Disc 1
Ted Dibiase vs. Paul Orndorff (12/10/81)
Ted Dibiase & Dick Murdock vs. Paul Orndorff & Bob Roop (1/21/82)
Ted Dibiase vs. Bob Roop (No match) (1/28/82)
Ted Dibiase vs. Bob Roop (3/18/82)
Ted Dibiase vs. Bob Roop (4/29/82)
Ted Dibiase Interviews (6/10/82 & 6/18/82)
Junk Yard Dog/Dibiase/Junk Yard Dog/Roop Interviews (6/25/82)
Ted Dibiase vs The Junk Yard Dog (6/25/82)
Ted Dibiase & Jim Duggan vs. JYD & Mr. Olympia (w/ post match interview) (8/19/82)
Ted Dibiase vs. Dick Murdoch (8/26/82)
Ted Dibiase vs. Mr Wrestling II (9/30/82)
Ted Dibiase and Jim Hacksaw Duggan vs. Dick Murdoch and Iron Mike Sharpe (10/6/82)
Ted Dibiase vs. Mr Olympia (10/14/82)
Ted Dibiase & Matt Borne vs. JYD & Mr. Olympia (Loser Leaves Town for 90 days) (10/28/82)
Rat Pack Interview w/ Tag Match Recap (11/3/82)
Ted Dibiase vs. Stagger Lee (11/3/82)

Disc 2
Ted Dibiiase & Matt Borne vs. “Iron” Mike Sharp & Mr. Olympia (11/3/82)
Ted Dibiase Interview (1/20/83)
Ted Dibiase vs. Stagger Lee (No match) (1/26/83)
Ted Dibiase Interviews (1/26/83 & 2/3/83)
Ted Dibaise & Matt Borne vs. Tony Atlas & Andre the Giant (2/10/83)
Ted Dibiase & Matt Borne vs. Mr. Wrestling II & J.Y.D (shaky) (2/24/83)
Ted Dibiase, Skandor Akbar & Mr. Olympia Interview (4/14/83)
Ted Dibiase & Mr. Olympia vs. Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. (4/14/83)
Hacksaw Duggan Interview on break-up w/ Dibiase (4/28/83)
Ted Dibiase vs. Tito Santana (Houston 6/24/83)
Ted Dibiase & Mr. Olympia vs. JYD & Hacksaw Duggan (6/30/83)
Ted Dibiase vs. Johnny Rich (7/14/83)
Ted Dibiase Interview (9/2/83)
Ted Dibiase vs. Hacksaw Duggan (9/8/83)
Ted Dibiase Interview (11/25/83)
Ted Dibiase vs. Brad Armstrong (OKC 5/27/84)
Ted Dibiase vs. Magnum T.A. (No DQ) (OKC 9/84)
Ted Dibiase vs. Magnum T.A. (No DQ) (9/84)
Hacksaw Duggan-Dr. Death Football Helmet Match (no match) (10/84)

Disc 3
Ted Dibiase’s “Bad Reputation” Video
Ted Dibiase, Dr. Death & Hercules Hernandez vs. Hacksaw Duggan & The Fantastics (Little Rock 10/25/84)
Ted Dibisase vs. Kevin Von Erich (PPW 11/84)
Ted Dibiase vs. Magnum T.A. (11/84 TV)
Ted Dibiase challenges Hacksaw Duggan (11/84 TV)
Ted Dibiase & Shiek Hernandez vs. Rock N Roll Express (11/84 TV)
Ted Dibiase & Shiek Hernandez vs. Magnum T.A. & Terry Taylor (11/84 TV)
Ted Dibiase Interviews (12/84 TV)
Ted Dibiase & Shiek Hernandez vs. Rock N Roll Express (MS 78) (12/84 TV)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Hacksaw Duggan & Terry Taylor (House Show)
Jim Duggan Tuxedo Interview (Interrupted by Dibiase) (1/85 TV)
Ted Dibiase vs. Brad Armstrong (1/16/85 TV)
Ted Dibiase vs. Brad Armstrong (2/10/85)

