When Eric Bischoff and WCW debuted the nWo in 1996, it set the wrestling world on it's ear.  Eventually,
the back and forth war for ratings was no longer back and forth as WCW clearly had the fans' attention.
As a result, Vince McMahon was falling all over himself trying to develop the next big thing to combat
his chief rival.  Vince figured that if the fans loved new heel factions, then he'd give them just that.  What
we were given were the Nation of Domination, the Truth Commission, The Disciples of Apocolypse and Los
Boriquas.  Every last one of these groups SUCKED!  The only promising group that sprung up, was
the HART FOUNDATION.   And in the midst of several great angles surrounding the Foundation, we
saw the coming together of "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, "The ninth
Wonder of the World" Chyna, and Ravishing Rick Rude.  These "Degenerates" as they were described
by Bret Hart, seemed to have everything going for them.  HHH & Michaels were solid wrestlers.  In fact, in
Michaels, you had the absolute BEST WORKER IN THE WWF!  In addition, This new group continued
to push the envelope with their often HILARIOUS interviews and promos (during one period when Michaels
was actually TRYING to get fired, several of their promos had to actually be censored.  Vince was very
afraid to give Michaels a microphone on live TV)  As a result, you never knew what Michaels & Co. were 
going to do next.  You just knew that you HAD to have the TV set to RAW when DX was on because you 
knew that something interesting was about to happen.  The WWF now had a definite HIT with the fans.  This
group of "COOL HEELS" now called themselves DEGENERATION X, and were the most entertaining
group in the WWF.  They were never far from controversy, and were always right in the middle of some of 
BEST matches and angles during late 1997 and throughout 1998. 

The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 1 - The Formation

1.       Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H - MSG 1/26/96 (Handheld)

2.       Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H - WWF Raw 5/13/96

3.       Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel - MSG 5/19/96 (Handheld) - The Kliq Curtain Call

4.       Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind - WWF Raw 8/11/97 - Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Chyna appeared ringside at the
4-minute mark; Rude appeared ringside in the last minute of the bout (Rude's surprise return after a 7-year absence)
Shawn Michaels: His Journey)

5.       Triple H & HBK vs. Undertaker & Mankind - WWF Raw 8/18/97

6.       Shawn Michaels Interview - WWF Friday Night's Main Events 8/29/97

7.       Rick Rude Promo - WWF Friday Night's Main Events 9/5/97

8.       Triple H vs. the Undertaker - WWF Friday Night's Main Events 9/5/97


The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 2 - The Rise to Power

1.       Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker - WWF In Your House: Ground Zero 9/7/97

2.       Hell in a Cell announcement, Undertaker promo, Michaels promo - WWF Raw 9/8/97

3.       Triple H vs Savio Vega vs The Patriot - WWF Raw 9/8/97

4.       Triple H vs. Dude Love - WWF One Night Only

5.       Shawn Michaels vs. British Bulldog - WWF One Night Only (Shawn Michaels: My Journey)


The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 3 - To Hell With DX

1.       Undertaker & Shawn Michaels Interview - WWF Raw 9/22/97

2.       Triple H vs. Cactus Jack (Falls Count Anywhere Match) - WWF Raw 9/22/97

3.       Shawn Michaels Interview - WWF Raw 9/22/97

4.       Brawl to End Raw Involving DX - WWF Raw 9/22/97

5.       DX Interview - WWF Raw 9/29/97

6.       Undertaker vs. Triple H - WWF Raw 9/29/97

7.       Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell Match) - WWF Bad Blood (Hell in a Cell DVD)


The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 4 - The Road to a Screwjob

1.       DX Interview - WWF Raw 10/6/97

2.       Triple H vs. Bret Hart - WWF Raw 10/6/97

3.       DX & Harts Interview + Kama vs. Owen (DX at Ringside) - WWF Raw 10/13/97

4.       DX Interview - WWF Raw 10/13/97

5.       DX Interview - WWF Raw 10/13/97

6.       The Legion of Doom vs. The Nation (DX on the stage) - WWF Raw 10/20/97

7.       DX Interview + Bret Hart vs. Faarooq (DX on Commentary) - WWF Raw 10/20/97

8.       Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart - WWF Raw 10/20/97

