BASH AT THE BEACH 1994 [24/7] 2 disks

1.        Johnny B. Badd Vs. Steve Regal

2.        Guardian Angel Vs. Vader

3.        A.Anderson/Dustin Rhodes Vs.  Buck/T.Funk

4.        Steve Austin Vs. Ricky Steamboat

5.        Cactus/Sullivan Vs. Orndorff/Roma

6.        Ric Flair Vs. Hulk Hogan


 BASH AT THE BEACH 1995 [24/7] 2 Disks

1.        Meng Vs. Sting

2.        Paul Orndorff Vs. Renegade

3.        Jim Duggan Vs. Kamala

4.        Diamond Dallas Page Vs. David Sullivan

5.        Blue Bloods Vs. Harlem Heat Vs. Nasty Boys

6.        Ric Flair Vs. Randy Savage

7.        Hulk Hogan Vs. Vader "Steel Cage"


BASH AT THE BEACH 1996 [24/7]

This is the show where the nWo is originally formed

1.        Rey Mysterio Vs. Psychosis

2.        Big Bubba Vs. John Tenta

3.        Jim Duggan Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

4.        Nasty Boys Vs. Public Enemy

5.        Disco Inferno Vs. Dean Malenko

6.        Joe Gomez Vs. Steve McMichael

7.        Ric Flair Vs. Konnan

8.        Arn/Benoit Vs. Giant/K.Sullivan

9.        Luger/Savage/Sting Vs. Outsiders/Mystery Partner (The mystery partner turns out to be none other than Hulk Hogan and in

        the shocker of the year, TURNS HEEL FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 15 YEARS!  The New World Order is formed, and
WCW becomes the hottest thing in Professional Wrestling)



1.        Glacier/Miller Vs. Mortis/Wrath

2.        Chris Jericho Vs. Ultimo Dragon

3.        Chono/Muta Vs. Steiners

4.        Six Man Luchadore tag

5.        Chris Benoit Vs. Kevin Sullivan

6.        Jeff Jarrett Vs. Steve McMichael

7.        Hall/Savage Vs. Page/Mystery Partner

8.        Ric Flair Vs. Roddy Piper

9.        Giant/Luger Vs. Hogan/Rodman


BASH AT THE BEACH 1998 [24/7]

1.        Raven Vs. Saturn

2.        Juventud Guerrera Vs. Kidman

3.        Chavo Guerrero Vs. Stevie Ray

4.        Chavo Guerrero Vs. Eddie Guerrero

5.        Disco Inferno Vs. Konnan

6.        Giant Vs. Kevin Greene

7.        Chris Jericho Vs. Rey Mysterio

8.        Bret Hart Vs. Booker T

9.        Goldberg Vs. Curt Hennig

10.     Hogan/Rodman Vs. Page/Malone



1.        Disco Inferno Vs. Ernest Miller

2.        Rick Steiner Vs. Van Hammer

3.        David Flair Vs. Dean Malenko

4.        No Limit Soldiers Vs. West Texas Rednecks

5.        "Junkyard Hardcore Match"

6.        Benoit/Saturn Vs. Bigelow/Kanyon/Page

7.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Roddy Piper "Boxing Match"

8.        Nash/Sting Vs. Savage/Sid


BASH AT THE BEACH 2000 [24/7]  2 disks

1.        Juventud Guerrera Vs. Chavo Guerrero

2.        Norman Smiley Vs. Big Vito

3.        Daphne Vs. Miss Hancock "Wedding Gown"

4.        Kronic Vs. The Perfect Event

5.        Kanyon Vs. Booker T

6.        Mike Awesome Vs. Scott Steiner

7.        Demon Vs. Vampiro

8.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Shane Douglas

9.        Hulk Hogan Vs. Jeff Jarrett

10.     Goldberg Vs. Kevin Nash

11.     Jeff Jarrett Vs. Booker T



1.        Vader & Cactus Jack v. Kane & Charlie Norris

2.        Johnny B. Badd & Brian Knobbs v. Erik Watts & Paul Roma

3.        The Shockmaster & Paul Orndorff v. Steven Regal & Ricky Steamboat

4.        King Kong & Dustin Rhodes v. Awesome Kong & The Equalizer

5.        Sting & Jerry Sags v. Ron Simmons & Keith Cole

6.        Ric Flair & Steve Austin v. Maxx Payne & Too Cold Scorpio

7.        Rick Rude & Shanghai Pierce v. Marcus Bagwell & Tex Slashinger

8.        Road Warrior Hawk & Rip Rogers v. Davey Smith & Kole

9.        Battle Bowl (This was the battle royal featuring the winners of all the above tag team matches.)


BEACH BLAST 1992 [24/7] 2 DISKS

1.        Flyin' Brian(Pillman) Vs. Scotty Flamingo(Raven)

2.        Cactus Jack Vs. Sting "Falls Count Anywhere"

3.        Rick Rude Vs. Ricky Steamboat "Iron Man"

4.        ArnAnderson/Austin/Eaton Vs. Koloff/DustinRhodes/B.Windham

5.        Madusa Vs. Missy Hyatt "Swimsuit competition"

6.        Gordy/S.Williams Vs. Steiners


BEACH BLAST 1993 [24/7]

1.        WCW TV Champ Paul Orndorff v. Ron Simmons

2.        Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell v. Tex Slashinger & Shanghai Pierce

3.        Steven Regal v. Erik Watts

4.        Johnny B. Badd v. Maxx Payne

5.        WCW Tag Champs Brian Pillman & Steve Austin v. Paul Roma & Arn Anderson

6.        Dustin Rhodes drew Rick Rude (30:00 "ironman challenge" match for the held-up WCW U.S. Title.)

7.        Ric Flair v. Barry Windham (Flair wins the NWA Heavyweight title, despite the fact that Windham lifted his shoulder before the 3 count.  The ref counted

8.        anyway.)

9.        Sting & Davey Smith v. Big Van Vader & Sid Vicious



1.         Nikita Koloff v. Bobby Eaton

2.        Larry Zbyszko v. Barry Windham

3.        Road Warrior Hawk v. Ric Flair

4.        Bunkhouse Stampede match (consisting of Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Warlord, Barbarian,
Ivan Koloff , Lex Luger & Road Warrior Animal



1.        Paul Ellering Vs. Teddy Long

2.        Midnight Express Vs. Flyin' Brian/Z-Man

3.        Freebirds Vs. Rock n Roll Express

4.        Doom Vs. Steiners

5.        Ric Flair Vs. Lex Luger "Steel Cage"


Chi-Town Rumble [24/7] 2 disks

February 20, 1989

1.        Michael Hayes v. Russian Assassin #1 (Jack Victory)

2.        Sting v. Butch Reed

3.        The Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) & Jim Cornette v. The ORIGINAL Midnight Express (Randy Rose, Jack Victory) & Paul E Dangerously
(in a "loser leaves town match"  Victory was replacing Dennis Condrey, who had apparently left town before the show.)

4.        Rotunda v. Rick Steiner (Rotunda  wins the NWA TV Title.)

5.        Lex Luger v. Barry Windham (Luger beats Windham to win the NWA U.S. Title.)

6.        NWA Tag Champs The Road Warriors v. Steve Williams & Kevin Sullivan

7.        Ricky Steamboat v. Ric Flair (Steamboat wins the NWA World Title in a TREMENDOUS MATCH!)



1.        Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood vs. Bobby Jaggers & Mike Miller

2.        Sam Houston & Nelson Royal vs. Bart & Brad Batten

3.        Jimmy Valiant & Manny Fernandez vs. Barbarian & Baron Von Raschke

4.        Terry Taylor & Steve Williams vs. Buddy Landel & Bill Dundee

5.        The Sheepherders vs. Hector & Chavo Guerrero

6.        The Fantastics vs. The Fabulous Ones

7.        Rick Steiner & Buzz Sawyer vs. Koko Ware & Italian Stallion

8.        Jimmy Garvin & Black Bart vs. Brett Sawyer & D.J. Peterson

9.        Midnight Express vs. Sam Houston & Nelson Royal

10.     Magnum TA & Ron Garvin vs. Rick Steiner & Buzz Sawyer

11.     The Road Warriors vs. Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood

12.     Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs. Jimmy Valiant & Manny Fernandez

13.     Rock-n-Roll Express vs. The Sheepherders

14.     Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. The Fantastics

15.     Tiger Mask II & Giant Baba vs. Jimmy Garvin & Black Bart

16.     Midnight Express vs. The Road Warriors

17.     Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs. Terry Taylor & Steve Williams

18.     The Fantastics vs. The Sheepherders

19.     Tiger Mask II & Giant Baba vs. Magnum TA & Ron Garvin

20.     Jim Duggan vs. Dick Slater (no DQ match)

21.     Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes

22.     The Road Warriors vs. Magnum TA & Ron Garvin (Road Warriors win 1986 Crockett Cup)



(Commercial tape; All matches are clipped unless noted otherwise.)

1.         Bill Dundee & Barbarian vs Tim Horner & Mike Rotundo
2.        Jimmy Valiant & Lazortron vs Pez Whatley & Teijho Khan
3.        Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Pietrov vs Bob & Brad Armstrong
4.        Midnight Express vs Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin
5.        Big Bubba vs Ole Anderson (Cage)
6.        Magnum TA's 3 Greatest Matches (For somebody who wasn't watching in 1985/86, it's hard for them to understand how big a star Magnum  was.  
7.        This guy was *THE* star at that time.  He undoubtedly  would have won the NWA title many times and was already the most popular wrestler in the world 
8.        even bigger than Hulk Hogan - when he got in his car accident.  This guy had it all - looks, workrate, mic skills, the whole package.)
9.        Magnum TA vs Wahoo McDaniel (Cage - Magnum wins US title - complete)
10.     Magnum TA vs Kamala, Bash '85
11.     Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard, Starrcade '85 (I Quit Cage)
12.     Midnight Express vs Road Warriors (Cornette fireballs Animal)
13.     Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff vs Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez
14.     Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger vs Bob & Brad Armstrong
15.     Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff vs Midnight Express
16.     RIC FLAIR VS BARRY WINDHAM (JIP - Great match!)
17.     Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff vs Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger (Finals - complete)



Oh yeah, now we're talking!  What we have here is 3 hours of raw footage shot by an NBC affiliate in the DC area in preparation for a couple of
pieces they did on professional wrestling. There are backstage interviews with wrestlers - which end up being used in the piece, which is included
along with a bunch of complete matches from the Crockett Cup tourney.  These matches are far more complete than  what's available on the
commercial tape of the show, as you get the entire quarterfinal, semifinal, and final rounds.  This is truly a must-have for the old-school fan,
no question about it!  The matches are shot by a single, pro-quality, stationary camera.)
1.         Interviews w/Ric Flair, Mike Rotundo, Jim Cornette, Magnum TA, some NWA exec, Road Warrior
2.        Pez Whatley & Teijo Khan vs Road Warriors
3.        Midnight Express vs Ron & Jimmy Garvin 
4.        Kevin Sullivan & Arn Anderson vs Bob & Brad Armstrong
5.        Brad & Bart Batten vs Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger
6.        Interview w/Barry Windham (Windham basically breaks kayfabe, talking about his departure from the WWF, his partnership with 
          Mike Rotundo, the fact that Rotundo is his brother-in-law, etc.  Good stuff.)
7.        Interview w/Dave Meltzer (yes, Meltzer!)
8.        "The George Michael Sports Machine" (this would be the reason that NBC was at the tourney filming in the first place) 
9.        Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger vs Bob & Brad Armstrong (***1/2 - good stuff)
10.      Midnight Express vs Road Warriors (SLIGHTLY clipped) 
11.     Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez vs Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff ( JIP - I'm sorry, but it's just bad booking to have the reigning world 
         tag champs eliminated in the quarterfinals)
12.     Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger vs Giant Baba & Isao Takagi (semis - you might find yourself wondering "how the heck did Baba & Takagi 
         get to the semis?  Well, they had two byes and beat one jobber team - Royal & Brown - to get there.  That's how.  Crockett must've
promised  Baba a semis push to get him to come over from Japan or something.) 
Midnight Express vs Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff (semis - slightly clipped)
13.     RIC FLAIR VS BARRY WINDHAM (GREAT match!  27+ minutes.  Ric Flair matches are so much better when he's actually allowed to show 
offense like he does here against Windham.  Back and forth action that, amazingly enough, doesn't feature a bladejob by Flair.  Weird thing is, 
in one of the postmatch interviews done by NBC, he's sporting a band-aid anyway!)
14.     The return of Magnum TA (TA's first wrestling appearance since his Oct  86 car wreck.  This is truly one of the great moments of the NWA in the
         mid-80s.  HUGE pop and genuine emotion for TA.  Great stuff.)
15.     Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger vs Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff (Finals) 


 (Commercial tape; All matches are clipped unless otherwise noted.)