Disc 4
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Duggan & Gordy (Texas Tornado Match) (2/85)
Ted Dibiase vs. Terry Taylor (MS 82) (3/13/85 TV) (Sound Problems)
Ted Dibiase vs. Hacksaw Duggan (No DQ Taped Fist Match)
Ted Dibiase vs. Hacksaw Duggan (Street Fight)
Ted Dibiase-Hacksaw Duggan Feud Recap
Ted Dibiase vs. Hacksaw Duggan (No DQ, Tuxedo, Coal Miners Glove, Loser Leaves Town, Cage match) (New Orleans 3/30/85)
Ted Dibiase & The Barbarian vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (5/11/85)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Bill Dundee & Wendell Cooley (5/31/85 TV)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (HS 6/1/85)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Jake The Snake & The Barbarian (6/9/85)

Disc 5
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Jake the Snake & The Barbarian (6/24/85)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Rock N' Roll Express (6/30/85)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Rock N' Roll Express (Houston TV 7/85)
Ted Dibiase vs. Terry Taylor (7/85 TV)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Hector & Chavo Guerrero (steel cage match) (Houston 7/85)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death promo "Every man has a price"
Ted Dibiase vs. Dick Murdoch (7/85 TV)
Ted Dibiase vs. Butch Reed (7/85 TV)
Ted Dibiase vs. Jake the Snake (Wrestlefest 7/28/85)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Jake The Snake & Barbarian (Cage match) (8/9/85)

Disc 6
Ted Dibiase blames Bob Sweetan for loss of tag titles
Ted DiBiase vs. Bob Sweetan (Taped Fist Match) (Houston 10/85)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Wendell Cooley & Al Perez (Tulsa 10/13/85)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Wendell Cooley & Al Perez (11/1/85 TV)
Ted Dibiase vs. Ric Flair (11/15/85 TV)
Ted Dibiase vs. Dick Murdoch (OKC 12/31/85) (PPW 5/86)
Ted Dibiase-Dick Murdoch recap
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death Interview (Face turn)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Eddie Gilbert & Nightmare (1/86 TV)
Bunkhouse Battle Royal (Houston 1/24/86)
Ted Dibiase, Dr. Death & Jim Duggan vs. Masked Superstar, Dick Murdoch & Buzz Sawyer (Houston TV 1/31/86)

Disc 7
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar (Houston 2/14/86)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar (Houston TV)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Sheepherders (4/86 TV) (Tracking Issues)
Ted Dibiase vs. Buzz Sawyer (G VQ) (1986)
Ted Dibiase & Terry Taylor vs. The Freebirds (1986)
Michael Hayes challenges Ted Dibiase (1986)
Ted Dibiase vs. Terry Gordy (JIP) (G- VQ) (6/29/86)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts (Lumberjack) (1986)
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy (Badstreet Match) (1/28/87) (Finish shown the next week)
Ted Dibiase vs. One Man Gang (2/16/87)
Ted Dibiase & Sam Houston vs. Terry Taylor & Chris Adams (3/17/87)



Disk 1


1.        Ted DiBiase v. Pat Patterson (Pat Patterson is defending the Intercontinental Title – MSG 10/22/1979)

Interesting note here: Pat Patterson was the first Intercontinental Champion, while DiBiase entered the WWF as the

North American Champion. On 9/79, Patterson defeated DiBiase for the NA title. The weird thing, is that While DiBiase is not,

and HAS NEVER been acknowledged by the WWF as a former IC champion (or North American Champion for that matter),

Vince McMahon himself doing commentary references DiBiase losing the title to Patterson in a previous match.

