1.        WCW SN 1/1/94 Caactus/Payne vs Eagle/Kyle + intrvw

2.        WCW WW 1/1/94 Cactus/Payne vs Orndorff/Roma +intrvw

3.        WCW PH 1/8/94 Promo Cactus & Payne

4.        WCW WW 1/8/94 Intrvw Cactus & Payne

5.        Cactus/Payne vs Orndorf/Roma (return bout) Nasty Boys run in

6.        WCW PH 1/15/94 Promo Cactus & Payne

7.        WCW SN 1/15/94 Cactus/Payne vs Cook/The Sheik + intrvw

8.        WCW ME 1/16/94 Cactus/Payne vs Harlem Heat

9.        WCW ME 1/23/94 Cactus/Payne vs Harlem Heat (return bout)

10.     WCW CLASH 26 1/27/94 Cactus/Payne vs Nasty Boys

11.     WCW WW 1/29/94 Cactus/Payne vs Sugar Daddy/Dibaco + intrvw

12.     WCW WW 2/5/94 Cactus/Payne vs Ned/Mella

13.     WCW WW 2/19/94 Interview Cactus & Payne Nasty Boys & Missy on video wall

14.     WCW ME 2/20/94 SUPER BRAWL HYPE

15.     WCW SB IV 2/20/94 Cactus/Payne vs Nasty Boys

16.     WCW SN 2/26/94 Nasty Boys & Equalizer (Dave Sullivan) interview

17.     WCW SN 2/26/94 Cactus/Payne vs Santana/Sierra

18.     WCW ME 2/27/94 Interview



1.        WCW WW 3/12/94 Interview Cactus Jack

2.        WCW 3/16/94 Germany Cactus vs Vader (the infamous ear loss) handheld footage


4.        WCW SN 4/9/94 Interview Cactus speaks about the ear loss

5.        WCW WW 4/9/94 Nasty boys vs Hogan/Walker Cactus& Payne on video wall after bout

6.        WCW STAMPEDE 4/17/94 Cactus/Payne vs Nasty boys “Chicago Street Fight”

7.        WCW WW 4/23/94 Dusty Rhodes draws dream match for next week Cactus vs Vader

8.        WCW WW 4/30/94 Dusty chooses stipulation for Cactus vs Vader

9.        Cactus vs Vader “Texas Tornado Match”

10.     WCW SN 5/14/94 Promo Nasty Boys speak on injuring Dave Sullivan

11.     Kevin Sullivan vs Slazenger/Pearce “handicap match” Cactus joins Sullivan which leads to a brawl with the Nasty Boys

12.     WCW WW 5/21/94 Cactus/Sullivan vs Thor/Oakes


14.     Cactus/Sullivan vs Nasty Boys “Philly Street Fight”

15.     ECW 5/31/94 Who is Sabu’s opponent ?


17.     Promo Paul E

18.     Cactus is revealed as Sabu’s opponent

19.     WCW WW 6/4/94 Promo Cactus/Kevin/Dave

20.     Interview Nasty Boys


22.     Promo Cactus

23.     Promo Paul E

24.     WCW SN 6/11/94 Cactus/Sullivan vs Southern Posse



1.        ECW 6/14/94 Paul E Promo

2.        Cactus Promo

3.        WCW WW 6/18/94 Cactus, Kevin, Dave interview

4.        ECW 6/21/94 Tod Gordon Promo

5.        Cactus & Sabu Promos

6.        WCW 6/23/94 CLASH 27 Cactus/Sullivan vs Nasty Boys

7.        ECW 6/24/94 HOSTILE CITY SHOWDOWN Cactus vs Sabu + post match intrvws

8.        WCW WW 6/25/94 Cactus & Sullivan interview

9.        WCW SN 7/2/94 Cactus/Sullivan vs Nasty Boys Pretty Wonderful run in

10.     WCW SN 7/16/94 Pretty Wonderful interview

11.     Cactus/Sullivan vs Slater/Payne

12.     WCW ME 7/17/94 Cactus/Sullivan vs Slazenger/Pierce

13.     WCW 7/17/94 BEACH BLAST Cactus/Sullivan vs Pretty Wonderful



1.        ECW 7/19/94 Cactus Promo

2.        WCW SN 7/23/94 Cactus/Sullivan vs Pretty Wonderful


4.        Highlight video on Terry Funk

5.        Highlight video on Cactus Jack

6.        ECW 8/15/94 HARDCORE HEAVEN Cactus vs Funk PE run in the infamous chair

7.        throwing incident

8.        ECW 8/16/94 HARDCORE HEAVEN 94 highlights & photo stills

9.        PE Promo

10.     Cactus & Funk Promo

11.     WCW SN 8/20/94 Cactus & Sullivan interview tension in the air

12.     ECW 8/23/94 Cactus Promo

13.     PE Promo

14.     ECW 8/27/94 Cactus/Mikey vs PE Cactus & Mikey and post match interviews airdate 9/1/3/94 (Terry Funk was originally to
be Cactus’ partner when Funk missed his flight Mikey was chosen)

