This is SMW's Year in Review show highlighting all the major stars, title changes, feuds & happenings from 1992


1.        Brian Lee & Mongolian Stomper vs. Kevin Sullivan & Night Stalker

2.        Chris Comet vs. Jeff Daniels

3.        Reno Riggins vs. Paul orndorff (Clips)

4.        Ron Wright offers Reno Riggins his services as a manager.

5.        Int – Stud Stable.  They confront Dutch Mantel because Dutch has been promising that he can get them a shot at the tag titles.

6.        Tag Champs Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette (IP, Fuller & Golden come in and for the second

7.        time, cost the Heavenly Bodies the match!  Both the Bodies and the Stud Stable brawl in the ring.  This is a very

8.        intriguing angle for it’s time, as both teams are heels, and heel v. heel feuds were normally not done.  The R&Rs

9.        run in and make the save, running the Bodies out of the ring.  But don’t worry, there was no face turn by the Studs,

10.     as they themselves attacked the Rock & Roll Express afterward.) 

11.     Int – Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies

12.     Tim Horner & Ron Garvin vs. Dirty White Boy & Paul Orndorff




1.         Paul Onrdorff berates a young Tim Horner fan, and Horner runs out and attacks Orndorff.

2.         Tracey Smothers vs. Dirty White Boy vs. Killer Kyle vs. Jimmy Golden (Smothers wins a 4 way match to become the
first ever Beat the Champ TV Champion.)

3.         Heavenly Bodies/Fuller & Golden Confrontation.  Both teams argue with each other in the back and nearly come to blows!

4.         Int – Heavenly Bodies

5.         Kevin Sullivan vs. Mongolian Stomper

6.         Interviews w/DWB & Wright, Riggins, Orndorff, Cornette, Smothers, Bodies, R'n'Rs, Stalker & Sullivan


7.         Dixie Dy-no-mite vs. Paul Lee

8.         Kevin Sullivan vs. Brian Lee (IP – Sullivan bloodies Lee again.)

9.         Heavenly Bodies/Fuller & Golden feud Recap.  Lots of footage of their previous matches and run-ins are shown.

10.      Int – Heavenly Bodies and the Stud Stable brawl with each other, spilling ointo the ring.  No match though, as they just brawl
until the show goes off.

11.      Interviews w/Lee, Smothers, R'n'Rs, DWB & Wright, Riggins, Orndorff, Horner, Fuller & Golden, Bodies & Armstrong




1.         Tim Horner vs. Dark Secret

2.         Kevin Sullivan vs. Johnny Kid

3.         Beat the Champ TV Champ Tracey Smothers vs. Brad Batten

4.         Tag Champs Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Heavenly Bodies (In the midst of the ref getting clobbered, and the Stud Stable and
Tag Titles!)

5.         Int – Cornette, the Heavenly Bodies AND BOBBY EATON!  Dutch Mantel and the Stud Stable come out to complain
and it becomes a brawl.  The Rock & roll Express runs out to join in as well!


6.         Reno Riggins vs. Robbie Eagle

7.         Riggins/DWB Confrontation

8.         Killer Kyle vs. Johnny Kidd

9.         Brian Lee vs. Dark Secret

10.      Beat the Champ TV Champ Tracey Smothers vs. Sean Powers

11.      Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. Brad & Bart Batten

12.      Interviews w/Mantell, Eagle & Wright, Riggins, Armstrong, Lee & Horner, Smothers, DWB, Fuller & Golden




1.        DIRTY WHITE BOY vs RENO RIGGINS- DWB destroys Riggins until Smothers breaks it up.

2.        KEVIN SULLIVAN vs BART BATTEN- Sullivan bludgeons Bart with the spike, causing the match to be censored.

3.        THE INTERVIEW WTBS DIDN'T WANT YOU TO SEE! Jim Cornette threatens to sue WTBS and Ted Turner for

           showing Heavenly Bodies vs Rock & Roll Express footage. Corny confronts Bill Watts, telling him that he'll be "cleaning

           toilets at CNN"! This interview was edited to death on TBS, but it was aired in it's entirety here.

4.        Heavenly Bodies v. Rock & Roll Express (From WCW TV)

5.        Dutch Mantel interviews an irate Stud Stable, who is promising to beat up the Heavenly Bodies and take their titles.

