1.        Roddy Piper v. ???

2.        Colossal Connection v. Lyn Wagner & Butch Stanley

3.        Rick Martel v. Mark Ragin

4.        Dusty Rhodes v. John Justice

5.        Big Bossman v. Terry Bronson

6.        Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior

7.        Powers of Pain v. Reno Riggins & Mike Howell



1.        Jim Duggan v. Pez Whatley (It’s a shame.  I remember cheering for Pistol Pez Whatley back in the day.  Now
he’s being used as cannon fodder.)

2.        Red Rooster v. Allen Martin

3.        Earthquake v. Lee Peak

4.        Bushwackers v. Brooklyn Brawler & Mike Justice

5.        Bad News Brown v. ???

6.        Jake Roberts attacks Ted Dibiase after a match AND STEALS THE MILLION$$$ BELT!

7.        Special Interview – Jake Roberts.  Jake now carries the Million $$$ belt in the bag with his snake Damien.

8.        Rhythm & Blues [Greg Valentine & Honkytonk Man] v. Jim Powers & Alan Reynolds

9.        Koko B. Ware v. Tony Burton



1.      Rockers v. George Souty & Mike Davis

2.      Special Report – Sensational Sherri confronts Sapphire on the Brother Love show.  Dusty Rhodes and Randy Savage come out.

3.      Mr. Perfect v. Dale Wolfe

4.      Bolsheviks v. ???

5.      Tugboat v. Craig Brown

6.      Special Interview – Rick Rude

7.      Hercules v. Alan Martin

8.      Dino Bravo vs Tito Santana



1.        Brutus Beefcake v. Pete Sanchez

2.        Rhythm & Blues v. Tony & Bill Mulkey

3.        Koko B. Ware v. ???

4.        Special Interview – Bad News Brown.  Brown badmouths Roddy Piper, who comes out causing a lockerroom clearing brawl
between the two.

5.        Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart (Probably the first singles match between the two.  Both Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart are in
their partners respective corners.  Both men are babyfaces at this point, and there was no real-life animosity between the
two at this time.  Ah, the good ol’ days.)

6.        Earthquake v. Jim Evans

7.        Footage of the Big Bossman attacking Jake Roberts on the orders of Ted DiBiase.  Bossman handcuffs Jake and walks away
with Jake’s bag containing not only Damien, but Ted’s Million $$$ Belt!  Ted immediately appears on the Brother Love
set and thanks Slick for sending the Bossman to do his bidding.  Bossman gets upset that Slick had been bribed into
taking Ted’s belt back and instead of giving the belt back to DiBiase, he storms off the set, returns to the ring, un-
handcuffs Jake, AND RETURNS JAKE’S BAG WITH THE MILLION$$$ BELT!  This sparks Big Bossman’s
babyface turn.

8.        Colossal Connection v. ???



1.        Rick Martel vs Dusty Rhodes

2.        Bolsheviks v. Terry Bronson & ???

3.        Jim Duggan v. Carl Nelson

4.        Special Interview – Mr. Perfect

5.        Ron Garvin v. ???

6.        Dino Bravo v. Scott Williams

7.        Powers of Pain v.  Scott Conton & George Skaaland



1.        Smash vs Haku

2.        Jack Tunney announces that both Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior’s World and IC titles will be on the line when they
wrestle at Wrestlemania 6.

3.        Hercules v. Dale Wolfe

4.        Rick Rude v. Omar Atlas

5.        Bushwackers v. Allen Martin & Lee Peak

6.        Special Interview - Earthquake

7.        Roddy Piper v. Pez Whatley

8.        Red Rooster v. Tom Stone



1.        Rhythm & Blues v. Louie Spicoli & Ricki Ataki (Valentine is now dying his hair black.)

2.        Update – The escalating feud between Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior

3.        Dusty Rhodes v. The Conquistador

4.        Bad News Brown v. Frankie Valdez

5.        Special Interview – Brutus Beefcake

6.        Ted Dibiase v. Steve Gatorwolf

7.        Brother Love – Love badmouths the Bossman, and is surprised when the Bossman comes onto the set and confronts him.

