Disks 29 & 50 have menus.  The rest do not.
Disk 1

1.        Vs. 2 Cold Scorpio(Three Way Dance)

2.        Vs. Dean Malenko(Hostile City Showdown 95)

3.        Vs. Dean Malenko(Enter The Sandman)

4.        w/Tazmaniac Vs. Dean Malenko/2 Cold Scorpio(Heatwave 95)

5.        w/Tazmaniac Vs. Dean Malenko/2 Cold Scorpio(TV 07/30/95)

6.        Vs. Dean Malenko(TV 08/06/95)

7.        Vs. Dean Malenko(TV 08/13/95)


Disk 2

1.        w/Steiner Brothers Vs. 2 Cold Scopio/Cactus Jack/Dean Malenko(TV 08/20/95)

2.        Vs. Dean Malenko(TV 08/27/95)

3.        Vs. Dean Malenko(Nitro 10/02/95)

4.        Vs. Chris Benoit(Nitro 10/16/95)

5.        w/Mr. JL Vs. Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko(Nitro 10/23/95)

6.        Vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman(Nitro 10/30/95)

7.        Vs. Chris Benoit(Nitro 11/06/95)

8.        Vs. Johnny B. Badd(Nitro 11/13/95)


Disk 3

1.        VS. Brian Pillman(Nitro 11/20/95)

2.        World War 3 Battle Royal(World War 3 95)

3.        Vs. Mr. JL(Nitro 12/11/95)

4.        Vs. Ric Flair(Nitro 12/18/95)

5.        Vs. Shinjiro Ootani(Starrcade 95)

6.        Vs. Steven Regal(Nitro 01/08/96)

7.        Vs. Brian Pillman(Clash of The Champions 32)

8.        Vs. Konnan(Uncensored 96)

9.        Vs. Chris Benoit(Nitro 04/22/96)


Disk 4

1.        w/Arn Anderson Vs. Ric Flair/Randy Savage(Slamboree 96)

2.        Vs. Ric Flair(Nitro 05/20/96)

3.        Vs. Barbarian(Nitro 06/24/96)

4.        Vs. Psychosis(Nitro 07/08/96)

5.        Vs. Psychosis(Nitro 07/22/96)

6.        Vs. Big Bubba(Nitro 07/29/96)

7.        Vs. Ric Flair(Hog Wild 96)

8.        Vs. Diamond Dallas Page(Clash 33)

9.        Vs. Jim Powers(Nitro 09/30/96)

10.     Vs. Cheetah Kid(Nitro 10/14/96)


Disk 5

1.        Vs. Diamond Dallas Page(Halloween Havoc 96)

2.        Vs. Chris Benoit(Nitro 11/18/96)

3.        World War 3 Battle Royal(World War 3 96)

4.        Vs. Konnan(Nitro 11/22/96)

5.        Vs. Dave Taylor(Nitro 12/02/96)

6.        Vs. Chris Benoit(Nitro 12/23/96)

7.        Vs. Diamond Dallas Page(Starrcade 96)

8.        Vs. Alex Wright(Nitro 01/06/97)

9.        Vs. Dean Malenko(Nitro 01/13/97)


Disk 6

1.        Vs. Syxx "Ladder Match"(Souled Out 97)

2.        w/Jeff Jarrett Vs. Arn Anderson/Steve McMichael(Nitro 01/20/97)

3.        Vs. Scott Norton(Clash 34)

4.        Vs. Jeff Jarrett(Nitro 01/27/97)

5.        Vs. Dean Malenko(Nitro 02/10/97)

6.        Vs. Konnan(Nitro 02/17/97)

7.        Vs. Chris Jericho(SuperBrawl 7)

8.        w/Chris Jericho Vs. Faces of Fear(Nitro 02/24/97)

9.        Vs. Ultimo Dragon(Nitro 03/03/97)

10.     Vs. Jim Powers(Nitro 03/10/97)

11.     Vs. Dean Malenko(Uncensored 97)


Disk 7

1.        Vs. Dean Malenko(Nitro 06/30/97)

2.        w/Chavo Guerrero Vs. Buff Bagwell/Scott Norton(Nitro 07/07/97)

3.        Vs. Chavo Guerrero(Nitro 07/14/97)

4.        Vs. Hector Guerrero(Nitro 07/21/97)

5.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Nitro 08/11/97)

6.        w/Jeff Jarrett Vs. Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael(Nitro 08/18/97)

7.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Clash 35)

8.        Vs. Steve McMichael(Nitro 08/25/97)

9.        w/Jeff Jarrett Vs. Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael(Nitro 09/01/97)

10.     Vs. Rey Mysterio(Nitro 09/08/97)

11.     Vs. Chris Jericho(Fall Brawl 97)


Disk 8

1.        Vs. Ultimo Dragon(Nitro 09/15/97)

2.        Vs. Rey Mysterio(Nitro 09/29/97)

3.        Vs. Ultimo Dragon(Nitro 10/06/97)

4.        Vs. Psychosis(Nitro 10/13/97)

5.        Vs. Chris Benoit(Nitro 10/20/97)

6.        Vs. Rey Mysterio(Halloween Havoc 97)

7.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Nitro 10/27/97)

8.        w/Dean Malenko Vs. Rey Mysterio/Steven Regal(Nitro 11/03/97)

9.        Vs. Rey Mysterio(Nitro 11/10/97)

10.     Vs. Dean Malenko(Nitro 11/17/97)

11.     Vs. Rey Mysterio(World War 3 97)


Disk 9

1.        World War 3 Battle Royal( Until Eddie is eliminated.  World War 3 97)

2.        Vs. Fit Finlay(Nitro 12/22/97)

3.        Vs. Dean Malenko(Starrcade 97)

4.        Vs. Ultimo Dragon(Nitro 12/29/97)

5.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Thunder 01/15/98)

6.        Vs. Rick Martel(Nitro 01/19/98)

7.        Vs. Rey Mysterio(Thunder 01/22/98)

8.        w/Chris Jericho Vs. Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko(Thunder 01/29/98)

9.        w/Chris Jericho Vs. Chavo Guerrero/Dean Malenko(Nitro 02/09/98)

10.     w/Chris Jericho Vs. Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko(Nitro 02/16/98)

11.     Vs. Disco Inferno(Nitro 02/23/98)

12.     w/Chris Jericho Vs. Booker T/Dean Malenko(Thunder 02/26/98)

13.     w/Chris Jericho Vs. Booker T/Chavo Guerrero(Nitro 03/02/98)


Disk 10

1.        Vs. Prince Iaukea(Thunder 03/05/98)

2.        Vs. Chavo Guerrero(Thunder 03/12/98)

3.        Vs. Booker T(Uncensored 98)

4.        Vs. Psychosis(Thunder 03/19/98)

5.        Vs. Kaz Hayashi(Nitro 03/23/98)

6.        Vs. Booker T(Thunder 03/26/98)

7.        Vs. Booker T(Nitro 04/28/98)

8.        Vs. Scott Norton(Nitro 05/04/98)


Disk 11

1.        Vs. Ultimo Dragon(Slamboree 98)

2.        Vs. Fit Finlay(Nitro 06/01/98)

3.        Vs. Alex Wright(Thunder 06/05/98)

4.        Vs. Scott Putski(Nitro 06/08/98)

5.        Vs. Chavo Guerrero(Great American Bash 98)

6.        Vs. Chris Benoit(Thunder 06/18/98)

7.        Vs. Alex Wright(Nitro 06/22/98)

8.        Vs. Hugh Morrus(Thunder 06/24/98)

9.        Vs. Little Dragon(Nitro 06/29/98)


Disk 12

1.        Vs. Chavo Guerrero "Hair Match"(Bash At The Beach 98)

2.        Vs. Steve McMichael(Nitro 07/13/98)

3.        Vs. Psychosis(Thunder 07/16/98)

4.        Vs. Konnan(Nitro 07/20/98)

5.        Vs. Juventud Guerrera(Nitro 08/03/98)

6.        Vs. Disco Inferno(Thunder 08/05/98)

7.        Vs. Tokyo Magnum(Nitro 08/10/98)

8.        Vs. Stevie Ray(Nitro 08/13/98)

9.        Vs. Brian Adams(Nitro 08/31/98)

10.     Vs. Saturn(Nitro 10/26/98)


Disk 13

1.        Vs. Dean Malenko(Thunder 10/29/98)

2.        Vs. Saturn(Nitro 11/02/98)

3.        Vs. Rey Mysterio(Thunder 11/05/98)

4.        Vs. Rey Mysterio(Nitro 11/09/98)

5.        Vs. Rey Mysterio(Nitro 11/16/98)

6.        Vs. Kidman(Thunder 11/19/98)

7.        World War 3 Battle Royal (Until Eddie is eliminated.World War 3 98)

8.        Vs. Kidman(Nitro 11/30/98)

9.        Vs. Ciclope(Thunder 12/03/98)


Disk 14

1.        Vs. Villano V(Nitro 12/14/98)

2.        Rey Mysterio(Nitro 12/21/98)

3.        Vs. Kidman(Starrcade 98)

4.        w/Juventud Guerrera Vs. Kidman & Rey Mysterio(Nitro 12/28/98)

5.        Vs. Juventud Guerrera(Nitro 06/21/99)

There are loads of additional matches and interviews involving Eddie’s LWO on this disk as well.


