Of the many teams that had a Road Warrior-esque (and there were quite a few), Demolition was by far the most 
Successful.  Even though it was clear that their gimmick of face paint, leather, a power based offense, while never selling any of
Their opponent's moves was very reminiscent of the Legion of Doom, Demolition consisting of Axe, Smash and later, Crush still
managed to develop a personality and an aura that made them a unique and formidable team.


By Bottomless Jack

The Demolition Anthology set has full menus.


Demolition Volume 1: Finding Their Niche

1.         Demolition vs. Salvatore Bellomo/Mario Mancino (Randy Colley plays the initial Smash here, Superstars 1-17-87)

2.         Demolition vs. Jerry Allen/Sivi Afi (Wrestling Challenge 1-25-87)

3.         Demolition vs. SD Jones/Don Driggers (Darsow replaces the Moondog as Smash, Wrestling Challenge 2-8-87)

4.         Demolition vs. Mario Mancini/Sivi Afi (Superstars 2-14-87)

5.         Demolition vs. The Islanders (Madison Square Garden 2-23-87)

6.         Demolition vs. Mike Luca/Tommy Sharp (Superstars 3-7-87)

7.         Demolition In A Battle Royal (Saturday Night Main Event 3-14-87)

8.         Demolition vs. The British Bulldogs (Maple Leaf Gardens 3-15-87)

9.         Demolition vs. The Can-Am Connection (Maple Leaf Gardens 3-15-87)

10.      Demolition vs. The Killer Bees (Maple Leaf Gardens 3-15-87)

11.      Demolition vs. Tommy Sharp/Sivi Afi (Wrestling Challenge 3-15-87)

12.      Demolition vs. Jerry Allen/Dan Spivey (London Gardens 3-16-87)

13.      Demolition vs. Sivi Afi/Brad Rheingans (Superstars 4-4-87)

14.      Demolition’s first Interview with Mean Gene (Challenge 4-12-87)

15.      Bonus Material: Mean Gene Interviews Demolition & Mr. Fuji (4 separate interviews)


Demolition Volume 2: The Master Arrives

1.         Johnny Valiant announces he has sold Demolition to Mr. Fuji (Challenge 4-12-87) /

2.         Update: Mr. Fuji is named the new Manager Of Demolition (An Interview is included) (Prime Time 4-13-87)

3.         Demolition (now w/Mr. Fuji) vs. Lanny Poffo & Billy Anderson (Challenge 4-12-87)

4.         Demolition vs. The Young Stallions (Superstars 4-25-87)

5.         Demolition vs. The Islanders (Boston Garden 5-2-87)

6.         Demolition vs. The Rougeau Brothers (Wrestling Challenge 5-10-87)

7.         Demolition vs. The Islanders (Superstars 5-16-87)

8.         Demolition vs. The Killer Bees (Madison Square Garden 5-18-87)

9.         Demolition vs. Billy Anderson/Jerry Allen (Wrestling Challenge 5-31-87)

10.      Demolition vs. B. Brian Blair/SD Jones (Memorial Auditorium 6-1-87)

11.      Demolition vs. Young Stallions (Superstars 6/6/87)

12.      Demolition vs. The Can-Am Connection (Boston Garden 6-6-87, includes Interview)

13.      Demolition vs. Jerry Allen/Jim Powers (Challenge 6/21/87)

14.      Demolition vs. Jerry Allen/Lanny Poffo (Superstars 6-27-87)

15.      Demolition vs. SD Jones/Paul Roma (Wrestling Challenge 7-5-87)

16.      Demolition vs. Scott Casey/Omar Atlas (Superstars 7-18-87)

17.      Demolition vs. Scott Casey/Steve Douglas (Wrestling Challenge 7-26-87)

 Bonus Material: Features 3 matches of Detroit Demolition

18.      Detroit Demolition vs. Doug Furnas

19.      Detroit Demolition vs. Turbo Ted Manson

20.      Detroit Demolition vs. Keith Steinborn


Demolition Volume 3: Making Their Name

1.         Demolition vs. Sivi Afi/Brady Boone (Superstars 8-8-87)

2.         Demolition vs. The Junkyard Dog/George Steele (Madison Square Garden 8-22-87)

3.         Demolition vs. Pete Sanchez/Omar Atlas (Wrestling Challenge 8-23-87)

4.         Demolition vs. Billy Jack Haynes & George Steele (8/25/87 Best of the WWF 15)

5.         Demolition vs. Mil Mascaras/Tito Santana (Sam Houston 8-28-87)