9.       Nation, Harts, & DX Interview - WWF Raw 10/27/97

10.    Triple H vs. Goldust - WWF Raw 10/27/97

11.    Bret Hart vs. Ken Shamrock (finish only, ) - WWF Raw 10/27/97

12.    DX Interview - WWF Raw 10/27/97


The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 5 - To Montreal and Beyond

1.       D-Generation X Promo - WWF Raw 11/3/97

2.       Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Shamrock - WWF Raw 11/3/97

3.       Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart - WWF Survivor Series 1997 11/9/97

4.       Survivor Series Highlights - WWF Raw 11/10/97

5.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 11/10/97

6.       Triple H vs. Ken Shamrock - WWF Raw 11/10/97

7.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 11/17/97

8.       Sgt. Slaughter Interview about DX - WWF Raw 11/17/97

9.       DX Interview - WWF Raw 11/24/97


The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 6: The PPV

1.       DX Highlight Reel + Slaughter Promo – WWF Raw 11/24/97

2.       DX Interview - WWF Raw 11/24/97

3.       Shawn Michaels vs. Vader - WWF Raw 11/24/97

4.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 12/1/97

5.       Triple H vs. Jim Neidhart - WWF Raw 12/1/97

6.       Triple H vs. Sgt. Slaughter (Boot Camp Match) - WWF In Your House: D-Generation X 12/7/97

7.       Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Shamrock - WWF In Your House: D-Generation X 12/7/97


The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 7: A Very Merry DX X-Mas

1.       DX Strip Poker - WWF Raw 12/8/97

2.       HHH & Shawn Michaels vs. The Legion of Doom - WWF Raw 12/15/97

3.       D-Generation X promo - WWF Raw 12/22/97

4.       False match start - WWF Raw 12/22/97

5.       Triple H promo - WWF Raw 12/22/97

6.       Shawn Michaels promo - WWF Raw 12/22/97

7.       Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H - WWF Raw 12/22/97

8.       DX Interview - WWF Raw 12/29/97

9.       Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart - WWF Raw 12/29/97


The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 8: The Rumble

1.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 1/5/98

2.       Savio Vega vs. Owen Hart (finish only, DX get involved) - WWF Raw 1/5/98

3.       Shawn Michaels Interview - WWF Raw 1/5/98

4.       D-Generation X Promo - WWF Raw 1/12/98

5.       D-Generation X Promo - WWF Raw 1/12/98

6.       D-Generation X Promo - WWF Raw 1/12/98

7.       Triple H involvement in 1998 Royal Rumble - WWF Royal Rumble 1998 1/18/98

8.       Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker - WWF Royal Rumble 1998 1/18/98

9.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 1/19/98

10.    D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 1/19/98

11.    D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 1/19/98

12.    Mike Tyson & D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 1/19/98

13.    Mike Tyson & Steve Austin Brawl - WWF Raw 1/19/98

The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 9: No Way Out

1.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 1/26/98

2.       Owen Hart vs. Goldust (Goldust dresses as Triple H, with Luna as Chyna, to pull one over on Owen Hart and to
get out of the title defense. However, when Owen beats Goldust, Commissioner Slaughter rules the European
title HAS changed hands) - WWF Raw 1/26/98

3.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 2/2/98

4.       Owen Hart vs. Billy Gunn (finish only) - WWF Raw 2/2/98

5.       Road Dogg vs. Steve Austin (DX gets involved) - WWF Raw 2/2/98

6.       D-Generation X & Steve Austin Interview - WWF Raw 2/9/98

7.       Chyna Interview - WWF Raw 2/9/98

8.       Wrestlemania Press Conferance - WWF Raw 2/9/98

9.       Chyna segment - WWF Raw 2/9/98

10.    D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 2/9/98

11.    HHH & Chyna Interview - WWF No Way Out Preshow 2/15/98

12.    HHH & Chyna Interview - WWF No Way Out 2/15/98

13.    HHH, Savio Vega, Billy Gunn, & Road Dogg vs. Owen Hart, Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie, & Steve Austin -
WWF No Way Out 2/15/98


