1. Tamura v. Miyato
2. Suzuki v. Nakano
3. Anjo v. Yamazaki
4. Maeda v. Fujiwara

TAPE 1150 UWFI DEBUT SHOW "MOVING ON" - 5/10/91 (VG Q) 1hr 20min

 (The first show of the re-born UWF.  Great stuff!)
1.        Introductory footage (includes explanation/demonstration of rules)
2.        Masashito Kakihara vs Kiyoshi Tamura
3.     Tetsuo Nakano & Kazuo Yamazaki vs Yoji Anjoh & Yuko Miyato
4.     Nobuhiko Takada vs Tom Burton

TAPE 1151 UWFI "MOVING ON 3RD" - 7/3/91  (VG Q)  1HR 20MIN

 (Not as good as some of the other early UWFI shows, in part because the main event is a weak matchup.  Still, the

action is pretty solid and this isn't a bad tape by any means.)

1.        Rules/Technique Demonstration

2.        Thomas Burton vs Yuko Miyato

3.        Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yoji Anjoh

4.        Kazuo Yamazaki vs ???

5.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Tatsuo Nakano


TAPE 1152 UWFI "MOVING ON 4TH" - 7/30/91 (VG Q)  1HR 30MIN

(Another great tape from the early days of UWFI.  In fact, this is one of the better shoot-style tapes)

1.        Rules/Technique Demonstration

2.        John ??? vs Masato Ohya (?) (Kickboxing)

3.        Tetsuo Nakano vs Yuko Miyato (I don't think I've ever seen him win a match, but man I enjoy watching Nakano work.  He always brings alot of wild action to his matches!)


5.        Nobuhiko Takada & Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yoji Anjoh & Jim Boss (Terrific 31 minute tag match)


TAPE 1153 UWFI "MOVING ON 5TH" - 8/24/91  (VG Q) 1HR 40MIN

(Commercial tape; Not quite as good as some of the other early UWFI tapes, but still an excellent tape.  The main event tag match is a


1.        Rules/Technique Demo

2.        ??? vs ??? (Kickboxing)

3.        Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yuko Miyato

4.        Gary Albright vs Yoji Anjoh

5.        Nobuhiko Takada & Billy Scott vs Kazuo Yamazaki & Tatsuo Nakano


TAPE 1154 UWFI "MOVING ON SAPPORO 6TH" - 9/26/91 (VG Q)  1HR 30MIN

(Another good tape from the early days of UWFI, but the two big matches - the Albright match and the main event - are disappointingly

short.  Still, a good tape)

1.        Makoto Oe vs ???

2.        Kiyoshi Tamura vs Tatsuo Nakano (Nakano gets to show a lot here and nearly KO's Tamura legit with a knee early on.  The finish

        comes way too fast, though.)

3.        Gary Albright vs Yuko Miyato (This is like an earlier version of the Vader/Nakano squash from 5/6/93.  Albright pounds


4.        Kazuo Yamazaki vs Yoji Anjoh (Really good match!)

5.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Bob Backlund (Well, when you work shoot-style, sometimes accidents happen.  You get one in this

       match as Takada KO's Backlund with a kick to the stomach that sees Backlund drop like he's been shot.  It's obviously not

        intentional as the kick occurs only 1:15 into the match.  The fans are pissed and have a mini-riot, throwing stuff at the ring

        and trying to tear off the apron.  Kazuo Yamazaki has to come out and calm them down.  Wild!)


TAPE 1155 UWFI "Moving on" - 10/6/91 (VG Q) 1HR 25MIN

1.        (Great tape from the early days of UWFI.  Lots of hard-hitting, stiff action with a hot crowd)

2.        ??? vs ??? (Kickboxing - brutal knockout!)