Bossman “places Love under arrest”, dragging him to the ring and beats the hell out of him.

8.        Akeem v. ???



1.        Jake Roberts v. Playboy Buddy Rose

2.        Mr. Perfect v. jobber

3.        Promo – Hulk Hogan

4.        Promo – Ultimate Warrior

5.        Earthquake v. jobber

6.        Special Interview – Roddy Piper

7.        Rick Rude v. Pez Whatley

8.        Jim Duggan v. Iron Mike Sharpe

9.        Ultimate Warrior v. Brooklyn Brawler



1.        Demolition v. Dale Wolfe & Steve Desire

2.        Update – Earthquakes attack on Hulk Hogan a couple of weeks ago.

3.        Rick Martel v. Omar Atlas

4.        Hart Foundation v. Iron Mike Sharpe & The Black Knight

5.        Special Interview – Randy “Macho King” Savage

6.        Big Bossman v. Black Bart

7.        Orient Express v. Pez Whatley & Jim Powers



            Brutus Beefcake v. Steve Vega

            Update – Recap of the Ultimate Warrior/Hulk Hogan feud

            Dino Bravo v. jobber

            Mr. Perfect v. Dale Wolfe

            Special Interview – Dusty Rhodes

            Jake Roberts v. jobber

            Akeem v. Jobber


4/1/90 (Wrestlemania 6 would take place later that evening)

            Jim Duggan v. Bob Bradley

            Bad News Brown v. Jobber

            Ted Dibiase v. Omar Atlas

            Special Interview – Big Bossman

            Barbarian v. Jerry Monti

            Rockers v. Black Knight & Black Bart



            Hercules v. Brooklyn Brawler

            Highlights of Wrestlemania 6.  Even though Ultimate Warrior won the WWF Title from Hulk Hogan, the WWF took great pains to not make Hogan look  bad in the process by never actually saying that Hogan lost, or that the Warrior pinned him. 
They said that the Warrior became the new champion, which gives  Warrior credit for winning the title, but not really giving the
impression that Hogan was the loser.

            Orient Express v. Paul Roma & Omar Atlas

            Roddy Piper v. Conquistador #2

            Special Interview – Rick Martel

            Ronnie Garvin v. jobber

            Earthquake v. Jim Gorman

            Tito Santana v. Buddy Rose

            Promo – Rick Rude, who has his sights set on the Ultimate Warrior’s WWF Title.

            Rhythm & Blues v. Louie Spicolli & Mark Young



            Demolition v. Chris Duffy & ???

            Dino Bravo v. Jimmy Long

            Big Bossman v. Conquistador #1

            Mr. Perfect v. Tony Ulysses

            Jake Roberts v. Joe Champ

            Special Interview - Earthquake

            Warlord v. Mitch Ryder

            Promo – Rick Rude

            Bushwhackers v. Paul Perez & Bob Bradley



1.        Dusty Rhodes v.???

2.        Update – Bobby Heenan slaps Andre the Giant following Demolition regaining the WWF Tag Titles from Andre and

Haku at Wrestlemania.  Andre smacks Heenan around, instantly turning back into a babyface for the first time in 3 years.

3.        Int – Bobby Heenan

4.        Mr. Perfect v. Mario Mancini

5.        Jim Duggan v. Dale Wolfe

6.        Rhythm & Blues v. 2 jobbers

7.        Special Interview from last week - Bad News Brown.  Bad News receives a present, and is scared out of his boots when he opens

It and finds a snake inside.  3 guesses as to who sent it to him.

