By Keith_H32

Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (RAW 11/27/00)
Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (RAW 1/8/01) ****1/4
Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (Smackdown 3/1/01)
Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (Smackdown 3/15/01)
Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (Summerslam 2001 8/19/01) ****1/2

Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (Unforgiven 2001 9/23/01) ****
Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (RAW 10/8/01)
Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam (No Mercy 2001 10/21/01) ****
BONUS: Steve Austin vs. Rob Van Dam (Smackdown 9/4/01)
BONUS: Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam (Smackdown 10/4/01)

Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (Vengeance 2001 12/9/01)
Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (Smackdown 1/10/02)
Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle (RAW 1/28/02)
BONUS: Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam (Smackdown 10/18/01)
BONUS: Steve Austin vs. Chris Jericho (Vengeance 2001 12/9/01)



By secondcoming


Disc 1
Owen Hart vs. Farooq (Austin does guest commentary IYH Badd Blood 10/5/97)
Steve Austin/Faarooq Interview 10/6/97
Austin/Farooq/Rocky confrontation 10/13/97
Bret Hart vs. Farooq 10/20/97
Int – Rocky Maivia & Steve Austin 11/10/97
Int – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (Rock steals the IC belt) 11/17/97
The Rock vs. Dude Love (11/17/97)
The Rock (gets beeped 3:16) 11/24/97
The Rock vs. Vader 12/1/97
The Rock vs. Steve Austin (IYH 19 – 12/6/97)
Austin/McMahon Interview 12/8/97
Rock Interview 12/8/97
Steve Austin forfeits the IC Title to Rocky Maivia. 12/8/97
Austin/Rock Interview 12/15/97
Video – Nation of Domination & Steve Austin (RAW 12/15/97)
Austin/Rock Interview (Austin tosses the IC belt in the river) 12/15/97

Disc 2
Austin promo 1/5/98
Ken Shamrock vs. Faarooq 1/5/98
Austin Interview 1/12/97
Royal Rumble Lottery 1/12/98
Royal Rumble 1/18/98
Rock vs. Steve Austin 3/23/98
Rock/Dlo vs. Austin/McMahon 5/11/98
Rock/Owen/Taker/Mankind/Austin brawl 8/3/98
Rock/Owen vs. Austin/Undertaker 8/3/98
The Rock/Owen Hart v. New Age Outlaws v. Kane/Mankind v. Steve Austin/Undertaker (4-Corners match - RAW 8/10/98)

Disc 3
The Rock Interview 10/12/98
The Rock/Steve Austin vs. Undertaker/Kane 10/12/98
The Rock vs. Mankind Survivor Series 98
Corporation/Austin Interview 11/16/98
The Rock vs. Steve Austin 11/16/98
Austin Interview 12/7/98
Rock/Undertaker vs. Austin/Mankind 12/7/98
Rock vs. Mankind 1/4/99

Disc 4
Royal Rumble 99
Int – The Rock 1/25/99
Steve Austin/Mankind/Rock/Vince Interview 2/8/99

Disc 5
The Rock vs. Mankind (ladder) 2/15/99
The Rock Interview 3/7/99
Rock/Paul Wight confrontation heat 3/7/99
Int – Rock/Vince/Austin/Wight/Mankind (RAW 3/8/99)
Austin vs Mankind - RAW 3/8/99
Rock/Paul Wight/Mankind/Austin confrontation. Heat 3/14/99
Rock/Vince/Wight Interview 3/15/99
The Rock and Paul Wight vs. Steve Austin and Mankind 3/15/99
Rock interview/Austin interrupts (Beerbath!) - RAW 3/22/99
Stone Cold vs Big Show RAW 3/22/99

Disc 6
The Rock & The Corporation Heat 3/28/99
The Rock Heat 3/28/99
The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF Title Match Wrestlemania 15)
Austin/Vince Interview 3/29/99
Int – The Rock with the corporation. 3/29/99
Corporation Interview 4/5/99
Rock/HHH vs. Big Show 4/5/99
Rock & Austin brawl on a bridge. (RAW 4/12/99)
The Rock has a Funeral for Austin RAW 4/19/99
Rock v. Austin (IYH 28 Backlash 4/25/99)
Post match Interviews (Backlash 99)

Disc 7
Rock Interview 4/26/99
Austin Interview 4/26/99
INT- The Rock/Steve Austin/Shane McMahon unveils the Corporate Ministry (SD 4/29/99)
Rock & Austin vs. HHH & Undertaker (SD 4/29/99)
Rock v. Austin Lumberjack (RAW 5/3/99)
Rock/Austin/Vince vs. Taker/HHH/Shane (Shawn Michaels is the guest referee. 5/10/99)
HHH v. Undertaker (The Rock & Steve Austin come out. RAW 7/19/99)
Rock/Mankind vs. Undertaker/Big Show - Buried Alive match. SD - 9/9/99
Austin Interview 9/20/99
Main Event Promo Unforgiven 99
Rock vs. Mankind vs. HHH vs. Big Show vs. Kane vs. Davey Boy Smith ("six-pack challenge "Unforgiven 99

Disc 8
Rock vs. HHH 9/27/99
Rock Interview No Mercy 99
HHH vs. Austin for The WWF Title (The Rock inadvertantly helps HHH retain the title. No Mercy - 10/17/99)
Int. Rock (Austin confronts the Rock about the events of the previous evening. Raw - 10/18/99)
Rock n Sock vs. The Hollys 10/18/99
Rock Interview 10/25/99
Austin Interview 10/25/99
Rock & Steve Austin v. New Age Outlaws (RAW 10/25/99)
Rock/Austin/DX Interview (SD 10/28/99)
The Rock Interview 11/1/99
The Rock vs. Road Dogg 11/1/99
Steve Austin vs. Billy Gunn 11/1/99

Disc 9
HHH vs. Shane McMahon 11/1/99
Rock/Vince/Austin/HHH Interview (RAW 11/8/99)
Rock vs. X-Pac 11.8/99
Rock, Shane McMahon & Steve Austin v. D-Generation X (Survivor Series Rules – SD 11/4/99)
Austin gets run down by car - Survivor Series 00
Austin Interview 1/30/00
The Main Event for the upcoming Backlash PPV is finalized! (Raw - 4/17/00)
Discussion of whether the Rock can trust Steve Austin in his corner at Backlash. (Raw 4/24/00)
Rock Interview 4/24/00
Rock vs. HHH Backlash 00

Disc 10
Rock Interview 5/1/00
Austin Interrogates Unforgiven 9/24/00
Austin Returns to Raw 9/25/00
Foley?HBK Inrerview 10/9/00
Rikishi Phatu and The Rock vs. Kane and Kurt Angle 10/9/00
Rock Interview (sd 10/12/00)
Rcok Interview 10/19/00
Austin vs. Rakishi NO MERCY 10/22/00
Rock/Rikishi Interview 10/23/00
Austin/Rakishi hilights from last Thursday 10/30/00
Rock/Rakishi & Austin Interviews 10/30/00
Austin vs. Rakishi (cage) 10/30/00
The Rock vs. Jericho 10/30/00

Disc 11
Rock/Austin/Angle/Rikishi Interview 11/2/00
The Rock vs. Kurt Angle 11/2/00
Smackdown Recap 11/6/00
Vince/Austin/Angle Interview 11/6/00
Foley/Austin Interview 11/6/00
Rock/Austin Interview (RAW 11/6/00)
Austin/Rock vs. Angle/Rakishi 11/6/00
Rock Interview (SD 11/9/00)
Rock & Steve Austin v. HHH & Rikishi (SD 11/9/00)
Rock/Austin/Gunn/Chyna vs. Radicalz 11/13/00
Rock/Rakishi Promo Survivor Series
Rock vs. Rakishi Survivor Series 11/19/00
Austin vs. HHH Survivor Series 11/19/00

Disc 12
Rock/Austin/Foley/Undertaker/Angle (SD 11/30/00)
Rock vs. Angle vs. Austin vs. Rikishi Rebellion 12/2/00
Rock Interview 12/4/00
Vince/Rock/Austin Ints. 12/4/00
Rock/Austin/Taker/Vince/Foley Interview 12/4/00
Rock vs. Taker vs. Angle vs. Austin 12/7/00
The Road To Hell - Armageddon 00
Austin Interview - Armageddon 00
Rock Interview - Armageddon 00
Rock v. Steve Austin v. Rikishi v. HHH v. Undertaker v. Kurt Angle (Hell in a Cell – Armageddon 12/10/00)


Disk 13

1.        Rock/Austin v. Angle/Regal (12/14/00)

2.        Austin/McMahon/Rock interviews (1/8/01)

3.        Rock/Undertaker/Austin v. Kane/Rikishi/Angle (1/18/01)

4.        2001 Royal Rumble

5.        Rock interview 1/22/01

6.        Rock/Angle/HHH interview (2/5/01)

7.        Rock/Angle v. Austin/HHH (2/5/01)


Disk 14

1.        Rock/Austin/HHH/Big Show/Rikishi (2/12/01)

2.        Rock v. Rikishi (2/12/01)

3.        Rock v. HHH (2/15/01

4.        Rock/Austin v. Angle/Benoit (2/19/01)

5.        Rock/Austin int (2/26/01)

6.        Rock v. Big Show v. Angle (2/26/01)

7.        Rock/Austin “My Way” [short version] 3/5/01

8.        The Rock’s new manager (3/5/01)

9.        Rock/Austin v. Angle/HHH (3/5/01)

10.     Rock v. Rikishi/Haku (3/8/01)


Disk 15 (no menu)