2.        Ted DiBiase v. Hulk Hogan (Hogan’s MSG debut, and DiBiase’s final WWF match for nearly 8 years.  MSG 12/1779)


3.        "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase promo - he gets a paper cut and pays off the doctor's office to get immediate attention (Primetime 7/6/87)

4.        Update: "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase promo - he buys a seat at a restaurant without waiting in line (challenge 7/5/87)

5.        "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase promo - he buys a public pool (Primetime 7/13/87)

6.        "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase promo - he pays a woman $100 to wipe the sweat off his body (Challenge 7/26/87)

7.        "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase promo - he throws $100 bills at the crowd (Primetime 7/27/87)

8.        "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase promo - he pays a hotel to kick newlyweds out of their honeymoon suite (Primetime 8/3/87)

9.        Update: "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase promo - gives a kid $100 to kiss his foot.  That kid grew up to be ROB VAN DAM! (Primetime 8/10/87)

10.     Ted Dibiase v. Sivi Afi (after the bout, Dibiase paid a woman $300 to kiss his foot – Boston 8/15/87)

11.     Ted Dibiase promo #7 - Dibiase gives $300 to a lady to bark like a dog.  That woman was actually   LINDA MCMAHON!
(superstars 8/16/87)

12.     Ted Dibiase pays a Jobber  (Arthur Washington) $5,000 to fight his opponent (Chris Curtis) Dibiase's hired replacement loses the match and  Dibiase & Virgil beat the hell out of him.  HILARIOUS! (Primetime 8/25/87)

13.     Ted Dibiase (w/ Virgil v. Brutus Beefcake (Prior to the bout, Dibiase tried to pay off Beefcake with $500, with Beefcake attacking
Dibiase instead of taking the money; Beefcake then gave out the money to the crowd – Boston 9/12/87)

14.      Ted DiBiase offers a kid $300 to do 10 pushups.  The kid runs out of gas at 9, and Ted refuses to pay him. (Primetime 9/24/87)

15.      Ted DiBiase v. Jacques Rougeau (Primetime 10/1/87)


Disk 2

1.         Ted DiBiase v. The Junkyard Dog (Ted offers JYD $500 to take the night off, but JYD snatches the money and hands it out to the people in the audience! Primetime 11/12/87

2.         Ted DiBiase kicks his "Million Dollar Man- Gimmick into high gear with his most famous skit where he best a kid from the audience $100.00 that he can't bounce a basketball 15 times. Ted kicks the ball away at 14. PRICELESS! (Primetime 10/29/87)

3.         Ted DiBiase v. Ivan Putski (DiBiase gets a clean pin with one of the best powerslams in the business! msg 11/24/87)

4.         Ted DiBiase’s Thanksgiving (Primetime 12/21/87)

5.         Special Interview – Ted DiBiase promises to buy the WWF Title. (Primetime 12/7/87)

6.         Speculation on whether or not Hulk Hogan will sell his WWF Title to Ted DiBiase (Primetime 12/14/87)

7.         Hulk Hogan gives his answer to whether or not he’ll sell the WWF Title to Ted diBiase. (Primetime 12/21/87)

8.         Special Interview – Ted DiBiase & Virgil (Primetime 12/31/87) 

9.         Ted DiBiase arrives on the set to talk with Heenan and Monsoon.  Ted gives Heenan some money for later.(Primetime 12/31/87)

10.      Special Interview – Ted DiBiase, who welcomes Bobby Heenan to the interview set and lets the world know that he has purchased Andre The Giant’s contract! (challenge 1/9/88)

11.      Special Interview – Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant.  Andre will soon be wrestling Hulk Hogan on the 2/5/88 Main Event Special for the WWF Title. (challenge 1/16/88)

12.      Ted DiBiase & Virgil v. Hulk Hogan & Bamm Bamm Bigelow (MSG 1/25/88)

13.      Contract signing between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant at the 1988 Royal Rumble

14.      Hulk Hogan v. Andre the Giant (With the help of a corrupt referee, ANDRE WINS THE WWF TITLE!  Andre then hands over The title to Ted DiBiase!  SNME 2/5/88)

15.      Post match interview with Ted DiBiase with the WWF Title around his waist.

16.      Post match interview with Hulk Hogan

17.      Ted DiBiase & Andre the Giant v. Hulk Hogan & Bam Bam Bigelow ( RARE MATCH, as Ted DiBiase is introduced as the New WWF Champion!  I think this is the only match with DiBiase as champion before he was stripped of the title.   Boston 2/6/88)

18.      WWF President Jack Tunney strips DiBiase of the WWF Title, and announces a single elimination tournament for Wrestlemania 4. (Primetime 2/19/88?)