The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 10: Mania Cometh

1.       Chyna Video Package - WWF Raw Saturday Special 2/21/98

2.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 2/23/98

3.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 3/2/98

4.       Mark Henry vs. Owen Hart (JIP, Chyna gets involved) - WWF Raw 3/2/98

5.       Mike Tyson vs. Shawn Michaels - WWF Raw 3/2/98

6.       D-Generation X Interview - WWF Raw 3/9/98

7.       Owen Hart vs. Barry Windham (HHH on commentary) - WWF Raw 3/9/98

8.       Mike Tyson Interview - WWF Raw 3/9/98

9.       Triple H vs. Savio Vega - WWF Raw 3/9/98

10.    Triple H vs. Owen Hart brawl - WWF Raw Tuesday Special 3/17/98

11.    D-Generation X arrive - WWF Raw 3/26/98

12.    D-Generation X promo - WWF Raw 3/26/98

13.    Steve Austin vs. The Rock (finish only) - WWF Raw 3/26/98


The Complete History of the Original D-Generation X Disc 11: The End

1.       Triple H vs, Owen Hart - WWF Wrestlemania 14 3/29/98

2.       Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin - WWF Wrestlemania 14 3/29/98

3.       Triple H promo - WWF Raw 3/30/98

4.       Bonus: The Formation of the New D-Generation X - WWF Raw 3/30/98

5.       Bonus: Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels - WWE Summerslam 2002

1. Billy Gunn Vs. Owen Hart(Raw 4/13/98) 
2. HHH/Outlaws Vs. Owen/LOD(Raw 4/20/98) 
3. HHH Vs. Owen(Chyna is suspended in a cage to keep her from interfering.  Yeah, like that'll stop her.  IYH-Unforgiven) 
4. Outlaws Vs. LOD(About 10 years past anything even resembling their prime, The LOD once again fail to win a match.
5. DX SKIT - DX is on location at the arena where WCW is holding NITRO causing trouble outside, and yelling "LET MY
    PEOPLE GO!" (Referring to Kevin Nash & Scott Hall), and generally badmouthing Eric Bischoff & WCW.
6. Outlaws v. DOA
7. Chyna/HHH/Outlaws Vs. DOA/LOD(Unfortunately, the LOD & DOA couldn't get along and started fighting.  Raw 5/4/98) 
8. DX SKIT - DX is on location in Atlanta, GA at the offices of WCW as their "assault on WCW" continues.
9. DX Promo - Owen Hart interrupts and challenges HHH to a n on-title match, but Owen also brings his new friends, THE 
NATION led by The ROCK as an insurance policy to hold off any DX interference. (RAW  5/11/98)
10. HHH Vs. Owen(With both DX and the Nation at ringside, you just know that we won't see a clean finish.  Raw 5/11/98) 
11. Outlaws Vs. Rock/Owen(Both DX and The Nation run out and brawl for several minutes before the match can start.
      Farooq [whom the Rock replaced as the leader of the Nation] runs in and drills the Rock with a Piledriver.  Raw 5/18/98) 
12. HHH Vs. Rock(Not a good night for the Rock as he gets drilled again by Farooq.  Raw 5/25/98) 
13. DX comes in and breaks up a post match beatdown as the Nation was decimating Farooq following the Rock's successful
IC Title defense.  Since DX was being cheered anyway, the WWF decided to make them full fledged baby faces. 
(IYH - Over The Edge)
14. HHH/Outlaws Vs. Owen/D'Lo/Godfather(IYH-Over The Edge) 
