Disk 1
1. Dick Slater v. Mark Youngblood.
2. Mark Youngblood v. Tully Blanchard
3. Tully Blanchard v. Dusty Rhodes (Dusty wins the TV Title in a steel cage, and also wins Tully's valey Baby Doll for 30 days.)
4. Extremely short clips of Arn Anderson winning the TV Title in a tournament)
5. Arn Anderson v. Dusty Rhodes
6. Dusty Rhodes v. Tully Blanchard (GREAT First Blood Match)
7. Tully Blanchard v. Nikita Koloff (VERY GOOD MATCH!)
8. Nikita Koloff v. Mike Rotunda
9. Mike Rotunda v. Rick Steiner
10. Rick Steiner v. Mike Rotunda
11. Mike Rotunda v. Sting (ending cut off)
12. Sting v. Great Muta (GREAT MATCH! Due to the controversial finish of the match, the TV title was held up.  Muta would win
     it in a rematch on TV.)
13. Great Muta v. Arn Anderson (Arn gives Muta his first pinfall loss in the NWA)
14. Arn Anderson v. Tom Zenk
15. Tom Zenk v. Arn Anderson
16. Arn Anderson v. Bobby Eaton (FANTASTIC MATCH!)
Disk 2
17. Bobby Eaton v. "Stunning" Steve Austin (Years later, Austin would become "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)
18. Steve Austin v. Barry Windham
19. Barry Windham v. Steve Austin
20. Steve Austin v. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
21. Ricky Steamboat v. Scott Steiner (Steiner wins the title in a rare babyface vs babyface match.  Steiner would vacate the title 2 
     months later when he and his brother Rick would jump to the WWF.)
22. Paul Orndorff v. Erik Watts 
23. Paul Orndorff v. Ricky Steamboat
24. Ricky Steamboat v. Steven Regal (VERY GOOD MATCH!)
25. Steven Regal v. Larry Zbyzko (cut off)
26. Larry Zybyzko v. Steven Regal
27. Steven Regal v. Johnny B. Badd (Arn Anderson would later defeat Badd for the title)
28. Arn Anderson v. The Renegade (The Renegade was a blatant Ultimate Warrior ripoff, who had the backing of Hulk Hogan.  As 
     A result, Renegade goes over Arn in a virtual squash.)

Disk 3
1. Renegade v. Diamond Dallas Page
2. DDP v. Johnny B. Badd
3. Johnny B. Badd v. Lex Luger
4. Lex Luger v. Steven Regal
5. Steven Regal v. Prince Iukea
6. Prince Iukea v. Ultimo Dragon
7. Ultimo Dragon v. Steven Regal
8. Steven Regal v. Ultimo Dragon
9. Ultimo Dragon v. Alex Wright
10. Alex Wright v. Disco Inferno
11. Disco Inferno v. Perry Saturn
12. Perry Saturn v. Disco Inferno
Disk 4
13. Disco Inferno v. Booker T (The elevation of Booker T begins here, as he wins the TV Title, and makes his break from just being
     a tag team wrestler.
NOTE:  For the next 6 months, The WCW TV title would be the source of some of the BEST matches on any card that the title is 
Defended on.  The next 8 matches are some of the best TV Title matches since the belts inception.
14. Booker T. v. Rick Martel
15. Rick Martel v. Booker T.
16. Booker T. v. Chris Benoit (GREAT MATCH!)
17. Chris Benoit v. Booker T.
18. Booker T. v. Chris Benoit
19. Chris Benoit v. Booker T.
20. Booker T. v. David Finlay
21. David Finlay v. Booker T.
22. Stevie Ray v. Chris Jericho (Stevie Ray, had been been claiming that Booker T. had given him the belt because of injury)
23. Chris Jericho v. Konnan
24. Konnan v. Scott Steiner
25. Scott Steiner v. Booker T.
26. Booker T. v. Rick Steiner
27. Rick Steiner v. Chris Benoit
28. Chris Benoit v. Rick Steiner
29. Scott Hall is awarded the TV title due to Rick Steiner being injured.  Scott Hall vacates the title 11/29/99 when Kevin Nash
     throws the belt into a trash can.
30. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan is declared the TV Champion when he recovers the TV title from the garbage. (2/16/2000)
31. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan v. Robert Gibson 
On 4/10/2000, the TV Title would be declared vacant by Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo.  The lineage of the NWA/WCW TV title 
Would end here, as the title was never re-activated.
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