VOLUME 1 (Disks 1-4): THE EARLY YEARS (1980-82)

Jerry Blackwell wrestled in many promotions in the 1970's, notably the Mid Atlantic and WWWF
areas. It wasn't until 1980 when he arrived in the AWA that he made a true impact as a "giant" of
pro wrestling.

 Disk 1 (1 XP dvd, Running time 58:29)

1) Jerry Blackwell introduction by Verne and Greg Gagne (2:21, VG)

 2) Jerry Blackwell vs. Kenny Jay (An early AWA TV bout against a perennial AWA favourite) 6:28, VG

 3) Jerry Blackwell vs. Tito Santana (Winnipeg 1980, JIP). Good bout. If the VQ weren't so rough I'd have
included more of it. (6:15, F/VG-)

 4) Jerry Blackwell vs. Billy Robinson (Winnipeg, 1980, JIP). 15:20, VG

 5) Verne Gagne (AWA World Champion) vs. Jerry Blackwell (St. Paul, 1980, end clip). One of
Blackwell's few title matches as a heel. 2:46, VG, low sound.

 6) Jerry Blackwell vs. Dino Bravo (Bodyslam Challenge, Winnipeg, 1980). The idea is Bravo has three
chances to slam Blackwell in order to collect $1,000. (4:02, VG-)

 7) Jerry Blackwell vs. Dino Bravo (Winnipeg, 1980, JIP). The revenge bout from the Bodyslam
challenge. This time it's a regular match, but whoever slams the other gets $5,000. Bravo is defending the
Canadian title. (21:16, VG+)

 Quality: A few rough patches but overall it's VG


Disk 2 (XP dvd, Running time 56:29)

1) Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Jerry Blackwell about his eating habits. (3:22, VG+)

2) Jerry Blackwell vs. King Kong Mosca (Minneapolis, clips, 1980). John Studd, Blackwell's tag partner,
is at ringside near the end. (6:55, VG-/VG)

 3) Jerry Blackwell vs. Andre the Giant (Minneapolis, 1980, end clips). It's a regular match with Blackwell
putting up $5,000 if Andre can slam him. (4:05, VG)

 4) Jerry Blackwell/John Studd vs. King Kong Mosca/Andre the Giant (Winnipeg, 1980). 11:54, VG+

 5) Jerry Blackwell vs. Brad Rheingans & Buck Zumhofe (March 1, 1981, Minneapolis, JIP). Blackwell
has to pin both men in the allotted time limit to get the win. Rheingans almost breaks Blackwell's neck
with a TREMENDOUS belly-to-back suplex. (7:33, VG)

 6) Jerry Blackwell challenges Brad Rheingans to a TV match, which Rheingans accepts. The bout doesn't
go Blackwell's way and he attacks Rheingans and injures him. (ASW TV, 1981, clipped) 5:15, F/VG-

 7) Jerry Blackwell vs. Brad Rheingans (St. Paul, 1981, JIP). 6:55, VG/VG+. "Blackwell the Bully" made
him even more hated than he already was, and his matches with the smaller Rheingans were good for both
of them.

 8) Jerry Blackwell vs. Brad Rheingans (Winnipeg, 1981, JIP) Blackwell goes nuts after the match and
attacks Rheingans again. This time Hulk Hogan makes the save and slams Blackwell twice.

 9) A Blackwell interview with Rodger Kent where he calls out Hulk Hogan. (Both clips total 10:30,

 Quality: Again there is a few rough patches but overall it's a VG or slightly less. Everything is very


Disk 3 (1 XP dvd, Running time 58:13)

 1) Intro and Jerry Blackwell promo calling Hulk Hogan out. (2:09, VG)

 2) Jerry Blackwell vs. Hulk Hogan (1981, Minneapolis, JIP). 14:20, VG/VG+

 3) Jerry Blackwell vs. Hulk Hogan II (1981, St. Paul, Bodyslam Challenge). $5,000 Challenge--but not a
regular match. Jesse Ventura interferes and he and Blackwell beat on Hogan. This is a pretty rare clip as
Johnny V is still managing Hogan at the time.