15. HHH/Outlaws Vs. Owen/Rock/D'Lo(The rest of the Nation & DX are ordered to go to the back during this match.  
They don't stay away very long.Raw 6/1/98) 
16. DX SKIT - On location in New York City, DX has some fun with the locals.
17. Outlaws Vs. LOD Vs. DOA(GREAT ENDING!  In a WWF triple threat match, any man can be tagged in, and the team that 
      scores the pin will  Win the Tag Team titles.  LOD & DOA think they have put one over on the Owlaws by tagging both Roaddog 
      & Billy Gunn in AT THE SAME TIME!  However in a stunning show of brilliance, Roaddog lays down and Billy Gunn COVERS
      HIM FOR THE PIN!  The Outlaws successfully defend their titles and become the only team in WWF history to lose a 
      title match by pinfall with one man pinning his partner, and still not lose their titles!  HILARIOUS!!! Raw 6/8/98) 
NOTE:  The WWF has since amended their 3 way tag matches to forbid tag partners from pinning each other
18. DX strategy session - DX discuss the HHH Vs. X-Pac King of the Ring qualifying match.  
19. HHH v. X-Pac (The two DX teammates are forced to fight each other in a King of the Ring qualifier.  Owen Hart runs in and
     attacks X-Pac, leading to HHH winning the match by count-out.  Raw 6/15/98) 
20. Owen Hart & The Rock v. Dan Severn & Ken Shamrock (Ending, as Owen is mauled by DX who runs in to get revenge on his attack 
      on Xpac earlier in the night.  The Nation runs out and evens up the score. - Raw 6/15/98)
21. X-Pac Vs. Dustin Runnels(Raw 6/22/98) 
22. Road Dogg Vs. Kane(This one doesn't last very long.  Raw 6/22/98) 
23. Owen Hart v. Dan Severn (ending, as Owen is attacked by X-Pac, in revenge for Owen's run-in on his match last week.  Raw6/22/98.
24. HHH Vs. Rock(First round of the King of the Ring Tournament.  The Nation & DX run in for the traditional post-match brawl
      Raw 6/22/98) 
25. Billy Gunn Vs. Mankind(Raw 6/22/98) 
26. X-Pac Vs. Owen(KOTR 98) 
27. Outlaws Vs. New Midnight Express(The New Midnight Express was Bart Gunn & Bob Holly.  Fortunately, this team did not 
      last long.  There was no reason to attach the Midnight Express name to those two.  It simply cheapened the legacy of the real 
      Midnight Express teams that wrestled in the 80s and early 90s.  KOTR 98) 
28. The Rock v. Ken Shamrock (HHH is doing guest commentary since he's feuding with the Rock.  Very Good match here, as 
      Ken Shamrock gets a clean victory over the Rock to win the 1998 King of the Ring tournament.  KOTR 98)
29. INT - Ken Shamrock.  Shamrock is interrupted by Owen Hart, who challenges Shamrock to a match.  HHH comes out and 
      challenges both of them to a 3 way dance.
30. HHH Vs. Owen Vs. Ken Shamrock(Raw 6/29/98)
31. DX SKIT - HILARIOUS IN-RING SKIT as DX comes out dressed up as the Nation, and does some very good impersonations.
      especially from Jason Sensation, who does a near PERFECT Owen Hart. (RAW 7/13/980
32. Jason Sensation is at the commentator's table, and regrets it, as after the Nation cuts a promo in response to DX's skit, OWEN
      HART runs out and absolutely DESTROYS JASON SENSATION!!!  DX eventually runs in to make the save. (Raw 7/13/98)