19.      Ted DiBiase v. Bam Bam Bigelow (MSG 2/22/88)

20.      Ted DiBiase v. Randy "Macho Man- Savage (GREAT MATCH!  3/7/88 – Televised on Saturday Night's Main Event [SNME] 3/12/88)



  Disk 3

1.         Ted DiBiase v. Hulk Hogan (lumberjack match - among the various Lumberjacks, were the masked Killer Bees (working as HEELS
 no less.) The Bees only wore their masks near the finish of the match, and these guys wore their masks for the entire time that
they were out there. This was possibly because B.Brian Blair had already left the WWF, and they didn't want to acknowledge
that there were different men under the masks.  Philadelphia 3/12/88)

2.         Ted DiBiase v. "Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (First round of the WWF Championship tournament - Wrestlemania 4)

3.         Ted DiBiase v. "The Rock” Don Muraco (Muraco was so much better as a heel. Second round of the tournament - WM4)

4.         Ted DiBiase v. Savage (Another very good match. Savage wins the WWF Title - WM 4)

(Interesting story here, as Savage was supposed to win the Intercontinental Title from the Honkytonk Man at the 2/5/88

Main Event TV special. HTM however, complained about doing the job to Savage and threatened to jump ship to the

NWA with the IC title still in his possession. McMahon relented and changed the script to allow HTM to keep the title,

but  then Savage heard about this, he promised to SHOOT on HTM during the show which was to be broadcast LIVE! In

order to avert  a surefire disaster, McMahon promised Savage the World Title at Wrestlemania 4, which was supposed to               

be won by DiBiase. Good thing DiBiase didn't get upset huh?)



5.         Ted DiBiase v. Randy Savage (GREAT MATCH! DiBiase and Savage were BY FAR the 2 best workers in the WWF

at the time. Just about everything they did in the ring together was GOLD .MSG 4/25/88)

6.         Ted DiBiase v. Don Muraco (SNME 4/30/88)

7.         Randy Savage v. Virgil (DiBiase of course, gets involved. Primetime 5/23/88)

8.         Ted DiBiase v. Randy Savage (YET ANOTHER GREAT MATCH! In the opening minutes of the match, Savage

DRILLS DiBiase with a vicious forearm, breaking his nose in the process. msg 5/27/88)

9.         Ted DiBiase v. Randy Savage (Cage Match - Watch as some idiot mark fan actually climbs the cage and attacks Virgil!

Msg 6/25/88)                      


Disk 4

1.         DiBiase is the guest on the first ever Brother Love show. (Primetime 6/27/88)

2.         Randy Savage is attacked by Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase.  Savage issues a challenge to Andre and DiBiase in a tag match.

Savage will select his partner at a later date (but we all know who it will be. WWF TV 7/17/88)

3.         Special Interview – Bobby Heenan, Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase (DiBiase & Andre accept Savage’s challenge.  Primetime 7/25/88)

4.         Ted DiBiase v. Randy Savage  (Spectrum 7/88)

5.         Ted DiBiase v. Randy Savage (ONCE AGAIN, A FANTASTIC MATCH! Savage even manages to score a clean pin

on DiBiase this time - WrestleFest 7/30/88, Milwaukee)

6.         Special Interview – Randy Savage chooses Hulk Hogan as his tag team partner at Summerslam (Primetime 8/1/88)

7.         Brother Love – Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase (Primetime 8/1/88)\

8.         Ted DiBiase v. Jim Brunzell (Primetime 8/15/88)

9.         Jesse Ventura talks about his role as referee for the Summerslam match between the Megapowers & the Megabucks.-

10.      Brother Love Show – Jesse Ventura is interviewed and speculates on whether or not he’ll be an impartial referee.  Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant come out and place several hundred dollar bills in Jesse’s pocket, furthering the speculation (Primetime 8/15/88) or WC 8/21/88

as to whether or not the already heel oriented Ventura will help stack the deck in favor of the Megabucks and the Megapowers.