 4) Hulk Hogan wants Ventura, Adonis, and Blackwell in a 3-on-1 match but the promoters won't allow it.
So he picks a partner. Andre the Giant. (interview)

 5) Blackwell, Adonis and Ventura all react to Hogan's choice of partner. (Total time of 3,4, and 5: 5:20.
Quality is VG-/VG)

 6) Jerry Blackwell, Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura vs. Andre the Giant & Hulk Hogan (St. Paul, 1981).
13:43, VG/VG+

 7) Jerry Blackwell vs. Greg Gagne (Winnipeg, JIP). A bit out of order as Blackwell was with Sheik
Kaissie at this point, but it was a beat down of Gagne that set up the next match.. (6:42, VG-/VG)

 8) Jerry Blackwell, Adrian Adonis and Jesse Ventura vs. Greg Gagne, Jim Brunzell and Hulk Hogan
(Minneapolis, 1981, Clipped). Sound is low but it goes to a Double DQ. (8:40, VG/VG+)

 9) Winnipeg $50,000 Battleroyal (Winnipeg 1980, JIP). Funny, this is JIP at the 15-minute mark but
there's only TWO guys eliminated. Battleroyals were very different back then. Blackwell makes it to the
end. (7:00, EX-)

 Quality: Solid VG with low sound on match #7 and a slightly weaker picture on #6.


Disk 4 (1 XP dvd, Running time approx. 54:00)

One of Jerry Blackwell's longest running AWA feuds was against three of the AWA's elder
statesmen: Mad Dog Vachon, and The Crusher. Blackwell had injured Vachon and put him out of
the AWA for a lengthy period. When he returned, he brought back an old friend to help extract his
 revenge-Baron Von Raschke.

 1) Jerry Blackwell & Big John Studd vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Baron Von Raschke (Winnipeg, 1980).
Billed as Mad Dog's first match back in the AWA since Blackwell put him out of action. (24:00, VG-

 2) Jerry Blackwell & Big John Studd vs. Crusher & Baron Von Raschke (No DQ, Winnipeg, 1980, JIP).
Crusher and Blackwell had begun feuding over Jerry using the nickname "Crusher". (6:28, VG)

 3) Roger Kent interviews Blackwell & Studd, who brag about injuring Crusher. (2:05, VG)

 4) Jerry Blackwell & Big John Studd vs. Crusher & Baron Von Raschke (No DQ, St. Paul, 1980, JIP).
The top rope breaks during the bout, and each team uses the broken turnbuckle to their advantage. (8:20,

 5) Crusher is interviewed about getting revenge on Blackwell one-on-one.

 6) Jerry Blackwell vs. Crusher (St. Paul, 1981, No DQ, JIP). Blackwell goes crazy at the end of the bout
and tries to injure Crusher again.

 7) Another Crusher interview, who is so furious that he demands a return bout against Blackwell "brass
knuckles" style. (Total time of clips 5, 6 and 7: 7:00. EX-)

 8) Jerry Blackwell vs. Crusher (No DQ, St. Paul 1981, JIP). This bout has the stipulation that the winner
can use the "Crusher" nickname. Blackwell brings some help to ringside-Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie. 5:40,
VG+/EX-) This bout marked the beginning of Blackwell becoming Kaissie's tag partner and teammate.

 9) Jerry Blackwell vs. Bobby Jones (AWA TV clips, 1982). Kaissie is at ringside for the bout and is
identified as Blackwell's new partner. (1:15, EX-)

 Video Quality: Ranges from a few VG- bouts and clips to EX-.

 NOTES: Volume 2 will focus on the partnership between Blackwell and Kaissie. (1982-84)

 In a lot of the clips there are dates on-screen that are wrong. The AWA made a lot of mistakes dating their
shows when they ran classic match segments on their weekly TV.




