BEST OF DOOM  vol. 1 

 Custom made by yours truly, This tape spotlights the run of what was in my opinion, a great tag team. 
 Like the Hollywood Blondes a few years later, Doom was broken up before their time.  Doom was great
 not only because Butch Reed & Ron (Farooq) Simmons worked well together, but also because they were
 one of the first Tag Teams "of color" to not have some rediculous gimmick based upon their being black
 i.e. Kamala & Saba Simba (African tribesman) Bad News Brown (from the ghetto), Anyone from the Polynesian
 Islands like Samoa or Tonga (Savages), The Nation of Domination (Black militant) or the Gangstas (Gang
 members from South Central LA, but in all fairness, I LOVED the Gangstas gimmick)  Doom wasn't
 Doom because they were black.  They were Doom because they went into the ring and beat the hell out
 of whoever their opponents were.  As a result, they enjoyed a 7 month title reign with WCW before being
 broken up and thrown away.  Enjoy!

1.        Scott is waiting for Rick at a park, when Robin Green drives up in a limo.  She hasn't seen Rick, but invites
Scott to wait for him in the limo.  Scott gets in, and is beat up by two thugs.

2.        Doom (with Woman, formerly known as Robin Green) v. The Steiner Brothers (Halloween Havok 89)

3.        Doom v. Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich (Clash 9)

4.        Steiner Brothers v. the Sky Scrapers (Sid Vicious & Danny Spivy)  Doom & the Road Warriors run in. (Clash 9)

5.        Doom v. The Steiner Brothers (Starrcade 12/13/89)

6.        Doom v. The Road Warriors (Starrcade 89)

7.        Doom v. The Samoans (Starrcade 89)

8.        Doom vs. Italian Stallion & Keith Hart (Power Hour 2/2/90)

9.        Doom v. Steiner Brothers (The Steiners put the tag titles up against Doom's masks.  Doom lost this match,
but it turned out to be the best thing for them, as without their mask, they were 10 times better, and
received a major push culminating in a 7 month title reign.) Clash 10

10.        Doom v. Road Warriors (Power Hour 2/9/90)



BEST OF DOOM  vol. 2

1.        Int – Doom (Power Hour 3/9/90) \

2.        Doom v. Steiner Brothers (Doom appears to win the Tag titles, But Paul Ellering comes out and convinces the ref
to reverse the decision.  Power Hour 3/30/90)

3.        Doom v. Steiner Brothers (setting up a rematch for the tag titles at Capital Combat.  Power Hour 4/13/90)

4.        Butch Reed v. Rick Steiner (Ron Simmons runs in.  Scott makes the save.  Power Hour 4/20/90)

5.        Ron Simmons v. Scott Steiner  (Much like Reed v. Rick, all 4 men eventually wind up brawling in the ring. 4/27/90)

6.        Debate – Teddy Long and Rick Steiner argue the merits of their teams leading into Capital Combat.  Power Hour 5/21/90

7.        Doom v. The Steiners (Doom finally wins the WCW Tag Titles, beginning a 7 month reign - Capital Combat 5/19/90)

8.        Doom v. The Steiners (Clash of Champions XI – 6/13/90)

9.        Int – Doom accepts the challenge of the Rock & Roll Express (Power Hour 6/23/90)

10.     Doom v. The Rock & Roll Express (The Rock & Rolls battle Doom to a time limit draw!  Power Hour 7/1/90)


BEST OF DOOM  vol. 3

1.        Doom  v. Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman

2.        Doom v. The Rock & Roll Express

3.        Doom v. The Rock & Roll Express (Great American Bash 7/7/90)

4.        Doom/Horsemen Confrontation (Power Hour 9/14/90) 

5.        Doom v. New Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton)  In progress.  Power Hour 8/24/90

6.        Doom v. Mike Rotundo & Tim Horner (Power Hour 10/5/90)

7.        Doom v. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (GREAT MATCH! - Halloween Havok 10/27/90)

8.        Butch Reed v. Ric Flair (Clash of Champions XIII 11/20/90.  If Reed wins, the Horsemen get no more title shots at Doom.
if Flair wins, the Horsemen get a rematch at Starrcade) 

9.        Doom v. Barry Windham & Arn Anderson (Windham replaced Flair because Flair was to wrestle as the Black Scorpion
against Sting in the main event of the card.  ANOTHER GREAT MATCH! Starrcade12/16/90)

10.     Doom v. Sting & Lex Luger (Clash 14  1/30/91)



BEST OF DOOM  vol. 4

1.        Doom v. Greg Sawyer & John Faulkner

2.        Doom v. Freebirds (Power Hour 2/16/91)

3.        Ron Simmons v. Barry Windham (Butch Reed’s interference backfires, and Simmons is pinned!)

4.        Paul E’s Danger Zone with Ron Simmons & Teddy Long (Power Hour 2/23/91 - Simmons is attacked from behind during
   the interview by jobber Scott Sandlin, which leads immediately to.......) 

5.        Ron Simmons v. Scott Sandlin (Power Hour 2/23/91)

6.        Barry Windham & Arn Anderson vs. Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton (In progress.  Simmons runs in to attack Arn.)

7.        Ron Simmons v. Barry Windham (IP, 2/17/91 Omni..  Reed causes Simmons to be pinned again!  This time Teddy Long
and Butch Reed attack Simmons after the match.)

8.        Doom v. Freebirds (Reed & Simmons lose the Tag Titles.  Reed & Long then turn on Simmons signalling the end
of a great team.  Much like the Hollywood Blondes [Steve Austin & Brian Pillman] they were broken up too soon in
my opinion. Wrestlewar 2/24/91)

9.        Kevin Sullivan, One Man Gang & Teddy Long Interview (Ron Simmons runs in.  Power Hour 3/20/91) 

10.     Doom v. Bam Bam Bigelow & Big Van Vader (Yes, I know thad Doom broke up a month earlier.  Apparently, this match
had already been booked for the New Japan super show before WCW broke them up in the US.  New Japan Tokyo
Dome 3/21/91)

11.     Ron Simmons v. Mike Thor (Butch Reed runs in and attacks Simmons.  Power Hour 4/6/91)

12.     Int – Ron Simmons & Butch Reed.  Both men brawl with each other afterward. 

13.     Ron Simmons v. Rip Rogers (Reed runs in again to brawl with Simmons.  Power Hour 4/13/91)

14.     Int – Ron Simmons (Power Hour 5/4/91)

15.     Ron Simmons v. Tony Mella

16.     Ron Simmons v. Mike Samples (Power Hour 5/11/91)

17.     Ron Simmons v. Mike Steel (Power Hour 5/18/91)

18.     Ron Simmons v. Butch Reed (Thunder"Doom" Cage Match.  Teddy Long is suspended above the ring in a small cage  Superbrawl I - 5/19/91)




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