8.        Special Interview – Jake Roberts, who has a few words for Bad News Brown..

9.        Barbarian v. Jim McPherson

10.     Rockers v. Paul Diamond & ???

11.     A more serious Rick Rude is in training for wrestling the Ultimate Warrior for the WWF World Title.

12.     Paul Roma v. Playboy Buddy Rose


WRESTLING CHALLENGE 5/13, 5/20 & 5/27


1.        Brutus Beefcake v. Dino Bravo (Clips from Superstars.  Mr. Perfect comes out and attacks Beefacke)

2.        Jimmy Snuka v. Paul Diamond

3.        Genius v. Dale Wolfe

4.        Roddy Piper v. Rick Martel

5.        Demolition v. Buddy Rose & Black Knight

6.        Special Interview – Ted DiBiase

7.        Koko B. Ware v. jobber

8.        Warlord v. jobber


9.        Bushwackers v. Brooklyn Brawler & Mark Main

10.     Special Report – Hacksaw Jim Duggan attacks the Earthquake.

11.     Barbarian v.  Ray Majori

12.     Tugboat v. ??? (After the match, Hulk Hogan comes to the ring and celebrates with Tugboat.)

13.     Akeem v. Chuck DeLeon

14.     Special Interview – Big Bossman

15.     Orient Express v. Jim Brunzell & Bobby Perez

16.     Santana vs Mr. Perfect (GOOD MATCH!  Mr. Perfect defeats Tito Santana to win the Intercontinental Title!
After the match, Perfect introduces Bobby Heenan as his new “Perfect” Manager)


17.     Rhythm & Blues v. Jim Powers & Rudy Gonzales

18.     Rockers vs Bolsheviks (In progress.  The downfall of the Bolsheviks continue, as they lose one to the Rockers and
again, start brawling in the ring.  Nikolai Volkoff like last time, gets the better of the confrontation.)

19.     Hercules v. Bob Bradley

20.     Haku v. Omar Atlas

21.     Jim Duggan v. Pez Whatley

22.     Bad News Brown v. Jim Gorman

23.     Special Interview – Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire

24.     Dino Bravo v. Louie Spicolli

25.     Rick Rude doing some more training for the Ultimate Warrior.

26.     Brutus Beefcake v. Ken Johnson


WRESTLING CHALLENGE 6/2, 6/9 & 6/16/90


1.        Mr. Perfect v. jobber

2.        Special Report – Hulk Hogan’s condition after being attacked by Earthquake last week on the Brother Love show.

3.        Warlord v. Frank DeCarlo

4.        Jimmy Snuka v. Pez Whatley

5.        Bad News Brown v. Red Tyler

6.        Hart Foundation v. jobbers

7.        Special Interview – Rick Rude

8.        Tito Santana v. Brooklyn Brawler

9.        Ted DiBiase v. Paul Roma


10.     Big Bossman v. Black Bart

11.     Rockers v. jobbers

12.     Akeem v. jobber

13.     Special Interview – Earthquake, who gloats about having injured Hulk Hogan a couple of weeks ago.

14.     Dusty Rhodes v. Al  Burke

15.     Orient Express v. Koko B. Ware & ???


16.     Brutus Beefcake v. Spike Jones

17.     Special Report - Tugboat encourages the fans to keep the cards and letters coming to help Hulk Hogan get better.

18.     Demolition v. Wilt Jones & Kent Carlson

19.     Jim Duggan v. Paul Diamond

20.     Rhythm & Blues v. Hillbilly Jim & ???

21.     Bad News Brown attacks Jake Roberts and nearly hits Damien with a steel chair before Jake gets back in the ring and
runs Brown off.

22.     Special Interview – Jake Roberts

23.     Rick Martel v. Jim Powers

24.     Ted DiBiase is in Cobb County Georgia with one of the Big Bossman’s highschool teachers.

25.     Tugboat v. Pez Whatley




1.        Bushwhackers v. jobbers

2.        Update – Tugboat reads some of Hulk Hogan’s get well letters.

3.        Earthquake v. jobber

4.        Nikolai Volkoff v. Playboy Buddy Rose

5.        Rick Rude v. Brady Boone

6.        Big Bossman v. jobber

7.        Special Interview – Randy Savage

8.        Iron Mike Sharpe v. Jimmy Snuka

9.        Jake Roberts v. jobber


1.        Rockers v. Paul Diamond & Brooklyn Brawler

2.        Update – Hulk Hogan recovers from his beating at the hands of Earthquake.  Lord Al Hayes reminds us to wear our Hulk Hogan friendship bracelets in support for Hulk Hogan. 