11.      The Megapowers (Hogan & Savage) Ted DiBiase v. The Megabucks (DiBiase & Andre the Giant) - Summerslam 88

12.      Ted DiBiase v. Hulk Hogan (Boston 9/10/88)

13.      Ted DiBiase v. Randy Savage (cage match) Spectrum 9/88


Disk 5


1.         Ted DiBiase buys Hercules from Bobby Heenan as his personal Slave. (Primetime 10/4/88)

2.         Ted DiBiase v. Tito Santana (Hercules runs in to attack DiBiase.  Primtime 11/22/88)

3.         Hercules v. Virgil (Hercules is some revenge on Ted DiBiase for being sold into "slavery" - SNME 11/26/88)

4.         Ted DiBiase, The Twin Towers (Big Bossman & Akeem), The Red Rooster & "King- Haku v. The Megapowers, Koko B. Ware

Hillbilly Jim, & Hercules (Survivor Series 1988)

5.         ed DiBiase v. Hercules (SNME - 2/3/89)


6.         Ted goes to a World Famous jeweler to commission the creation of his Million $$$ belt (Primetime 2/13/89)

7.         Ted DiBiase debuts his new Million $$$ Belt on the Brother Love show. (Primetime 3/6/98)

8.     Ted DiBiase v. Blue Blazer (Good Match! The Blue Blazer of course, is Owen Hart under a mask. Ted insists now, on
being called "THE MILLION DOLLAR CHAMPION!” SNME - 3/11/89

9.         Ted DiBiase v. Bret Hart (Good Match. Primetime 3/20/89)


10.      Jake Roberts v. Virgil (DiBiase claims to be too sick to wrestle, but runs in on the match and DESTROYS Jake,

taking him out of action "storyline wise at least) for several months! WWF TV 4/89

11.      Ted DiBiase v. Brutus "The Barber- Beefcake (Wrestlemania 5)


Disk 6 (2:00)

1.         Ted DiBiase v. Jake Rob erts (Toronto 4/23/89)

2.         Ted DiBiase v. Jake Rob erts (4/24/89)

3.         Ted DiBiase v. Jimmy "Superfly- Snuka (Summerslam 89)

4.         Ted DiBiase v. Hulk Hogan (Zeus is at ringside for DiBiase. This match helps set up the upcoming Survivor Series. SNME

5.         Ted DiBiase, The Powers of Pain & Zeus v. Hulk Hogan, Demolition & Jake Roberts (Survivor Series 1989)

6.         Ted DiBiase v. Jake "The Snake- Roberts (Msg 11/25/89)


Disk 7

1.         Ted DiBiase v. Jake Roberts (No DQ match, with Virgil barred from ringside. Jake finally gets a clean pinfall over DiBiase. MSG 12/89)

2.         Ted DiBiase v. Jake Roberts ( msg 1/15/90)

3.         The DiBiase/Roberts feud takes a new turn, as Jake runs in during a DiBiase squash AND STEALS THE MILLION $$$ BELT! (WWF TV) 1/28/90

4.         Ted DiBiase v. Jake Roberts (The Big Bossman runs in, handcuffs Jake and walks away with Jake’s bag containing not only Damien,
but Ted’s Million $$$ Belt!  Ted immediately appears on the Brother Love set and thanks Slick for sending the Bossman to do his
bidding.  Bossman gets upset that Slick had been bribed into taking Ted’s belt back and instead of giving the belt back to DiBiase,
he storms off the set, returns to the ring, un-handcuffs Jake, AND
This sparks Big Bossman’s babyface turn. WWF TV 2/11/90