3.        Tetsuo Nakano & Volk Han (I think) vs Yuko Miyato & Kiyoshi  Tamura (***3/4)

4.        Billy Scott vs Yoji Anjoh

5.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki 

TAPE #577 UWFI  1991 "BEST OF MOVING ON" (VG Q) 1hr 40min
All matches are clips
1. Tamura v. Kakihara
2. Miyato & Anjo v. Nakano & Yamazaki
3. Tom Burton v. Nobuhiko Takada
4. Anjo v. Nakano
5. Yuko Miyato v. Kazuo Yamazaki
6. Nakano v. Takada
7. Anjo v. Tamura
8. Miyato v. Nakano
9. Billy Scott v. Kazuo Yamazaki
10. Takada & Anjo v. Tamura & ???
11. Tamura v. Miyato
12. Gary Albright v. Yoji Anjo (Anjo, as good as he is, didn't stand a chance)
13. Nakano & Yamazaki v. Billy Scott & Nobuhiko Takada
14. Nakano v. Tamura
15. Albright v. Miyato (Miyato is half Albright's size!  How did he get booked for this match?)
16. Yamazaki v. Anjo
17. Kick boxing match
18. Billy Scott v. Yoji Anjo
19. Takada v. Yamazaki
20. Kick boxing match
21. Anjo & Burton v. Miyato & Tamura
22. Yamazaki v. Scott
23. Albright v. Nakano
24. Clips of Albritght in action
25. Nobuhiko Takada v. Bob Backlund
26. Clips of Takada in action
27. Masakazu Maeda v. Hiromitsu Kanehara
28. Kickboxing match
29. Kakihara v. ???
30. Burton v. Miyato
31. Gary Albright v. Tamura (Any guesses as to who wins this one?)
32. Bob Backlund v. Yoji Anjo (Backlund puts Anjo away with the Crossface Chickenwing!)
33. Nakano v. ??
34. Billy Scott v. James Warring (A complete travesty of a match as the cowardly Warring exhibited absolutely NO 
      OFFENSE WHAT-SO-EVER.  Every time that Scott attacked, Warring grabbed the ropes for the break.  
      Even the normally mild mannered Japanese audience was visibly frustrated at Warring's unwillingness to fight.)
35. Nobuhiko Takada v. Trevor Berbick (Berbick apparently didn't know that in the UWFI, you can hit or kick your
      opponent anywhere, as he was quite surprised when Takada started raining some BRUTAL kicks on his legs.   
      Berbick took such a pounding, that he eventually jumped out of the ring and refused to get back in.

TAPE 1156 UWFI - 11/7/91  (VG Q) 1HR 50MIN

(Commercial tape; Yet another GREAT tape from the early days of UWFI.  Lots of terrific shoot-style action!)

1.        Terry Cummings vs Ohya Makoto (Kickboxing - unsure on those names)

2.        Yoji Anjoh & Jim Boss vs Yuko Miyato & Kiyoshi Tamura (***3/4)

3.        Tetsuo Nakano vs Gary Albright (RIP Gary)

4.        Kazuo Yamazaki vs Billy Scott

5.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Bob Backlund (Terrific match, but the ending comes out of nowhere and is kind of disappointing. Still, ***1/2)

TAPE #352 UWFi 12/22/91 (VG Q) 3HRS 5MIN
1. ??? v. Kanehara
2. Kickboxing match between 2 guys that I don't recognize
3. Kakihara v. ???
4. Yuko Miyato v. Tom Burton
5. Tamura v. Gary Albright (Tamura never had a chance)
6. Yoji Anjo v. Bob Backlund (The former WWF champion puts Anjo away with the CROSS FACE CHICKENWING!)
7. Nakano v. Yamazaki
8. Billy Scott v. James Warring (Wrestler v. Boxer)  
    This match wound up going the time limit because the hopelessly outmatched boxer (Warring) wouldn't 
    engage Scott at all.  When Scott went in for an offensive move, Warring grabbed the ropes for the break.
    This happened during the ENTIRE FIGHT.  Even the ordinarily well mannered Japanese fans were
    booing less than half way through.  On one such rope grabbing occasion, Scott got so frustrated, he 
9. Nobuhiko Takada v. Trevor Berbick (Wrestler v. Boxer) HILARIOUS MATCH!
    For some reason, Berbick was under the assumption that there would be no strikes below the belt as in boxing.
    Well, Berbick found out what happens when we "ASS-U-ME".  Takada kicked the hell out of Berbick's legs
    Repeatedly.  Berbick couldn't mount any kind of defense against it.  He just kept complaining, and yelling
    At the ref to make Takada stop.  Berbick eventually high tailed it out of the ring to get counted out.  Very funny