3.        Barbarian v. Jobber

4.        Brutus Beefcake v. Jobber

5.        Rhythm & Blues (Honkytonk Man and Greg Valentine) sing Hunka-Hunka Honky Love (Give me a break!)

6.        Demolition v. Dwayne Gill &  ??? (All 3 members of Demolition are there, but it’s Smash and Crush who wrestle.)

7.        Special Interview – Boris Zukhov

8.        Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Jobber

9.        Promo – Ted DiBiase interviews people in Cobb County GA about his new enemy, The Big Bossman.

10.     Bad News Brown v. Jobber



           Dusty Rhodes v. Bob Bradley

           Update – More of the “Get Well Hulk” campaign.

           Rick Martel v. Brady Boone

           Tugboat v. jobber

           Orient Express v. Hercules & McPherson (Hercules is attacked after the match, and Paul Roma helps out Herc)

           Dino Bravo v. Jim Powers

           Special Interview – Demolition (Ax, Smash and Crush)

           Koko B. Ware v. Dale Wolfe

           Promo – Ted DiBiase interviews Big Bossman’s old football coach.

           Mr. Perfect v. Mark Thomas



           Bushwackers v. Tom Bennett & Kent Carlson

           Earthquake v. Scott Colton

           LOD v. Al Burke & Bob Bradley (Hawk & Animal make their WWF debut!)

           Bad News Brown v. Jobber

           Special Interview – Nikolai Volkoff

           Haku v. Jim Evans

           Tito Santana v. Pez Whatley

           Warlord v. Gary Jackson



           Big Bossman v. Playboy Buddy Rose

           Update – The Hart Foundation get attacked by Demolition on the Brother Love show.

           Barbarian v. Troy Williams

           Jim Duggan v. Paul Diamond

           Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior

           Rhythm & Blues v. Darnell Yates & Reno Riggins



           Mr. Perfect v. Jim Brunzell

           Update – Paul Roma & Hercules turn heel, attacking the Rockers.  They subsequently unite with Slick, calling themselves, Power and Glory.

           Dino Bravo v. Mike Johnson

           Jimmy Snuka v. Tommy Burton

           Tugboat v. Black Bart

           Promo – Sgt. Slaughter

           Special Interview – Rick Rude

           Jake Roberts v. jobber

           Demolition v. jobbers



           Big Bossman v. Al Burke

           Ted DiBiase v. Rick Rice

           Hart Foundation v. Black Bart & ???

           Special Interview – Dusty Rhodes

           Kerry Von Erich v. Brooklyn Brawler

           Promo – Sgt. Slaughter

           LOD v. Tom Bennett & Buddy Rose

           Orient Express v. Randy Fox & Jim Evans



           Earthquake v. Red Tyler

           Rick Rude v. Randy Fox

           Rockers v.  Spike Jones & Iron Mike Sharpe

           Special Interview – Bad News Brown

           Kerry Von Erich v. Pez Whatley



           Jake Roberts v. Bob Bradley

           Update – Kerry Von Erich challenges Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental Title at Summerslam

