WWF PUERTO RICO 10/85 [24/7]

1.        Tony Atlas v. Steve Lombardi

2.        Cpl Kirchner v. Tiger Chung Lee

3.        Ricky Steamboat v. Moondog Spot

4.        Wendi Richter v. Spider Lady

5.        Hulk Hogan v. Big John Studd

6.        Killer Bees v. Iron Mike Sharpe & Barry O (It starts to rain heavily during this match, and will continue to rain for the
remainder of the show.)

7.        Randy Savage v. Tito Santana


Landy’s House Shows: Paris, France 10/23/87        62 min              VG/EX-

**Note: Some Landy shows are incomplete (missing matches are noted)

1.        SD Jones vs. Sika (Prime Time Wrestling original broadcast)

2.        Cowboy Lang vs. Lord Littlebrook (Prime Time Wrestling original broadcast)

3.        Sensational Sherri vs. Velvet McIntyre (Prime Time Wrestling original broadcast)

4.        Rougeau Brothers vs. New Dream Team (JIP) (Coliseum Video)

5.        Harley Race vs. Junk Yard Dog (Coliseum Video)

**MISSING Outback Jack vs. Nikolai Volkoff**

**MISSING Jim Duggan vs. Iron Sheik**


WWF MILAN ITALY 10/88 (Very Good Quality)

1.        Tito Santana v. Andre the Giant (JIP)

2.        Int – Greg Valentine

3.        Don “The Rock” Muraco v. Greg Valentine

4.        Rockin’ Robin v. Sensational Sherri

5.        British Bulldogs v. Demolition (The Bulldogs score a rare non-title win over the Tag Team Champions)


WWE 24/7: Royal Albert Hall 10/3/91 (2 discs)

Disc 1:

1.        Nasty Boys vs. Rockers

2.        Ric Flair vs. Tito Santana

3.        Big Bossman vs Earthquake

4.        Kerry Von Erich vs. The Mountie

Disc 2:

5.        Undertaker vs. Jim Duggan

6.        Interviews

7.        Power & Glory vs. The Road Warriors

8.        British Bulldog vs. The Barbarian

9.        Battleroyal.



Matches 1-12 are from WWF Superstars 7/27/91

1.        Kerry Von Erich v. Verne Siebert

2.        Update – Sid Justice making his WWF debut and confronting Sgt. Slaughter, Gen. Adnan and Col. Mustafa

3.        Berserker v. jobber

4.        Bret Hart v. Hutch Thomas

5.        Warlord v. Larry Williams

6.        Int - :Nastyboys, Mountie & Earthquake

7.        Int – Virgil

8.        Bushwhackers v. Bob Bradley & Mark Starr (Andre the Giant is at ringside for the Bushwhackers)

9.        Funeral Parlor – Jake “The Snake” Roberts promises to share the secrets of the dark side with the Ultimate Warrior to aid him in his feud with
the Undertaker.

10.     Summerslam Report

11.     Mountie v. Steve Ray

12.     Int – Hulk Hogan

13.     Rockers v. Power & Glory (Hercules & Paul Roma)

14.     Big Bossman v. The Mountie

15.     Earthquake v. Daveyboy Smith

16.     Undertaker v. Tito Santana (After more than 10 years in the WWF, Tito Santana gets a well deserved Main Event spot in front of
the Spanish Speaking audience and to top it all off, TITO PINS THE UNDERTAKER!  Obviously, this wasn’t publicized, as the
Undertaker was still being billed as Undefeated.)



German commentary

1.        Bret Hart v. Dino Bravo

2.        Jim Duggan v. Col. Mustafa

3.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Repo Man

4.        LOD & British Bulldogs v. Nasty Boys & The Mountie

5.        Tito Santana v. Papa Shango

6.        Randy Savage v. Shawn Michaels

7.        Battle Royal


SHEFFIELD, UK  4/19/92 (Very Good Quality)

1.        Tatanka v. Skinner

2.        LOD v. Col. Mustafa & Dino Bravo

3.        Sid Justice v. Undertaker

4.        Randy Savage v. Shawn Michaels

5.        Mountie v. Virgil

6.        Bret Hart v. Rick Martel

7.        Jim duggan v. Repo Man

8.        Daveyboy Smith v. IRS


UK Rampage 93 - Sheffield, England - Arena - April 11, 1993 (Very Good Quality)
1.        Fatu (w/ Afa) pinned Brian Knobs at 9:43 with his feet on the ropes for leverage
2.        Doink the Clown pinned Kamala at 5:54 by using the tights for leverage
3.        Mr. Perfect pinned Samu (w/ Afa) with the Perfect Plex at 13:34 after Samu missed a headbutt off the top 
4.        Bob Backlund pinned Damien Demento with a roll up and bridge at 7:56
5.        Typhoon pinned the Brooklyn Brawler at 9:49 with a powerslam after hitting a splash in the corner
6.        Crush defeated WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels via count-out at 8:51 when Michaels left the ring; 
7.        Lex Luger defeated Jim Duggan via disqualification at 6:42 




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