6.         Demolition vs. Sivi Afi/Scott Casey (Superstars 8-29-87)

7.         Demolition vs. The Killer Bees (Sam Houston 9-9-87)

8.         Demolition vs. Ricky Ataki/Pete Ketchum (Wrestling Challenge 9-13-87)

9.         Interview w/Demolition And Mr. Fuji (Superstars 9-19-87)

10.      Demolition vs. SD Jones/Outback Jack (Wrestling Challenge 9-27-87)

11.      Demolition vs. Van Van Horne/Mario Mancini (Superstars 10-10-87)

12.      Demolition vs. Sonny Rogers/Chris Zarna (Wrestling Challenge 10-25-87)

13.      Interview w/Demolition discussing Survivor Series (Wrestling Challenge 11-15-87)

14.      Interview w/Demolition's entire Survivor Series Team (Wrestling Challenge 11-15-87)

15.      Pre-Match Interview with Team Demolition (Survivor Series 11-26-87)

16.      Demolition/Hart Foundation/Bolsheviks/New Dream Team/Islanders vs. Strike Force/Bulldogs/Killer Bees/Rougeau
Brothers/Young Stallions (Survivor Series 11-26-87, only a portion of this bout is shown)

17.      Bonus Material: The Demolition Music Video From Piledriver (Superstars 11-14-87)


Demolition Volume 4: Destination: Parts Unknown, Oregon

1.         Demolition vs. Brady Boone/Scott Casey (Demolition stretcher Boone, Superstars 10-31-87)

2.         Update: Demos Injure Brady Boone (Challenge 11-8-87)

3.         Demolition Interview (Boston Garden 11-7-87)

4.         Demolition vs. Ken Patera/Billy Jack Haynes (Boston Garden 11-7-87)

5.         Demolition vs. Ken Patera/Billy Jack Haynes (Philadelphia Spectrum 11-7-87)

6.         Demolition vs. Pete Lusik/Omar Atlas (Wrestling Challenge 11-22-87)

7.         Demolition vs. Billy Jack Haynes/Brady Boone (Sam Houston 12-11-87)

8.         Demolition vs. Jim Evans/Brady Boone (The Demo's try to finish the job they started on Boone but Haynes & Patera make the
save. Superstars 12-12-87)

9.         Interview w/ Demolition And Mr. Fuji (Wrestling Challenge 12-27-87)

10.      Ken Patera/Billy Jack Haynes vs.“"Iron" Mike Sharpe/Van Van Horne (Demolition attacks after the bout, Primetime Wrestling 12-28-87)

11.      Demolition Interview (can they stop Haynes & Patera?)

12.      Demolition vs. Billy Jack Haynes/Ken Patera (Copps Coliseum 12-29-87)

13.      Demolition vs. Jim Evans/Mike Richards (Superstars 1-9-88)

14.      Demolition vs. Omar Atlas/Rex King (Wrestling Challenge 1-17-88)

15.      Demolition vs. Outback Jack/Jerry Allen (Superstars 1-30-88)

16.      Demolition vs. Omar Atlas/Rick Hunter (Wrestling Challenge 2-7-88)

17.      Demolition vs. Eric Cooper/David Stoudemire (Superstars 2-13-88)

18.      Demolition vs. The Killer Bees (Wrestling Challenge 2-21-88)

19.      Bonus Material: 3 Bonus Demolition Interview Tracks


Demolition Volume 5: The Road to the Gold

1.         Ax vs. Ken Patera (Madison Square Garden 2-22-88) (Primetime Wrestling 2-29-88)

2.         Smash vs. The Junkyard Dog (Madison Square Garden 2-22-88) (Primetime 2-29-88)

3.         Demolition vs. Sonny Rogers/Gary Jackson (Wrestling Challenge 2-28-88)

4.         Demolition vs. Jim Evans/Mike Richards (Superstars 3-5-88)

5.         Demolition vs. The Rougeau Brothers (Boston Garden 3-5-88)

6.         Demolition vs. The Young Stallions (Primetime Wrestling 3-7-88)

7.         Demolition vs. Mike Richards/Mark Young (Superstars 3-26-88)

8.        Pre-WrestleMania IV Lead-in hype w/several Interviews from Demolition & the Tag Team Champions Strike Force/

9.         Bob Ueker Interviews Demolition & Mr. Fuji (WrestleMania IV 03-27-88)

10.      Demolition vs. Tag Team Champions Strike Force (Wrestlemania IV 03-27-88, Demolition capture the gold for the first time!)

11.      Post WrestleMania IV Recaps and Reports w/several interviews from New Champions Demolition & former champs Strike Force