           Demolition v. jobbers

           Promo – Sgt. Slaughter

           Nikolai Volkoff v. Tom Stone

           Barbarian v. jobber

           Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior

           Power & Glory v. jobbers

           Bushwackers v. Pez Whatley & Iron Mike Sharpe



           Hart Foundation v. jobbers

           Ted Dibiase v. Mario Mancini

           Mr. Perfect v. Scott Colantonio

           Brother Love – Hulk Hogan

           Promo – Sgt. Slaughter

            Orient Express v. Jobbers




1.        Hart Foundation v. Barry O & ???

2.        Tted DiBiase v. Mario Mancini

3.        Mr. Perfect v. jobber

4.        Sapphire shows off a new fur coat she received from a secret admirer.

5.        Brother Love – Hulk Hogan

6.        Promo – Sgt. Slaughter

7.        Orient Express v. Shane Douglas & ???


8.        Rhythm & Blues v. Ron Garvin & ???

9.        Koko B. Ware v. Dale Wolfe

10.     Haku v. jobber

11.     Big Bossman v. jobber

12.     Special Interview – Sgt. Slaughter.  Nikolai Volkoff comes out and runs Slaughter off.

13.     Tugboat v. Buddy Rose

14.     Power & Glory v. jobbers

15.     Bad News Brown v. jobber


WRESTLING CHALLENGE 9/8, 9/15 & 9/22/90


1.        LOD v. jobbers

2.        Tito Santana v. Bob Bradley

3.        Rick Rude v. jobber

4.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Jim Powers

5.        Jim Duggan v. Pez Whatley

6.        Special Interview – Rick Martel

7.        Bushwhackers v. Black Bart & ???

8.        Dino Bravo v. Jim Brunzell


9.        Jake Roberts v. Ron Cumberledge

10.     Marty Jannetty v. Dale Wolfe (Shawn Michaels is at ringside, but on crutches.)

11.     Earthquake v. jobber

12.     Special Interview – Dusty Rhodes

13.     Barbarian v. Scott Summers

14.     Kerry  Von Erich v. The Conquistador

15.     Demolition v. 3 jobbers


16.     Ted DiBiase (with Virgil AND Sapphire) v. jobber

17.     Update – Ultimate Warrior goes berserk after the Brother Love show lookin for Randy Savage

18.     Saba Simba v. Brooklyn Brawler

19.     Mr. Perfect v. Jim Powers

20.     LOD v. jobbers

21.     Special Interview – Sgt. Slaughter, who introduces his new manager “Iraqi” Gen. Adnan!

22.     Big Bossman v. jobber (Before heading to the ring, the Bossman stops at the announcers booth and grabs Bobby “The
Brain” Heenan, drags him to the ring AND HANDCUFFS HIM TO THE RINGSIDE BARRIER!)

23.     Power & Glory v. jobbers

24.     Tugboat v. jobber (Rick Rude comes out and tries to uncuff Heenan from the ringside barrier.  Rude can’t do it, but vows
to get even with the Bossman)




1.        Hart Foundation v. Pez Whatley & Buddy Rose

2.        Dino Bravo v. Dwayne Gill

3.        Tito Santana v. Barry O.

4.        Orient Express v. jobbers

5.        Jim Duggan v. Bob Bradley

6.        Special Interview – Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan

7.        Nikolai Volkoff v. Black Bart

8.        Rhythm & Blues v. Barry O & ???


9.        Tugboat v. Black Bart

10.     Warlord v. jobber

11.     Dusty Rhodes v. Paul Diamond

12.     Demolition v. 3 jobbers

13.     Special Interview -  Kerry Von Erich

14.     Sgt. Slaughter v. jobber

15.     Saba Simba v. Al Burke

16.     Power & Glory v. Jim Brunzel & ???



WRESTLING CHALLENGE 10/14 & 10/21/90


1.        Bushwhackers v. Tom Burton & Black Demon

2.        Special Report – Rick Martel blinds Jake Roberts on the Brother Love show

3.        Akeem v. jobber

4.        Battle Kat v. Bob BradleyRhythm & Blues v. SD Jones & ???

5.        Mr. Perfect v. Red Tyler

6.        Special Interview – Big Bossman

7.        Earthquake v. jobber

8.        Legion of Doom v. jobbers

9.        Saba Simba v. jobber


10.     Jimmy Snuka v. Black Bart

11.     Special Report – Ultimate Warrior humiliates Brother Love

12.     Orient Express v. Red Tyler & ???

13.     Jim Duggan v. Gary Winters

14.     Hart Foundation v. jobbers

15.     Ruck Rude v. jobber


WRESTLING CHALLENGE 11/11 & 11/18/90


1.        Jimmy Snuka v. Black Bart

2.        Special Report – Ted DiBiase continues his feud with Dusty Rhodes by beating his son Dustin.

3.        Mr. Perfect v. Mike Shelton (All 3 members of Demolition come down to ringside.  They will be fighting alongside
Mr. Perfect at the Survivor Series)

4.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Gary Jackson (Slaughters Survivor Series teammates, Boris Zukoff & the Orient Express are at ringside.)

