Disk 1

1.        Bruno Sammartino v. Ivan Koloff (Koloff wins the WWF Title, ending Sammartino's 8 year run as champion

2.        Morales vs. Koloff (Morales wins belt in MSG 2-8-71)

Morales would lose the title to Stan Stasiak on 12/1/1973.  No footage exists of this match.

3.        Bruno Sammartino v. Stasiak (Bruno regains the title to begin a 3 year reign)

4.        Superstar Graham vs. Sammartino (Graham wins belt in Baltimore 4-30-77)

5.        Bob Backlund vs. Graham (Backlund wins belt MSG 2-20-78)

Inoki  would defeat Bob Backlund in Tokoshima, Japan 11-30-79. While just as much a work as any other match, this was long thought to be a
screwjob ending with Backlund not expecting to get pinned.  Backlund sold this as a screwjob not only the night it took place, but for more than
20 years afterwards, before revealing in his autobiography that this was supposed to be the finish all along.   Inoki gives up the belt one week
 later in Tokyo, but this match and the world title change was never acknowledged in the U.S.)

6.        Iron Sheik vs. Backlund (MSG 12-26-83 Skaaland throws in the towel signifying the end of an era)

7.        Hogan vs. Iron Sheik (MSG 1-23-84 The end of the Backlund era and the start of Hulkamania)

8.        Hogan vs. Sheik (Spectrum 1984 The rematch of the MSG contest with a juiced Hogan)

9.        Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan (The Main Event, Indianapolis 2-5-88 One of the best angles in wrestling ever with the
infamous twin referees incident)

10.     Andre the Giant vs. Hogan (Wrestlemania IV, Atlantic City 3-27-88 The tournament match where both men are
eliminated from the tournament, which at the time seemed to signal the end of Hulkamania while he was making his first
unsuccessful foray into movies)

11.     Randy "Macho Man" Savage vs. DiBiase (Wrestlemania IV, Atlantic City 3-27-88 The tournament final where Macho Madness reached its peak)

NOTE: From what I understand, DiBiase was originally supposed to win this match. Savage supposed to win the Inter-
Continental Title at the Main Event show where Hogan lost the world title. However the Honkytonk man complained so bad
about having to lose his title to Savage that Vince allowed HTM to keep it. Savage got so mad that he promised to shoot on

HTM during the LIVE broadcast of the Main Event special. In order to stop this from happening, Vince promised Savage the
World Title at Wrestlemania IV.


12.     Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage (Wrestlemania V, Atlantic City 4-2-89 Hogan begins title reign number 2)

13.     Ultimate Warrior vs. Hogan (Wrestlemania VI, Toronto 4-1-90 Classic matchup which again seemed to point to the end of Hulkamania)

14.     Sgt. Slaughter vs. Ultimate Warrior (Royal Rumble, Miami 1-19-91 The WWF crowns a new champion in their attempt to cash in on the Desert Storm controversy)


Disk 2

1.        Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter (Wrestlemania VII, Los Angeles 3-24-91 Yet another undeserved rise of Hulkamania)

2.        Undertaker vs. Hogan (Survivor Series, Detroit 11-27-91 Ric Flair as the "Real World Champion" intervenes giving the
Undertaker a short reign)

3.        Hogan vs. Undertaker (Tuesday in Texas, San Antonio 12-3-91 Hogan regains the belt until Jack Tunney declares the belt vacant
and to be given to the winner of the Royal Rumble)

4.        Ric Flair (Royal Rumble Albany 1-19-1992 Flair breaks the longevity record for the Rumble on his way to his first WWF title)

5.        Savage vs. Flair (Wrestlemania VIII Indianapolis 4-5-92 Savage starts his second and short run as champion)


Disk 3

1.        Flair vs. Savage (Hershey, PA 9-1-92 Flair regains the belt from a one-legged Savage in this rare televised match)

2.        Bret Hart vs. Flair (Saskatoon, SK 10-12-92 Bret Hart shocks everyone and wins the WWF Title)

3.        Yokozuna vs. Bret Hart (Wrestlemania IX Las Vegas 4-4-93 BUT DON'T BLINK OR YOU'LL MISS...)

4.        Hogan vs. Yokozuna (Wrestlemania IX Las Vegas 4-4-93 Yoko loses the Title in about 15 seconds to Hogan. The Hulkamania
thing was old in 1989. It's down right disgusting to see Hogan still attempting to milk it now.)

