Disk 1

1.        Gangstas v. Anthony Michaels & Chris Hamrick (The Gangstas debut in SMW  Afterward, they have their first interview and
it’s the first in a long line of the best interviews I've seen in years.  The heat they generated was incredible!)

2.        INT with Jim Ross at Night of Legends 8/5/94.  The Gangstas make their challenge to the Rock & Roll Express. 
 They also Make their feelings known about the local chapter of the NAACP who complained about the
 Gangstas' gimmick.

3.        Gangstas v. Steve Skyfire & Scott Studd (The Gangstas then do an interview mentioning O.J Simpson &
Reginald Denny.  The TV station is now bleeping out parts of their promos.

4.           Rock & Roll Express v. Chris Candido & Brian Lee (From the following night where Ricky Morton and Tammy’s hair was on the
line.  The Gangstas interfere, leading to Candido & Lee winning the match.)

5.        Promo – Rock & Roll Express lays out a challenge for the Gangstas.

6.        Gangstas v. Brian Logan & Steve Skyfire

7.        Int – Gangstas

8.        Gangstas v. Chris Hamrick & Dan Dubiel

9.        Gangstas v. The Rock & Roll Express (the RRs win, but the Gangstas' "security force" beats down Ricky
Morton with Nightsticks, much like Reginald Denny in LA.)

10.     Gangstas v. Anthony Michaels & Doug Dalton

11.     Int – Gangstas

12.     Gangstas v. Rock & Roll Express in a WILD brawl from Johnson City.  The whole locker room empties, as the
 two teams brawl all over the building, and into the parking lot.  New Jack gets thrown onto his own car, setting
off the alarm!

13.     Gangstas v. Anthony Michaels & Brian Logan

14.     Gangstas v. Rock & Roll Express (The Gangstas win the SMW tag titles by using New Jack's night stick, but
       Bob Armstrong comes out and tells the ref who restarts the match, leading to the RRs getting the pin. 

15.     Bob Armstrong announces that the Gangstas had hired a civil rights lawyer and  threatened a multi-million dollar lawsuit, forcing
SMW to return the Tag Titles to them.  Fantastic  angle, as the Gangstas cheat to win, and then accuse SMW of discriminating against them because they're black.

16.     VIDEO - The Gangstas return to the "Hood" with their newly won Tag Titles.   New Jack & Mustafa spend
time partying with their boys and talking about the RR express.  As intimidating as their neighborhood looks
on video, imagine how Jim Cornette felt.  He was the one behind the camera filming it.  Cornette had to go to
Atlanta, and since New Jack was from Atlanta, they decided to film the footage in Jack's neighboorhood.

17.     Battle Royal - Robert Gibson & New Jack are the last remaining wrestlers.  They brawl to a double DQ.  Mustafa runs In and joins the
fight.  Once again, the whole locker room empties to break it up. . 

18.     Int – Gangstas.  Robert Gibson runs in and attacks the Gangstas during their interview, and YOU GUESSED IT, the locker room empties

19.     Int – Rock & Roll Express.  A clip is shown of a badly beaten Morton, who says the Gangstas attacked him in the parking lot before
the previous match.


Disk 2

1.        Gangstas v. Brian Logan & Steve Casey

2.        Int – Gangstas

3.        Security Camera Footage of the Gangstas in a bar, boasting about everything they've done to the Rock & Rolls. 
The RRs burst into the bar, and brawl with the Gangstas with everything that's not nailed down.  The Gangstas
 bring this tape to the police and have the RRs ARRESTED!  This was even funnier, because the bartender
was not let in on the angle in advance.  He had no idea that this was going to happen.  HE WENT NUTS!

4.        New Jack v. Ricky Morton (After about 45 seconds Gibson & Mustafa run in and brawl.  New Jack juices
 heavily as the Locker room empties once again to break it up.)

Cornette offers the Gangstas his services as their manager.  The Gangstas let him know in NO
UNCERTAIN TERMS that they don't need, nor want a "REDNECK" like him as their manager. 
Cornette is HUMILIATED!