1.        Jimmy Valiant & Mighty Wilbur vs Dick Murdoch & Ivan Koloff  (complete)
2.        Steve Williams & Ron Simmons vs Rick Steiner & Mike Rotundo
3.        Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson vs Kendall Windham & Italian Stallion
4.        Road Warriors vs Jive Tones
5.        Fantastics vs Larry Zbyszko & Al Perez (Whatever happened to Al Perez?)
6.        Lex Luger & Sting vs Dick Murdoch & Ivan Koloff
7.        Midnight Express vs Sheepherders
8.        Kevin Sullivan vs Jimmy Garvin (Prince of Darkness match)
9.         Bunkhouse Stampede Finals
10.     Road Warriors vs Warlord & Barbarian (complete - surprisingly good!)
11.     Midnight Rider vs JJ Dillon (Bullrope - complete)
12.     Lex Luger & Sting vs Warlord & Barbarian (complete)
13.     Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson vs Fantastics (complete - I've said this before, I'll say it again - the Fantastics are the most underrated tag team of all-time!  
         If they had each been 3 inches taller, they would have been world champs many times over.  I still say they were the best team of the 80s.  Forget the 
         Road Warriors, Horsemen, Bulldogs, etc - the Fantastics were the best!)
14.     Ric Flair vs Nikita Koloff
15.     Lex Luger & Sting vs Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson (Finals - complete)

FALL BRAWL 1993 [24/7] 2 DISKS

6.        Steve Regal Vs. Ricky Steamboat

7.        Big Sky Vs. Charlie Norris

8.        Bagwell/Scorpio Vs. Equalizor/Orndorff

9.        Shanghi Pierce Vs. Ice Train

10.     Anderson/Roma Vs. Nasty Boys

11.     Cactus Jack Vs. Yoshi Kwan

12.     Ric Flair Vs. Rick Rude

13.   Bulldog/Dustin/Shockmaster/Sting Vs. Sid/Vader/Harlem Heat



1.        Johnny B. Badd Vs. Steve Regal

2.        Cactus Jack Vs. Kevin Sullivan

3.        Steve Austin Vs. Jim Duggan

4.        Pretty Wonderful Vs. Stars and Stripes

5.        Guardian Angel Vs. Vader

6.        Sting Vs. Vader

7.        Dusty/DustinRhodes/Nasty Boys Vs. ArnAnderson/Buck/Funk/Meng "War Games"



1.        Johnny B. Badd Vs. Brian Pillman

2.        Cobra Vs. Sgt. Pittman

3.        Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Renegade

4.        Buck/Slater Vs. Harlem Heat

5.        Arn Anderson Vs. Ric Flair

6.        Avalanche/Kamala/Meng/Zodiac Vs. Hogan/Luger/Savage/Sting "War Games"



1.        Eddie Guerrero Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

2.        Ice Train Vs. Scott Norton

3.        Juventud Guerrera Vs. Konnan

4.        Chris Benoit Vs. Chris Jericho

5.        Rey Mysterio Vs. Super Calo

6.        Harlem Heat Vs. Nasty Boys

7.        Giant Vs. Randy Savage

8.        ArnAnderson/Flair/Luger/Sting Vs. Hall/Hogan/Nash/Sting "War Games"



1.        Cruiserweight Champ Chris Jericho vs. Eddy Guerrero (Title Change)

2.        Steiner Brothers vs. Harlem Heat

3.        TV Champ Alex Wright vs. Ultimo Dragon

4.        Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett

5.        Interviews w/NWO & 4 Horsemen

6.        Meng & Barbarian vs. Mortis & Wrath

7.        The Giant vs. Scott Norton

8.        Lex Luger & DDP vs. Randy Savage & Scott Hall

9.        War Games - Team NWO (Kevin Nash, Konnan, Buff Bagwell & Syxx) vs. Team Horsemen (Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Curt Hennig & Steve McMichael )

        (Hennig joins the NWO and turns on WCW.  In the process though, Hennig seriously injures Flair when he slams the cage door on Flair’s head.  The

door was supposed to be rigged to bounce back before it hit Flair, but it wasn’t, and crashed into Flair’s head at full force!)



1.         Disco Inferno Vs. Alex Wright

2.         Greenberg Vs. Chris Jericho

3.         Ernest Miller Vs. Norman Smiley

4.         Rick Steiner Vs. Scott Steiner

5.         Juventud Guerrera Vs. Silver King

6.         Raven Vs. Saturn

7.         Curt Hennig Vs. Dean Malenko

8.         Scott Hall Vs. Konnan

9.         Bret Vs. Hogan Vs. Luger Vs. Nash Vs. DDP Vs. Piper Vs. Stevie Ray Vs. Sting Vs. Warrior (“War Games" – This match was

so bad, it pretty much killed the gimmick.



The week before this event WCW VP Eric Bischoff is removed from office

1.        E.Guerrero/Kidman/Mysterio Vs. Vampiro/ICP

2.        Lenny Lane Vs. Kaz Hayashi

3.        Douglas/Malenko Vs. Knobbs/Morrus

4.        Saturn Vs. Rick Steiner

5.        Berlyn Vs. Jim Duggan

6.        Harlem Heat Vs. Barry/Kendall Windham

7.        Chris Benoit Vs. Sid Viscious

8.        Goldberg Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

9.        Hulk Hogan Vs. Sting



1.        Cruiserweight Champ Elix Skipper (w/Major Gunns) vs. Kwee Wee (w/Paisley)

2.        Cpl. Cajun, Lt. Loco & Sgt. AWOL (Lash Leroux, Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Wall) vs. 3 Count (Evan Karagias, Shane Helms & Shannon Moore )

3.        Harris Brothers vs. Kronik (First Blood Chain match)

4.        MIA & Jim Duggan Interview

5.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lance Storm vs. Gen. Rection (Hugh Morrus) (Jim Duggan turns heel & joins Team Canada )

6.        Natural Born Thrillers Interview

7.        Disco Inferno, Big Vito, Rey Misterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, Konnan, Paul Orndorff & Tygress vs. Mark Jindrak, Sean O'Haire, Mike Sanders, Chuck Palumbo,

         Shawn Stasiak, Reno & Johnny the Bull (Elimination

8.        atch, Orndorff suffers injury &match is stopped)

9.        Kidman & Madusa Interview

10.     Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson Interview

11.     Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson vs. Billy Kidman & Madusa (Scaffold Match)

12.     Sting Interview (Jarrett attacks Sting)

13.     David Flair Interview (Flair attacks the postman, questioning if he was the father of Stacey Keibler's baby)

14.     Sting vs. Great Muta vs. Vampiro (w/ICP)

15.     Mike Awesome & Gary Coleman Interview

16.     Jeff Jarrett Interview

17.     Mike Awesome vs. Jeff Jarrett (Bunkhouse match, Jarrett nails Gary Coleman with a guitar)

18.     Goldberg/Scott Steiner Interview

19.     Scott Steiner Interview

20.     Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg

21.     Nash/Booker T feud Recap

22.     Booker T Interview

23.     Heavyweight Champ Kevin Nash vs. Booker T (Title Change, Steel Cage)


GREAT AMERICAN BASH 7/5/1986 [24/7] 2 Disks

1.       Steve Regal v. Denny Brown

2.       Robert Gibson v. Black Bart

3.       Ole & Arn Anderson v. Sam Houston & Nelson Royal

4.       Manny Fernandez v. Baron Von Raschke

5.       Jimmy Garvin v. Wahoo McDaniel

6.       Ron Garvin v. Tully Blanchard

7.       Road Warriors v. Ivan & Nikita Koloff (Russian Chain Match)

8.       Shaska Whatley v. Jimmy Valiant (Loser gets his head shaved)

9.       Midnight Express & Jim Cornette v. Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA & Babydoll (Steel Cage)

10.    Ric Flair v. Ricky Morton (Steel Cage Match for the NWA Title)


GREAT AMERICAN BASH 7/26/1986 [24/7] 2 Disks


1.       Steve Regal pinned Sam Houston.

2.       Black Bart & Konga the Barbarian beat Denny Brown & Italian Stallion when Konga pinned Stallion.

3.       Manny Fernandez pinned Baron Von Raschke in a "loaded glove on a pole" match.

4.       Wahoo McDaniel beat Jimmy Garvin in an "Indian strap" match.

5.       Tully Blanchard KO Ronnie Garvin (4th Rnd) in a "taped fist" match.

6.       The Rock-n-Roll Express drew Ole & Arn Anderson (20:00).

7.       Paul Jones pinned Jimmy Valiant (5:00) in a "hair vs hair" match.

8.       Magnum TA pinned Nikita Koloff.

9.       The Road Warriors & Baby Doll beat The Midnight Express (Eaton & Condrey) & Jim Cornette (11:00) in a "steel cage"
match when Baby Doll pinned Cornette.

10.    Dusty Rhodes pinned Ric Flair (22:00) in a "steel cage" match to win the NWA World Title.



1.        Dusty Rhodes, Road Warriors, Nikita Koloff & Paul Ellering vs. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Lex Luger & J.J. Dillon

        (1st ever War Games, from the Omni 7/4/87  This was by far, THE BEST War Games match EVER!)

2.        Western States Heritage Champ Barry Windham vs. Rick Steiner (Omni 7/4/87)

3.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Nikita Koloff vs. Lex Luger (Steel Cage, Title Change, 7/11/87 Greensboro, NC)

4.        Steve Williams vs. Dick Murdoch (TX Death Match, 7/4/87 Omni, IP)

5.        Freebirds (Hayes, Gordy & Roberts) vs. Paul Jones, Ivan Koloff & Manny Fernandez (Omni 7/4/87)

6.        Dusty Rhodes vs. Tully Blanchard (barbed wire ladder match for $100,000.  GREAT MATCH!  7/18/87, Charlotte, NC)

7.        NWA Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Jimmy Garvin (Steel Cage, 7/11/87 Greensboro, NC)

8.        NWA Tag Champs Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. U.S. Tag Champs Midnight Express (FANTASTIC MATCH!  Omni, 7/4/87)

9.        Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, Road Warriors & Paul Ellering vs. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Lex Luger & War Machine (Bubba Rogers)

         (Miami, FL, Orange Bowl, 7/31/87)




1.   Tag Champs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. Sting & Nikita Koloff

2.  U.S. Tag Champs Fantastics vs. Midnight Express (Title Change)

3.  (Triple Cage Tower of Doom) Jim & Ron Garvin, Road Warriors & Steve Williams vs. Kevin Sullivan, Russian Assassin, Mike Rotunda, Al Perez & Ivan Koloff

4.  TV Champ Mike Rotunda vs. Sting (from Bash on tour)

5.  U.S. Heavyweight Champ Barry Windham vs. Dusty Rhodes (Ron Garvin turns heel)

6.  NWA Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger



1.        Double Ring King of the Hill Battle Royal featuring Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotunda, Dan Spivey, Sid Vicious, Steiner Brothers, Steve Williams, Ranger Ross, Ron

         Simmons, Bill Irwin, Scott Hall, Brian Pillman, Eddie Gilbert & Terry Gordy

2.        Brian Pillman vs. Bill Irwin (IP)

3.        Skyscrapers vs. Dynamic Dudes (IP)

4.        Jim Cornette & Paul E. Dangerously (Tuxedo Match)

5.        Steiner Brothers vs. Kevin Sullivan & Steve Williams (The Steiners make their PPV debut as a team.)

6.        NWA TV Champ Sting vs. Great Muta (VERY GOOD MATCH.  Muta wins the TV Title.)

7.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Ricky Steamboat

8.        Road Warriors, Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) & Steve Williams vs. Freebirds (Hayes, Gordy & Garvin) & SST (Fatu & Samu) (Wargames)

9.        NWA Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk (ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL MATCH!!!  I don’t normally give star ratings, but if

         I did, this match would get 5***** easily.)