15.     WCW SN 8/27/94 Cactus interview Cactus turns on Sullivan

16.     ECW 8/28/94 Cactus & Mikey Promo

17.     Cactus/Mikey vs Sendoff/Kanyon PE runin airdate 9/20/94

18.     Cactus/Mikey runin on PE match airdate 9/27/94

19.     Bonus Cactus congratulates Shane Douglas on his title win



1.        WCW SN 9/10/94 Cactus vs Sullivan + interviews

2.        WWS 9/13/94 Cactus vs Mr. Hughes AUSTRIA pro shot

3.        Cactus vs Mr. Hughes handheld version

4.        Bonus Cacttus at Austria autograph session


6.        WCW 9/18/94 FALL BRAWL Cactus vs Sullivan looser leaves town match

7.        Cactus ends his WCW career

8.        UWF 9/23/94 BLACKJACK BRAWL Cactus vs Jimmy Snuka lumberjack match

9.        ECW 9/27/94 Paul E Promo

10.     Cactus & Mikey Promo

11.     ECW 9/30/94 Cactus vs Sabu airdate 10/18/94

12.     Cactus vs Sabu unedited version

13.     SMW 10/3/94 Cactus makes his surprise debut in SMW and appears at ringside during

14.     Boo Bradley vs Chad Austin match airdate 10/15/94

15.     Cactus interview airdate 10/15/94

16.     Cactus vs Chad Austin airdate 10/22/94

17.     Includes recap & interview/



1.        ECW 10/11/94 PE Promo

2.        Mikey vs Jason PE run in Cactus makes the save

3.        NWA 10/14/94 Cactus vs Sabu Inkster Michigan bloodbath handheld

4.        WWC 10/22/94 Cactus vs Doomsday (wwe’s kane) Puerto Rico RARE !!!!!!

5.        ECW 10/25/94 NOVEMBER 2 REMEMBER HYPE

6.        PE Promo

7.        Paul E Promo

8.        SMW 10/29/94 Cactus Boo Bradley Confrontation

9.        NWC 10/29/94 Cactus vs Sabu desert death match

10.     Cactus vs Sabu fancam version see these 2 brawl through the Silver Nugget casino and see Sabu piledriven on an active
blackjack table as chips and casino guest scater!!!!!!!!!!!!

11.     RHP 10/30/94 Cactus vs Sabu pinfalls count anywhere Cali handheld



1.        ECW 11/5/94 NOVEMBER 2 REMEMBER 94 1

2.        Cactus/Mikey vs PE brawl games match

3.        Cactus/Mikey vs PE brawl games match handheld version

4.        SMW Cactus Promo

5.        Boo/Candido/Tammy intrvw

6.        Cactus & Brian Lee intrvw

7.        Boo/Candido/Tammy intrvw

8.        Cactus interview

9.        SMW 11/7/94 Cactus run in during Brian Lee/Lance Storm vs Gangstas

10.     Cactus attacks Chris Candido airdate 11/26/94

11.     Cactus interview

12.     Cactus vs Candido airdate 12/3/94

13.     MEWF 11/11/94 Cactus vs Axl Rotten Cantinsville MD handheld

14.     MEWF 11/12/94 Cactus/Morgus vs Goodfellows Hamstead MD handheld

15.     ECW Recap



1.        ECW 11/15/94 Cactus & Mikey interview

2.        PE promo

3.        ECW 11/19/94 NOVEMBER 2 REMEMBER 94 2

4.        Cactus/Sullivan vs PE highlights & post match promo

5.        Cactus/Sullivan vs PE fancam version (thanks Bob)

6.        ECW 11/22/94 tv clip of unseen footage Mikey & Cactus from 11/2/94 N2R

7.        SMW 11/24/94 Cactus/Lee vs Boo/Candido Knokville KY handheld

8.        SMW 11/25/94 Cactus/Lee vs Boo/Candido Paintsville KY handheld

9.        SMW Cameras visit Boo in a boiler room where he has been forced to live with his cat Boots

10.     Cactus & Lee interview

11.     SMW 12/5/94 Cactus vs Boo airdate 12/17/94

12.     Cactus & Lee pretaped interview for Christmas Chaos airdate 12/24/94

13.     Cactus vs Bruiser Bedlam airdate 1/7/95

14.     Bonus SMW 11/24/94 Cactus/Lee vs Boo/Candido Knokville KY handheld alt camera angle



1.        ECW 12/10/94 Cactus & Mikey interview. Cactus is interrupted by Woman and Sandman attacks. This is the 1ST time ever that
Cactus wears the  infamous WANTED DEAD t shirt.

2.        Cactus saves Tommy Dreamer from the Sandman and Tommy Cairo  

3.        Cactus bleeds like a stuck pig handheld version Fairless Hills PA

4.        Cactus/Mikey vs PE Hack Myers subs for Cactus for the start of the match as he is receiving medical attention from the prior
beatdown includes post match interviews handheld Fairless Hills PA

5.        TV broadcast version of Cactus saving Dreamer & post match

6.        Cactus/Dreamer promo airdate 12/13/94

7.        ECW Florida house show hype for 1995 invasion

8.        Woman & Sandman Promo

9.        ECW 12/16/94 Clips of Extreme Warfare royal rumble

10.     ECW 12/17/94 Cactus/Dreamer vs Sandman/Cairo

11.     SMW 12/25/94 Cactus/Smothers vs Bradley/Candido complete version - Brian Lee had transportation trouble so Smothers
replaced him

12.     Candio kills Boots the cat

13.     SMW Candido Promo

14.     Cactus visits Boo at Boots grave

15.     Cactus & Boo promo

16.     SMW 12/26/94 Cactus vs Candido falls count anywhere Johnson City TN handheld

17.     SMW 12/30/94 Cactus vs Candido falls count anywhere Ashland KY handheld

18.     SMW Cactus gives Boo his tights as he leaves SMW




HISTORY OF MICK FOLEY IN WWF  (Very Good - Good Quality)

