history of dave batista
October 28, 2003 through December 14, 2003

Disk 1

1.          Batista vs Justin Credible

2.          Batista talks to Ric Flair in the locker room

3.          Batista vs D-Lo Brown

4.          Batista attacks Kane

5.          Batista vs Kane

6.          Batista talks to Ric Flair backstage

7.          Batista vs Hurricane Helms

8.          Batista vs RVD

9.          Batista vs Kane (Armageddon 2002)

10.       Batista and 3 Minute Warning talk to Ric Flair backstage

11.       Batista/3-Minute Warning vs Kane/RVD

12.       Batista vs Spike Dudley

13.       Batista, 3 Minute Warning and Rico v. The Dudleys

14.       Batista competes in a Battle Royal

15.       Batista competes in the Royal Rumble

16.       Batista helps Triple H and Ric Flair assault Scott Steiner

17.       Batista talks to Ric Flair backstage

18.       Batista vs Scott Steiner (Evolution is formed)

19.       Promo - Evolution

20.       Evolution talks to Eric Bischoff backstage

21.       Batista/Triple H vs Kane/RVD (Afterward, Evolution lays out Scott Steiner)

22.       Batista attacks Tommy Dreamer.  Afterward, Evolution cuts a promo

23.       Evolution relaxes in the VIP box

24.       Batista/Orton electrocute Goldust

25.       Batista v. Tommy Dreamer

26.       Evolution talks with Vince McMahon backstage

27.       Evolution talks backstage

28.       Batista/Triple H vs Steiner/Booker T

29.       Batista interferes in Triple H vs Scott Steiner match (No Way Out)

30.       Batista talks with Orton in locker room

31.       Batista/Orton vs Booker T/Steiner


Disk 2

1.       Batista competes in Battle Royal (Batista lays out Goldberg)

2.          Evolution promo (Austin confronts)

3.          Ric Flair & Randy Orton v. Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak

4.          Batista vs Maven

5.          Batista confronts Steve Austin backstage

6.          Batista attacks Austin.  Goldberg runs in to make the save.

7.          Evolution promo (Triple H throws Lita out of the ring)

8.          Batista vs Goldberg

9.          Evolution parties with some ladies in the locker room

10.       Goldberg v. HHH (in progress – Survivor Series 2003)

11.       Evolution talks with Eric Bischoff in the ring

12.       Evolution talks backstage.

13.       Batista/Orton/Triple H vs Goldberg

14.       Batista confronts Shawn Michaels

15.       Batista/Flair vs Jericho/Michaels

16.       Int – Batista & Randy Orton

17.       Batista/Kane/Orton vs Michaels/Goldberg/RVD

18.       Evolution talks backstage.

19.       Batista vs RVD

20.       Evolution talks backstage.

21.       Goldberg vs Kane (Lumberjack Match.  Batista is at ringside)

22.       Evolution talks backstage.

23.       Batista vs Shawn Michaels (Armageddon 2003 - Batista’s best match to date. Post match, Batista
         DESTROYS Maven during Maven’s match against Matt Hardy.)

24.       Batista/Flair talk in the locker room

25.       Batista/Flair vs The Dudleys (The Dudleys just finished winning their “Tag Team Turmoil” match when
         Eric Bischoff added Flair & Batista to the match, who almost immediately put away D-Von & Bubba
         Ray to win the tag titles!)

26.    HHH v. Batista (Evolution helps HHH regain the World Title.  Armageddon 2003)

December 15, 2003 through April 18, 2004

Disk 3

1.       Evolution Promo (Each of them now holds a title belt.)

2.          Batista/Flair/Triple H vs BBK/RVD

3.          Evolution shows off their money and luxuries (WWE Confidential)

4.          Batista/Flair attack The Dudleys

5.          Batista/Flair vs The Dudleys

6.          Batista v. Dvon Dudley

7.          Evolution talks to Steve Austin backstage

8.         Evolution talks to Steve Austin backstage

9.       The Dudleys attack Evolution

10.    Goldberg demolishes Randy Orton

11.       Batista/Flair vs Dudleys (Royal Rumble)

12.       Evolution confronts Chris Benoit backstage

13.       Batista/Flair/Orton vs RVD/Jericho

14.       Evolution beats down Mick Foley

15.       Batista/Flair vs Jericho/Christian

16.       Evolution attacks Mick Foley in the locker room

17.       Mick Foley goes after Randy Orton and gets beat down by Evolution again.

18.       Evolution talks backstage after HHH is attacked in the ring by Chris Benoit.

19.       Batista/Flair vs RVD/Booker T (Foley helps RVD & Booker T win the Tag Titles.)

20.    Evolution talks backstage

21.       Evolution promo – Benoit & Shawn Michaels come out and it turns into a brawl.  Steve Austin comes out and
          turns it into….

