WAR GAMES: The Match Beyond
Disc One
1. War Games Match: The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Lex Luger and J.J. Dillon) vs. The Superpowers (Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff) and The Road Warriors (Hawk, Animal and Paul Ellering) (NWA Great American Bash: 7/4/87 – Atlanta, GA)
2. War Games Match: The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Lex Luger) and The War Machine vs. The Superpowers (Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff) and The Road Warriors (Hawk, Animal and Paul Ellering) (NWA Great American Bash: 7/31/87 – Miami, FL)
3. War Games Match: The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and J.J. Dillon) vs. The Superpowers (Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff), Lex Luger, Steve Williams and Paul Ellering (NWA Great American Bash: 7/16/88 - Greensboro, NC)
4. The Great War Steel Cage Match: Chicky's Sports Club (Chicky Starr, Abdullah the Butcher, The Iron Sheik, Grizzley Boone and Hercules Ayala vs. The Justice Army (Carlos Colon, Invader I, TNT, Bruiser Brody, and Dutch Mantel) (WWC: ?/?/? - Bayamón, Puerto Rico)
5. War Games Match: The Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal), The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane) and Steve Williams vs. The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin and Terry Gordy) and The Samoan SWAT Team (Samu and Fatu) (NWA Great American Bash: 7/10/89 – Baltimore, MD)

Disc Two
6. War Games Match: The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Barry Windham and Sid Vicious) and Larry Zbysko vs. Sting, Brian Pillman, Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner (WCW Wrestlewar: 2/24/91 – Phoenix, AZ)
7. Thunderdome Cage Match: Team USWA (Bill Dundee, Jeff Jarrett, Danny Davis, Billy Joe Travis and Gary Young) vs. Team WCCW (Eric Embry, Tom Pritchard, Awesome Kong, Steve Austin and El Grande Pistolero) (USWA: 3/15/91 - Memphis, TN)
8. War Games Match: Sting’s Squadron (Sting, Nikita Koloff, Ricky Steamboat, Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham) vs. The Dangerous Alliance (Steve Austin, Rick Rude, Larry Zbysko, Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton) (WCW Wrestlewar: 5/17/92 – Jacksonville, FL)
9. *Highlights* Rage In The Cage Match, Special Referee - Bob Armstrong: The Rock 'N Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson), Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden and Brian Lee vs. Tom Pritchard, Stan Lane, Kevin Sullivan, The Tazmaniac and Killer Kyle (SMW Rage In The Cage: 5/9/93 - Knoxville, TN)
10. Rage In The Cage Match, Special Referee - Big Boss Man: Armstrong's Army (Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Scott Armstrong, Steve Armstrong and Bob Armstrong) vs. Cornette's Criminals (Tom Pritchard, Jimmy Del Ray, Ron Bruise, Don Bruise and Jim Cornette) (SMW Fire On The Mountain: 8/14/93 - Johnson City, TN)

Disc Three
11. War Games Match: Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes and The Shockmaster vs. Vader, Sid Vicious and Harlem Heat (Kane and Kole) (WCW Fall Brawl: 9/19/93 – Houston, TX)
12. *Highlights* ECW World Title Ultimate Jeopardy War Games Match, If Funk Loses He Loses The ECW World Title, If Hawk Loses He Can No-Longer Be Called "Road Warrior", If Sullivan Or The Tazmaniac Lose They Must Split Up Forever, If Douglas Loses He Loses His Hair, If Mr. Hughs Loses The Opposing Team Gets Jason In The Cage For 5-Minutes, If Public Enemy Lose They Must Leave ECW Forever And Forfeit The ECW World Tag Team Titles: Terry Funk ©, Hawk, Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac vs. Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes and Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) (ECW Ultimate Jeopardy: 3/26/94 - Valley Forge, PA)
13. War Games Match: Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes and The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) vs. The Stud Stable (Terry Funk, Arn Anderson, Bunkhouse Buck and Robert Parker) (WCW Fall Brawl: 9/18/94 – Roanoke, VA)
14. *Highlights* Combat In The Cage Match: Team USWA (Bill Dundee, Tommy Rich, Doug Gilbert, Brian Lee, Billy Jack Haynes, Steven Dunn, JC Ice and Wolfie D) vs. Team SMW (Tracy Smothers, Robert Gibson, Buddy Landell, Brad Armstrong, Tom Pritchard, Jimmy Del Ray, Terry Gordy, Pat Tanaka and D'Lo Brown) (USWA Sunday Bloody Sunday: 8/6/95 - Louisville, KY)
15. War Games Match, If The Hulkamaniacs Win Hogan Gets Kevin Sullivan In The Cage For 5-Minutes: The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Sting, Randy Savage and Lex Luger) vs. The Dungeon Of Doom (Zodiac, Shark, Kamala and Meng) (WCW Fall Brawl: 9/17/95 – Ashville, NC)
16. 30-Minute Steel Cage Marathon Match: Team USWA (Brian Christopher, Wolfie D, JC Ice, Tex Slazenger and The Spellbinder) vs. Team SMW (Tommy Rich, Tracy Smothers, Doug Gilbert, Koko B. Ware and Jesse James Armstrong) (2/6/96 - Louisville, KY)
17. Barbed Wire Bat Ladder War Games Match: Masato Tanaka, Ricky Fuji and Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga, W*ING Kanemura and Hido (FMW: 2/23/96 - Tokyo, Japan)