12.      Demolition vs. The Young Stallions (PalaTrussardi April)

13.      Demolition Interview preparing for their return bout w/Strike Force (MSG 4-25-88)

14.      Demolition vs. Strike Force (Madison Square Garden 4-25-88)

15.      Demolition vs. Jose Luis Rivera/Scott Casey (Superstars 4-30-88)

16.      Pre-Match Interviews w/British Bulldogs and Demolition (SNME #16: Aired 4-30-88)

17.      Demolition vs. The British Bulldogs (Saturday Night's Main Event #16: Aired 4-30-88)

18.      Demolition vs. Jerry Allen/Nelson Veilleux (Wrestling Challenge 5-8-88)

19.      Bonus Material: Update Segment Focusing On Demolition, includes Interview (Superstars 5-14-88)


Demolition Volume 6: Objective: Demolish & Destroy

1.         Demolition Interview for Boston Gardens (Superstars 4-30-88)

2.         Demolition vs. Strike Force (Boston Garden 5-7-88)

3.         Demolition vs. Buck Zumhoff/Warren Bianchi (Superstars 5-21-88)

4.         Demolition vs. The Young Stallions (Superstars 6-4-88) Strike Force runs in

5.         Demolition vs. Tim Yates/John Yates (Wrestling Challenge 6-5-88)

6.         Demolition vs. Lanny Poffo/Jerry Allen (Wrestling Challenge 6-26-88)

7.         Demolition & Mr. Fuji Interview (Boston Garden 6-4-88)

8.         Demolition/Mr. Fuji vs. Strike Force/Ultimate Warrior (Boston Garden 6-4-88)

9.         Demolition vs. Strike Force (the Demo's injure Rick Martel & Martel doesn't return to TV for 6 months! Taped 6/1/88, aired
PTW 7-11-88 & Best of WWF Vol. 17)

10.      Special Report: Demolition Injure Rick Martel with their Decapitation Finisher on the arena floor. Tito Santana responds (Wrestling Challenge 7-10-88)

11.      Demolition vs. Billy Woods/Rusty Riddle (Wrestling Challenge 7-17-88)

12.      Demolition vs. Dave Lanning/Brian Costello (Superstars 7-23-88)

13.      Demolition vs. The Powers Of Pain (Philadelphia Spectrum 7-23-88)

14.      Demolition vs. The British Bulldogs (Madison Square Garden 7-25-88)

15.      Bonus Material: WWF Demolition Music Video (WWE 24/7)


Demolition Volume 7: The British are Coming!

1.         Demolition/Mr. Fuji vs. British Bulldogs/Ultimate Warrior (Maple Leaf Gardens 7-24-88)

2.         Demolition vs. British Bulldogs (Wrestlefest 7-31-88)

3.         Demolition vs. Sam Houston/JT Thomas (Wrestling Challenge 7-31-88)

4.         Demolition vs. The British Bulldogs (Boston Garden 8-6-88)

5.         Several interviews leading into Summer Slam from the Demolition & Hart Foundation are aired here. (This includes the
onstage interview where Demolition announce Jimmy Hart will be in their corner at Summer Slam, Superstars 8-13-88)

6.         The Brother Love Show w/Jimmy Hart (Hart again announces he will be managing Demolition at Summer Slam, but the Hart
Foundation run Jimmy off and announce that they are ready for the challenge) (Wrestling Challenge 8-14-88)

7.         Demolition vs. The Hart Foundation (8-29-88, Summerslam 88/ Demolition CHV)

8.         Demolition vs. Tony Suber/Scott Colontonio (Wrestling Challenge 9-11-88)

9.         Demolition vs. David Isley/Dave Paradise (Superstars 9-17-88)

10.      Demolition vs. The British Bulldogs (Philadelphia Spectrum 9-24-88)

11.      Demolition vs. John Latu/Scott Casey (Wrestling Challenge 10-2-88)

12.      Demolition Interview (Paris, France 10-7-88)

13.      Demolition vs. The British Bulldogs (Paris France 10-7-88)

14.      Interview w/ Demolition And Mr. Fuji (Wrestling Challenge 10-23-88)

15.      Bonus Material: 3 Bonus Demolition Interview Tracks


Demolition Volume 8: The Ultimate Betrayal

1.         Demolition vs. Tommy Angel/DJ Peterson (Superstars 10-8-88)

2.         Demolition Interview (Pre-Match Interview, Italy October '88)

3.         Demolition vs. The British Bulldogs (PalaTrussardi October)

4.         Demolition vs. John Latu/Mike Richards (Superstars 10-29-88)

5.         Demolition vs. The Hart Foundation (Saturday Night Main Event 10-29-88)

6.         Demolition vs. The British Bulldogs (Maple Leaf Gardens 11-06-88)

7.         Interview w/Demolition And Mr. Fuji (Wrestling Challenge 11-13-88)

8.         Team Demolition Interview (WWF TV)

9.         Demolition, The Brain Busters, The Rougeau Brothers, The Bolsheviks & The Conquistadors vs. The Powers of Pain, The
Hart Foundation, The British Bulldogs, the Rockers & The Young Stallions (COMPLETE 40+ MINUTE CLASSIC! Survivor
Series 11-24-88)


Demolition Volume 9: A New Beginning

1.         Demolition vs. The Rockers (this is one of Demos last televised matches with Fuji as their manager, Madison Square Garden 10-24-88)

2.         Recap JIP Survivor Series match (Fuji turns on the Demo's and joins the PoP)

3.         Post Survivor Series match Interview with the Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji

4.         Demolition discuss their match with the Bolsheviks (Demolition CHV)

5.         Demolition vs. The Bolsheviks (while taped on10-26-88 before the Fuji turn, the Demos work as baby faces here as this match
wouldn't be released until the 1989 "Demolition" CHV release)