GREAT AMERICAN BASH '90 [24/7] 2 disks

1.     Brian Pillman vs. Buddy Landell

2.     Iron Sheik vs. Mike Rotunda

3.     Interviews w/Harley Race/Jim Cornette/Paul E. & Mark Callous/Lex Luger/Sting/Ric Flair

4.     Doug Furnas vs. Dutch Mantell

5.     Harley Race vs. Tommy Rich

6.     U.S. Tag Champs Midnight Express vs. Wild Eyed Southern Boys

7.     Vader vs. Tom Zenk

8.     Steiner Brothers vs. Freebirds

9.     Arn Anderson, Barry Windham & Sid Vicious vs. Paul Orndorff, Junk Yard Dog & El Gigante

10.  U.S. Champ Lex Luger vs. Mark Callous (Undertaker w/Paul E. Dangerously)

11.  Tag Champs Doom vs. Rock 'n' Roll Express

12.  NWA Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Sting (Title Change)



1.        Bobby Eaton & P.N. News vs. Steve Austin & Terry Taylor (Scaffold Match – Now who’s idea was it to put PN News

         on a scaffold?)

2.        Arn Anderson & Paul E. Dangerously Interview

3.        Diamond Studd (Scott Hall w/DDP) vs. Tom Zenk

4.        Ron Simmons vs. Oz (Kevin Nash)

5.        Top 10

6.        Robert Gibson vs. Ricky Morton (w/Alexandra York)

7.        Young Pistols & Dustin Rhodes Interview

8.        Dustin Rhodes & Young Pistols vs. Freebirds (Hayes, Garvin & Badstreet) (Elimination Match)

9.        Yellow Dog (Brian Pillman) vs. Johnny B. Badd

10.     Eric Bischoff enters Missy Hyatt's shower room, Hyatt pretends like she's offended

11.     Big Josh (Matt Borne) vs. Black Blood (Billy Jack Haynes) (Lumberjack Match)

12.     Kevin Sullivan Interview

13.     El Gigante vs. One Man Gang (w/Kevin Sullivan)

14.     Sting/Koloff feud Recap

15.     Sting vs. Nikita Koloff (Russian Chain Match)

16.     Lex Luger vs. Barry Windham (Steel Cage Match for Vacant Heavyweight Title.  When Ric Flair left

         to go to the WWF, he not only vacated the World Title, but he TOOK THE BELT WITH HIM!

         As a result, had to put Luger & Windham in a cage to determine the new World Champion.  Luger

         would win the title, turning heel in the process and taking on Harley Race as his manager.)

17.     Rick Steiner & Missy Hyatt vs. Arn Anderson & Paul E. Dangerously (Steel Cage Match, Hardliners kidnap Missy Hyatt)


GREAT AMERICAN BASH 1992 [24/7] 2 disks

NWA Tag Title Tournament Quarter Finals

1.        Nikita Koloff & Ricky Steamboat vs. Brian Pillman & Jushin Liger

2.        Freebirds vs. Hiroshi Hase & Shinya Hashimoto

3.        Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham vs. Steve Austin & Rick Rude

Semi Finals

4.        Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs. Nikita Koloff & Ricky Steamboat

5.        Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham vs. Hiroshi Hase & Shinya Hashimoto

6.        Heavyweight Champ Sting vs. Vader (Vader wins his first World title with a completely clean pin over



7.        Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs. Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham (Title Change)



1.        Alex Wright pinned Brian Pillman (15:42).

2.        Dave Sullivan beat Diamond Dallas Page in an "arm wrestling" match.

3.        Jim Duggan beat Craig Pittman (8:13) via DQ.

4.        Harlem Heat beat Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (8:39) when Booker T pinned Buck.

5.        Renegade pinned Arn Anderson (9:07) to win the TV Title.

6.        Tag Champs The Nasty Boys beat Bobby Eaton & Steven Regal (15:03) when

7.        nobbs pinned Eaton.

8.        Sting pinned Meng (13:34) to win the vacant U.S. Title.

9.        Ric Flair pinned Randy Savage (14:42).



1.        Steiner Brothers vs. Fire & Ice (Scott Norton & Ice Train)

2.        Kevin Sullivan & Jimmy Hart Interview

3.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Konnan vs. El Gato (Pat Tanaka)

4.        Sting Interview

5.        Glacier Promo

6.        Lord of the Ring Champ DDP vs. Marcus Bagwell

7.        Giant & Jimmy Hart Interview

8.        Cruiserweight Champ Dean Malenko vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Misterio Debuts)

9.        Lex Luger Interview

10.     Big Bubba Rogers vs. John Tenta

11.     Steve McMichael, Kevin Greene & Randy Savage Interview (Debra makes her first on screen appearance)

12.     Chris Benoit vs. Kevin Sullivan (GREAT FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH, Arn comes in after & helps

         Benoit beat on Sullivan)

13.     Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit & Bobby Heenan Interview

14.     Sting vs. Steven Regal

15.     Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Steve McMichael & Kevin Greene (w/Randy Savage) (McMichael joins

         the Horsemen, and the Horsemen franchise can officially be declared dead.)

16.     Kevin Nash & Scott Hall Interview (Nash powerbombs Eric Bischoff off the stage through a table!)

17.     Heavyweight Champ Giant vs. Lex Luger



1.        Ultimo Dragon vs. Psicosis

2.        Steiner Brothers vs. Harlem Heat (NWO's Vincent comes in)

3.        Konnan vs. Hugh Morrus

4.        Glacier vs. Wrath (Mortis is handcuffed at ringside)

5.        Women's Champ Akira Hokuto vs. Madusa (Madusa "retires")

6.        Chris Benoit vs. Meng (Death Match)

7.        Steve McMichael vs. Kevin Greene (Jeff Jarrett gets involved)

8.        Tag Champs Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Ric Flair & Roddy Piper

9.        Randy Savage vs. DDP (Falls Count Anywhere) (Scott Hall comes in)



1.        Chris Benoit vs. Booker T (GREAT MATCH!  Benoit made Booker T’s career with their series of matches.)

2.        Perry Saturn vs. Chris Kanyon (Raven & Flock come in after)

3.        Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho (for theVacant Cruiserweight Title, Title Change)

4.        Juventud Guerrera vs. Ron Reis

5.        Eddy Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

6.        TV Champ Fit Finlay vs. Booker T (Title Change)

7.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Goldberg vs. Konnan (100-0)

8.        Roddy Piper & Randy Savage vs. Hollywood Hogan & Bret Hart

9.        Sting vs. The Giant (Winner gets to pick new partner for Tag Titles, Sting picks Kevin Nash)



1.        Master P enters the Arena, Curt Hennig crumbles a No Limit CD in his face

2.        Hak (w/Chastity) vs. Brian Knobbs (Hugh Morrus comes in after)

3.        Mikey Whipwreck vs. Van Hammer

4.        Buff Bagwell vs. Disco Inferno

5.        Hennig & Duncum/Misterio & Konnan feud Recap

6.        Konnan & Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Curt Hennig & Bobby Duncum Jr. (Master P gets involved, Barry Windham comes in)

7.        Ernest Miller vs. Horace Hogan

8.        Piper/Flair feud Recap

9.        Roddy Piper vs. Ric Flair

10.     TV Champ Rick Steiner vs. Sting (Falls Count Anywhere, Infamous dog attack angle, this was cheap even for WCW)

11.     Steiner Brothers Interview

12.     Saturn & Benoit/Triad feud Recap

13.     Tag Champs Saturn & Chris Benoit vs. DDP & Chris Kanyon (Title Change, Dean Malenko & Bam Bam Bigelow come in)

14.     Nash/Savage feud Recap

15.     Heavyweight Champ Kevin Nash vs. Randy Savage (Sid Vicious returns)



1.        Cruiserweight Champ Lt. Loco (Chavo Guerrero w/MIA) vs. Disco Inferno (w/Filthy Animals)

2.        Mamalukes Interview

3.        Kronik vs. Mamalukes

4.        DDP Interview

5.        Mike Awesome vs. DDP (Ambulance Match, Kanyon turns on DDP)

6.        G.I. Bro (Booker T) vs. Shawn Stasiak (Boot Camp Match, Chuck Palumbo comes in)

7.        Kanyon Interview

8.        Shane Douglas vs. The Wall (Tables match)

9.        Scott Steiner vs. Tank Abbott & Rick Steiner (Handicapped Asylum Match)

10.     Hollywood Hogan Interview

11.     Hollywood Hogan vs. Billy Kidman (Guest ref. Horace Hogan)

12.     David Flair/Ric Flair feud Recap

13.     David Flair & Vince Russo Interview

14.     Ric Flair Interview

15.     Ric Flair vs. David Flair

16.     Sting/Vampiro feud Recap

17.     Sting vs. Vampiro (Scaffold Human Torch Match)

18.     Heavyweight Champ Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash (guest ref. Ernest Miller, Goldberg turns heel)



1.        Jason Jett Vs. Kwee-weeh

2.        Kidman/Rey Mysterio, Jr. Vs. Kid Romeo/Elix Skipper

3.        Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Shawn Stasiak

4.        Mike Awesome/Lance Storm Vs. Konnan/Hugh Morrus

5.        Chavo Guerrero, Jr. Vs. Shane Helms

6.        Buff Bagwell/Lex Luger Vs. Sean O'Haire/Chuck Palumbo

7.        Cat Vs. Kanyon

8.        Booker T Vs. Rick Steiner

9.        Ric Flair/Jeff Jarrett Vs. Dusty/Dustin Rhodes

10.     Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Scott Steiner




1.        Tom Zenk vs. Mike Rotunda

2.        Steve Williams & Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) vs. SST (Samu & Fatu) & Samoan Savage 

3.        Tommy Rich vs. Cuban Assassin

4.        NWA Tag Champs Freebirds vs. Dynamic Dudes (Douglas & Ace w/Jim Cornette)

5.        Steiner Brothers vs. Doom (Good Match)

6.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Brian Pillman

7.        Road Warriors vs. Skyscrapers

8.        Ric Flair & Sting vs. Terry Funk & Great Muta (Thundercage Steel Cage match, guest ref. Bruno Sammartino)



1.        Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich Interview

2.        New Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich) vs. Midnight Express (Lane & Eaton)

3.        Terry Taylor vs. "Wild" Bill Irwin

4.        Sting Interview (Black Scorpion makes a "mystical" appearance)

5.        Brad Armstrong vs. J.W. Storm

6.        Jim Cornette Interview

7.        The Juicer & Norman hand out candy to the crowd (how nice)

8.        Southern Boys (Smothers & Armstrong) vs. Master Blasters (Kevin Nash & Al Green)

9.        Brad Armstrong Interview

10.     Renegade Warriors (Mark & Chris Youngblood) vs. Freebirds (Hayes & Garvin)

11.     Sid Vicious, Arn Anderson & Ric Flair Interview

12.     U.S. Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Nasty Boys (GREAT, WILD and BLOODY MATCH!  Easily the best match on

         the show!)

13.     Freebirds & Little Richard Marley Interview

14.     Junk Yard Dog vs. Moondog Rex

15.     Scott Steiner Interview (Nasty Boys attack while dressed as concessionaires)

16.     NWA Tag Champs Doom vs. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (GREAT MATCH!)

17.     Stan Hansen Interview

18.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Stan Hansen (Hansen wins the US Title with the help of his All

         Japan tag team partner, Terry Gordy)

19.     Teddy Long Interview

20.     NWA Heavyweight Champ Sting vs. Sid Vicious (Sid appears to win the World title from Sting, but

         it turns out that he really pinned fellow Horseman BARRY WINDHAM, who had switched places with Sting

         in the back and impersonated him in order to help Sid win the title.  The Real Sting returned though, and the

         match continued, with Sting pinning Vicious to retain the title.  Very original angle, and well done by WCW.)