5.        Yokozuna vs. Hogan (King of the Ring Dayton,OH 6-13-93 Say good bye to the Huckster as he drops the belt in his last match
in the WWF)

NOTE: Hogan was supposed to do the job to Bret Hart, but Hogan refused because he didn't think Bret was a viable champion being as small as he was. Hogan's selfishness knew NO bounds, and it would only get worse in WCW.


6.        Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna (Wrestlemania X MSG 3-20-94 Bret loses to Owen in the first match only to come back in a great bout
against Yokozuna)

7.        Backlund vs. Bret Hart (Survivor Series 1994 San Antonio 11-23-94 Backlund wins the belt in a submission with a little help
from Owen Hart

8.        Diesel vs. Backlund (MSG 11-26-94 Backlund holds the honor of not only having the second longest WWF title reign in the
Federation's history, but he also holds the dubious honor of dropping the title in the shortest title match in the Federation's
history. 6 seconds.)

9.        Bret Hart vs. Diesel (Survivor Series 95 Landover. MD 11-19-95 Bret Hart starts reign 3 of 5.)


Disk 4

1.        Micheals vs. Bret Hart (Wrestlemania XII Anaheim 3-31-96 A FANTASTIC 1hour iron man match with great leadup drama, superb wrestling, and a great angle at the end of the match)

2.        Sid vs. Micheals (Despite being the heel, Sid is a huge favorite with the New York crowd.  Survivor Series 96 MSG 11-17-96 )

3.        Micheals vs. Sid (Royal Rumble 97 San Antonio 1-19-97 Another weak match between the two, with Micheals beginning reign 2 of 3)

4.        Bret Hart vs. Undertaker vs. Austin vs. Vader (IYH XIII Chattanooga 2-16-97 Great four way match for the belt, leading to a one day reign for Bret)


NOTE: This match was originally supposed to have the winner (Bret) take on Michaels in the main event for the title. Michaels, now at the height of his arrogance and now claiming that he "lays down for nobody" refuses to do the job for Bret, feigns a knee injury and forfeits the title. Michaels also did this same garbage to Shane (Dean) Douglas with the
Intercontinental Title because he didn't want to do the job to Douglas.


Disk 5

1.        Sid vs. Bret Hart (RAW Nashville 2-17-97 Good angle with Bret and Austin continues to play out, leading to a ridiculously short title reign for Bret)

2.        Undertaker vs. Sid (Wrestlemania XIII Chicago 3-23-97 The worst WM main event of all time. I was watching this one
live, actually went to sleep and missed the finish. It was that bad.)

3.        Bret Hart vs. Undertaker (Summerslam 97 East Rutherford 8-3-97 Bret Hart while leading the newly rejuvenated Hart
Foundation wins his 5th WWF Title. However, he won't remain on the mountaintop for long as you'll see in... )

4.        Micheals vs. Bret Hart (Survivor Series 97 Montreal 11-9-97 The infamous SCREW JOB finish as McMahon unbeknownst to
Hart signals the ref to stop the match when Michaels locks on the Sharpshooter. You can see that Bret had no idea this was going
to happen, as he attempted to reverse the hold, as this was the planned response to that scenario.

5.        Austin vs. Micheals (Wrestlemania XIV Boston 3-29-98 Good match and good angle using Tyson leading to the return of the WWF in the ratings)

6.        Kane vs. Austin (King of the Ring 98 Pittsburgh 6-28-98 First blood match with the Austin-McMahon feud starting to heat up)



Disk 6

1.        Austin vs. Kane (RAW Cleveland 6-29-98 Austin regains the belt one day later to start reign 2 of 3)

2.        Austin vs. Kane vs. Undertaker (Breakdown Hamilton 9-27-98 Three way match leading to the title being vacated)

3.        Kane vs. Undertaker (Judgement Day Chicago 10-18-98 Austin declares himself the winner of a match he refereed, leading to a
title tournament and Austin's "firing")

4.        Rock vs. Mankind (Survivor Series St. Louis 11-15-98 The finals of the WWF Title tournament, again with a screwjob finish, but intentionally tongue in cheek as it mirrors the Bret Hart match from last year)

5.        Mankind vs. Rock (RAW Worcester 12-29-98 THE CROWD GOES ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC as Foley FINALLY wins
his first world title. After all the pain he's gone through for this sport, there wasn't a more deserving champion to be found.)

