Nick Bockwinkel is a name synonymous with AWA wrestling. As a perpetual veteran of AWA rings he was constantly matched up against rising young stars. The following video shows Bockwinkel ad his best against the up-and-coming stars of the AWA .

By Kevin Cerutti

1) Gene Okerlund interviews Nick Bockwinkel and Bobby Heenan about an upcoming match against Tito Santana. Bockwinkel is 

     trying his best not to laugh at Heenan’s one- liners. ( AWA TV, 1981)    (2:00, EX-)

2) Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Tito Santana (Winnipeg, 1981, JIP).  (19:00, VG)

3) Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Jim Brunzell (Winnipeg, 1982, JIP) non-title match. (11:15, EX-)

4) Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Dino Bravo (Winnipeg, 1980, missing first minute). (21:00, EX-)

5) Bockwinkel is interviewed about his upcoming challenge of the new AWA champion, Rick Martel.

6) Rick Martel ( AWA Champion) vs. Nick Bockwinkel (Winnipeg, July 1984, JIP). The end pinfall in this match is an example of the

    great subtlety that wrestlers like Martel and Bockwinkel could pull off. Hot crowd!

7) Another interview with Nick regarding his rematch against Martel because of the above bout. Nick’s interviews rock!

8) Rick Martel ( AWA Champion) vs. Nick Bockwinkel (Winnipeg, March 1985, JIP). Martel scores a controversial pinfall.

9) Nick is interviewed about the above rematch, and he’s NOT happy. (total time for the 5 Martel segments: 21:00 . Clips are all


10) Nick Bockwinkel vs. Raymond Rougeau (Montreal, 1984, JIP). Good match! (6:50, VG).

11) A face to face interview between Nick Bockwinkel and Curt Hennig, conducted by Larry Nelson, concerning one of their

       upcoming title bouts (1986, AWA TV). 2:00, VG

12) Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Curt Hennig (St. Paul, MN, 12/15/86 ). A great, underrated matchup from the AWA ’s

       “Brawl in St. Paul”.  (28:00, EX-)

13) Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Brad Rheingans (1982, St. Paul , MN , end clip). Wild ending as it appears Rheingans has

      won the title, twice! (4:00, G/VG-)

14) Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Bret Hart (Calgary, 1982, JIP). Final 7 minutes of a 2/3 fall match. Bret is VERY young

       here. NOTE—this bout isn’t great quality. There is a shadow from the images likely due to the channel it was recorded off of

       having not-so-great reception. I included it here because of the rarity of the clip ( 7:00 , G/VG-)**NOTE: Listen to Ed Whalen’s

       description about where Nick won the title and who he won it from, and the AWA title history in general. It’s nothing short of

       head scratching!



This chapter of Nick Bockwinkel’s AWA career examines his matches against Veteran, experienced opposition. The variety of challengers shows how versatile Nick was as a wrestler…he could have a good match against all styles and types of opponents.

By Kevin Cerutti

1)       Verne Gagne ( AWA champion) vs. Nick Bockwinkel (February 1975, Chicago, film clips). Bockwinkel and Bobby Heenan do commentary with Al Lerner. Believe it or not this is a different clip that any which appear on my Verne vs. Nick comp!  (4:30, VG+)

2)       Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA champion) vs. Billy Robinson (December 25, 1981, St. Paul, JIP). Excellent bout between two of the best. (18:00, VG+)

3)       Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA champion) vs. Dick The Bruiser (Chicago, November 7th 1978, film clips).  5:00, VG+

4)       Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. The Crusher (Minneapolis, February 1979, JIP, Cage match).  6:00, EX-

5)       Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Mad Dog Vachon (St. Paul, December 25th, 1983, JIP). Crusher is in Mad Dog’s corner.  6:00, VG

6)       Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Blackjack Mulligan (Winnipeg, January 1984, JIP). 8:00, EX-

7)       Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Wahoo McDaniel (Winnipeg, 1983, JIP). 7:00, EX-

8)       Nick Bockwinkel vs. Pat O’Connor (St. Paul, March 1981, JIP). O’Connor looks physically terrible but the crowd loves him and damn if he still couldn’t wrestle great!  7:00, VG/VG+

