By Jazzchaz (converted from VHS)
All volumes are 3 disks per volume and the video quality ranges from VERY GOOD to GOOD (no menus)
This includes everything from the first Edge promo until April 99 
1.  Video promos introducing the fans to Edge.
2.Edge Vs. Jose Estrada 
3. Edge Vs. Jeff Jarrett 
4. Edge Vs. Brian Christopher 
5. Edge/Sable Vs. Marc Mero/Jacqueline 
6. Edge Vs. Marc Mero (Gangrel runs in and attacks Edge)
7. Edge Vs. Taka Michinoku 
8. Edge Vs. Jeff Jarrett (Jarrett wipes out Edge with a wicked guitar shot)
9. Edge Vs. Gangrel 
10. Edge Vs. Owen Hart (GREAT MATCH!)
11. Edge Vs. D'Lo Brown Vs. Droz Vs. Gangrel Vs. Jeff Jarrett Vs. Marc Mero (VERY GOOD MATCH!  Each of these guys were
      very talented and had a great opportunity to show off their skills here.  Gangrel and Christian making his first appearance 
      distracts Edge to get D-Lo the victory.)
12. Edge Vs. Owen Hart (No match, as Owen was doing a retirement angle and refused to wrestle.)
13. Gangrel Vs. Val Venis (Gangrel is accompanied by Christian who was now being acknowledged as Edge's brother.  In reality,
      Edge & Christian are best friends from childhood.  Edge confronts Christian and is attacked by both Christian and Gangrel.)
14. Christian Vs. Taka Michinoku (Christian wins the WWF Light Heavyweight title in a GREAT MATCH! )
15. Christian Vs. Brian Christopher (Gangrel and Scott Taylor are at ringside)
16. Gangrel Vs. Kane (Kane is beating up both Gangrel and Christian, when EDGE runs in and ATTACKS KANE!  Edge has 
      turned heel and joined the Brood!)
17. Edge/Gangrel Vs. Golga/Kurrgan 
18. Christian/Edge/Gangrel Vs. X-Pac/New Age Outlaws (Kane comes out and attacks EVERYBODY!)
19. Edge Vs. Kane 
20. Edge/Gangrel VS. Animal/Droz 
21. Gangrel Vs. Al Snow (Edge, Christian as well as the rest of Al Snow's JOB SQUAD in Bob Holly & 2Cold Scorpio all get 
22. Edge/Gangrel Vs. D'Lo Brown/Mark Henry 
23. Christian Vs. Duane Gil (The JOB SQUAD makes their return and helps fellow 'jobber' Duane Gill win the Lt. Heavywt. Title!)
24. Christian Vs. Duane Gil (Duane Gill is now a full member of the Job Squad.  Gill used to be a TV jobber back in the day, and 
      made his return to the WWF at the WWF Survivor Series, and took on the role of the ultimate underdog.  The Job Squad runs in
      again to help their man Gill.)