22.       Batista vs Benoit

23.       Batista/Orton vs HBK/Benoit

24.    Evolution talks backstage

25.       Evolution talks backstage

26.       Evolution confronts Mick Foley (The Rock comes out, reuniting the “Rock & Sock Connection)

27.       Batista/Flair vs Hurricane/Rosey

28.       Evolution attacks Rock/Foley


Disk 4

1.       Evolution backstage MSG promo

2.          Batista/Orton/Flair vs Foley/Rock

3.          Evolution confronts Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels

4.          Batista/Orton/Flair vs Benoit/HBK

5.          HHH is drafted from RAW to Smackdown!

6.          Batista/Flair vs RVD/Booker T (Batista and Flair win the Tag Titles)

7.          HHH vs Eddie Guerrero (JIP - Evolution is ringside.  Eventually turns into a RAW v. Smackdown brawl.)

8.       Evolution promo

9.       Batista confronts Shelton Benjamin

10.       Ric Flair & Batista v. Shawn Michaels & Chris Benoit

11.       HHH vs Benjamin

12.       Evolution attacks HBK & Benoit



April 19, 2004 through June 2004

Disk 5

1.       Evolution vs HBK/Benoit/Foley/Shelton

2.       Evolution comes out and carries Orton away following Orton’s Hardcore match with Mick Foley (Backlash 2004)

3.       Evolution arrives in a limo

4.       Evolution attacks Benoit & Edge

5.       Batista/Flair vs Benoit/Edge (Benoit & Edge win the Tag Titles)

6.       Batista & Ric Flair talk backstage

7.       Batista/Flair vs Benoit/Edge

8.       Batista/Flair/Orton vs Shelton/Edge/Tajiri

9.       Evolution talks to Bischoff

10.    Evolution talks backstage

11.    Batista vs Tajiri

12.    Evolution talks backstage

13.    Batista/Orton vs Edge/Benoit

14.    Batista in a Battle Royal

15.    Evolution talks backstage

16.    Batista & HHH are looking for Shawn Michaels out in the parking lot.

17.    Randy Orton attacks Chris Jericho on the set of Jericho’s “Highlight Reel”.  Shelton Benjamin makes the save
leading directly to...

18.    Batista & Randy Orton v. Shelton Benjamin & Chris Jericho

19.    Shawn Michaels attacks HHH backstage

20.    Shawn Michaels & HHH brawl in the ring.

21.    Shelton Benjamin vs Randy Orton (Batista is ringside)

22.    Batista vs Val Venis

23.    Batista vs Shelton Benjamin


Disk 6

1.       Randy Orton vs HBK (In progress - Batista is ringside.  After the match, HBK brawls with HHH)

2.          Batista vs Maven

3.          Batista and Evolution helps carry HHH to the back after HHH & Shawn Michaels’ Hell in a Cell match.

         (Badd Blood 2004)

4.          Evolution befriends Eugene and then confronts Chris Jericho

5.          Batista/Orton/Flair vs Jericho/Benoit/Edge (Elimination match)

6.          Batista/Orton vs Edge/Jericho

7.          Evolution talks to Eugene

8.          Chris Benoit brawls with Evolution, and accidentally hits Eugene with a chair.

9.          Evolution/Eugene promo

10.     Batista/Orton vs Jericho/Edge


July 5, 2004 through October 19, 2004

Disk 7

1.       Evolution talks with Eugene backstage

2.       Edge attacks HHH & Randy Orton

3.       Batista vs Kane

4.       Randy Orton v. Chris Jericho (Joined in Progress)

5.       Evolution talks in the locker room

6.       Batista vs Jericho (Vengeance 2004)

7.       Evolution talks in the locker room

8.       Batista vs Edge

9.       Evolution turns on Eugene

10.    Batista talks with Ric Flair & HHH backstage

11.    Batista vs Benoit

12.    Batista attacks Chris Jericho

13.    Batista in Battle Royal

14.    Evolution talks backstage

15.    HHH vs Benoit (Last 8 minutes of their Ironman match.  Batista is at ringside)

16.    Batista/Orton/Flair vs Benoit/Jericho/Edge

17.    Batista vs Jericho vs Edge (Summerslam 2004)

18.    Batista vs Jericho

19.    Batista and Evolution turn on Randy Orton

20.    Evolution talks backstage

21.    In ring promo - Batista, Flair, HHH.  Randy Orton confronts Evolution


Disk 8

1.       Evolution Promo – Randy Orton comes out

2.       Batista vs Regal

3.       Ric Flair v. Chris Benoit (jip – Evolution attacks Benoit.  Orton runs in to make the save.)

4.       Batista/Flair/La Resistance vs Tajiri/Rhyno/Benoit/Rhyno

5.       Evolution attacks Randy Orton

6.       Batista/Flair vs Regal/Benoit (Unforgiven 2004)

7.       HHH vs Orton (Batista helps HHH regain the World Title)

8.       Batista & Evolution celebrate HHH’s new World Title win.  Needless to say, Randy Orton comes out, and it
gets interesting from there, as well as pretty embarrassing for HHH.