6.        Mankind vs. Rock (I-Quit Match - Royal Rumble 1/24/99)

7.        Mankind vs. Rock (Halftime Heat 1-31-99 Mankind wins the belt in one of the best comedic matches in WWF history. I
can't  say I was impressed with the match itself, ESPECIALLY how they filmed the finish, but the Rock's continuous
[and HILARIOUS] one-liners during the course of the match makes up for everything else. )


Disk 7

1.        Rock vs. Mankind (RAW 2-15-99 Rock wins the belt back with assistance from Paul Wight)

2.        Austin vs. Rock (Wrestlemania XV 3-28-99 Austin begins reign #3 with a solid match from both participants)

3.        Austin vs. The Undertaker (Over The Edge 99) (5/23/99)

4.        The Undertaker vs. Austin (Raw) (6/28/99)

5.        Austin vs. HHH vs. Mankind (Summerslam 99 - 8/22/99 – Jesse “The Body” Ventura is the guest referee!)

6.        Mankind vs. HHH (Raw - 8/23/99)

7.        HHH vs. Vince McMahon (Smackdown - 9/16/99)

8.        Int. Vince McMahon (Raw - 9/20/99)

9.        HHH vs. Rock vs. Mankind vs. Big Show vs. Kane vs. DaveyBoy Smith (6-Pack Match - Unforgiven 99 - 9/26/99)


Disk 8

1.        HHH vs. Rock vs. Big Show (Survivor Series 99 - 11/14/99)

2.        Big Show vs. HHH (Raw - 1/3/00)

3.        HHH v. Chris Jericho (RAW - 4/17/00 Jericho pins HHH clean to win the Title BUT….)

4.        HHH gets Earl Hebner to reverse the decision and give him back the title in a classic example of the "Dusty Finish".)

5.        Rock v. HHH (Backlash 4/30/2000)

4.        HHH v. The Rock (GREAT 1HOUR IRON MAN MATCH! HHH and the Rock [ESPECIALLY the Rock] put on a much
better match than almost everyone expected to see. Unlike the Ironman Match between
Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels at
Wrestlemania 12, this match had several pinfalls, and lots of action to
keep the attention of even today's "Sports
Entertainment" fan. The only thing about this match that had a sour taste, was the finish - JUDGMENT DAY 5/21/2000)

6.        Kane, Undertaker & The Rock v. HHH, Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon (The Rock regains the title in a 6 man tag
match where the WWF title would go to whoever pins ANYONE on HHH's team - KING OF THE RING 6/25/2000)


Disk 9

1.        The Rock v. Kurt Angle (No Mercy 10/22/2000)

2.        Rock v. Kurt Angle (No Way Out 2/25/01)

3.        Rock v. Steve Austin (GREAT MATCH!  Austin turns heel at the end.  Wrestlemania 17)

4.        Steve Austin v. Kurt Angle (A babyface Kurt Angle wins the WWF Title in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  9/23/01)

5.        Steve Austin v. Kurt Angle (Angle regains the title, 10/8/01.  tracking problems during this

6.        Kurt Angle v. Chris Jericho (Jericho defeats Austin in a one night tournament on his way to unifying the WWF and WCW
Titles and becoming the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion)

7.        Chris Jericho v. HHH (HHH wins the Undisputed World Title from Jericho.  Wrestlemania 18)


Disk 10

1.        Hulk Hogan v. HHH (Hogan, having proven himself to still be incredibly over with the WWE crowd with his match
against The Rock at Wrestlemania 18, wins his 6th WWF Title.  Backlash 4/21/2002)

2.        Hulk Hogan v. Undertaker (Unforgiven 5/19/02)

3.        Undertaker v. Rock v. Kurt Angle (Vengeance 7/21/2002)

4.        Rock v. Brock Lesnar (Brock Lesnar wins the title and becomes the final Undisputed World Champion.
Summerslam 8/25/02)


*Following this match, Lesnar would sign to wrestle exclusively on Smackdown.  Faced with the problem of the Champion no
longer defending the title on RAW, the Undisputed Championship would be once again split into 2 different titles.  RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff would resurrect the former

 WCW “Big Gold” Belt and christen it the World Heavyweight Championship, awarding it to HHH.  Brock would continue to wrestle as the WWE Champion. 