Disk 15

1.        Vs. Psychosis(Thunder 06/24/99)

2.        Vs. Lodi(Nitro 06/28/99)

3.        Vs. LaParka(Thunder 07/01/99)

4.        Vs. Lenny Lane(Thunder 07/08/99)

5.        Vs. Psychosis(Nitro 07/19/99)

6.        w/Rey Mysterio Vs. Juventud Guerrera & Psychosis(Thunder 07/22/99)

7.        Vs. Vampiro(Nitro 08/02/99)

8.        Vs. Kidman(Thunder 08/05/99)

9.        w/Rey Mysterio Vs. Chris Adams & Dave Taylor(Nitro 08/09/99)

10.     w/Kidman & Rey Mysterio Vs. Insane Clown Posse & Vampiro(Road Wild 99)

11.     Vs. Vampiro(Nitro 08/23/99)


Disk 16

w/Kidman & Rey Mysterio Vs. Bobby Duncum, Barry & Kendall Windham(Thunder 08/26/99)

w/Rey Mysterio Vs. Blitzkrieg & LaParka((Nitro 08/30/99)

w/Chavo Guerrero & Kidman Vs. Blitzkrieg, Juventud Guerrera & Psychosis(Nitro 09/06/99)

Vs. Saturn(Nitro 09/13/99)

VS. Saturn(Nitro 09/20/99)

Vs. Rick Steiner(Thunder 09/23/99)

Vs. Chavo Guerrero Vs. Saturn(Nitro 10/18/99)


Disk 17

1.        Vs. Saturn(Halloween Havoc 99)

2.        Vs. Saturn(Nitro 10/25/99)

3.        w/Kidman & Konnan Vs. Chris Adams, Steven Regal & Dave Taylor(Thunder 10/28/99)

4.        Vs. Saturn(Nitro 11/01/99)

5.        Vs. Buzz Stern(Thunder 11/04/99)

6.        w/Konnan Vs. Dean Malenko & Saturn "Steel Cage"(Nitro 11/15/99)

7.        w/Kidman & Torrie Wilson Vs. Asya, Dean Malenko & Saturn "Elimination"(Mayhem 99)


Disk 18

1.        Vs. Kidman(This would be Eddie’s last televised match in WCW.  Nitro 11/22/99)

2.        Eddie Guerrero along with Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn, jumps ship to join the WWF
Numerous interviews and segments are shown involving Eddie and the ‘Radicalz’ coming to the WWF
and joining forces with Mick Foley before turning on Foley and becoming heels.

3.        w/Saturn Vs. New Age Outlaws (Eddie injures his elbow while executing the Frog Splash in his first WWF match.
Smackdown 02/03/00)

4.        w/Dean Malenko/Saturn/Triple H/X-Pac Vs. Cactus Jack/Rikishi/The Rock/Too cool(FANTASTIC MATCH!  Raw 02/07/00)

5.        Vs. Rikishi(Smackdown 02/17/00)

6.        Vs. Rikishi(Raw 02/21/00)

7.        w/Dean Malenko & Saturn Vs. Rikishi & Too Cool(Smackdown 03/23/00)


Disk 19

1.        w/Chris Benoit Vs. Chyna & Chris Jericho(Raw 03/27/00)

2.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Smackdown 03/30/00)

3.        w/Dean Malenko & Saturn Vs. Chyna & Too Cool(Wrestlemania 2000)

4.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Raw 04/03/00)

There are also loads of matches with the rest of the Radicalz included, as Eddie had an arm injury and while he didn’t wrestle, he
was usually at ringside or otherwise getting involved in the Radicalz’ matches. 


Disk 20

1.        v. Chris Jericho (Heat 4/9/00)

2.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Raw 04/10/00)

3.        Vs. Rikishi(Smackdown 04/13/00)

4.        w/Essa Rios Vs. The Hardy Boys(Raw 04/17/00)

5.        w/Essa Rios Vs. The Dudley Boys(Smackdown 04/20/00)

6.        Vs. Val Venis(Raw 04/24/00)

7.        w/Chyna Vs. Essa Rios & Val Venis(Smackdown 04/27/00)

8.        Vs. Essa Rios(Backlash 2000)

9.        Vs. Essa Rios(Raw 05/01/00)

10.     w/Chyna Vs. Essa Rios & Lita(Smackdown 05/04/00)

11.     Vs. Chris Jericho(Insurrextion 2000)

12.     Vs. The Godfather(Raw 05/08/00)


Disk 21

1.        Vs. Saturn(Smackdown 05/11/00)

2.        w/Chyna Vs. Dean Malenko & Saturn(Raw 05/15/00)

3.        Vs. Dean Malenko Vs. Saturn(Judgment Day 2000)

4.        Vs. D'Lo Brown(Raw 05/22/00)

5.        w/Chyna Vs. Edge & Christian(Smackdown 05/25/00)

6.        Vs. British Bulldog(Heat 05/28/00)

7.        Vs. Kurt Angle(Raw 05/29/00)

8.        w/Chyna Vs. Godfather & Dean Malenko(Raw 06/05/00)

9.        Vs. Matt Hardy(Smackdown 06/08/00)

10.     VS. Crash Holly(Heat 06/11/00)

11.     Vs. Dean Malenko(Heat 06/18/00)

12.     Vs. Chyna(Raw 06/19/00)

13.     Vs. Big Bossman(Smackdown 06/22/00)


Disk 22

1.        Vs. Val Venis(King of The Ring 2000)

2.        Vs. Val Venis(Raw 06/26/00)

3.        w/Rikishi Vs. Chris Benoit & Val Venis(Smackdown 06/29/00)

4.        Vs. Chris Benoit(Raw 07/03/00)

5.        w/Chyna & The Rock Vs. Chris Benoit, Edge & Christian(Smackdown 07/06/00)

6.        w/Chyna Vs. Chris Benoit(Smackdown 07/13/00)

7.        Vs. Dean Malenko Vs. Saturn(Smackdown 07/20/00)

8.        Vs. Saturn(Fully Loaded 2000)

9.        w/Chyna Vs. Saturn & Val Venis(Raw 07/31/00)

10.     w/Rikishi Vs. Tazz & Val Venis(Smackdown 08/03/00)

11.     Vs. Tazz(Heat 08/06/00)

12.     w/Too Cool Vs. Val Venis & T&A(Raw 08/07/00)


Disk 23

1.        w/Chris Jericho Vs. Chris Benoit & Val Venis(Smackdown 08/10/00)

2.        w/Steve Blackman Vs. T&A(Raw 08/14/00)

3.        Vs. Val Venis(Smackdown 08/17/00)

4.        w/Steve Blackman & Chyna Vs. Val Venis & T&A(Smackdown 08/24/00)

5.        w/Chyna Vs. Trish Stratus & Val Venis(Summerslam 2000)

6.        Vs. Triple H(Raw 08/28/00)

7.        Vs. Kurt Angle(Smackdown 08/31/00)

8.        Vs. Chyna Vs. Kurt Angle(Raw 09/04/00)

9.        Vs. Road Dogg(Smackdown 09/07/00)

10.     w/Chyna Vs. Too Cool(Raw 09/11/00)


Disk 24

The first 40 minutes or so covers Eddie and Chyna, as he tries to deal with Chyna’s photo shoot in Playboy.

1.        Vs. Rikishi(Unforgiven 2000)

2.        Vs. Val Venis(Raw 09/25/00)

3.        Vs. Road Dogg(Heat 10/01/00)

4.        w/Chyna Vs. Steven Richards & Val Venis(Raw 10/02/00)

5.        w/Acolytes Vs. Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather & Val Venis(Smackdown 10/05/00)

6.        w/Chyna Vs. The Goodfather & Val Venis(Raw 10/09/00)

7.        Vs. X-Pac Vs. Chris Jericho(Smackdown 10/12/00)

8.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Raw 10/16/00)





Disk 25

Covers everything from 10/18/00 through featuring Eddie turning on Chyna and reforming the Radicalz with Benoit, Malenko &
Saturn.   Includes not only Eddie’s matches, but matches involving the other radicalz when Eddie is at ringside or otherwise getting
involved in the action.

1.        v. Chyna (RAW)

2.        w/ Val Venis v. Chyna  & Billy Gunn (SD)

3.        w/ Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit & Saturn v. Chyna, HHH & The New Age Outlaws (RAW)

4.        v. Billy Gunn (SD)

5.        w/ Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit & Saturn v. Steve Austin, The Rock, Bily Gunn & Chyna (RAW)

6.        v. Steve Austin (SD)

7.        w/ Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit & Saturn  v. Chyna, K Kwik & The New Age Outlaws (Survivor Series 2000)

8.        w/ Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn v. Roadd Dog, Billy Gunn & K Kwik (RAW)

9.        v. Billy Gunn (SD)

10.     v. Billy Gunn (RAW)


Disk 26

1.        w/ Malenko & Saturn v. The Hardys & Lita (SD)

2.        w/ Malenko v. Chyna & Billy Gunn (Rebellion 2000)

3.        w/ Malenko & Saturn v. Hardys & Lita (Elimination match, cuts off after Guerrero is eliminated.  Armageddon 2000)

4.        Chris Benoit v. Billy Gunn (Guerrero helps Benoit get the win. RAW)

5.        Dean Malenko v. Chris Jericho (Guerrero again helps his partner get the victory, and an enraged Jericho attacks Malenko
and locks hin in the Walls of Jericho.  It takes several officials to break it up. SD)

6.        Malenko & Saturn interfere in Jericho’s match with Matt Hardy, and Jericho is attacked from behind by Guerrero,
who gets some revenge for his beating last week at the hands of Y2J. (RAW)

7.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (Guerrero runs in and helps HHH get the victory.  Austin comes out to have a beer with HHH, and
stuns Guerrero on the way.  (SD)

8.        v. Chris Jericho (X-Pac attack Jericho after the match.  RAW)

9.        v. K Kwik (Heat)

10.     v. X-pac (Chris Jericho is the guest referee and has some fun being biased against both men, as he is feuding with both
X-Pac and Guerrero at the same time.  RAW)

11.     w/  Benoit v. Jericho & X-Pac (Not good for Jericho, as X-Pac isn’t very interested in helping Jericho in this match. SD)

12.     v. X-Pac v. Chris Jericho v. Chris Benoit (4 way match – No Way Out 2001)

13.     w/ Benoit v. X-Pac & Justin Credible (Is there some dissention between Benoit & Guerrero?  RAW)

14.     Benoit v. X-Pac (Guerrero & Malenko are at ringside doing guest commentary.  A lot of questions are asked as to
whether or not there is some dissention between Benoit and the rest of the Radicalz.  Even so, Guerrero runs in to
help Benoit get the victory.  Malenko & Saturn run in as well and beat up Credible.  SD

15.     All 4 of the Radicalz argue about who will get a shot at Chris Jericho’s Intercontinental title.  Benoit & Guerrero insist that the other be the one to get the title.  Guerrero accepts the title shot after Benoit continues to insist.