9.       Evolution talks with Eric Bischoff backstage.

10.    Evolution v. Randy Orton

11.    Evolution talks backstage

12.    Evolution vs Shelton/Orton/Benoit

13.    HHH & Ric Flair talk with Batista backstage.

14.    Batista vs Orton

15.    Evolution brawls with Chris Jericho & Edge

16.    Batista vs Benoit

17.    HHH vs Jericho (Lumberjack match)

18.    Evolution talks backstage

19.    Batista attacks Chris Jericho during Jericho’s match with Christian.

20.    Evolution vs Benoit/HBK/Edge

21.    Evolution talks backstage

22.    Batista/Flair vs Orton/Jericho


October 25, 2004 through January 30, 2005

Disk 9

1.       Evolution Promo

2.       Evolution confronts Jericho

3.       Batista confronts Maven

4.       Batista v. Maven

5.       Evolution talks backstage

6.       Ric Flair vs Orton (in progress – Batista comes out and gets mauled by Maven, Benoit and Jericho)

7.       Batista attacks Tajiri

8.       Flair & Batista talk to Eric Bischoff

9.       Flair & Batista talk to Orton, Jericho & Maven backstage

10.    Flair & Batista talk to Eric Bischoff

11.    Batista/Flair vs Orton/Jericho/Maven

12.    Batista vs Orton

13.    Batista attacks Randy Orton backstage.

14.    Batista talks to HHH in locker room (dissension builds)

15.    Edge v. Benoit (Evolution, Jericho & Maven are all at ringside for the match.)

16.    Evolution talks backstage

17.    Batista/HHH/Edge/Snitsky vs Benoit/Orton/Jericho (Survivor Series 2004)

18.    Batista & HHH talk backstage (HHH makes fun of Batista, but Batista doesn’t seem to appreciate the

19.    HHH vs Maven

20.    HHH isn’t happy with Batista and again alludes to Batista not being very intelligent.

21.    Batista & Flair talk backstage

22.    Batista vs Jericho

23.    Batista & HHH have another confrontation backstage.

24.    Batista & Flair talk backstage

25.    Batista & Flair talk backstage


Disk 10

1.       Batista & HHH v. Benoit & Jericho

2.       Evolution talks with Eric Bischoff, Benoit & Edge

3.       Evolution talks backstage

4.       Batista vs Rhyno

5.       Batista talks to HHH and Flair

6.       HHH vs Shelton Benjamin

7.       Batista vs Benoit

8.       Batista talks to Flair/HHH

9.       Edge v. HHH (ending only, as it turns into an all out brawl between Batista, Orton, Jericho, Benoit &

10.    Int – Batista/Orton

11.    Batista vs Orton vs Jericho vs Benoit vs HHH (HBK is Ref - Elimination Chamber.  New Years Revolution 2005)

12.    Batista/HHH promo

13.    Batista/HHH talk

14.    Batista vs Orton

15.    Batista/HHH talk

16.    Batisita vs Viscera

17.    Evolution talks backstage

18.    Batista confronts La Resistance

19.    Batista vs La Resistance

20.    Evolution talks backstage

21.    Ric Flair v. Randy Orton

22.    Evolution talks with Teddy Long

23.    Batista talks with Carlito backstage before drawing his number for the upcoming Royal Rumble.


January 31, 2005 through June 26, 2005

Disk 11

1.       Batista competes in the Royal Rumble (Batista wins the Rumble and potentially has the option of
challenging either JBL or his Evolution teammate HHH for the World Title at Wrestlemania)

2.       Batista promo with HHH/Flair

3.       HHH/Flair v. Randy Orton/Shawn Michaels (Batista comes out, but is sent to the back by the ref. But is
        this part of a bigger plan?)

4.       Batista v. Maven (Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it.)

5.     Batista talks with Eric Bischoff backstage.

6.       Batista talks with Flair/HHH (HHH and Flair try to convince Batista not to challenge HHH for his World
       Title at Wrestlemania, but to go after JBL's WWE Title)

7.       HHH v. Edge (JIP - Batista helps HHH win the match.  Batista raises HHH’s hand, but can’t seem to
        keep his eyes off HHH’s World Title Belt.  Hmmmm…..)

8.       Batista talks with Ric Flair

9.       Batista talks with HHH

10.       Batista vs Edge (After the match, HHH appears to save Batista from getting hit by JBL’s limo.  But is that
        what REALLY happened, or does HHH have another motive?)

11.    Flair is trying to contact Batista on the phone to find out for sure who Batista will choose to face at                       Wrestlemania.  HHH and Flair then strategize about making sure Batista doesn’t choose HHH.  Batista
        meanwhile, is a lot closer to Flair & HHH’s conversation than they think.

12.    Batista chooses to wrestle HHH at WrestleMania!  HHH & Flair attack Batista, but Batista makes short work of
        them both before signing the contract.

13.    Int – Batista

14.    Int – Batista

15.    Batista saves the Big Show from an attack by the Basham Brothers & Orlando Jordan (No Way Out 2005)

16.    Batista vs Flair

17.    Batista talks with Ric Flair & Snitsky backstage

18.    Batista vs Snitsky

19.    Batista & Eric Bischoff talk backstage

20.    Batista vs Kane (Lumberjack Match)

21.    Eric Bischoff makes Batista promise that he won’t start a fight with HHH during their contract signing later

22.    Batista/HHH contract signing.  Batista kept his word, as it was HHH who struck first.  The resulting brawl takes
        nearly a dozen security guards to break up.

23.    Batista vs Triple H at WrestleMania 21 (Batista wins the title)

24.    Batista vs Orton

25.    Batista promo (with JR)

26.    HHH DEMOLISHES JIM ROSS!  The former champ beats JR absolutely bloody!  Batista runs in and makes
        the save.


Disk 12

1.       Batista does an inring promo, and consoles a still injured Jim Ross who had been previously beaten half to death
by HHH.