TAPE #353 UWFI 1/9/92 (VG Q) 1HR 35MIN
(Solid show from the early days of UWFI.)
1. Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Masakazu Maeda 

2.        Masahito Kakihara vs Tom Burton

3.        Tatsuo Nakano vs JT Southern

4.        Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yuko Miyato (good match)

5.        Kazuo Yamazaki & Yoji Anjoh vs Gary Albright & Steve Cox (Cox, on an innocent-looking strike late in the match, legit

         dislocate his shoulder, causing his arm to drop limp.  Albright finishes for their team and then they show Cox getting his

         shoulder popped back in after the match.  OUCH!)


UWFI 3/17/92 "E=mc2" (VG Q) 2HRS 30MIN
Match listings by TABE

1. Masakazu Maeda vs Hiromitsu Kanehara (*** - terrific match)
2. MARK SILVER VS MASAHITO KAKIHARA (Excellent match that goes the full 30 minutes. At the end of the match, with the 
    time limit approaching, both guys open up and begin throwing heavy strikes. Kakihara lands an uppercut that DRILLS Silver in 
    the nose, busting him open big-time. Ya know, I gotta think that UWFI blew it by not pushing guys like Kakihara, Kanehara, and 
    Tamura up to the top of the card harder and better.) 

3. Thomas Burton vs Tatsuo Nakano (The previous two matches both were in the 20-30 minute range, as is this one. However, and 
    I'm as big a Nakano mark as you'll ever find, I don't wanna see these guys going 26+ minutes. No way
4. Yoji Anjoh & Mark ??? vs Kiyoshi Tamura & Yuko Miyato (Another excellent, long match! This one's ***1/2. Man, this show rocks!)
5. Nobuhiko Takada vs David Green (Who is David Green? Well, he's a Dan Severn lookalike, minus all of Dan's incredible 
    charisma. OK, that's sarcasm, but you get the idea. Not bad, Takada has nothing to work with here.) 

6. Gary Albright vs Kazuo Yamazaki (Short but good match that sees Albright get over as a killer threat to Takada by having him 
    destroy the #2 native, Yamazaki.)


TAPE 1157 UWFI - 5/8/92 (VG Q)  3hrs

(Fantastic show from UWFI.  Lots of long, excellent matches. If you're a UWFI fan, this show is a must-have.)

1.        Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Masakazu Maeda (Maybe the best opening bout ever in UWFI.  Two guys giving their all to the point of

         basically exhaustion.  Great stuff.  ***1/2.)

2.        Mark Silver vs Masahito Kakihara (Another great match.  Tons of action in a match that goes 30 minutes. ***)

3.        Tom Burton vs Tatsuo Nakano (Turns into a near-shoot when Burton  throws a wild forearm/punch that pisses Nakano off.  He then drills Burton with a couple of real nasty shots before finishing Burton off.)

4.        Mark Fleming vs Yuko Miyato

5.        Steve Day vs Yoji Anjoh

6.        Nick Bockwinkel vs Billy Robinson (Exhibition Match - which is worse: two guys that 60 years old getting in ring or the

        fact that they can out work 1/2 of WCW's 2001 roster?  Neat moment in the match when Bockwinkel hits Robinson with a

        knee to the kidneys.  Robinson gets pissed off, to which Nick responds - "It's a knee, Robinson".  Robinson then shakes his

       fist and says "I'll give you one of these in the fucking jaw" and seems truly mad.  This is actually a pretty good match.)