25. Edge/Gangrel Vs. New Age Outlaws 
26. Brood Vs. Bossman/Rock/Shamrock 
27. Gangrel Vs. Al Snow 
28. Edge Vs. Tiger Ali-Singh  (Capital Carnage)
29. Christian/Sable Vs. Marc Mero/Jacqueline 
30. Edge/Gangrel Vs. Headbangers 
31. Brood Vs. The Job Squad [Bob Holly/Scorpio/Al Snow] (Rock Bottom PPV)
32. Edge/Christian Vs. Godfather/Val Venis 
33. Tiger Ali Singh gets thte hell beat out of him by the Brood, then received the first Brood bloodbath.
34. Gangrel Vs. Al Snow (Snow wins, but receives a post match attack and a bloodbath afterwards)
35. Edge Vs. Al Snow (Al is still drenched in red from his bloodbath in the previous match.)
36. Christian Vs. Val Venis (Val wins, but gets to be the next bloodbath recipient.)
37. Edge Vs. D'Lo Brown 
38. Edge Vs. Triple H (Another loss for the Brood, But it's the ROADDOG that gets the bloodbath!)
39. Gangrel Vs. Road Dogg 
40. Gangrel Vs. X-Pac 
41. The Brood in the Royal Rumble 
42. Edge/Gangrel Vs. Road Dogg/Al Snow 
43. Brood Vs. Mideon/Undertaker/Viscera (The Acolytes run in and help the rest of the Ministry of Darkness destroy the Brood)
44. The Brood join the Undertakers Ministry of Darkness!
45. Edge/Gangrel Vs. Public Enemy (PE get a bloodbath)
46. Public Enemy come out dressed up like the Brood and call them out to the ring.  Rocco Rock gets another Bloodbath.
47. The Brood and PE fight in the back.
48. Edge/Gangrel Vs. Owen Hart/Jeff Jarrett 
49. Gangrel Vs. Ken Shamrock (Shamrock gets the traditional bloodbath, but he also managed to snag Christian and apply an
      Ankle lock for good measure.)
50. The Brood is beat up by the other members of the Ministry signifying their ejection from the Ministry of Darkness.
51. Edge/Gangrel Vs. New Age Outlaws 
52. Christian Vs. Big Show

Covers everything from April 99-October 99 
1.  Brood Vs. Mideon/Viscera  (The Brood had just been ejected from the Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness.  The Acolytes run in 
     and help Mideon & Viscera beat up the Brood.)
2. Edge/Gangrel Vs. Acolytes 
3. Brood Vs. Mideon/Acolytes  
4. Edge/Christian VS. Kane/X-Pac 
5. Doc Hendrix interviews the Brood for the first time! Lots of Ultimate Warrior-like mumbo jumbo though.  Hayes winds up
    with the obligatory bloodbath.
6. Brood Vs. Acolytes/Viscera (Grudge match from the Brood being kicked out of the ministry - No Mercy PPV)
7. Christian/Gangrel Vs. Droz/Prince Albert 
8. Doc Hendrix is attacked by the Brood at ringside, but the original FABULOUS FREEBIRD gets over on them, and when the
     lights come up, it's THE BROOD THAT GETS THE BLOODBATH!
9. Hendrix is interviewed back stage with the Hardys, and FINALLY says that his name is MICHAEL HAYES!  The Brood attacks 
    all 3 of them.
10. Brood Vs. Michael Hayes/Hardys 
11. Edge/Gangrel Vs. Kane/X-Pac 
12. Christian Vs. Beaver Cleavage 
13. Edge/Gangrel Vs. Acolytes 
14. Edge Vs. The Rock 
15. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys 
16. Edge Vs. Godfather 
17. Gangrel Vs. Godfather 
18. Edge Vs. Bossman 
19. Brood Vs. Bossman/Mideon/Viscera (Gangrel turns on his partners!)
20. Edge Vs. Gangrel 
21. Christian Vs. Jeff Jarrett 
22. Edge/D'Lo Brown Vs. Gangrel/Mideon 
23. Christian Vs. Viscera 
24. Edge Vs. Jeff Jarrett 
25. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes 
26. Edge Vs. Meat 
27. Christian Vs. Gangrel (Gangrel has recruited the Hardy Boys and they are now known as the "New Brood")
28. Edge/Christian Vs. Papi Chulo/Funaki (No match, as Chulo & Funaki are laid out before ever reaching the ring.  Gangrel and
      the Hardys come out and brawl with E&C
29. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes Vs. Hardys Vs. Mideon/Viscera Vs. Droz/Prince Albert Vs. Hardcore Hollys (Tag Team Turmoil
      match.  2 teams start out.  Every time a team is pinned, a new team comes in to replace them.  The last team to score a pinfall
      wins the match.)
From here, Edge & Christian are booked as an official WWF Tag team.  
30. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes Vs. Hardys Vs. Hardcore & Crash Holly (Mideon/Viscera & Droz/Prince Albert run in)
31. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes 
32. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes (Before the match, The Acolytes are attacked by THE DUDLEY BOYS!)
33. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys (GOOD MATCH!  This starts one of the best tag team feuds in recent memory.)
34. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys (ANOTHER Good Match.  Michael Hayes is coaching the Hardys again, and winds up brawling 
      with Gangrel at ringside.
35. Edge/Christian Vs. New Age Outlaws 
36. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys (GREAT MATCH!!  Gangrel is sent to the back, and Terri Runnels comes to the announcers table and announces
      that this is the first match in the Terrri Invitational Tournament [T.I.T.], where E&C and the Hardys will fight a best of 5 series with the 
      winner getting $100,000 and the services of Terri Runnels as their manager.  The result of this series of matches is not only THE BEST
     TAG TEAM MATCHES THE WWF HAS SEEN IN YEARS, but the ascension of both Edge & Christian as well as the Hardys 
      as future stars in the sport.)
37. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes Vs. Hardcore & Crash Holly 
38. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys (Match #2 in the T.I.T.)
39. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys (Match #3 in the T.I.T.  Texas Tornado rules [all 4 men are in the ring at the same time] GREAT MATCH!)
40. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys (Match #4 in the T.I.T.)
41. Edge/Christian vs. Hardys (LADDER MATCH.  Finals of the T.I.T.  ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL MATCH!!!!! 
    IT BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN! These 2 teams put themselves on the map with the greatest ladder match ever wrestled.!)

This tape covers EVERYTHING from Oct. 99- March 00 
1.  Edge/Christian/Test Vs. Bulldog/Mean Street Posse 
2. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardcore Hollys 
3. Edge/Christian Vs. Too Cool (Too Cool hasn't been completely re-packaged yet.  They were wearing the hip hop clothes, but
     They were still acknowledged as Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor.  The Hollys run in on behalf  of Too Cool.)
4. Edge/Christian/Hardys Vs. Hardcore Holly/Too Cool 
5. Edge Vs. Bulldog 
6. Edge/Christian/Headbangers Vs. Bulldog/Mean Street Posse 
7. Edge Vs. Hardcore Holly 
8. Edge/Christian/Hardys Vs. Hardcore Hollys/Too Cool (Elimination  match - Survivor Series 1999)
9. Edge/Christian Vs. Too Cool 
10. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys 
11. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes Vs. Dudleys 
12. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys 
13. Christian Vs. British Bulldog 
14. Tag Team Battle Royal (8 teams.  When one man is eliminated, his partner is gone too)
15. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys (Steel Cage Match - Well, if you remember what these guys did in their ladder match, then
      you have a good idea what they did in this cage match.  Lots of High risk spots!)   
16. Edge Vs. Christian (VERY GOOD MATCH!  Now that he'd 'married' into the McMahon family, HHH decided to have some 
      fun with his new match making power, and booked the next 2 matches)
17. Edge/Matt Hardy Vs. Christian/Jeff Hardy (Another HHH idea.  Unusual match as both teams are mixed up.  GREAT MATCH 
18. Edge Vs. Kurt Angle 
19. Christian/Jeff Hardy Vs. Kai En Tai (This match should have been much better than it was, but Kaientai mainly just got squashed.)
20. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes Vs. D'Lo Brown/Godfather Vs. Dudleys 
21. Christian/Jeff Hardy Vs. Al Snow/Dudleys 
22. Edge Vs. Val Venis 
23. Edge/Christian Vs. Kurt Angle/Steve Blackman 
24. Edge/Christian Vs. D'Lo Brown/Godfather 
25. Edge Vs. Gangrel 
26. Edge in the 2000 Royal Rumble
27. Edge/Christian Vs. Steve Blackman/Al Snow 
28. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys 
29. Christian Vs. D-Von Dudley 
30. Edge/Christian Vs. New Age Outlaws 
31. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys 
32. Edge Vs. Jeff Hardy Vs. D-Von Dudley 
33. Edge/Christian Vs. Bossman/Prince Albert 
34. Edge/Christian/Hardys Vs. Dudleys/New Age Outlaws 
35. Edge/Christian/Hardys Vs. Steve Blackman/Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn/Al Snow 
36. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys 
37. Edge/Christian Vs. Steve Blackman/Al Snow 
38. Edge/Christian Vs. Road Dogg/X-Pac 
39. Edge/Christian Vs. Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn 
40. Christian Vs. Essa Rios 
41. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes 
42. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys 
43. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes 
44. Tag Team Battle Royal

(VG - GOOD Q) 6hrs [3 disks]
This tape includes everything from March 2000- June 2000 including run-in's, commentary, interviews, etc.