HALLOWEEN HAVOC '91 [24/7] 2 disks

1.        Pre show interview including the Enforcers (Arn Anderson & Larry Zbysko) "breaking" Barry Windham's arm

2.        Sting, Steiner Brothers & El Gigante vs. Cactus Jack, Abdullah the Butcher, Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) & Big Van Vader

         (Chamber of Horrors match, Abdullah fries in an electric chair, corny but cool)

3.        Young Pistols Interview

4.        Big Josh (Borne) & P.N. News vs. Mysterious Creatures (Joey Maggs & Johnny Rich)

5.        Bobby Eaton vs. Terry Taylor

6.        Jimmy Garvin vs. Johnny B. Badd

7.        TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Dustin Rhodes

8.        Bill Kazmaier vs. Oz (Kevin Nash)

9.        Van Hammer vs. Doug Sommers

10.     Brian Pillman vs. Ricky Morton (Light Heavyweight Title Finals, Title Change)

11.     Halloween Phantom (Rick Rude) vs. Tom Zenk

12.     Tag Champs Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko vs. Patriots (Todd Champion & Firebreaker Chip)

13.     Paul E. Dangerously & Madusa announce the Dangerous Alliance and that the Halloween Phantom is Rick Rude

14.     Rick Rude Interview

15.     Ron Simmons Video package

16.     Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Ron Simmons (2/3 falls)



1.        Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton & Michael Hayes vs. Shane Douglas, Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn

2.        Ricky Steamboat vs. Brian Pillman

3.        Bill Watts Interview

4.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Vader (subbing for Rick Rude) vs. Nikita Koloff

5.        Steve Austin & Steve Williams Interview

6.        Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes Interview

7.        Unified Tag Champs Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham vs. Steve Austin & Steve Williams

8.        Madusa/Paul E. Dangerously Confrontation (Paul E. fires Madusa, she attacks him back)

9.        Sting Spins the wheel and gets a "Coal Minor's Glove Match"

10.     NWA Heavyweight Champ Masa Chono vs. Rick Rude (guest refs. Harley Race & Kensuke Sasaki)

11.     Heavyweight Champ Ron Simmons vs. Barbarian (w/Cactus Jack)

12.     Interviews w/Erik Watts & Ron Simmons

13.     Sting vs. Jake Roberts (Coal Minor's Glove Match)



1.        Ice Train, Charlie Norris, & The Shockmaster v. Harlem Heat & The Equalizer

2.        Paul Orndorff v. Ricky Steamboat.

3.        TV Champ Steven Regal v. Davey Smith

4.        U.S. Champ Dustin Rhodes v. Steve Austin

5.        The Nasty Boys v. Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio

6.        Sting v. Sid Vicious

7.        International World Champ Rick Rude v. Ric Flair

8.        Vader v. Cactus Jack ("Texas death" match.)



1.        TV Champ Johnny B. Badd vs. Honky Tonk Man

2.        Tag Champs Patriot & Marcus Bagwell vs. Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma (Title Change)

3.        Kevin Sullivan vs. David Sullivan

4.        Dustin Rhodes vs. Arn Anderson

5.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Jim Duggan vs. Steve Austin

6.        Vader vs. Guardian Angel

7.        Nasty Boys vs. Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck

8.        Heavyweight Champ Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair (Guest ref. Mr. T, Steel Cage Match, Retirement Match)

9.        Brother Brutus is revealed to be the masked attacker on Hulk Hogan and creates the 3 Faces of Fear along with Kevin Sullivan

         & the debut of the Avalanche



1.        TV Champ DDP vs. Johnny B. Badd (Title Change)

2.        Randy Savage vs. Zodiac (Beefcake)

3.        Road Warrior Hawk vs. Kurasawa

4.        Sabu vs. Mr. JL (Jerry Lynn)

5.        Lex Luger vs. Meng

6.        Sting & Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman (Flair turns on Sting)

7.        Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant in a "Monster Truck" match

8.        Randy Savage vs. Lex Luger

9.        Heavyweight Champ Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant (Title Change)



1.        Cruiserweight Champ Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Dean Malenko (Title Change)

2.        DDP vs. Eddy Guerrero (Battle Bowl Ring)

3.        Ted Dibiase & Giant Interview

4.        Heavyweight Champ Giant vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Ric Flair)

5.        Ted Dibiase & Syxx Interview

6.        Chris Jericho vs. Syxx (X Pac)

7.        Lex Luger Interview

8.        Lex Luger vs. Arn Anderson

9.        Meng & Barbarian vs. Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael (Dungeon of Doom come in after)

10.     Tag Champs Harlem Heat vs. Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (Title Change)

11.     Hollywood Hogan Interview

12.     Heavyweight Champ Hollywood Hogan vs. Randy Savage (Roddy Piper Debuts)



1.        Yuji Nagata v. Ultimo Dragon

2.        Chris Jericho v. Gedo

3.        Rey Misterio, Jr. v. Eddie Guerrero (FANTASTIC MATCH!  Rey wins the Cruiserweight Title in a

         "mask vs. title" match.)

4.        Alex Wright v. Steve McMichael

5.        Jacquelyn v. Disco Inferno

6.        U.S. Champ Curt Hennig v. Ric Flair.

7.        Lex Luger v. Scott Hall

8.        Randy Savage v. Diamond Dallas Page (18:07) in a "sudden death" match.

9.        Roddy Piper v. Hulk Hogan (13:37) via sleeperhold in a "steel cage" match.



1.        TV Champ Chris Jericho vs. Raven

2.        Disco Inferno vs. Juventud Guerrera

3.        Cruiserweight Champ Billy Kidman vs. Disco Inferno

4.        Tag Champs Giant & Scott Steiner (subbing for Scott Hall) vs. Rick Steiner (Handicapped, Buff Bagwell gets involved)

5.        Rick Steiner vs. Scott Steiner (No DQ, Buff Bagwell gets involved again)

6.        Hall/Nash feud Recap

7.        Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash

8.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Bret Hart vs. Sting

9.        Hulk Hogan vs. The Warrior (ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE MATCH!)

10.     Heavyweight Champ Goldberg vs. DDP



1.        Interviews w/Harlem Heat/Kimberly & DDP/Eddy Guerrero/Flair/Bret/Sting

2.        Cruiserweight Champ Disco Inferno vs. Lash Leroux

3.        Tag Champs Konnan & Billy Kidman vs. Harlem Heat vs. Hugh Morrus Brian Knobbs

4.        Perry Saturn vs. Eddy Guerrero

5.        Bagwell & Luger attack Jarrett

6.        Berlyn vs. Brad Armstrong

7.        TV Champ Chris Benoit vs. Rick Steiner (Title Change, Malenko comes in)

8.        Lex Luger vs. Bret Hart

9.        Heavyweight Champ Sting vs. Hulk Hogan

10.     Sid vs. Goldberg

11.     Ric Flair vs. DDP

12.     Heavyweight Champ Sting vs. Goldberg (Title Change)



1.        Tag Champs Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire vs. Disco Inferno & Alex Wright vs. Billy Kidman & Rey Misterio Jr.

2.        Hardcore Champ Reno vs. AWOL (the Wall)

3.        Lt. Loco & Cpl. Cajun (Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Lash Leroux) vs. Shawn Stasiak & Chuck Palumbo

4.        Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson vs. Konnan & Tygress

5.        David Flair Interview

6.        Buff Bagwell vs. David Flair (First Blood "DNA" Match, Lex Luger comes in)

7.        Scott Steiner Interview

8.        Ernest Miller vs. Mike Sanders (Kick Boxing Match for the Commissionership)

9.        Goldberg Interview

10.     Kronik Interview

11.     "That 70's Guy" Mike Awesome vs. Vampiro

12.     Hugh Morrus Interview

13.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lance Storm & Jim Duggan vs. Gen. Rection (Hugh Morrus) (Handicapped Match, Title Change)

14.     Jeff Jarrett Interview

15.     Jarrett/Sting feud Recap

16.     Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett (Several old formations of Sting attempt to attack Sting during the match)

17.     Booker T Interview

18.     Booker/Scott Steiner feud Recap

19.     Heavyweight Champ Booker T vs. Scott Steiner

20.     Goldberg vs. Kronik (Handicapped Match)



1.        Cruiserweight Champ Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Ultimo Dragon (GREAT MATCH!)

2.        Scott Norton vs. Ice Train

3.        Ric Flair Interview

4.        Madusa vs. Bull Nakano (loser gets to trash the others Motor Cycle)

5.        Chris Benoit vs. Dean Malenko (ANOTHER GREAT ONE!  Any time these two are in the ring together, it’s gold!)

6.        Tag Champs Harlem Heat vs. Steiner Brothers

7.        A Look at Sturgis' Biker Rally

8.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Eddy Guerrero

9.        Giant & Jimmy Hart Interview

10.     Sting & Lex Luger vs. Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

11.     Heavyweight Champ Giant vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan (Title Change, afterwards Booty Man comes in to celebrate Hogan's Birthday but Hogan

Turns on him and beats him down with the Outsiders)



1.        Brian Pillman, Tom Zenk & Tim Horner vs. Takayuki Iizuka, Kuniaki Kobayashi & Shiro Koshinaka

2.        IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champ Jushin Liger vs. Akira Nogami (GREAT MATCH!  It’s a shame that WCW

3.        chose to edit this match down from its original length of more than 16 minutes)

4.        Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vs. Masa Chono & Masa Saito

5.        El Gigante vs. Big Cat (Mr. Hughes) (Yeah, we needed to cut Liger’s match in half to make room for this.  Right.)

6.        Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. IWGP Tag Champs Kensuke Sasaki & Hiroshi Hase (IWGP Title Change)

7.        Sting vs. Great Muta

8.        Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Tatsumi Fujinami (Fujinami wins the World title but it is later

         returned to Ric Flair as It was decided Bill Alfonso was the official ref and not the one that counted the three,

         also Fujinami threw Flair over the top rope Moments before the win which eventually got him DQ'd.  Flair

         is FANTASTIC as he interrupts Fujinami during his post-match press conference and snatches the belt

         from him before leaving the room screaming like a maniac.  Classic Flair, and great to watch.)



1.        Jushin Liger, Akira Nogami & Masashi Aoyagi vs. Super Strong Machine, Hiro Saito & Norio Hanaga

2.        Arn Anderson & Larry Zbysko vs. Michiyoshi Ohara & Shiro Koshinaka

3.        Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs. Masa Saito & Kim Duk

4.        Vader vs. El Gigante

5.        World Champ Lex Luger vs. Masa Chono

6.        IWGP Heavyweight Champ Tatsumi Fijinami vs. Riki Choshu (Title Changes)

7.        Sting & Great Muta vs. Steiner Brothers (A DREAM MATCH!  Sting and Muta team up for the first time and

         face what was currently the best tag team in the world!)



1.        IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champ Ultimo Dragon vs. Jushin Liger (Liger wins the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title in a


2.        Ron Simmons vs. Tony Halme (Ludvig Borga)

3.        Dustin Rhodes & Scott Norton vs. Mr. Saito & Shinya Hashimoto

4.        NWA Champ Masa Chono vs. IWGP Champ Great Muta (GREAT MATCH!!! Muta wins NWA Title)

5.        El Samurai, Takayuki Iizuka & Akira Nogami vs. Nobukazu Hirai, Masao Orihara, & Koki Kitihara

6.        Sting vs. Hiroshi Hase




This was actually a 2 day show where both shows set world attendance records.  Those records though, are questionable, as attendance was prettymuch

1.        Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) v. Too Cold Scorpio..

2.        Yuji Nagata v. Tokimitsu Ishizawa..

3.        Masa Chono & Hiro Saito v. El Samurai & Tadao Yasuda..

4.        Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto v. Manami Toyota & Mariko Yoshida..