Disc Four
18. War Games Match: The nWo (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan and ???) vs. Team WCW (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Lex Luger and Sting) (WCW Fall Brawl: 9/15/96 – Winston-Salem, NC)
19. War Games Match: The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Curt Henning, Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael) vs. The nWo (Kevin Nash, Syxx, Konnan and Marcus Bagwell) (WCW Fall Brawl: 9/14/97 – Winston-Salem, NC)
20. Barbed Wire Bat Ladder War Games Match: Masato Tanaka, Hayabusa and Jinsei Shinzaki vs. Atsushi Onita, Mr. Gannosuke and Yukihiro Kanemura (FMW: 12/22/97 - Tokyo, Japan)
21. WCW World Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders War Games Match: Team WCW (Diamond Dallas Page, Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper) vs. Team nWo Hollywood (Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Stevie Ray) vs. Team nWo Wolfpack (Kevin Nash, Sting and Lex Luger) (WCW Fall Brawl: 9/13/98 – Winston-Salem, NC)
22. Rage In The Cage Match: The Hardcore Chair-Swinging Freaks (Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten) and New Jack vs. The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley) and Mr. Mustafa (ECW Cyber Slam: 4/3/99 - Philadelphia, PA)

Disc Five
23. WCW World Heavyweight Title War Games 2000 “Russo’s Revenge” Match: Kevin Nash ©, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and Vince Russo vs. Booker T, Sting, Goldberg and Kronik (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark) (WCW Nitro: 9/4/00 – Dallas, TX)
24. FWA Heavyweight Title* and FWA Tag Team Title** Steel Cage Rage Match: Jake Daniels ©*, Adam Flash and Danny Rose ©** vs. Mike Quackenbush, Don Montoya and Dino Divine (FWA: 11/18/00 - Palo Alto, PA)
25. NWA Wildside Heavyweight Title War Games Match: The NWA Elite (Justice ©, Jason Cross, Adam Jacobs and John Phoenix) vs. Team Wildside (Onyx, AJ Styles, Air Paris and ???) (NWA Wildside Freedom Fight: 7/7/01 - Cornelia, GA)
26. War Games Match: Team NWA Florida (Buck Quartermain, Rod Steel, Vito DeNucci, Chris Nelson and Lex Lovett) vs. Team IPW (Scoot Andrews, Mike Shane, Todd Shane, Mike Sullivan, Chaos and Jet Jaguar) (NWA 53rd Anniversary Show: 10/13/01 - St. Petersburg, FL)

Disc Six
27. XPW Heavyweight Title*, XPW Television Title** and XPW King Of The Death Match Title*** Genocide Cage Match: The Black Army (Johnny Webb ©*, Angel, NOSAWA, Lizzy Borden and ???) vs. The Enterprise (KAOS ©**, The Sandman ©***, Steve Rizzono, GQ Money, Veronica Caine and ???) (XPW Genocide: 4/27/02 – Los Angeles, CA)
28. War Games Match, If Team Wildside Wins Rick Michaels Gets Jeff G. Bailey In The Cage For 5-Minutes, If The NWA Elite Wins Jeff G. Bailey Gets Control Of NWA Wildside: Team Wildside (Onyx, Hotstuff Hernandez, Jimmy Rave and Jeremy V) vs. The NWA Elite (Iceberg, Rainman, Jason Cross and ???) (NWA Wildside Freedom Fight: 6/28/03 – Cornelia, GA)
29. “Wednesday Bloody Wednesday” War Games Match, Special Referee – Erik Watts: Jeff Jarrett, Raven, Chris Harris, James Storm and D’Lo Brown vs. AJ Styles, Shane Douglas, Christopher Daniels, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger (NWA-TNA: 8/27/03 – Nashville, TN)
30. War Games Match: The Funkin’ Army (Terry Funk, The Sandman, Sabu, Steve Williams and Bill Alfonso) vs. The Extreme Horsemen (Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Simon Diamond, PJ Walker and Barry Windham) (MLW War GAMES: 9/19/03 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Disc Seven
31. War Games Match: Team 1614 (Cheetah Master, Jack Murphy, Louie Faraone, Chris Scarboro and Bryan Russo) vs. The Royal Decision (Prince Nana, Ace Darling, Striker, Tyler Payne, Mega and E.S. Easton) (ECWA War GAMES: 11/8/03 – Willmington, DE)
32. Cage Of Death Match: The Hi-V (The Messiah, Trent Acid, Adam Flash, Johnny Kashmere, Nate Hatred and B-Boy) vs. Team Ultraviolence (Zandig, Wifebeater, Nick Gage, Ian Knoxx, LOBO and ???) (CZW Cage Of Death 5: 12/13/2003 – Philadelphia, PA)
33. Scramble Cage Match: The Carnage Crew (Loc, Devito, Masada, and Justin Credible) vs. Special K (Izzy, Dixie, Angeldust, Deranged, Slim J, Hydro, Cheech, Cloudy, Lit, Mellow and Hijinx) (ROH At Our Best: 3/13/04 - Elizabeth, NJ)
34. War Games Match: The Triple Threat (Dennis Gregory, Bubba The Bulldog and Jimmy Vegas) vs. The New Triple Threat (Chris Candido, Michael Shane and ???) (IWC Caged Fury: 6/5/04 - West Mifflin, PA)