7.        Koji Kitao vs Kazuo Yamazaki (Yamazaki does a great job of getting Kitao over as a big threat to Takada and the crowd is super hot for this one.)

8.        Kiyoshi Tamura vs Matthew Saad Muhammed (Wrestler vs Boxer - I hope this was a shoot, cuz if it was a work, they sure misbooked this.  Over in like 40 seconds.)

9.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Gary Albright (Good match, but the finish comes a little quick)


TAPE 1158 UWFI - 2/15/92 (VG Q) 1HR 30MIN

(Solid show from the semi-early days of UWFI, the highlight of this one - for me, anyway - is the appearance by Pistol Pez!)

6.        Masakazu Maeda vs Hiromitsu Kanehara (Good match)

7.        JT Southern vs Masahito Kakihara

8.        Kiyoshi Tamura & Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano & Mark Silver

9.        Pistol Pez Whatley vs Yoji Anjoh (Pisol Pez!  Pez looks to be about 280 or 290 here, but can still move and actually looks

         halfway decent here, he just doesn't know any submissions.  Oh well, it's fun for me - a guy who's first wrestling experiences

         included Pistol Pez on WTBS - to see him again.)

10.     Nobuhiko Takada & Kazuo Yamazaki vs Gary Albright & Tom Burton


TAPE 1159 UWFI - 6/28/92 (VG Q) 1HR 30MIN

(Solid show, good stuff)

1.        Yoshihiro Takayama vs Hiromitsu Kanehara

2.        Kiyoshi Tamura & Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano & Mark Fleming

3.        Masahito Kakihara vs Yoji Anjoh

4.        Kazuo Yamazaki vs Steve Day(?)

5.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Mark Silver

6.        Gary Albright vs Tom Burton


TAPE 1160 UWFI "Shizuoka Live" - 7/12/92 (VG Q)  2HRS

(Another good tape from the masters of UWFI! )

1.  Makoto Oe vs ??? (Kickboxing)

2.        Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Yoshihiro Takayama

3.        Tom Buron & Tatsuo Nakano vs Yoji Anjoh & ???

4.        Masahito Kakihara vs Yuko Miyato

5.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Bill (?) Cox


TAPE 1161 UWFI - 8/14/92 (VG Q) 1HR 40MIN

(Another solid show, this one features the debut in UWFI of Bad News Allen.)

1.        Yoshihiro Takayama vs Hiromitsu Kanehara (I think these guys wrestled each other like 7000 times.  They're all good

        matches, all very stiff, but geez...)

2.        Masahito Kakihara & Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano & Tom Burton

3.        Kiyoshi Tamura vs Lenny Lydick (?)

4.        Nobuhiko Takada & Mark Fleming vs Kazuo Yamazaki & Mark Silver (Good match!)

5.        Gary Albright vs Bad News Allen


TAPE 1162 UWFI - 9/21/92 (VG Q) 2hrs 30min

(Really good show!  Worth getting for the Kakihara match and the Albright/Takada match.  This show was also aired with English commentary on US PPV.  

The English version can be found directly below this one.)

1.Yoshihiro Takayama vs Tom Burton

2.        Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Mark Silver

3.        Masahito Kakihara vs Tatsuo Nakano (Kakihara busts Nakano's nose about 5 seconds into this one and Nakano hits a

        *GUSHER*.  Blood is literally pouring out of  his nose the entire rest of the match, leaving his face and chest, and Kakihara's chest, back, and arms, COVERED in blood.  Incredible.  By far the biggest hardway juice job I've ever seen.

4.        Yuko Miyato vs Mark Fleming

5.        Kiyoshi Tamura vs Steve Cox

6.        Kazuo Yamazaki vs Yoji Anjoh

7.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Gary Albright (***1/2 - very good match; Takada wins UWFI title)


 TAPE 1163 UWFI - 10/23/92 (VG Q) 2hrs 30min

 (Yet another good tape from UWFI.  The main event must be seen for its heat and the Iron Sheik match must be seen, just

to be seen.)