By Jazzchaz


Disks 1 – 3 covers EVERYTHING from February 19, 1996 - 3/23/97

Disk 1

1.        Mankind's first Promo

2.        Mankind's second Promo

3.        More Mankind Promos

4.        Mankind Vs. Bob Holly

5.        Mankind Vs. Aldo Montoya

6.        Mankind Vs. Bart Gunn

7.        Mankind Vs. The Undertaker

8.        Mankind Vs. Freddy Joe Floyd

9.        Battle Royal

10.     Mankind Vs. The Undertaker "Boiler Room Brawl" (Summerslam 96)


Disk 2

11.     Mankind Vs. Alex Porteau

12.     Mankind Vs. Shawn Michaels (IYH 10 - It's Time)

13.     Mankind Vs. The Undertaker (IYH 11 - "Buried Alive")

14.     Mankind Vs. Freddy Joe Floyd

15.     Mankind Vs. The Undertaker (Royal Rumble 1997)


Disk 3

16.     Mankind Vs. Steve Austin

17.     Mankind Vs. The Undertaker "No Holds Barred"

18.     Royal Rumble

19.     Mankind/Vader Vs. The Goddwinns

20.     Mankind/Faarooq Vs. Ahmed Johnson/Undertaker

21.     Mankind Vs. Sycho Sid

22.     Mankind/Vader Vs. Sycho Sid/Undertaker



Disks 4 – 6 covers EVERYTHING from 3/23/97 – 8/18/97 including the debut of Dude Love

Disk 4

1.        Mankind/Vader Vs. British Bulldog/Owen Hart (Wrestlemania 13)

2.        Mankind Vs. Steve Austin

3.        Mankind/Vader Vs. The Headbangers

4.        Mankind Vs. The Undertaker

5.        Mankind Vs. Rocky Maivia

6.        Mankind Vs. Savio Vega

Disk 5

7.        Mankind Vs. Jerry Lawler

8.        Mankind Vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

9.        Mankind Vs. Brian Pillman


Disk 6

10.     Mankind Vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

11.     Dude Love/Steve Austin Vs. British Bulldog/Owen Hart (Foley’s very first alter ego, Dude Love makes his first WWF
appearance, as Austin and Dude win the WWF Tag Titles.)

12.     Dude Love/Steve Austin/Undertaker Vs. British Bulldog/Bret Hart/Owen Hart "Flag Match"

13.     Dude Love/Steve Austin Vs. The Goddwinns

14.     Mankind Vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley "Steel Cage"

15.     Dude Love Vs. Owen Hart

16.     Mankind Vs. Shawn Michaels

17.     Mankind/Undertaker Vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Shawn Michaels

18.     Dude Love Vs. Billy Gunn


Disks 7 – 9 Covers EVERYTHING from 9/5/97 – 4/25/98

Disk 7

1.        Dude Love Vs. British Bulldog

2.        Dude Love Vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

3.        Dude Love Vs. Brian Pillman

4.        Cactus Jack Vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley "Falls Count Anywhere"(In a great split screen segment, Dude Love and Mankind
both appear at the same time and together introduce the return of CACTUS JACK!)

5.        Mankind Vs. Kane

6.        Dude Love Vs. The Rock


Disk 8

7.        Dude Love Vs. Billy Gunn

8.        Dude Love Vs. The Road Dogg

9.        Cactus Jack Vs. New Age Outlaws

10.     Mankind Vs. Goldust

11.     Royal Rumble 98

12.     Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie Vs. Quebeccers

13.     Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie Vs. New Age Outlaws

14.     Cactus Jack Vs. Chainsaw Charlie(Infamous spot where Outlaws throw Cactus & Chainsaw off the stage in dumpster)


Disk 9

15.     Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie, Steve Austin & Owen Hart Vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Savio Vega & New Age Outlaws
"No DQ"

16.     Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie Vs. Marc Mero & Goldust

17.     Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie Vs. Quebeccers

18.     Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie Vs. New Age Outlaws "Dumpster Match"

19.     Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie Vs. New Age Outlaws "Steel Cage Match"

20.     Dude Love Vs. Steve Blackman

21.     Dude Love Vs. Steve Austin


Disks 10 – 12 covers EVERYTHING from 4/27/98 – 8/24/98 including the infamous Hell in a Cell match with the Undertaker.

Disk 10

1.        Mick Foley Vs. Terry Funk "No Holds Barred"

2.        Dude Love Vs. Dustin Runnells

3.        Dude Love Vs. Steve Austin


Disk 11

4.        Tag Team Royal Rumble

5.        Mankind & Kane Vs. Steve Austin & Undertaker "Hell in a Cell"

6.        Mankind Vs. Billy Gunn

7.        Mankind Vs. Undertaker "Hell In A Cell" (Hell in the Cell.  INCREDIBLE MATCH!  Both Michael s & Undertaker brawl both

         inside and outside and ON TOP of the cage.   A BLOODY HBK takes the BIGGEST BUMP OF THE NIGHT as

         hanging from the top of the cage, he takes a fall THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCER'S TABLE!  At the time,

         this match was considered one of the best cage matches in history.  The Undertaker's Hell in the Cell match with

         Mankind the following year, as well as HHH’s Hell in the cell match with Cactus Jack in 2000 would blow this one

         away.   However, it shouldn't take away from what took place here.  Also notable about this match, is that we saw the

         debut of KANE!  Kane comes out in an excellent segment that had a direct impact on the end of the match.  Both Jim