6.         The Powers of Pain attack Paul Roma after a previous bout he had with Curt Hennig. (This was done to put over the PoP heel
turn from only 2 days prior at Survivor Series, MSG 11/26/88)

7.         Demolition vs. Powers Of Pain (Madison Square Garden 11-26-88)

8.         Demolition vs. Powers Of Pain (Boston Garden 12-3-88)

9.         Demolition vs. Nick Ferrari/Art Penna (Superstars 12-17-88)

10.      Mr. Fuji insults Jimmy Powers following a loss to Bad News Brown. Jimmy Powers attacks Fuji but the Powers of Pain
quickly hit the ring and destroy the Young Stallion (LA Sports Arena 12-17-88)

11.      Demolition vs. Powers Of Pain (LA Sports Arena 12-17-88)

12.      Demolition vs. Danny Brazil/Rusty Riddle (Wrestling Challenge 12-25-88)

13.      Demolition Interview on Fooj the Stooge and his Powers of Pain

14.      Demolition vs. Powers Of Pain (Madison Square Garden 12-30-88)

15.      Kal Rudman interviews Mr. Fuji & The Powers of Pain (Philadelphia Spectrum 1-14-89)

16.      Demolition vs. Powers Of Pain (Philadelphia Spectrum 1-14-89)

17.      Bonus Material: Demolition Year in Review Recap

(This Volume is also the only volume to contain the COMPLETE Demolition theme on the menus)

Demolition in Japan (vol. 10)

1.         Demolition (Ax & Smash) vs. Giant Baba/Andre the Giant (04-13-90, Tokyo Dome)

2.         Demolition Ax vs. Masa Saito (12-13-90)

3.         Demolition Ax vs. Keiji Mutoh (02-06-91)

4.         Demolition Ax & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Riki Choshu & Masa Saito (02-14-91)

5.         Demolition Ax, Bam Bam Bigelow & Fit Finlay vs. Tatsumi Fujinami, Riki Choshu & Masa Saito (02-16-91)

6.         Demolition (Smash & Crush) vs. Shinichi Nakano & Shunji Takana (03-30-91, Tokyo Dome)

7.         Post-Match Demolition Interview (3-30-91 Tokyo Dome)

8.         Demolition (Smash & Crush) vs. Genichiro Tenryu & George Takano (04-23-91, Joetsu, Japan)

9.         Demolition (Ax & Canadian Giant) & Scott Norton vs. Keiji Mutoh, Shinya Hashimoto & Tatsumi Fujinami (06-20-91)

10.      Demolition (Ax & Canadian Giant) vs. Masa Saito & Kengo Kimura (06-26-91)

11.      Demolition (Ax & Canadian Giant) vs. Keiji Mutoh & Masa Chono (07-01-91)

12.      Demolition (Ax & Canadian Giant) vs. Tatsumi Fujinami & Riki Choshu (07-04-91)











By Dean Johnston

1/17/87 – 3/27/88 

1.        Music Video – Demolition

2.        Demolition v. Sal Bellomo & Mario Mancini (TV 1/17/87 - Ax and Smash debut in the WWF with Luscious Johnny Valiant
as their manager.  Ax has always been “Masked Superstar” Bill Eadie, while the original Smash was Randy Culley,
who was previously know as Moondog Rex.)

3.        Demolition v. Jerry Allen & Sivi Afi (TV 1/25/87)

4.        Demolition v. Don Driggers & SD Jones (With their third TV appearance, Randy Cully is out, and Barry Darsow is in
as the new Smash.  This was the Demolition team that everyone remembers. TV

5.        Demolition v. Sivi Afi & Mario Mancini (TV 2/14/87)

6.        Demolition v. The Islanders (Demolition’s Madison Square Garden debut.  The first version of their entrance music is
played for the first time.  MSG 2/23/87)

7.        Demolition v. Mike Luca (TV 3/7/87)

8.        Battle Royal (SNME 3/14/87)

9.        Demolition v. Tommy Sharp & Sivi Afi (TV 3/15/87)

10.     Demolition v. Killer Bees (Frank Tunney Sr. Memorial Tag Team TournamentToronto Maple Leaf Gardens 3/15/87)

11.     Demolition v. Brad Rheingans & Sivi Afi (Afi wound up paired with Demolition quite a lot huh?  TV 4/4/87)

12.     Update – Mr. Fuji takes over as the manager of Demolition.

13.     Johnny Valiant announces that he’s handed over the rights to Demolition to Mr. Fuji so he can concentrate on his new
Dream Team.

