#1134 UWF VIDEO BOUT SERIES vols 2-4 (VG Q) 1hr 30min

 (Commercial #from the hard-to-find-video-of 1st UWF.  Terrific shoot-style action with some truly talented performers.)

Matches 1-3 are from 7/13/85

1.        Satoru Sayama vs Keith Hayward (JIP - Sayama is, of course, the original Tiger Mask)

2.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Osamu Kido (JIP)

3.        Akira Maeda vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara (JIP)

Matches 3-6 are from 7/17/85

4.        Osamu Kido vs Keith Hayward (JIP)

5.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Akira Maeda (clipped - their first meeting, I believe.  Great stuff from the two guys who would come to

        define "Shoot Style" wrestling.)

6.        Satoru Sayama vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara (clipped - terrific match)

Matches 7-9 are from 7/21/85

7.        Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Keith Hayward (JIP)

8.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Satoru Sayama (clipped)         

9.        Akira Maeda vs Osamu Kido (clipped - Kido scores the upset!)

#1135 UWF "STARTING OVER" - 5/12/88 (VG Q) 1HR 20MIN

The debut show of the re-formed UWF, the idea here is to serve as kind of an introduction to the fed and to the style.
They still have some kinks to work out at this point - there's no scoring system in place, they're still counting pinfalls, some of the
work is a little too "pro-style" for a shoot-style group like the UWF, and there's only 6 guys on the roster - but the action is solid
and very enjoyable.)
1.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Yuko Miyato (Exhibition match - They put over Takada as a stud here as he beats Miyato fair.)ly easily.  
           The match continues for the whole ten minutes though.
2.        Yoji Anjoh vs Tatsuo Nakano (Good match that goes long - like 25 minutes
           and allows both guys to look good.  The only knock I have is that it's a little too "pro" in style.)

3.    Akira Maeda vs Kazuo Yamazaki (The dead crowd finally wakes up somewhat for this one.  This match goes long too, about 25 minutes, 
          and Maeda does a good job of allowing Yamazaki to look great.  Kazuo scores several knockdowns before Maeda finally takes over.)


#1136 UWF "STARTING OVER VOL 2" - 6/11/88 (VG Q) 1HR 30MIN

1.        Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano (Terrific match that, at 30 minutes, ends up running a little long with both guys totally gassed at the end.  Still, good stuff, *** or so.)
2.        Norman Smiley vs Kazuo Yamazaki (Good stuff, ***)
3.        NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS AKIRA MAEDA (Of course it's excellent, look who's in there!)


#1137 UWF - 9/24/88 (VG Q) 1HR

1.        Yuko Miyato vs Yoji Anjoh

2.        Tatsuo Nakano vs ???

3.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Norman Smiley

4.        Kazuo Yamazaki vs Akira Maeda (***1/2)


#1138 UWF - 8/13/88 (VG Q) 2HRS

(HUGE show for the UWF as they run this in a baseball stadium with something like 45 or 50,000 fans in attendance.  Good show too.  The names on the shoot boxing matches are guesses, forgive me if they're inaccurate. 

2.        Katsumi Omura vs Lee (Shoot boxing)

3.        Makoto Ohe vs Miyake (kickboxing)

4.        Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano (Nakano busts Miyato open with a vicious headbutt!)

5.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the rumors are true Takada actually did job to Yamazaki! 

        Interesting psychology here with Takada cheating multiple times throughout the match.  Yamazaki scores the win BY PINFALL.)

6.        AKIRA MAEDA VS GERARD GOURDEAU, (Wrestler vs Kickboxer - this is an incredibly stiff work.  Great, great stuff,

        Maeda gets the crap kicked out of him!)

#1139 UWF - 11/10/88 (VG Q) 1HR 20MIN

Terrific show from the early days of Maeda's UWF.  The Maeda/Takada match is an all-time classic, with maybe the hottest crowd ever.

1.        Tatsuo Nakano vs Yuko Miyato

2.        Mark Fochu vs Yoji Anjoh

3.        Kazuo Yamazaki vs Bart Vale

4.        NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS AKIRA MAEDA (Match MAY be slightly clipped, hard to tell;  Simply one of the best shoot-style matches ever.)