16.     v. Chris Jericho (Chris Benoit is at the announcer’s table.  But not for long, as Benoit runs in AND ATTACKS
Benoit turns on Guerrero, helping Jericho retain the IC Title!  Needless to say, the rest of the Radicalz
aren’t very happy about this.  RAW)


Disk 27

1.        The recently face turned Benoit has challenged the rest of his former ‘Radicalz’ teammates to separate 1 on 1 matches.  SD)

2.        Chris Benoit v. Perry Saturn

3.        Chris Benoit v. Dean Malenko

4.        Eddie Guerrero v. Chris Benoit (By the time Benoit gets to Guerrero, he’s practically exhausted.  Eddie still relies on the
help of Malenko and Saturn to work Benoit over before Eddie comes in and easily finishes Benoit off.)

5.        v. Chris Benoit (RAW)

6.        v. Test (Chris Jericho interferes, costing Eddie the victory.   SD)

7.        X-Pac v. Test (Eddie is the guest referee.  RAW)

8.        w/Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit & Test (SD)

9.        v. Test (Eddie wins the European Title.  Wrestlemania 17)

10.     w/ Saturn & malenko v. Test & The Acolytes (RAW)

11.     v. Test (Heat)

12.     w/ Saturn & malenko v. Raven, Test & Billy Gunn (RAW)

13.     v. Grand Master Sexay (SD)

14.     w/ Saturn & malenko v. Grandmaster Sexay, Raven & Steve Blackman (RAW)

15.     v. Matt Hardy (Hardy wins the European Title.  SD)

16.     v. Matt Hardy v. Christian (Triple Threat Match.  Backlash 2001)

17.     Matt Hardy v. Edge (Guerrero interferes, helping Hardy to retain the European Title.  SD)

18.     v. Grandmaster Sexay (Insurrextion 2001)


Disk 28

1.        w/ The Hardys v. Edge, Christian & Rhyno (Eddie intentionally takes a Gore that was meant for Lita and loses the match.

2.        The Radicalz aren’t too happy with Eddie teaming up with the Hardys. (RAW)

3.        Malenko & Saturn v. Hardys (Eddie interferes on behalf of the Hardys, causing the Radicalz to lose the match!  Eddie then
takes out Malenko with a chair shot! RAW)

4.        w/ the Hardys v. Malenko, Saturn & Jerry Lynn (SD)

5.        Matt Hardy v. X-Pac (Eddy lends some assistance, and once again, Matt retains the European Title.  RAW)

6.        Eddie tells Matt Hardy that since he did such a good job defending the European Title against X-Pac, that he’ll
substitute for Matt in the tag match against Edge & Christian.  RAW.

7.        w/ Jeff Hardy v. Edge & Christian (RAW)

8.        v. X-Pac (SD)

9.        w/ Jeff Hardy v. X-Pac & Justin Credible (RAW)

10.     v. Albert (RAW 5/28/01)

11.     w/ the Hardys v. Albert, X-Pac & Justin Credible (Lita is outside the ring helping Eddie on the outside, and Matt
winds up getting pinned. SD 5/01)


Unfortunately, this angle as well as Eddie’s entire career would be derailed, as Eddie’s addiction to pain killers was becoming a major
problem for him.  After arriving to an arena in no condition to wrestle, Eddie was sent home and then to rehab to clean up.  After
several months, He returned to the house show circuit briefly, but after being arrested for DUI on 11/9/01, he was released by the
WWE altogether (but with the promise that if he cleaned himself up, they would welcome him back with open arms).   Now no longer
employed by the WWE, Eddie would begin his latest road to recovery while wrestling on the independent circuit. 


12.     v. Matt Stryker v. Jamie Noble (3 way match.  Heartland Wrestling Association 10/27/01)

13.     v. Devon Storm (USPW, Queens NY -  1/11/02)

14.     v. Adam Flash (MCW 1/30/02)


Disk 29

Still recovering from his addictions, Eddie is working his way back up the ladder, wrestling on the indy circuit.

1.        v. Adam Flash (MCW 1/30/02)

2.        v. Nova (PCW 2/22/02)

3.        v. Super Crazy (ROH “The Era of Honor Begins” - 2/23/02)

4.        v. Rey Misterio Jr. & CM Punk (Guerrero wins the IWA Mid-South Title - IWA 3/1/02)

5.        v. CM Punk  (IWA 3/2/02)

Eddie Guerrero returns to the WWE! 

In March of 2002, The WWE honors it’s promise to Eddie, who had finally conquered his alcohol and drug addictions and re-signed
him to a WWE contract.  In an unusual twist, the WWE also allows Eddie to fulfill his remaining indy commitments.

6.        Guerrero returns as a heel attacking RVD after a match.  RAW 4/1/02)

7.        RVD v. Undertaker (Guerrero attacks RVD again, causing RVD to lose the match.  RAW 4/8/02

8.        w/ William Regal v. RVD & Spike Dudley (RAW 4/15/02)


Disk 30

Eddie is once again employed by the WWE but In an unusual twist, the WWE had agreed to allow Eddie to fulfill his
remaining indy commitments.

1.        v. Colt Cabana v. CM Punk (IWA 4/19/02)

2.        v. RVD (Eddie wins the Intercontinental Title.  Backlash 02.  very low sound)

3.        RVD v. Mr. Perfect (Eddie is at ringside, but of course, gets involved in the match.  RAW 4/22/02)

4.        w/ Amazing Red v. S.A.T.  (ROH Night of Appreciation – 4/27/02.)

5.        v. Dlo Brown (Heat)

6.        v. Jeff Hardy (RAW)

7.        v. RVD (Insurrextion 2002)

8.        w/ Booker T v. RVD & Jeff Hardy (RAW)

9.        v. Tommy Dreamer (Heat)

10.     v. Sean Stasiak (RVD attacks Eddie after the match.  RAW)


Disk 31

1.        v. RVD (Judgment Day 2002)

2.        Eddie Guerrero confronts Chris Benoit (RAW)

3.        v. RVD (Ladder Match.  Steve Austin brawls with Guerrero after the match.  RAW)

4.        w/Brock Lesnar v. Bubba Ray Dudley & RVD (RAW)

5.        v. RVD (KOTR match.  RAW)

6.        Guerrero & Benoit attack Ric Flair (RAW)


Disk 32

1.        v. Ric Flair (KOTR 2002)

2.        V. Spike Dudley (Heat)

3.        w/Chris Benoit (RAW) v. Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley (RAW)

4.        v. Booker T. (RAW)

5.        Chris Benoit v. Bubba Ray Dudley (Spike Dudley & Eddie Guerrero are at ringside.  RAW)

6.        w/Chris Benoit, Kevin Nash, X-Pac & The Big Show v. Booker T, Goldust, Spike Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley & RVD (Kevin Nash tags in and
almost immediately tears his quadracep muscle in a legit injury.  Raw 07/15/02)

7.        w/Benoit/William Regal Vs. Bubba Ray/Spike Dudley/Jeff Hardy(Elimination tag match.  Raw 7/22/02)

8.        w/Benoit v. Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley (Table match.  Vengeance 2002)


Disk 33

1.        Eddie confronts the Rock on RAW.  Great stuff, as always when the Rock is on the microphone.

2.        v. The Rock (RAW)

3.        v. Booker T (RAW)

4.        Smackdown General Manager Stephanie McMahon scores a huge upset over RAW GM Eric Bischoff by signing both
Eddie Guerrero and Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit to Smackdown! Bischoff throws an absolute FIT and has
to be dragged out of the arena by securuity.(SD)

5.        w/Benoit v. Edge & The Rock (SD)

6.        Rey Misterio saves a young John Cena from an attack by Chris Benoit  when Eddie runs in to attack Rey.  This causes Edge to
run in to even the odds.  Kurt Angle attemts to run in as well, but Edge keeps him out of the ring.  In the end Edge, Rey and
Cena celebrate in the ring. (SD)

7.        w/Benoit & Kurt Angle v. Edge, Rey Misterio and John Cena (SD)

8.        w/Chavo Guerrero v. Edge & Rey Misterio (SD)

9.        w/Benoit v. Edge & The Rock (SD)

10.     v. Edge (Summerslam 2002)

11.     v. Edge (SD)


Disk 34

1.        v. Rikishi (SD)

2.        Kurt Angle talks some trash to Eddie Guerrero about Chris Benoit.  Unfortunately, Kurt didn’t realize that Benoit
was standing right behind him.  Eddie has to stand between the two of them to keep them from fighting. (SD)

3.        w/Benoit & Angle v. Undertaker, Edge & Rikishi (SD)

4.        w/Chavo Guerrero v. Edge & John Cena (SD)

5.        w/Chavo Guerrero v. Edge & Rikishi (SD)

6.        v. Edge (He might be the heel, but the crowd cheers wildly as Eddie gets a win over Edge in a Very Good Match. 