Disc Eight
35. NWA Wildside Tag Team Title War Games Match: The Texas Death Crew (Masada and Todd Sexton ©) and The NWA Elite (Rainman and Azrael) vs. The God Squad (Gabriel and Altar Boy Luke), Slim J and Murder One (NWA Wildside Freedom Fight: 7/3/04 – Cornelia, GA)
36. War Games Match: Team CSWF (Slyk Wagner Brown, Danny Doring, Chris Hamrick and Sinister X) vs. Team TNA (Ron Killings, Chris Harris, James Storm and Julio Dinero) (CSWF Cybercade: 8/28/04 - Wayne, NJ)
37. War Games Match: Team AWS (Supreme, KAOS and El Mongol) vs. Team CZW (The Messiah, Wifebeater and Adam Flash) (AWS Halloween Slaughterhouse: 10/30/04 - City Of Industry, CA)
38. Bonus Match - Tower Of Doom Match: Jimmy Garvin, Ronnie Garvin, The Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal) and Steve Williams vs. The Varisty Club (Kevin Sullivan and Mike Rotunda), Al Perez, Ivan Koloff and The Russian Assassin

Disc Nine
39. CZW World Tag Team Title Cage Of Death Match: The BLK OUT (Ruckus and Sabian © and Eddie Kingston) and Jack Evans vs. Team Ca$h (Chri$ Ca$h, Sexxxy Eddy, Nate Webb and JC Bailey) (CZW Cage Of Death 6: 12/11/04 – Philadelphia, PA)
40. Lethal Lockdown Match: Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown and Kip James vs. Diamond Dallas Page, Sean Waltman and BG James (TNA Lockdown: 4/24/05 - Orlando, FL)
41. Bonus Match - Doomsday Cage Match: The Megapowers (Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage) vs. The Alliance To End Hulkamania (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan, Meng, The Barbarian, Z-Gangsta and The Ultimate Solution)

Disc Ten
42. NWA Wildside Tag Team Title War Games Match: Team Wildside (Tank and Iceberg © and ???) vs. The NWA Elite (Jeremy V, Mikael Adyran and Murder One) vs. Getz Enterprises (Shaun Tempers, Ace Rockwell and Scottie Wrenn) (NWA Wildside Last Rights: 4/30/05 – Cornelia, GA)
43. Ownership Of IWA-MS War Games Match: Team IWA (Ian Rotten, Axl Rotten, Chris Hero, Corporal Robinson and Bull Pain) vs. Team NWA (Tank, Sal Thomaselli, Vito Thomaselli, Eric Priest and Chandler McClure) vs. The Fannin Family (BJ Whitmer, Eddie Kingston, Mark Wolf, Steve Stone and JC Bailey) (IWA-MS No Blood, No Guts, No Glory: 7/2/05 – Valparaiso, IN)

Disc Eleven
44. Steel Cage Warfare Match: Generation Next (Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jack Evans and Matt Sydal) vs. The Embassy (Alex Shelley, Jimmy Rave, Abyss and Prince Nana) (ROH Steel Cage Warfare: 12/3/05 – New York, NY)
45. Cage Of Death Match: The Forefathers Of CZW (Zandig, Nick Gage and Justice Pain) vs. Team Joker (Joker, The Necro Butcher, and Toby Klein) (CZW Cage Of Death 7: 12/10/05 - Philadelphia, PA)
46. Bonus Match - Chamber Of Horrors Match: Sting, El Gigante, Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner vs. Vader, The Diamond Stud, Cactus Jack and Abdullah The Butcher