1.        Makoto Oe vs ??? (kickboxing)

2.        Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Tom Burton

3.        Yoshihiro Takayama vs Mark Silver

4.        Iron Sheik vs Yoji Anjoh (Yeah, you read that right - the Iron Sheik wrestled in UWFI.  Unlike Bob Backlund, though, Sheik

         is completely clueless in a UWFI ring.  He's blown up to over 300lbs and has no clue what to.  He stalls for several minutes

         before quickly submitting.  Ugh!)

5.        Masahito Kakihara & Yuko Miyato vs Gary Albright & Mark Fleming (this looks like an accidental KO as the match ends

         quickly, with Albright never getting into the match)

6.        KIYOSHI TAMURA VS KAZUO YAMAZAKI (Man, did UWFI miss these guys when they left in 1995 - great match!)

7.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Koji Kitao (The fans start at a fever pitch for this match and never come down.  Unbelievable heat and

         the crowd goes nuts when Takada DRILLS Kitao with a kick, KO'ing him.)    


TAPE 1164 UWFI "ROOT OF WRESTLING" - 11/25/92 (VG Q) 1hr 20min

(Good show, plenty of good action to be found here.  My only knock is that I wish it were longer.)

1.        Makoto Ohe vs ??? (kickboxing)

2.        Gene Lydick & Mark Silver vs Yoshihiro Takayama & Hiromitsu Kanehara (good match)

3.        Dan Severn vs Yuko Miyato

4.        Yoji Anjoh vs Masahito Kakihara

5.        Nobuhiko Takada & Kazuo Yamazaki vs Gary Albright & Mark Fleming



TAPE 1149 UWFI "DOUBLE TAKADA" - 12/20/92 (VG Q) 2hrs

Great tape!  You get the '92 Jr League Finals, plus several other good or great matches.  Definitely a good UWFI tape to have.  And,

oh yeah, you get two Takada matches, which is a nice little bonus.)

1.        Makoto Ohe & ??? Ohe vs ??? & ??? (Kickboxing - Yes, a tag-team kickboxing match.  They run a points system and guys

         lose points for tagging out.  One of the guys whose name I don't know is a total goofball, acting all weird in the ring, showboating, etc.  Some legit hatred comes about when Ohe (not Makoto) knocks out the goofball after the ref starts to step in because the goof is on the ropes.The KO is allowed anyway, Ohe gets SPIT on after the match and then he and his partner make a big show of shaking only Makoto Ohe's hand afterward.)  

2.        Tom Burton vs Mark Silver (Not much of a match, as Silver appears to blow out his knee and legit can't continue.)

3.        YOSHIHIRO TAKAYAMA VS HIROMITSU KANEHARA ('92 Jr League Final - VICIOUS match! Takayama hits

        Kanehara in the jaw early in the match and the fight is on!  Several vicious knees and kicks to the face and head throughout     

        this match, plus some accidental elbows and everything else.  Great match!)

4.        Yuko Miyato vs Bad News Allen

5.        Dan Severn vs Yoji Anjoh (When he's in with somebody that can carry him, like Anjoh, Dan Severn looks like a killer.  Great  stuff.)

6.        Presentation of the Jr League Cup

7.        Gary Albright vs Masahito Kakihara (Let's just say that Kakihara gets killed...)

8.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Dennis Koslowski

9.        Nobuhiko Takada vs Naoki Sano (Terrific match!  This is real close to ****, I'll say it's about ***1/2)


1.  Tatsuo Nakano V. Yoji Anjo
2.  Dennis Koslowski V. Masahito Kakihara
3.  Tommy Cairo V. Hiromitsu Kanehara
4.  Kiyoshi Tamura V. Yukoh Miyato
5.  Gene Lydick V. Greg Bobchuck
6.  Bad News Allen V. Kazuo Yamazaki
7.  Salman Hashimikov & Vladimir Berkovitch V. Gary Albright & Dan Severn
8.  Nobuhiko Takada V. Billy Scott (UWFI Title Match)

1. Yoshihiro Takayama V. Yuko Miyato
2. Vladimir Berkovitch V. Gene Lydick
3. Hiromitsu Kanehara V. Tatsuo Nakano
4. Bad News Allen V. Kiyoshi Miyato
5. Masahito Kakihara V. Dan Severn
6. Yoji Anjo V. Victor Zangiev
7. Gary Albright V. Billy Scott (Albright Destroys Scott With Several Vicious Suplexes)
8. Nobuhiko Takada V. Kazuo Yamazaki (UWFI Title - Great Match!)