1. HHH/X-Pac Vs. Owen/Rock(Raw 7/13/98) 
2. Outlaws Vs. Kane/Mankind(Thanks to some timely interference by the Nation, KANE & MANKIND WIN THE TAG 
    TEAM TITLES!  Raw 7/13/98) 
3. Outlaws Vs. Kane/Mankind w/Austin and Taker as special ringside enforcers (And Ringside enforcers NEVER get involved in
    A match now do they?  Needless to say, all 6 men, DX and the Nation all wind up in the ring for the HUGE brawl.  Raw 7/13/98) 
4. HHH Vs. D'Lo Brown (Dlo wins the European Title! Raw 7/20/98) 
5. X-Pac Vs. Rock (Raw 7/20/98) 
6. X-Pac Vs. D'Lo Brown (Good match - IYH-Fully Loaded) 
7. The Outlaws challenge Kane & Mankind to a title match on tomorrow's RAW and a big brawl ensues - IYH Fully Loaded
8. HHH Vs. Rock "2/3 Falls" (IYH-Fully Loaded) 
9. HHH Vs. X-Pac Vs. Rock (Raw 7/27/98) 
10. Outlaws Vs. Austin/Taker (Austin & Undertaker defeated Kane & Mankind for the titles, but the Outlaws still get a title
      shot.  Raw 7/27/98) 
11. Outlaws Vs. Kane/Mankind(Raw 8/3/98) 
12. HHH Vs. X-Pac (The 2 DX teammates settle a score from the previous week's RAW in a match to determine the #1 contender
      for the Rock's Intercontinental Title.  Chyna gets involved.  But who does she help? Is there some dissention in the ranks of
      Degeneration X?Raw 8/3/98) 
13. X-Pac Vs. Taka Michinoku (Not bad, but you just know that these two could have done better.  Kaientai runs in and attacks
      X-Pac.  The rest of DX comes out and clears the ring, showing some much needed unity.  But is it too little, too late?
      Heat 8/9/98) 
14. DX Promo - More sparks fly between X-Pac and HHH, and then HHH shouts at the Outlaws?  Is this the end for DX?  IS IT
     OVER?  WILL THERE BE A DX SPLIT?!  Well, yes.  But not the kind of split you're expecting.  Let's just say that Chyna
      makes an "a$$" of herself. (Raw 8/10/98)
15. Outlaws Vs. Austin/Taker Vs. D'Lo/Rock Vs. Kane/Mankind (Four Corners match.  Because of the last 4 corners match, 
      [Match #17 in DX vol. 4] the WWF has now introduced the "Outlaws rule" which means that no man can pin his partner to
      win the match.  New Champions are crowned.  Raw 8/10/98) 
16. HHH/X-Pac Vs. Southern Justice(Heat 8/16/98) 
17. DX Vs. The Nation "Street Fight" (Jeff Jarrett comes out and attacks X-Pac & Roaddog, CUTTING X-PAC'S HAIR IN THE 
      PROCESS!  Then Southern Justice comes out to assist Double J by attacking the Outlaws, leaving HHH to get creamed by
      The Rock, D-Lo and Mark Henry.  Raw 8/17/98) 
18. X-Pac attacks Jeff Jarrett, and attempts to cut Double J's hair in revenge for what happened in the previous match. (Heat 8/23/98)
19. Backstage footage, of X-Pac pissing in Double J's boots! (RAW 8/24/98)
20. Outlaws Vs. Southern Justice (Double J does guest commentary pumping up his upcoming hair vs. hair match with X-Pac.
      Jarrett also finds the time after the match to attack A CAMERAMAN AND CUT HIS HAIR! Raw 8/24/98) 
21. Chyna calls out the Rock, and REALLY, REALLY REGRETS IT.  The Rock cuts an excellent promo, and then completely 
      HUMILIATES Chyna, putting himself over as an EVEN BIGGER HEEL THAN HE EVER WAS BEFORE! (RAW 8/24/98)
22. X-Pac Vs. Gangrel (Double J runs in and BLASTS X-PAC OVER THE HEAD WITH A GUITAR!! Raw 8/24/98) 
24. The Rock and the Nation almost cuts a promo, but DX runs in and attacks them.  Nice pre-PPV brawl (Summerslam 98)
25. Clips of Jeff Jarrett cutting Howard Finkel's hair on Heat earlier in the evening (Summerslam 98)
26. X-Pac Vs. Jeff Jarrett "Hair Match" (Good match!  Jarrett winds up getting his head shaved, and it was the best thing to 
      happen to his career in years, as we would soon see a newer meaner and better Double J after this.  Summerslam 98) 
27. Mankind finds out thatKane will not be able to wrestle, thus Mankind is forced to defend the Tag Team titles by himself against
     The new Age Outlaws.  Mankind needs to be talked into taking the match by Vince McMahon.
28. Outlaws Vs. Mankind (No Holds Barred - Falls Count Anywhere for the WWF Tag Team Titles.  Mankind loses of course, with 
      Jim Ross really putting him over as a hero for taking the match on, and giving it his all.  But the real drama doesn't begin until
      after the match is over.  If JR's commentary being so high on Mankind wasn't enough to lead one to think that a face turn was in       
      Mick Foley's future, the Outlaws put Mankind in a Foley in a dumpster and who should show up to attack him but….Well that 
      would be giving it away now, wouldn't it ? ;) Summerslam 98)
29. HHH Vs. Rock (Ladder Match - Summerslam 98  FANTASTIC MATCH!  HHH wins the Intercontinental title, but the real star 
     in this match was the Rock.  This was by far the Rock's best match to date!  He was already getting lots of heat as a heel, but, you 
     could finally see the general audience [and not just his fans] really begin to APPRECIATE the Rock as not only were there the 
     usual "ROCKY SUCKS" chants, but towards the end, the crowd was actually chanting "ROCKY! ROCKY!"  and cheering him 
     just as loud as HHH.  It was at this point that the Rock transcended Good and Bad like Austin did a year earlier, and became THE 
     PEOPLE'S CHAMPION in fact, as well as name.  A definite breakout match for the Rock)  
30. Outlaws Vs. Rock/Mark Henry(Raw 9/5/98)
31. X-Pac Vs. D'Lo Brown (Jarrett runs in and attakcs X-Pac for the DQ.  But D'Lo is not out of the woods as KANE & 
      THE UNDERTAKER come out to attack him.  The Rock runs out to make the save, but winds up getting the beating that D'Lo 
      was supposed to get. Raw 9/5/98) 
32. X-Pac runs in on Double J's match in retaliation for the previous match's run-in by Jarrett.  
33. Road Dogg Vs. Dennis Knight(Heat 9/11/98) 
34. DX Vs. Kaientai(Raw 9/12/98)
35. X-Pac v. Jeff Jarrett (LumberJack Match - Raw 9/17/98 cut off)