1.  Edge/Christian Vs. Chris Jericho/Tazz
2. Edge/Christian Vs. Road Dogg/X-Pac
3. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys Vs. Hardys "Tables & Ladders"
4. Edge/Christian Vs. Kurt Angle/Hardcore Holly
5. Edge/Christian Vs. Road Dogg/X-Pac
6. Edge/Christian Vs. Kurt Angle/Big Show
7. Edge/Christian Vs. Bossman/Bull Buchanan
8. Edge Vs. Road Dogg
9. Christian Vs. X-Pac
10. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys
11. Christian Vs. Road Dogg
12. Edge/Christian Vs. Road Dogg/X-Pac
13. Edge/Christian Vs. Rikishi/Big Show
14. Edge/Christian Vs. Rikishi
15. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes
16. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Jericho/Hardys
17. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes Vs. Hardys
18. Christian Vs. Brian Christopher
19. Edge Vs. Rikishi
20. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Rikishi/Too Cool
21. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Rikishi/Too Cool
22. Edge/Christian Vs. Eddie Guerrero/Chyna
23. Edge/Christian Vs. Too Cool
24. Edge/Christian Vs. The Rock
25. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Jericho/Dudleys
26. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Dudleys
27. Christian Vs. Jeff Hardy
28. Edge Vs. Brian Christopher
29. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys
30. Christian Vs. Brian Christopher
31. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys Vs. T&A Vs. Too Cool
32. Edge/Christian Vs. Kane/Undertaker
33. Christian Vs. Kane
34. Edge Vs. Undertaker
35. Edge/Christian Vs. Kane/Undertaker 

1. Chris Benoit/Christian/Edge Vs. Chyna/Eddie Guerrero/The Rock
2. Edge Vs. Bradshaw
3. Christian Vs. Faarooq
4. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys
5. Chris Beniot/Christian/Edge Vs. Rock/Acolytes
6. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes
7. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys Vs. Hardys
8. Edge/Christian/Big Show Vs. Kane/Dudleys "Table"
9. Edge/Christian VS. Hardys
10. Edge Vs. Matt Hardy
11. Christian Vs. Dean Malenko
12. Edge/Christian/Big Show Vs. Matt Hardy/Acolytes
13. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys
14. Edge/Christian Vs. D-Von Dudley/Jeff Hardy
15. Edge/Christian Vs. Road Dogg/X-Pac
16. Edge/Christian/Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho/Hardys
17. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudleys Vs. Hardys "TLC"
18. Edge/Christian/Jacqueline Vs. Hardys/Lita
19. Edge/Christian Vs. Rock/Undertaker
20. Christian Vs. Kane Vs. Rock
21. Edge/Christian/X-Pac Vs. Chris Jericho/Hardys
22. Edge/Christian Vs. Too Cool
23. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys "Steel Cage"
24. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardys "Ladder"
25. Edge Vs. Christian Vs. Steve Blackman
26. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Rikishi/Too Cool 

1.  Edge/Christian Vs. Too Cool
2. Conquistors Vs. Dudleys
3. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. The Rock/Hardy Boys
4. Tag Team Battle Royal
5. Edge/Christian/X-Pac Vs. Chris Jericho/Hardy Boys
6. Conquistodors Vs. The Hardy Boys
7. Edge Vs. The Conquistodors
8. Edge Vs. Matt Hardy
9. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudley Boys "Table Match",br> Edge/Christian Vs. The Hardy Boys
10. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Undertaker/Crash/Hardcore Holly
11. Edge/Christian/Bull Buchanan/Goodfather Vs. Dudleys/Hardys "Survivor Series"
12. Edge/Christian Vs. The Undertaker
13. Edge Vs. Al Snow
14. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. The Rock/Undertaker
15. Edge/Christian Vs. T&A Vs. Dudley Boys "Table Match"
16. Edge/Christian Vs. Road Dogg/K-Kwiq
17. Edge/Christian Vs. Road Dogg/K-Kwiq
18. Edge/Christian Vs. Bull Buchanan/Goodfather Vs. Dudley Boys Vs. Road Dogg/K-Kwiq
19. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. The Rock/Dudley Boys "Table Match"
20. Edge/Christian Vs. The Dudley Boys
21. Edge/Christian Vs. Rock/Undertaker
22. Edge/Christian Vs. Rock/Undertaker
23. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Jericho/Dudley Boys
24. Edge/Christian Vs. Chris Jericho 

1.  Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Jericho/Dudley Boyz "Table Match"
2. Edge/Christian/Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho/Dudley Boyz
3. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Steve Austin/Acolytes
4. Edge Vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley
5. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudley Boyz
6. Christian Vs. Test
7. Edge/Christian Vs. Acolytes
8. Edge/Christian Vs. Kai En Tai
9. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudley Boyz
10. Edge/Christian Vs. Kane/Undertaker
11. Edge Vs. Kane
12. Christian Vs. Undertaker
13. Christian Vs. D-Von Dudley Vs. Undertaker
14. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. The Rock/Kane/Undertaker
15. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudley Boyz Vs. Kane/Undertaker "Table Match"
16. Christian/Haku/Rikishi Vs. D-Von Dudley/Kane/Undertaker
17. Christian Vs. D-Von Dudley
18. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardy Boys
19. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudley Boyz
20. Edge/Christian/Rhyno Vs. Spike/Dudley Boyz
21. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Benoit/Hardy Boys
22. Edge/Christian Vs. Dudley Boyz Vs. Hardy Boys "TLC 2"
23. Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle/William Regal Vs. Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho
24. Edge/Christian Vs. Crash/Hardcore Holly
25. Edge/Christian Vs. Kane/Underaker
26. Edge/Christian/Steve Austin/Triple H Vs. Kane/Undertaker/Hardy Boys
27. Edge/Christian Vs. Kane
28. Christian Vs. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Matt Hardy
29. Edge Vs. Matt Hardy
30. Edge/Christian/Rhyno Vs. Matt Hardy/Chris Jericho
In 1999, the WWF paired off 4 of their younger stars together for some of the most exciting matches that
The promotion had seen in quite some time. Although criticized as only being able to perform spot-fests as
Opposed to actual WRESTLING matches, the Hardys definitely proved capable of capturing the fans'
Attention with their high flying style. They were eventually paired off with 2 solid wrestlers in Edge &
Christian for a FANTASTIC series of matches that culminated in an INCREDIBLE 4.5* ladder match and
Several additional matches that saw all 4 men even team up on a couple of occasions.