1. Tom Burton vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara
2. Kazushi Sakuraba & Masahito Kakihara vs. Steve Nelson & Gene Lydick (Good Match)
3. Billy Scott vs. Yoshihiro Takayama
4. Sano & Anjo vs. Berkovich & Zangiev
5. History of Albright/Takada
6. Gary Albright vs. Nobuhiko Takada
1. Takayama v. Bad News Allen
2. Gene Lydick & Tom Burton v. Kakihara & Yoji Anjo
3. Kazuo Yamazaki v. Yuko Miyato
4. Naoki Sano v. Tamura
5. Nakano v. Vader (Nakano didn't have a very good night)
6. Gary Albright v. Dennis Koslowski
7. Dan Severn v. Nobuhiko Takada

1. Kickboxing match
2. Kazushi Sakuraba v. ???
3. Tommy Cairo v. Greg Bobchuk
4. Gene Lydick v. Takayama (Good match)
5. Tom Burton v. Kanehara
6. Kakihara v. Bad News Allen
7. Yuko Miyato v. ???
8. Yoji Anjo v. Naoki Sano
9. Gary Albright & Dan Severn v. Kiyoshi Tamura & Nobuhiko Takada (Albright makes Takada tap out!)
10. Vader v. Kazuo Yamazaki (Vader, who was the WCW Heavyweight champion at the time, wipes the floor with 