1.  X-Pac Vs. Jeff Jarrett "Lumberjack"(Heat 9/13/98) 
2.Road Dogg Vs. Jarrett(Raw 9/14/98) 
3. HHH Vs. Owen Hart(Raw 9/14/98) Chyna/X-Pac Vs. Mark Henry(Raw 9/14/98) 
4. Billy Gunn Vs. Jarrett(Raw 9/21/98) 
5. Gunn/Austin Vs. Kane/Undertaker(Raw 9/21/98) 
6. X-Pac Vs. D'Lo Brown(Raw 9/21/98) 
7. Gunn Vs. DOA(Heat 9/27/98) 
8. X-Pac/Outlaws Vs. Jarrett/Southern Justice(IYH-Breakdown) 
9. Outlaws Vs. Southern Justice(Raw 9/28/98) 
10. X-Pac Vs. Val Venis(Raw 9/28/98) 
11. X-Pac Vs. Owen Hart(Heat 10/4/98) 
12. X-Pac Vs. D'Lo Brown(Raw 10/5/98) 
13. Road Dogg Vs. Mark Henry(Raw 10/5/98) 
14. Outlaws Vs. Animal/Droz(Raw 10/12/98) 
15. X-Pac Vs. Jarrett(Raw 10/12/98) 
16. X-Pac Vs. Mankind(Raw 10/12/98) 
17. X-Pac Vs. Shamrock(Raw 10/12/98) 
18. X-Pac Vs. D'Lo Brown(IYH-Judgement Day) 
19. Outlaws Vs. Headbangers(IYH-Judgement Day) 
20. X-Pac Vs. Shamrock(Raw 10/19/98) 
21. Motley Crue "Bitter Pill"(Heat 10/25/98) 
22. X-Pac/Mankind Vs. D'Lo/Shamrock(Heat 10/25/98) 
23. X-Pac Vs. Steve Blackman(Raw 10/26/98) 
24. Motley Crue "Wild Side"(Raw 10/26/98) 
25. Outlaws Vs. Mankind/Snow(Raw 10/26/98) 
26. X-Pac/Outlaws Vs. Brood(Raw 11/2/98) 
27. X-Pac Vs. Undertaker(Raw 11/9/98) 
28. Road Dogg Vs. D'Lo Vs. Mosh(Raw 11/9/98) 
29. X-Pac Vs. Steve Regal(Survivor Series 98) 
30. Outlaws Vs. D'Lo/Mark Henry Vs. Headbangers(Survivor Series 98) 
31. X-Pac/Outlaws Vs. Oddities(Raw 11/16/98) 
32. Shawn Michaels named commissioner of WWF(Raw 11/23/98) 
33. Outlaws Vs. Scorpio/Holly(Raw 11/23/98) 
34. X-Pac Vs. Rock(Raw 11/23/98) 
35. X-Pac Vs. Mark Henry(Heat 11/29/98) 
36. Outlaws Vs. Edge/Gangrel(Raw 11/30/98)