7.        v. Edge (GREAT LADDER MATCH!  Edge wins, but Eddie leaves to a standing ovation! SD)

8.        Los Guerreros [Eddie & Chavo] Guerrero v. Rikishi & Mark Henry (Smackdown Tag Team Championship tournament
First round)

9.        v. Rikishi (SD)

10.     Los Guerreros talk with Benoit, who is having troubles with his partner Kurt Angle.  Eddie & Chavo play mind games
with Benoit hoping to sow some dissension between their opponents in the semi-finals of the Tag Team Tournament. SD

11.     Chavo Guerrero tricks Benoit into going into a back room where Kurt Angle was supposedly beating up Eddie.  Chavo
locks Benoit in, and a minute later Eddie comes out with a bent chair while Benoit is still unconscious inside the room.
The mind games continue as Benoit is meant to believe that it was Kurt and not Eddie who attacked him in the dark room.  SD

12.     Los Guerreros beat the hell out of Edge & Rey Misterio, who also are in the Tag Team Tournament.  SD

13.     Los Guerreros v. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit (Rey & Edge attack Eddie & Chavo prior to the match.  Angle & Benoit
go to work on both teams before a huge brawl breaks out between all 6 men.  In the end, Angle & Benoit win the match
and face Edge & Rey in the finals of the SD Tag Team Tournament)


Disk 35

1.        Benoit is in the back trying to find Eddie Guerrero to tell him that Kurt Angle is beating up Chavo.  When Benoit brings
Eddie to a back room.  Even though, he can hear someone screaming on the other side, Eddie refuses to believe Benoit, as this
was the same trick that The Gurreros played on Benoit a couple of weeks ago and Eddie refuses to go in the room.  That is,
until a barely conscious Chavo stumbles out of the room, followed by Kurt Angle.  Looks like the mind games work both ways.

2.        Eddie & Chavo try again to play some mind games with Benoit & Angle.  This time, they imply to Angle that Benoit wants to
take him out.

3.        Los Guerreros v. Edge & Rey Misterio (#1 Contenders match.  SD)

4.        Chris Benoit v. Kurt Angle (ending, as the Guerreros interfere to help Benoit win the match.  SD)

5.        Los Guerreros v. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit (Rebellion 2002)

6.        v. Kurt Angle (Chris Benoit blasts Angle with one of the Tag Team Titles, leading Eddie to getting the win!   Eddie goes to
thank Benoit, and Benoit nails Eddie as well.  SD)

7.        Eddie Guerrero v. Brock Lesnar (SD)

8.        v. Edge (SD)

9.        v. Rey Misterio (SD)


Disk 36

1.        Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit (Los Guerreros & Edge & Misterio are all at ringside and eventually wind up brawling with each
other (SD)

2.        Los Guerreros v. Benoit & Angle v. Edge & Misterio (Elimination tag match.  Los Guerreros win the SD Tag Team Titles.
Survivor Series 02)

3.        v. Kurt Angle (SD)

4.        Los Guerreros v. Benoit & Angle (SD)

5.        v. Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit v. Edge (4 way match.  SD – low sound)

6.        Los Guerreros v. Benoit & Billy Kidman (SD)

7.        v. Chris Benoit (Armageddon 2002)


Disk 37

1.        v Billy Kidman (SD)

2.        Los Guerreros v. Edge & Kidman

3.        Los Guerreros confronts Cena and Bull “B2” Buchanan in the back.

4.        v. Kidman (John Cena is at ringside doing guest commentary, out and interferes in the match, giving Kidman the victory

5.        Chavo Guerrero v. John Cena (Cena comes out cutting a freestyle rap, taunting both Eddie and Chavo, who are now being
cheered like babyfaces against the heel Cena and his partner Bull Buchanan.  SD)

6.        v. Bull Buchanan (Cena and Chavo are at ringside and both men interfere liberally in the match.  Eddie wins the match,
and the crowd is delighted.  Los Guerreros had been getting far more cheers than boos as of recent, so it made sense
to just roll with it and put them against more heel opponents and complete their babyface turn.SD)

7.        Los Guerreros v. John Cena & B2 (Eddie appears to have been legitimately injured in this match after the match after
being bodyslammed outside of the ring.  Chavo wrestles the remainder of the match solo, and successfully retains the Tag
Titles.  Cena turns on Buchanan afterward and along with his new buddy Red Dog, destroys him..  SD)

8.        Royal Rumble match. (Until Eddie is eliminated.  Royal Rumble 2003)

9.        v. John Cena (Chavo & Red Dog are at ringside.  SD)

10.     Los Guerreros v. Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas win the Tag Team Titles.  SD)

11.     Very funny “Lie, Cheat & Steal” skit as Eddie & Chavo chat with a lady in a nice section of town.  “Remember, if you’re
not cheating, you’re not trying!”

12.     v. Shelton Benjamin (SD)

13.     v. Nunzio (SD)


Disk 38

1.        Los Guerreros v. The FBI [Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo] (“We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal!”  Los Guerreros’ new
entrance music debuts.  SD)

2.        Los Guerreros v. Benoit & Rhyno (SD)

3.        Los Guerreros & Rikishi v. The FBI [Nunzio, Stamboli & Palumbu] SD

4.        v. Charlie Haas (SD)

5.        Chavo Guerrero v. Shelton Benjamin (SD)

6.        Los Guerreros v. Rhyno & Benoit v. Team Angle (Wrestlemania 19)

7.        v. John Cena (#1 Contenders match for the World Title – SD)

8.        v. Jamie Noble (SD

9.        Chavo Guerrero v. Shelton Benjamin (SD)

10.     Los Guerreros v. Team Angle (Team Angle wins the match, but Eddie & Chavo steal the Tag Team Belts!  Backlash)


Disk 39

1.        Los Guerreros v. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore (The team that prides themselves on Lying, Cheating & Stealing, uses
their stolen Tag Team Title belts to help get a vicroty.  Team Angle come out to try to get their tag belts back, but
Eddie & Chavo run them off.SD)

2.        Team Angle is in the ring and demanding that Los Guerreros (as per Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon) return the
Tag Team belts to them.  Eddie & Chavo return the tag belts, but it’s not until Los Guerreros get to the back that they
realize that Eddie & Chavo have walked off WITH KURT ANGLE’S OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS!  SD

3.        v.  Matt Hardy (Eddie gets the win, but Team Angle runs out to attack Chavo and take Kurt Angle’s gold medals back
But not for long, as following Team Anlge’s victory later in the night, Los Guerreros run out and not only steal the
gold medals back, they also steal the big portrait of Kurt Angle that Benjamin & Haas were bringing to the ring with
them for their matches!.SD)

4.        Eddie puts a sombrero and a poncho and draws a moustache on Kurt Angle’s portrait before bringing it out to the ring
for his match against Shelton Benjamin. (SD)

5.        v. Shelton Benjamin (Eddie brings out his ‘modified’ portrait of Angle with him to the ring.  Needless to say, Benjamin
isn’t very happy.  Benjamin does get the picture back though, but not in the way that he had hoped.SD)

6.        We find out that Chavo is injured, and Eddie faced with the option of wrestling his Ladder match against Team Angle in
a Ladder match under handicap rules, or forfeiting the match.  Eddie decides on his right to choose a new partner to
replace Chavo in the match, and chooses Tajiri!  (Judgment Day 2003)

7.        w/ Tajiri v. Team Angle (Ladder Match.  Eddie & Tajiri win the Tag Titles.  Judgment Day 2003)

8.        w/ Tajiri v. Team Angle (SD)

9.        w/ Tajiri v. Team Angle (SD)

10.     w/ Tajiri v. The Basham Brothers (SD)

11.     Piper’s Pit – Piper welcomes Eddie & Tajiri to the Pit and along with Sean Ohaire attempt to steal the tag team titles.  (SD)

12.     v. Sean O’haire (SD)

13.     w/ Tajiri v. Piper & O’haire (SD)

14.     w/ Tajiri v. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (No longer Team Angle, but not yet “The World’s Greatest Tag Team.”
Benjamin & Haas send Tajiri out of the ring and onto the hood of Eddie’s low rider in a wicked spot, and win the
Tag Team Titles.  Tajiri is nearly unconscious, but Eddie is more upset about the damage to his car and beats
the hell out of Tajiri!(SD)


Disk 40

1.        Eddie tries to explain losing his temper last week on Tajiri, and decides to begin looking out for himself from now on.  Not
necessarily a heel turn, but more of a ‘tweener’ role.  Eddie also announces that he’s entered himself in the Tournament for the
newly re-instated US Title)

2.        Eddie Guerrero v. Ultimo Dragon (US Title tournament.  1st Round SD)

3.        v. Billy Gunn (Semi Finals of the US Title Tournament)

4.        v. Rhyno (SD)

5.        v. Chris Benoit (Finals of the US Title Tournament.  With some customary lyinig and some GREAT cheating (and some
help from Rhyno, Eddie wins the US Title! Vengeance 2003)

6.        v. Tajiri (The “Japanese Buzzsaw” tries to get some revenge on Eddie. SD)

7.        v. Benoit (Rhyno interferes again, attacking Benoit, but before Eddie can steal the victory, Tajiri runs in and attacks
Eddie.  SD)

8.        w/Rhyno v. Benoit & Tajiri (SD)


Disk 41

1.        Rhyno v. Tajiri (SD)

2.        w/Rhyno v. Benoit & Tajiri (SD)

3.        v. Rhyno v. Chris Benoit v. Rhyno v. Tajiri (Fatal 4 Way match.  Summerslam 2003)

4.        Eddie Guerrero enters the arena in his hometown of El Paso Texas through the front door and receives a heroes welcome
from the crowd. (John Cena interrupts Eddie’s homecoming promo and insults Eddie’s family and his Latino heritage. 
Eddie roughs up Cena and steals his shirt and hat before sending Cena out of the ring.  The Pro Eddie cheers are deafening!  SD)

5.        Eddie find out later on in the night that someone has ruined his car.  Needless to say, it’s not a stretch to figure out who
it was.  Especially since John Cena is carrying a tire with him to the ring, leading directly to…

6.        Eddie Guerrero v. John Cena (Eddie wins by DQ, but Cena beats the hell out of him in front of Eddie’s hometown

7.        Eddie Guerrero attacks Cena, but Cena blasts Eddie with the US Title Belt, and then drives off in Eddie’s low rider.  SD

8.        Eddie Guerrero v. John Cena (Latino Heat Parking Lot Brawl match.  Both men fight in the parking lot surrounded by a
half dozen cars filled with various weapons.  Everything from tire irons, to shovels, to lawn mowers!  CHAVO Guerrero
makes his return and helps his Uncle Eddie get the victory.  SD)

9.        Chavo talks to Eddie in the back room and convinces Eddie to team up with him to win the Tag Team Titles. (SD)

10.     Los Guerreros v. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (WGTT – Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas.  Los Guerreros reunite and
regain the Smackdown Tag Team Titles!  Eddie is also still the US Champion.  SD)

11.     Los Guerreros v. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore (Los Guerreros successfully defend the Tag Titles, but Eddie is attacked
by not only Matt Hardy, but by Charlie Haas as well.  SD)

12.     Eddie is in the back with his ribs injured, but refuses to forfeit his match later in the night against Charlie Haas. 