6.        Rock & Roll Express v. Dark Secret v. Robbie Eagle (And as expected, The R&Rs and The Heavenly Bodies

           eventually wind up in an unscheduled brawl.  The Bods have a 4-on-2 advantage, so the Stud Stable runs them off-

           and beat on the R&R's themselves! )

7.         PAUL ORNDORFF vs TRACY SMOTHERS: After Tracy scores the upset pinfall, Orndorff piledrives the ref,

           getting himself "indefinitely suspended" from SMW  (to join WCW).


8.         Heavenly Bodies & Bobby Eaton v. Dixie Dynamite, Reno Riggins & Lynn Fields (And there's trouble brewin' between Bobby Eaton and

            Tom Prichard. )

9.         Int – Bob Armstrong.  In addition to nearly being sued for trying to ban Kevin Sullivan from SMW, he’s now forced

            to foot the bill for Sullivan’s therapy sessions.  Armstrong vows to get rid of Sullivan one way or another

10.       Int – Kevin Sullivan.  Footage is shown of Sullivan’s “Therapy” sessions.  It looks more like he’s at a luxury resort.

11.       Brian Lee v. Larry Santo

12.       TRACY SMOTHERS vs NIGHTSTALKER: After Dirty White Boy costs Tracy the match and the TV title, he

            handcuffs Tracy to the ropes, puts his confederate flag in a trash can, adds lighter fluid, and burns it right in the ring!

13.       DWB v. Ted Allen

14.       ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS vs STUD STABLE (Fuller & Golden): The Bods show up at ringside with popcorn

            & coke to watch the match. Golden smacks the popcorn out of Eaton's hand, so Eaton "blinds" him w/ his coke,

            costing him the match.




1.         Killer Kyle v. Ted Allen

2.         Reno Riggins v. Rip Rogers

3.         Kevin Sullivan v. Len Fields

4.         Int – Tracey Smothers talks about what the confederate flag means to him.  If Smothers cut that promo anywhere
else besides SMOKEY Mountain Wrestling, he’d be a monster heel.

5.         Night Stalker v. Larry Santo

6.         BOBBY EATON vs RICKY MORTON. Turns into a wild fight, with the Bods, R&R's, and Stud Stable all
duking it out.


7.         TIM HORNER vs NIGHTSTALKER. Horner wins the TV title, and Kevin Sullivan and Brian Lee get into a
post-match brawl.

8.         KEVIN SULLIVAN vs BRIAN LEE in an unscheduled brawl: Sullivan, Lee, Horner and Nightstalker wind up
fighting in the parking lot!

9.         Bob Armstrong signs a match between the Stud Stable/Dutch Mantel, The Heavenly Bodies & Bobby Eaton, and
The Rock & Roll Express and a mystery partner of their choice at the upcoming Bluegrass Brawl.

10.      DIRTY WHITE BOY vs TRACY SMOTHERS in a match that illustrates the magic of this promotion- this
match, which features two decidedly minor league wrestlers, has more heat than anything WCW has put
together in years. 4 1/2***. match, with both men beaten bloody. An incredible finish, as Ron Wright rises
from his wheelchair to assist DWB.

11.      Int – Tracey Smothers




1.         Tim Horner v. Dixie Dynamite (Beat the Champ TV Title match.)

2.         ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS vs JEFF DANIELS & LIN FIELDS. The R&R's produce their "mystery partner",
who is covered in a sheet. Morton dares Cornette to pull the sheet off, and to everyone's shock,
IT’S ARN ANDERSON!!!  This was a perfectly executed angle, and a shock to everyone in the arena!  Arn

And the R&Rs beat up the Bodies and run them off.

3.         Int – Arn Anderson & The Rock & Roll Express

4.         Dutch Mantel interviews Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright.

5.         KEVIN SULLIVAN vs CHRIS ADAMS, clips of Kevin "injuring " Adams and "almost costing him his eye".

6.         Miguel Perez v. The Terminator (After the match, Sullivan and Nightstalker attack both Perez and The Terminator!)


7.         DWB v. Lynn Fields (DWB after burning Smothers’ confederate flag several weeks ago, is now billing himself from
New York City, and claiming to be from the North now.  He’s even wearling a New York Yankees shirt.  Hilarious!)
Heavenly Bodies v. Dixie Dynamite & Reno Riggins

8.         Down And Dirty with Dutch Mantel – Dutch interviews Brian Lee regarding his “Russian Roulette Death Match”
with Kevin Sullivan.