5.        IWGP TITLE MATCH: Shinya Hashimoto vs Scott Norton

6.        Road Warrior Hawk v. Tadao Yasuda..

7.        The Steiner Brothers v. Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki..

8.        Antonio Inoki v. Ric Flair




1.        Chris Benoit Vs. Jeff Jarrett

2.        Disco Inferno Vs. Evan Karagias

3.        Brian Knobbs Vs. Norman Smiley

4.        Asya/Malenko/Saturn Vs. E.Guerrero/Kidman/Torrie

5.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Curt Hennig

6.        Bret Hart Vs. Sting

7.        Berlyn Vs. Vampiro

8.        Lex Luger Vs. Meng

9.        Booker T Vs. Scott Hall

10.     David Flair Vs. Kimberly

11.     Goldberg Vs. Sid Viscious

12.     Chris Benoit Vs. Bret Hart



1.        Kwee-wee Vs. Mike Sanders

2.        Jung Dragons Vs.Jaime Knoble & Evan Karragias Vs. 3 Count

3.        Jimmy Hart Vs. Mancow

4.        Crowbar Vs. Reno Vs. Vito

5.        Kidman & Rey Mysterio, Jr. Vs. Kronic & Alex Wright

6.        Shane Douglas Vs. Ernest Miller

7.        AWOL Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

8.        Lance Storm Vs. Hugh Morrous

9.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Jeff Jarrett

10.     Kevin Nash & Diamond Dallas Page Vs. The Perfect Event

11.     Goldberg Vs. Lex Luger

12.     Booker T Vs. Scott Steiner in a "Steel Cage Match"



1.        Jung Dragons Vs. 3 Count

2.        Cat Vs. Great Muta

3.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Kanyon

4.        Cajun/Rection Vs. Jindrak/O'Haire Vs. Kronik Vs. Palumbo/Stasiak

5.        Shane Douglas Vs. Kidman

6.        Major Gunns Vs. Stacy Kiebler

7.        Demon Vs. Sting

8.        Mike Awesome Vs. Lance Storm

9.        Kronik Vs. Muta/Vampiro

10.     Goldberg Vs. Kevin Nash Vs. Scott Steiner

11.     Booker T Vs. Jeff Jarrett



10.     Bagwell/Norton Vs. Harlem Heat

11.     Konnan Vs. Rey Mysterio

12.     Benoit/McMichael Vs. Jarrett/Malenko

13.     Chris Jericho Vs. Alex Wright

14.     Ric Flair Vs. Syxx

15.     Curt Hennig Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

16.     Giant Vs. Randy Savage

17.     Outsiders Vs. Steiners

18.     Hollywood Hogan Vs. Lex Luger


ROAD WILD 1998  [24/7]

1.         Barbarian Vs. Meng

2.        Disco/Wright Vs. Public Enemy

3.        Raven Vs. Kanyon Vs. Saturn

4.        Rey Mysterio Vs. Psychosis

5.        Chavo Guerrero Vs. Stevie Ray

6.        Bryan Adams Vs. Steve McMichael

7.        Juventud Guerrera Vs. Chris Jericho

8.        nWo Hollywood Vs. Wolfpac Vs. Goldberg "Battle Royal"

9.        Hogan/Bischoff Vs. Page/Leno(who ever came up with this should be shot)



1.         Guerrero/Kidman/Mysterio Vs. Vampiro/ICP

2.        Bigelow/Kanyon Vs. Harlem Heat

3.        Douglas/Malenko/Saturn Vs. Duncum/Hennig/B.Windham

4.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Ernest Miller

5.        Chris Benoit Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

6.        Sting Vs. Sid Viscious

7.        Goldberg Vs. Rick Steiner

8.        Dennis Rodman Vs. Randy Savage

9.        Hulk Hogan Vs. Kevin Nash


SIN 2001 [24/7] 2 DISKS

1.        Chavo Guerrero Vs. Shane Helms

2.        Reno Vs. Big Vito

3.        Jung Dragons Vs. Evan Karragias & Jamie Knoble

4.        The Cat Vs. Mike Sanders

5.        Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper & Lance Storm Vs. Kidman, Konnan & Rey Mysterio, Jr. "Penalty Box Match"

6.        Crowbar Vs. Terry Funk Vs. Meng "Hardcore Match"

7.        Kevin Nash & Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo

8.        Shane Douglas Vs. Hugh Morrus "1st Blood Match"

9.        Buff Bagwell & Lex Luger Vs. Goldberg & The Sarge

10.     Jeff Jarrett Vs. Scott Steiner Vs. Sid Viscious Vs. Mystery Opponent


1.  The Legends reunite in the ring before the matches begin

1.        Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell vs. Chris Benoit & Bobby Eaton (Scorpio debuts the Tumbleweed & lands on Benoit's face in the process.  This

was during Benoit’s forgettable first run in WCW.  I don’t think they knew who they had at the time.)

3.Van Hammer vs. Sid Vicious (w/ Rob Parker) (This was Sid's return to WCW)

1.        Red Bastein & Bugsy McGraw Interview

2.        Wahoo McDaniel, Blackjack Mulligan & Jim Brunzell vs. Dick Murdoch, Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka (Legends 6 Man Tag Match)

3.        The Assassin & Mad Dog Vachon Interview

4.        Thunderbolt Patterson & Brad Armstrong vs. Ivan Koloff & Baron Von Raschke (Legends Tag Match – The match sucked, but Patterson on the

         Microphone was priceless!)

5.        Ric Flair's "A Flair for the Gold" segment where he introduces the New 4 Horsemen including himself, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and....Paul Roma ?!?!?

6.        Dory Funk Jr. (w/Gene Kiniski) vs. Nick Bockwinkel (w/Verne Gagne) (Legends Mystery Match)

7.        Lou Thesz & Bob Geigle Interview

8.        Dustin Rhodes & Kensuke Sasaki vs. Rick Rude & Paul Orndorff

9.        Hall of Fame Induction w/Lou Thesz, Verne Gagne, Mr. Wrestling II & Mike Graham accepting the award for his late father, Eddie Graham

10.     John Tolos & James Blears Interview

11.     Sting vs. The Prisoner (Nailz who was subbing for Scott Norton)

12.     Crusher & Ox Baker Interview

13.     Tag Champs Hollywood Blondes (Pillman & Austin) vs. Ricky Steamboat & Tom Zenk (Steel Cage Match -  Steamboat & Zenk wore masks

         calling themselves Dos Hombres, this as to hide the fact that Zenk was wrestling who was supposed to be Shane Douglas as announced)

14.     Dusty Rhodes, Mr. Wrestling II & Stu Hart Interview

15.     NWA Heavyweight Champ Barry Windham vs. Arn Anderson

16.     Heavyweight Champ Vader vs. Davey Boy Smith (After the bout Sting comes to Smith's aid)

17.     Magnum T.A. Interview

18.     Verne Gagne Interview



1.            Steve Austin Vs. Johnny B. Badd

2.           Tully Blanchard Vs. Terry Funk

3.           Steve Regal Vs. Larry Zybsko

4.           Bunkhouse Buck Vs. Dustin Rhodes

5.           Ric Flair Vs. Barry WindhamCactus/Sullivan Vs. Nasty Boys

6.           Sting Vs. Vader



1.           Harlem Heat Interview

2.           Tag Champs Harlem Heat vs. Nasty Boys (Title Change)

3.           Kevin Sullivan/Butcher feud recap

4.           Nasty Boys Interview

5.           Kevin Sullivan Interview

6.           Kevin Sullivan vs. The Man with No Name (Ed Leslie) (The Master debuts after the match)

7.           Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage Interview

8.           Wahoo McDaniel vs. Dick Murdoch (Legends Match)

9.           Big Bubba Rogers Interview

10.        IWGP Heavyweight Champ Great Muta vs. Paul Orndorff

11.        Arn Anderson/Alex Wright feud recap

12.        Ric Flair, Vader & Arn Anderson Interview

13.        TV Champ Arn Anderson vs. Alex Wright

14.        Road Warrior Hawk vs. Meng

15.        Hall of Fame Induction of Wahoo McDaniel, Terry Funk, Angelo Poffo, Antonio Inoki, Big John Studd, Dusty Rhodes & Gordon Solie

16.        Sting Interview

17.        Sting vs. Big Bubba Rogers (Lights Out Match)

18.        Hogan & Savage/Flair & Vader feud recap

19.        Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs. Vader & Ric Flair (Afterwards Flair & Arn attack Randy Savage & Angelo Poffo)



1st Round of Lethal Lottery

1.        Road Warrior Animal & Booker T vs. Road Warrior Hawk & Lex Luger

2.        Public Enemy vs. Kevin Sullivan & Chris Benoit

3.        Scott Steiner & Craig Pittman vs. Rick Steiner & Booty Man

4.        Steven Regal & Dave Taylor vs. Jim Duggan & V.K. Wallstreet

5.        Dick Slater & Robert Eaton vs. Disco Inferno & Alex Wright

6.        DDP & Barbarian vs. Hugh Morrus & Meng

7.        Big Bubba Rogers & Stevie Ray vs. Scott Norton & Ice Train (Fire & Ice)

8.        Eddy Guerrero & Arn Anderson vs. Ric Flair & Randy Savage

9.        Cruiserweight Champ Dean Malenko vs. Brad Armstrong

10.     Glacier Promo

2nd Round of Lethal Lottery

11.     Dick Slater & Robert Eaton vs. Jim Duggan & V.K. Wallstreet

12.     Public Enemy vs. Randy Savage & Ric Flair

13.     DDP & Barbarian vs. Booty Man & Rick Steiner

14.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Konnan vs. Jushin Liger

15.     Ric Flair & Arn Anderson Interview (Steve McMichael & Kevin Green come in)

16.     8-Man Lord of the Ring Battle Bowl featuring Scott Norton, Ice Train, Dick Slater, Robert Eaton, DDP, Barbarian & Public Enemy

17.     Giant & Jimmy Hart Interview

18.     Heavyweight Champ Giant vs. Sting



1.        TV Champ Ultimo Dragon vs. Steven Regal (Title Change)

2.        Madusa vs. Luna Vachon

3.        Randy Savage/DDP Interview & Confrontation (NWO & Giant come in)

4.        Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Yuji Yasuraoka

5.        Glacier vs. Mortis (Wrath comes in, Ernest Miller Debuts & makes the save)

6.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett

7.        Chris Benoit vs. Meng (Death Match)

8.        Steiner Brothers vs. Hugh Morrus & Konnan (Konnan leaves the Dungeon of Doom)

9.        Steve McMichael vs. Reggie White

10.     Ric Flair, Roddy Piper & Kevin Green vs. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Syxx



1.        TV Champ Fit Finlay vs. Chris Benoit

2.        Lex Luger vs. Brian Adams

3.        Cruiserweight Battle Royal featuring Marty Jannetty, Chavo Guerrero Jr., El Grio, Super Calo, Johnny Swinger, Evan Karagias, El Ciclope,

         Damian, El Dandy, Juventud Guerrera, Silver King, Kidman, Lenny Lane , Psicosis & Villano IV (El Ciclope turns out to be Dean Malenko under

         A mask.  Malkenko wins the battle royal, leading directly into….)

4.        Cruiserweight Champ Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko (Title Change)

5.        DDP vs. Raven (Bowery Steel Cage Match, Flock & Van Hammer come in, Mortis returns)

6.        Eddy Guerrero vs. Ultimo Dragon

7.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Goldberg vs. Perry Saturn (88-0)

8.        Eric Bischoff vs. Vince McMahon (Bischoff wins via forfeit as McMahon obviously doesn't show up.)

9.        Randy Savage vs. Bret Hart (Guest ref. Roddy Piper)

10.     Tag Champs Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Sting & The Giant (Title Change, Hall turns on Nash)


SLAMBOREE '98 [24/7]

1.        TV Champ Fit Finlay vs. Chris Benoi

2.        Lex Luger vs. Brian Adams

3.        Cruiserweight Battle Royal featuring Marty Jannetty, Chavo Guerrero Jr., El Grio, Super Calo, Johnny Swinger, Evan Karagias, El Ciclope,

         Damian, El Dandy, Juventud Guerrera, Silver King, Kidman, Lenny Lane , Psicosis & Villano IV (El Ciclope turns out to be Dean Malenko under

         A mask.  Malkenko wins the battle royal, leading directly into….)

4.        Cruiserweight Champ Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko (Title Change)

5.        DDP vs. Raven (Bowery Steel Cage Match, Flock & Van Hammer come in, Mortis returns)

6.        Eddy Guerrero vs. Ultimo Dragon

7.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Goldberg vs. Perry Saturn (88-0)

8.        Eric Bischoff vs. Vince McMahon (Bischoff wins via forfeit as McMahon obviously doesn't show up.)

9.        Randy Savage vs. Bret Hart (Guest ref. Roddy Piper)

10.     Tag Champs Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Sting & The Giant (Title Change, Hall turns on Nash)




1.        Tag Champs Billy Kidman & Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs. Raven & Saturn (Title Change)

2.        Konnan vs. Stevie Ray

3.        Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Brian Knobbs (Hardcore Match)

4.        TV Champ Booker T vs. Rick Steiner (Title Change)

5.        Gorgeous George (w/Randy Savage) vs. "Little Naitch" Charles Robinson (w/Ric Flair)

6.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Scott Steiner vs. Buff Bagwell (Rick Steiner turns heel joins Scott)

7.        Roddy Piper vs. Ric Flair (winner becomes President of WCW)

8.        Sting vs. Goldberg (Bret Hart comes in)

9.        Heavyweight Champ DDP vs. Kevin Nash (Title Change)


SLAMBOREE 00 [24/7]

1.           Chris Candido Vs. The Artist

2.           Terry Funk Vs. Norman Smiley

3.           Curt Hennig Vs. Sean Stasiak

4.           Hugh Morrus Vs. Scott Steiner

5.           Chris Kanyon Vs. Mike Awesome

6.           Buff Bagwell Vs. Lex Luger

7.           Shane Douglas Vs. Ric Flair

8.           Sting Vs. Vampiro

9.           Hulk Hogan Vs. Kidman

10.        David Arquette Vs. Jeff Jarrett Vs. Diamond Dallas Page


SOULED OUT 1997 [24/7] 2 DISKS

actually titled nWo Souled Out

1.            Masahiro Chono Vs. Chris Jericho

2.           Big Bubba Vs. Hugh Morrus

3.           Jeff Jarrett Vs. Michael Wallstreet

4.           Buff Bagwell Vs. Scotty Riggs

5.           Scott Norton Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

6.           Outsiders Vs. Steiners

7.           Eddie Guerrero Vs. Syxx "Ladder"

8.           Giant Vs. Hollywood Hogan



1.     8 Man Luchadore tag match

2.     Chris Benoit Vs. Raven

3.     Chris Jericho Vs. Rey Mysterio

4.     Rick Martel Vs. Booker T

5.     Scott Hall Vs. Larry Zybsko

6.     Bagwell/Konnan/Norton Vs. Steiners/Traylor

7.     Giant Vs. Kevin Nash

8.     Ric Flair Vs. Bret Hart

9.     Lex Luger Vs. Randy Savage



1.     Chris Benoit Vs. Mike Enos

2.     Chavo Guerrero Vs. Norman Smiley

3.     Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Wrath

4.     Konnan Vs. Lex Luger

5.     Chris Jericho Vs. Saturn

6.     Juventud Guerrera Vs. Kidman Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Psychosis

7.     David/Ric Flair Vs. Hennig/B.Windham

8.     Goldberg Vs. Scott Hall "Ladder"



1.        Billy Kidman vs. Dean Malenko (1st leg of a Triple Threat Theatre match, "Catch as Catch can match"  Unexpected ending though, as one of the

Stipulations is that the match is over if anyone leaves the ring.  Malenko forgets this part and 2 minutes into the match, he steps outside, and the ref

has no choice but to stop the match!)

