BEST OF HARLEM HEAT (Good Quality) [3 disks]

By Wrestling Tape Universe

1.        Excellent profile of Booker T's career

GWF YEARS (In the Global Wrestling Federation, Booker T & Stevie Ray were known as the Ebony Experience)

2.        Interview - Ebony Experience

3.        Ebony Experience v. Beach Boy and Beach Bully

4.        Ebony Experience in a 15 man Battle Royal

5.        Ebony Experience talk,

6.        Ebony Experience v. Steve Dane and Gary Young (The Ebony Experience win the GWF tag titles)

WCW YEARS (The Ebony Experience becomes Harlem Heat.  However they are not yet called Stevie Ray & Booker T & Stevie

Ray.  For the first several weeks of their WCW run, they’re known by the names Kane & Kole)

7.        Harlem Heat, Vader & Sid v. Sting, Daveyboy Smith, Shockmaster & Dustin Rhodes (Harlem Heat’s WCW debut SUPERBRAWL IV)

8.        Harlem Heat v. Thunder and Lightning

9.        Harlem Heat v.  Stars and Stripes (Harlem Heat win the WCW Tag Titles from Marcus Bagwell & The Patriot)

10.     Harlem Heat v. Stars and Stripes (C.O.C XXX)

11.     Harlem Heat talk about The Nasty Boys

12.     Harlem Heat v. The Nasty Boys (The Nasty Boys win the WCW Tag Team titles - SLAMBOREE 1995)

13.     Harlem Heat v.  The Nasty Boys ( Harlem Heat regain the titles)

14.     Harlem Heat v. The Nasty Boys v. The Blue Bloods (Triangle Match - BASH AT THE BEACH 1995)

15.     Harlem Heat Talk

16.     Harlem Heat v. Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater (Buck & Slater defeat the Heat for the tag titles.)

17.     Harlem Heat and Sheri v. Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater and Col. Parker (C.O.C XXXI )

18.     Harlem Heat v.  Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater (Harlem Heat win their 3rd Tag Team Championship FALLBRAWL 1995)

19.     Harlem Heat v American Males (The American Males win the Tag Titles)

20.     Harlem Heat v.  American Males ( The Heat wins their 4th Tag Titles from the American Males )

21.     Harlem Heat talk

22.     Harlem Heat v. American Males

23.     Harlem Heat v Lex Luger and Sting (Luger & Sting win the Tag Titles from Harlem Heat)

24.     Sheri and Col. Parkers wedding

25.     Booker T and Sting talk about teaming up against The Road Warriors

26.     Sting and Booker T v. The Road Warriors (Chicago Street Fight UNCENSORED 1996)

27.     Harlem Heat v. Sting and Lex Luger v. The Steiner Brothers ( The Heat once again win the Tag Team Titles )

28.     Harlem Heat v. The Steiners (ROAD WILD 1996)

29.     Harlem Heat v. Sting and Lex Luger v. The Steiners (C.O.C XXXIII)

30.     Harlem Heat v. The Nasty Boys (FALL BRAWL 1996)

31.     Public Enemy v.  Harlem Heat ( Probably the worst Tag Team in WCW history, Public Enemy win the WCW Tag Titles)

32.     Harlem Heat v.  Public Enemy ( Only 24 hours after the previous match, Harlem Heat regain the Tag Titles)



By Wrestling Tape Universe

Disk 1

1.          Harlem Heat v. Outsiders (Halloween Havok 1996)

2.          Harlem Heat v. Amazing Fench Canadians (WW III 1996)

3.          Harlem Heat v. Faces Of Fear

4.          Harlem Heat v. Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell (ROAD WILD 1997)

5.          Booker T v. Jeff Jarrett (Booker T begins his singles career)

6.          Booker T v.  Disco Inferno (Booker T wins the TV Title!)

7.          Booker T talks

8.          Booker T v. Prince Iuakea

9.          Booker T v. Saturn

10.       Booker T v. Mortis (SOULED OUT 98)

11.       Booker T v. Rick Martel


Disk 2

11.     Booker T v. Rick Martel (Martel wins the TV Title)
12.     Booker T v. Rick Martel (Booker T regains the TV Title SUPERBRAWL 98)