6.        Gangstas v. Brian Lee & Lance Storm (lots of interference by D-Lo Brown.  Yes THAT D-lo Brown)

7.        JIM CORNETTE PLOTS TO GET EVEN WITH THE GANGSTAS by offering to manage his
 LIFELONG enemies, the Rock & Roll Express, who to everyone's surprise, accept Jims offer
to manage them during the "Christmas Chaos" tour.

8.        Int - Gangstas

9.        D-Lo Brown v. Steve Armstrong (The Gangstas run in, but Scott Armstrong runs them off with a lead pipe.)

10.     Int – Gangstas

11.     Int – Jim Cornette, who promises a big surprise at Christmas Chaos

12.     Int – Jim Cornette.  Included, is a “strategy session” with Cornette & the Rock & Roll Express

13.     Gangstas v. Scott & Steve Armstrong

14.     Int – Rock & Roll Express

15.     Int – Gangstas

16.     Int – Rock & Roll Express

17.     Jim Ross interviews the Rock & Roll Express.  He lists all of the rotten things (and it's a pretty big list) that
Cornette's Done to them over the past 10 years.   Cornette runs out to shut Ross up, and the RRs are now
more suspicious then ever.

18.     Int – Gangstas

19.     Int – Gangstas

20.     D-Lo Brown v. Brian Lee

21.     Int – Gangstas

22.     Rock & Roll Express v. The Infernos  (The RRs are managed by Jim Cornette!  The Gangstas run
in, and Cornette runs away - but returns to the ring with three tennis raquets, which he and the
RRs use to pound the Gangstas with.

23.     Int – Gangstas

24.     Int – Rock & Roll Express & their new manager, Jim Cornette!

25.     Gangstas v. Rock & Roll Express w/ Jim Cornette (Joine in progress from Knoxville.   Cornette's requet
comes into play, and the RRs win the Tag Titles.  During the post match brawl, Cornette has the Gangstas
hold Morton, and loads up the raquet, but instead of hitting Morton, CORNETTE BLASTS BOTH
Gangstas recover and DESTROY Cornette, beating on his leg with the nightstick.

26.     Post match interviews with the Rock & Roll Express & Jim Cornette

27.     Int – Jim Cornette


Disk 3

1.        Cornette petitions Bob Armstrong to re-instate the Heavenly Bodies in order to gain revenge on the Gangstas

2.        INT - Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette - Cornette gives some pretty hard comments and accuses the Gangstas

of profiting on the Black v. White issue.

3.        The Gangstas accuse Commisioner Bob Armstrong of being a racist, and Bob responds by calling

New Jack an A$$hole!

4.        New Jack v. Steve Armstrong (The match never starts, as Cornette comes out with an injunction barring the

other gangstas from ringside.  The Gangstas flip, and then triple team Steve, injuring his knee with the night stick.  Bob Armstrong makes
the save.)

5.        Tracey Smothers & Scott Armstrong reform the "Southern Boys" tag team and plan to go after the Gangstas.

6.        The Gangstas v. The Wolfman & Tommy Pitner

7.        The Gangstas in a “Smoky Mountain Rumble” (reminiscent of the WWF’s Royal Rumble)  1/28/95

8.        Smokey Mountain Rumble - Joined in progress from Morristown, TN.  Tracy Smothers eliminates the Gangstas
to win the battle royal, but the Gangstas jump him after the match.  D-Lo and Scott Armstrong join in to help
out their partners.

9.        Gangstas v. The Heavenly Bodies (GREAT BRAWL!  Cornette and the HBs get revenge on the Gangstas,
giving them a bloody beating.  They Fight all over the arena, in the back, in the parking lot, and EVEN

10.     SMW commisioner Bob Armstrong starts levying fines on the heels for just about every angle that's taken place
in the last couple of months.  The Gangstas come out to complain about being discriminated against, and levy
their own 3 on 1attack on Armstrong. 

11.     Int – Bob Armstrong.  Jim Cornette comes in and requests a special referee.  He whispers the name in Armstrong’s ear, and Armstrong
ok’s it.