Disk 5 (1 SP DVD, Running time approx. 1 hour 56 minutes)

Jerry Blackwell's AWA tenure stalled briefly upon the departure of tag partner Big John Studd.
His services were quickly scooped up by Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie. Kaissie, as a singles grappler, had
failed in his quest to unseat Nick Bockwinkel for the AWA World title. With Blackwell adopting a
Sheik outfit, the pair sought revenge against common enemies and planned an assault at the AWA
World tag team titles. Rarely has a team garnered so much hatred in an AWA ring.

 1) Intro and early squash match highlights against Bobby Jones (AWA TV, 1982). One of the earliest
appearances of Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie in Blackwell's corner. (3:00, EX-)

 Kaissie began appearing in Blackwell's corner for all of his singles matches at this point.

 2) Jerry Blackwell vs. Steve Olsonowski (St. Paul, 1982, JIP). 7:50, VG-/VG

 3) Jerry Blackwell vs. Ray Stevens (St. Paul, 1982, JIP). 11:51, VG

 4) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Baron Von Raschke & Mad Dog Vachon (Winnipeg, JIP, 1982).
All four men had feuded with each other individually. All four in a match together made for a real war.
(8:38, VG)

 5) Jerry Blackwell vs. Greg Gagne (Winnipeg, 1982, JIP). Kaissie interferes and the pair beat down
Gagne. (7:00, VG-/VG)

 6) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Brad Rheingans & Buddy Lane (2/3 fall highlights, AWA TV,
1982). Rheingans has Blackwell's number, which prompts him and Kaissie to go crazy on the faces until
several wrestlers run in for the save. Greg Gagne is one of them, and Blackwell Powerslams and splashes
him on the concrete floor. The Sheiks are interviewed after the match. (11:06, G/VG-, snowy picture).

 7) A Blackwell and Kaissie interview demanding AWA tag title matches against Greg Gagne and Jim
Brunzell. (2:00, VG)

 8) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (AWA tag title match, St. Paul, 1982,
slightly JIP). Good bout, strange ending. (12:21, VG+)

 9) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (AWA tag title match, Winnipeg,
1982, JIP). Basically the same finish as above but a good match nonetheless. (6:45, VG-/VG)

 10) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (AWA Tag champions). Non-title
steel cage bout, St. Paul 1982. Clipped Raw footage shot from a ringside camera. Violent match that sees
the Sheiks lock Brunzell out of the cage after the match and beat down Gagne. Brunzell and Verne Gagne
make the save. (11:05, VG)

 11) A Mad Dog Vachon interview: he's back from the Mines, and he wants his revenge on Jerry
Blackwell. (1:30, VG)

 12) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Steve O (End clip, St. Paul, 1983). Vachon
takes out both the Sheiks with various objects and a chair after the bout. (3:15, F/VG-, lots of snow on the

 13) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Baron Von Raschke (St. Paul, 1983 Raw
footage from an alternate camera angle). Blackwell and Kaissie injure not only Vachon and Raschke, but
also Verne Gagne, who tried to make the save. The Heat for this bout is off the charts as fans are insane
with rage. (14:00, VG-/VG, good picture that jumps a bit in spots).

 14) Several interview segments where Mad Dog Vachon tries to get Verne Gagne to come out of
retirement to face the Sheiks at Super Sunday. Verne ultimately accepts. (2:51, EX-)

 15) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon (Super Sunday 1983, St.
Paul). Vachon looks for revenge, Verne wants to hurt Kaissie. He does. (10:00, EX-)

 With Kaissie on the shelf, Blackwell was in need of a new tag team partner. The Sheik makes an offer to
Bobby Heenan for the services of Ken Patera, which Heenan ultimately accepts. (AWA TV, 1983). 7:00, EX-

 The next volume will examine Blackwell's team with Ken Patera and their drive to become AWA tag
team champions.