         Ross and Vince McMahon do a very good job of putting over.  Kane as an absolute monster here)

8.        Mankind Vs. Kane Vs. Undertaker


Disk 12

9.        Mankind & Kane Vs. New Age Outlaws

10.     Mankind & Kane Vs. New Age Outlaws

11.     Mankind & Kane Vs. Steve Austin

12.     Mankind & Kane Vs. Steve Austin & Undertaker

13.     Mankind & Kane Vs. Owen Hart & The Rock

14.     Mankind & Kane Vs. New Age Outlaws

15.     Mankind & Kane Vs. Steve Austin & Undertaker Vs. D'Lo Brown & The Rock Vs. New Age Outlaws

16.     Mankind & Kane Vs. Animal & Droz


Disks 13 – 15 Covers EVERYTHING from 8/31/98 – 12/7/98

Disk 13

1.        Mankind Vs. Kane "Hell In A Cell"

2.        Mankind Vs. New Age Outlaws "No Holds Barred"

3.        Mankind Vs. Undertaker "No DQ"

4.        Mankind Vs. Rock Vs. Ken Shamrock

5.        Mankind Vs. Rock Vs. Ken Shamrock "Steel Cage"

6.        Mankind, Rock, Ken Shamrock Vs. Kane & The Undertaker


Disk 14

7.        Mankind & Ken Shamrock Vs. DOA

8.        Mankind Vs. Mark Henry

9.        Mankind Vs. X-Pac

10.     Mankind Vs. Ken Shamrock

11.     Mankind Vs. Val Venis

12.     Mankind & X-Pac Vs. D'Lo Brown & Ken Shamrock

13.     Mankind & Al Snow Vs. New Age Outlaws

14.     Mankind & Al Snow Vs. Golga & Kurrgan

15.     Mankind Vs. Ken Shamrock

16.     Mankind Vs. Duane Gil


Disk 15

17.     Mankind Vs. Al Snow

18.     Mankind Vs. Steve Austin

19.     Mankind Vs. The Rock

20.     Mankind Vs. Big Bossman Vs. Ken Shamrock

21.     Mankind & Al Snow Vs. Big Bossman & Ken Shamrock

22.     Mankind Vs. Big Bossman "Ladder Match"

23.     Mankind Vs. Steve Austin Vs. Kane Vs. Undertaker

24.     Mankind Vs. Undertaker


Disks 16 – 18 Covers EVERYTHING from12/13/98 -2/15/99 including one of Mankind’s greatest feuds with The
Rock and Mankind’s first WWF Title victory

Disk 16

1.        Mankind Vs. The Rock

2.        Mankind Vs. Kane "No Holds Barred"

3.        Mankind Vs. Vince McMahon "Street Fight"

4.        Mankind Vs. Big Bossman Vs. The Rock Vs. Ken Shamrock

5.        Mankind Vs.  Shane McMahon

6.        Mankind Vs. Road Dogg

7.        Mankind Vs. Triple H


Disk 17

8.        Mankind Vs. The Rock (RAW Worcester 12-29-98 THE CROWD GOES ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC as Foley
FINALLY wins his first world title. After all the pain he's gone through for this sport, there wasn't a more deserving
champion to be found.)

9.        Mankind Vs. Kane

10.     Mankind Vs. Big Bossman

11.     Mankind Vs. Mabel

12.     Mankind Vs. The Rock "I Quit Match"


Disk 18

13.     Mankind Vs. The Rock (Halftime Heat 1-31-99 Mankind wins the belt in one of the best comedic matches in WWF history.
I can't  say I was impressed with the match itself, ESPECIALLY how they filmed the finish, but the Rock's continuous
[and HILARIOUS] one-liners during the course of the match makes up for everything else. )

14.     Mankind Vs. Steve Austin

15.     Mankind Vs. The Rock "Last Man Standing Match"

16.     Mankind Vs. The Rock "Ladder Match"


Disks 19 - 21Covers EVERYTHING from 3/1/99 - 8/23/99

Disk 19

1.        Mankind Vs. The Undertaker

2.        Mankind Vs. Steve Austin

3.        Mankind & Steve Austin Vs. The Rock & Big Show

4.        Mankind Vs. The Rock

5.        Mankind Vs. The Big Show

6.        Mankind Vs. Val Venis


Disk 20

7.        Mankind Vs. Triple H

8.        Mankind Vs. Big Show "Boiler Room Brawl"

9.        Mankind & Big Show Vs. Big Bossman & Test

10.     Mankind Vs. Big Bossman

11.     Mankind Vs. AcolytesCactus Jack Vs. Mideon & Viscera

12.     Mankind Vs. Billy Gunn

13.     Mankind, Shamrock, Show, Test Vs. DOA & Too Much


Disk 21

14.     Mankind, Ken Shamrock, Big Show & Test Vs. Bossman, Viscera & The Acolytes

15.     Mankind Vs. Billy Gunn

16.     Mankind Vs. Triple H

17.     Mankind Vs. Chyna

18.     Mankind Vs. Triple H

19.     Mankind Vs. Steve Austin VS. Triple H

20.     Mankind Vs. Triple H


Disks 22 – 24 Covers EVERYTHING from 8/30/99 – 10/18/99 and includes the formation of the Rock & Sock Connection!
Great promos and interviews between the Rock & Mankind here.  Especially the “THIS IS YOUR LIFE ROCK” segment
from the 9/27 RAW on Disk 23