14.     Demolition v. Billy Anderson & Leaping Lanny Poffo

15.     Int – Mr. Fuji & Demolition

16.     Promo – The Young Stallions (Paul Roma & Jim Powers)

17.     Demolition v. The Young Stallions (TV 4/25/87)

18.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

19.     Demolition v. The Rougeau Brothers (TV 5/10/87)

20.     Demolition v. The Islanders (TV 5/16/87)

21.     Demolition v. Killer Bees (GOOD MATCH!  MSG 5/18/87)

22.     Demolition v. Bill Anderson & ??? (TV 5/31/87)

23.     Demolition v Young Stallions (TV 6/6/87)

24.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

25.     Demolition v. Jim Powers & Jerry Allen (TV 6/21/87)

26.     Demolition v. Lanny Poffo & Jerry Allen (TV 6/27/87)

27.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

28.     Demolition v. SD Jones v. Paul Roma (TV 7/5/87)

29.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

30.     Demolition v. B. Brian Blair & SD Jones.  (Jones is subbing for Jim Brunzell, and is wearing Killer Bees attire. Ontario

31.     Demolition v. Scott Casey & Steve Douglas (TV 7/26/87)

32.     Demolition v. Brady Boone & (once again) Sivi Afi (TV 8/8/87)

33.     Demolition v. Junkyard Dog & George “The Animal” Steele (MSG 8/22/87)

34.     Demolition v. Billy Jack Haynes & George Steele (TV 8/25/87)

35.     Demolition v. Pete Sanchez & Omar Atlas (TV 8/23/87)

36.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

37.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

38.     Demolition v. Riki Ataki & Pete Ketchum (TV 9/13/87)

39.     Demolition v. SD Jones & Outback Jack (The second version and most remembered of Demolition’s theme music with the
lyrics  [Here comes the Ax, and here comes the Smasher] debuts)

40.     Demolition v. Sonny Rogers & Chris Zarna

41.     Demolition v. Brady Boone & Scott Casey (After the match, Demolition destroys Boone.  Billy Jack Haynes
and Ken Patera run in to make the save, but get pounded into the mat as well. TV

42.     Update – Demolition and their beatdown of Boone, Haynes and Patera

43.     Demolition v. Ken Patera & Billy Jack Haynes (Spectrum - 11/7/87)

44.     Int – Demolition (Boston Garden – 11/7/87)

45.     Demolition v. Ken Patera & Billy Jack Haynes (Boston Garden - 11/7/87)

46.     Video – Demolition (same as the first one)

47.     Hart Foundation v. Strike Force (Strike Force wins the WWF Tag Team Titles)

48.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji talk about the upcoming Survivor Series

49.     Int – Demolition, Bolsheviks, Dream Team, Hart Foundation & The Islanders with Slick & Bobby Heenan

50.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

51.     Demolition v. Pete Lusik & Omar Atlas (TV 11/22/87)

52.     Int – Demolition and the other 4 tag teams on their Survivor Series team.

53.     Demolition, Bolsheviks, Dream Team, Hart Foundation & The Islanders v. The Islanders, Young Stallions, Bolsheviks, British
Bulldogs & Killer Bees (Until Demolition is eliminated.  Survivor Series 1987)

54.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

55.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

56.     Music Video – Demolition

57.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

58.     Demolition v. Jim Evans & Brady Boone (TV 12/12/87)

59.     Demolition v. Jim Evans & Mike Richards (TV 1/9/88)

60.     Demolition v. Outback Jack & Jerry Allen (TV 1/30/88)

61.     Demolition v. Eric Cooper & Dave Stoudemire (TV 2/13/88)

62.     Ax v. Ken Patera (MSG 1/25/88)

63.     Smash v. JYD (MSG 1/25/88)

64.     Update – Demolition challenges Strikeforce to a title match at the upcoming Wrestlemania 4

65.     Demolition v. Jim Evans & Mike Richards (TV 3/5/88)

66.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

67.     Demolition v. Mike Richards & Mark Young (TV 3/26/88)

68.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji (Wrestlemania 4)

69.     Demolition v. Strike Force (Demolition wins the WWF World Tag Team Titles!  Wrestlemania 4)

70.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji (Demolition are the new WWF Tag Team Champions)



By Dean Johnston

4/25/88 – 4/2/89

1.        Demolition v. Strike Force (VERY GOOD MATCH!  MSG 4/25/88) 

2.        Demolition v. British Bulldogs (SNME 4/30/88)

3.        Demolition v. Strike Force (Boston 5/7/88)

4.        Update – The other teams in the WWF all promise Demolition the fight of their lives for the tag team titles.  Not only
the babyface teams, but the heel teams as well chimed in.