1.        Rock v. Kurt Angle

2.        Austin v. Kurt Angle

3.        Tazz v. Steven Richards (the Right to Censor beats down Tazz & The Rock runs in and attacks EVERYONE!)

4.        Rock & Chris Jericho v. Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle

5.        Jim Ross interviews Steve Austin & The Rock

6.        Austin & Rock talk backstage

7.        Rock/Austin v. Kane/Undertaker (After the match, the Rock gives Austin the Stone Cold Stunner!)

8.        Rock & William Regal talk backstage

9.        Rock & Austin brawl with each other in the ring

10.     Rock v. Steve Austin (Austin turns heel, joining Vince McMahon!  Wrestlemania 17)


Disk 16

1.        Rock/Vince interview (4/2/01)

2.        Austin/Vince interview (4/2/01)

3.        Rock v. Austin (cage match – 4/2/01)

4.        The Story of the Alliance

5.        Vince reinstates The Rock (7/23/01)

6.        Welcome back, Rock (7/30/01)

7.        The Rock returns to…7/30/01)

8.        Rock interview  (8/2/01)

9.        Rebellion Promo (11/3/01)

10.     Rock interview (Rebellion 01)

11.     Rock v. Steve Austin (Rebellion 01)

12.     Vince/Austin interview (11/5/01)

13.     Vince/Rock interview (11/5/01)

14.     Rock v. William Regal (11/12/01)


Disk 17

1.        Rock/Jericho v. Austin/Angle (11/15/01)

2.        Team WWF v. Team Alliance (Survivor Series 2001)

3.        Survivor Series Reccap (11/19/01)

4.        Rock/Angle interview (11/19/01)

5.        Rock/Austin v. Jericho/Angle (12/6/01)

6.        Rock/Austin v. Bossman/Booker T (1/7/02)

7.        Rock/Austin v. Jericho/Taker (2/4/02)


Disk 18

1.        Austin/Rock v. NWO 3/11/02

2.        Rock inverview (6/17/02)

3.        Rock/Bischoff promo (2/24/03)

4.        Rock/Hurricane interview (2/24/03)

5.        Rock/Bischoff interview (3/3/03)

6.        Rock/Austin interview (3/3/03)

7.        Rock/Austin interview (3/10/03)

8.        Rock/Bischoff interview (3/10/03)

9.        Rock v. Hurricane (3/10/03)

10.     Rock/Bischoff interview (3/17/03)

11.     Austin v. Bischoff (in progress – 3/17/03)

12.     Rock interview – Wrestlemania 19

13.     Wrestlemania 19 promo

14.     Rock v. Austin (Wrestlemania 19)

15.     Bonus Footage

16.     Austin/Rock – 1997 Slammys

17.     HOF 2008

18.     Full “My Way” Promo for Wrestlemania 17

19.     Legends of Wrestling – Rivalries

20.     Rock/Austin Wrestlemania 27




By secondcoming.

Disc 1
In Your House 9/22/96
Jim Ross interviewed Bret Hart (Bret said he turned down a "great" offer from a rival promotion but decided to return to the WWF and face Steve Austin at Survivor Series!) 10/21/96
Austin int. 10/28/96 Raw
Bret Hart/Steve Austin - 10/28/96
Pillman/Austin Incident 11/4/96
Bret "Hitman" Hart v. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - Survivor Series 1996 - November 16, 1996
Bret vs. Owen Raw 11/25/96

Disc 2
Royal Rumble 1/19/97
Bret/Austin interview 1/20/97
Gorilla Monsoon Interview 1/20/97
Austin vs. Undertaker 1/20/97
Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart/Undertaker/Steve Austin Interview- It seems everyone wants to face Shawn for the WWF Title. 1/27/97
Austin vs. Vader Bret Hart attacks Steve Austin- RAW: 2/3/97
INT- Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart/Steve Austin- RAW: 2/3/97

Disc 3
Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker vs. Vader vs. Steve Austin - In Your House 13 "The Final Four" 2/16/97
Bret vs. Sid Take 1 2/17/97
INT- Bret Hart- RAW: 2/17/97
Bret vs. Sid Take 2 2/17/97
Gorilla Monsoon announcement 2/17/97
Austin Interview 2/17/97
Bret Hart vs. Sycho Sid (World Title Change), Steve Austin interferes, Undertaker comes out- RAW: 2/17/97
INT- Ken Shamrock/Steve Austin/Bret Hart - WWF Raw is War: March 10, 1997
INT- Bret Hart- WWF Raw is War: March 17, 1997
Austin INT 3/17/97
Bret Hart vs. Sycho Sid (Cage Match) - WWF Raw is War: March 17, 1997
INT- Bret Hart, a big brawl erupts - WWF Raw is War: March 17, 1997
97 Slammys
Bret "Hitman" Hart vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - Submission Match w/ Special Referee Ken Shamrock (WrestleMania XIII - March 23, 1997)

Disc 4
Ken Shamrock Interview 3/24/97
Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels Interview 3/24/97
Leif Cassedy vs. Rocky Maivia (Bret Commentary) 3/24/97
Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog 3/31/97
Bret Interview 4/7/97
Austin/Monsoon Interview 4/7/97
Steve Austin vs. Mankind 4/7/97
Steve Austin Interview 4/14/97
Bret Hart Video 4/14/97
Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - In Your House 14 "Taker's Revenge" - April 20, 1997

Disc 5
Austin/Hart Interview 4/21/97
Austin/Hart Backstage 4/21/97
Bret Hart vs Steve Austin (Street Fight w/ ambulance angle) 4/21/97
Steve Austin Interview (Pillman returns) 4/21/97
Recap from last week 4/28/97
Brian Pillman leads the crowd in a "word of prayer".RAW 4/28/97
Bret Hart Wheelchair Interview 4/28/97
Steve Austin Interview 4/28/97
British Bulldog vs. Undertaker 4/28/97
Recap from last week 5/5/97
Hart Foundation Interview 5/5/97
Shawn Michaels Interview 5/5/97
Ausitn Vs. Davey Boy Smith 5/5/97
Austin v. Undertaker IYH 5/11/97

Disc 6
Hart Foundation Interview 5/12/97
Steve Austin Interview RAW 5/12/97
Bret/Shawn Interview 5/12 & 5/19/97
Austin/Shawn Int/Brawl 5/19/97
Austin Searches for a Partner 5/19/97
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart v. Steve Austin 5/19/97
Austin/Michaels/LOD Int. 5/26/97
LOD vs. Brian Pillman and Jim Neidhart 5/26/97
Hart Foundation Jumps Austin 5/26/97
Hart Foundation Interview 5/26/97
Austin/Michaels vs. Owen/Bulldog 5/26/97
Hart Foundation/Austin/HBK Interview 6/2/97
Steve Austin Flushes Brian Pillman - King of the Ring 97
Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin - King of the Ring 97

Disc 7
Steve Austin Interview 6/9/97
Austin vs. Brian Pillman 6/9/97
Mankind vs. Pillman 6/9/97
Steve Austin/Mankind/Shamrock/Pillman Interview 6/16/97
Brian Pillman v. Steve Austin 6/15/97)
Bulldog vs. Mankind (Austin is on the phone) 6/23/97
Bret Hart Interview 6/23/97
Brian Pillman vs. Mankind (Austin Int 6/30/97)
Austin Vs. Jim Neidhart 6/30/97
Austin/Goldust/Ken Shamrock/Legion of Doom Vs. Bret Hart/Owen Hart/British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart/Brian Pillman IYH Canadian Stampede - 7/6/97)
Bret Hart Int. 7/7/97
Austin Interview 7/7/97
Austin & Dude Love vs. British Bulldog/Owen Hart 7/14/97)
Austin/Dude Love/Undertaker Vs. British Bulldog/Bret Hart/Owen Hart (Flag Match – Raw 7/21/97)

Disc 8
Austin vs. Owen Hart Summerslam 8/3/97
Austin/Slaughter/Bret Interview 8/4/97
Dude Love vs. Owen Hart 8/4/97
Recap of the Owen/Austin Feud 8/11/97
Steve Austin Interview 8/11/97
Owen Interview 8/29/97
Austin’s Target Practice 9/5/97
Austin/Dude Love Stripped of Titles Ground Zero 9/7/97
Fatal 4 Way Match from Ground Zero 97
Austin/Slaughter Interview 9/8/97
Bret Hart vs.Vader 9/8/97
Owen Hart vs. Goldust 9/8/97

Disc 9
Steve Austin Interview 9/15/97
Steve Austin/ Hart Foundation Interview. 9/15/97
Owen Hart vs. Patriot 9/15/97
Austin attacks Owen from behind during an interview 9/22/97
Owen Hart Interview 9/29/97
Owen Hart v. Farooq (Austin does guest commentary IYH Badd Blood 10/5/97)
Steve Austin/Faarooq Interview 10/6/97
Bret Hart vs. Farooq 10/20/97
Owen Hart v. Shawn Michaels 10/20/97
Owen Hart v. Ahmed Johnson 10/27/97
Austin Interview 11/3/97
Austin Vs. Owen Hart(Survivor Series 97)


 1.  int:steve austin - ECW.  .  Austin's legendary debut as he mocks Hulk Hogan ,as shown on WWF tv
2.  Steve Austin, Chris Champion, Bill Dundee vs Master Of Pain(Undertaker), Soultaker(Godfather), 
     Dirty White Boy - USWA
3.  Steve Austin, Eric Embry, Tom Pritchard handcuff Gary Young, Bill Dundee - Global
4.  Steve Austin, Tom Pritchard vs Jeff Jarrett, Robert Fuller - StreetFight, Falls Count Anywhere - Global
5.  Steve Austin, Eric Embry, Tom Pritchard, Awesome Kong, El Grande vs Jeff Jarrett, Bill Dundee, 
     Danny Davis, Billy Travis, Gary Young - Thunderdome Cage Match, USWA vs Global - Global
6.  Steve Austin vs Arn Anderson - NWA Championship Tournament - .  New Japan 
7.  Steve Austin, Arn Anderson vs Tatsutoshi Goto, Super Strong Machine - Handheld, NJPW
8.  Steve Austin vs Keiji Muto - IWGP Championshp Match - NJPW
9.  Steve Austin confronts Sandman, Woman & Mikey Whipwreck before their match in 
     Middletown,NY  ECW
10.  Intr:Steve Austin - Total Shoot Style interview on WCW & his career - ECW
11.  Steve Austin challenges the winner of Sandman vs Mikey Whipwreck - Total Brawl breaks out - ECW
12.  Intr:Steve Austin.  .  The infamous Monday Nyquil interview in which he mocks Eric Bischoff - ECW
13.  Steve Austin confronts Sandman & Mikey before a Ladder Match
14.  Steve Austin confronts Public Enemy,Sandman,& Too Cold Scorpio - Very Rare FanCam 
       appearance .  .  ECW
15.  Steve Austin vs Mikey Whipwreck
16.  Steve Austin vs Sandman 
17.Austins last ECW interview


vs. Bill Dundee (USWA 91)
w/ Scott Braddock vs. Dustin Rhodes and Matt Borne (USWA)
vs. Chris Adams (barb wire match) (clips)
vs. Ed Robinson (USWA)
vs. Chris Adams (USWA)
vs. Bobby Eaton (WCW 6/5/91)
Stunning Steve v Bobby Eaton 6/3/91 (Austin DVD)
vs Dustin Rhodes, 10/27/91 (Halloween Havoc 91)
Steve Austin vs. Marcus Bagwell 1/11/92
Steve Austin & Bobby Eaton vs. Sting & Marcus Bagwell 1/18/92

w/ Rude against Sting and Steamboat 1/21/92
Vs. Steamboat
Windham & Rhodes vs. Zbysko & Austin 2/29/92
Barry Windham vs. Steve Austin (Worldwide 3/7/92)
Vs. Scott Steiner Sat Nite 3/14/92
w/Arn/Rude vs. Steamboat/Win/Rhodes 4/4/92