2.       Batista vs Christian

3.       Batista vs Triple H (Backlash)

4.       Batista & Eric Bischoff talk backstage

5.       Benoit vs HHH (Batista is at ringside)

6.       Batista/HHH promo

7.       Batista talks to Flair backstage

8.       Batista destroys Christian & Tomko, who were double teaming Ric Flair.

9.       Batista talks to Flair backstage

10.    Batista vs Edge (Ric Flair turns on Batista and re-joins HHH who comes out and demolishes Batista!)

11.    Re-cap of Flair turning on Batista and re-igniting the Batista/HHH feud.

12.    Batista talks to Muhammad Hassan & Eric Bischoff backstage.

13.    Batista vs Muhammad Hassan

14.    Batista/HHH contract signing

15.    Batista/HBK confront Kurt Angle/HHH

16.   Batista/HBK vs Angle/Triple H


June 27, 2005 through November 18, 2005

Disk 13

1.       Batista vs Triple H in a Hell in a Cell at Vengeance

2.       Int - Batista

3.       Batista interview (moving to Smackdown)

4.       Batista vs Christian

5.       Batista confronts JBL

6.       Batista vs JBL (Great American Bash)

7.       Batista/JBL Contract Signing

8.       Batista is a guest on the Peep Show

9.       Batista vs Christian

10.    Batista vs JBL (No Holds Barred @ SummerSlam)

11.    Batista/Benot/Mysterio vs JBL/Eddie/Orlando Jordan

12.    Batista v. Simon Dean

13.    Batista vs JBL in a Bullrope Match

14.    Batista talks with Simon Dean backstage

15.    Batista talks to Teddy Long and Eddie comes out

16.    Batista vs Nunzio


Disk 14

1.       Batista talks to Teddy Long backstage.

2.       Batista talks to Eddie Guerrero in the locker room.  Very funny segment.

3.       Batista vs MNM

4.       Batista talks to Eddie Guerrero backstage.

5.       Batista/Eddie vs Heidenreich/Animal

6.       Batista in a brawl with the entire Smackdown roster

7.       Batista/Eddie promo

8.       Batista/Rey/Benoit vs JBL/Christian/Eddie

9.       Batista/Eddie talk

10.    Batista vs Eddie at No Mercy

11.    Batista/Eddie/Orton promo

12.    Batista talks to Eddie Guerrero backstage.

13.    Batista/Orton vs Eddie/Kennedy

14.    Batista gives Eddie a present

15.    Batista/Eddie/Roddy Piper vs Randy Orton/Bob Orton/Kennedy

16.    Batista is attacked by Goldust and Vader (Vader returns after a decade, and sinks his prospects for a big
push with the company almost IMMEDIATELY by losing his balance when he clotheslines Batista, and then
 falling down when getting out of the ring and appearing to be very much out of shape.  A shame too, as
Vader was always a big favorite of mine.)

17.    Batista vs Vader/Goldust

18.    Batista/Eddie vs MNM

19.    Batista & Teddy Long talk to the Smackdown lockerroom

20.    Batista talks to Eddie Guerrero backstage.

21.    Batista talks to Edge

22.    Batista is attacked by Big Show/Kane

23.    Batista gives his thoughts/memories on Eddie Guerrero who had died just a day earlier.

24.   Batista cuts an in-ring promo and pays tribute to Eddie Guerrero

November 21, 2005 through January 2006

Disk 15

1.       Batista is attacked in the parking lot by Kane & The Big Show

2.       HBK vs JBL (Batista is at ringside)

3.       Batista talks to Orton in the locker room regarding teaming up

4.       Batista vs Orton (turns into a MASSIVE RAW v. Smackdown brawl)

5.       Orton, JBL, Lashley & Rey Mysterio talk backstage.  JBL & Orton badmouth Batista.  That is, until Batista shows up.

6.       Batista/Orton/Lashely/JBL/Mysterio vs HBK/Masters/Carlito/Kane/Big Show (Match cuts off after Batista is
eliminated.  Survivor Series 2005)

7.       Batista attacks Big Show/Kane

8.       Batista saves Rey Mysterio from a double team by JBL & Orlando Jordan

9.       Batista/Rey vs JBL/OJ

10.    Batista is seduced by Melina in the locker room

11.    Batista/Mysterio vs MNM (Batista & Rey win the Tag Team Titles)


Disk 16

1.       Batista/Orton/Mysterio talk in the locker room

2.       Batista/Rey vs Big Show/Kane (Armageddon)

3.       Int - Batista

4.       Batista/Rey vs MNM (Mark Henry runs in and lays out Batista)

5.       Batista responds to Milena’s sexual harassment charges in a “news conference”.  Mark Henry interrupts
to confront Batitsta.

6.       Batista/Rey vs MNM (Cage Match – Mark Henry runs in and demolishes both Rey AND Batista)

7.       Batista surrenders his heavyweight title to Teddy Long due to injury

8.       Batista says farewell to other wrestlers in the locker room

9.       Footage airs of Batista’s surgery


February 19, 2006 through November 24, 2006

Disk 17

1.       Batista cuts a promo at No Way Out after being out of action for months

2.       Batista confronts Randy Orton at WrestleMania

3.       Batista promo

4.       Batista DESTROYS Mark Henry

5.       Batista/Henry contract signing

6.       Batista/Lashely/Rey vs Booker T/Henry/Finlay (Saturday Night’s Main Event)

7.       Batista confronts Kennedy

8.       Batista vs Kennedy (Kennedy is a bloody mess!  Great American Bash 2006)

9.       Batista vs Kennedy

10.    Batista vs Kennedy

11.    Batista vs Big Show (Batista’s first ECW appearance)

12.    Batista vs Kennedy

13.    Batista/Lashley vs Kennedy/Finlay

14.    Batista vs Sylvan

15.    Batista confronts King Booker

16.    Batista vs King Booker (SummerSlam 2006)

17.    Batista & Lashley brawl with Regal/Finlay/Booker

18.    Batista/Lashley vs Finlay/Booker/Regal

19.    Batista/Booker T contract signing (Batista puts Booker T through a table)

20.    Batista vs King Booker (Finlay & Regal interfere)

21.    Batista runs in to save Lashley from a beating by Finlay, Regal & Booker T


Disk 18

1.       Batista/Lashely vs Regal/Finlay

2.       Batista/Cena/Lashley vs Regal/Finlay/Booker

3.       Video – Batista/Finlay/Booker T/Lashley

4.       Batista & Lashley talk backstage

5.       Batista vs Lashley vs Finlay (Fatal 4 Way - No Mercy)

6.       Batista/Lashley/Rey vs Regal/Chavo/Finlay

7.       Int - Batista

8.       Batista vs Finlay vs Lashley

9.       Batista vs King Booker (Big Show & John Cena are at ringside)

10.    Batista promo (Paul Heyman confronts Batista followed by an attack by the Big Show & Booker T. 
John Cena runs in to help Batista)

11.    Batista/Cena talk in the locker room

12.    Batista/Cena vs Big Show/King Booker

13.    Batista talks to Booker T backstage.  Teddy Long appointed Batista to be King Booker’s bodyguard to keep him
safe until the “Champion of Champions” match at Cyber Sunday PPV

14.    Batista continues to keep King Booker and Queen Sharmelle safe backstage.

15.    Batista talks to Booker. Batista goes outside and “gets attacked”.  Or at least that’s what Batista wants Booker
to think, lol!