5.        Demolition v. Buck Zumhoff & Warren Bianchi (TV 5/21/88)

6.        Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

7.        Int – Strike Force

8.        Demolition v. Young Stallions (Strike Force runs in. TV 5/11/88)

9.        Demolition v. Lanny Poffo & Jerry Allen (TV 6/26/88)

10.     Demolition & Mr. Fuji v. Strike Force & Ultimate Warrior (Earlier on, The Warrior legitimately KOs Fuji who
has to be carried out.  The remainder of the match wound up being a 3 on 2 match.  Boston 6/4/88)

11.     Demolition v. Strike Force (Demolition injures Rick Martel, putting him out of the WWF.  Martel wouldn’t 
return until early 1989 when he would reform Strike Force with Santana to set up Martel’s heel turn.  TV

12.     Demolition & Mr. Fuji v. British Bulldogs & Ultimate Warrior (Warrior manages to work the match without
practically killing
Fuji this time.  Toronto 7/24/88)

13.     Demolition v. Powers of Pain (One of the first battles of the Road Warrior Clones!  Philadelphia Spectrum 7/22/88)

14.     Demolition v. British Bulldogs (Wrestlefest 88, Milwaukee, WI  7/31/88)

15.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

16.     Int – Demolition, Mr. Fuji & Jimmy Hart who promises to help Demolition in their upcoming Summer Slam match against
the recently babyface turned Hart Foundation.  WWF TV

17.     Int – Hart Foundation

18.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

19.     Demolition v. Hart Foundation (VERY GOOD MATCH!  Summerslam 88)

20.     Demolition v. British Bulldogs (Paris France 11/7/88)

21.     Demolition v. Hart Foundation (SNME 10/88)

22.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji discuss the upcoming Survivor Series

23.     Demolition v. The Rockers (MSG 10/24/88)

24.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

25.     Demolition, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov, Raymond & Jacques Rougeau,
and The Conquistadors  v. The Powers of Pain, The Rockers, The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation, and the
Young Stallions
(VERY GOOD TAG TEAM ELIMINATION MATCH!  The Powers of Pain and Demolition
did a simultaneous heel/face switch, as the Mr. Fuji Doublecrossed his own team and aided the Powers of Pain,
helping them win the match.  The crowd wasn’t too sure what to do here, as it actually seemed that Fuji had turned
face, when in fact it was the Powers of Pain that turned heel.  Survivor Series 1988)

26.     Interviews with both the Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji and the newly face turned Demolition.

27.     The Powers of Pain destroy Paul Roma as a message to Demolition (This was necessary, as the Powers of Pain
had only turned heel 2 days earlier at the Survivor Series.  Like I mentioned previously, those fans watching the
PPV and saw
Fuji turn on Demolition may have been under the impression that the Powers of Pain were still babyfaces. 
Those who didn’t catch the PPV may not have known that the switch had taken place at all and were expecting
the Powers of Pain to again still be babyfaces.  With Mr. Fuji announcing himself as the POP’s new manager
and their subsequent mauling of Roma, it definitely put over to the crowd that the POP were heels.MSG 11/26/88)

28.     Demolition v. Powers of Pain (MSG 11/26/88)

29.     Int – Demolition

30.     Demolition v. The Bolsheviks

31.     Demolition v. Powers of Pain (Boston 12/3/88)

32.     Demolition v. Powers of Pain (Los Angeles 12/17/88)

33.     Demolition v. Powers of Pain (MSG 12/30/88)

34.     Demolition v. Iron Mike Sharpe & Rusty Brooks (TV 1/7/89)

35.     Demolition draw their numbers for the Royal Rumble (Royal Rumble 1989)

36.     Ax v. Smash!!!  (Ax & Smash draw numbers 1 & 2 for the Rumble, and true to their reputation, IMMEDIATELY
  This of course only lasts until entrant #3 comes out, as they go right back
to being a team again.  And just in time too, as #3 was ANDRE THE GIANT!  Royal Rumble 1988)

37.     Demolition v. Tommy Causey & Alan Kinsey (TV 1/28/89)

38.     Int – Demolition

39.     Debate – Mr. Fuji & The Powers of Pain debate about their handicap match with Demolition

40.     Demolition v. Powers of Pain (TV 2/20/89)

41.     Int – Demolition

42.     Int – Demolition

43.     Int – Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji

44.     Demolition v. Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji (Wrestlemania 5)



By Dean Johnston

4/25/89 – 5/19/90

1.        Int Demolition

2.        Demolition v. Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine (TV 4/25/89)

3.        Battle Royal (Ontario, 5/1/89)

4.        Demolition v. The Brainbusters [Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson]  (SNME 5/27/89)

5.        Demolition v. The Twin Towers [Akeem & Big Bossman] (MSG 7/10/89)

6.        Demolition v. The Brainbusters (2/3 Falls.  The Brainbusters win the WWF Tag Team Titles!  SNME 7/29/89)

7.        Bobby Heenan celebrates with the Brainbusters after winning the Tag Titles.

8.        Brother Love show – Slick & The Twin Towers along with Bobby Heenan and Andre the Giant badmouth Demolition
and Hacksaw Jim Duggan prior to their upcoming Summerslam match

9.        Int – Demolition and Duggan (Summerslam 89)

10.     Demolition & Jim Duggan v. Twin Towers and Andre the Giant (Summerslam 89)

11.     Int – Demolition (MSG 9/30/89)

12.     Demolition v. Brainbusters (MSG 9/30/89)

13.     Int - Ted DiBiase, Zeus & The Powers of Pain on their upcoming Survivor Series match against Demolition, Hulk Hogan
and Jake Roberts

14.     Int – Demolition, Hulk Hogan and Jake Roberts

15.     Int – Brainbusters

16.     Int – Demolition

17.     Demolition v. Brainbusters (Demolition regain the Tag Titles TV 11/4/89)

18.     Int - Ted DiBiase, Zeus & The Powers of Pain on their upcoming Survivor Series match against Demolition, Hulk Hogan
and Jake Roberts

19.     Int – Demolition, Hulk Hogan and Jake Roberts

20.     Brother Love - Demolition, Hulk Hogan and Jake Roberts

21.     Brother Love – Bobby Heenan and his “Colossal Connection” of Andre the Giant and Haku and their challenge to Demolition.