Wargames 5/17/92
Austin/Arn vs. Steamboat/Koloff (Worldwide - 6/7/92)
Steiners vs. Arn Anderson & Steve Austin 6/13/92
Steve Austin vs. Ricky Steamboat (Main Event - 6/14/92)
Barry Windham vs. Steve Austin (Worldwide 6/14/92)
Windham (2/3 falls) Sat. Nite 7/4/92

Windham & Steamboat vs. Austin & Cactus (Worldwide 7/11/92)
Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs. Steve Austin & Rick Rude (GAB 7/12/92)
Vs Arn Anderson in Japan 8/6/92
Keiji Mutoh -vs- Steve Austin (G1 Climax) (8-10-92)
Austin vs. Steamboat (clash 20 9/2/92)
NWA World Champion Masahiro Chono vs. Steve Austin (9/23/92)

vs. Shane Douglas 10/24/92
Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs. Steve Williams & Steve Austin (Havoc 10/25/92)
Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas vs. Hollywood Blondes (Clash 22: 1/13/93)
Hollywood Blondes vs Bagwell/Watts from SuperBrawl III 2/21/93
Blondes vs. Steamboat/Douglas 3/27/93
Dos Hombres vs. Hollywood Blondes (Cage Match) (Slamboree 5/23/93)

Hollywood Blondes on Flair for the Gold
A Flair For The Old
Hollywood Blondes v. Flair & Anderson 6/17/93
Blondes/Windham vs. The Horsemen (7/3/93)
Vs. Pillman (Clash 25)
Ricky Steamboat & Arn Anderson vs. Steve Austin & Steven Regal (WCWSN 3/5/94)
Austin vs. Steamboat 3/12/94

Vs. Muta (Spring Stampede 1994)
Vs. Steamboat (Bash at the Beach) 7/17/94
vs Steamboat from Clash 28. 8/28/94 (Clash 2
Keiji Mutoh vs. Steve Austin (5/26/95 NJPW)
Austin & Anderson vs. Saito & Choshu ??/??/95

Steve-A-Mania (ecw debut 9/16/95)
Promo w/ Sandman & Mikey 9/23/95
WCW shoot 10/10/95
Mikey vs. Sandman ladder match 10/25/95
Monday Nyquil 10/31/95
Vs. Mikey 11/18/95 N2R
Vs. Mikey & Sandman 12/9/95
Final Interview 12/19/95

Tape covers January-December 96

1.        Steve Austin makes his WWF debut as Ted DiBiase’s new Million Dollar Champion, the RINGMASTER.  Austin is wearing t

familiar black tights, but he’s not bald and doesn’t yet have the goatee that he’d have as Stone Cold Steve Austin.  His gimmick

was the fact that he was a solid technical wrestler much like his manager DiBiase.  Hence his name.

2.        Austin Vs. Matt Hardy (Hardy is strictly a jobber here, as Austin makes his wrestling debut on Monday Night Raw.  Austin

finishes off Hardy with the Million Dollar Dream sleeper.)

3.        Austin in the 1996 Royal Rumble

4.        Austin Vs. Marty Jannetty (Still known as the Ring Master, Austin is now bald with his familiar goatee.  Vince comments

on the look in The Ringmaster’s eyes and says that he’s “STONE COLD”.   Hmmmmm……………)

5.        “Stone Cold” Austin Vs. Savio Vega (Although STILL Ted Dibiase’s Million Dollar Champion, Austin is now officially known

     as “STONE COLD” Steve Austin.  He isn’t in anyone’s main event just yet, but the WWF’s acknowledging Austin by his actual

     name was definitely putting him on the right track, as he really wasn’t connecting with anyone as simply the Ringmaster.)

6.        Austin Vs. Savio Vega (Wrestlemania 12)

7.        Austin Vs. Bart Gunn

8.        Austin Vs. Scott Taylor (Savio Vega does guest commentary and challenges Austin to a strap match.  DiBiase refuses the

challenge on behalf of Austin and Savio runs in the ring and whips Austin with the belt!)

9.        Austin Vs. Marc Mero (Good Match.  Until Savio Vega runs in again and attacks Austin with the leather strap.)

10.     Austin Vs. Savio Vega "Strap Match" (This is actually their second strap match, as the first one  on the In Your House

“Beware of Dog” PPV was marred by all the lights in the arena unexpectedly going out.  Clips of them fighting in the dark are

shown.  The WWF as a result re-shot another IYH PPV 2 days later for the benefit of the people who paid for the show and came

to see it live and couldn’t watch it because of the lights going out.  There is a new stipulation on this match though.  If Austin loses the match, TED DIBIASE WILL LEAVE THE WWF FOREVER!)

11.     Austin Vs. Bob Holly (Quarter Finals - King of the Ring 1996.  Austin is wrestling a much rougher brawling style now.  He

finishes Holly off with the Million$ Dream, but since Ted DiBiase is gone from the WWF, Vince McMahon simply calls

it a “sleeper hold”)

12.     Footage of Austin defeating Holly, and cleanly pinning Savio Vega with the debut of the STONE COLD STUNNER.

13.     Austin Vs. Marc Mero (Semi Finals – King of the Ring 1996)

14.     Austin Vs. Jake Roberts (Finals – King of the Ring 1996.   AUSTIN 3:16 IS BORN!  Austin pins Jake Roberts to win the

     Tournament and gives the interview that puts him on the map of wrestling for the rest of his life.  Austin does a completely over

      The top heel interview and says the immortal words: “AUSTIN 3:16 MEANS I JUST KICKED YOU’RE A**!”  The WWF

      Attitude era has officially begun!)


NOTE:  Originally, it was HHH that was supposed to win the 1996 KOTR tournament.  However thanks to HHH breaking kayfabe

by celebrating in the ring with Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, he wound up being punished by having his big push

cut short, and being placed on job detail for most of the year.  Austin was moved up the ladder and given the push instead.  The

rest is history!

15.     Austin Vs. The Undertaker

16.     Battle Royal

17.     Austin Vs. Yokozuna (Yoko was a babyface here.  Austin’s monster push as the biggest heel in the WWF continues

As he CLEANLY PINS YOKOZUNA! Summerslam 96)

18.     Austin Vs. Goldust Vs. Sycho Sid Vs. Savio Vega "Battle Royal"

19.     Austin Vs. Marc Mero

20.     Austin Vs. Jake Roberts

21.     Austin Vs. Shawn Michaels (The Rattlesnake and the Heartbreak Kid meet for the first time in a non-title match.  No

      finish as Vader runs in and attacks HBK.  Savio Vega runs in as well, but barely gets both feet in the ring before

      Austin stuns him and kicks him out. RAW 10/14/96)

22.     Austin Vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Another first time match between 2 future legends of the sport.  Both men are still heels

here, as the WWF is warming up to having two good guys and bad guys fight each other.  But it’s quite noticable that the crowd

is clearly cheering for Austin.  ESPECIALLY when Austin stuns and pins Helmsley.  IYH Free for ALL)

23.     Bret Hart is interviewed after returning to the WWF.  He had nearly gone to WCW, but decided to come back to the WWF, and

to the delight of the crowd, bad mouths Steve Austin, who he’s supposed to fight at the upcoming Survivor Series.

24.     Austin gets mad that Brian Pillman interrupted his interview AND SNAPS!  Austin DESTROYS Pillman on the spot,  causing

Pillman to have to be stretchered out.  Austin gets upset that Pillman is going to be interviewed at his house, and vows to show

up there personally and finish the job he started.  Austin is looking GREAT here!  Austin is playing the monster heel role to


25.     Austin and Bret Hart (in Canada with his family) argue on an interview to further set up their Survivor Series match.

26.     The WWF, now fully into it’s more adult oriented product,  tests the waters of acceptability as Pillman is interviewed at his home and brandishes

 A GUN promising that if Stone Cold shows up at his home, he’ll send him STRAIGHT TO HELL!

27.     Austin shows up at the Pillman home and beats up all of Pillman’s friends that were guarding the outside of his house!  Austin

Breaks into the house!  PILLMAN DRAWS A GUN ON AUSTIN!!!!…….c’mon, you don’t want me to give the WHOLE thing

away do you?

28.   Austin v. Bob Holly

29.   Austin Vs. Bret Hart (GREAT, GREAT MATCH!! Survivor Series 1996)

30.   Austin Vs. Mankind


This tape covers everything from January 97-May 97
1.  Austin Vs. Vader (Bret Hart attacks Austin ouside the ring and locks on the Sharpshooter and refuses to let go.)

1.        Austin/Faarooq Vs. Jesse James/Savio Vega

2.        Austin in the 1997 Royal Rumble.  Despite being eliminated earlier, Austin still manages to sneak back into the ring and

eliminate Vader, The Undertaker and Bret Hart to win!  Bret is HOT and complains to everyone who’ll listen about being

screwed AGAIN! (Bret doesn’t know how prophetic his words are…..)

3.        Bret Hart and Undertaker are being interviewed, when Austin comes out.  This draws out Vader, and we have a full scale brawl

Between the last 4 men from the Royal Rumble!

4.        Austin Vs. Vader

5.        Due to the controversy surrounding the end of the Royal Rumble, Gorilla Monsoon books a FINAL 4 match between the last 4

    men from the Rumble to determine a new WWF champion. Actually, this match was supposed to determine the #1 contender

    to the title currently being held by Shawn Michaels.  The winner of this match would fight Michaels at Wrestlemania 13, with the

    ending calling for Michaels to lose the title.  Well Shawn Michaels, who was at the height of his arrogance and had a reputation for

    refusing to lose matches to anyone, didn’t want to lose his title at Wrestlemania and vacated the title prior to this show, causing the

    match to change from a #1 contenders match to a match to determine the new champion.)