16.    Batista’s mindgames continue as he stages another attack to get Booker T & Sharmelle to leave the arena. 
With Booker out of the way now, it leaves Batista free to get some revenge on Finlay, who previously cost
Batista the title when he fought King Booker in a previous match.

17.    Batista brawls with Finlay

18.    Int- Batista on the set of the Smallville.  He’s guest starring as a villain on the show.

19.    Batista vs Finlay

20.    Batista confronts King Booker backstage

21.    Batista/Lashley vs Booker/Finlay


November 26th 2006 - February 18 2007

Disk 19

1.       Int – Batista

2.       Batista vs Booker T (Survivor Series 2006)

3.       Int – Batista/Booker T/Finlay

4.       Batisa vs Finlay vs Booker

5.       Int – Batista

6.       Batista vs Finlay

7.       Batista/John Cena vs Finlay/King Booker (Armageddon 2006)

8.       Batista v. Santa Claus?!  (Ol’ Saint Nick doesn’t last long though, as Batisa beats the hell out
of him for the quick win, revealing Santa to be Sylvan Grenier)

9.       Video – Batista’s comeback road

10.    Int – Batista

11.    Undertaker v. Mr. Kennedy (Batista is at ringside)

12.    Batista vs Gregory Helms

13.    Int – Batista & Kennedy (Undertaker comes out as well)

14.    Batista vs Ken Kennedy (Royal Rumble 2007)

15.    Batista & Teddy Long talk backstage

16.    Int – Batista/Undertaker/Shawn Michaels/John Cena/Vince McMahon


Disk 20

1.       John Cena & Shawn Michaels face off with Batista & Undertaker

2.       Batista brawls with Kennedy

3.       Batista v. Kennedy

4.       Batisa/Cena/Michaels/Undertaker vs Orton/Edge/MVP/Kennedy

5.       Batista/Undertaker vs Orton/Edge

6.       Int - Batista

7.     Batista/Undertaker vs Michaels/Cena at the No Way Out


February 23 2007 – June 3rd 2007

Disk 21

1.       Int – Batista

2.       Int - Batista

3.       Batista promo regarding upcoming match with Undertaker

4.       Batista vs Kane

5.       Batista taunts the Undertaker

6.       Batista interviewed by the Miz

7.       Undertaker v. Booker T (Batista guest commentating)

8.       Booker T & Finlay attack Batista

9.       Undertaker v. Booker T & Finlay (Batista eventually comes out to help the Undertaker)

10.    Batista/Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels/John Cena

11.    Batista/Undertaker face to face confrontation

12.    Batista vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 23 (GREAT MATCH! Undertaker wins the World Title)

13.    Batista confronts the Undertaker.  Batista congratulates Undertaker on winning the title, but makes it clear that
he wants a rematch.  Booker T attacks the Undertaker afterward, but it doesn’t go so well for Booker.

14.    Batista/Undertaker vs Mr. Kennedy/Finlay

15.    Batista vs Finlay

16.    Batista brawls with Finlay backstage.  Kennedy joins in to help Finlay.

17.    Batista/Undertaker vs Mr. Kennedy/Finlay


Disk 22

1.       Batista vs Undertaker (Last Man Standing match - Backlash 2007)

2.       Promo - Batista

3.       Batista vs Undertaker in (steel cage – Smackdown.  The match ends in a draw, but Undertaker is
immediately attacked and DECIMATED by Mark Henry.  Edge comes out right away, cashes in his
Money In the Bank priveledge and pins the Undertaker to win the World Title)

4.       Batista confronts Edge

5.       Batista vs Edge (Judgment Day)

6.       Int – Batista

7.       Batista/Kane vs Mark Henry/Finlay

8.       Batista is a guest on the Cutting Edge

9.       Batista/Chris Benoit vs MVP/Edge (Saturday Night’s Main Event)

10.   Batista vs Edge (steel cage – One Night Stand 2007)


June 5th 2007 - October 7 2007.