#1140 UWF "HEART BEAT" - 12/22/88 (VG Q) 1HR 30MIN

1.     Yoji Anjoh vs Tatsuo Nakano (***1/2)

2.     Yuko Miyato vs Kazuo Yamazaki

3.     Norman Smiley vs Akira Maeda

4.     NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS BOB BACKLUND (Great match!  Backlund is terrific here, if he'd wrestled shoot-style

      full-time, he would have been great.  Takada drills Backlund in the face with a kick, loodying - maybe breaking –

      his nose.  So Backlund retaliates by doing his "spin around the guy's eye" move that looks so fake - legit.  Takada

     gets a nasty looking raspberry on his eye.  Easily Backlund's best post-1984 match.)


1. Anjo v. ???
2. Norman Smiley (yes THAT Norman Smiley) v. Nakano
3. Bart Vales v. Akira Maeda
4. Kazuo Yamazaki v.  Nobuhiko Takada

#249  UWF DYNAMISM 1/10/89 (VG Q) 2HRS

2.        Norman Smiley vs Bart Vale (Smiley is actually pretty good!)

3.        Tatsuo Nakano vs Mark Ross

4.        Trevor Power Clarke vs Kazuo Yamazaki (Kickboxer vs wrestler - maybe the best mixed match I've ever seen as Clark

       fights an intelligent fight, going for the ropes every time he's taken down.  Lots of hard blows in this match.  I wouldn't be

       surprised if this was a real shoot.)

5.        AKIRA MAEDA VS NOBUHIKO TAKADA (The two best shoot-style wrestlers ever hook up in a fantastic 30-minute match.

        Lots of stiff  shots.)

#1141 UWF - 2/27/89 (VG Q) 1HR 30MIN

(Another solid - albeit unspectacular - show from Maeda's UWF.  The highlight here is the Takada/Yamazaki match, which is a good one.)

6.        Yoji Anjoh vs Yuko Miyato

7.        Norman Smiley vs Tatsuo Nakano

8.        Akira Maeda vs Bart Vale

9.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki


(Another solid - albeit unspectacular - show from Maeda's UWF.  The highlight here is the Takada/Yamazaki match, which is a good one.)

6.        Yoji Anjoh vs Yuko Miyato

7.        Norman Smiley vs Tatsuo Nakano

8.        Akira Maeda vs Bart Vale

9.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki


#348 UWF MAY HISTORY 1ST 5/4/89 (VG Q) 2HRS 10MIN
1.     Yuko Miyato vs Minoru Suzuki
2.     Yoji Anjoh vs Mark Ross
3.     Masa Funaki vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Weird finish that sees Fujiwara DQ'ed and then the match restarted.  Welcome to the Dusty Finish, UWF style!) 


5.        Akira Maeda vs Chris Dolman


#1143 UWF – 6/14/89 (VG Q) 1HR 30MIN

1.        Shigeo Miyato v. Bart Vale

2.        Masaharu Funaki v. Yoji Anjo

3.        Yoshiaki Fujiwara v. Minoru Suzuki

4.        Kazuo Yamazaki v. Norman Smiley

5.        Akira Maeda v. Nobuhiko Takada


#1144 UWF - 7/24/89 (VG Q) 2hrs

(REALLY good #from Maeda's UWF.  Several excellent matches, in front of a SUPER hot crowd.  Great acoustics in the building

make for a great environment for the matches.)

1.        Minoru Suzuki vs Mark Ross(?) (30-min draw that goes about 20-min too long)

2.        MASA FUNAKI VS TATSUO NAKANO (Great match!  Nakano pounds on Funaki, coming real close to the upset and has the crowd going nuts for him.  Really good stuff.)

3.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Yuko Miyato

4.        Akira Maeda vs Yoji Anjoh

5.        KAZUO YAMAZAKI VS YOSHIAKI FUJIWARA (Another great one!  Yamazaki is awesome as always and Fujiwara looks terrific here too.)


#1145 UWF "Fighting Base" - 9/7/89 (VG Q) 2HRS

1.        Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yuko Miyato

2.        Minoru Suzuki vs Kazuo Yamazaki (excellent match!)

3.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Yoji Anjoh (good, but disappointing compared to some of their other UWF efforts.)

