitro 9/25/00)

3.        Goldberg attacks Scott Steiner during an interview.  Steiner eventually makes it to the ring, but Golberg follows him in,
turning it into:  Nitro 9/25/00)

4.        Goldberg v. Scott Steiner (STEEL CAGE MATCH.  Goldberg gets some revenge on Steiner.  Nitro 9/25/00)

5.        Booker T v. Vince Russo (Steel Cage Match.  Goldberg enters the cage to exact some revenge against Russo and spears
him through the cage wall, at the same time Booker leaves through the cage door!  Russo is out cold, but who won the
match?  Unfortunatley, Russo did indeed win the match and was awarded the WCW World Title.  It was on this night,
that for emost wrestling fans, the WCW title lost any and all credibility.   Nitro 9/25/00)

6.        Vince Russo announces that in order to keep his job, Bill Goldberg must beat his original streak of 176 & 0 to get another
shot at the WCW World title.  And if he loses one match before beating the streak, he will be fired.  (Nitro 10/2/00)

7.        Goldberg v. Meng (Goldberg wins the match, but is immediately attacked by Kronik.  Nitro10/2/00)

8.        Goldberg v. The Harris Brothers (Nitro10/2/00)

9.        Goldberg v. Big Vito (Nitro10/9/00)

10.     Goldberg v. Johnny the Bull (Nitro10/9/00)

11.     Goldberg v. Chuck Palumbo (Thunder 10/11/00)

12.     Goldberg & Kronik have another confrontation.  (Thunder 10/11/00)

13.     Goldberg v. David Flair  (Nitro10/16/00)

14.     Goldberg v. Elix Skipper (Thunder 10/18/00)

15.     Goldberg v. Shawn Stasiak (Nitro10/23/00)

16.     Interview – Bill Goldberg

17.     Goldberg, Sting & Booker T v. Kronik & Jeff Jarrett (Thunder 10/25/00)

18.     Goldberg v. Kronik (HALLOWEEN HAVOC 10/29/2000)

19.     Int – Lex Luger talks some major trash about Bill Goldberg. (Nitro 11/6/00)

20.     Interview with Goldberg about his streak and about Lex Luger’s recent comments. (Nitro 11/6/00)

21.     Goldberg v. Bam Bam Bigelow (Nitro 11/6/00)


Disk 15

1.        Goldberg v. Bam Bam Bigelow & Lex Luger (Thunder 11/09/00)

2.        Goldberg v. Boogie Knights (Nitro 11/13/00)

3.        Lex Luger talks some more about Bill Goldberg.  (Thunder 11/16/00)

4.        Goldberg v. Buff Bagwell (Thunder 11/16/00)

5.        Goldberg v. Kwee Wee (Mike Sanders ordered this match, so that Goldberg could soften up Kwee Wee prior to Sanders’
match against Kwee Wee at the upcoming Mayhem PPV.  Goldberg of course demolishes Kwee Wee.  But Ric Flair
comes down to ringside and immediately orders Sanders to get in the ring against Goldberg HIMSELF!  Nitro 11/20/00)

6.        Goldberg v. Mike Sanders (Needless to say, Sanders doesn’t last any longer than Kwee Wee.  Nitro 11/20/00)

7.        Goldberg v. Lex Luger (MAYHEM 11/26/2000)

8.        Luger talks about Goldberg (Nitro 11/27/00)

9.        Goldberg v. Reno (Luger runs in and attacks Goldberg after the match.  Nitro 11/27/00)

10.     Lex Luger talks about Goldberg some more.  Luger makes a point about belittling Goldberg’s trainer Dewayne “Sarge” Bruce
who trained Goldberg at WCW’s Power Plant.  (Nitro 12/4/00)

11.     Goldberg v. M.I. Smooth (Prior to the match, Video clips are shown of Goldberg on the Maury Povich show.  After the match, Goldberg hugs the Sarge, who was in attendance for the match.  Yes, this will be significant later on.  Nitro 12/4/00)

12.     Goldberg & Sarge talk in the back room. (Thunder 12/7/00)

13.     Goldberg v. Shane Douglas (Lex Luger comes out and puts the Sarge in the Human Torture Rack.  Goldberg can’t go out
and save him though, because even a countout loss will end his career!  Goldberg quickly finishes off Douglas and then
runs off to save Sarge.  Thunder 12/7/00)

14.     Disqo makes fun of Dwayne “Sarge” Bruce as Sarge makes his way into the arena.  Bruce reminds Disqo why he’s called
”Sarge”.  Nitro 12/12/00

15.     Sarge storms into Commissioner Mike Sanders’ office demanding a match with Lex Luger.  Sanders gives Sarge the match
for Thunder, but demands something from Sarge in exchange. Unfortunately, the payment is…..)