6.        Austin Vs. Sycho Sid

7.     7.    Austin VS. Bret Hart Vs. Undertaker Vs. Vader (FINAL 4-way match for the WWF Title.  GREAT MATCH! IYH )

8.     8.   Bret Hart v. Sid (Ending of their steel cage match.  Austin climbs the cage and attacks Sid.  Undertaker runs out and another full

      scale brawl erupts.  In the process though Sid manages to escape the cage to successfully retain the WWF Title.  Bret Hart feels

      that once again he’s been screwed and yells at Vince McMahon.and everyone else.  Austin runs out again and brawls with Bret.)

9.        The 1997 Slammy Award ceremony.  Rocky Maivia wins the award for the greatest new ring sensation of 1997, and Austin has

A few choice words for Rocky, and of course for Bret Hart.

10.     Austin Vs. Bret Hart "Submission Match" (FANTASTIC MATCH! ONE OF THE BEST MATCHES OF 1997! Double

     heel/ face turn as Austin puts over Bret, who had been previously whining about not getting his way, and begins his run as the

     WWF's newest monster heel.  Austin meanwhile comes out smelling like a rose despite losing the match.  The cheers that Austin

     was getting as a heel are nothing like the reaction he’s going to be getting now as the WWF’s biggest babyface! – WrestleMania 13

1      11. Austin Vs. Billy Gunn

      12.     Austin Vs. Mankind

      13.     Austin Vs. Bret Hart (Bret is now a heel and the leader of the Hart Foundation.  IYH PPV 4/20/97)

        14.     Austin calls out Bret and is attacked by the entire Hart Foundation!  SHAWN MICHAELS runs in to make the save. Raw 4/21/97)

        15.     Austin Vs. Bret Hart "Street Fight" (This match took place immediately after the sneak attack described in #15.  Austin

          DESTROYS Bret, who has to be stretchered out of the arena.  Unfortunately, as they put Bret into the ambulance, they failed

          to check who was driving first because Austin was waiting for him.

        16.     Austin and Shawn Michaels argue about HBK having helped saved Austin from a beating in #15. Raw 4/21/97)

        17.     INT - Steve Austin. The Hart Foundation runs in and attacks Austin. Shawn Michaels makes the save, but Austin is attacked

            again, this time by BRIAN PILLMAN! (RAW 4/21/97)

18.     INT - Hart Foundation - Brian Pillman leads the crowd in a "word of prayer". Very good exchange between Pillman & Austin

          (RAW 4/28/97)

19.     Daveyboy Smith v Undertaker (Ending only, as JIM "THE ANVIL" NEIDHART makes his return during Austin's post

     match brawl with the Hart Foundation.  Austin is stretchered out. - RAW 4/28/97)

20.     Ausitn Vs. Davey Boy Smith (The rest of the Hart Foundation, the LOD, Furnas & Lafon & Shawn Michaels & the Undertaker

      all run in afterward and brawl. Eventually only Austin & the Undertaker are left, setting up…)

21.     Austin v. Undertaker (The Hart Foundation are at ringside. Do I really need to say that they get involved in the match? IYH 5/11/97)


This tape covers everything from May 97-October 97
1.  INT - Steve Austin. Austin Rips on the Hart Foundation (RAW 5/12/97)

2.        End of the previous week's interview between Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart that was cut off. Michaels Superkicks Bret, and gets

     mauled by the rest of the Hart Foundation. Steve Austin makes the save, but Michaels doesn't Appreciate it very much (RAW 5/19/97)

3.        INT - Shawn Michaels proposes teaming up with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin against the Hart Foundation. And if you know

     Stone Cold, you know he's not impressed with the offer. The resulting brawl takes more than a half dozen officials to break up.

     Owen Hart challenges the two of them to a tag title match the following week. Both HBK & Austin promise to find other partners

     besides each other to fight the Hart Foundation - RAW 5/19/97

4.        Austin searches for a tag team partner.  You’ll never believe who he chooses. (Raw 5/19/97)

5.        Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart v. Steve Austin (Brian Pillman runs in for the DQ. Jim Ross then informs Austin that He will have to

     team with Shawn Michaels the following week for a tag title shot at Owen and Daveyboy. Austin is pissed, and ends up brawling

     with Michaels, who comes out to ringside also pissed off at the decision. RAW 5/19/97)

6.        INT - Austin & Michaels. Both agree to put their differences behind them in order to beat Owen & Daveyboy The LOD comes

     out to ringside & challenges Austin & Michaels for a titleshot if they win. (Raw 5/26/97)

7.        Jim Neidhart & Brian Pillman v. LOD (Ending.  Of course, the rest of the Hart Foundation runs in and attacks the LOD. This

     leads to Austin & Michaels running in to make the save, but the future tag team parners almost immediately start fighting each

     other AGAIN! RAW 5/26/97)

8.        Hart Foundation attacks Austin back stage. Austin then argues with Michaels who just got jumped himself. (RAW 5/26/97)

9.        Austin & Shawn Michaels v. Owen Hart & Daveyboy Smith (Austin & Michaels who hate each other, actually succeed in beating Owen & Daveyboy for the Tag titles. (RAW 5/26/97)

10.     INT - Hart Foundation, RAW 6/2/97

11.     Shawn Michaels & Steve Austin vs. Legion Of Doom (RAW June 2, 1997)

12.     INT - Brian Pillman. Austin attacks Pillman and SHOVES HIS HEAD IN A TOILET BOWL! King of the Ring PPV 6/8/97

13.     Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin (King of the Ring 97)

14.     Austin v. Brian Pillman (Well almost. The rest of the Hart Foundation attacks Austin, injuring him before the match could start.

Ken Shamrock makes the save.   And we all know what happens to guys that save Austin froma beating don’t we?  Shamrock

never saw that stunner coming.Raw 6/8/97)

15.     INT – Austin yells at McMahon about sticking him with Shawn Michaels and about having to find another partner.  Austin &

Michaels had to vacate the titles, but Austin will get to choose a partner to fight the winners of a tournament to crown new

Tag team champions.  Mankind offers his servicesbut Austin turns him down.

16.     Brian Pillman v. Steve Austin (FINALLY! Their one and only singles match in the WWF on TV!! The remaining members of

      the Hart Foundation are handcuffed to the ring posts during this match. They of course free themselves and destroy Austin, leading

      to Shamrock, Goldust & the LOD running in to break it up and setting up the 5 on 5 Team USA v. Hart Foundation at the

      upcoming Canadian Stampede PPV RAW 6/15/97)

17.     Daveyboy Smith v. Mankind (Austin is on the phone healing from a few injuries, and comments on Manking’s lobbying to be

Austin’s partner against the winners of the WWF Tag Team tournament.  RAW 6/23/97)

18.     Brian Pillman v. Mankind (Austin once again puts down Mankind, and refuses to tag with such a “freak” RAW 6/23/97)

19.     Austin Vs. Jim Neidhart (The rest of the Hart Foundation attacks Austin.  Mankind runs in to attempt the save, but winds up

Sharing Austin’s beating.Raw 6/30/97)

20.     Austin/Goldust/Ken Shamrock/Legion of Doom Vs. Bret Hart/Owen Hart/British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart/Brian Pillman

(The Hart Foundation are clearly over as baby faces here as they get a TREMENDOUS pop from the crowd. Conversely,  Austin &

Team USA nearly gets booed out of the building! IYH Canadian Stampede - 7/6/97)

21.     Austin Vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Mankind, still wanting to be Austin’s partner, comes out to help Austin, but Austin makes

it clear as only Stone Cold can, that he doesn’t like Mankind, and will not be his partner. Mankind promises that drastic

measures will be taken, that Mankind would do something he thought he’d never do again, and that Austin would never be the

same.  Raw 7/7/97)

22.     Austin & ??? Vs. British Bulldog/Owen Hart (Austin works the first part of this match alone, but Mankind makes good on his

      promise, but not in a way that anyone would have expected, as the dejected Mankind transforms into his ORIGINAL wrestling

      character, DUDE LOVE and teams up with Austin to win the WWF Tag Team Titles! Raw 7/14/97)

23.     Austin/Dude Love/Undertaker Vs. British Bulldog/Bret Hart/Owen Hart (Flag Match – Raw 7/21/97)

24.     Austin/Dude Love Vs. The Godwinns (Raw 7/28/97)

25.     Austin Vs. Owen Hart (In one of the sacriest moments in the history of the WWF, Owen Hart botches a Piledriver and BREAKS

      AUSTIN'S NECK LEGIT! Austin actually was paralyzed for the next minute, and couldn't move! Owen & the Ref had to stall for

      time until Austin could move enough to quickly end the match. I don't know how true this next part is, but I understood that Austin

      never forgave Hart for that mistake which very nearly Ended his career. As it is, Austin would not be able to wrestle again for

      several months.

26.     Austin is ordered to forfeit the IC & Tag titles due to his injury, and suspended to keep him from wrestling before he’s ready.

27.     Austin cuts a promo while recovering at his home in Texas.  Austin complains about his being injured by Owen Hart, and his

      being suspended to keep him from wrestling before he's medically cleared. Austin takes some get well pictures that he received

      from the WWF, and holds some target practice with his trusty bow and arrow. RAW 9/5/97)

28.     Austin & Dude Love forfeit the tag titles to Commissioner (Sgt.) Slaughter. Slaughter got the Belts, but Jim Ross got the

      STONE COLD STUNNER! - IYH Ground Zero 9/7/97

29.     INT - Sgt. Slaughter. Slaughter refuses to re-instate Austin for his actions at Ground Zero. He also announces A new tournament

      for the IC title which Austin must forfeit to the winner at the next PPV. Needless to say, Austin ain't too happy about it, and comes

      out to voice his opinion. Remember what just happened to Jim Ross in #28? - RAW 9/8/97

30.     Austin runs in to attack the Hart Foundation as they team up on Vader (Raw 9/8/97)

31.     Owen Hart v. Goldust (ending of the first match of the IC title tournament. Goldust gets DQd when Austin runs in to attack

      Owen. As a result, Owen advances in the tournament - RAW 9/8/97)

32.     INT - Steve Austin/ Hart Foundation.  Austin is served with a restraining order forbidding him from coming within 100 feet of

Owen Hart.  (RAW 9/15/97)

33.     Owen Hart v. Patriot (Ending, as Austin distracts Hart, causing him to be pinned by the Patriot!  Owen orders the cops to arrest

Austin, but he gets away.)

34.     Austin attacks Owen from behind during an interview,  Vince McMahon stops the police from arresting Austin, and in one of the

      most long awaited moments in recent memory, STEVE AUSTIN HITS VINCE MCMAHON WITH THE STONE COLD STUNNER! RAW 9/22/97

35.     Owe Hart comes to the ring with a team of  swat team officers.   He should have checked under their helmets though, because

      one of them is “STONE COLD” STEVE AUSTIN!