Disk 42

1.        Eddie Guerrero v. Charlie Haas (With a successful defense of the US Title, Eddie becomes the first wrestler in the WWE to
defend 2 different Titles in the same night, having defended the Tag Titles with Chavo earlier in the evening.  SD)

2.        v. Matt Hardy (SD)

3.        Big Show confronts Los Guerreros in the back and shoves them around.  Chavo yells at Eddie, claiming that the Show
humiliated him (and apparently not remembering that Chavo got punked just as much as Eddie did.)

4.        A delivery guy shows up with a burrito for Eddie, but the Big Show takes it and eats it himself.   Well, he doesn’t get through
the whole thing, as it seems to not be agreeing with him, as the next segment has the Big Show in a bathroom stall and Eddie
standing on the outside laughing at him and letting him know that he put his own special sauce on the burrito before the Show
had gotten to it.  And to make things worse, Eddie steals the toilet paper!  HILARIOUS SEGMENT!  SD – 10/2/03

5.        Chavo Guerrero v. The Big Show (The Show wasn’t scheduled to fight, as he was wearing a good suit and had planned
on going out on the town.  Chavo Guerrero taunts The Big Show to come to the ring and fight anyway and after a little
extra taunting by Chavo and the Show agrees to the match.  The Show comes to the ring, and Chavo immediately leaves,
getting counted out.   I won’t spoil the surprise about what happens next, but remember what happened when Steve
Austin drove up to the ring in a beer truck, and Kurt Angle drove up to the ring in a milk truck?  Well, Eddie drives out
in a RAW SEWAGE TRUCK!  I think you know what happens next. (SD 10/9/03)

6.        Eddie Guerrero v. Rhyno (After the match, the Big Show attacks Eddie and beats 6 kinds of hell out of him.   SD  10/16/03)

7.        Eddie Guerrero v. Big Show (The Show wins the US Title.  After the match, Chavo yells at Eddie for losing the match.
No Mercy 2003)

8.        Eddie is in the back getting checked out by a medic, when Chavo comes out and yells at Eddie again, questioning his
commitment and trying to psyche him up for their tag team title defense.

9.        Los Guerreros v. The Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny Basham win the Tag Team Titles and Chavo yells at Eddie again
before walking away from him.  SD)

10.     Chavo & Eddie are in the back leaving the arena, and Chavo again voices his disappointment in his losing the Tag Titles and
The US Titles in the same week.  Chavo tells Eddie that he let his family, his people and especially Chavo himself down. 
Chavo even tells Eddie that he has sunk as low as he did when he was on drugs!  SD

11.     Eddie comes out to apologize for his losing streak.  The Bashams run in and attack Eddie.  Where is Chavo though? Well,
he manages to come out after the beating.  Hmmm…)

12.     Eddie is in the back getting fixed up by the doctors and demands a rematch against the Bashams from Smackdown GM
Paul Heyman.  Heyman instead orders Eddie to fight the Bashams in a handicap match.

13.     Chavo reminds Eddie about how important this match is for them.  Chavo tells Eddie that he needs to win not for the people,
not for the family, but for Chavo.  I think I’m detecting a pattern here.

14.     Eddie Guerrero v. Doug & Danny Basham (Through some inventive lying and cheating, Eddie wins the match and another
shot at the Tag Team Titles.  Afterward, Chavo is celebrating with Eddie about how “WE” did it, even though Chavo
was not at ringside and didn’t help Eddiein any way.  SD)

15.     Los Guerreros are preparing for their match when he’s informed that Eddie’s sister-in-law was in a car accident.  Eddie wants to
go comfort his wife and her sister, but the increasingly more selfish Chavo is more interested in winning the tag titles and insists
that Eddie stay and wrestle.  In the end, Eddie leaves. Turns out that it was all a ruse, as Chavo wound up losing to the Bashams in a handicap match.  (SD)

16.     Eddie & Chavo argue about getting tricked by the Bashams last week, but agree to be united tonight against the Bashams in their
Tag Title Match tonight.

17.     Los Guerreros v. Doug & Danny Basham (The Guerreros lose another one when Eddie & Chavo aren’t on the same page
and Chavo of course blames Eddie for it.  Survivor Series 2003)

18.      Los Guerreros v. Worlds Greatest Tag Team. (Eddie scores the pin, but gets thrown from the ring, while Chavo takes a
post match ass kicking.  In the back, Chavo is getting his leg looked at and blames Eddie for getting beat up.SD)


Disk 43

1.        Eddie is concerned about Chavo’s leg, but Chavo promises that he’ll be at ringside to watch his back tonight.

2.        v. Charlie Haas (Eddie uses Chavo’s crutch to help get the win but gets beat up afterward.  Eddie makes the save
but Chavo isn’t happy that Eddie took the crutch and whines about his leg hurting and supposedly not looking out for him.SD)

3.        Battle Royal

4.        Chavo tells Eddie that he doesn’t want him at ringside for his match.  Eddie questions Chavo’s selfish attitude as of late, while
Chavo seems to be getting more and more jealous of Eddie and the recognition and attention he constantly gets. 

5.        Chavo Guerrero v. Shelton Banjamin (Despite Chavo’s instructions to the contrary, Eddie helps Chavo win the match
and celebrates thinking that he did it alone.  But when Chavo sees that Eddie is getting more attention, had helped him
out, he throws a fit and refuses to leave with Eddie. SD)

6.        Chavo promises to ride to the ring with Eddie for their match against Benjamin & Haas only if Eddie doesn’t “steal the
spotlignt” from him.  When Eddie asks Chavo how his knee is, Chavo says that he feels so good that he might not even tag
Eddie in during the match.  Both men however, promise to steal a victory from the Worlds Greatest Tag Team.

7.        Los Guerreros v. WGTT (Eddie has Benjamin all set for the frog splash, when Chavo tags Eddie by surprise and does his
own frog splash on Benjamin  in an attempt to ‘steal’ the victory from Eddie like he promised Eddie earlier.  In the end,
Los Guerreros win after some creative cheating on Eddie’s part allows Eddie to get the pinfall.  Needless to say, Chavo
is once again in Eddie’s shadow and he’s not happy about it.  SD)

8.        Los Guerreros v. WGTT v. Doug & Danny Basham v. Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty (4 way match.  SD)

9.        Eddie Guerrero v. Chris Benoit (Smackdown airs from Afghanistan where the WWE is visiting the troops.)

10.     Los Guerreros v. WGTT (Eddie has Haas set up for the pin and Chavo forces the tag, but instead of hitting the frog splash,
Chavo winds up costing Los Guerreros the match.  Los Guerreros lose another one and Chavo has finally had it!  He
blames Eddie for being more popular with the fans and slaps his uncle right in the middle of the ring!  Eddie goes
after Chavo, but Kurt Angle comes in and holds Eddie back.  Afterward, Kurt is still trying to calm down Eddie and
calling Eddie selfish for wanting to fight his own nephew. SD)

11.     Kurt brings Chavo & Eddie to the ring to try to bring peace between the two family members.  Eddie & Chavo shake hands
but don’t look too happy about it.  Later on in the card, Kurt orders a tag title match between Tag Champs, the Bashams
and Los Guerreros!(SD)


Disk 44

1.        Los Guerreros v. The Basham Brothers (The Bashams retain the Tag Titles with Chavo getting pinned again, and when
the Bashams beat the hell out of Eddie, Chavo refuses to help him.  And when the Bashams are finished, Chavo beats
Eddie up himself, bloodying his uncle in the process.  SD)

2.        Kurt talks to Eddie in the back some more, and apologizes for the trouble that Eddie has gone through with his nephew, and
the fact that with Eddie and Chavo set to face each other at the upcoming 2004 Royal Rumble PPV, neither Eddie nor Chavo
will be able to compete in the 30 man Royal Rumble match (which now that we think of it, is precisely what Kurt was after.)