5.         Jake Roberts & The Ultimate Warrior vs. Ted DiBiase & Akeem (referee Big Bossman)  Wrestlefest 1990

6.         Ted DiBiase v. Red Rooster (Primetime 3/25/90)

7.         Ted DiBiase v. Jake Roberts (Ted manages to get his belt back. Wrestlemania 6)



Disk 8

1.         Ted DiBiase v. Ultimate Warrior (Tokyo, Japan 4/13/90)

2.         Ted DiBiase v. Shawn Michaels (Primetime 5/14/90)

3.         Ted DiBiase is on location in Cobb County, Georgia talking with people about how the Big Bossman mistreated them when they were
 in prison. (TV 6/9/90)

4.         Ted DiBiase is in Cobb County Georgia with one of the Big Bossman’s highschool teachers. (WWF TV 6/16/90) 

5.         Ted DiBiase interviews people in Cobb County GA about his new enemy, The Big Bossman. (WWF TV 7/1/90)

6.         Ted DiBiase interviews Big Bossman’s old football coach. (WWF TV 7/8/90)

7.         Ted DiBiase vs. The Big Bossman

8.         Ted DiBiase v. Dustin Rhodes (10 minute challenge match.  DiBiase claimed that Dustin couldn’t last 10 minutes in the ring with him.   Ted beats the hell out of him, but Rhodes still manages to last the time limit, spending the last minute in
the “Million $$$ Dream”.  DiBiase  and Virgil attack Rhodes
after the match.  10/9/90 (Primetime 11/5/90)

9.         Ted DiBiase v. Dusty Rhodes (MSG 10/19/90)

10.      Ted DiBiase, Rhythm & Blues (Honkytonk Man, Greg Valentine) & The Undertaker v. Dusty Rhodes , The Hart Foundation, and
The Undertaker
(This match is most notable for first being the Undertaker's first WWF match, as well as the ending
sequence with DiBiase and Bret Hart going at it in a FANTASTIC technical match! Survivor Series 1990)

11.      Ted DiBiase, Rick Martel, Hercules, Paul Roma & The Warlord v. Hulk Hogan, Tito Santana & The Ultimate Warrior
(Survivor Series 1990 bonus match - All the survivors of the previous matches on the card came back for one final
elimination  match.)

12.      Ted DiBiase v. The Ultimate Warrior (Ted attempts to win the WWF Title from the Warrior - SNME 11/23/90)


Disk 9

1.       Ted Dibiase & Virgil v. Dusty & Dustin Rhodes (MSG 11/24/90)

2.       Brother Love – Ted DiBiase (who failed to defeat Dustin Rhodes in a 10 minute challenge match) offers Dustin a lot of money to buy him off like he bought Sapphire.  In the process, Ted heaps a bit more humiliation than usual on ol’ Virgil. (more on that later)  Dustin obviously doesn’t take the money, and gets the snot beaten out of him by DiBiase and Virgil.  IC Champion Kerry Von Erich runs in and makes the save. (WWF TV 12/17/90)

3.       Mr. Perfect v. Kerry Von Erich (DiBiase gets revenge on Kerry’s run in from the Brother Love show by causing Von Erich to lose the IC Title back to Mr. Perfect. Primetime 12/17/90)

4.       Promo – Ted DiBiase makes Virgil massage his toes.  Virgil doesn’t seem to happy these days to be belittled by Ted. (Primetime 12/31/90)

5.       Royal Rumble ’91 Report (Dibiase makes Virgil wipe dog poop off his boot.  (Primetime 1/7/91)

6.       Ted Dibiase vs. Dan Brazil (Dibiase Interview afterwards, Dibiase slaps Virgil & makes him pick up his money.  Primetime 1/14/91)