5.        Special Interview Ultimate Warrior and his Survivor Series team of Kerry Von Erich & The Legion of Doom

6.        Tito Santana v. Rick Martel (Jake Roberts runs in to attack Martel.)


8.        11/18/90

9.        Koko B. Ware v. Ted DiBiase

10.     Tugboat v. Doug Vines

11.     Battle Kat v. Paul Diamond

12.     Kerry Von Erich v. Black Bart

13.     Power & Glory v. Jim Evans & George Anderson




16.     Jim Duggan v. Brian Costello

17.     Haku v. Gary Jackson

18.     Shane Douglas v. Brooklyn Brawler

19.     Jake Roberts v. Tom Bennett

20.     Warlord v. George Anderson

21.     Bushwhackers v. Orient Express

22.     Earthquake v. jobber


23.     Randy Savage v. Dale Wolfe

24.     Special Report – The debut of the Undertaker

25.     Barbarian v. Pez Whatley

26.     Dustin Rhodes v. The Genius

27.     Reno Riggins v. Rick Martel

28.     Daveyboy Smith v. Iron Mike Sharpe

29.     Special Interview – Sgt. Slaughter

30.     Shawn Tracy & Black Demon

31.     Mr. Perfect v. jobber





1.  Koko B. Ware v. Ted DiBiase

2.  Tugboat v. Doug Vines

3.  Battle Kat v. Paul Diamond

4.  Kerry Von Erich v. Black Bart

5.  Power & Glory v. Jim Evans & George Anderson



1.  Jim Duggan v. Brian Costello

2.  Haku v. Gary Jackson

3.  Shane Douglas v. Brooklyn Brawler

4.  Jake Roberts v. Tom Bennett

5.  Warlord v. George Anderson

6.  Bushwhackers v. Orient Express

7.  Earthquake v. jobber




1.        Hart Foundation v. Barry Hardy & Paul Cortez

2.        Undertaker v. Rick Sampson

3.        Saba Simba v. Bob Bradley

4.        Power & Glory v. Chris Hawn & Mike Pocari

5.        Jimmy Snuka v. Dwayne Gill

6.        Special Interview – Macho King Randy Savage

7.        Tugboat v. Boris Zhukov

8.        Orient Express v. Ron Cumberledge & Mario Mancini



           Rick Martel v. Sonny Blaze

            Update – Ted DiBiase on the Brother Love show offers Dustin Rhodes a lot of money to buy him off like he bought
Sapphire.  In the process, Ted heaps a bit more humiliation than usual on ol’ Virgil.  Dustin rejects the offer, and Virgil
and DiBiase attack him.  Fellow Texan Kerry Von Erich runs in and takes out both DiBiase and Virgil.

           British Bulldog v. Scott Colantonio

           Sgt. Slaughter v. Glen Ruth

           Promo – The Mountie, Jacques Rougeau

           Big Bossman v. Mike Durham

           Earthquake v. Jim McPherson

            Mr. Perfect v. Kerry Von Erich (in Progress.  With help from Ted DiBiase, Mr. Perfect regains the Intercontinental

           Bushwackers v. Black Bart & Chris Duffy



           Jake Roberts v. Boris Zukhoff

           Update – Mr. Perfect regaining the IC Title from Kerry Von Erich

           Shane Douglas v. Barry Hardy

           Warlord v. Ron Cumberledge

           Jim Duggan v. Scot Colantonio

           Special Interview – Undertaker and Brother Love

           Promo – The Mountie

           LOD v. Tony Ulysses & Dwayne Gill

           Dino Bravo v. ???



           Rockers v. JT Smith & Tom Stone

           Barbarian v. Don Steel

           Rick Martel v. Danny Brazil

           Special Interview – Dusty & Dustin Rhodes.  Footage is shown of Dustin getting attacked by Ted DiBiase and Virgil.

           Promo – Ted DiBiase makes Virgil massage his toes.  Virgil doesn’t seem to happy these days to be belittled by Ted.

           Kerry Von Erich v. Black Bart

           Power & Glory v. Kevin Green & Pat Armstrong







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