3.        Eddie’s brother (and Chavo’s father) Chavo Guerrero Sr. comes to the ring to try to bring peace between Eddie and Chavo Jr. 
Chavo Sr, calls out Eddie to apologize on behalf of his son. In the end of course, it was a set up, as Chavo Sr, and Jr
beat Eddie half to death.(SD)

4.        Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle v. Chavo Guerrero Sr. & Jr. (SD 1/22/04)

5.        Eddie Guerrero v. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Chavo Sr. is at ringside.  Royal Rumble 2004)

6.        Smcakdown Royal Rumble (Eddie eliminates Kurt Angle to win the battle royal and a shot at Brock Lesnar’s WWE Title
at No Way Out. SD)


Disk 45

1.        Eddie Guerrero & John Cena v. Big Show & Brock Lesnar (Eddie scores a pin on Brock to win the match!  Usually, when this
takes place just prior to a PPV where the two individuals will be wrestling each other, it means that Eddie would wind up
losing at the PPV.SD)

2.        Eddie Guerrero v. Brock Lesnar (After nearly 20 years, Eddie Guerrero finally achieves his dreams and wins the
WWE Title.   Very emotional scene, as Eddie’s entire family is on hand to celebrate Eddie’s victory.  Lots of additional
backstage footage of Eddie following his title win, and a very good documentary covering Eddie’s career and his rise
back to the top of the industry.  No Way Out 2/15/2004)

3.        Eddie comes to the ring to celebrate his newly won WWE Title to an incredible ovation (It’s of course, spoiled by the arrival
of Chavo Guerrero and his father Chavo Guerrero Sr.SD)

4.        Eddie Guerrero v. Chavo Guerrero (Kurt Angle is the guest referee.  And it doesn’t take long for Angle’s true colors
to show, as he brutally attacks Eddie [who Angle will now be facing for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania]  SD)


Disk 46

1.        Eddie gives Chris Benoit a pep talk before Benoit’s match against HHH & Shawn Michaels at Wresltemania 20.

2.        Eddie Guerrero v. Kurt Angle (FANTASTIC MATCH!  Great finish, as Eddie lies, cheats and steals his way to a successful
WWE Title defense at Wrestlemania 20.  For Eddie, winning the Belt at No Way Out and defending it at Wrestlemania
was the culmination of a career long dream.  It was only made better by his best friend Chris Benoit winning the World
Title from HHH later on in the card.)

3.        Eddie Guerrero comes out to the ring following Chris Benoit winning the World Title and celebrates with his best friend. WM20

4.        v. Rey Misterio (SD)

5.        v. HHH (Ends up a DQ when both the RAW and Smackdown lockerrooms run in to brawl with each other.  RAW)

6.        v. Booker T (SD)

7.        Kurt Angle nominates John Bradshaaw Layfield for the “Great American” Award.  Eddie steals JBL’s 10 gallon hat from him
and has some fun wiping his butt with it, and having the fans help him ruin it.  (SD)

8.        Kurt tells Eddie that the winner of the Great American Award will become the number one contender to Eddie’s WWF Title.

9.        Kurt goes to present the Real American Award Trophy to JBL and finds that Eddie has stolen it?  It’s now a hood ornament
on Eddie’s latest Low Rider.  But not for long, as Eddie brings the trophy to the ring and destroys it. SD

10.     Public Service Announcement for JBL.  Very reminiscent of the numerous campaign commercials currently running for the
various candidates running for President of the United States this Year.  SD


Disk 47

1.        v. Big Show (Prior to the match, the Big Show promised to quit if he didn’t win the title.  SD) SD)

2.        v. Dvon Dudley (Eddie loses a non title match, as he didn’t know who he was wrestling until the bell rang, and Bubba Ray
on the outside of the ring, interfered liberally in the match.SD)

3.        v. Bubba Ray Dudley (Despite the same 2 on 1 odds as last week, Eddie manages to get the win this time.  The Dudleys
double team Eddie after the match, but RVD runs in to make the save.  SD)

4.        Eddie is celebrating in the ring with his wife, mother and his children after a match when his mother collapses and is stretchered
out of the arena. SD

5.        v. JBL (Eddie wins by DQ in an extremely bloody match.  Afterward, Eddie demolishes JBL.  Judgment Day 2004)


Disk 48

1.        Eddie Guerrero & Rey Misterio & v. JBL & The Dudleys (SD)

2.        v. Danny Basham (SD)

3.        v. Doug Basham (SD)

4.        v. Luther Reigns (SD)

5.        v. JBL (Bullrope Match.  JBL wins the WWE Title.  Great American Bash 2004)

6.        JBL v. El Gran Luchador (JBL had been beating the hell out of a masked jobber named El Gran Luchador for the past
couple of weeks.  Well a second masked Luchador in an identical costume shows up in the ring tonight and pulls the ol’
switcheroo like the Killer Bees used to do back in the mid-80s and beats up on JBL until he leaves the ring and takes
the intentional countout.   3 guesses as to who the other Gran Luchador is.  SD)


Disk 49

1.        Eddie Guerrero v. JBL (Cage Match.  Eddie looks poised to regain the WWE Title, when El Gran Luchador runs in and
helps JBL get the victory.  Luchador unmasks to reveal himself to be KURT ANGLE!  SD)

2.        Eddie is in the ring having stolen a bunch of  Kurt Angle’s stuff, including several photos, his wheelchair AND HIS
OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS!  Eddie offers to auction Kurt’s stuff on WWE.com and to action the medals off right there
on Smackdown!  Needless to say, Kurt Angle isn’t very happy.  Kurt attempts to steal Eddie’s lowrider in retaliation, but
it doesn’t work out exactly as Kurt would have liked though.  Very Funny sketch.  SD

3.        v. Kurt Angle (GREAT MATCH!  Summerslam 2004)

4.        Eddie Guerrero & Rey Misterio v. Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns (SD)


Disk 50

1.      Eddie Guerrero v. Kurt Angle (2/3 Falls SD 9/2/04)

2.      Eddie Guerrero  v. Kurt Angle (Lumberjack Match.  The Big Show makes his return to the WWE and he’s not happy.  He beats the hell
out of Angle, Guerrero and every other wrestler out there. SD 9/9/04)

3.      Contract signing between the Big Show and either Eddie Guerrero or Kurt Angle, both of whom thet Show blamed for his
having to leave the WWE last year.  The Show decides he’d rather whoop Kurt’s ass more than Eddie’s.  SD

4.       Eddie Guerrero & The Big Show v. Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns (After the match, Reigns and Angle attack the Show and cut his hair!SD 9/23/04)       

5.      Eddie Guerrero & RVD v. Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak (SD 9/30/04)

6.       Eddie Guerrero v. Luther Reigns (No Mercy 2004 SD)

7.       Battle Royal for the #1 Contender for the US Title. (SD 10/14/04)

8.       Eddie Guerrero v. Luther Reigns (SD 10/14/04)

9.       Eddie Guerrero v. Mark Jindrak (SD 10/21/04)


Disk 51

1.        Eddie Guerrero & RVD v. Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns (SD)

2.        Kurt Angle v.Big Show (Angle’s Survivor Series team of Jindrak, Reigns & Carlito as well as Eddie’s team of RVD, John Cena
are all at ringside.  SD)

3.        Eddie Guerrero, RVD, John Cena & Big Show v. Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Carlito & Mark Jindrak (Elimination match.
Survivor Series.)

4.        Eddie Guerrero & Booker T v. JBL & Orlando Jordan (SD)

5.        Eddie Guerrero & Booker v. The Basham Brothers (SD)

6.        Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker & Booker v. JBL, Orlando Jordan & Danny Basham (SD)

7.        Eddie Guerrero v. Undertaker v. JBL v. Booker T (4 way match.  Armageddon 2004)


Disk 52

1.        Eddie Guerrero & Booker T v. Kendo Suzuki & Renee Dupree (SD)

2.        Eddie Guerrero & Rey Misterio v. Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns (SD from Afghanistan)

3.        Eddie Guerrero & Booker T v. Rey Misterio & RVD (Eddie & Booker T go after Rey & RVD’s tag team titles.  In the end,
Rey scores a clean pinfall over Eddie.  SD)

4.        v. Rey Misterio (Very funny spot as Eddie nails the ref with one of the Tag Team belts and tries to hide it from him.  In
the end, Rey gets his second consecutive pinfall over Eddie.   SD)

5.        Eddie Guerrero & Booker T v. Rey Misterio & RVD v. Jindrak & Reigns v. The Bashams.  (Eddie and Booker go after the
titles again in a fatal 4 way, and for the 3rd week in a row, Rey pins Eddie!  Booker T is PISSED, and Eddie can’t seem
to explain how he keeps losing to Rey.  Match cuts off after Eddie & Booker are eliminated.  SD)

6.        Eddie Guerrero, Booker T & Rey Misterio v. Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak & Orlando Jordan (SD)

Disk 53

1.        Eddie Guerrero in the 2005 Royal Rumble.  Daniel Puder is new to the WWE, and apparently it’s initiation time, as he’s the
3rd man in the Rumble and takes a hellacious beating from Eddie & Chris Benoit.  Puder is almost out of it when the next man
comes out, but that next man happens to be HARDCORE HOLLY!  Holly is stiff on a good day, and even rougher when it
comes to rookies.  Between Holly, Benoit & Guerrero, Puder takes about 10 years worth of chops to the chest in less than 4
minutes before being unceremoniously dumped over the top rope. Match continues until Eddie is eliminated.  Royal Rumble 2005

2.        Eddie & Booker T star in a Wrestlemania 21 commercial based on Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

3.        v. Kenzo Suzuki (SD)

4.        w/Rey Misterio v. The Basham Brothers (Eddie & Rey ‘lie, cheat & steal’ their way to winning the Tag Team Titles in
a HILARIOUS finish!   No Way Out 2005)

5.        w/Rey Misterio v. The Basham Brothers (Rey & Eddie mis-time a 619 and Eddie gets nailed instead.  They still manage to
retain the tag titles in the end.  SD)

6.        w/Rey Misterio v. Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak (SD)

7.        Chavo Guerrero wishes Eddie & Rey good luck in their match tonight.  Needless to say, Eddie & Rey are pretty skeptical about
Chavo’s expressions of support.  SD

8.        w/Rey Misterio v. JBL & Orlando Jordan (The Bashams run in, to attack Eddie & Rey, leading to John Cena running in to
make the save.  SD)

9.        Chavo talks to Eddie again in the back and belittles him for no longer being in the top spot that he was in last year, and does
his best to stir up some dissention between Eddie & Rey.  Chavo of course brings up the fact that Eddie can’t seem to beat
Rey, that Rey has been holding Eddie back, and even suggested that Eddie stop calling himself a Guerrero!  SD


Disk 54

1.        w/Rey Misterio & John Cena v. JBL & The Bashams (SD)

2.        Chavo does some more trash talking to Eddie about Rey Misterio and encourages him to challenge Rey to another match to
prove that he still ‘has it’.