36.     Owen Hart v. Farooq (Austin does guest commentary, and then gets involved. But you may be surprised at who He helps out.

      IYH Badd Blood 10/5/97)



This tape covers EVERYTHING from October 97-April 98

1.  Vince McMahon officially re-instates Austin.  Farooq & the Nation of Domination interrupts though to argue about Austin

    causing Farooq to lose his match to Owen Hart.  Farooq sends Rocky Maivia to attack Austin, but Rocky barely gets both feet

      in the ring before Austin lays him out with the Stone Cold Stunner

2.        Farooq v. Bret Hart (ending, as Austin runs in and stuns Farooq before disappearing back into the crowd. Raw 10/6/97)

3.        Owen Hart v. Shawn Michaels (ending, as Austin runs in the stuns THE REFEREE!)

4.        Owen Hart v. Ahmed Johnson (ending only, as Austin runs in and stuns Johnson.  Austin seems to be saving Owen’s butt in

Each of these matches so he’ll still have the title for the Survivor Series.)

5.        Austin Vs. Owen Hart(Survivor Series 97)

6.        The Rock issues a challenge to Steve Austin for the IC Title.  Thus begins one of the best, and longest running feuds of the


7.        While the rest of the Nation attacks Austin, The Rock steals the Intercontinental belt!

8.        The Rock v. Dude Love (Dude is being mauled by the Nation, but Austin runs in to make the save and attempt to recover his

Belt from the Rock.  The Rock gets away though.)

9.        The Rock is in the Ring arguing with Austin, who is on the Titantron, when the Rock’s beeper goes off.  He looks up because

     the number on the beeper says “3:16” …..I’d turn around if I were you Rocky.  Great segment!

10.     Austin Vs. The Rock(IYH DX)

11.     Vince McMahon demands that Steve Austin give the Rock a IC Title re-match to the Rock.  Austin decides to let Vince

Know a little bit later on in the show whether or not he’ll give the Rock his match.  Raw 12/8/98

12.     Instead of the re-match we were expecting, Austin actually FORFEITS THE IC TITLE TO THE ROCK!  Austin actually

Relenquishes the IC title, and hands the belt over to the Rock.  To the crowd’s delight, he also hands the Rock a Stone Cold

Stunner, but takes the belt with him when he leaves.  Now it’s the Rock who’s the champion with STONE COLD stealing

the belt!Raw 12/8/98

13.     The Rock comes out on TV and gives Austin 1 hr to return with the Intercontinental belt.  Austin appears on the big screen from

an unknown location with the belt and THROWS IT OFF A BRIDGE! (Raw 12/15/98)

14.     Austin has a run-in with an ersatz Santa Claus…..

15.     And with Goldust.  This has to be one of the funniest spots I’ve ever seen!

16.     With Austin set to enter the Royal Rumble, no one is safe.  We see proof of this, as Austin goes on a crime spree running in on

everyone elses matches and stunning them senseless.  Jeff Jarrett, The Rock, The Godwinns, Marc Mero and several others fall

victim to the Rattlesnake.

17.     All the entrants in the Royal Rumble are in the ring during the drawing for numbers in the Royal  Rumble waiting to ambush

Steve Austin, but Austin outflanks them and still manages to stun several people before being attacked by the Rock, Dlo Brown

And Savio Vega.  (Raw 1/12/98)

18.     Steve Austin at the 1998 Royal Rumble.

19.     Mike Tyson is interviewed right after the Royal Rumble match.  Tyson expresses his admiration for “Cold Stone” as he put it.

20.     Mike Tyson appears on Raw and just as Vince McMahon is about to make a big announcementconcerning Tyson, Austin comes

Out and starts a big confrontation with Tyson.  Vince is PISSED! (Raw 1/19/98)

21.     Several TV News broadcasts show coverage of Mike Tyson appearing on Raw. 

22.     Degeneration X comes out to the ring and does their best to instigate a match between Steve Austin and Mike Tyson at

Wrestlemania 14.  (mainly to avoid the inevitable Austin v. Shawn Michaels main event for the WWF Title at WM14.  Austin

Comes out to the ring and makes it clear that no matter WHAT happens, Michaels will indeed fight Austin for the title.

Raw - 2/2/98)

23.     Austin vs. Road Dogg. (DX runs in and attack Austin.  Cactus Jack & Terry Funk make the save.  We're now building up to the

      HBK v. Stone Cold main event at Wrestlemania 14.  Raw - 2/2/98)

24.     Int. Stone Cold / DX (Raw - 2/9/98)

25.     Footage from The Wrestlemania XIV Press Conference (Raw - 2/9/98)

26.     Promo - DX.  Austin comes out, but gets surrounded by DX and the Outlaws.  Then, to even the sides, Cactus Jack & Terry

       "Chainsaw Charlie" Funk come out from under the ring (literally).  Owen Hart then comes in from the back, and they run DX and

        the Outlaws off. (Raw - 2/9/98)

27.     Austin/Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie/Owen Hart Vs. Triple H/Savio Vega/New Age Outlaws (IYH: No Way Out)


28.     Video montage of “Stone Cold “ Steve Austin’s rise to the top.  Some candid interviews with Austin are included.

29.     Austin gets attacked by DX

30.     Int - Steve Austin

30.     Austin runs in on a match between Savio Vega and HHH and attacks everyone INCLUDING THE REFEREE!  Shawn Michaels

runs in and Superkicks Austin

31.    Int - Vince McMahon

33     More video and interview footage of Steve Austin to build up the main event of Wrestlemania 14.

33.   Int - Steve Austin

32.     Austin Vs. The Rock(Raw 03/17/98)

33.     Austin Vs. Shawn Michaels  (WWF Title.  In a FANTASTIC MATCH that saw Tyson change alliances at the last

       minute, Stone Cold pins Shawn Michaels for his 1st WWF Title!  This would be HBK's final match as his nagging back injuries

       finally caught up with him.  Michaels would disappear for a while after passing the torch to Austin, who would prove to be a

       MOST WORTHY successor. Wrestlemania 14 - 3/29/98)

34.     Post Wrestlemania 14 press conference with Mike Tyson and the New WWF Champion.

35.     Vince McMahon comes down to ringside with a brand new WWF Title belt.  Vince, who had not been happy with Stone Cold’s

behavior wants Austin to change his ways, now that he’s the new WWF Champion.  Austin of course, feels that his behavior

doesn’t need changing.  In what would define the events of the next year and a half of angles involving Stone Cold, Vince

says that “we can do this the easy way, or the hard way”.  To the delight of the fans, Austin stuns McMahon and chooses the


HAS BEGUN!  (Raw 3/30/98)

36.     In response to stunning McMahon, Austin is arrested and taken out of the arena in handcuffs. (Raw 3/31/99)

37.     Vince McMahon introduces the NEW Stone Cold Steve Austin, as Austin comes out to rungside in a new suit and tie. 

      McMahon applauds Austin’s new corporate makeover and thanks him for seeing things McMahon’s way.  Needless to say, Austin

      Took the suit off to the delight of the fans, and vows to be the same rotten Stone Cold he always was.


This begins the biggest feud in the WWF for 1999 & 2000 in Vince McMahon vs. Steve Austin.



Covers EVERYTHING from April 98-June 98
1.  Austin demands to know who he’s fighting at the next PPV.  Vince refuses to tell Austin.  Austin then challenges Vince

     to a match for the WWF title.

2.        Austin Vs. Vince McMahon (Due to something that Austin had said earlier, Austin had to fight McMahon with one arm tied

behind his back.  Before the match could start however, DUDE LOVE comes down to ringside and ATTACKS STEVE

AUSTIN! Raw 04/13/98

3.         Austin Vs. Dude Love (GREAT MATCH!  Austin and Dude Love brawl all over the place!  IYH Unforgiven)

4.        Austin Vs. Goldust (McMahon Stooge, Gerald Brisco is the guest referee.  Vince is also at ringside, but accidentally nails

Brisco with the WWF title belt, enabling Austin to once again escape with his title intact.  Raw 04/27/98)

5.        Austin wrecks the set of Dude Love’s “Love Shack” interview set.


     between the 2 Hardcore legends.  Both men fight all over the arena!  Pat Patterson is the guest referee.  Austin is at ringside doing

     commentary for this match, as Vince is making Foley fight Funk to prove that he has it in him to fight Austin. )

7.        Austin & Vince McMahon Vs. D'Lo Brown & The Rock (Vince makes his latest attempt to destroy Austin by teaming up with

him.  Needless to say, Austin basically has to deal with not only the Rock & Dlo, but with the rest of the Nation of Domination

and of course, can’t count on his biggest enemy in Vince McMahon to help him out.  Raw 05/11/98)

8.        Austin Vs. Gerald Briscoe & Pat Patterson (Dude Love, now wearing a suit and tie as part of Vince McMahon’s corporate

faction runs in to attack Austin.  Vince also lends in a few shots as well.  Raw 05/18/98)

9.        Vince comes to the ring and brags about how he “assaulted” Stone Cold in the previous match.  Well, Austin comes to ringside

And based on Vince’s “confession” has the local police ARREST VINCE MCMAHON AND HAUL HIM AWAY IN

HANDCUFFS! And when Patterson & Brisco attempt to stop the cops, Austin has them arrested for OBSTRUCTION OF

JUSTICE!!    HILARIOUS STUFF!! – Raw 5/25/98)

10.     Austin Vs. The Undertaker (Vince is the guest referee.  But immediately wishes he wasn’t as the Undertaker comes to the ringand

CHOKESLAMS HIM!  Kane comes to the ring and attacks the Undertaker.  The Stooges (Patterson & Brisco) help Vince

To his feet, but then AUSTIN COMES OUT AND DESTROYS ALL 3 MEN and DUDE LOVE! Raw 05/25/98)

11.     Austin Vs. Dude Love (FANTASTIC MATCH!  With Vince as the referee, and Patterson & Brisco as the guest ring announcer

and timekeeper, you know that things will get interesting.  And they do!  First, the Undertaker comes to ringside as the guest

ring enforcer, to keep Vince McMahon and the stooges in line.  But the real interesting thing is that as the match went on, they

kept adding on stipulations to stack the odds in the Dude’s favor! IYH: Over The Edge)

12.     Undertaker v. Kane (Vince and Austin are both doing guest commentary. MANKIND runs in and attacks the Undertaker.