Disk 22

1.        Mankind Vs. Shane McMahon

2.        Mankind Vs. Mean Street Posse

3.        Mankind & Rock Vs. Big Show & Undertaker

4.        Mankind Vs. The Rock

5.        Mankind & The Rock Vs. Shane McMahon & Triple H

6.        Mankind & The Rock Vs. Kane & Triple H

7.        Mankind & The Rock Vs. Big Show & Undertaker "Buried Alive Match"


Disk 23

8.        Mankind Vs. Big Show Vs. Kane Vs. The Rock Vs. Undertaker

9.        Mankind Vs. Big Show Vs. Kane Vs. The Rock Vs. Undertaker "Royal Rumble"

10.     Mankind & The Rock Vs. Big Show & Undertaker "Dark Side Rules"

11.     Mankind & The Rock Vs. New Age Outlaws

12.     Mankind Vs. Triple H "Boiler Room Brawl"

13.     Mankind Vs. British Bulldog Vs. Big Show Vs. Kane Vs. The Rock Vs. Triple H

14.     “This is Your Life Rock!”  One of the best skits that Mick Foley & The Rock did during the entire Rock & Sock Connection
angle.  Great stuff.  RAW 9/27/99.


Disk 24

15.     Mankind & Stevie Richards Vs. The Dudley Boys

16.     Mankind Vs. British Bulldog

17.     Mankind & The Rock Vs. British Bulldog & Val Venis

18.     Mankind & The Rock Vs. New Age Outlaws

19.     Mankind Vs. Val Venis

20.     Mankind & The Rock Vs. Crash & Hardcore Holly


Disks 25 – 27 covers EVERYTHING from 10/21/99 -1/3/00 and covers Mankind promoting his first book, with some
great promos and videos with Mankind and Al Snow.  This also covers Mankind’s battle with the McMahon/Helmsley
faction culminating in Mankind losing his job in a Pink Slip on a Pole match.

Disk 25

1.        Mankind Vs. The Rock

2.        Mankind Vs. Triple H

3.        Mankind Vs. Val Venis

4.        Mankind/Al Snow Vs. Albert/Bossman

5.        Mankind/Snow Vs. Hollys

6.        Mankind/Snow Vs. New Age Outlaws

7.        Mankind/Snow Vs. New Age Outlaws

8.        Mankind Vs. Val Venis


Disk 26

9.        Mankind/Snow Vs. Hollys

10.     Mankind/Rock Vs. Hollys

11.     Mankind/Kane/Rock Vs. X-Pac/New Age Outlaws

12.     Mankind Vs. Chris JerichoMankind/Rock Vs. Jericho/Snow

13.     Mankind Vs. Al Snow

14.     Mankind/Rock Vs. New Age Outlaws


Disk 27  HHH and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley have taken over Monday Night RAW and are making life a living hell
for Mick Foley.  In between matches, are loads of additional interviews and promos that cover this entire saga.

15.     Mankind/Rock Vs. Dudleys

16.     Mankind Vs. Al Snow

17.     Mankind Vs. Santa Claus "Boiler Room"

18.     Mankind Vs. Big Show

19.     Mankind Vs. The Rock (Pink Slip on a Pole Match – Mankind loses the match, and his job! )

20.     Mick Says goodby to his friends in the WWF after losing his job in the pinkslip match.

21.     HHH v. Big Show (Foley still manages to get one last chair shot off as he nails HHH in the back leading to a loss
to WWF Champ, Big Show.)

22.     Int – Mick Foley in a sit down interview with Jim Ross recapping his career.  (Smackdown 12/30/99)

23.     “Have A Bad Day”  - HHH & Stephanie McMahon can’t get enough of raking Foley over the coals, as even after Mick
has been fired, they begin airing several humiliating skits designed to make Foley look like an idiot. (SD  1/6/00)

24.     The Rock finally mobilizes the entire WWF to strike back at the McMahon/Helmsley faction and gets Mick his job back!
(RAW 1/10/00)

25.     Mankind gets revenge on the imposter Mankind who had been in all of those “Have A Bad Day” skits last week”  (RAW 1/10/00)


Disk 28 – 30 Covers Everything from 1/10/00 - April 2000 including Mankind’s triumphant return to the WWF thanks to his
sometimes reluctant tag team partner, The Rock, as well as all of the events leading up too Foley’s retirement match as part of
the Main Event at Wrestlemania 2000.  Keep in mind here that there may not be many matches listed here, but that’s because the disks are absolutely loaded with promos and interviews.

Disk 28

1.        Mankind/Rock/Acolytes Vs. DX (Lots of Dissention in the ranks of DX, as earlier in the Card The Outlaws were forced to
fight each other, and HHH and X-Pac also had to fight each other.  After the Rock & The Acolytes run the Outlaws and
X-Pac back to the dressing rooms, we finally get HHH & Mankind in the ring alone.  Mick loses the match, and finally
SNAPS!  He rips off his mask and is a BLOODY MESS!   From there, we get hardcore as Foley DESTROYS HHH!   If you watch closely, you'll catch Foley point his fingers and say "BANG BANG!!"  Could this herald the long awaited
return of the Hard Core Legend?   We'll find out for sure in…)

2.        Int. HHH/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsly (The Fake Mankind comes out and gets abused some more by HHH, but the
REAL Mankind comes out and we, for the first time, see Mankind get MAD!  Unfortunately for HHH, that means the
return of CACTUS JACK!  Smackdown - 1/13/00)

