Disc 1
Ivan Putski & Fred Curry vs. Victor Rivera & "Bad News" (Brown) Allen Coage (1979)
Antonio Inoki/Tatsumi Fujinami/Riki Choshu vs. SD Jones/Bad News Brown/Abby 1/15/82
Antonio Inoki/Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Bad News Allen/Abby 1/22/82
Fujinami/Yatsu/Sakaguchi vs. SD Jones/Abby/Bad News 4/30/82
Fujinami/Sakaguchi vs. Abby/Bad News Allen 5/7/82
Fujinami/Sakaguchi vs. Bad News Allen/Perro Aguayo 5/28/82
Yatsu/Fujinami/Hogan vs. SD Jones/Allen/Abby 6/4/82
Hogan/Sakaguchi vs. Abby/Bad News Allen 6/11/82

Disc 2
Bad News Allen vs. Jerry Morrow 7/9/82
Bad News Interview/Attacks Stu Hart
Bad News Attacks Rocco
Bad News Allen vs. Duke Connell 7/16/82
Bad News & Gama Singh vs. David Shultz & Davey Boy Smith 7/23/82
Promos 7/23/82
Davey Boy Smith & Dr D David Schultz vs Bad News Allen & Great Gama 8/82
Promo 8/82
Bad News Allen vs Davey Boy Smith 1982
Bad News Allen vs Mr Hito + interview 1982
Bad News Allen vs Mr Hito + interview 1982
Antonio Inoki, Riki Choshu & Tatsumi Fujinami vs. SD Jones, Abdullah the Butcher & Bad News Allen (10/8/82)
Inoki/Choshu vs. Bob Orton Jr./Bad News Allen 10/15/82
Inoki/Sakaguchi vs. Bad News Allen/Abby 10/22/82
Bad News Allen vs. Dynamite Kid (cut) 1983
promos 1983
Bad News Allen & Cuban Assassin vs. The British Bulldogs in the finals of the big tag team tournament
British Bulldogs vs. Bad News Allen & Cuban Assassin –the rematch
Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith & John Quinn vs. Bad News Allen, Cuban Assassin & Kaiwai Wakamatsu
Bad News Allen vs. Hercules Ayala – Bret is still on color and ends up getting involved in the action.
Bad News Allen vs. Killer Khan (22/9) 9/22/83

Disc 3
Bad News Allen & Abdullah the Butch vs. Riki Choshu & Animal Hamaguchi 1/6/84
Antonio Inoki & Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Bad News Allen & Rusher Kimura 1/20/84
Bad News Allen vs. Abdullah the Butcher 1/27/84
Antonio Inoki vs. Bad News Allen 2/17/84
Fujinami,Kantaro Hoshino & Antonio Inoki vs. Rip Oliver,Mike Davis & Bad News Allen (cuts off) 6/29/84
Seiji Sakaguchi & Antonio Inoki vs. David Shultz & Bad News Allen 7/6/84
Yoshiaki Yatsu & Riki Choshu vs. Mike Davis & Bad News Allen 7/13/84
Kengo Kimura & Antonio Inoki vs. Dr. D David Shultz & Bad News Allen 7/20/84
Tatsumi Fujinami & Antonio Inoki vs. David Shultz & Bad News Allen 8/10/84
Kengo Kimura vs. Bad News Allen 8/17/84

Disc 4
Kimura, Sakaguchi & Antonio Inoki vs. Brian Blair, Bad News Allen & Masked Superstar 10/12/84
Kimura/Fujinami vs. Bad News Allen/Leroy Brown 3/8/85
Inoki/Fujinami vs. Brody/Bad News Allen 6/28/85
Kimura/Inoki vs. Bad News Allen/Bundy 7/5/85
Kimura/Fujinami vs. Bad News Allen/Bundy 7/12/85
Hoshino/Sakaguchi vs. Roger Smith/Bad News Allen 10/4/85
Steve Williams & Bad News Allen vs. Antonio Inoki & Tatsumi Fujinami. (7/18/86)
Akira Maeda & Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs. Bad News Allen & Steve Williams (7/25/86)

Disc 5
Steve Williams & Bad News Allen vs. Antonio Inoki & Kengo Kimura. (8/7/86)
Steve Williams & Bad News Allen vs. Antonio Inoki & Yoshiaki Fujiwara. (10/27/86)
Lex Lugar/Kendall Windham vs Ed Gantner/Bad News Allen 87
Bad News Allen vs Chris Champion 87
Ron Simmons vs Bad News Allen (Florida Title) 87
Lex Lugar vs Bad News Allen (Florida Title 87
Osamu Kido & Akira Maeda vs Ray Candy & Badnews Allen 4/6/87 clipped
Kengo Kimura & Antonio Inoki vs Randy Candy & Bad News Allen 4/13/87
Antonio Inoki vs Bad News Allen 4/20/87