22.     Smash v. Ted DiBiase (Survivor Series showdown 11/1/89)

23.     Demolition, Hulk Hogan and Jake Roberts v. Ted DiBiase, Zeus & The Powers of Pain (Survivor Series 1989)

24.     Int - Demolition

25.     Int – Colossal Connection

26.     Demolition v. Colossal Connection (Andre and Haku win the Tag titles.  TV 12/13/89)

27.     Int – Colossal Connection

28.     Int - Demolition

29.     Demolition v. Colossal Connection (MSG 12/28/89)

30.     Demolition v. The Bolsheviks (TV 1/15/90)

31.     Int – Demolition

32.     Demolition v. Alan Martin & George South (TV 1/20/90)

33.     Demolition in the 1990 Royal Rumnle

34.     Int – Colossal Connection

35.     Int – Powers of Pain

36.     Int – Demolition

37.     Demolition v. Powers of Pain (TV 2/10/90)

38.     Smash v. Haku (TV 2/25/90)

39.     Int – Demolition

40.     Demolition v. Buddy Rose & Larry Stevens (TV 3/3/90)

41.     Brother Love – Colossal Connection

42.     Int – Demolition

43.     Int – Orient Express (Akio Sato & Pat Takaka) & Mr. Fuji

44.     Demolition v. Orient Express (MSG 3/19/90)

45.     Demolition v. Conquistador #1 and Joe Stedum (After the match, The Hart Foundation come out and challenge the
the winners of the tag title match between Demolition and the Colossal Connection at Wrestlemania 6.  TV

46.     Int – Demolition

47.     Int - Colossal Connection (Wrestlemania 6)

48.     Int – Demolition (Wrestlemania 6)

49.     Demolition v. Colossal Connection (Demolition wins their third WWF Tag Team Championship.  Afterward, Andre
the Giant turns babyface after being accosted by Bobby Heenan for not winning the match.  Wrestlemania 6.)

50.     Demolition v. Andre the Giant & Shohei “Giant” Baba (Tokyo, Japan 4/13/90)

51.     Int – Demolition

52.     Int – The Bolsheviks

53.     Demolition v. The Bolsheviks (TV 4/21/90)

54.     Hart Foundation v. The Rockers (In Progress.  Demolition comes out to watch the 2 teams fight it out for the number
One contenders spot.  In the end, all 3 teams brawl with each other. SNME

55.     Int – Demolition

56.     Demolition v. Black Bart & Mark Ming (TV 5/19/90)



By Dean Johnston

6/23/90 – 8/29/92

1.        Demolition v. Paul Diamond & Joe Champ (CRUSH makes his debut, as Demolition now has 3 members!
Ax had some health problems which were forcing him to quit wrestling on a regular basis, and the WWF decided
to bring in a third member to wrestle alongside Smash and provide a new twist to the Demolition gimmick. 
Actually, prior to Brian Adams being brought in as Crush, Demolition had another third member called “BA” which
if you remember Mr. T from the 80s series The A Team, probably meant Bad Attitude.  BA worked the houseshow
circuit with Smash for most of the month of June.  Anyway, BA must not have worked out, as we now have Crush as the
official third member of Demolition.  TV

2.        Int – Ax, Smash and Crush

3.        Int – Hart Foundation

4.        Demolition [Smash & Crush] v. Barry Hardy & Duane Gill (6/5/90)

5.        Int – Demolition, who are now establishing themselves as heels once again.

6.        Brother Love – Hart Foundation, who challenge Demolition to a match for the tag titles.  Demolition comes out
to the interview set and the Harts challenge them to a match right there on the spot.  Demolition agrees and then
brutally attack the Foundation, fully cementing their heel turn. (TV 7/22/90)

7.        Int – Hart Foundation getting checked out by the medics after the attack.(TV 7/22/90)

8.        Legion of Doom v. Bob Bradley & Alan Reynolds (Hawk & Animal make their debut in the WWF and destroy their
opponents.  Demolition immediately labels the LOD as Demolition imposters.  TV 7/22/90)

9.        Update – The feud between Demolition and the Hart Foundation heats up going into the upcoming Summerslam PPV where
Demolition will defend the titles against the Foundation.