12.     Int – Gangstas

13.     Int – Jim Cornette, who reveals that the guest referee for the Gangstas v. Cornette/Heavenly Bodies match at “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” is
BOB ARMSTRONG! The Gangstas immediately run in and attack Bob Armstrong and Jim Cornette.  Cornette & Armstrong are
actually fighting SIDE BY SIDE,
as the Southern Boys run in to help even the odds.

14.     Southern Boys v. The Masked Infernos (The Gangstas run in and Destroy the Southern Boys.  Bob Armstrong runs in
with a baseball bat and clears the ring!)

15.     Int – Gangstas

16.     Int – Jim Cornette (Footage is shown of the Heavenly bodies in action in the WWF against the Steiner Brothers)

17.     Int – Gangstas

18.     Gangstas v. Southern Boys (The Gangstas destroy the Southern Boys, Cornette & Bob Armstrong)

19.     Int – Jim Cornette, Bob Armstrong & The Southern Boys


Disk 4

1.        The Gangstas & D-Lo Brown v. The Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette (In Progress.  Afterward, the Gangstas demolish Bob

2.        Int – Jim Cornette & Bob Armstrong – Cornette offers to bring Armstrong a new 6man tag partner to join Armstrong & Tracy
         Smothers against the Gangstas & Dlo Brown if Cornette can manage Armstrongs team.  Armstrong agrees and Cornette will
         reveal who he’s bringing in next week.

3.        Int – Jim Cornette & Tracy Smothers.  Cornette offers his managerial services to the Southern Boys.  Cornette has signed a
 match for the upcoming Bluegrass Brawl with the Gangstas & Dlo Brown v. Smothers, Bob Armstrong and a partner of
 Cornette’s choice with the loser having to salute the winner’s flag.  Smothers is IRATE that Cornette has signed this match
 without his and Armstrong’s consent.  That is, until Cornette reveals that their mystery partner will be none other than

4.        Int – The Gangstas, who aren’t too happy about the Undertaker  being signed for the big 6-man tag match at Bluegrass Brawl. 

5.        Killer Kyle v. Boo Bradley (Killer Kyle is now a part of the Gangstas, and New Jack, Mustafa & D-Lo Brown are at ringside. 
Think they’ll get involved?)

6.        Int – The Gangstas

7.        Killer Kyle v. Boo Bradley (Rematch from last week.  Killer Kyle wins the TV Title.  New Jack is doing guest commentary for the

8.        Int – Jim Cornette

9.        Killer Kyle v. Kenny Arden (The Gangstas are at ringside)

10.      Promo – The Gangstas are in a cemetery discussing their upcoming match with Smothers, Armstrong & the Undertaker.  They
are so paranoid that they wind up being scared off by a black cat!

11.     Int – Jim Cornette, with a promo by Paul Bearer & The Undertaker

12.     New Jack v. Tracy Smothers (Needless to say, it’s not long before the Gangstas run in to maul Smothers.  Boo Bradley and
Jim Cornette run in to attempt the save, but c’mon now, babyface or not, just how much help can Cornette give?  In the
end, Bradley and Smothers are lying in the ring bloodied, and Cornette is laid out with the Gangstas’ Malcom X Flag
draped on top of him.)

13.     Killer Kyle v. Wolfman

14.     Int – Jim Cornette/Tracy Smothers & Bob Armstrong

15.     Int – The Gangstas

16.     Gangstas & Dlo Brown v. Tracy Smothers, Bob Armstrong & Undertaker (Joined in progress after the babyfaces win. 
Instead of kissing the Confederate Flag as per the stipulation, the Gangstas brutally attack Smothers, Armstrong 
Cornette and even the referee.  The Gangstas then spray paint the Gangstas’ X symbol on Bob Armstrong and continue
beating on Smothers & Cornette until the Undertaker comes back in and clears the Gangstas out of the ring.)