Disk 23

1.       Batista vs MVP

2.       Batista vs Jeff Hardy vs Elijah Burke

3.       Batista & Ric Flair talk backstage

4.       Batista v. MVP (Edge & MVP attack Ric Flair after the match)

5.       Edge & MVP interview, then attack Ric Flair.  Batista makes the save.

6.       Batista/Ric Flair vs Edge/MVP

7.       Batisa vs Edge at Vengeance

8.       Int - Batista

9.       Batista vs Edge in a Smackdown rematch

10.    Batista confronts Great Khali in the ring.

11.    Batista and Khali sign a contract for their upcoming match

12.    Int – Batista

13.    Batista confronts Deuce & Domino

14.    Batista competes in a Smackdown Battle Royal for the vacated World Title

15.    Batista vs Kane

16.    Batista vs Great Khali vs Kane in a triple threat at the Great American Bash

17.    Batista vs Deuce

18.    Batista attacks Khali in the ring.

19.    Batista & Ric Flair play some mind games with Deuce & Domino backstage.

20.    Batista/Ric Flair vs Deuce & Domino


Disk 24

1.       Great Khali demolishes Ric Flair

2.       Batista vs Domino

3.       Great Khali attacks both Ric Flair & Batista

4.       Batista cuts a promo

5.       Batista attacks Khali & Finlay.  Khali puts Batista away though.

6.       Batista/Kane vs Finlay/Khali (SNME)

7.       Batista vs Finlay

8.       Batista vs The Great Khali (SummerSlam)

9.       Batista talks with Vince McMahon backstage

10.    Batista vs Rey Mysterio

11.    Batista runs in to save Rey Mysterio from a Great Khali beatdown.

12.    Batista/Kane vs Finlay/Khali

13.    Batista attacks Great Khali

14.    Batista vs Great Khali

15.    Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Great Khali (Triple threat – Unforgiven)

16.    Batista is congratulated by Triple H backstage

17.    Batista cuts a promo and is confronted by Mark Henry

18.    Batista vs Mark Henry

19.    Batista cuts a promo

20.    Batista saves Rey Mysterio from Khali

21.   Batista talks with Triple H backstage


October 7 2007 through January 27 2008

Disk 25

1.       Batista vs The Great Khali (Punjabi Prison Match - No Mercy)

2.       Rey Mysterio vs Finlay (Batista does guest commentary)

3.       Batista/JBL confrontation

4.       Int - Batista

5.       Batista vs Jamie Noble

6.       Batista attacks the Undertaker

7.       Batista vs The Undertaker (with Steve Austin as the special referee at Cyber Sunday)

8.       Int – Batista/Undertaker

9.       Batista/Undertaker vs Mark Henry/Great Khali

10.    Promo - Batista

11.    Batista/Undertaker vs Murdoch/Cade

12.    Batista vs Mark Henry

13.    Batista vs The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell match - Survivor Series)

14.    Batista talks with Vikki Guerrero

15.    Batista attacks Edge

16.    Int - Batista

17.    Batista vs Edge


Disk 26

1.       Batista vs Elijah Burke

2.       Int - Batista

3.       Kane vs Edge (Batista does guest commentary)

4.       Video - Evolution

5.       Batista/Ric Flair/Triple H vs Randy Orton/Edge/Umaga (Evolution reunites!)

6.       Batista vs Elijah Burke on ECW

7.       Batista vs Kane

8.       Batista vs Edge vs The Undertaker (triple threat match - Armageddon )

9.       Batista vs Edge/Hawkins/Ryder (handicap match)

10.    Batista vs Hawkins/Ryder (Beat The Clock Challenge match for a shot at Edge’s World Title)

11.    Edge v. Rey Misterio (Beat The Clock match.  Batista helps Rey)

12.    Batista vs MVP

13.    Batista vs Mark Henry

14.    Promo – Batista

15.  Batista, Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels talk backstage.


January 27 2008 through May 9 2008.

Disk 27

1.       Batista participating in the 2008 Royal Rumble where he makes it down to the final three with John Cena and
Triple H (cuts off after Batista is eliminated)

2.       Int - Batista

3.       Promo – Batista, Finlay, The Undertaker,Viscera, MVP, The Great Khali

4.       Batista vs Finlay vs The Undertaker vs Viscera vs MVP vs The Great Khali

5.       Batista vs Finlay vs The Undertaker vs Viscera vs MVP vs The Great Khali in the Elimination Chamber from
No Way Out

6.       Batista vs MVP

7.       Batista talks toTeddy Long backstage.

8.       Batista/Kane vs Khali/MVP

9.       Batista v. MVP

10.    Batista confronts Umaga on Raw to set up the Raw vs Smackdown challenge for WrestleMania


Disk 28

1.        Batista vs MVP

2.        Batista vs Deuce & Domino

3.        Batista brawls with Umaga

4.        Batista vs Snitsky

5.        Batista vs Umaga (WrestleMania 24 )

6.        Batista watches Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair talk backstage on RAW (Flair had lost his retirement
match with Shawn Michaels the previous night at Wrestlemania 24)

7.        Batista participates in the Ric Flair send off

8.        Batista confronts Shawn Michaels on Smackdown because he is angry that Shawn retired his friend Ric Flair

9.        Batista confronts Shawn Michaels on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel.

10.    Batista confronts Shawn Michaels again.

11.    Batista attacks Chris Jericho on the Highlight Reel.

12.    Batista vs The Undertaker

13.    Batista confronts Shawn Michaels on Raw

14.    Batista talks with Vicki Guerrero backstage.

15.    Batista vs The Undertaker

16.    Batista vs Shawn Michaels (Backlash with Chris Jericho as the special referee)

17.    Batista is interviewed by Mick Foley regarding his rivalry with Shawn Michaels.

18.    Batista vs John Morrison


May 9 2008 through August 4 2008.