2.        Vampiro/David Flair feud Recap

3.        Vampiro Interview (Masa Chono comes in)

4.        David Flair, Crowbar & Daffney Interview

5.        David Flair vs. Crowbar vs. Vampiro (3 Way Dance)

6.        Disco Inferno & Mamalukes Interview

7.        Big Vito & Johnny the Bull (the Mamalukes w/Disco Inferno) vs. Harris Brothers

8.        Cruiserweight Champ Madusa (w/Spice) vs. Oklahoma (Title Change)

9.        Brian Knobbs Interview

10.     Hardcore Champ Brian Knobbs vs. Fit Finlay vs. Meng vs. Norman Smiley

11.     Billy Kidman vs. Saturn (2nd leg of a Triple Threat Theatre match, Bunkhouse Match)

12.     Stevie Ray Interview

13.     Booker T (w/Midnight) vs. Stevie Ray ("Big T" Ahmed Johnson debuts)

14.     Sid Vicious Interview

15.     Abbott/Flynn feud Recap

16.     Tank Abbott vs. Jerry Flynn

17.     DDP/Bagwell feud Recap

18.     DDP vs. Buff Bagwell (Last Man Standing match)

19.     Billy Kidman vs. The Wall (Final leg of Triple Threat Theatre Match, Steel Cage Match)

20.     Kevin Nash vs. Terry Funk (for the Commissionership)

21.     Arn Anderson Interview

22.     Sid Vicious vs. Chris Benoit (guest ref. Arn Anderson, for vacant Heavyweight Title, Title Change)

23.     Chris Benoit/Arn Anderson/Kevin Nash Interview



1.        Johnny B. Badd vs. DDP

2.        TV Champ Steven Regal vs. Brian Pillman

3.        Tag Champs Nasty Boys vs. Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne (Pinfalls Anywhere, GREAT AND WILD MATCH!)

4.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Steve Austin vs. Great Muta

5.        International Champ Rick Rude vs. Sting (Title Change)

6.        Dustin Rhodes vs. Bunkhouse Buck (Bunkhouse Match)

7.        Rick Rude Interview (Rude & Vader brawl)

8.        The Boss (Big Boss Man) vs. Vader (Boss beats the hell out of Harley Race w/his nightstick after the match)

9.        Nick Bockwinkel strips the Boss of his nightstick & handcuffs

10.     Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat (FANTASTIC MATCH!)


SPRING STAMPEDE '97 [24/7] 2 Disks

1.        Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Ultimo Dragon

2.        Women's Champ Akira Hokuto vs. Madusa

3.        TV Champ Prince Iaukea vs. Steven Regal

4.        Ric Flair Interview

5.        Public Enemy vs. Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael

6.        Sherri & Harlem Heat Interview

7.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Dean Malenko vs. Chris Benoit

8.        Tag Champs Kevin Nash vs. Rick Steiner

9.        Lex Luger & Giant Interview

10.     Lex Luger vs. The Giant vs. Booker T vs. Stevie Ray

11.     DDP & Kimberly Interview

12.     Randy Savage vs. DDP (No DQ)



1.           Goldberg Vs. Saturn

2.           Chavo Guerrero Vs. Ultimo Dragon

3.           Chris Benoit Vs. Booker T

4.           British Bulldog Vs. Curt Hennig

5.           Chris Jericho Vs. Prince Iakuea

6.           Bagwell/S.Steiner Vs. Luger/R.Steiner

7.           La Parka Vs. Psychosis

8.           Giant/Piper Vs. Hogan/Nash

9.           Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Raven

10.        Randy Savage Vs. Sting



1.           Juventud Guerrera Vs. Psychosis

2.           Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Hak

3.           Scotty Riggs Vs. Mikey Whipwreck

4.           Disco Inferno Vs. Konnan

5.           Kidman Vs. Rey Mysterio

6.           Benoit/Malenko Vs. Raven/Saturn

7.           Booker T. Vs. Scott Steiner

8.           Goldberg Vs. Kevin Nash

9.           Flair Vs. Hogan Vs. Page Vs. Sting


SPRING STAMPEDE 1999 [24/7] 2 Disks

Same listings as above, but the Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs. Raven & Saturn is edited out


SPRING STAMPEDE  2000 [24/7] 2 Disks

1.           Flair/Luger Vs. Marmalukes

2.           Scott Steiner Vs. The Wall

3.           Mike Awesome Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

4.           Harlem Heat Vs. Bagwell/Douglas

5.           Booker T Vs. Sting

6.           Kidman Vs. Vampiro

7.           Terry Funk Vs. Norman Smiley

8.           Mike Awesome Vs. Scott Steiner

9.           Sting Vs. Vampiro

10.        Candido Vs. Crowbar Vs. Guerrera Vs. Helms Vs. Iaukea Vs. Leroux

11.        Bagwell/Douglas Vs. Flair/Luger

12.        Scott Steiner Vs. Sting

13.        Jeff Jarrett Vs. Diamond Dallas Page


NWA STARRCADE 83 [2 disks]

1.        Assassins Vs. Rufus R. Jones/Bugsy McGraw

2.        Mark Lewin/Kevin Sullivan Vs. Scott Mcghee/Johnny Weaver

3.        Abdullah The Butcher Vs. Carlos Colon

4.        Wahoo McDaniel/Mark Youngblood Vs. Bob Orton, Jr./Dick Slater

5.        Charlie Brown Vs. The Great Kabuki

6.        Roddy Piper Vs. Greg Valentine

7.        Jack/Jerry Briscoe Vs. Ricky Steamboat/Jay Youngblood

8.        Ric Flair Vs. Harley Race


NWA STARRCADE '84 [2 disks]

1.        NWA Junior Heavyweight Champ Mike Davis vs. Denny Brown (Title Change)

2.        Brian Adidas vs. Mr. Ito

3.        Florida State Heavyweight Champ Jesse Barr vs. Mike Graham

4.        Buzz Tyler & The Assassin #1 vs. Zambuie Express (w/Paul Jones, Tag Team Elimination Match)

5.        Dusty Rhodes Interview

6.        Brass Knuckles Champ Black Bart vs. Manny Fernandez (Anything Goes, Title Change)

7.        Ricky Steamboat Interview

8.        Tully Blanchard & JJ Dillon Interview

9.        Jimmy Valiant vs. Paul Jones (Tuxedo Street Fight, Loser Leaves Town)

10.     Ric Flair Interview

11.     Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champ Ron Bass (w/JJ Dillon) vs. Dick Slater

12.     Ole Anderson & Keith Larsen (w/Don Kernodle) vs. Ivan & Nikita Koloff

13.     TV Champ Tully Blanchard vs. Ricky Steamboat (No DQ)

14.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Wahoo McDaniel vs. Billy Graham

15.     Duke Keomuka, Joe Frasier & Kyle Petty Interview

16.     NWA Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes (Guest ref. Joe Frasier)

17.     Ric Flair Interview

18.     Dusty Rhodes Interview

19.     Starrcade '84 Recap Video


STARRCADE '85: THE GATHERING [2 disks] 24/7

Match listings by TABE

1.         Sam Houston vs Krusher Khruschev (clipped-Krusher wins Mid-Atlantic title)

2.         Manny Fernandez vs Abdullah the Butcher (Mexican Death - clipped)

3.         Ron Bass vs Black Bart (bullrope - clipped; Bass gets  Dillon for 5 min)

4.         Ron Bass vs JJ Dillon (bullrope - clipped)

5.         Superstar Graham vs Konga the Barbarian (arm wrestling - clipped)

6.         Superstar Graham vs Konga the Barbarian (clipped)

7.         Buddy Landell vs Terry Taylor (clipped - Landell wins National title)

8.         Ole & Arn Anderson vs Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes



10.         Jimmy Valiant & Miss Atlanta Lively vs Midnight Express (Streetfight)

11.         Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Rock N Roll Express (cage - RnR win NWA tag title)

12.         Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes (infamous "Dusty finish" match)



1.        Wahoo McDaniel vs. Rick Rude (Strap Match) (a minute of this match is VG)

2.        NWA Tag Champs Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Arn & Ole Anderson (Steel Cage Match)

3.        Ron Garvin vs. Big Bubba Rogers (Louisville Street Fight)

4.        Jimmy Valiant vs. Paul Jones (Hair vs. Hair, Manny Fernandez is suspended in a shark cage)

5.        NWA TV Champ Dusty Rhodes vs. Tully Blanchard (1st Blood, Title Change)

6.        Interviews w/Midnight Express & Jim Cornette followed by Road Warriors

7.        Road Warriors vs. Midnight Express (Eaton & Condrey) (Night of Sky Walkers, Scaffold match)

8.        NWA Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Nikita Koloff





1.        Sting, Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes vs. Rick Steiner, Eddie Gilbert & Larry Zbyszko

2.        UWF Heavyweight Champ Steve "Dr. Death" Williams vs. Barry Windham

3.        U.S. Tag Champs Midnight Express vs. Rock 'n' Roll Express (Scaffold Match – Big Bubba Rogers is supposed to catch

         Cornette as he falls from the scaffold, but misses him completely!)

4.        Jimmy Garvin Interview

5.        Steve Williams Interview

6.        NWA TV Champ Nikita Koloff vs. UWF TV Champ Terry Taylor (w/Eddie Gilbert) (Unification Match)

7.        Magnum TA Interview

8.        NWA Tag Champs Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard vs. Road Warriors

9.        Magnum TA Interview

10.     Nikita Koloff Interview

11.     J.J. Dillon Interview

12.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Dusty Rhodes (Dusty beats Luger in a GREAT Steel Cage Match to

13.     win the US Title)

14.     NWA Heavyweight Champ Ron Garvin vs. Ric Flair (Flair wins his 5th NWA World Title.  The only reason why

         Garvin had been given the title, was because Flair wanted to win a 5th title, and nobody else wanted to take the

         belt from Flair since they’d only be champion for a month.  Garvin agreed, and was given a 1 month run with the




1.        U.S. Tag Champs Fantastics vs. Kevin Sullivan & Steve Williams (Title Change)

2.        Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) vs. Original Midnight Express (Condrey & Rose)

3.        Junk Yard Dog & Ivan Koloff vs. Russian Assassins

4.        TV Champ Mike Rotunda vs. Rick Steiner (Title Change, Sullivan in shark cage)

5.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Barry Windham vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

6.        Tag Champs Road Warriors vs. Sting & Dusty Rhodes

7.        NWA Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger


STARRCADE 1989 [24/7] 2 disks
The theme for this show that there were 2 round robin tournaments.  One featuring 4 tag teams, and one featuring 4

Singles wrestlers. 

