WCW WORLDWIDE 4/24/93 [24/7]

1. Rick Rude vs. Rex Cooper (WCW Magazine w/Dustin Rhodes)

2. 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell vs. Mike Thor & Chris Sullivan (Int Bagwell & Scorpio) (Clip Computer Challenge Series)

3. Scott Norton vs. JB Stryker (Slamboree Control Center) (CLip Anderson & Eaton)

4. Arn Anderson vs. Terry Travis (WCW Magazine w/Vader & Race)

5. Big Sky & Vinnie Vegas vs. Rainbow Brown & Rude Dog

6. Johnny B. Badd vs. Brian Harkrider (Int Ric Flair)


WCW WORLDWIDE 5/1/93 [24/7]

1.       Sting v. Pat Rose

2.       Hollywood Blondes v. Brad Anderson & Tommy Angel

3.       Flair For the Gold – Vader & Harley Race

4.       Paul Orndorff v. Shane Douglas


WCW Worldwide 5/8/93 [24/7]

1.        Johnny B. Badd vs. Dave Lynch

2.        Cactus Jack–Big Van Vader recap

3.        Scott Norton vs. TC Carter

4.        Scott Norton iv

5.        Slamboree Control Center

6.        Rick Rude vs. Ron Hagen

7.        Flair for the Gold (Windham no-shows)

8.        Unified World Tag Team Titles: Hollywood Blonds vs. 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell



1.       Jim Neidhart vs. Mustafa Saied

2.       Jim Neidhart int

3.       Cactus Jack recap

4.       Ron Simmons vs. Fred Avery

5.       Slamboree Control Center

6.       Scott Norton vs. Johnny Gunn

7.       Scott Norton int

8.       Flair for the Gold w/ Hollywood Blonds

9.       WCW US Title: Dustin Rhodes vs. Rick Rude (Double Pin –title held up)


WCW World Wide 5/22/93 [24/7]

1.       Marcus Alexander Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Pat Rose & Tom Burton

2.       Tom Zenk fought JD Wolfe to a no contest when Scott Norton entered the ring and attacked Zenk before the bell

3.       The Blackhearts defeated John Douglas & Joey Maggs

4.       Computer Contenders Challenge: NWA World Champion Barry Windham pinned Johnny B. Badd

WCW WORLDWIDE 5/29/93 [24/7]

1.       Ron Simmons & Van Hammer vs. Wrecking Crew

2.       WCW Magazine - Courtesy WCW Saturday Night - Maxx Payne attacks Johnny B. Badd

3.       Jim Neidhart vs. Todd Stansell

4.       Interview Jim Neidhart

5.       Feature - Dustin Rhodes & Rick Rude (U.S. Title announced as held up)

6.       Blackhearts vs. Ben Jordan & Mark Mercedes

7.       Flair For The Gold – Sting

8.       WCW Magazine - Courtesy WCW Saturday Night - Johnny B. Badd interferes in Maxx Payne vs. Brad

9.       Big Van Vader vs. Ricky Steamboat (WCW World Title)


Worldwide Wrestling 6/5/93 [24/7]

1. Dustin Rhodes vs. Shanghai Pierce (w/Slashenger) (WCW Magazine w/Maxx Payne)

2. Sid Vicious (w/Parker) vs. Scott McKeever (Int Vicious & Parker)

3. Ricky Steamboat vs. Joe Cazana (Clips Cactus vs. Vader) (Clip Looking For Cactus Jack)

4. Paul Orndorff vs. Rick Cannon (A Flair For The Gold w/Johnny B. Badd) (WCW Magazine w/Rick Rude)

5. Marcus Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Brian Pillman & Steve Austin (w/Ric Flair)


WCW Worldwide Wrestling 6/12/93 [24/7]

1. Rick Rude vs. Dave Dunlup (WCW Magazine w/Paul Orndorff)
2. Vinnie Vegas & Big Sky vs. Rob Morgan & TJ Maverick (Clip - Search for Cactus jack)
3. Barry Windham vs. Frankie Lancaster (Promo - Masters of the Power Bomb) (WCW Magazine w/Johnny B. Badd)
4. Arn Anderson vs. Brian Pillman (w/Steve Austin)
Note: Int w/Maxx Payne & Maxx Payne vs. TA McCoy are edited out



WCW WORLD WIDE June 26, 1993 [24/7]

1. (Clip Windham & Flair) Ric Flair & Barry Windham Brawl (WCW Magazine w/Bagwell & Long) (Clip Looking For Cactus Jack)