13.     Kane & Mankind attack Austin and stuff him into a casket (Raw 6/8/98)

14.     Austin & Undertaker Vs. Mankind & Kane "Hell In a Cell"(No match though, as Austin and Kane brawl on the outside, while

      Paul Bearer (who’s managing Kane & Mankind) gets locked in the cage to be absolutely destroyed by the Undertaker! 

      Raw 06/15/98)
15.  Austin Vs. Kane "1st Blood"(Thanks to a mis timed (or was it?) chair shot by the Undertaker, KANE WINS THE WWF TITLE!

      King Of The Ring 98………But not for long because in…)

15.     Austin Vs. Kane(Austin regains what’s rightfully his.  Much to McMahon’s dissapointment. The Undertaker is at ringside, but is he there for Austin or Kane? Raw 06/29/98)

16.     Undertaker challanges Austin (Vince McMahon again orders a #1 contender match.  Raw 7/6/98)

17.     Undertaker Vs. Kane Vs. Mankind "#1 contenders match"(Raw 7/6/98)

18.     Vince McMahon gives the Undertaker a verbal lashing for an incident the previous week.  He also asks the Undertaker whether

      the Undertaker and Kane are secretly in cahoots.  Austin comes out and asks the same question.


1.  Austin Vs. Kane & Mankind(Raw 07/20/98)

2. Austin & Undertaker Vs. Kane & Mankind (Undertaker & Austin win the WWF Tag Team Titles!  But Undertaker walks off with

    both belts, still pissed that he was accused of being allied with Kane.  IYH-Fully Loaded)

3.  Austin & Undertaker Vs. New Age Outlaws (Austin scores the pin, and walks off.  But not before tossing Taker a beer as his way

      of apologizing for falsely suspecting the Undertaker.  Taker still kept both belts though.  Raw 7/20/98)

1.        Undertaker finally gives Austin his half of the Tag Team Titles (7/27/98)

2.        Austin & Undertaker Vs. Owen Hart & The Rock(Raw 08/03/98)

3.        Austin & Undertaker Vs. D'Lo Brown & The Rock Vs. Kane & Mankind Vs. New Age Outlaws  (Kane & Mankind win the Tag

     team titles when Kane pins the Undertaker!  But did Taker lay down for Kane and intentionally give away the tag titles?  Raw 8/10/98)

4.        Austin comes out in a hearse and has some harsh words for the Undertaker, and is attacked by what seems like the Undertaker

    but turns out to be Kane!  Austin gets the upper hand and throws Kane in the hearse, but when he tries to get in to drive off, he

    finds that THE UNDERTAKER IS ALREADY IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT! Taker drives off with Kane in the back, seemingly

    proving that Kane and the Undertaker are indeed collaborating together. (Raw 8/17/98)

5.        Undertaker & Kane come out together.  Vince McMahon comes out as well and proposes an alliance between McMahon and

     Kane & The Undertaker. Paul Bearer comes out to convince Kane not to join with McMahon, and Undertaker DESTROYS HIM!

     Mankind comes out to defend Paul Bearer, and his former partner Kane beats him down as well, cementing the heel turn of the

     Undertaker  [Kane was already a heel]  (Raw 8/24/98)

6.        Kane v. Mankind (Hell in a Cell Cage match - Outside of the ring, the Undertaker destroys Mankind and put him through a

     table.  Mankind of course continues the match.  Austin eventually runs in to save Mankind and BEATS 6 KINDS OF HELL OUT

     OF KANE! (Raw 8/31/98)

7.        Music Video - "Highway to Hell" featuring clips of both the Undertaker and Steve Austin (Raw 8/31/98)

8.        Undertaker Vs. Austin (Good Match.  Undertaker intent on fighting Austin one on one, even sends Kane back to the locker room

    when he comes out to interfere.  Summerslam 98)

9.        Austin Vs. The Undertaker(Summerslam 98)

10.     Vince McMahon comes out and calls Undertaker a fool for stopping Kane from interfering in the match last night.  Vince also

      calls Kane 'retarded', and insults the both of them saying that the other WWF wrestlers don't look on them with the fear that

      they once did.  Needless to say Kane & Undertaker run out and chase McMahon off .  (Raw 9/6/98)

11.     Vince calls out the Undertaker & Kane and only avoids the worst beating of his life for his remarks the previous week by

      announcing the stipulations for the main event at the upcoming IYH Breakdown PPV.  Those stipulations being that the match

      will be Austin vs. Undertaker & Kane.   The added catch is that neither Kane nor the Undertaker could pin each other.  They

      can only pin Austin, ALMOST GUARANTEEING THAT AUSTIN WILL LOSE THE WWF TITLE! Vince also assures

      Austin that if he puts a hand on Vince, Kane & The Undertaker would destroy him.  Austin immediately attacks Vince, but

      Kane & Taker beat down Austin in response.  Raw 9/14/98)

12.     Austin Vs. Ken Shamrock(Undertaker & Kane run in and wipe out both men!  The Rock & Mankind run in to make the

      save.  Austin comes back in with a chair and gets in the last word on Kane & Taker Raw 9/14/98)

13.     Austin & Billy Gunn Vs. Kane & The Undertaker(Raw 09/21/98)

14.     Austin Vs. Kane Vs. The Undertaker  (Thanks to the stipulations mentioned in #14, Vince's guarantee comes true!  Austin loses

      the WWF Title.  But the new champion is in doubt, because Kane & Taker couldn't decide who would pin Austin, and wound

      up covering him AT THE SAME TIME!  In the end, Vince grabs the title himself and runs off.  IYH-Breakdown)

15.     Vince comes out with the WWF Belt in a glass case and several police officers standing in the ring.  Vince calls out the

      Undertaker and Kane to announce which one he's going to award the title to.  But before Vince could finish the presentation,


      TOP ROPE ONTO VINCE MCMAHON!  Austin is eventually led off in handcuffs.  Vince then decides that since Kane & Taker

      didn't keep Austin from attacking him like he had ordered, Neither one of them will be awarded the WWF title!  Vince orders

      Kane & Taker to fight each other for the WWF title at the next PPV WITH STEVE AUSTIN AS THE GUEST REFEREE!

      Kane & Taker don't take this very lightly and after being ordered to fight Shamrock, Mankind & The Rock in a handicap tag team

      match, DEMOLISH Vince McMahon breaking his knee in the process!  (Raw 9/28/98)

16.     The Rock v. Jeff Jarrett (Austin does color commentary )

17.     Vince is in the hospital as a result of the events of #18, getting his blood pressure checked and is ATTACKED BY STEVE

AUSTIN!  This was an absolutely HILARIOUS segment!  It’s also where Vince got the nickname “Bedpan McMahon”.  And

Wait till you see where Austin stuck that long thermometer!

18.     Austin arrives at the arena IN A CEMENT TRUCK! Is that Vince’s new Convertible Corvette over there?  You don’t think

      he’d dump cement in Vince’s car do you? 

19.      Austin & The Rock Vs. Kane & Undertaker(The Rock is attacked by Mark Henry & Dlo Brown, while Austin is destroyed

By Kane, The Undertaker & the returning BIG BOSSMAN!Raw 10/12/98)

20.     Undertaker/Kane Vs. Austin/Rock(The Big Boss Man returns to the WWF to help Kane & Undertaker  Raw 10/12/98)

21.     Undertaker Vs. Kane(With Austin as the guest referee, you can BET that the ending of this match will be quite interesting.

      Who will become the next WWF Champion?  It's not who you'd expect.  In the end, Vince Mcmahon FIRES Steve Austin!

     IYH-Judgement Day)


1.  Vince McMahon now in a wheelchair announces that a new WWF Champion will be crowned at the 1998 Survivor Series, but

     stops cold, as he sees on the video screen that Austin has arrived in the arena with his hunting gear.  Mankind (and Mr. Socko) pays

     the frantic and hiding Vince McMahon a visit, but Vince eventually kicks him out.

2.        Vince receives a phone call from Austin telling him that his time is up. (Raw 10/19/98)

Austin finally catches up with Vince and proceeds to give Vince some of the most terrifying moments of his life! (Raw 10/19/98)

3.        Austin appears on Raw with a new WWF contract.  The Rattlesnake is back thanks to Vince’s son SHANE MCMAHON! (Raw 10/26/98)

4.        Austin Vs. Ken Shamrock "I Quit Match"(Raw 10/26/98)

5.        Big Bossman v. Patterson & Brisco (Austin runs in to attack the Bossman, but winds up getting triple teamed until Shane runs in

     To save Austin.  But Austin’s troubles aren’t over, as the Undertaker and Kane run in and attack Austin in the cage.

6.        Austin Vs. Big Bossman (Survivor Series 98)

7.        Austin Vs. Mankind (Mankind is now in the pocket of Vince McMahon.  The referee gets wiped out by McMahon and his

Stooges, and Shane McMahon comes out to take over, but in the second biggest shocker of the night TURNS ON AUSTIN


8.        Vince & Shane McMahon along with the WWF’s new CORPORATE CHAMPION, The Rock, gloat about how the McMahons

      played Austin and got the WWF title back under their control.   Austin comes out and reveals that thanks to a clause in his

     contract upheld on Raw by JUDGE MILLS LANE, Austin gets a shot at  The Rock’s WWF Title.

9.  Austin Vs. The Rock (The Undertaker runs in and attacks Steve Austin with a SHOVEL!  Raw 11/16/98)

11.     Austin is interviewed in a hospital bed while recovering for his attack last week.   They pump up the "Buried Alive" match at the

     upcoming IYH- Rock Bottom(Raw 11/23/98)

12.     Austin is Attacked by Paul Bearer and the Undertaker in the Hospital!  They carry Austin out of the hospital and actually

    take him to a Funeral Parlor and prepare to EMBALM HIM!  Kane arrives at the last minute and Austin manages to escape. 

    This is the beginning of the latest incarnation of the Undertaker as he starts to become even more cruel and sadistic than before.