 Video Quality: A mix of everything but it's mostly VG. There are a couple of Fair/Good segments with
some rougher picture but those segments are pretty short.


Disk 6 (1 SP DVD, Running time approx. 1 hour 56 minutes)

After the Sheik's arm was broken at the hands of Verne Gagne and Mad Dog Vachon, he decided
that Jerry Blackwell needed a new tag team partner to try and win the AWA tag team titles. That
 partner was to be Ken Patera.

1) Sheik Kaissie buys the contract of Ken Patera from Bobby Heenan. (AWA TV, late April 1983). 6:20,

2) Ken Patera and Jerry Blackwell vs. Spike Huber and Butch Reed (St. Louis, end clip). The Sheiks get
their feet wet as a team on St. Louis TV. (3:46, EX-)

3) Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (St. Paul,
May 26th 1983, JIP). The Sheiks capture the tag team titles with the help of the Sheik on what was
probably their very first crack at the titles. (10:41, VG/VG+)

4) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (St. Paul,
June 1983). Ray Stevens is assigned as the special referee. (22:54, VG-/VG)


After this bout the Sheiks decided that the High Flyers weren't getting any more title matches.


5) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Steve O & Rick Martel (AWA TV, 2/3
falls, Summer 1983). 13:00, VG-/VG

 6) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Dino Bravo & Steve O (St. Paul,
Summer 1983). Mad Dog Vachon was supposed to be Bravo's partner but was late arriving. He's around
after the bout, though. Good match. (19:20, VG/VG+)

 7) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Rick Martel & Mad Dog Vachon (St.
Paul, 1983, JIP). This is a non-title match. (7:54, VG-/VG)

 8) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Dick the Bruiser
(St. Paul, 1983, JIP). Rare 80's Twin-Cities appearance for Bruiser. (5:30, VG+, note there is some unrelated footage here for about 2 minutes. My bad.)

 At this point the Blackwell-Vachon feud was getting out of hand and needed to be settled. A "Death
match" was ordered.


9) The infamous Mad Dog Vachon "coffin building" promo for the Death match. (2:40, EX-)

 10) Jerry Blackwell vs. Mad Dog Vachon ( Death match, Met Center, Bloomington, 1983). You win
when your opponent can't get up by the count of "ten". Kaissie and Patera are at ringside. (14:25,

 The Sheiks had been denying Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell rematches for the title since mid-1983. It was
determined that if the High Flyers could win a 6-man tag bout against the Sheiks they would get a title
match. The High Flyers chose Rick Martel to join them.

 11) Sheiks Blackwell, Patera & Kaissie vs. Greg Gagne, Jim Brunzell & Rick Martel (St. Paul, late 1983,
JIP). If the High Flyers win, they finally get a title rematch. (9:49, VG)

 Quality: Overall its VG, some fuzzy spots on a few matches and the occasional sound dips.


 Disk 7 (1 SP DVD, Running time approx. 1 hour 56 minutes)

Jerry Blackwell and Ken Patera had held the title since May 26th, 1983 when they defeated the
High Flyers in St. Paul. They had managed to avoid giving the Flyers another rematch until it was
decided that if Gagne and Brunzell could win a 6-man tag bout (with Rick Martel as their tag
partner) they would get another chance. They won that bout, which is where part 2 picks up..)