2.        Doom vs. Steiner Brothers

3.        Sting vs. Lex Luger

4.        Doom vs. Road Warriors

5.        Ric Flair vs. Great Muta

6.        Steiner Brothers vs. Road Warriors (The Steiners gets a clean pin on the LOD!)

7.        Sting vs. Great Muta

8.        Doom vs. Samoan Swat Team

9.        Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger

10.     Steiner Brothers vs. Samoan Swat Team

11.     Lex Luger vs. Great Muta

12.     Road Warriors vs. Samoan Swat Team

13.     Sting vs. Ric Flair (Sting, who is a member of the Horsemen, pins Ric Flair cleanly!)

14.     Interviews w/Road Warriors/Sting



2.        Tom Zenk vs. Bobby Eaton

Pat O'Connor Tag Tourney 1st Round

3.        (Team USA) Steiner Brothers vs. (Team South Africa) Sgt. Krueger & Col. DeKlerk (Rocco Rock)

4.        (Team England) Chris Adams & Norman Smiley vs. (Team Mexico) Konnan & Rey Misterio, Sr.

5.        (Team New Zealand) Rip Morgan & Jack Victory vs. (Team Japan) Great Muta & Mr. Saito

6.        (Team Russia) Salmon Hashimikov & Victor Zangiev vs. (Team Canada) Troy Montour & Danny "Bull" Johnson

7.        Terry Taylor vs. Michael Wallstreet (Mike Rotunda)

8.        Sid Vicious & Dan Spivey vs. Big Cat & Motor City Mad Man (The Skyscrapers finally re-unite, and despite being heels,

         Sid and Spivey get by far, the loudest pop of the night!)

9.        Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich (w/Roberts Gibson) vs. Freebirds (Hayes & Garvin)

Pat O'Connor Tag Tourney Semi Finals

10.     Steiner Brothers vs. Konnan & Rey Misterio, Sr.

11.     Great Muta & Mr. Saito vs. Salmon Hashimikov & Victor Zangiev

12.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Stan Hansen vs. Lex Luger (Lex regains the US title in a bullrope match.)

13.     Tag Champs Doom [Ron Simmons & Butch Reed] vs. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham (Street Fight)

Pat O'Connor Tag Tourney Finals

14.     Steiner Brothers vs. Great Muta & Mr. Saito

15.     Steiner Brothers Interview

16.     Heavyweight Champ Sting vs. Black Scorpion (Ric Flair) (Steel Cage Match, Guest ref. Dick the Bruiser)



1.        Michael Hayes & Tracey Smothers vs. Jimmy Garvin & Marcus (Buff) Bagwell

2.        Steve Austin & Rick Rude vs. Van Hammer & Big Josh (Matt Borne)

3.        ]Dustin Rhodes & Ricky Morton vs. El Gigante & Larry Zbyszko (w/Madusa)

4.        Jushin Liger & Bill Kazmaier vs. Mike Graham & DDP

5.        Lex Luger & Arn Anderson vs. Terry Taylor & Tom Zenk

6.        Ricky Steamboat & Todd Champion vs. Cactus Jack & Buddy Lee Parker (Abby attacks Parker before the match)

7.        Sting & Abdullah the Butcher vs. Brian Pillman & Bobby Eaton (Cactus & Abdullah brawl after)

8.        Vader & Mr. Hughes vs. Rick Steiner & Night Stalker (Adam Bomb)

9.        Scott Steiner & FireBreaker Chip vs. Johnny B. Badd & Arachniman (Brad Armstrong)

10.     Ron Simmons & Tommy Rich vs. P.N. News & Steve Armstrong

11.     20 Man Double Ring Battle Royal w/Jimmy Garvin, Marcus Bagwell, Steve Austin, Rick Rude, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Morton,

         Jushin Liger, Bill Kazmaier, Lex Luger, Barry Windham, Rick Steamboat, Todd Champion, Sting, Abdullah the Butcher, Vader,

         Mr. Hughes, Scott Steiner, FireBreaker Chip, Ron Simmons & Tommy Rich



1.        Sting receives a Battle Bowl Ring for winning in 1991 from Hank Aaron

2.        Cactus Jack & Johnny B. Badd vs. Dan Spivey & Van Hammer (Lethal Lottery Match)

3.        Dustin Rhodes & Vader vs. Kensuke Sasaki & Barbarian (Lethal Lottery Match)

4.        Barry Windham & Great Muta vs. Too Cold Scorpio & Brian Pillman (Lethal Lottery Match)

5.        Steve Williams & Sting vs. Erik Watts & Jushin Liger (Lethal Lottery Match)

6.        NWA Heavyweight Champ Masa Chono vs. Great Muta

7.        Rick Rude Interview (announces his injury and that he can not wrestle)

8.        Heavyweight Champ Ron Simmons vs. Steve Williams (subbing for Rude)

9.        Unified Tag Champs Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas vs. Brian Pillman & Barry Windham

10.     Sting vs. Vader (King of Cable Tournament Finals)

11.     Sting Interview

12.     8-Man Battle Bowl w/Dan Spivey, Van Hammer, Dustin Rhodes, Vader, Great Muta, Barry Windham, Steve Williams & Sting



1.        Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma vs. Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell

2.        ShockMaster vs. King Kong

3.        TV Champ Steven Regal vs. Ricky Steamboat

4.        Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne vs. Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce

5.        International Champ Rick Rude vs. The Boss

6.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Dustin Rhodes vs. Steve Austin (Title Change)

7.        Tag Champs Nasty Boys vs. Sting & RoadWarrior Hawk

8.        Heavyweight Champ Vader vs. Ric Flair (Title Change)



1.        Randy Savage Interview (His Debut from Saturday Night)

2.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Jim Duggan vs. Vader (Title Change)

3.        Butcher, Avalanche & Kevin Sullivan Interview

4.        Jean Paul Levesque (HHH) vs. Alex Wright

5.        TV Champ Johnny B. Badd vs. Arn Anderson

6.        Nasty Boys vs. Harlem Heat

7.        Sting Interview

8.        Mr. T vs. Kevin Sullivan (Kevin beats up "brother" Dave Sullivan afterwards)

9.        Hulk Hogan Interview

10.     Sting vs. Avalanche (Sullivan & Hogan come in)

11.     Hogan/Butcher feud Recap

12.     Heavyweight Champ Hulk Hogan vs. The Butcher (Brutus Beefcake) (Afterwards the 3 Faces of Fear

         attempt to attack Hulk Hogan, but Randy Savage makes the save)

13.     Hulk Hogan Interview (Vader challenges Hogan)



1.        Jushin Liger vs. Chris Benoit

2.        Eddy Guerrero Interview

3.        Alex Wright vs. Koji Kanemoto

4.        Sonny Onoo Interview

5.        Masa Chono vs. Lex Luger

6.        Sting Interview

7.        Johnny B. Badd vs. Mr. Saito

8.        Lex Luger & Jimmy Hart Interview

9.        Shinjiro Ohtani vs. Eddy Guerrero

10.     Randy Savage Interview

11.     Heavyweight Champ Randy Savage vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan

12.     Ric Flair Interview

13.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Kensuke Sasaki vs. Sting (Non Title)

14.     Triangle Feud Recap

15.     Sting vs. Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger

16.     Heavyweight Champ Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair (Title Change)



1.        Cruiserweight Champ Dean Malenko vs. (J-Cup Champ) Ultimo Dragon (The Dragon, who

2.        Madusa vs. Akira Hokuto (Women's Title Finals, Title Change)

3.        Roddy Piper Interview

4.        Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Jushin Liger

5.        Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett (Arn Anderson & Kevin Sullivan get involved)

6.        Steve McMichael & Debra Interview

7.        Sting Video

8.        Tag Champs Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Meng & Barbarian

9.        Hollywood Hogan Interview

10.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ DDP vs. Eddy Guerrero (Title Change)

11.     Lex Luger vs. The Giant (Sting comes in)

12.     Heavyweight Champ Hollywood Hogan vs. Roddy Piper (Non Title)


STARRCADE '96 [24/7] 2 DISKS

Same listings as above, but the Chris Benoit match has been edited out.


STARRCADE '97  [24/7] 

1.        Cruiserweight Champ Eddy Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko

2.        Scott Hall Interview (Giant powerbombs Scott Hall)

3.        Steiner Brothers & Ray Traylor vs. Randy Savage, Scott Norton & Vincent

4.        Bill Goldberg vs. Steve McMichael

5.        Perry Saturn vs. Chris Benoit

6.        Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell

7.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Curt Hennig vs. DDP (Title Change)

8.        Larry Zbyszko vs. Eric Bischoff (Bret Hart Ref.)

9.        Heavyweight Champ Hollywood Hogan vs. Sting


STARRCADE '98  [2 disks]  24/7

1.        Cruiserweight Champ Billy Kidman vs. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera

2.        Cruiserweight Champ Billy Kidman vs. Eddy Guerrero

3.        Norman Smiley vs. Prince Iaukea

4.        Scott Hall Interview

5.        Nash/Goldberg feud Recap

6.        Perry Saturn vs. Ernest Miller

7.        Ric Flair Interview

8.        Flair/Bischoff feud Recap

9.        Scott Norton & Brian Adams vs. Fit Finlay & Jerry Flynn

10.     Eric Bischoff Interview

11.     TV Champ Konnan vs. Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus)

12.     Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff (Curt Hennig comes in)

13.     Giant/DDP feud Recap

14.     DDP vs. The Giant

15.     Heavyweight Champ Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash (Title Change, Goldberg's first loss, Scott Hall interferes 173-1)



1.        Vito Lograsso & Johnny the Bull vs. Disco Inferno & Lash LeRoux

2.        Chris Benoit Interview

3.        Cruiserweight Champ Evan Karagias (w/Spice) vs. Madusa (Title Change)

4.        Norman Smiley Interview

5.        Hardcore Champ Norman Smiley vs. Meng

6.        Jim Duggan Interview

7.        Shane Douglas, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn & Asya vs. Jim Duggan, Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotunda & Rick Steiner

8.        Vampiro vs. Steve Williams

9.        Vampiro vs. Oklahoma

10.     Curt Hennig & Creative Control Interview

11.     Harlem Heat Interview

12.     Creative Control & Curt Hennig vs. Harlem Heat & Midnight

13.     Jarrett Dustin feud Recap

14.     Dustin Rhodes Interview

15.     Jeff Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes

16.     DDP Interview

17.     Diamond Dallas Page vs. David Flair (Crowbar on a Pole Match, Daffney debuts)

18.     Sting (w/Elizabeth) vs. Lex Luger (Liz attempts to spray Sting with spray paint but Sting switches it with silly string,

         thus foiling Liz's Attempt to help her partner in crime)

19.     Nash/Sid feud Recap

20.     Kevin Nash vs. Sid Vicious ("Powerbomb" match)

21.     Chris Benoit Interview

22.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett (GREAT LADDER MATCH!)

23.     Goldberg/Bret Hart feud Recap

24.     Bret Hart Interview

25.     World Champ Bret Hart vs. Bill Goldberg (Montreal Finish, Roddy Piper comes in)


STARRCADE 2000 [24/7]  2 DISKS

1.        Shannon Moore & Shane Helms vs. Jamie Knoble & Evan Karagias vs. Jung Dragons (Triangle Ladder Match)

2.        Lance Storm Interview

3.        Jeff Jarrett Interview

4.        Kronik Interview

5.        Lance Storm vs. Ernest Miller (Team Canada turns on Jim Duggan)

6.        Hardcore Champ Crowbar vs. Terry Funk (Title Change)

7.        Lance Storm Interview

8.        Lex Luger Interview

9.        Kronik vs. Big Vito & Reno (Reno turns on Vito)

10.     Three Count Interview (Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes in)

11.     Hugh Morrus Interview

12.     Mike Awesome vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (Ambulance Match)

13.     Natural Born Thrillers Interview

14.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Gen. Rection (Hugh Morrus) vs. Shane Douglas

15.     Scott Steiner Interview

16.     Glacier Returns Video "Blood Runs Colder"

17.     DDP & Kevin Nash Interview

18.     Jeff Jarrett & Harris Brothers vs. Konnan, Rey Misterio Jr. & Billy Kidman (Bunkhouse Street Fight)

19.     Sgt. Dwayne Bruce Interview (Luger attacks Bruce)

20.     Nash & DDP/Palumbo & Stasiak feud Recap

21.     Tag Champs Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak vs. Kevin Nash & DDP (Title Change)

22.     Goldberg/Luger feud Recap

23.     Goldberg vs. Lex Luger (No DQ, Buff Bagwell & Sgt. Bruce get involved)

24.     Sid Vicious/Scott Steiner feud Recap

25.     Heavyweight Champ Scott Steiner vs. Sid Vicious (Jarrett gets involved)



1.        Fabulous Freebirds Vs. Young Pistols

2.        Brian Pillman Vs. Barry Windham

3.        El Gigante Vs. Sid Viscious

4.        Butch Reed Vs. Ron Simmons "Cage"

5.        Luger/Sting Vs. Steiners

6.        Arn Anderson Vs. Bobby Eaton

7.        Ric Flair Vs. Tatsumi Fujinami



1.        Jushin Liger Vs. Flyin' Brian

2.     Terrance Taylor v. Marcus Bagwell

3.     Cactus Jack v. Ron Simmons

4.     Vinnie Vegas & Richard Morton v. Van Hammer & Tom Zenk

5.        Steve Austin/Larry Zybysko Vs. Dustin Rhodes/Barry Windham

6.        Arn Anderson/Bobby Eaton Vs. Steiners

7.        Rick Rude Vs. Ricky Steamboat

8.        Lex Luger Vs. Sting


SUPERBRAWL 93 [24/7]

1.        Brian Pillman & Steve Austin beat Erik Watts & Marcus Bagwell (16:34) when Pillman pinned Bagwell.

2.        Too Cold Scorpio pinned Chris Benoit (16:57).

3.        Davey Smith pinned Bill Irwin (5:49).

4.        Cactus Jack pinned Paul Orndorff (12:17) in a "falls count anywhere" match.

5.        The Rock-n-Roll Express beat SMW Tag Champs The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Lane) (12:52) via DQ.