3.        Cactus Jack Vs. Triple H "Street Fight"


Disk 29

4.        Mick Foley welcomes The Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn & Eddie Guerrero [The Radicalz] to the WWF

5.        Seveal promos follow, culminating with the Radicals turning on Foley and aligning themselves with HHH and DX.

6.        Cactus/Rikishi/Rock/Too Cool VS. Benoit/Malenko/Saturn/Triple H/X-Pac (FANTASTIC MATCH!)

7.        Cactus/Rock Vs. New Age Outlaws

8.        Cactus Vs. X-Pac "Hardcore"

9.        Cactus/Rock/Kane Vs. Show/Triple H/X-Pac


Disk 30

10.     Cactus Vs. Triple H "Hell In A Cell" – No Way Out 2001

11.     Loads of interviews, promos and guest referee appearances by Foley as he announces his retirement from wrestling at
Wrestlemania 17.

12.     Mick Foley Vs. Big Show Vs. Rock Vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania 17)

13.     Interview  with Mick and his family in the back of the arena immediately following his match at Wrestlemania 17


Disk 31  - 6/26/00 – 7/25/00

1.        We meet up with the still retired Mick Foley at WWF New York in Times Square

2.        Mick Foley is introduced as the new WWF Commissioner. (RAW 6/26/00)

3.        Lots of segments with Commissioner Foley running WWF TV., including numerous matches that Foley
sets up as commissioner.


Disk 32  7/26/00 – 9/4/00

Every promo, and interview with Commissioner Mick Foley from July 26 – 9/4/00  This also includes numerous matches that
Foley sets up as commissioner.


Disk 33  9/4/00 – 9/24/00

Every promo, and interview with Commissioner Mick Foley from 9/4/00 to the the October 2000 This also includes numerous matches that Foley sets up as commissioner.   Foley is currently trying to find out who ran Steve Austin with a car at the Survivor Series.


Disk 34  9/25/00 – October 2000

Every promo, and interview with Commissioner Mick Foley from 9/25/00 to October 2000.  This also includes numerous matches that Foley  sets up as commissioner. Foley concludes his investigation as to who hit Austin with a Car at Survivor Series last year.


Disk 35 – October 2000 – November 30, 2000

Every promo, and interview with Commissioner Mick Foley from just before No Mercy 2000. to November 30, 2000 Among
otherthings, Foley presides over the continuing feud between Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boys, as well as the feud between
Rikishi and the Rock


Disk 36 – 12/4/00 – 3/23/01

Every promo, and interview with Mick Foley from December 4, 2000. to March 23, 2001.  It is during this time
period that Vince & Stephanie McMahon fire Mick Foley commissioner of the WWF.  It also covers his return to the WWF on
March 23, 2001 to plug his new book “Foley is Good” and to announce himself as the guest referee for the Wrestlemania 17
match between Vince McMahon and his son Shane.


Disk 37 – April 2001 – June 2001

Every promo, and interview with Mick Foley from Wrestlemania 17 on 4/1/01 through June of 2001.


Disk 38 – October 2001 – June 2003

Every promo, and interview with Mick Foley from 10/11/01 when he returned to the WWF as the new WWF Commissioner.  He lasted as Commissioner through 11/19/01, but this volume covers all of his WWE appearances whether in a promo, interview, or
as a guest referee through June of 2003.


Disk 39 – June 2003 – January 25, 2004

Every promo, and interview with Mick Foley from June 2003 through December of 2003.  We saw the beginning of Mick’s
feud with Randy Orton which would finally draw him out of retirement during the 2004 Royal Rumble on 1/25/04


Disk 40 – April 2004 – April 2004

Every promo, and interview with Mick Foley from January of 2004 as he begins his latest run in the WWE as he builds up to
his Wrestlemania 20 match, reuniting with the Rock as the Rock & Sock Connection against Evolution [Randy Orton, Batista
& Ric Flair].  Along the way, we see some great promos building up to the match, as well as some hilarious segments between Foley
and The Rock.  Especially the “This is Your Life” segment that the Rock throws for Mick when the Rock brings out “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and one of Mick Foley’s old school teachers.


Disk 41 – April  2004

Every promo, and interview with Mick Foley from April 2004 leading up to the match between Randy Orton and Mick Foley
in his Cactus Jack persona. 

1.        Mick Foley v. Chris Benoit v. Shelton Benjamin v. Shawn Michaels v. Batista, Ric Flair, Randy Orton & HHH (RAW 4/12/04

2.        Cactus Jack v. Randy Orton (BRUTAL NO DQ, FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH! Both men are a bloody mess!
Orton’s back is a pincushion of thumbtacks!   Backlash 4/18/04)

BEST OF CACTUS JACK IN JAPAN- (Very Good -Fair Q) 3.5HRS [2 Disks]
1. Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk (no rope barbed wire death match)
2. Cactus vs. Jumbo Tsuruta ( All Japan 1991)
3. Cactus vs. Kenta Kobashi
4. Cactus & Leatherface vs. Nakamaki & Hiroshi Ono (barbed wire thumbtack)
5. Cactus & Crypt Keeper vs. Nakamaki & Leatherface (no rope bricks death)
6. Cactus & Tracy Smothers vs. Funk & Nakamaki ( no rope barbed wire)
7. Cactus vs. Masanabu Karisu
8. Cactus vs. Nakamaki ( thumbtacks )
9. Cactus vs. Tarzan Goto
10. Cactus & Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Terry Funk & K. Yamada ( street fight)
11. Cactus & Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Goto & Mr. Gannosuke ( street fight )
12. Cactus vs. W*ing Kanemura (Carribean barbed wire spider net glass death match)
13. Cactus & Funk & Gladiator vs. Onita & Kanemura & Tanaka (street fight)