7.       Ted DiBiase & Virgil v. Dusty & Dustin Rhodes (From the Royal Rumble.  Virgil clotheslines Ted by mistake, and
Ted beats Virgil down in frustration.  Afterward, Ted makes Virgil hand him his Million$$$ belt, and Virgil
BLASTS DIBIASE ACROSS THE FACE WITH IT!  Virgil has obviously had enough of the constant humiliation at
DiBiase’s hands and revolted, resulting in his immediate change to babyface.  Royal Rumble 91

8.       Ted DiBiase vs. Kerry Von Erich ( Orlando, FL  2/18/91)

9.       Virgil (w/Roddy Piper) vs. Haku (w/Ted Dibiase & Bobby Heenan) - Primetime  2/25/91   

10.    Ted Dibiase vs. Sonny Blaze (Virgil comes to ringside and causes Dibiase to win only via countout. Primetime 3/4/91)

11.    Ted DiBiase v. Kerry Von Erich (MSG 3/15/91)

12.    Ted DiBiase v. Virgil (Virgil attempts to win the Million $$$ belt. Wrestlemania 7)

13.    Ted Dibiase vs. Pat Armstrong (Dibiase announces Sensational Sherri as his new manager.  Primetime 4/1/91)

14.    Ted DiBiase v. Roddy Piper (Cedar Rapids, IA – 4/16/91 World Tour 1991)


Disk 10

1.       Ted DiBiase v. Roddy Piper (MSG 4/22/91)

2.       Ted DiBiase v. Bret Hart (GREAT MATCH! SNME - 4/27/91)

3.       Ted Dibiase & Sherri on Prime Time (Dibiase pays a man to kiss Heenan's feet and a kid to hold an egg under his chin for 20 seconds.  Dibiase crushes the egg on the kids neck, hilarious.  Primetime Wrestling 6/3/91)

4.       Ted DiBiase v. Daveyboy Smith (In Progress - Primetime Wrestling 7/1/91)

5.       Virgil v. Ted DiBiase?  (Nope.  Ted DiBiase pays a masked wrestler to beat Virgil.  When Virgil puts him away,Ted is none too happy about it.  Primteime 8/18/91

6.       Ted DiBiase v. Virgil (Virgil pins DiBiase to win the Million $$$ Belt! Summerslam 91)


7.       Ted DiBiase v. Tito Santana (Invasion 1992)

8.       Ted DiBiase v. Virgil (Randy Savage is the guest referee) (Invasion 1992)

9.       Money INC v. Big Bossman & Virgil (Crunch Classic 10/23/91)

10.    Ted DiBiase v. Virgil (Repo Man interferes and helps DiBiase regain his Million $$$ Belt. El Matador makes the save, Survivor

Series Showdown 91)


Disk 11

1.        Ted Dibiase, Ric Flair, Mountie & Warlord v. Bret Hart, Daveyboy Smith, Roddy Piper & Virgil (Survivor Series 1991)

2.        Ted Dibiase & Repo Man vs. Virgil & "El Matador" Tito Santana (Tuesday in TX PPV 12/3/91)

3.        Ted Dibiase vs. Greg Valentine (Primetime 12/9/91)

4.       Ted DiBiase v. Kerry Von Erich (WWF/ SWS show at the Tokyo Dome - 12/12/91)

5.       Ted DiBiase v. Bret Hart (Bret defends the IC Title in a GREAT MATCH!  MSG 12/29/91)

6.       Update: Money INC. wins Tag Titles (Jimmy Hart dumps Natural Disasters for Money INC. (Dibiase & I.R.S. Interview follows.  Primetime 3/2/92)

7.       Money INC v. Bushwhackers (Wrestlefest 92)

8.       The Legion of Doom, Earthquake, & Typhoon vs. The Nasty Boys, Irwin R. Schyster, & Ted DiBiase  (Wrestlefest 1992)

