This tape is a must for all fans of the USWA & ECW. There is nothing more exciting in
pro wrestling than a promotion vs promotion feud.They rarely occur in america,but when
they do it is very special.Featured are matches,angles,& interviews that aired on both
programs.The most exciting angles in years came out of this feud.This tape starts with
jerry lawler's initial challenge to ECW & ends with the hardcore heaven 97 showdown
between Tommy Dreamer & Jerry Lawler.Rare interviews from uswa's 90mn. show as
well from ECW wrestlers. This tape shows intensity & anticipation from start to finish.

1.  Jerry Lawler challnges ECW.....USWA
2.  Tommy Dreamer vs Raven..... Jerry Lawler's infamous debut at the ECW Arena....ECW
3.  Fan Cam Intr:Tommy Dreamer....ECW
4.  (2) Interviews :Jerry Lawler....ECW
5.  Tommy Dreamer attacks Jerry Lawler....USWA
6.  Tommy Dreamer-Jerry Lawler ..Confrontation.......USWA
7.  Tommy Dreamer trashes the USWA studio....USWA
8.  Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs Tommy Dreamer/Sandman....Jerry Lawler returns &
     Jim Cornette debuts...One of the wildest angles ever.....ECW
9.  Intr:Jerry Lawler....ECW
10.  Intr:Beulah ...ECW
11.  Taz burns a WWF t-shirt....ECW
12.  Intr:Jerry Lawler....ECW
13.  Intr:Jim Cornette....ECW
14.  Jerry Lawler/Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs Sandman/Tommy Dreamer/Mystery Partner..SteelCage Match...
       Rick Rude is the partner & turns on Dreamer & Sandman One of the most intense matches ever! ECW
15.  Intr:Jerry Lawler....ECW
16.  Intr:Tommy Dreamer.....ECW
17.  Jerry Lawler burns an ECW t-shirt....USWA
18.  Intr:Tommy Dreamer...USWA
19.  Intr:Sandman...USWA
20.  Intr:Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher...USWA
21.  Intr:Taz...Clips of Taz are shown...USWA
22.  Intr:Paul Heyman....One of the best interviews ever as Paul is surrounded by ECW guys as he does the
       interviews & trashes USWA Rare and absolutely classic! USWA
23.  Intr:Taz....USWA
24.  Sandman/Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Christopher/Jerry Lawler..Highlights/Total Brawl.....USWA
25.  Intr:Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher..Lawler get a letter from ECW & addresses the Christopher situation
26.  Intr:PG-13.....They return alligned with ECW...USWA
27.  Intr:Dutch Mantell....Tommy Dreamer & Jerry Lawler come out & all three brawl all over the studio
28.  Tommy Dreamer vs Dutch Mantell...Highlights/Beulah & Lawler get involved....USWA
29.  Intr:Jerry Lawler....ECW
30.  Intr:Tommy Dreamer....ECW
31.  Tommy Dreamer vs Jerry Lawler....Hardcore Heaven 97...ECW
32.  Intr:Tommy Dreamer & video


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