1.  Inter:Cactus Jack/Tommy Dreamer/Pitbulls
2. Cactus Jack/Tommy Dreamer/Pitbulls vs Raven/The Dudleys/Stevie Richards
3. Cactus Jack/Dean Malenko/Too Cold Scorpio vs Eddie Guerrero/The Steiner Brothers
4. Intr:Cactus Jack 
5. Cactus Jack vs Sabu
6. Intr:Cactus Jack
7. Cactus Jack vs El Puerto Ricania..Big brawl with Dreamer
8. Cactus Jack vs Tommy Dreamer
9. Intr:Cactus Jack
10. Intrs:Cactus Jack & family
11. Cactus Jack/Raven vs Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer
12. Cactus Jack vs Bam Bam Bigelow
13. Cactus Jack vs Sandman
14. Cactus Jack vs Shane Douglas
15. Intrs:Cactus Jack
16. Cactus Jack/Mikey Whipwreck vs The Eliminators
17. Cactus Jack vs Chris Jericho
18. Cactus Jack vs Mikey Whipwreck
19. Intr:Cactus Jack
20. BONUS: Ozark Mountain..very rare interviews with Cactus Jack

Before there was an ECW, this feud set the stage for the Hardcore era of indy federations across the U.S.  Cactus & Gilbert put
on some of the wildest and bloodiest matches of the independent circuit during the early 90s.  They had matches of almost every
known stipulation, and their matches were never confined to the ring.  They often brawled all over the arena, beating each other
to a bloody pulp in the process.  This feud was a definite indy classic.  Keep in mind the tape quality when considering ordering 
this one.  The quality never goes above fair.
1. Footage of a young Mick Foley as Dude Love taking a dive off the roof of his garage!
2. Cactus Jack v. Eddie Gilbert
3. Cactus Jack v. Eddie Gilbert (Falls count anywhere. Tri State Wrestling Alliance - Philadelphia, PA.  This promotion would 
      eventually become ECW)
4. Cactus Jack v. Eddie Gilbert (Barbed Wire match - Horrible quality)
5. MUSIC VIDEO - Featuring clips of Cactus & Gilbert in action
6. Cactus Jack v. Eddie Gilbert (2 out of 3 falls.  Different concept here, as each fall is a different kind of match.  The first 
    Fall is a Falls Count Anywhere match.  The second fall is a Stretcher match and the Third fall is a Steel Cage match.  THESE
7. MUSIC VIDEO - More clips from this feud as well as Cactus in WCW.


By Mike Nice
1. Paul E. announces Sabu vs. Cactus at the ECW arena, Cactus interview

2. Cactus vs. Sabu (Hostile City, their 1st match)

3. Cactus spits on WCW Tag title, this is the interview that got him in trouble

4. Clips of Cactus vs. Funk (Public Enemy get involved)

5. Cactus & Funk interview

6. Cactus & Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy (wins titles)

7. Cactus & Whipwreck vs. scrubs (Public Enemy Attack them)

8. Cactus & Whipwreck come out after Public Enemy match and brawl with them

9. Cactus vs. Sabu (Hardcore rematch)

10. Cactus & Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy (Baseball Bat)

11. Cactus & Sullivan vs. Public Enemy (Sullivan turns on Cactus)

12. Sandman attacks Cactus with cane and Cactus bleeds like a pig

13. Cactus saves Dreamer and brawls with Sandman

14. Bloody Cactus intvw


By Mike Nice

Cactus Jack arrives in SMW during Boo Bradley’s match

1.        Cactus Jack Intv.

2.        Cactus Jack vs. Chad Austin

3.        Cactus Jack Intv.

4.        Cactus Jack & Boo Bradley Confrontation

5.        Cactus Jack/Brian Lee Intv.

6.        Cactus Jack/Brian Lee Intv.

7.        Cactus Jack Promo

8.        Cactus Jack Intv.

9.        Cactus Jack vs. Chris Candido

10.     Cactus Jack/Brian Lee Intv.

11.     Cactus Jack vs. Boo Bradley

12.     Cactus Jack/Brian Lee Intv.

13.     Cactus Jack/Brian Lee Intv.

14.     Cactus Jack/Tracy Smothers vs Boo Bradley/Chris Candido (Clip)

15.     Cactus Jack/Boo Bradley burying Boots

16.     Cactus Jack vs. Chris Candido (Handheld 12-30-94)

17.     Cactus Jack giving Boo Bradley his tights

18.     Cactus Jack Intv.

19.     Cactus Jack Video-Helter Skelter

20.     Cactus Jack vs. Jobber

21.     Cactus Jack vs. Panther

22.     Cactus Jack vs. Ron Starr

23.     Cactus Jack Video

24.     Cactus Jack vs. Axl Rotten (Handheld MEWF)



By Mike Nice

The tape begins with Cactus making his debut in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. The tape contains all of his TV interviews and matches from the promotion along with some very rare fancam footage from Thanksgiving Thunder and Christmas Chaos. Following the SMW days the tape continues to follow his historic battles in ECW featuring legendary fueds with The Sandman and Terry Funk. These matches are some of the wildest.
Cactus shows up at ringside in Smoky Mountain Wrestlinh