Disc Twelve
47. Lethal Lockdown Match: Jarrett’s Army (Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Chris Harris and James Storm) vs. Sting’s Warriors (Sting, AJ Styles, Rhino and Ron Killings) (TNA Lockdown: 4/23/06 – Orlando, FL)
48. Cage Of Death Match: Team ROH (Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer and Ace Steel) vs. Team CZW (Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Necro Butcher, Nate Webb and ???) (ROH Death Before Dishonor 4: 7/15/06 – Philadelphia, PA)
49. Bonus Match - ThunderCage Match: Sting and Dustin Rhodes vs. Vader, Barry Windham and Paul Orndorff

Disc Thirteen
50. War Games Match, If Team Anarchy 2006 Wins Jerry Palmer Gets Dan Wilson In The Cage For 5-Minutes, If The Devils Rejects Win Dan Wilson Gets Control Of NWA Anarchy: Team Anarchy 2006 (Shadow Jackson, Nemesis, Slim J and Ace Rockwell) vs. The Devil's Rejects (Iceberg, Tank, Azrael and Shaun Tempers) (NWA Anarchy Hostile Environment: 7/22/06 - Cornelia, GA)
51. IWC Heavyweight Title War Games Match: Team IWC (Dennis Gregory ©, Sterling James Keenan, Troy Lords and ???) vs. The Unholy Alliance (Shirley Doe, Sebastian Dark, HENTAI, Abyss and Dean Radford) (IWC No Excuses 2: 8/5/06 – Elizabeth, PA)
52. Bonus Match - ThunderCage Match: Sting, Dustin Rhodes and Brian Pillman vs. Rick Rude, Paul Orndorff and Steve Austin

Disc Fourteen
53. Cuffed and Caged Match: Team PWU (Corporal Robinson, Trent Acid, Johnny Kashmere, Gary Wolf and Pete Hunter) vs. Team JCW (Violent J, Raven, Mad Man Pondo, 2 Tuff Tony and NOSAWA) (PWU Cuffed And Caged: 1/20/07 – Philadelphia, PA):
54. Barbed Wire Cage War Games Match, Losers Are Handcuffed To The Cage: Baka Gaijin (Mad Man Pondo and 2 Tuff Tony), Mickie Knuckles and ??? vs. The Hane Brothers (Coke Hane and Sam Hane), Juggulator and ??? (IWA-EC A Need To Bleed: 2/7/07 – Charlestown, WV)
55. NWA World Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Lethal Lockdown Match: Team Cage (Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Scott Steiner, Tyson Tomko and Abyss) vs. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Sting, Rhino, Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett) (TNA Lockdown: 4/15/07 – St. Louis, MO)

Disc Fifteen
56. War Games Match: The NWA Elite (Phil Shatter, Kory Chavis, Jeff Lewis and Abomination) vs. The Devil's Rejects (Iceberg, Tank, Azrael and Shaun Tempers) (NWA Anarchy Hostile Environment: 6/23/07 - Gainesville, GA)
57. Uncivil War Match: Team Slaughter (Dustin Rhodes, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, Kirby Mack and TJ Mack) vs. Team JBL (Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Elix Skipper, Homicide and Hernandez) (UWF Capital Punishment 2: 9/21/07 – Richmond, VA)
58. Cage Of Pain Match: The Heartbreak Express (Sean Davis and Phil Davis) and Black Market (Shawn Murphy and Joey Machete) vs. The Young, Rich and Ready (For Action) (Sal Rinauro, Chasyn Rance, Kenny King and Jason Blade) (FIP Cage Of Pain 2: 9/29/07 – Crystal River, FL)

Disc Sixteen
59. Cage Of Death Match: Team CZW (Drake Younger, Danny Havoc, Necro Butcher and Toby Klein) vs. The MBA (Brain Damage, DJ Hyde, Scotty Vortekz and Dustin Lee) (CZW Cage Of Death 9: 12/8/07 – Philadelphia, PA)
60. Lethal Lockdown Match: Team Cage (Christian Cage, Sting, Rhino, Kevin Nash and Matt Morgan) vs. Team Tomko (Tyson Tomko, AJ Styles, James Storm, Brother Ray and Brother Devon) (TNA Lockdown: 4/13/08 - Lowell, MA)
61. Bonus Match - Handicap Steel Cage Match: Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair vs. La Familia (Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder) (WWE Smackdown: 3/14/08 - Chicago, IL)


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