13.     Booker T v. Saturn (Also from SUPERBRAWL 98)

14.     Booker T v. The Renegade

15.     Booker T v. Chavo Guerrero Jr

16.     Booker T v. Eddie Guerrero (UNCENSORED 99)

17.     Booker T v. Chris Benoit (SPRING STAMPEDE 98)

18.     Announcement of Benoit beating  Booker T for the title and Booker T  regaining it from Benoit on 5/1/98

19.     Booker T v. Fit Finlay (Finlay wins the TV Title)


Disk 3

20.     Booker T v. Chris Benoit (GREAT MATCH! This match was #6 in their best of seven series to determine the #1 contender for the TV Title)

21.    Booker T v. Chris Benoit (Booker T defeats Benoit to win the best of seven series, leading to….)

22.     Booker T v.  Fit Finlay (Booker T regains the TV Title.  Both this match and match #21 are from the 1998 Great American Bash)

23.     Chris Benoit congratulates Booker T on being his greatest opponent

24.     Booker T v. Bret Hart (After the match Hart injures Booker T knee and is out of action for 5 months BASH AT THE BEACH 98)

25.     Stevie Ray v. Chris Jericho (Jericho wins the TV Title from Stevie Ray, who was defending the title for Booker T)

26.     Booker T v. Disco Inferno (SOULED OUT 99)

27.     Booker T talks about his return

28.     Booker T v. Bret Hart

29.     Booker T v.  Scott Steiner (Booker T regains the TV Title - UNCENORED 99)

30.     Booker T v. Saturn

31.     Booker T v. Chris Adams


Disk 4

1.        Booker T v. Rick Steiner (Steiner wins the TV Title - SLAMBOREE 99)

2.        Highlights of Stevie Ray helping Booker T

3.        Booker T v. Kanyon

4.        Harlem Heat v. Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow (Harlem Heat reunite and win the Tag Team Titles! - ROAD WILD 99)

5.        Harlem Heat talks

6.        Harlem Heat v. Vincent, Scott Norton, and Horace

7.        Harlem Heat v. Barry & Kendall Windham (The Windhams win the titles)

8.        Harlem Heat v.   The Windhams (Harlem Heat regain the titles.)

9.        Harlem Heat talks

10.     Highlights of the Filthy Animals beating Harlem heat for the tag titles

11.     Harlem Heat v. Brian Knobbs and Hugh Morris v. The Filthy Animals (Harlem Heat win a 3 Way Street fight for the Tag Team

       Titles.  Halloween Havoc 99)

12.     Harlem Heat v. Kidman and Konnan (Kidman & Konnan defeat the Heat for the titles)

13.     Booker T and Stevie Ray argue and Stevie Ray nails Booker T with the slap jack

14.     Harlem Heat breaks up when Stevie Ray and Booker T agree to fight each other at Souled Out 2000


Disk 5

15.     Booker T v. Stevie Ray (SOULED OUT 2000)

16.     Booker T talks

17.    Booker T v. Big T [Ahmed Johnson] (While Ahmed Johnson had a pretty impressive build in the WWF, his return in

       WCW as Big T showed that he must not have seen a gym in a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.  Big T’s body builder’s

       physique was Replaced by a HUGE gut that hung over his tights!  And if you thought he was a sloppy wrestler in the

WWF, wait till you see him NOW!)

18.        Stevie Ray & Big T (Now calling themselves Harlem Heat 2000) talk to Booker T

19.        Booker T v. The Demon

20.        Booker T and Kidman v. Harlem Heat 2000 (UNCENSORED 2000)

21.        Eric Bischoff fires Booker T

22.        Booker T becomes G.I. BRO! (GI Bro was actually Booker T’s FIRST gimmick from when he started in the business.)