    (Raw 11/23/98)

13.     Austin runs in and attacks the Headbangers prior to their match and calls out the Undertaker. (Raw 11/30/98)

14.     Austin looks for the Undertaker.  Unfortunately, the Undertaker finds him first and locks him in a freezer (Raw 11/30/98)

15.     Undertaker comes to the ring and makes reference to his growing "Ministry of Darkness".  Kane runs in to attack Taker, but is

     chased out of the ring by several guys with white coats and straight jackets sent by Paul Bearer.  Kane is eventually subdued, and

    carted away.  Meanwhile, Austin has escaped from the freezer (Raw 11/30/98)

16.     Undertaker Vs. Austin Vs. Kane Vs. Mankind(Capital Carnage)

17.     Undertaker Vs. Mankind (Steve Austin is in the front row for this one.  The Rock runs in to attack Mankind, and Austin runs in

        to attack the Undertaker Heat 12/6/98)

18.     Austin & Mankind Vs. The Rock & The Underataker (Wild match, but what's even MORE noteworthy is what happens next.  In

      perhaps the most CONTROVERSIAL angle in the history of the WWF, The Undertaker and his minions CRUCIFY STEVE

      AUSTIN ON THE UNDERTAKER'S CROSS!!  As a born again Christian, I wasn't exactly pleased with this angle.  But Vince

      McMahon wanted to draw some heat and increase his ratings.  He more than succeeded here!  Raw 12/7/98)

19.     Video build up to the Buried Alive match (IYH - Rock Bottom)

20.     Undertaker Vs. Austin ("Buried Alive" match.  GREAT MATCH!  Kane makes his re-appearance and helps out Austin! 

      IYH-Rock Bottom))

21.     Vince & Shane McMahon choose Austin’s number for the 1999 Royal Rumble.  Austin gets #1, which is no surprise since the

McMahons rigged the counting so that Austin couldn’t get any other number.  Something that IS a surprise, is that Vince

HIMSELF is entering the Rumble!

22.     The Rock v. Mankind w/ DX (WWF Title - No DQ.  With the help of Austin, Mankind finally wins his first World Title.  The

      crowd went ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!! After years of putting his body on the line for the fans and the sport in general, it was

      great to see Foley's life long dream finally become a reality.  That night, there wasn't another wrestler in the world who deserved it

      more.  Raw 1/4/99)

23.     Mankind v. Kane (ending, as the Rock runs in to lay out Mankind with a chair.  Austin runs in to chase the Rock off.  Of course,

Austin doesn’t hesitate to stun both Mankind and Kane as well. He IS “Stone Cold” Steve Austin after all.)

24.     Austin distracts Vince McMahon during a battle royal to determine who will be #30 in the Royal Rumble.  Chyna takes

Advantage of this and eliminates Vince to win.  Vince is now #2!

25.     Austin in the 1999 Royal Rumble.  Austin is #1, but Vince McMahon is #2 so “Stone Cold” FINALLY gets his hands on Vince

      McMahon, in the ring! Does Austin win his third consecutive Royal Rumble?

26.     Vince and the Stooges travel to Texas and visit several bars looking to find Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince wants to goad Austin

Into hitting him because Austin is scheduled to fight Vince in a Steel Cage at the next PPV, but is legally forbidden to attack

McMahon before then.  Pretty funny stuff.


1.  Austin Vs. Mankind (Vince McMahon is the guest referee.  So you know that this one won’t be a normal matchup.  Actually

      Vince expected Mankind and Austin to kill each other, but he didn’t figure on the two of them cooperating and attacking

     VINCE HIMSELF!  The Rock and the rest of Vince’s Corporation run in, but Austin and Mankind run them all off. 

      Raw 02/13/99)

2.        Austin in a “Corporate Gauntlet”, where Austin has to defeat every member of Vince’s Corporation one right after the other. 

     (Raw 02/13/99)
3.  Austin Vs. Vince McMahon (Just when you thought they couldn't invent a new ending to a Steel Cage match, They pull this one

     off.  Vince takes some HELLACIOUS bumps in this match!  St. Valentines Day Massacre)

3.        Mankind v. The Rock (Ladder match for the WWF Title.  Austin does guest commentary as the Rock regains the WWF Title)

4.        Austin Vs. Kane(Raw 03/01/99)

5.        Austin Vs. Mankind (The Rock does guest commentary, with the Big Show as the guest referee.  Raw 03/08/99)

6.        Austin & Mankind Vs. The Rock & Big Show(Raw 03/15/99)

7.        Vince, Shane and the Rock are in the ring gloating again, when Austin DRIVES OUT TO RINGSIDE IN A COORS LIGHT

     BEER TRUCK! Austin then unhooks the hose from the truck and SPRAYS EVERYONE IN THRING!  HILARIOUS! Raw 3/22/99)

8.        Austin Vs. Big Show(Mankind is the guest referee.  Raw 03/22/99)

9.        Austin Vs. The Rock (GREAT MATCH!  Like Foley, The Rock and Austin brought out the best in each other.  Austin regains

     The WWF Title after a Stunner that the Rock sold as if he was shot from a cannon!  Wrestlemania 15)

10.     Austin comes out and tells Vince that he’s going to relenquish the WWF Belt!  An ecstatic Vince McMahon comes out

expecting that Austin would step down as WWF Champion.  Austin hands over the belt, but informs Vince that he’s not stepping

down as champion, but he’s giving back the belt because he wants the Smoking Skull Belt that Vince took from him several

months earlier.  The Rock shows up with Austin’s Belt and taunts Austin into coming out and taking a beating.  The feud

between the Rock & Austin heats up again with a repeat of their very first angle where the Rock is holding Austin’s belt hostage.

11.     The Rock taunts Austin from a nearby bridge and threatens to throw the belt into the water.  Austin actually gets in his truck and

Finds the Rock and fights him right there at the bridge.  In the end BOTH AUSTIN & HIS BELT WIND UP IN THE WATER!

12.     The Rock holds a “Funeral” for Stone Cold.  In the process, he shows that he STILL has Austin’s belt.  And where is Austin?

Let’s just say that you should see this one for yourself.  I’m not gonna spoil it for you.

Austin Vs. The Rock(Shane McMahon is the guest referee.  But thanks to the recently face turned VINCE MCMAHON, Austin

still winds up getting his belt back.  IYH: Backlash)

13.     Vince is on the phone with the Undertaker who has kidnapped Vince’s daughter Stephanie.  ‘Taker demands that not only does

Vince have to turn over a controlling interest of the WWF to him, but he wants STONE COLD to deliver it personally.

14.     Vince pleads with Austin to help him save his daughter.  Austin respectfully declines the request.

15.     The Ministry brings Stephanie out to the ring on the Undertaker's cross and Paul Bearer begins to marry Stephanie and the

     Undertaker!  Shamrock & The Big Show attempt to break it up, but it's STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN that manages to

      make the save. (Raw 4/26/99)

16.  Austin & The Rock Vs. Triple H & The Undertaker(The entire Corporate Ministry runs in to attack Austin & The Rock. 

      Smackdown 04/29/99)

17.  Austin Vs. The Rock "Lumberjack Match"(No match, as this was basically a setup by Shane and the rest of the Corporate

      Ministry to destroy both men.  Vince McMahon and his “Union” come out to even the score.  Raw 05/03/99)

18.Austin, Vince McMahon & The Rock Vs. Shane McMahon, Triple H & The Undertaker (Shawn Michaels is the guest refereeRaw 05/10/99)

19.     Austin Vs. Triple H Vs. The Undertaker(No Mercy UK)



1.  Austin Vs. Triple H(The Undertaker’s cross lowers and the Ministry and ‘Taker attack Austin, but with the help of the Union,


2.        Austin Vs. Undertaker (Shane & Vince are the special referees - The Undertaker wins the WWF Title! Over The Edge 99)

3.        Austin Vs. Undertaker (After the entire Ministry of Darkness runs in to beat up Austin, the "Greater Power" finally

     comes down to ringside. Our mystery person enters the ring just as the show goes off the air. Raw 5/31/99)

4.        An EXTREMEMLY PISSED OFF Steve Austin runs in several times during WWF Heat and attacks any and everyone who

     happens to be in the ring (Heat 6/6/99)

5.        The "Greater Power" comes down to the ring at the prompting of the Ministry of Darkness. HE FINALLY unmasks and

     reveals himself to be VINCE MCMAHON HIMSELF! Kinda anti-climactic if you ask me. (Raw 6/7/99)

6.        Linda McMahon announces that a new CEO of the WWF has been appointed.  And surprise, surprise, it’s STONE COLD

STEVE AUSTIN!  Needless to say, Vince isn’t very happy.  (Raw 6/7/99)

7.        Several pretty funny segments with Austin on his first day at work as the CEO at Titan Towers

8.        Austin Vs. Bossman(Raw 06/21/99)

9.        Austin VS. Vince/Shane McMahon "Ladder Match"(Austin puts his role of CEO on the line at the King of the Ring 99)

10.     Austin Vs. Undertaker (Austin may not be CEO anymore, but he walked away with the WWF Title!  Raw 06/28/99)

11.     Austin comes out to sign a contract for a First Blood match at Fully Loaded, but the Undertaker runs in and beats Austin

Bloody!  (Raw 7/5/99)

12.     Austin/Big Show Vs. Kane/Undertaker(Raw 07/05/99)

13.     Austin Vs. Undertaker "1st Blood"(Austin wins the match and due to the contract stipulations, VINCE MCMAHON HAS

TO LEAVE THE WWF! Fully Loaded 99)

14.     Mankind v. HHH (#1 contender’s match.  No DQ Falls count anywhere with Shane McMahon and Shawn Michaels as the Guest

      referees and Stone Cold doing color commentary.)

15.     Austin Vs. Mankind Vs. Triple H(Jesse “The Body” Ventura is the guest referee.  Summerslam 99)

16.     Austin attacks HHH during a Buried alive match between Mankind and the Big Show.  Austin mauls him and throws him into an

Ambulance & DRIVES OFF!  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL THAT HAPPENS! (But I won’t spoil it for you though;)


1.  Deja Video – Austin v. Vince McMahon (Steel cage match from St. Valentine’s Massacre PPV.  In addition to the match, there are

     lots of interviews with Vince, Austin as well as several other WWF stars commenting on this match.

2.        Austin v. HHH (HHH is the current WWF Chamion now, but there is no match as HHH orders the local police to arrest Austin

for the events in #16 from volume 9.  Helmsley then yells at Linda McMahon for a bit, and VINCE MCMAHON comes out to defend his wife! 

  But just as the 2 of them are about to get it on, STONE COLD RETURNS AND DESTROYS HHH!)