16.     Goldberg v. “Sarge” Dewayne Bruce (Goldberg didn’t realize who he’d be wrestling, and nearly refused to wrestle his
friend and trainer when he saw Sarge in the ring.  Sarge of course, insists that Goldberg wrestle him because of his own
agenda with Luger.  In the end, Sarge makes Goldberg wrestle him.  And a grief stricken Goldberg who can’t throw the
match without being fired, is forced to score the most painful victory of his career.  Nitro 12/12/00)

17.     Luger attacks Goldberg in the back prior to Luger’s match against the Sarge.  (Thunder 12/13/00)

18.     Dewayne “Sarge” Bruce v. Lex Luger (Thunder 12/13/00)


Disk 16

1.        Goldberg v. Lex Luger (STARRCADE 12/17/2000)

2.        A clip of Goldberg on “The Man Show”.

3.        Goldberg v. Buff Bagwell (Nitro 12/18/00)

4.        Goldberg v. Norman Smiley (After the match, Luger &  Bagwell challenge Goldberg & Sarge to a tag match at the
upcoming SIN PPV.  Thunder 12/21/00)

5.        Goldberg v. Mark Jindrak (Thunder 1/3/01)

6.        Goldberg and The Sarge v. Kronik (Nitro 1/8/01)

7.        Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger v. Goldberg and The Sarge (No DQ match.  Lex pins Goldberg, which invokes the retirement
clause that Vince Russo set in place back in October.  Goldberg leaves WCW for good.  SIN 1/14/2001)




Disk 1

1.        Goldberg Promo

2.        Goldberg makes his debut AND SPEARS THE ROCK! (RAW)

3.        Goldberg video

4.        Goldberg & The Rock confront each other again with the Rock refusing to wrestle Goldberg at Backlash. (RAW)

5.        Goldberg talks with Goldust (RAW)

6.        Christian calls out Goldberg.   Unfortunately for Christian, Goldberg responded.  (RAW)

7.        Goldberg confronts Gillberg & the Rock (RAW)

8.        Goldberg attacks the Rock again.

9.        Goldberg on WWE Confidential

10.     Goldberg v. The Rock (Backlash 4/27/03)

11.     Goldberg on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel (RAW 4/28/03)

12.     Goldberg talks with Booker T (RAW 4/28/03)

13.     Booker T is triple teamed by Jamal, Rosie & Rico.  Guess who shows up to even the odds.  (RAW 4/28/03)

14.     Goldberg v. Rico (Afterward Goldberg shares a beer with Steve Austin and dozens of fans.  RAW 5/5/03)

15.     Goldberg and Austin share a few words in the back (RAW 5/12/03)

16.     Goldberg v. Christian (Cage Match.  RAW 5/12/03)

17.     Goldberg v. Lance Storm (RAW 5/19/03)

18.     Goldberg on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel (Jericho attacks Goldberg.  RAW 5/26/03)

19.     Int – Goldberg (During the interview, Jericho vandalizes Goldberg’s car! RAW 6/2/03)

20.     Chris Jericho v. Goldust (Goldberg runs in to attack Jericho, but Y2J gets away.  RAW 6/2/03)

21.     Goldberg v. Rosey (RAW 6/9/03)

22.     Int – Goldberg (Chris Jericho attacks Goldberg again.  RAW 6/9/03)


Disk 2

1.        Goldberg v. Chris Jericho (Badd Blood 6/15/03)

2.        Goldberg & Booker T v. Chris Jericho & Christian (RAW 6/16/03)

3.        Goldberg v. Rodney Mack (Goldberg makes his Madison Square Garden debut.  RAW 6/23/03)

4.        Goldberg attacks Rodney Mack

5.        Int – Goldberg & HHH

6.        Goldberg at the Summerslam Press conference.

7.        Goldberg v. Steven Richards (RAW 7/28/03)

8.        Goldberg v. Ric Flair (HHH & Randy Orton run in to attack Goldberg.  Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and
Steve Austin make the save.  RAW 8/4/03)

9.        Goldberg, Nash & Michaels talk in the back (RAW 8/11/03)

10.     Goldberg v. Ric Flair (Randy Orton is the guest referee.  Needless to say, the odds aren’t very even.  Shawn
Michaels makes it to the ring to set things straight.  RAW 8/11/03)

11.     Highlight Reel.  Goldberg, HHH, Jericho, Michaels Orton & Nash all brawl in the ring.  (RAW 8/18/03)

12.     Goldberg v. Randy Orton (Steve Austin is the referee.  RAW 8/18/03)

13.     Goldberg v. HHH v. Chris Jericho v. Shawn Michaels v. Randy Orton v. Kevin Nash (Elimination Chamber.  Summerslam 8/24/03)


Disk 3

1.        Int – HHH (Goldberg interrupts.  RAW 9/1/03)

2.        Goldberg & Shawn Michaels & Maven v. Ric Flair, Randy Orton & HHH (RAW 9/1/03)

3.        Int – Goldberg (RAW 9/8/03)

4.        Goldberg & Randy Orton v. Ric Flair & HHH (RAW 9/8/03)

5.        Video – Several clips of Bill Goldberg in action.

6.        Int – HHH/Goldberg

7.        Goldberg v. HHH (Goldberg wins the World Title!  Unforgiven 9/21/03)


Disk 4

1.        Int – Goldberg celebrates his World Title win over HHH last night AND SPEARS ERIC BISCHOFF!  (RAW 9/22/03)

2.        Goldberg v. Chris Jericho (Following the match, HHH would put a $100,000 bounty on Goldberg’s head.  RAW 9/22/03)