10.     Demolition v. Tito Santana & Jim Brunzell (TV 6/25/90)

11.     Demolition v. The Rockers (The Hart Foundation and the Legion of Doom all get involved.  SNME 7/28/90)

12.     Demolition v. George Skaaland & Mario Mancini (TV 8/25/90)

13.     Legion of Doom v. Tom Bennett & Playboy Buddy Rose (TV 8/4/90)

14.     Smash v. Jim Neidhart (TV 8/20/90)

15.     Int – Demolition

16.     Demolition v. Ron Garvin, Jim McPherson & Jose Luis Rivera (8/15/90)

17.     Demolition v. Hart Foundation (Despite Demolition switching members at least once, the Hart Foundation regain the
WWF Tag Titles in a 2/3 falls match.  Summerslam 90)

18.     Int – Legion of Doom  & The Hart Foundation(Summerslam 90)

19.     Int – Demolition promises to get revenge on the LOD.(Summerslam 90)

20.     Demolition  [Ax, Smash and Crush] v. Legion of Doom & Ultimate Warrior (MSG 9/21/90)

21.     Demolition v. Scott Colton, Earl Dennis & Brad Kramer (TV 10/13/90)

22.     Demolition  [Ax, Smash and Crush] v. Legion of Doom & Ultimate Warrior (SNME 10/13/90)

23.     Int – Demolition accosts Sean Mooney while promising revenge on the LOD

24.     Demolition v. George Henderson, Jim Evans & Jim Brunzell (All 3 members Demolition wrestle the match in full
face masks making it impossible to tell who is who.  Demolition will continue to appear in those masks until
the Survivor Series, when they go back to their normal makeup.  TV

25.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Perfect who will be facing Ultimate Warrior, LOD and Kerry Von Erich at the Survivor Series.

26.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Perfect

27.     Int – Ultimate Warrior, Kerry Von Erich & LOD

28.     Brother Love – Demolition & Mr. Perfect (TV 11/10/90)

29.     LOD v. Orient Express (Demolition runs in and along with the Orient Express, destroy the LOD.  TV 1/10/90)

30.     Brother Love – Ultimate Warrior, Kerry Von Erich & LOD

31.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Perfect

32.     Int – Ultimate Warrior, Kerry Von Erich & LOD

33.     Smash v. Kerry Von Erich  (Perfect, Ax & Crush run in, but The LOD and Ultimate Warrior run in to make the save.
 Survivor Series Showdown 1990)

34.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Perfect

35.     Demolition & Mr. Perfect v.  Ultimate Warrior, Kerry Von Erich & LOD (Survivor Series 1990)

36.     Jack Tunney officially declares that after reviewing the LOD v. Orient Express match (match #29 on this tape), that
Demolition is officially reduced to 2 members.  (Those members will be Smash & Crush, as Ax’s health condition
has now forced him into retirement.

37.     Demolition v. Jim McPherson & Scott Summer (Mr. Fuji has now returned to manage Demolition.  Demolition has
now changed their entrance music to a more generic ominous theme. TV

38.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

39.     Demolition v. Bushwhackers (TV 12/3/90)

40.     Int – Smash

41.     Demolition in the 1991 Royal Rumble

42.     Demolition v. LOD (MSG 1/21/91)

43.     Int – LOD

44.     Demolition v. LOD (TV 2/4/91)

45.     Demolition v. Pez Whatley & Mike Wallace (TV 2/2/91)

46.     Int – Demolition & Mr. Fuji

47.     Tag Team Battle Royal featuring Demolition, LOD, Rockers, Orient Express, Nasty Boys & Power & Glory.  It’s obvious
that Demolition’s best days are behind them, as Demolition is eliminated first. TV

48.     Crush v. Shawn Michaels (TV 2/18/91)

49.     Demolition v. Koko B. Ware & Tito Santana (TV 3/11/91)

50.     Demolition v. Genichiro Tenryu & Koji Kitao (The run of Demolition is officially over as once the most dominant tag team in the history of the
WWF, Demolition loses to the Japanese team of Tenryu & Kitao in less than 5 minutes.  Wrestlemania 7)


At this point, Demolition has been effectively dismantled.  We don’t see much of anything from Demolition as a team,
but both men continue to wrestle as singles, but mainly as JTTS (Jobbers to the Stars)

51.     Smash v. Jake Roberts (TV 5/29.91)

52.     Smash v. Ultimate Warrior

53.     Smash v. Jim Duggan

54.     Crush v. Bushwhacker Butch

55.     Smash v. Ricky Steamboat (MSG 6/24/91)

With Demolition now completely finished, Smash is repackaged as the Repo Man, a heel whose gimmick is that he steals things
from prople that are allegedly behind on their payments. 

56.     Video – Repo Man goes on the job stealing cars and even bicycles. 

57.     Repo Man v. Crush (With Smash repackaged as Repo Man and Crush finally repackaged as a more colorful babyface,
the former members of Demolition face each other at Summerslam 1992.  And true to the WWF’s way of not acknowledging
past history, they make no mention that these two men were a tag team)



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