4.        Akira Maeda vs Johnny ???

5.        Masa Funaki vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara


#1146 UWF "U-COSMOS" - 11/29/89 (VG Q) 2HRS

 (Not exactly what you would call the best that Maeda's UWF had to offer.  For this show, which was held at the Tokyo Dome

and drew a huge crowd, they brought in a bunch of guys with legit credentials.  The result is some matches that look like shoots - and

might very well BE shoots - and can be boring.  Quality is VG.)

1.        Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano 

2.        Changpoeg Kiasongrit vs Yoji Anjoh (Kickboxer vs Wrestler - This one's a shoot)

3.        Maurice Smith vs Minoru Suzuki (Kickboxer vs Wrestler - pretty sure this one is too)

4.        Dick Vrij vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Kickboxer vs Wrestler - I was sure this one was a work up to the time Vrij tapped out almost before Fujiwara had his submission applied.  Then Fujiwara didn't release the hold and Vrij's corner knocked him flying after the match.  Something about that had an air of legitimacy.)

5.        Kazuo Yamazaki vs Chris Dolman (Judo rules?  This looks like a shoot too.)

6.       Nobuhiko Takada vs Duane Koslowski (This one's a work, but Koslowski's corner sure treats it look a shoot with all their advice.)

7.        Akira Maeda vs Willie Wilhelm


#1147 UWF "WITH '90 VOL 2" - 2/9/90 (VG Q) 1HR 20MIN

1.        Tatsuo Nakano vs Johnny Barrett

2.        Yuko Miyato vs Minoru Suzuki

3.        Yoji Anjoh vs Wellington Wilkins Jr (Bad match that ends with an even worse finish, one that just totally exposes the cooperation in the match.  UGH!)

4.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki (Good match)

5.        Akira Maeda vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara


#1148 UWF "Fighting Area" - 4/15/90 (VG Q) 1HR 30MIN

(Great #from Maeda's UWF!  The Takada and Maeda matches are definite keepers.)

1.        Rules/technique demo

2.        Yuko Miyato vs ???

3.         Masa Funaki vs ???

4.        Akira Maeda vs Tatsuo Nakano (Vicious match - Nakano knows that he's completely overmatched in this fight, so he cheats

        by headbutting Maeda numerous times.  I slo-mo'ed one shot where he drilled Maeda above the right eye and it was nasty! 

        Maeda retaliates with some brutal knees and headbutts of his own.  The crowd is SUPER heated for this match, chanting

        "Nakano!  Nakano!  Nakano!" so loud that the cameras shake.  Great stuff!  And a good match too - ***1/2.)

5.     NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS YOJI ANJOH (Great match!  Maybe the best Anjoh match I've ever seen.)

6.     Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Kazuo Yamazaki


#250 UWF “IDEA” 6/21/90 (VG Q) 1HR 45MIN

1.        Tatsuo Nakano vs Mark ???

2.        YOJI ANJOH VS MINORU SUZUKI (Another great Anjoh match!)

3.        Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Yuko Miyato

4.        Kazuo Yamazaki vs Masakazu Funaki (Excellent match, cut short by Funaki cutting Yamazaki's eyelid with a palm thrust.)



1. Kakihara v. Fuke
2. Suzuki v. Miyato
3. Nakano v. Wilkins
4. Yoji Anjo v. Ken Shamrock
5. Takada v. Fujiwara
6. Maeda v. Funaki

#1142 UWF "U-DREAM  98" - 12/11/98 (VG Q) 1HR

(This isn't technically a UWF show, but it might as well be.  They make UWF references throughout and it features a bunch

of guys from the old UWF.  A decent enough show, but the production values are pretty low.  There's practically no lighting, large parts

of the ring are in shadows, very weird.  Quality is VG)

1.        Tomoharu Fuse vs Mark Johnson (clipped)

2.        Tounehiko Naito vs Hidetada Irie

3.        Takehiro Murahama vs ??? (kickboxing)

4.        Tatsuo Nakano vs Thomas Burton

5.        Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Billy Scott

6.        John Karbo vs Enson Inoue

7.        Yoji Anjoh vs Nicholas Sparks




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