9)       Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Baron Von Raschke (Minneapolis 1981, JIP). 11:30, VG/VG+

10)     An Interview with Bockwinkel and Bobby Heenan re: an upcoming no-DQ match with Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie. (2:00, G/VG-)

11)     Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie (Non-title No DQ match, September 1981, Minneapolis). Baron Von Raschke is the special referee. Violent, exciting match with a wild ending. 10:00, EX-

12)     An interview after the Kaissie match with Nick and Bobby Heenan.  2:00, G/VG-

13)      Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA champion) vs. Super Destroyer II (Minneapolis, 1979, JIP). The crowd is firmly behind Super D in this one.  6:00, VG-/VG

14)     Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA champion) vs. Hulk Hogan (June 1982, St. Paul, End clip). I included this clip because it’s a rarely talked about and rarely seen clip of the pair’s second St. Paul encounter. Hogan goes berserk at the end of the bout! (5:30, EX-)

15)     Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. “Superstar” Bill Dundee (Memphis, March 1980, JIP). Someone besides Jerry Lawler receives a title shot in Memphis! The crowd is really up for this one. (4:00, G/VG-)

16)     A face-to-face verbal confrontation between Nick Bockwinkel and Jerry Lawler. Great stuff!  ( 4:00 , VG+)

17)     Music Video: Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. Jerry Lawler ( 12/26/83 , Memphis ). Good montage of one of their many title matches. 2:15 , VG+

18)     Interview: Nick Bockwinkel, a few hours after the 12/26/83 match shown in the previous video. Nick is at his best in this one.  6:00, G/VG-

19)     Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA Champion) vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz (Calgary, Summer 1982, non-title). Hard to believe Schultz was a face at one time. 6:20 , VG/VG+



By khawk20

This chapter in the Nick Bockwinkel series focuses on some of the bigger, more widely known shows that Nick wrestled on. Not by coincidence, his opponents were all big names in the sport and the bouts are all really good for a variety of reasons.

By Kevin Cerutti


1)       THE SUPERBOWL OF WRESTLING”, Houston, TX., 1978: Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA World Champion) vs. Bruiser Brody (JIP). Nick defends the AWA title in Houston against one of the most volatile men in the sport. (I had to dub the finish in from a source a few generations away from the first 7 minutes or so. Still good to watch, though.) 10:45 , VG+/VG-

2)       “SUPER BOWL 6”, Comiskey Park , Chicago , Ill , July 18th, 1980 : Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA World Champion) vs. Verne Gagne (clipped). Verne regains the title for the last time. Gene Okerlund does commentary over the film of the match. 16:30 , EX-

3)       SUPER SUNDAY ‘83”, St. Paul , MN , April 20, 1983 : Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA World Champion) vs. Hulk Hogan. The famous title change that shoulda been… 21:14 , EX-

4)      FINAL AWA SHOW AT THE WINNIPEG ARENA”, January 16th, 1986 : Ric Flair (NWA World Champion) vs. Nick Bockwinkel (JIP). Good bout between two of the best ever. The AWA closed their run in Winnipeg on a very high note with this bout. This was the only time these two greats ever met in the ring to my knowledge. 16:00 , EX-

5)       WRESTLEROCK ‘86”, Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis , MN , April 20, 1986 : Stan Hansen ( AWA World Champion) vs. Nick Bockwinkel (Clipped). Nick is a clear favourite with the crowd and the fans are really there when Nick almost wins the title on a couple of near-falls. 8:00 , EX-

6)       An interview with Nick following his Wrestlerock match ( 1:20 , EX-)

7)      SUPER CLASH II”, May 2nd, 1987 , Cow Palace , San Francisco , CA : Nick Bockwinkel ( AWA world Champion) vs. Curt Hennig. This is a great match, fast paced, old-school wrestling that you can really get into. Some of the post-match controversy and a Nick interview are included at the end. 28:17, EX-

8)       TOKYO DOME CARD featuring Lou Thesz vs. Masa Chono”, Tokyo , Japan , January 1990:  Nick Bockwinkel vs. Massa Saito. Good bout, and one of Nick’s last appearances aside from the occasional spot exhibition bout. 14:22 , VG.



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