23.        G.I Bro v.  Mike Awesome(Ambulance Match)

24.        G.I Bro v. Kidman

25.        G.I Bro v.   Shawn Stasiak (boot camp match - G.A.BASH 2000)

26.        G.I Bro talks to M.I.A and goes back to being Booker T

27.        Booker T v. Shane Douglas

Matches 28-30 take place at BASH AT THTE BEACH 2000

28.        Booker T v. Kanyon

29.        In response to Hulk Hogan repeatedly refusing to do the job for Jarrett as originally booked by Vince Russo,  Russo

             comes out to  the ring and ON LIVE PAY PER VIEW ordering Jeff Jarrett to intentionally lie down so Hulk Hogan
             can pin him to win the WCW World Title.   Vince Russo STILL ON LIVE TV announces that he is tired of dealing
             with Hulk Hogan & that Jeff Jarrett is still the rightful WCW World Champion, and that 0 Booker T will  
              IMMEDIATELY be given a shot at the WCW World Title. 

30.        Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T.  (After YEARS of being one of the most underrated and dedicated workers in WCW,  Booker T FINALLY  WINS THE WCW

           WORLD TITLE!  I may not like Russo very much, but I've gotta be fair.  It was Russo who put the title on Booker T, when everyone before him refused

           to do so.  There wasn't a wrestler in the company BAR NONE who deserved it more.July 9, 2000 in Daytona Beach, FL)


Disk 6

31.  New World Champ Booker T thanks the fans for backing him up.  Booker T then introduces his wife, and Stevie Ray comes out

      to congratulate him.

31.        Booker T v. Mike Awesome

32.        Goldberg and  Booker T talk

33.        Booker T v. Goldberg

34.        Profile on Booker T’s World title reign

35.        Booker T talks and then brawls with Jeff Jarrett

36.        Booker T v. Sting

37.        Booker T v. Lance Storm

38.        Booker T v. Jeff Jarrett (NEW BLOOD RISING 2000)

39.        Booker T v. Chuck Palumbo

40.        Kevin Nash and  Booker T talk

41.        Booker T v. Kevin Nash (Kevin Nash wins the WCW World Title)

42.        Booker T v. Stevie Ray


Disk 7

1.           Booker T v.  Kevin Nash (Booker T regains the title in a Steel Cage match.  FALL BRAWL 2000)

2.           Booker T talks about his upcoming match against Vince Russo

3.           Booker T v. Vince Russo (Steel Cage Match September 25, 2000 in Uniondale, NY – Throughout Russo’s reign as head

       writer for WCW, he couldn't resist not only inserting himself in the storylines, but he also insisted on getting over on the

       wrestlers at every opportunity! The crowning achievement is here, as Russo wins the World Title from Booker T.)

4.           Vince Russo vacates the WCW World title

5.           Booker T v. Jeff Jarrett (Booker T regains the vacant World title)

6.           Booker T and The Cat v. Mike Sanders and Kevin Nash

7.           Booker T v. Shane Douglas

8.           Mene Gene interviews  Booker T

9.           Booker T v. Scott Steiner (HALLOWEEN HAVOC 2000)

10.        Booker T talks

11.        Booker T v. Mike Awesome v. Scott Steiner (3 Way match)

12.        Booker T talks


Disk 8

13.        Booker T v. Kevin Nash

14.        Booker t v. Scott Steiner (WCW MILLENNIUM 2000 PPV)

15.        Booker T talks about Lex Luger

16.        Booker T v. Lex Luger

17.        Booker T v. Scott Steiner (“Big Poppa Pump” wins the WCW World Title!  MAYHEM 2000)

18.        Announcement of Booker T being injured by Scott Steiner and that he will be out for a few months

19.        Booker T returns to WCW

20.        Booker T, The Cat, and DDP v.  Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, and Buff Bagwell

21.        Booker T v.  Rick Steiner (Booker T wins the WCW US Title and becomes the last man to hold the title in WCW’s history  WCW GREED)

22.        contract signing between Booker T and  Scott Steiner to unify the WCW World & US titles,

23.        Booker T v.  Scott Steiner (Booker T regains the WCW World Title from Scott Steiner on WCW Nitro’s final broadcast.)


24.        Booker T makes his WWF debut at King Of The Ring 2001 by attacking Steve Austin

25.        Booker T v. Buff Bagwell (TERRIBLE MATCH!  Booker T did as much as he could, but Bagwell, who had for the past

      couple of years, developed and maintained a reputation as having a terrible attitude, not working very hard if he was

       booked to lose, and even HAVING HIS MOTHER call the office and complain if he didn’t like his travel schedule, just

       worked a horrible match.  He would be fired from the WWF within 2 weeks.)