5.        Brock Lesnar v. Big Show (Survivor Series 11/17/2002)

6.        Big Show v. Kurt Angle (Armageddon 12/15/2002)

7.        Brock Lesnar v. Kurt Angle (Lesnar wins the WWE Title despite nearly breaking his neck while attempting a shooting star
press on Angle, who was too far away.  Wrestlemania 19.  3/30/2003)

8.        Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar v. Big Show (Angle wins the title in a 3 way match.  Vengeance 7/27/03)


Disk 11

1.        Brock Lesnar v. Kurt Angle (FANTASTIC 60 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH!  Brock Lesnar wins his 3rd WWE Title
Smackdown 9/16/2003)

2.        Eddie Guerrero v. Brock Lesnar (After nearly 20 years, Eddie Guerrero finally achieves his dreams and wins the
WWE Title.   Very emotional scene, as Eddie’s entire family is on hand to celebrate not only Eddie’s victory,
but his successful climb from a substance abuse problem that had nearly cost him his career with the company.
No Way Out 2/15/2004)

3.        JBL v. Eddie Guerrero (JBL wins the WWE Title in a Bull Rope Match.  Great American Bash 6/27/04)

4.        John Cena v. JBL (Wrestlemania 21 – 4/3/05)

5.        RVD v. John Cena (RVD cashes in his Money in the Bank guarantee and beats John Cena for the WWE Title in an
ECW rules match.  ECW One Night Stand  6//11/06)

6.        Edge v. RVD & John Cena (Unfortunately, RVD and Sabu were busted for drug possession.  RVD was holding not only
the WWE Title, but the ECW World Title as well.  Needless to say, the titles were taken off of him pretty quickly.  Edge
would win the WWE Title in this match.  RAW 7/3/06)

7.        John Cena v. Edge (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match.  Despite being the heel, Edge was heavily cheered.  The match was
not only held in Edge’s home town, but Cena had been booed pretty consistently by the crowd as something of a backlash
against his massive push.  Cena celebrates his victory with his Father who was at ringside afterward.  You could see
that Cena wasn’t terribly happy with the hostile reception that he received from the crowd.Unforgiven 9/17/06)



Disk 1

With Brock Lesnar leaving RAW with the Undisputed Title,   RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff brings back the former WCW
“Big Gold” Belt and christen it RAW’s World Heavyweight Championship, awarding it to HHH.  RAW 9/2/02

1.        HHH v. Ric Flair  (Flair orders a match with HHH to legitimize the new title.  HHH of course, wins the match.  9/2/02)

2.        HHH, RVD, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Chris Jericho & Kane in an Elimination Chamber match.  (Michaels wins the
Title.  Survivor Series 11/17/2002  tracking lines near the top of the screen.)

3.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels (2/3 falls match.  1st Fall was a Street fight.  2nd Fall was a Steel Cage Match.  The Third Fall was
a ladder match.  HHH regains the World Title.)

4.        HHH v. Goldberg (tracking lines near the top of the screen  - Unforgiven 9/21/2003)

5.        HHH v. Goldberg v. Kane (HHH regains the match in a Triple Threat match.  Armageddon 12/14/03)


Disk 2

6.        HHH v. Shawn Michaels v. Chris Benoit (Benoit finally achieves his dream of winning the World Heavyweight Title. Eddie
Guerrero [who earlier in the night had successfully defended the WWE Title against Kurt Angle] comes down to the ring
and joins Benoit in a very emotional celebration.  Wrestlemania 20 – 3/14/04)

7.        Chris Benoit v. Randy Orton (Summerslam 8/15/04)

8.        HHH v. Randy Orton (Unforgiven - 9/12/04)

9.        Edge v. HHH v. Chris Benoit (Edge is in the crossface and taps out, while at the same time, Benoit’s shoulders were on the
mat as the referee counted to 3.  Huge confusion, as both men appeared to have won the match.  11/29/04)

*  Due to the controversial finish of the match, Vince McMahon holds up the title pending an Elimination Chamber match

10.     HHH v. Randy Orton v. Batista v. Chris Benoit v. Chris Jericho v. Edge (HHH regains the World Title in an Elimination
Chamber – New Years Revolution 1/9/05)

11.     Batista v. HHH (Wrestlemania 21 - 4/3/05)


Disk 3

*Due to injuries he sustained on 1/10/06 in a match against Mark Henry, Batista has to relinquish the World Title.

1.        Smackdown Battle Royal 1/10/06 (Kurt Angle would surprise everyone by switching to Smackdown the day of the event
and winning the battle royal to become the new Heavyweight Champion.)

2.        Kurt Angle v. Rey Misterio v. Randy Orton (Rey Misterio dedicates his match to Eddie Guerrero, who passed away last
year, and wins the World Heavyweight Title.  Wrestlemania 22 – 4/2/06)

3.        Booker T v. Rey Misterio (Great American Bash 7/23/06)

4.        Batista v. Booker T (Batista has recovered from his injuries and regains the World Heavyweight Title.  Survivor Series 11/26/06)



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