1) Int. Dok Hendrix/The Brood (Smackdown - 4/26/99)
2) Gangrel/Christain vs. Droz/Prince Albert (Heat - 5/16/99)
3) The Brood vs.The Hardy Boyz/Michael P.S. Hayes (Raw - 5/17/99)
4) End of The Acolyes vs. Edge/Gangrel for the tag titles (Raw - 6/7/99)
5) The Brood vs. The Hardy Boyz/Michael P.S. Hayes (Elimination Rules - Heat - 6/12/99)
6) Edge/Christain vs. The Hardy Boyz (Heat) 6/27/99)
7) Edge/Christain vs. The Hardy Boyz (#1 Contenders Match - King of The Ring 99 - 6/27/99)
8) Edge vs. The Godfather (Raw) 6/28/99)
9) Gangrel vs. The Godfather (Raw) 7/5/99)
10) End of Edge vs. The Big Bossman (Raw) 7/5/99)
11) The Brood vs. The Big Bossman/Mideon/Viscera (Heat) 7/11/99)
12) Edge vs. Gangrel (Raw) 7/12/99)
13) End of Gangrel vs. D'Lo Brown (Heat) 7/18/99)
14) Jeff Jarrett vs. Christain (IC Title - Raw) 7/19/99)
15) Edge/D'Lo Brown vs. Gangrel/Mideon (Raw) 7/19/99)
16) End of Edge vs. Jeff Jarrett for The IC Title (Fully Loaded 99 - 7/25/99)
17) End of The Acolytes vs. Edge/Christain for the tag titles (Raw - 7/26/99)
18) Edge vs. Gangrel (Bloodbath Match - Raw - 8/2/99)
19) Christain vs. Gangrel (Raw - 8/9/99)
20) Edge/Christain vs. The Hardy Boyz (MTV's Countdown to Summerslam - 8/13/99)
21) Edge/Christain vs. Papi Chulo/Shoi Funaki (Gangrel and The Hardy Boyz, now calling themselves
The New Brood completly obliterate Edge and Christain - Heat - 8/15/99)
22) Int. Edge/Christain (Summerslam 99 - 8/22/99)
23) Beginning of the Tag Team Turmoil Match (Summerslam 99 - 8/22/99)
24) Edge/Christain vs. The New Brood (Smackdown - 9/9/99)
25) End of New Age Outlaws vs. Edge/Christain for the tag titles (Unforgiven 99 - 9/26/99)
26) Edge/Christain vs. The New Brood (Terri Invitational Tournament[T.I.T]) Round 1 - Smackdown - 9/30/99)
27) Edge/Christain vs. The New Brood (T.I.T. Round 2 - Raw - 10/4/99)
28) Edge/Christain vs. The New Brood (T.I.T. Round 3 - Tornado Rules - Smackdown - 10/7/99 - incomplete)
29) Edge/Christain vs. The New Brood (T.I.T. Round 4 - Raw - 10/11/99)
30) Edge/Christain vs. The New Brood (T.I.T Round 5 - Smackdown - 10/14/99)
31) Int. Terri Runnels (Heat - 10/17/99)
32) Brood Video
33) Edge/Christain vs. The New Brood (Ladder Match - ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUS MATCH!
Edge, Christian, and the Hardys blew the roof off of the building with a match that saw dozens of sensational,
original spots. Finals of the T.I.T - WWF No Mercy - 10/17/99)
34) Int. Edge/Christain/Hardy Boyz (Raw - 10/18/99)
35) Edge/Christain/Hardys vs.The Hollies/Too Cool (Raw - 11/1/99)
36) Edge/Christain/Hardys vs.The Hollies/Too Cool (SurvivorSeries - 11/14/99)
37) Edge vs. Matt Hardy (Raw - 11/29/99)
38) Edge/Christain vs. The Hardy Boyz (Steel Cage Match - Raw - 12/13/99)
39) Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy (VERY GOOD MATCH as HHH made the Hardys fight each other.
Smackdown - 12/16/99)
40) Edge vs. Christain (Smackdown - 12/16/99)
41) Edge/Matt Hardy vs. Christain/Jeff Hardy (Another unique pairing courtesy of HHH. Another good match.
Raw - 12/20/99)
42) Christain/Jeff Hardy vs. Kaientai (the 4 masters of the "spotfest" go at it. Smackdown - 12/23/99)
43) Edge/Christain/Jeff Hardy vs. The Dudley Boys/Al Snow (Smackdown - 1/6/00)
44) Special Look at The Ladder Match at No Mercy (WWF Metallenium - 1/1/00)
45) Deja Video: Ladder match at No Mercy (WWF New Year's Eve of Destruction - 12/31/99)


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