3.        Eddie finally crumbles under Chavo’s pressure and challenges his tag team partner to another match at Wrestlemania 21.
Rey wants to talk about it later, as they have to defend their Tag Team Titles next.  SD

4.        w/Rey Misterio v. Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas (After the match, Rey agrees to wrestle Eddie at Wrestlemania 21)

5.        v. Danny Basham (Eddie is double teamed by both Bashams and when Rey Misterio attempts to even the odds, he
accidentally causes Eddie to lose!  Rey insists that it was an accident, but Eddie isn’t too happy about it.  SD)

6.        Rey Misterio v. Doug Basham (“Second verse, same as the first”.  Doug Basham interferes, and Eddie runs in to help his
partner, but winds up causing Rey to lose the match.  Not sure whether or not this was an ‘accident’ though.  You decide.  SD)

7.        v. Rey Misterio (GREAT MATCH!  Well, not so much for Eddie, as he drops his 4th consecutive match to Rey.  Afterward
Eddie begrudgingly shakes Rey’s hand.  Wrestlemania 21)





Disk 55

1.        v. Jimmy Jacobs (SD)

2.        recap of the feud between Eddie Guerrero & Rey Misterio

3.        v. Rey Misterio (Judment Day 2005)

4.        Battle Royal (Before the match starts, Eddie attacks Rey Misterio with a steel chair.  SD)

5.        Benoit confronts Eddie in the back about how Eddie can’t seem to beat Rey Misterio.  SD

6.        Akio v. Paul London (Eddie comes in the ring and beats up both wrestlers before cutting another promo on Rey.  SD)

7.        v. Chris Benoit (ECW One Night Stand 2005)

8.        v. Paul London (SD)

9.        v. Rey Misterio (Eddie loses his 5th consecutive match to Rey.  SD)

10.     Eddie and Rey talk in the back about Rey’s upcoming match against JBL.  Eddie tells Rey that the doesn’t think that Rey can
beat JBL.  Rey reminds Eddie that he beat Eddie last week at Wrestlemania.  Probably not the best thing to say to Eddie.  SD)

11.     Rey Misterio v. JBL (in progress.  Rey has JBL beat when Eddie runs in and attacks JBL, causing Rey to get disqualified!  The Bashams run in and attack Rey & Eddie afterward, but John Cena runs in the make the save. SD)

12.     Eddie tries to talk to Rey in the back after Rey had been beaten down in the ring (and Eddie hadn’t come to his defense).  Rey
doesn’t want to talk to him.  Eddie promises to beat Kurt Angle tonight and dedicate his victory to Rey. SD

13.     v. Kurt Angle (GREAT MATCH!  Rey stops Kurt from using a chair on Eddie, but when Eddie sees Rey with the chair,
he thinks that Rey was going to use it.    Angle uses the confusion to push Rey and the chair right into Eddie, and score
the pinfall.  SD)

14.     Carlito’s Cabana – Eddie & Rey confront each other, but are interrupted in turn by MNM who challenge them to a match for
the Tag Team Titles.  They then spray paint Eddie’s Low Rider!  SD

15.     w/Rey Misterio v. MNM (MNM win the Tag Titles Afterward, Eddie and Rey argue about the loss and nearly fight each
other.  SD)

16.     Footage of Eddie & Rey in a rematch against MNM the previous week where Eddie walks out on his partner, thus officially
ending their team, and cementing Eddie’s heel turn.  SD

17.     Rey is in the ring and calls out Eddie and challenges him to a fight.   Eddie comes out, but instead of fighting, Eddie walks away. 
Rey questions whether or not Eddie is afraid that he’ll lose to him again, but Eddie still walks off.

18.     Chavo Guerrero approaches Eddie in the back and promises that even though Eddie was unwilling to fight Eddie, that Chavo
himself would defend the Guerrero name and beat Rey Misterio.  SD

19.     Rey is being double teamed by MNM when Eddie runs in and makes the save.  Eddie picks up Rey, gives him a hug, and then


Disk 56

1.        Eddie turns his feud with Rey Misterio up a notch and vows that tonight, Rey Misterio will beg him to not “tell the truth” SD

2.        Eddie is on location at Rey’s son Dominic’s day care center and promises to tell Dominic a bedtime story he’ll never forget.

3.        Eddie is in the ring now, and is about to say something about Rey Misterio’s son Dominic when Rey comes out and just as
Eddie predicted, begs Eddie not to tell Rey’s son Dominic the truth about him.  SD

4.        Eddie is in the back with Rey Misterio and manipulates him into being his tag team partner for a shot at the Tag Titles by
threatening to tell everyone the truth about Dominic.  Rey relents and agrees to tag with Eddie.  SD)

5.        w/Rey Misterio v. MNM (Eddie turns on Rey during the match and then sits back and watches Rey wrestle both men by
himself.  Rey still nearly wins the titles when Eddie runs in and beats the hell out of Rey, leaving him easy prey for MNM
to get the win. After the match,  Eddie continues to taunt and manipulate Rey, holding his mysterious “secret” over
Rey’s head.  SD)

6.        Rey Misterio v. Super Crazy (In Progress.  Eddie is at ringside doing guest commentary, but of course runs in and attacks
Rey during the match.  Eddie and Rey are now signed to a match at the Great American Bash where if Rey loses, Eddie
will reveal his mysterious secret to everyone.  SD)

7.        Eddie Guerrero v. Chris Benoit (Benoit wins by countout when Eddie leaves the ring and refuses to come back.  But he only
gets half way up the ramp when Rey Misterio runs out and attacks him!  SD)

8.        Eddie Guerrero v. Rey Misterio (Rey’s son Dominic is at ringside for the match.  And Rey gets another victory over
Eddie, thus keeping Eddie from revealing Rey’s “secret”  Great American Bash)

9.        Rey Misterio and his son Dominic are in the ring thanking the fans, but Eddie interrupts them to reveal that the secret that he
was holding over Rey’s head was that Eddie Guerrero is really Dominic’s father!  SD

10.     Rey Misterio v. Christian (Eddie and an unknown lady are sitting at the top of the ramp watching the match. SD)


Disk 57

1.        Rey challenges Eddie to a match, followinig Rey’s victory over Christian.  Eddie instead continues his mindgame over Rey
by revealing  that the woman who was with him, is his attorney and she hands Rey a court order that demands that Rey hand
Dominic over to Eddie.  Rey begs Eddie to let him keep Dominic, but Eddie and his attorney announces that Rey has to turn
Dominic over to Eddie next week.

2.        Eddie challenges Rey to a ladder match at Summerslam with the winner being the one who can climb the ladder and retrieve the custody  papers hanging from the top of the arena  SD

3.        Eddie Guerrero v. Rey Misterio (GREAT LADDER MATCH! With the help of Eddeie’s wife Vicki, Rey wins the match
and gets custody of his son Dominic.  Summerslam 2005)

4.        Eddie Guerrero, Booker T & JBL v. Rey Misterio, Chris Benoit & Batista (SD)

5.        Eddie Guerrero v. Rey Misterio (Steel Cage Match.  Eddie finally gets a victory over Rey, pinning him after a frog splash. – SD)


Disk 58

1.        Eddie Guerrero is announced as the new #1 Contender to Batista’s World Title. Eddie promises that now that he’s done with
Rey, there’s no more hate in him and that he and Batista can have their match without any animosity.  Not too sure how
sincere ol’ Eddie is at the moment, but Batista decides to take him at his word….for now. SD

2.        Eddie is in the back faking a stomach cramp to get out of his tag  match tonight with Batista against MNM.  Pretty funny, as the medic can’t find any symptoms, but Eddie insists that he needs to check harder.  He’s a lot more comfortable though, when a
female nurse comes in.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t last long, as Batista himself comes in to make sure Eddie is ok.  Batista  then
brings in his own doctor, to take care of Eddie.  Very funny sketch.

3.        Eddie Guerrero & Batista v. MNM (Batista works most of the match solo, as Eddie is still faking his injury to keep from
having to wrestle, and hopefully softening up Batista for their eventual title match when he’ll show his true colors and
turn on Batista.  In the end, after Batista does all the work, Eddie tags in just in time to score the pin for himself and Batista.  Batista isn’t too sure about Eddie’s sincerity at the moment.  SD)

4.        Batista talks with his “friend” Eddie in the back.  Pretty funny sketch. 

5.        w/ Batista v. Road Warrior Animal & John Heidenreich. (MNM runs in and attacks everyone.  Eddie tries to make the save,
but accidentally hits Batista with a chair.  But Eddie is thinking on his toes, as he tosses the chair to Nitro and falls to the
mat himself, leading Batista to think that Nitro hit both of them with the chair.  Batista goes nuts and puts both members of
MNM away before rescuing his new buddy.  SD)

6.        Batista and Eddie talk about last week’s chair shot and Batista gives Eddie the opportunity to show his true colors.  In the end,
Eddie convinces Batista that the chair shot was an accident.  Batista accepts his apology, but gives Eddie a serious warning not
to turn on him.

7.        Eddie Guerrero, Christian & JBL v. Batista, Rey Misterio & Chris Benoit (Batista pins Christian to win the match, and Eddie
applauds Batista for his victory.  Batista still doesn’t seem to be sure about Eddie’s sincerity, but when Christian & JBL attack Eddie, Batista comes to Eddie’s defense!  SD

8.        Eddie Guerrero v. Batista (Batista wins and the two shake hands afterward.  Batista turns his back on Eddie afterward,
but Eddie surprisingly desn’t attack him and just walks away.  Has Eddie really changed his ways?  No Mercy 2005)


Disk 59

1.        v. Randy Orton (Bob Orton runs in for the double team, but Batista comes in and makes the save for his buddy Eddie.  SD)

2.        Eddie has a heart to heart talk with Batista and thanks him for giving him a second chance to change his ways. 

3.        w/ Batista v. Randy Orton & Ken Kennedy (Bob Orton was replaced by Kennedy because Orton claimed to have a bad
back.  Orton ran in later in the match and in the melee, Eddie actually saved Batista from taking a top rope chair shot
from Kennedy!   SD)

4.        Eddie & Batista talk in the back prior to their match.  Batista surprises Eddie with a new low rider to drive out for their match
tonight just like when Eddie was a babyface before.