Disc 6
Bret Hart vs. Bad News Allen (ladder)
Int Bad News Allen 5/29/87
Bad News Allen v Johnny Smith Int Bad News 5/29/87
Int. Bad News Allen v Mr. Hito 6/5/87
Bad News Allen v Ron Richie 6/12/87
(North American HC) Owen Hart v Bad News Allen 6/19/87
Masa Saito & Seiji Sakaguchi & Antonio Inoki vs Mike Moore & Bad news Allen & Bam Bam Bigelow 6/29/87
11/7 int
11/14 int
BNA vs. Jason the terrible 11/21/87
BNA/Makhan Singh vs. Jason/Owen 11/28/87
int & Makhan Singh vs. Col. Kirschner (BNA interferes) 12/4/87
int & Zodiac vs. Jason (BNA attacks) 12/11/87
Steve DiSalvo/Bad News Allen/Jerry Morrow v Brick Bronski/Mr. Hito/ Biff Wellington 1/1/88
Steve DiSalvo int 1/8/88
Steve DiSalvo/Hashif Khan (Shinya Hashimoto) v Bad News Allen/Jerry Morrow 1/8/88

Disc 7
Bad News Brown vs. Brady Boone 1/5/88
Bad News Brown vs.Outback Jack (1/27/88)
Wrestlemania 4 Battle Royal 3/27/88
Bret Hart vs. Bad News Brown 7/31/88 Wrestlefest 88
Randy Savage vs. Bad News Brown 10/8/88 Boston
Randy Savage vs. Bad News Brown 11/5/88 Boston
Brother Love 11/17/88 Superstars
Survivor Series 11/24/88
Randy Savage vs. bad News Brown (MSG 12/30/88)

Disc 8
Royal Rumble 1/15/89
Randy Savage vs. Bad News Brown 1/16/89 Hamilton Ontario
Hogan vs. Brown SNME 3/11/89
Brown vs. Duggan WM 5 4/2/89
Survivor Series 11/23/89
Bad News Brown vs. Tito Santana 11/25/89

Disc 9
Royal Rumble 1/21/90
Bad News Brown vs. Chuck Coates 1/27/90
Bad News Brown vs. Jim Gorman 2/24/90
Bad News Brown vs. Steve Diloni 3/17/90
promo block 3/91
Roddy Piper vs. Darryl Nichol 3/31/90
Brown vs. Piper Wrestlemania 6 4/1/90
Bad News Brown vs. Terry Zeller 4/7/90
Bad News Brown attacks Mean Gene 4/28/90
Bad News Brown vs. Jake Roberts (MSG) 4/30/90
Roberts vs. Buddy Rose 5/5/90
Jake Roberts vs. Tom Burton (BNB attacks snake bag with a steel chair) 6/9/90
Bad News Brown vs. Jim Rudy 6/16/90
Bad News Brown vs. Mike Bee (BNB has been "cured" of his fear of snakes) 7/7/90
Bad News Brown vs. Troy Williams (200 lbs of sewer rats) 7/28/90
Bad News Brown vs. Jake Roberts Summerslam 8/27/90
Riki Choshu/Hiroshi Hase/Kensuke Sasaki vs. Scott Norton/Bad News Brown/Brad Rheingans 12/8/90
Masa Chono/Masaji Aoyagi vs. Bad News Brown/Masanobu Kurisu 3/2/91

Disc 10
Canek/Villano III/Mascaras vs. Buffalo Allen/Can Am Express 1991
Pegasus Kid/Buffalo Allen/Canek vs. Villano III/Caras/Vera 1991
Fishman/Buffalo Allen/Tigre Canadiense vs. Los Misoneros De La Muerte 1991
Bad News Allen vs. Patriot (jip GWF) 91
Bad News Brown vs. El Azteca
Bad News Brown vs. Austin Idol
Bad News vs Gary Albright (UWFi) 8/14/92
Bad News vs Gary Albright (UWFi) 8/28/92
Bad News vs Yuko Miyato (UWFi) 12/20/92
Bad News vs Yoshihiro Takayama (UWFi) 
Bad News vs Masahito Kakihara (UWFi) 8/13/93
Bad News vs Kazuo Yamazaki (UWFi) 10/4/93

Disc 11
Bad News vs Kazushi Sakuraba (UWFi) 12/5/93
Bad News vs Kiyoshi Tamura (UWFi) 4/3/94
Bad News vs Hiromitsu Kanehara (UWFi) 8/18/94
Bad News vs Tatsuo Nakano (UWFi) 1/16/95
Clips of Bad News announcing for Stampede 00 intros and main events of a few episodes...matches to follow)

Disc 12
Bad News on Arsenio Hall
Bad News Allen vs. Bret Hart (stampede)
Bad News/Archie Gouldie: The Feud (Bad News's turn/interviews and the strap match)
Where Are They Now?: Allen Coage, including footage of a very young Bad News in an Olympic Judo tournament
1 Full Episode of Stampede 00 (bad news commentary)

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