 1) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell (Green
Bay, WI, 3/11/84). Japanese Commentary. 17:10, VG) Blackwell and Patera also ventured outside of
regular AWA areas to defend their belts:

 2) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Memphis,
December 1983, clips). Includes promos for the match by both the Sheiks and Morton & Gibson. (total
time of clips + promos: 6:02, VG-/VG)

 3) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol (Memphis,
January 1984, clips). Includes promos for the match by both Lawler and The Sheiks. (total time of clips +
 promos: 5:09, VG-/VG)

 4) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Tag Champs) vs. Jerry Lawler & Blackjack Mulligan
(Chicago, 3/4/84). Japanese commentary. Mulligan picks up Lawler as a partner since Blackjack Lanza
had a title shot vs. Jumbo Tsuruta on the same card. (20:08, VG)

 5) Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell (AWA World Champs) vs. Greg Gagne & The Crusher (Salt Lake City,
3/15/84). Japanese commentary. Crusher subs for Brunzell, who had a title match that night against
Jumbo Tsuruta. (14:41, VG) Crusher and Gagne demanded that they get a bout with the Sheik, and they
get one:

 6) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Greg Gagne & The Crusher (Cage match, St. Paul 3/25/84, Raw
Footage slightly clipped). Ken Patera is at ringside and attacks Crusher after the bout. Blackjack Mulligan
comes to Crusher and Gagne's aid. (14:36, EX-) Blackwell decided to get some revenge of his own on

 7) Baron Von Raschke & Crusher vs. Jesse Ventura & Mr. Saito (No DQ match, Chicago, April 1984,
end clip). Blackwell costs Crusher and Baron the match with the help of brass knuckles. (2:05, VG-/VG)
Out of the preceding bout, Baron and Crusher began to get matches for the tag team title against the

 8) Ken Resnick makes an announcement on AWA TV that Baron Von Raschke & Crusher have defeated
Ken Patera and Jerry Blackwell in Green Bay on May 6th, 1984. No clip of the match has ever been
shown but Baron and Crusher celebrating in the dressing room after the title win is. (1:05, VG) Patera was
out of the AWA almost immediately after losing the tag titles. Blackwell had some unfinished business
with Blackjack Mulligan.

 9) Jerry Blackwell vs. Blackjack Mulligan (St. Paul, 1984, JIP). Mulligan destroys Blackwell. This bout
was such a no-contest that many wondered if Blackwell was leaving the territory. Even Sheik Kaissie at
ringside didn't help. (7:05, VG/VG+) Blackwell's AWA career now officially seemed to be in limbo.
Events in the AWA over the next few months, however, would give Blackwell an entirely new set of
enemies to concentrate on and keep him as a prominent figure in AWA rings for years to come.


 10) Jerry Blackwell vs. Jerry Lawler (Memphis, clipped). Lance Russell notes that Blackwell was brought
in by Terry Funk to destroy Lawler, and Blackwell indeed looks devastating. (9:05, EX-)

 11) Jerry Blackwell vs. The Crusher (Anything Goes No DQ, complete bout, St. Paul). A good old
fashioned brawl. 11:19, VG-/VG

 12) Jerry Blackwell & Sheik Kaissie vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Jim Brunzell (St. Paul, 1982, JIP). This bout
should have been on the Blackwell/Kaissie disc. The story here is that after Blackwell injured Greg
Gagne on TV, Brunzell needed a partner for a match against the Sheiks. Mad Dog volunteered to be
Brunzell's partner since he was still looking to get revenge on Blackwell. The Dog has his day. (7:30,

 Quality: Overall it's VG, a bit lower in some spots and a bit higher in others.

 The next volume will concentrate on what turned into the biggest feud of 1984 in the AWA: Jerry
 Blackwell vs. Bruiser Brody.



Jerry Blackwell was the most hated man in the AWA for several years. His alliance with Sheik
Adnan Al-Kaissie had wreaked havoc throughout the territory. The Sheik expanded his stable of
wrestlers in early 1984 to include Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody. These additions
resulted in a remarkable turnaround in the relationship between Blackwell and the fans. This DVD
chronicles how it happened.