17.     Int – Bob Armstrong, Tracy Smothers & Jim Cornette.  The babyfaces (funny, calling Cornette a babyface huh?) are in the
back and boy are they pissed!  They promise to find a way to run the Gangstas out of Smoky Mountain Wrestling for good.

18.      Int – Jim Cornette & Bob Armstrong.  Armstrong will do anything to get rid of the Gangstas.  Cornette has once again decided
 to sign another match.  This time it’s Armstrong  and yes, ANOTHER mystery partner against the Gangstas in a Texas Death
 Match! Cornette won’t reveal just yet who the mystery partner will be, but will tell Armstrong next week.

19.     Killer Kyle v. Bobby Blaze (The Gangstas are at ringside)

20.     Jim Cornette calls a conference with Bob Armstrong, and reveals that his mystery partner for Bob Arnstrong in their
 Texas Death match against the Gangstas at Volunteer Slam will be none other than TERRY FUNK!!!  In order to prove
 that he can be trusted, Cornette puts up $50,000 of his own money to refund the fans money if Armstrong and Funk don’t
 win the match.

21.     Int – The Thugs, who talk about their upcoming match against PG-13 for the USWA Tag Titles.  The Gangstas interrupt the
 interview to complain that they’re not getting a shot at PG-13’s titles.  New Jack challenges the Thugs to a match next week to
 determine who will fight PG13.

22.     Gangstas v.  the T.H.U.G.S.  Dirty White Boy & Tracy Smothers (The faces win, but D-Lo & Killer Kyle jump them after the match.  5/6/95)


Disk 5

1.        Int – Gangstas

2.        PG-13 VIDEO  (JC Ice & Wolfie D are coming in from the USWA to feud with the Thugs & the Gangstas)

3.        HIGHLIGHTS of the Terry Funk v. Bob Armstrong feud, leading up to the Two teaming v. the Gangstas. 
If Funk & Armstrong don't win, Cornette promises to refund every fan's ticket money.

4.        Gangstas v. T.H.U.G.S. (Chain match Clips - Tracy gets hung from the top rope)

5.        Int – Gangstas

6.        T.H.U.G.S. vs. PG-13 (The Thugs appear to win the USWA Tag Titles.  After the match though, the USWA Titles were returned
to PG13 and a wild 3 way brawl breaks out between the Gangstas, PG 13 and the THUGS!)

7.        Gangstas v.Bob Armstrong & Terry Funk (Texas Death Match.  THE BIG DOUBLE CROSS takes place after Funk & Armstrong
defeat the Gangstas.  Cornette thanks Bob for his help by Throwing a FIREBALL IN HIS FACE!  Funk & Cornette and several
other wrestlers then destroy Armstrong, cementing Cornette's return to heel-dom)

8.        Int – Gangstas/PG-13/THUGS

9.        Killer Kyle & D-Lo Brown v. The T.H.U.G.S. - DWB & Tracy Smothers (The Gangstas were finished in

SMW at this point, and had gone to ECW.   They actually Left SMW earlier than scheduled,

no-showing about 4 dates where they were supposed to put the THUGS over.  D-Lo and Killer Kyle

are not referred to as Ganstas now, and The name "Gangstas" was not even mentioned.


10.     Footage from Jim Cornette's 1995 shoot interview, where Cornette talks about the Gangstas' stint in SMW.  Cornette discusses His
opinions about New Jack & Mustafa, whether or not he's a racist and his opinions about Black people in general. Cornette also
discusses the events leading up to The Gangstas' leaving SMW ahead of schedule.


11.     Footage from New Jack's 199 6shoot interview filmed after Smoky Mountain folded.  Jack also discusses his stay in SMW.  He talks
about the other workers, who he got along with, who he didn't and how they got  along backstage (The answers may surprise you). 
He also discusses all of the accusations and comments made by Cornette, including why he left SMW early.  New Jack even gives his
personal opinion of Cornette himself.  He gives his comparison between Cornette and Paul Heyman, He discusses whether he thinks
Cornette is a racist, and whether or not he dislikes Cornette.  (Once again, some of the answers may surprise you.)




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