9.       Money INC. v. Natural Disasters (Wrestlemania 8.  4/5/92)

10.    Money INC v. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter (Primetime 7/6/92)


Disk 12

1.       Money INC v. Koko B. Ware & Owen Hart (Primetime 7/20/92)

2.       Money INC & Rick Martel v. Owen Hart, Koko B. Ware & Tatanka (6/3/92 Bashed in the USA)

3.       Money INC vs. The Natural Disasters. (July 20, 1992 in Worcester, MA Money INC lose the Tag Titles – Grudges , Gripes & Grunts)

4.       Money INC v. LOD (Summerslam 92)

5.       Ted DiBiase v. Earthquake (Primetime 10/12/92)

6.       Money INC v. Natural Disasters (Prior to the match, The Nasty Boys come out and argue with their manager Jimmy Hart
 who also manage Money Inc.  about why they aren’t getting the title shot against the Disasters.  Ted DiBiase trys to pay
 off the Nastys,  Knobbs and Saggs pocket the money and then ATTACK MONEY INC!  Also present during the match,
 are the Headshrinkers, who come down to ringside to observe things.  Despite all of the interruptions, Money Inc. regains
 the WWF Tag Team Titles
Superstars 10/31/92)

7.       Money INC v. Koko B. Ware & Owen Hart (Superstars 11/7/92)

8.       Money INC v. Warrior & Savage (SNME - 11/8/92)

9.       Money INC v. Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter

10.    IRS v. Earthquake (Ted DiBiase is at Ringside for IRS , while Typhoon is in Earthquake’s corner.  WWF TV 11/92)

11.    Int – Money Inc & The Beverly Brothers


Disk 13

1.        Money INC & The Beverly Brothers v. The Nasty Boys & The Natural Disasters (Survivor Series 1992)

2.        Money INC v. The Nasty Boys (Madison, WI  12/15/92 – Wrestlefest 93)

3.        Interview:   Brutus Beefcake   (Brutus announces his comeback to the ring after his para-sailing accident 3

years ago. He also offers an open challenge to any WWF Superstar. RAW 2/1/93) 

4.        Interview:   Money INC & Jimmy Hart   (Ted DiBiase accepts Beefcake's challenge! Though, Jimmy Hart tries to convince Ted not
to take the match.   RAW 2/1/93) 

5.        Ted DiBiase v. Brutus Beefcake  (DiBiase & IRS viciously attack Beefcake, they then turn on Jimmy Hart!!)  RAW 2/15/93

6.        Int – Ted DiBiase & IRS (RAW 3/1/93)

7.        Money INC & The Beverly Brothers v. Natural Disasters & High Energy (Koko B. Ware & Owen Hart)

8.        Money INC v. Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake (Wrestlemania 9)

9.        Money Incorporated talk to the Beverly Brothers backstage.

10.     IRS v. Scott Steiner (JIP.  Ted interferes, causing Rick Steiner to run in as well, but when the Beverly Brothers run in to help Money INC, they make a crucial mistake causing Money INC and the Beverlys nearly come to blows! RAW 4/12/93)

11.     Money INC v. The Beverly Brothers (RAW 4/19/93)


Disk 14

1.        Money INC v. The Steiner Brothers (Barcelona, Spain – 4/24/93)

2.        Interview:  Money INC. (Ted DiBiase makes fun of Razor Ramon for losing to the 1-2-3 Kid.  Razor confronts Money INC!! RAW 6/28/93)

3.        Money INC v. The Steiner Brothers (Superstars 7/17/93)

4.        Int – Money INC (Superstars 7/17/93)

5.        Money INC v. The Steiner Brothers (Superstars 7/24/93)

6.        Ted Dibiase   V.   The 1-2-3 Kid (In progress - The Kid scores an upset pin over DiBiase! WC 8/1/93) 

7.        Ted Dibiase   V.   The 1-2-3 Kid (Return Match) Raw 8/16/93

8.        Money INC v. The Steiner Brothers (Cage Match 8/23/93)

9.        Ted DiBiase v. Razor Ramon (Summerslam 1993)

10.     Ted DiBiase being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (2010)





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