 1) Jim Brunzell vs. Rooster Griffin (AWA TV, late April 1984)-Bruiser Brody makes his debut and
promptly attacks Brunzell and his partner, Greg Gagne, injuring Gagne's knee and putting him out of
action for several months. (2:30, VG)

 2) News clips from the UIC Pavillion in Chicago, Early May 1984. Bruiser wrestles Jerry Blackwell and
Blackwell ends up arguing with Sheik Kaissie after the bout. (1:22, VG)

 3) Jerry Blackwell/Abdullah the Butcher vs. The Blackjacks (St. Paul, May 13/84, JIP)-Bloody match.
Sheik Kaissie and Blackwell get into it again after the bout and Blackwell walks out n disgust. (7:00, EX-)

 4) St. Paul $100,000 Battleroyal (June 10 1984, JIP)-Blackwell wins after eliminating Abdullah and
Brody, which prompts Kaissie and Company to lay a serious, unending beating on him. (11:43, EX-)
Jerry Blackwell was now a fan favourite.

 5) Ken Resnick tries to interview Blackwell after the St. Paul battleroyal. Problem is, Blackwell is pretty
much unconscious. (1:30, EX-)

 6) Gordon Solie interviews Jerry Blackwell about his return to the AWA and his targets: Kaissie and
Brody. (3:15, VG)

 7) Bruiser Brody interview re: Blackwell (2:30, VG)

 8) Jerry Blackwell vs. Bruiser Brody (St. Paul, 9/30/84, Raw Footage). Curt Hennig tries to make the
save, and he's in over his head. (9:33, VG+/EX-)

 9) Jerry Blackwell vs. Bruiser Brody II (Winnipeg, 1984). Another violent bloodbath. This time King
Kong Bundy tries to make the save. He doesn't fare very well either. (12:30, VG)

 10) Jerry Blackwell vs. Bruiser Brody III (St. Paul, October 1984, Lights Out match). A no-rules
encounter. Greg Gagne comes in and helps Blackwell score a very strange decision. Gagne and
Blackwell, once bitter enemies, shake hands after the match. (13:00, EX-)

 11) Greg Gagne vs. Sheik Kaissie (Cage match, St. Paul, November 1984, end clip). Jerry Blackwell
saves Greg Gagne from a two-on-one attack by Kaissie and his newest protégé, The Masked Superstar.
(2:21, VG+)

 12) Jerry Blackwell vs. Bruiser Brody IV (Oshkosh, WI, early 1985). The bout never really gets
underway and turns into a huge two-part brawl that ends up involving Greg Gagne. Blackwell and Greg
Gagne are interviewed in-ring afterwards by Larry Nelson. (10:26, VG)

 13) Jerry Blackwell/Greg Gagne vs. Bruiser Brody/Masked Superstar (Highlight clips from St. Paul TV,
January 1985). Blackwell attacks the ref after the decision goes against his team. 1:38, VG+

 14) Bruiser Brody and Sheik Kaissie interview re: His next bout vs. Blackwell (2:00, VG)

 15) Jerry Blackwell vs. Bruiser Brody V (St. Paul, February 1985, clipped Raw Footage, St. Paul). Sheik
Kaissie is strapped to a debuting Sgt. Slaughter to prevent interference. (8:00, VG+)

 16) Bruiser Brody & Nord the Barbarian vs. Greg Gagne & Jimmy Snuka (Cage match, Wrestlerock
4/20/86, Minneapolis Metrodome, end clip)--Basically, this was supposed to be Blackwell and Gagne
settling up their feud with Brody once and for all. Blackwell was either (a) legit too sick to wrestle, or (B)
Vince McMahon stooged on Blackwell being unable to pass a physical so he had to be lifted from the
match. Jimmy Snuka was brought in as his replacement. This should have been the big blowoff match to
end this long-running feud but unfortunately it didn't happen. (5:00, EX-) Though the feud ended in an
inconclusive manner, it did serve as the catalyst for many other battles between Blackwell and The
Sheik's Army, and cemented Jerry as one of the top AWA fan favourites for many years to come.

Running time: Approx. 100 minutes

Video Quality: Ranges from VG to EX-.

Note:  All listings and quality ratings are that of the originator of the set, KHawk.




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