TAPE 1097 UWFI “AMERICA VS. JAPAN” (VG Q) 1hr 11min

1.     Kazuo Yamazaki v. Bad News Allen

2.     Gary Albright & Dan Severn v. Petrovich & Hashimikov

3.     Nobuhiko Takada v. Billy Scott

4.     Gene Lydick & ??? v. Kakihara & Naoki Sano

5.     Takada v. Hashimikov

1.  Steven Nelson v. Sakuraba
2.  Takayama v. Nakano
3.  Hiromitsu Kanehara v. Yuko Miyato
4.  Gene Lydick v. Billy Scott
5.  Yoji Anjo v. Kazuo Yamazaki
6.  Dan Severin & Gary Albright v. Naoki Sano & Nobuhiko Takada
7.  Tamura v. Kakihara
TAPE #294 UWFI 8/18/94 (VG Q) 2HRS 30MIN
(The first 6 matches are GREAT clips)
1. Vader v. Hashimikov
2. Vader v. Kakihara
3. Vader v. Tamura
4. Takada v. Yamazaki
5. Takada v. Gene Lydick
6. Takada v. Gary Albright
7. Kenehara v. Bad News Allen
8. Takayama v. ???
9. Kakihara & Sakuraba v. Gene Lydick & Billy Scott (GREAT MATCH!  Lydick & Kakihara had a pretty
    hot rivalvry)
10. Yuko Miyato v. Salman Hashimikov
11. Nakano v. Kazuo Yamazaki
12. Yoji Anjo & Naoki Sano v. Berkovich & Zangiev
13. Tamura v. Albright
14. Vader v. Nobuhiko Takada (FANTASTIC MATCH!  Vader knocks Takada out!)
UWFI 6/10/94 (VG Q)
(Matches 1-5 are from the 6/10/94 card)
(Matches 6-14 are from the 11/20/94 card)
1.  Kickboxing match
2.  Thomas Burton v. Kanehara
3.  Billy Scott v. Takayama
4.  Nelson & Lydick v. Kakihara & Sakuraba
5.  Naoki Sano v. Yuko Miyato
6.  Kazuo Yamazaki & Yoji Anjo v. Victor Zangiev & Vladimir Berkovitch
UWFI 11/20/94 (VG Q)
7.  Kickboxing match
8.  Thomas Burton v. Yamamoto (Burton makes short work of Yamamoto)
9.  Sakuraba v. Yuko Miyato
10.  Yoji Anjo v. Kanehara
11.  Billy Scott v. Nakano
12.  Takayama v. Sano
13.  Dan Severn v. Kiyoshi Tamura
14.  Kakihara v. Yamazaki
15.  Nobuhiko Takada v. Gary Albright (GREAT MATCH! Albright makes Takada submit!)
1.  Eloo Maduro - Kenichi Yamamoto
2.  Hiromitsu Kanehara - Nikolai Gordeau
3.  Kazushi Sakuraba - Masao Orihara
4.  Satoru Sayama - The Cobra (Legends-Match - Count-out)
5.  Kensuke Sasaki - Masahito Kakihara
6.  Toshiaki Kawada - Yoshihiro Takayama
7.  Shinya Hashimoto - Yuhi Sano
8.  Yoji Anjoh - David Beneteau
9.  Nobuhiko Takada - Genichiro Tenryu
Of all the fighters to wrestle in the Union of Wrestling Force International, Nobuhiko Takada was not only the most famous fighter, but was the most talented. This tape chronicles The multi-time holder of the UWFI World Title as he takes on numerous opponents. An excellent tape for you No Holds Barred fans. 1. Clips of various matches 2. Takada v. Bob Backlund 3. Contract signing with Trevor Berbick 4. Takada v. Berbick (Berbick didn't know that it was legal to strike below the waist. He was unpleasantly surprised when Takada began raining kicks on Berbick's legs. The hoplessly outclassed Berbick actually left the ring and quit!) 5. Clips v. American wrestlers 6. Takada v. Albright (GREAT MATCH!) 7. More clips 8. Takada v. Albright 9. Contract signing and match v. Koji Kitao. (Takada's kicks have been measured to be more powerful than a major league baseball player swinging a bat! Koji learns this in the third round.) 10. Takada v. Dennis Koslowski 11. Takada v. Naoki Sano 12. Takada v. Tamura 13. Takada v. Yamazaki 14. Takada v. Dan Severn
TAPE #130 UWFI 1/16/95 (VG Q) 2HRS 8MIN
1. A kick boxing match with two guys I don't recognize.
2. Yamamoto v. Kanehara
3. Thomas Burton v. Takayama
4. Nakano v. Bad News Allen
5. Kakihara & Yoji Anjo v. Naoki Sano & Kazushi Sakuraba
6. Gene Lydick v. Tsuyoshi Tamura
7. Nobuhiko Takada & Billy Scott v. Kazuo Yamazaki & ???
8. Gary Albright v. Vader (UWFI TITE MATCH)
TAPE #354 UWFi 5/27/96 (VG Q) 2HRS
1. Sakuraba v. Tamura
2. Nogami v. Kanehara
3. Sano v. ???
4. Nakano v. ???
5. Anjo & Sakuraba v. Gedo & Fuyuki
6. Kakihara v. Shiro Koshinaka
7. Nobuhiko Takada v. Yoshiaki Fujiwara

TAPE #251  UWFI  8/17/96 (VG Q) 2HRS 35MIN
1 Dutch Windmill v Kennichi Yamamoto
2 Hiromitsu Kanehara v Tiger Maduro
3 The Great Kabuki, The Great Takeru, & Daikokubo Benkei v Gekko, Shigeo Okumura, & Kishin Kawabata
5. Tiger Mask Sayama v Gran Hamada
6. Kimo v Yoshihiro Takayama
7. Kazushi Sakuraba v Masahito Kakihara
8. Genchiro Tenryu v Naoki Sano
9. Nobuhiko Takada v Yoji Anjo



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