3.        Int – Goldberg (Stevie Richards attacks Goldberg and tries to collect the bounty.  He fails miserably. RAW 9/22/03)

4.        Goldberg & Shawn Michaels v. Randy Orton & Ric Flair (RAW 9/22/03)

5.        La Resistance attacks Goldberg to try to collect the $100,000 bounty.  They didn’t have much success. (RAW 10/6/03)

6.        Goldberg v. Mark Henry (Shawn Michaels comes out to help Goldberg AND GETS SPEARED!  RAW 10/6/03)

7.        Goldberg is nearly run over by someone at the arena trying to collect that $100K bounty. (RAW 10/13/03)

8.        Goldberg enlists help in catching the people trying to take him out. (RAW 10/13/03)

9.        Int – Goldberg & Shawn Michaels (RAW 10/13/03)

10.     Goldberg v. Mark Henry, Ric Flair & Randy Orton (After the match, MICHAELS SUPERKICKS GOLDBERG!  10/13/03)

11.     Goldberg gets attacked by Mark Henry before he can reach the ring for his match with Shawn Michaels, thus postponing
the match.  Michaels goes to the back to see if Goldberg is ok.  RAW 10/20/03)

12.     Goldberg v. Shawn Michaels (Batista runs in and attacks both men, injuring Goldberg’s leg in the process AND
COLLECTING THE $100,000 BOUNTY!.  RAW 10/20/03)

13.     Batista is attacking Steve Austin, and Goldberg makes his return to action to get some much needed revenge! (RAW 11/3/03)

14.     Goldberg v. Batista (RAW 11/10/03)

15.     Int – Goldberg & Brock Lesnar (Survivor Series 11/16/03)

16.     Goldberg v. HHH (Survivor Series 11/16/03)

17.     Goldberg v. HHH, Randy Orton & Batista (Handicap match.  Kane attacks Goldberg after the match.  11/17/03)

18.     Goldberg on WWE Confidential.  Clips of Goldberg on the set of his new childrens’ movie are shown.


Disk 5

1.        Goldberg v. HHH (Kane again, runs in and attacks Goldberg.  RAW 11/24/03)

2.        Int – Goldberg, Eric Bischoff & Mick Foley (RAW 12/1/03)

3.        Goldberg & RVD, Shawn Michaels v. Randy Orton, Batista & Kane (RAW 12/1/03)

4.        Goldberg v. Kane (Lumberjack Match.  RAW 12/8/03)

5.        Goldberg v. HHH v. Kane (HHH wins the World Title in a 3 way match.  Armageddon 12/14/03)

6.        Int – Goldberg (Johnathan Coachman conducts the most painful interview of his entire career. )

7.        Goldberg v. Matt Hardy (RAW 1/12/04)

8.        Goldberg/Scott Steiner confrontation (RAW 1/12/04)

9.        Johnathan Coachman talks with the RAW roster about the royal Rumble. (RAW 1/19/04)

10.     Goldberg v. Test v. Scott Steiner (3 way match.  RAW 1/19/04)

11.     6 man Royal Rumble style match. (the winner will get the coveted #30 slot in the Royal Rumble PPV.  RAW 1/19/04)

12.     Int – Goldberg & Brock Lesnar (Royal Rumble 2004)

13.     Goldberg enters the 2004 Royal Rumble at #30. 

14.     Goldberg v. Johnathan Coachman & Mark Henry (RAW 1/26/04)

15.     Goldberg v. Kane (RAW 2/2/04)

16.     Int – Goldberg & Steve Austin (Austin gives Goldberg front row tickets to attend the Backlash PPV.)

17.     Int – Goldberg, Austin, Vince McMahon& Paul Heyman (GOLDBERG ACCIDENTALLY SPEARS STEVE AUSTIN!)

18.     Goldberg & Steve Austin have some words about what just happened in the ring.

19.     Int – Goldberg

20.     Goldberg arrives at Backlash and takes his front row seat.  Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman come to the ring to call Goldberg out,
and after jumping into the ring to DESTROY Lesnar, Goldberg is handcuffed and escorted out of the arena. (No Way Out 2004)

21.     Brock Lesnar v. Eddie Guerrero (Near the end of the match, as Goldberg returns and spears the hell out of Lesnar! (NWO 2004)

22.     Goldberg v. Brock Lesnar (Steve Austin was the guest referee.  This was both Goldberg’s and Lesnar’s final match with the WWE.
Even though Goldberg was the babyface going into the match, the crowd booed both men relentlessly, as both men were
seen as simply being there only for the money and not actually caring about the fans or the business itself.  Both men
were put over by just about everyone, and then abruptly left the WWE without helping to elevate anyone else.  In the
end, Lesnar was booed even heavier than he had expected, and wound up losing the match.  Even though Goldberg won
the match, the crowd still booed him as well and cheered heavily when Austin nailed Goldberg with the Stone Cold
Stunner afterward.  Wrestlemania 20.  3/24/04)









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