2. Arn Anderson & Paul Roma vs. Wrecking Crew (Int Anderson & Roma) (Bash at the Beach Control Center)

3. Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs. JD Wolfe (A Flair For The Gold w/Dusty RHodes & The Assassian) (WCW Magazine w/Pillman & Austin) (Clip Payne & Badd) (Int Maxx Payne)

4. Dustin Rhodes vs. Big Sky (Clip Windham & Flair Brawl)


WCW Worlwide 7/10/93

1.       Steven Regal (w/Sir William) vs. Chris Sullivan (Int Regal & William) (WCW Magazine w/Pillman & Austin) (Clip Search
 for Cactus Jack)

2.       Jim Neidhart vs. Todd Zane (Int Sting) (Beach Blast Control Center)

3.       Sid Vicious (w/Parker) vs. Vernon Quinn (Int Parker & Vicious) (A Flair FOr The Gold w/Paul Orndorff) (WCW Magazine
w/Rick Rude)

4.       Big Van Vader (w/Race) vs. Davey Boy Smith (w/Vicious & Sting)


WCW WORLWIDE 7/24/93 [24/7]

1. Keith & Kent Cole vs. Todd & Tony Zane (Int Paul Orndorff) (WCW Magazine w/Payne & Badd)
2. Ricky Steamboat vs. Cuban Top Gun (Int Steamboat)
3. Erik Watts vs. Brian Costello
4. Brian Pillman & Steve Austin vs. Tommy Tanna & Rick Tango (A Flair For the Gold w/Fifi, Anderson, Steven Regal & Sir WIlliam) (WCW Magazine w/Sid Vicious)
5. (WCW TV Championship) Paul Orndorff vs. Johnny B. Badd (Int Awesome Kongs & Harley Race)


WCW Worldwide Wrestling 7/31/93 [24/7]

1. (Int Orndorff & Payne) Van Hammer vs. Wrecking Crew Fury (WCW Magazine w/Kongs & Race) (Clip Race & Kongs)

2. Rick Rude & The Equalizer vs. Garfield Quinn & Scott D'Amour

3. Arn Anderson & Paul Roma vs. Dick Slater & Rick Stockhauser

4. Sid Vicious (w/Parker) vs. Jay Sledge (A Flair For The Gold w/Fifi & Dustin Rhodes) (WCW Magazine w/Yoshi Kwan)

5. Ricky Steamboat & Johnny B. Badd vs. Paul Orndorff & Maxx Payne (Clips Flair vs. Windham) (Int Flair)


WCW WORLDWIDE 8/7/93 [24/7]

1. Davey Boy Smith vs. Rip Rogers (WCW Magazine - Clash Promo) (Int Nasty Boys)
2. Steve Austin & Brian Pillman vs.Erik Watts & Frankie Lancaster (A Flair For The Gold w/Fifi & Ricky Steamboat)
3. The Equalizer vs. Ray Hudson (Int Rude & Equalizer)
4. Johnny B. Badd vs. Tony Zane (Int Badd) (WCW Magazine - Clash Promo) (Int Watts & Lancaster)
5. Big Van Vader (w/Race) vs. Jason Johnson (Int Race & Vader)


WCW WORLDWIDE 8/14/93 [24/7]

1.       Nasty Boys v. Larry Santo & Scott Stud

2.       Eric Watts v. Frankie Lancaster

3.       Harlem Heat v. Dave Hart & Mike Thor

4.       Marcus Bagwell v. Paul Orndorff


WCW WORLDWIDE 8/21/93 [24/7]

1. Rick Rude vs. Bobby Baker (WCW Magizine) (Int Erik Watts)
2. Harlem Heat vs. TJ Maverick & Italian Stallion (Fall Brawl Control Center)
3. Sid Vicious (w/Parker) vs. Danny Deese (Int Vicious & Parker)
4. Sting vs. Shanghai Pierce (w/Tex Slazenger)

Note: Nasty Boys vs. Chris Benoit & Bobby Eaton is Edited Out


WCW Worldwide Wrestling August 28, 1993
1. (Int Paul Roma & Arn Anderson) (Int Charlie Norris) (Clip Cactus Jack) Yoshi Kwan vs. Buck Quartermaine (Fall Brawl Control Center)
2. Dustin Rhodes vs. The Mask (A Flair For The Gold w/Sting, Bulldog, Harlem Heat, Sid Vicious & Shock Master) (Int Rick Rude)
3. Nasty Boys vs. 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell (Int nasty Boys, STeve Austin & Brian Pillman)
NOTE: Benoit & More Edited




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