6.        WCW US Champ Dustin Rhodes beat Maxx Payne (11:28) via DQ.

7.        Barry Windham pinned The Great Muta (24:10) to win the NWA World Title.

8.        Big Van Vader beat Sting (20:54) in a "leather strap" match.


SUPERBRAWL 94 [24/7]

1.        Harlem Heat Vs. Thunder & Lightning

2.        Equalizer Vs. Jim Steele

3.        Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Terry Taylor

4.        Johnny B. Badd Vs. Jimmy Garvin

5.        Arn Anderson Vs. Steve Regal

6.        Cactus/Payne Vs. Nasty Boys

7.        Austin/Orndorff/Rude Vs. Pillman/Dustin Rhodes/Sting "Thundercage"

8.        Ric Flair Vs. Vader "Thundercage"


SUPERBRAWL 95 [24/7] 2 disks

1.        Paul Roma Vs. Alex Wright

2.        Bunkhouse Buck Vs. Jim Duggan

3.        David Sullivan Vs. Kevin Sullivan

4.        Harlem Heat Vs. Nasty Boys

5.        Blacktop Bully Vs. Dustin Rhodes

6.        Avalanche/Bubba Vs. Savage/Sting

7.        Hulk Hogan Vs. Vader


SUPERBRAWL 96 [24/7] 2 disks

1.        Nasty Boys Vs. Public Enemy

2.        Johnny B. Badd Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

3.        Harlem Heat Vs. Luger/Sting

4.        Konnan Vs. One Man Gang

5.        Brian Pillman Vs. Kevin Sullivan

6.        Luger/Sting Vs. Road Warriors

7.        Ric Flair Vs. Randy Savage "Steel Cage"

8.        Giant Vs. Hulk Hogan "Steel Cage"



1.        Dean Malenko Vs. Syxx

2.        Six Man Luchadore match

3.        Rey Mysterio Vs. Prince Iaukea

4.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

5.        Eddie Guerrero Vs. Chris Jericho

6.        Faces of Fear Vs. Public Enemy

7.        Jeff Jarrett Vs. Steve McMichael

8.        Chris Benoit Vs. Kevin Sullivan

9.        Giant/Luger Vs. Outsiders

10.     Hollywood Hogan Vs. Roddy Piper


SUPERBRAWL 1997 [24/7] 2 DISKS

Same listings as above, but the Chris Benoit v. Kevin Sullivan match is edited out.


SUPERBRAWL 98 [24/7]

1.        Rick Martel Vs. Booker T

2.        Saturn Vs. Booker T

3.        Disco Inferno Vs. La Parka

4.        Brad Armstrong Vs. Bill Goldberg

5.        Juventud Guerrera Vs. Chris Jericho

6.        British Bulldog Vs. Steve McMichael

7.        Chris Benoit Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

8.        Lex Luger Vs. Randy Savage

9.        Outsiders Vs. Steiners

10.     Hollywood Hogan Vs. Sting



1.        Disco Inferno Vs. Booker T

2.        Chris Jericho Vs. Saturn

3.        Chavo Guerrero Vs. Kidman

4.        Benoit/Malenko Vs. Hennig/B.Windham

5.        Konnan/Mysterio Vs. Outsiders

6.        Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Scott Steiner

7.        Scott Hall Vs. Roddy Piper

8.        Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Goldberg

9.        Ric Flair Vs. Hollywood Hogan(let it die)



1.        The Artist Vs. Lash LeRoux

2.        Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Brian Knobbs

3.        Norman Smiley Vs. 3 Count

4.        The Demon Vs. The Wall

5.        Big Al Vs. Tank Abbott

6.        Big T Vs. Booker T

7.        Kidman Vs. Vampiro

8.        Crowbar & David Flair Vs. The Mamalukes in a "Stretcher Match"

9.        Ric Flair Vs. Terry Funk in a "Death Match"

10.     Hulk Hogan Vs. Lex Luger

11.     Scott Hall Vs. Jeff Jarrett Vs. Sid Vicious


SUPERBRAWL 2001: REVENGE [24/7] 2 disks

1.        Shane Helms Vs. Shannan Moore Vs. Kaz Hayashi Vs. Jamie Knoble Vs. Evan Koragias Vs. Yun Yang

2.        Hugh Morrus Vs. The Wall

3.        Sean O'Haire/Chuck Palumbo Vs. Mark Jindrak/Shawn Stasiak

4.        Chavo Guerrero, Jr. Vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

5.        Dustin Rhodes Vs. Rick Steiner

6.        Brian Adams Vs. Buff Bagwell/Lex Luger

7.        The Cat Vs. Lance Storm

8.        Jeff Jarrett Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

9.        Kevin Nash Vs. Scott Steiner


UNCENSORED 1995 [24/7] 2 Disks

1.        Blacktop Bully Vs. Dustin Rhodes "Moving Semi"

2.        Jim Duggan Vs. Meng "Martial Arts"

3.        Arn Anderson Vs. Johnny B. Badd "Boxing"

4.        Avalanche Vs. Randy Savage

5.        Big Bubba Vs. Sting

6.        Harlem Heat Vs. Nasty Boys

7.        Hulk Hogan Vs. Vader "Strap"




11.     Eddie Guerrero Vs. Konnan

12.     Belfast Bruiser Vs. Steve Regal

13.     Madusa Vs. Colonal Parker

14.     Booty Man Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

15.     Giant Vs. Lochness

16.     Booker/Sting Vs. Road Warriors

17.     Hogan/Savage Vs. Arn/Barbarian/Flair/Luger/Sullivan/Zeus/? "Doomsday Cage"



1.        Eddie Guerrero Vs. Dean Malenko

2.        Psychosis Vs. Ultimo Dragon

3.        Glacier Vs. Mortis

4.        Buff Bagwell Vs. Scotty Riggs

5.        Harlem Heat Vs. Public Enemy

6.        Rey Mysterio Vs. Prince Iaukea

7.        Benoit/Jarrett/McMichael/Piper Vs. Giant/Luger/Steiners Vs. Hall/Hogan/Nash/Savage



1.        Eddie Guerrero Vs. Booker T

2.        Juventud Guerrera Vs. Konnan

3.        Chris Jericho Vs. Dean Malenko

4.        Lex Luger Vs. Scott Steiner

5.        Chris Benoit Vs. Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Raven

6.        Giant Vs. Kevin Nash

7.        Bret Hart Vs. Curt Hennig

8.        Scott Hall Vs. Sting

9.        Hollywood Hogan Vs. Randy Savage "Steel Cage"


UNCENSORED 1998 [24/7]  2 Disks

Same listings, but the Chris Benoit v. DDP v. Raven match is omitted.



1.        Kidman Vs. Mikey Whipwreck

2.        Stevie Ray Vs. Vincent

3.        Rey Mysterio Vs. Kevin Nash

4.        Jerry Flynn Vs. Ernest Miller

5.        Bigelow Vs. Hak Vs. Raven

6.        Benoit/Malenko Vs. Hennig/B.Windham

7.        Chris Jericho Vs. Saturn

8.        Booker T Vs. Scott Steiner

9.        Ric Flair Vs. Hollywood Hogan(again)


UNCENSORED 2000 [24/7] 2 Disks]

1.        The Artist Vs. Psychosis

2.        The Demon & Norman Smiley Vs. Lenny Lane & Lodi

3.        Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. The Wall

4.        Brian Knobbs Vs. 3 Count

5.        Booker & Kidman Vs. The New Harlem Heat

6.        Fit Finley Vs. Vampiro

7.        Mamalukes Vs. The Harris Boys

8.        Terry Funk Vs. Dustin Rhodes

9.        Lex Luger Vs. Sting in a "Lumberjack Match"

10.     Jeff Jarrett Vs. Sid Vicious

11.     Ric Flair Vs. Hulk Hogan in a "Strap Match"



1.        Johnny B. Badd Vs. Diamond Dallas Page

2.        Big Bubba Vs. Jim Duggan

3.        Hokuto/Nakano Vs. Ozaki/Suzuki

4.        Chris Benoit Vs. Kensuki Sasaki

5.        Lex Luger Vs. Randy Savage

6.        Ric Flair Vs. Sting

7.        World War 3 Battle Royal


WORLD WAR 3 1996 (VERY GOOD QUALITY) [2 disks]

1.        Rey Mysterio Vs. Ultimo Dragon

2.        Chris Jericho Vs. Nick Patrick

3.        Giant Vs. Jeff Jarrett

4.        Amazing French Canadians Vs. Harlem Heat

5.        Dean Malenko Vs. Psychosis

6.        Faces of Fear Vs. Nasty Boys Vs. Outsiders

7.        World War 3 Battle Royal


WORLD WAR 3 1997 [24/7] 2 DISKS

8.        Faces of Fear Vs. Glacier/Ernest Miller

9.        Disco Inferno Vs. Saturn

10.     Ultimo Dragon Vs. Yuji Nagata

11.     Regal/Taylor Vs. Steiners

12.     Raven Vs. Scotty Riggs

13.     Steve McMichael Vs. Alex Wright

14.     Eddie Guerrero Vs. Rey Mysterio

15.     Ric Flair Vs. Curt Hennig

16.     World War 3 battle royal



1.        Glacier Vs. Wrath

2.        Konnan Vs. Stevie Ray

3.        Hayashi/Saturn Vs. Miller/Onoo

4.        Juventud Guerrera Vs. Kidman

5.        Rick Steiner Vs. Scott Steiner

6.        Bobby Duncum Vs. Chris Jericho

7.        World War 3 Battle Royal

8.        Bret Hart Vs. Diamond Dallas Page



17.  The Great Muta vs. Doug Gilbert

18.   Butch Reed vs. Ranger Ross

19.   Dick Murdoch vs. Bob Orton Jr. (Bullrope Match)

20.   The Samoan Swat Team vs. The Dynamic Dudes

21.   U.S. Champ Lex Luger vs. Michael Hayes (Title Change)

22.   TV Champ Sting vs. The Iron Sheik

23.   NWA World Heavyweight Champ Rick Steamboat vs. Rick Flair (Ric Flair wins his 6th NWA World Title in a FANTASTIC

MATCH!  Afterward, Terry Funk brutally attacks Flair.)

WRESTLEWAR 1990 [24/7] 2 disks

1.        Kevin Sullivan & Buzz Sawyer v. Johnny Ace & Shane Douglas

2.        Norman v. Cactus Jack

3.        The Rock-n-Roll Express v. The Midnight Express

4.        The Road Warriors v. The Skyscrapers (Callous & The Masked Skyscraper aka Mike Enos.  Chicago Street fight.  What’s notable about the

         Skyscrapers in this match, is that none of the original Skyscrapers [Sid Vicious & Danny Spivey] were in it.)

5.        NWA US Tag Champs Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk v. The Freebirds

6.        NWA Tag Champs Rick & Scott Steiner v. Ole & Arn Anderson

7.        NWA World Champ Ric Flair v. Lex Luger


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