1.  X-Pac Vs. Ken Shamrock(Raw 11/30/98) 
2.HHH Vs. Jeff Jarrett(Capital Carnage) 
3.Outlaws Vs. D'Lo/Henry(Capital Carnage) 
4. X-Pac Vs. Rock(Capital Carnage) 
5. HHH/X-Pac Vs. Bossman/Shamrock(Raw 12/7/98) 
6. HHH Vs. Droz(Heat 12/13/98) 
7. Outlaws Vs. Bossman/Shamrock(IYH-Rock Bottom) 
8. Outlaws Vs. Bossman/Shamrock(Raw 12/14/98) 
9. HHH Vs. Rock(Raw 12/14/98) 
10. X-Pac Vs. Tiger Ali-Singh(Heat 12/20/98) 
11. Billy Gunn Vs. Ken Shamrock(Raw 12/21/98) 
12. Road Dogg Vs. Big Bossman(Raw 12/21/98) 
13. HHH/X-Pac Vs. Rock/Test(Raw 12/21/98) 
14. X-Pac Vs. Kane(Heat 12/27/98) 
15. Road Dogg Vs. Val Venis(Raw 12/28/98) 
16. X-Pac Vs. Bossman(Raw 12/28/98) 
17. HHH Vs. Ken Shamrock(Raw 12/28/98) 
18. Billy Gunn Vs. Kane(Raw 12/28/98) 
19. Road Dogg Vs. Mankind(Raw 12/28/98) 
20. HHH Vs. Mark Henry(Heat 1/3/99) 
21. Road Dogg Vs. Test(Heat 1/3/99) 
22. HHH Vs. Mankind(Raw 1/4/99) 
23. Road Dogg Vs. Al Snow(Raw 1/4/99)