Disk 29

1.       Batista competing in a Battle Royal on Smackdown with MVP Big Show Finlay and MVP

2.       Batista cutting an in ring promo about Shawn Michaels

3.       Batista talks backstage to Shawn Michaels

4.       Batista talks backstage to Chris Jericho

5.       Batista vs Chris Jericho

6.       Batista is a guest on the VIP Lounge (Batista destroys the set)

7.       Batista vs MVP

8.       Batista promo where he is confronted by Vickie Guerrero Hawkins and Ryder. 

9.       Batista/Big Show vs Hawkins/Ryder

10.    Batista vs Shawn Michaels in a stretcher match at One Night Stand

11.    Batista talks with Randy Orton

12.    Batista promo

13.  Int - Batista

14.    Batista/Colin Delaney/Funaki/Nunzio vs Edge/Hawkins/Ryder/Chavo

15.    Batista signs a contract

16.    Batista vs The Great Khali

17.    Batista vs Chavo Guerrero (Edge is the ref)

18.    Batista is drafted to Raw

19.    Batista competes in a Raw vs Smackdown vs ECW Battle Royal on Raw

20.    Batista and Triple H talk in the ring on Smackdown

21.    Batista vs Umaga


Disk 30

1.       Int - Batista

2.       Batista vs Edge at Night of Champions in a great match

3.       Batista brutalizes Edge on Raw leading to CM Punk cashing in his Money in the Bank and defeating Edge for the World Title

4.       Batista interrupts a conversation between CM Punk and JBL

5.       Batista prepares for his match.  In a completely unscripted moment on live TV, a fan runs in front of the camera
AND BATISTA and poses like an idiot for several seconds before security chases him off.  Batista laughs it off.

6.       Batista vs JBL vs Kane to determine the number on contender

7.       Batista saves Punk from Kane assaulting him and then nails him with the Batista Bomb

8.       Batista vs CM Punk at the Great American Bash

9.       Batista cuts a promo and is confronted by CM Punk & JBL.

10.    Batista roughs up Jamie Noble backstage

11.    Batista vs CM Punk

12.    Batista interrupts a John Cena promo mid ring in his hometown of Washington DC

13.    Batista & John Cena talk with Cryme Tyme backstage.

14.    Batista/Cena vs Kane/JBL (Mike Adamle announces Batista will wrestle John Cena at SummerSlam for the first

15.    Batista/Cena/Cryme Tyme vs JBL/Kane/DiBiase/Rhodes on Saturday Night’s Main Event

16.    Batista interview

17.    Batista/Cena vs Rhodes/DiBiase (Batista & Cena win the Tag Titles)

18.    Batista/Cena in ring promo

19.   Batista/Cena vs Rhodes/DiBiase (Batista/Cena lose their tag titles and then have a violent pull apart brawl.)

 Disk 31
August 16 2008 – November 23 2008.

1.       Batista vs John Cena match at SummerSlam

2.       Batista interview

3.       Batista vs Kane

4.       Batista confronts Kane JBL and CM Punk

5.       Batista cuts an interview backstage

6.       Batista vs JBL vs Kane v. CM Punk (until Batista is eliminated)

7.       Batista vs Chris Jericho vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio vs JBL (Unforgiven)

8.       Batista talks to JBL backstage

9.       Batista vs Jericho

10.    Batista v. Jericho & JBL

11.    Batista confronts Santino Marella backstage

12.    Batista attacks Santino Marella in the ring

13.    Batista/Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho/Lance Cade/JBL

14.    Batista vs Santino Marella

15.    BatistaMysterio/Jeff Hardy/Finlay vs MVP/Kane/Brian Kendrick/JBL

16.    Batista vs JBL at No Mercy

17.    Batista confronts Chris Jericho

18.    Batista vs JBL with Jercho as the referee

19.    Batista interview

20.    Batista vs Shawn Michaels in a lumberjack match


Disk 32

1.       Batista announces himself as the guest referee in the CM Punk vs Chris Jericho match

2.       Batista and Chris Jericho have an in-ring face to face confrontation

3.       Batista/Jericho vs Kane/William Regal/Mark Henry

4.       Batista vs Jericho at Cyber Sunday

5.       Batista cuts an in ring promo as the New World Champion

6.       Batista v. Jericho & JBL

7.       Batista/HBK vs JBL/Jericho Batista vs Chris Jericho in a steel cage (Batista loses the title in an excellent bloody


8.       Batista is confronted by Randy Orton as he is cutting a promo

9.       Batista vs Cody Rhodes

10.    Batista vs Manu

11.    Batista is a lumberjack for the Orton vs Punk match

12.   Batista/R-Truth/CM Punk/Matt Hardy/Kofi Kingston vs Orton/Rhodes/Regal/Shelton Benjamin/Mark Henry at the Survivor Series

November 24 2008 through June 7 2009

Disk 33

1.       Int - Batista

2.       Batista vs Orton vs Jericho

3.       Batista vs Dolph Ziggler

4.       Batista/Triple H vs Orton/Manu/Cody

5.       Batista v. Randy Orton

6.       Int – Batista.  Orton, Manu & Cody Rhodes triple team Batista.  John Cena makes the save.

7.       Batista & Cena talk backstage.

8.       Batista/Cena vs Orton/Manu/Cody

9.       Batista/Rey/Cena vs Jericho/Orton/Show (Tribute to the Troops 2009)

10.    Clips of Batista having surgery

11.    Batista returns to save HHH & Shane McMahon from an attack by Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase)