3.        HHH v. Vince McMahon (HHH is beating him bloody when Stone Cold runs in and attacks both HHH and Chyna.  In the end,

Austin stuns HHH and puts vince on top of HHH for the pin.  VINCE MCMAHON WINS THE WWF TITLE! Raw 9/14/99)

4.        Vince comes out and relenquishes the WWF Title to be put up in a 6 pack match at an upcoming PPV.  Austin demands that

Vince take back his company, but Vince reminds Austin that he’s forbidden from running the WWF ever again.  To the delight

of the crowd, Austin reveals a loophole in the contract that states that only Austin can reinstate Vince McMahon, and lets him

back in the WWF! (9/20/99)

5.         Rock vs. Mankind vs. HHH vs. Big Show vs. Kane vs. Davey Boy Smith (“six-pack challenge “match for the WWF Title. 

     Steve Austin does guest commentary, but gets involved as several referees [who were on Strike] attack the ref that’s working the

     match.  Austin wipes out all the referees, and winds up officiating the match himself.  Everyone gets off their finisher, including

     Mankind who applies the mandible claw on his OWN PARTNER, THE ROCK! – Unforgiven 99)

6.        HHH v. The Rock (Austin does color commentary – (Raw9/27/99)

7.        HHH gets Jim Ross in the ring and beats him to within an inch of his life!

8.        Austin/Jim Ross Vs. Triple H/Chyna (10/11/99)

9.        Austin Vs. Triple H(No Mercy 99)

10.     Austin Vs. Val Venis(Smackdown 10/21/99)

11.     Austin/Rock Vs. New Age Outlaws(The rest of DX run in and TOTALLY DESTROY Austin & The Rock Raw 10/25/99.  But

      Austin gets some revenge as you’ll see in…..)

12.     Roaddog is sitting on the floor in pain having been somehow caught in a BEAR TRAP!  Austin comes by and taunts the

Roaddog and then pours beer on his trapped leg.  Ow that smarts! Smackdown 10/28/99

13.     Billy Gunn is hanging by one leg from the ceiling of a romm in the back, having been caught in a rabbit snare.  Again, Austin

comes out and taunts Gunn. Smackdown 10/28/99

14.     While DX is all in a lockerrom developing some strategy for dealing with Austin (Gunn & Dogg have been freed by this point),

X-Pac is knocked out cold when THE CEILING FALLS IN ON HIM! Smackdown 10/28/99

15.     DX comes out to the ring and calls out Austin.  Austin comes out, but he’s still got one more trick left.  In the end, Austin, Kane

And the Rock clean house on DX!  Smackdown 10/28/99

16.     Austin Vs. Billy Gunn(Raw 11/01/99)

17.     HHH v. Shane McMahon (with Austin doing color commentary, Kane as the ringside enforcer and the Rock as the timekeeper Needless to say, all 8 men get involved.)

18.     Austin, Rock, Kane & Shane McMahon v. HHH, Roaddog, Billy Gunn & X-Pac (Elimination match Smackdown 11/04/99)

19.     Austin & Arnold Schwartzenegger talk in the back.

20.     Shane McMahon, Rock & Kane v. HHH, X-Pac, Roaddog & Billy Gunn (Elimination match)

21.     Austin is hit by a car!

22.     Several segments of Austin doing his only investigation on who ran him over.



1.        Austin Vs. Rikishi "No Holds Barred"(No Mercy 2000)

2.        Austin Vs. Rikishi "Steel Cage"(Raw 10/30/00)

3.        Austin/Rock Vs. Angle/Rikishi(Raw 11/06/00)

4.        Austin/Chyna/Gunn/Rock Vs. Benoit/Guerrero/Malenko/Saturn(Raw 11/13/00)

5.        Austin Vs. Eddie Guerrero(Smackdown 11/16/00)

6.        Austin Vs. Triple H "No DQ"(Survivor Series 2000)

7.        Austin Vs. Chris Benoit(Raw 11/20/00)

8.        Austin/Jericho Vs. Benoit/Kane(Smackdown 11/23/00)

9.        Austin Vs. Kurt Angle(Raw 11/27/00)

10.     Austin Vs. Angle Vs. Rikishi Vs. Rock(Rebellion 2000)



1.        Vs. Kurt Angle Vs. Rock Vs. Undertaker(SD 12/07/00)

2.        Austin Vs. Angle Vs. Rikishi Vs. Rock Vs. Triple H Vs. Undertaker "Hell In a Cell"(Armageddon 2000)

3.        w/Rock Vs. Angle/Regal(SD 12/14/00)

4.        Vs. William Regal(Raw 12/18/00)

5.        Vs. Kane(Raw 12/25/00)

6.        Vs. William Regal(Raw 01/01/01)

7.        Vs. Kane Vs. Undertaker(SD 01/04/01)

8.        Vs. Kurt Angle(Raw 01/08/01)

9.        w/Acolytes VS. Ange/Edge/Christian(Raw 01/15/01)

10.     w/Rock/Undertaker Vs. Angle/Kane/Rikishi(SD 01/18/01)

11.     Royal Rumble

12.     w/Triple H Vs. Angle/Rock(Raw 02/05/01)



1.        Vs. Chris Benoit(SD 02/15/01)

2.        w/Rock Vs. Angle/Benoit(Raw 02/19/01)

3.        Vs. Triple H "2/3 Falls"(No Way Out 01)

4.        Vs. Kurt Angle(Smackdown 03/01/01)

5.        w/Rock Vs. Angle/Triple H(Raw 03/05/01) Vs. Kurt Angle(Smackdown 03/15/01)

6.        w/Rock Vs. Kane/Undertaker(Raw 03/26/01)

7.        Vs. The Rock(Wrestlemania 17)

8.        Vs. The Rock "Steel Cage"(Raw 04/02/01)

9.        w/Triple H/Stephanie Vs. Hardys/Lita(Raw 04/09/01)



1.        w/Triple H/Edge/Christian Vs. Kane/Undertaker/Hardys(Raw 04/23/01)

2.        w/Triple H Vs. Kai En Tai(Smackdown 04/26/01)

3.        w/Triple H Vs. Kane/Undertaker(Backlash 01)

4.        Vs. Undertaker(Raw 04/30/01)

5.        w/Triple H Vs. Undertaker(Insurrextion 01)

6.        Vs. Rikishi(Raw 05/07/01)

7.        w/Triple H Vs. Kane(Raw 05/14/01)

8.        Vs. Undertaker(Judgment Day 01)

9.        w/Triple H Vs. Benoit/Jericho(Raw 05/21/01)

10.     Vs. Chris Benoit(Raw 05/28/01)



1.        Vs. Chris Benoit(Smackdown 05/31/01)

2.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Raw 06/04/01)

3.        w/Vince McMahon Vs. Benoit/Jericho(Smackdown 06/07/01)

4.        Vs. Spike Dudley(Smackdown 06/14/01)

5.        w/Dudleys Vs. Benoit/Jericho/Spike(Raw 06/18/01)

6.        w/Angle Booker T/Rhyno(Smackdown 07/19/01)



1.        w/Angle/Jericho/Kane/Undertaker Vs. Booker/Page/Rhyno/Dudleys(Invasion)

2.        Vs. Matt Hardy(Raw 08/06/01)

3.        w/Dudleys Vs. Angle/Hardys(Smackdown 08/09/01)

4.        Austin Invitational(Smackdown 08/16/01)

5.        Vs. Kurt Angle(Summerslam 01)

6.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Smackdown 08/27/01)



1.        Vs. Rob Van Dam(Smackdown 09/06/01)

2.        w/Rob Van Dam Vs. Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho(Raw 09/17/01)

3.        Vs. Tajiri(Smackdown 09/20/01)

4.        Vs. Kurt Angle(Unforgiven 2001)

5.        Vs. Kurt Angle(Raw 10/08/01)

6.        w/Booker T Vs. Kurt Angle/Undertaker(Raw 10/15/01)

7.        Vs. Kurt Angle Vs. Rob Van Dam(No Mercy 2001)

8.        Vs. The Undertaker(Smackdown 11/01/01)

9.        Vs. The Rock(Rebellion 2001)

10.     w/Kurt Angle Vs. The Undertaker(Smackdown 11/08/01)

11.     Vs. Tazz(Raw 11/12/01)



1.        w/Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Jericho/The Rock(Smackdown 11/15/01)

2.        w/Kurt Angle/Shane McMahon/Booker T/Rob Van Dam Vs. Big Show/Chris Jericho/Kane/Rock/Undertaker(Survivor Series 2001)

3.        Vs. William Regal "Strap Match"(Smackdown 11/29/01)

4.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Raw 12/03/01)

5.        w/Rock VS. Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho(Smackdown 12/06/01)

6.        Vs. Kurt Angle(Vengeance)

7.        Vs. Chris Jericho(Vengeance)

8.        Vs. Chris Jericho "Steel Cage"(Raw 12/10/01)

9.        Vs. Booker T in a Grocery Store(Smackdown 12/13/01)

10.     Vs. Booker T "1st Blood"(Smackdown 12/20/01)

11.     Vs. Booker T/Bossman(Smackdown 12/27/01)

12.     w/Rock Vs. Booker T/Bossman(Raw 01/07/02)

13.     Vs. Kurt Angle(Smackdown 01/10/02)



1.        w/Triple H Vs. Kurt Angle/Booker T(Smackdown 01/17/02)

2.        Royal Rumble(Royal Rumble 02)

3.        Vs. Booker T(Smackdown 01/24/02)

4.        Vs. Kurt Angle(Raw 01/28/02)

5.        w/The Rock Vs. Chris Jericho/The Undertaker(Raw 02/04/02)

6.        Vs. The Undertaker(Raw 02/11/02)

7.        Vs. Chris Jericho(No Way Out 02)

8.        Vs. Mr. Perfect(Raw 02/25/02)

9.        Vs. Booker T(Raw 03/04/02)

10.     w/The Rock Vs. Scott Hall/Hulk Hogan/Kevin Nash(Raw 03/11/02)

11.     Vs. Scott Hall(Wrestlemania X-8)

12.     Vs. Scott Hall(Raw 04/08/02)

13.     w/Bradshaw Vs. Scott Hall/The Undertaker/X-Pac(Raw 04/15/02)



1.        Vs. The Undertaker(Backlash 02)

2.        w/Big Show Vs. Scott Hall/X-Pac(Raw 04/22/02)

3.        w/Bradshaw Vs. Scott Hall/X-Pac(Raw 04/29/02)

4.        Vs. The Big Show(Insurrrextion 02)

5.        w/Bradshaw/Ric Flair Vs. Scott Hall/Big Show/X-Pac(Raw 05/06/02)

6.        Vs. Booker T "Lumberjack"(Raw 05/13/02)

7.        Vs. Ric Flair/Big Show(Judgment Day 02)

8.        Vs. Ric Flair(Raw 06/03/02)







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