26.        Booker T v. Kurt Angle

27.        Booker T v. Chris Jericho

28.        Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Rhyno, & The Dudleys v. Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Kane, Kurt Angle & Chris Jerricho


29.        Booker T gives the U.S title to Kanyon

30.        Kurt Angle talks to WWF  Champion Steve Austin and  WCW Booker T

31.        Booker T v.  Kurt Angle (July 24, 2001 in Pittsburgh, PA - Kurt Angle  becomes the first wrestler still contracted to the

      WWF to win the WCW World Title!  Yeah, yeah, it's meaningless since the only thing that exists of WCW is the actual

       belt, so Angle isn't exactly going to go into the record books, but it's still worth  mentioning.

32.        Booker T v. Kurt Angle (Booker T regains the WCW Title)

33.        HILARIOUS verbal exchange between Booker T & The Rock


Disk 10

1.        Booker T v. The Rock (The Rock wins the WCW World Title - SUMMERSLAM 2001)

2.        Booker T v. The Big Show

3.        Booker T v. Undertaker

4.        Booker T and Test v. Undertaker and Kane (Booker T & Test win the WWF Tag Team Titles)

5.        Booker T and Test v. The Hardy Boyz (The Hardys win the WWF Tag Team Titles)

6.        Booker T and Test v. The Rock and Chris Jericho (Booker T & Test regain the titles)

7.        Booker T and Test v. The Hardy Boyz (The Hardys regain the Tag Team titles)

8.        Booker T, Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, & Shane McMahon  (Team ALLIANCE) v. The Rock, Chris Jericho, The

      Undertaker, Kane, & The Big Show (Team WWF ) ( (SURVIVOR SERIES 2001)

9.        Booker T returns to the WWF and steals Steve Austin truck

10.     Booker T and Big Bossman v. Steve Austin


Disk 11

11.     Booker T v. The Big Show

12.     Booker T v. Triple H

13.     Booker T v. Tazz

14.     Booker T v. Rikishi

15.     Booker T talks about getting the Japan shampoo commercial

16.     Booker T v. Scotty Too Hotty

17.     Edge gets the Japan shampoo commercial contract

18.     Booker T and Test v. Edge and Tajiri

19.     Booker T v. Edge.

20.     Booker T & Goldust v. Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley



While we were choking on the stale NWO angle and a WCW upper card that was delivering the absolute worst wrestling in the
business, we were treated to an undercard of underrated, yet fantastic wrestlers.  Among them were Booker T, and Chris Benoit.
Benoit was already known as one of the best wrestlers in the sport, but Booker T’s recent change to singles wrestling opened the
eyes of many fans who had not realized just how talented he was.   To make things even better, Booker T won the TV title and
began feuding with Chris Benoit over the championship.  The result was a series of some of the best matches WCW had seen in
YEARS!  Benoit reaffirmed his status as one of the sports greatest athletes, while Booker T proved that he was definitely ready
to be elevated to the main event level.
     03/23/98 WCW Monday Nitro First Time Limit Draw

2.     03/30/98 WCW Monday Nitro Second Time Limit Draw

3.     04/19/98 WCW Spring Stampede 1998 PPV No Time Limit for the WCW TV Title

4.     05/02/98 WCW Saturday Night TV Title on the line

5.     05/11/98 WCW Monday Nitro Winner faces Fit Finley for the TV Title at Slamboree

6.     05/25/98 WCW Monday Nitro Match 1 of 7

7.     05/27/98 WCW Thunder Match 2 of 7

8.     05/30/98 WCW Saturday Night Match 3 of 7

9.     06/01/98 WCW Monday Nitro Match 4 of 7

10.  06/04/98 WCW Thunder Match 5 of 7

11.  06/08/98 WCW Monday Nitro Match 6 of 7

12.  06/11/98 WCW Thunder Match 7 of 7

13.  06/14/98 WCW Great American Bash 1998 PPV Match 8 to determine the #1 contender for the TV Title





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