1. Outlaws Vs. Owen/Jarrett(Raw 1/11/99) 
2. X-Pac Vs. Al Snow(Raw 1/11/99) 
3. HHH Vs. Edge(Raw 1/11/99) 
4. Corporate Royal Rumble(Raw 1/11/99) 
5. Road Dogg Vs. Gangrel(Raw 1/18/99) 
6. Billy Gunn Vs. Test(Raw 1/18/99) 
7. Chyna Vs. Brisco/Patterson(Raw 1/18/99) 
8. Road Dogg Vs. Bossman(Rumble 99) 
9. Billy Gunn Vs. Ken Shamrock(Rumble 99) 
10. X-Pac Vs. Gangrel(Rumble 99) 
11. DX in Rumble(Rumble 99) 
12. Billy Gunn Vs. Goldust(Raw 1/25/99) 
13. Road Dogg/Al Snow Vs. Edge/Gangrel(Raw 1/25/99) 
14. HHH Vs. Rock "I Quit"(Raw 1/25/99) 
15. Billy Gunn Vs. Val Venis(Raw 2/1/99) 
16. Road Dogg/Al Snow Vs. Acolytes(Raw 2/1/99) 
17. HHH Vs. Kane "Steel Cage"(Raw 2/1/99) 
18. HHH/X-Pac Vs. Owen/Jarrett(Heat 2/7/99) 
19. X-Pac Vs. Kane(Raw 2/13/99) 
20. HHH/X-Pac Vs. Chyna/Kane(IYH-St Valentine's Day) 
21. Billy Gunn Vs. Val Venis(Raw 2/15/99) 
22. HHH/X-Pac Vs. Kane/Shane McMahon(Raw 2/15/99) 
23. Billy Gunn Vs. Ken Shamrock(Raw 2/22/99) 
24. X-Pac Vs. Chyna(Raw 2/22/99) 
25. HHH/X-Pac Vs. Owen/Jarrett(Raw 3/1/99) 
26. Road Dogg Vs. Rock(Raw 3/1/99) 
27. HHH Vs. Chyna(LiveWire 3/6/99) 
28. Road Dogg Vs. Jeff Jarrett(Heat 3/7/99) 
29. Billy Gunn/Val Venis Vs. Goldust/Shamrock(Heat 3/7/99)

1. Outlaws Vs. Hardcore/Snow(Raw 3/8/99) 
2. X-Pac Vs. Test(Raw 3/8/99) 
3. Outlaws Vs. Hardcore/Venis(Heat 3/14/99) 
4. Road Dogg Vs. Venis(Raw 3/15/99) 
5. Billy Gunn Vs. Hardcore(Raw 3/15/99) 
6. Billy Gunn Vs. Al Snow(Heat 3/21/99) 
7. Road Dogg Vs. Shamrock(Heat 3/21/99) 
8. Triple H Vs. Godfather(Heat 3/21/99) 
9. Billy Gunn Vs. Road Dogg(Raw 3/22/99) 
10. X-Pac Vs. Shane McMahon(Raw 3/22/99) 
11. Billy Gunn Vs. Hardcore Vs. Snow(Wrestlemania 15) 
12. Road Dogg Vs. Goldust Vs. Shamrock Vs. Venis(Wrestlemania 15) 
13. Triple H Vs. Kane(Wrestlemania 15) 
14. X-Pac Vs. Shane McMahon(Wrestlemania 15) 
15. Billy Gunn Vs. Rock(Raw 3/29/99) 
16. Road Dogg Vs. Goldust(Raw 3/29/99) 
17. X-Pac Vs. Triple H(Raw 3/29/99) 
18. X-Pac/Kane Vs. Jarrett/Owen(Raw 4/4/99) 
19. Outlaws Vs. Edge/Gangrel(Raw 4/4/99) 
20. Triple H/Rock Vs. Big Show(Raw 4/4/99) 
21. Outlaws Vs. Kane/X-Pac Vs. Jarrett/Owen(Heat 4/10/99) 
22. Billy Gunn Vs. Venis(Raw 4/11/99) 
23. X-Pac/Kane Vs. Test/Triple H(Raw 4/11/99) 
24. X-Pac/Kane Vs. Rock/Triple H(Heat 4/17/99) 
25. Road Dogg Vs. Owen Hart(Raw 4/18/99) 
26. Triple H Vs. Mankind(Raw 4/18/99) 
27. Billy Gunn Vs. Jeff Jarrett(Raw 4/18/99) 
28. Outlaws Vs. Jarrett/Owen(IYH-Backlash) 
29. X-Pac Vs. Triple H(IYH-Backlash) 
30. X-Pac/Kane Vs. Edge/Gangrel(Raw 4/25/99) 
31. Billy Gunn Vs. Triple H(Raw 4/25/99) 
32. Kane/X-Pac Vs. Outlaws(Smackdown 4/29/99) 
33. Outlaws Vs. D'Lo/Henry(Heat 5/2/99)


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