1.        Intr: Cactus Jack

2.        Intr: Cactus Jack (Tammy Fytch interups)

3.        Confrontation with Jim Ross: Special guests: Cactus Jack and Boo Bradlely

4.        intr: Cactus Jack and Brian Lee

5.        Cactus Jack and Brain Lee vs Chris Candido and Boo Bradley

6.        Cactus Jack vs Chris Candido

7.        Cactus Jack vs Boo Bradley

8.        Intr: Cactus Jack

9.        Clip: Cactus Jack & Tracy Smothers vs Chris Candido & Boo Bradley

10.     Cactus Jack vs Chris Candido (Count Anywhere)

11.     Cactus Jack vs Sandman (Count Anywhere)

12.     intr: Cactus Jack, Cactus Jack vs Sandman (Texas Death Match)

13.     Cactus Jack vs D.C. Drake (Terry Funk returns to ECW)

14.     Intr: Cactus Jack & Shane Douglas

15.     Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas vs Terry Funk and Sandman

16.     Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk

17.     Cactus Jack vs Sandman (Death Match-Falls Count Anywhere)

18.     Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk (rare-fancam match)

19.     Cactus- Shane Douglas dressing room brawl

20.     Cactus Jack video

21.     Cactus Jack v Sandman



By Mike Nice

This tape picks up right when Cactus Jack turns on Tommy Dreamer & alligns himself with Raven. Every single promo he did at this time is on this tape
Inter:Cactus Jack/Tommy Dreamer/Pitbulls

1.        Cactus Jack/Tommy Dreamer/Pitbulls vs Raven/The Dudleys/Stevie Richards

2.        Cactus Jack/Dean Malenko/Too Cold Scorpio vs Eddie Guerrero/The Steiners

3.        Intr:Cactus Jack

4.        Cactus Jack vs Sabu

5.        Intr:Cactus Jack

6.        Cactus Jack vs El Puerto Ricania

7.        Big brawl with Dreamer

8.        Cactus Jack vs Tommy Dreamer

9.        Intr:Cactus Jack

10.     Hardcore Movie

11.     Intrs:Cactus Jack & family

12.     Cactus Jack/Raven vs Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer

13.     Cactus Jack vs Bam Bam Bigelow

14.     Cactus Jack vs Sandman

15.     Cactus Jack vs Shane Douglas

16.     Intrs:Cactus Jack

17.     Cactus Jack/Mikey Whipwreck vs The Eliminators

18.     Cactus Jack vs Chris Jericho

19.     Cactus Jack vs Mikey Whipwreck (ECW Farewll)

20.     Intr:Cactus Jack



This is a Mike Nice custom ade exclusive .

1.Paul E Announces who Sabu's opponent will be

2.Cactus comments on Sabu

3.Paul E & Sabu Interview

4.Cactus Interview

5.1st ever meeting Cactus VS Sabu (ECW)

6.2nd meeting Cactus VS Sabu "Michigan Blood Bath" (RARE HANDHELD)

7.Cactus VS Sabu

8.Cactus Promo

9.ECW Rematch-Cactus VS Sabu

10.Cactus VS Sabu Desert Deathmatch (NWC)

11.RARE HANDHELD FOOTAGE FROM ABOVE MATCH...Cactus Piledrives Sabu on a working Blackjack table in the Golden
Nugget Casino (Filmed by Ron Hed)

12.Cactus Interview about the Blackjack Table

13.Cactus VS Sabu Cage w/Weapons (NWC)

14.Cactus Interview about upcoming lumberjack match with Sabu (Match never took place)

15.Clips of Cactus VS Sabu VS Funk VS Virgil Cage Match (full match may not exist)

16.Cactus VS Sabu Pin Falls Count Anywhere (NWC) (Rare Handheld filmed by Ron Hed...Cactus' 1st and only win over Sabu)

17.Cactus VS Sabu NCAA Rules Match...911 is ref (ECW)

18.Mankind VS Sabu (Terry Funk's Wrestlefest)


19.Cactus vs Sabu (ECW house show 2/2/96 match has no ending)


Classic Feuds:Cactus Jack vs Eddie Gilbert (2 discs)

1.        NWA 3/4/90 Cactus/Sullivan/Sawyer vs. Gilbert/Tommy Rich/Ranger Ross

2.        NWA 3/90 Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert

3.        NWA 4/90 Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert

4.        TWA 9/15/90 Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert Grudge Match

5.        WWA 11/9/90 Lawler vs. Gilbert (Cactus run in) clip

6.        WWA 11/9/90 Cactus Jack/Terry Funk vs. Stan Lane/Eddie Gilbert ***(the Hardcore Legends are born )*****

7.        WWA 11/10/90 Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert

8.        WWA 11/10/90 Funk vs. Lawler (Cactus Gilbert run in)

9.        TWA 3/21/91 Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert pins count anywhere (handheld)

10.     TWA 3/21/91 Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert pins count anywhere (comm vers)

11.     TWA 5/18/91 Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert "BARBWIRE MATCH" vq is vg-

12.     TWA 8/3/91 Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert "falls count anywhere" (comm vers)

13.     Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert "stretcher match" (comm vers)

14.     Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert "Cage match" (comm vers)

15.     TWA 9/21/91 Cactus/Luna vs. Gilbert/Madussa "the final meeting"

16.     bonus Eddie Gilbert speaks on his feud with Cactus Jack

17.     TWA 8/3/91 Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert "falls count anywhere" (handheld)

18.     Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert "stretcher match" (handheld)

19.     Cactus vs. Eddie Gilbert "Cage match" (handheld)








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