5.        w/ Batista & Roddy Piper v. Randy & Bob Orton & Mr. Kennedy (SD)

6.        w/ Batista v. MNM (SD)

7.        v. Kennedy (SD 11/11/2005.  This would be Eddie’s last televised match, as Eddie Guerrero passed away 2 days later
in his hotel room on 11/13/05.  Eddie had been drug and alcohol free for more then 4 years.  However, the past drug &
steroid use contributed to undiagnosed heart complications. 


Disk 60

Monday Night RAW 11/14/2005 was a tribute episode to Eddie, who had died just one day earlier.

1.        The entire RAW & Smackdown  lockerroom is out on the ramp to honor Eddie with a 10 bell salute.

2.         The Big Show & Kane vs MNM

3.        Lillian Garcia talks about Eddie. Her fondest memory was when they went to Iraq together last year and the way Eddie
interacted with the troops.

4.        Clip of Eddie Guerrero messing around with Kurt Angle’s belongings in the ring

5.        Kurt Angle vs Shelton Benjamin

6.        Shawn Michaels talks about Eddie. He says that they never wrestled against each other. They had a bond because they are both
born-again Christians. Shawn then talks religiously and says that this is the first time a WWE brought all the wrestlers together
in prayer.

7.        Clips of Eddie & Chavo Guerrero lying, cheating, & stealing.

8.        Chavo Guerrero talks about his uncle and says was more like his bigger brother. He says their first match against each other was
when they were 4 & 7. They would wrestle each other during the intermissions at Gory Guerrero’s shows. They had to stop
because people were watching them and not buying the concessions. He mentions that his dream came true when they were tag
team champions together. He ends by saying that Eddie is a great inspiration to him in all aspects of his life.

9.        Shawn Michaels vs Rey Mysterio
Rey hits the 619 and follows it up with a leg drop off the ropes to get the win. A very emotional Rey Mysterio and Shawn
Michaels shake hands and hug after the match.

10.     Batista says he found out about Eddie by getting a call from Dr. Rios. Eddie’s current partner is shown crying. He talks about
how Eddie helped him out with both personal problems and how to be the champ and deal with the pressure that came with it.
Eddie was actually scheduled to win the World Title at a Smackdown taping on the day that he died.

11.     Diva Battle Royal featuring RAW & SmackDown! Diva’s

12.     Rey Mysterio talks about his friend Eddie and how their families have bonded. Rey is very emotional and ends the segment by taking off his mask. The cameras do not show Rey’s face.

13.     Clip of Eddie Guerrero celebrating with Chris Benoit at the end of WrestleMania XX.

14.     Eugene vs Simon Dean

15.     Chris Benoit is on and says that Eddie is his best friend. He talks about the years they spent on the road together. He says that
Eddie was a person that led by example. Chris then says that he loves Eddie and his family. He says that his prayers & thoughts
are with them. He then breaks down when he says he loves and misses him.

16.     Clip of Eddie winning the WWE World Title from Brock Lesnar

17.     Triple H talks about Eddie. He says that Eddie was one of the best. In the ring he could do anything and he could change the fans
emotions at will. Personally, Triple H will remember him as an inspiration for the way he overcame his problems.

18.     Ric Flair vs William Regal
Stephanie McMahon talks about Eddie. She first met him when he was trying to decide whether to make the jump from WCW.
She didn’t know what to expect but was taken aback by how humble he was. She complemented him on his range of emotions
and said how he could control the crowd and loved them. She last spoke to him on Friday. He said that he was going to be
champ again and wanted her and her father to know that. She mentions how much he loved his family and broke down crying.

19.     Clip of Eddie "accidentally" beating Chyna for the I-C Title

20.     John Cena vs Randy Orton w/Bob Orton
The show ends with John Cena laying an Eddie Guerrero shirt on the floor and putting his WWE title on the shirt. He leaves the
ring and the show ends with the camera focused on the shirt with Eddie’s name and belt. The announcers say that Eddie was a
champion in the ring and in life.


Disk 60

Friday Night Smackdown 11/18/2005 was a tribute episode to Eddie, who had died just 5 days earlier.

1.        Eddie's music plays and Batista drives to the ring in a low rider. Batista talks about Eddie and says that he loved his family and
the business. Batista has a lot of problems talking and the fans chant Eddie whenever Batista's emotions overcome him. Batista
ends his speech by saying that he loves Eddie and he will make sure the fans never forget him. Batista leaves his championship
belt on the low rider. The low rider is at ringside for the whole show.

2.        A video tribute to Eddie Guerrero to Here Without You by 3 Doors Down is shown.

3.        Clip of Eddie talking about growing up and his family members

4.        Matt Hardy vs Carlito

5.        Vince McMahon says that Eddie was a master craftsman and he loved to perform. He then says that the only thing he loved more
than wrestling was his family. He said everyone he knew was part of his "familia". He leaves off by saying that Eddie was a
damn good man.

6.        Clip of Eddie and his family talking about how he got back with his wife after losing his family briefly due to his drug problems.

7.        Animal & Heidenreich vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

8.        Booker T and Sharmell talk about Eddie

9.        Clips of Eddie & Chavo lying, cheating, and stealing

10.     The Big Show says that Eddie was a very spiritual man.

11.     Clips of how Eddie was brought up in the wrestling business

12.     Chavo Guerrero vs JBL w/Jillian Hall
The match ends with Chavo doing the Eddie fake chair stunt followed by the three amigos and the frog splash. After the match, Chavo gets on the turnbuckles and the crowd starts chanting for Eddie.

13.     Clips of Eddie and his mom talking about him going to school

14.     Clips of Eddie talking about his title match at WrestleMania XX

15.     JBL talks about how he needed state troopers to get him out of El Paso, the hometown of Eddie Guerrero, when they fought. He
talks about all the near riots they almost had. He says if not for Eddie, he never would have gotten a title shot because others
didn’t think he could main event. He talks about how Eddie helped him through his divorce and was later a groomsman in his
wedding. He says that Eddie made him a better man.

16.     Clips of Eddie winning the WWE title from Brock Lesnar

17.     Cruiserweight Battle Royal:

18.     Clips of Eddie as Latino Heat and his relationship with Chyna

19.     Clips of Eddie’s final match last week against Ken Kennedy

20.     Shane McMahon talks about wrestling families. He talks about the love Eddie had for his family.

21.     Clips of Eddie & Chris Benoit celebrating after WrestleMania XX

22.     Triple H vs Chris Benoit
After the match, both men shake hands and hug in the ring while the fans chant Eddie. Dean Malenko comes in the ring and hugs


23.     The 2006 WWE Hall of fame inductees are brought out at Wrestlemania 22.  The last of them to be inducted was Eddie
Guerrero, who was honored by both Chavo & Eddie’s widow Vicky.  Eddies induction got a thunderous extended standing
ovation from the audience.

24.     Rey Misterio v. Randy Orton v. Kurt Angle (Sorry, I couldn’t NOT include this one.  Rey entered the 2006 Royal Rumble
at #1 and dedicated his performance to Eddie.  Rey won the Rumble to get a shot at the World Title at Wrestlemania and
with his friend Eddie looking on from above, Rey Misterio pinned Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight
Championship.  Afterward, a very emotional Rey celebrates at the top of the ramp with Chavo Guerrero & Vicky Guerrero.  Wrestlemania 22)




1.        Black Tiger v. Jushin Liger

2.        Black Tiger v. Taka Michinoku

3.        Black Tiger v. Chris Benoit

4.        Black Tiger v. Sabu

5.        Black Tiger v. Great Sasuke

6.        Black Tiger & Great Sasuke v. Ohtani & Benoit

7.        Black Tiger & Great Sasuke v. Hamada & Honaga

8.        Black Tiger & Great Sasuke v. Ohtani & Benoit

9.        Black Tiger & Jushin Liger v. Ohtani & Kanemoto

10.     Black Tiger & Chris Jericho v. Ohtani & Takaiwa


Disc 1
1. Dean Malenko vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (3/18/95)
2. Dean Malenko Promo (3/18/95)
3. Eddie Guerrero vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (4/8/95)
4. Eddie Guerrero Promo (4/15/95)
5. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (4/15/95)
6. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (5/13/95)

Disc 2
1. Malenko/Guerrero Classic Commercial (5/13/95)
2. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (5/19/95)
3. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (5/20/95)
4. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (5/20/95)
5. Bonus Match: Dean Malenko vs. Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) (7/7/95)
6. Bonus Match: Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) vs. Chris Benoit (7/13/95)

Disc 3
1. Paul E. Promo (7/15/95)
2. Dean Malenko/2 Cold Scorpio vs. Eddie Guerrero/Taz (7/15/95)
3. Dean Malekno/2 Cold Scorpio vs. Eddie Guerrero/Taz (7/20/95)
4. 2 Cold Scorpio Promo (7/21/95)
5. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (7/21/95)
6. Taz & Steiner Bros. Promo (7/28/95)
7. 2 Cold Scorpio Promo (7/28/95)
8. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (7/28/95)

Disc 4
1. Eddie Guerrero Promo (8/5/95)
2. 2 Cold Scorpio Promo (8/5/95)
3. Taz & Steiner Bros. Promo (8/5/95)
4. Dean Malenko/2 Cold Scorpio/Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Guerrero/The Steiner Bros. (8/5/95)
5. Malenko/Guerrero Recap (8/26/95)









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