12.    Batista cuts a promo and is confronted by Triple H and Shane McMahon

13.    Batista, Shane McMahon & HHH talk backstage

14.    Batista/HHH/Shane McMahon vs Legacy

15.    Batista vs Ted DiBiase

16.    Batista vs Chavo Guerrero

17.    Batista & Shane McMahon talk backstage

18.    HHH v. Rhodes/Orton/DiBiase (In progress.  Batista runs in and accidentally spears Shane McMahon)

19.    Batista/Shane vs Legacy

20.    Batista/Triple H/Shane McMahon vs Orton/Legacy at Backlash


Disk 34

1.       Batista/Triple H/Shane McMahon vs Orton/Legacy at Backlash

2.       Batista is interviewed backstage by Josh Matthews

3.       Batista vs The Big Show

4.       Batista saves Shane & MVP from a Legacy beat-down.

5.       Batista vs Ted DiBiase

6.       Batista talks to Shane backstage

7.       Batista comes out to help Shane McMahon after Shane’s match with Legacy.

8.       Batista confronts Legacy

9.       Batista vs Legacy

10.    Batista assaults Cody Rhodes backstage

11.    Batista vs Orton

12.    Batista vs Orton (Judgment Day)

13.    Batista & John Cena save Ric Flair from a Legacy beat down.

14.    Batista and Flair chat backstage

15.    Batista & John Cena v. Legacy

16.    Batista and Flair chat backstage

17.    Batista/Cena/MVP/Kennedy/Jerry Lawler vs Big Show/The Miz/Orton/Legacy

18.    Batista vs Cody Rhodes in a steel cage

19.    Batista and Flair chat backstage

20.    Batista saves Ric Flair from a Legacy attack inside a steel cage.

21.    Batista vs Randy Orton in a steel cage for the title at the Extreme Rules PPV


June 8, 2009 through January 8, 2010

Disk 35

1.    Legacy attacks Batista, legitimately injuring her arm in the process.

2.    Footage of Batista in the hospital getting surgery on his injured arm.

3.    Batista returns as the guest host for RAW.  Needless to say, he immediately confronts Legacy

4.    Batista talks with Legacy backstage

5.    Batista comes out to gloat, as Orton just lost a match to Mark Henry

6.    Batista confronts, and then attacks Randy Orton

7.    Batista vs Orton (No DQ)

8.    Batista jumps to Smackdown and cuts a promo calling Smackdown the “A” show.  He is then confronted by
Chris Jericho

9.    Batista vs Jericho

10. Batista vs Kane

11. Int - Batista

12. Batista/Rey Mysterio vs JeriShow (Chris Jericho & Big Show)

13. Batista & Rey Mysterio talk backstage

14. Batista vs CM Punk

15. Batista & Rey Mysterio talk backstage

16. Batista/Rey vs Jericho/Kane

17. Batista vs CM Punk vs Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio (Bragging Rights – After the match, Batista turns on

18. Batista/Rey face to face promo

19. Batista talks to Matt Hardy backstage and shoves him

20. Int - Batista

21. Batista vs Matt Hardy

22. Batista/Rey contact signing for Survivor Series.  Rey attacks Batista afterward.

23. Batista vs Matt Hardy

24. Rey Mysterio v. Tyson Kidd (Batista commentates the match, and Rey attacks him again!)


Disk 36

1.    Batista vs Rey at Survivor Series (he annihilates Rey)

2.    Int - Batista

3.    Batista cuts a promo and is confronted by Kane

4.    Batista v. Kane

5.    Batista commentates Jericho vs Undertaker (Batista attacks the Undertaker)

6.    Batista talks to Teddy Long

7.    Batista brutalizes The Undertaker with some stiff chairshots

8.    Batista promo

9.    Batista vs Rey in a street fight

10. Batista vs Undertaker at TLC (Batista appears to win the title but the decision is reversed.)

11. Batista confronts Teddy Long

12. Batista vs Rey Mysterio

13. Rey Mysterio v. Undertaker (In Progress.  Batista runs in and brawls with the Undertaker)

14. Batista vs R-Truth (Beat the Clock match.  Rey causes Batista to not win the match in the allotted  time

15. Batista Promo

January 8, 2010 through May 21, 2010.

Disk 37

1.    Batista vs Rey Mysterio

2.    Batista is interviewed in the locker room

3.    Batista vs Mysterio in a steel cage

4.    Batista vs Finlay

5.    Batista is confronted by the Undertaker

6.    Int - Batista

7.    Batista talks to Shawn Michaels & HHH backstage

8.    Batista interferes in the Shawn Michaels vs Rey Mysterio match

9.    Batista participates in the Royal Rumble (Until he is eliminated by John Cena)

10. Batista and Vince McMahon assault Bret Hart

11. Batista vs CM Punk

12. Batista confronts John Cena from the screen

13. Batista promo

14. Batista vs Edge

15. Batista is awarded a title match against John Cena after Cena wrestled 40 minutes to win the title in the Elimination Chamber

16. Batista attacks John Cena

17. Batista confronts Cena

18. Int - Batista

19. Batista/Vince McMahon assault John Cena

20. John Cena v. Big Show (Batista is at ringside taunting Cena)

21. Batista vs Kofi Kingston

22. Batista/Cena in-ring confrontation

23. Batista vs John Cena at WrestleMania 26

24. Batista demands a rematch against John Cena

25. Batista/Jack Swagger vs Cena/Orton

26. Batista & John Cena v. Jack Swagger & Big Show

27. Batista talks to Dave Otunga

28. John Cena v. Dave Otunga (Batista observes from the ramp-way)


Disk 38

1.    Batista vs Randy Orton

2.    Batista vs John Cena in a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules

3.    Batista vs Sheamus vs Orton to determine the #1 contender to John Cena’s WWE Title

4.    Batista promo (Sheamus confronts)

5.    Batista vs David Bryan

6.    Batista & Edge talk backstage

7.    Batista & Sheamus attack John Cena.  Mark Henry makes the save.

8.    Batista vs Mark Henry

9.    Batista vs Mark Henry

10. John Cena v. Sheamus (In progress, as Batista runs in and attacks Cena.)

11. Batista vs Cena in an “I Quit” match at Over the Limit

12. Batista in his final WWE appearance, cuts a promo mid-ring from a wheelchair declaring that he quits!






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