9.         KEVIN SULLIVAN vs WING KANEMURA. INCREDIBLY GRUESOME MATCH! Sullivan absolutely butchers this guy, juicing
not only his head, but various body parts as well. The crowd just sits in horror as this goes on. Not for the squeamish...
Tim Horner v. Killer Kyle

10.      Int – Arn Anderson & The Rock & Roll Express




1.        Stud Stable v. Lyn Fields & Reno Riggins

2.        Brian Lee v. Larry Santo

3.        Brian Lee v. Kevin Sullivan (IP, from 3/21/93 in Knoxville, TN)

4.        Tracey Smothers v. Jeff Daniels

5.        Dutch Mantel interviews Kevin Sullivan

6.        Int – Arn Anderson & Rock & Roll Express

7.        Bobby Eaton v. Tim Horner (Beat the Champ TV Title match.  Eaton wins the title!)

8.        Int – Bobby Eaton & The Heavenly Bodies


9.        Int – DWB and Ron Wright

10.     Rock & Roll Express v. The Avenger & Mike Sampson

11.     Int – Rock & Roll Express

12.     Dutch Mantel interviews Tracey Smothers

13.     Int – Tim Horner

14.     BOBBY EATON vs JIMMY GOLDEN. Turns into a six-man brawl with the Heavenly Bodies vs Stud Stable.

15.     Int – Stud Stable

16.     JIM CORNETTE shows an injunction forcing SMW to announce Eaton's opponent with a week's notice. They pull the name out

         of the hat, and it's Tom Prichard.   Corny is frantic, trying to rip up the injunction. Hilarious!

17.     Kevin Sullivan in therapy again, due to his “persecution” in SMW.

18.     KEVIN SULLIVAN & NIGHTSTALKER vs BRIAN LEE & TIM HORNER- The Tazmaniac comes off the top rope

          to hit Horner, but mistakenly nails Nightstalker.  Sullivan then chews out the WWF-bound Stalker.




1.         KEVIN SULLIVAN vs BRIAN LEE in a "Singapore Spike Match", jip. Nightstalker, ho is handcuffed to one of the
corner posts, gets an accidental shot with the spike from Sullivan. Stalker recovers the spike, but refuses to give it
back to Sullivan, costing him the match and cementing Stalker's babyface turn. Sullivan cracks NS with a chair while
he's still cuffed to the corner. NS was Adam Bomb in the WWF. (Bluegrass Brawl)

2.         DIRTY WHITE BOY vs TRACY SMOTHERS in a Chain Match, jip. A 4***, brutal, bloody Chain Match. Tracy wins
the SMW title. As Tracy is being interviewed in the dressing room, DWB smashes a board over his head. (Bluegrass


3.         Rock & Roll Express & Arn Anderson v. Heavenly Bodies v. Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, & Dutch Mantell
(NINE-MAN STREETFIGHT, billed the "SMOKEY Mountain Showdown", with three teams fighting each other. A
great brawl, using very foreign object this side of the Moondogs, including Arn emptying a fire extinguisher. Bluegrass


4.         BOBBY EATON vs TOM PRICHARD for the SWM TV title in a battle of two Heavenly Bodies members.


5.         Bobby Eaton v. Robbie Eagle

6.         Music Video – Night Stalker

7.         Kevin Sullivan v. Roger Anderson (Sullivan and the Tazmaniac [now known as Tazz] destroy Anderson)

8.         Int – Sullivan and Tazmanic.  Sullivan and Taz go back to the ring and beat the security guards who were trying to
carry Roger Anderson out of the ring.

9.         Dutch Mantel interviews The Nightstalker

10.      Dirty White Boy v. Mike Sampson

11.      JIM CORNETTE has a present for the Rock & Roll Express- a bag of powder, which he tosses in Morton's eyes. He
then dumps syrup and feathers on Morton, making him look like a chicken.

12.      Int – The Heavenly Bodies and Cornette gloat over their attack on the R&R Express, but not for long, as the Stud Stable comes
out, turning it into…..


14.      Int – Rock & Roll Express.  Ricky Morton is still covered in feathers and looks like a 6ft chicken!




1.         Tim Horner v. The Avenger

2.         Int – Bob Armstrong & The Rock & Roll Express.  A match is signed between the R&Rs and the Heavenly Bodies
with the loser of the fall leaving SMOKEY Mountain FOREVER!

3.         Bobby Eaton v. Bobby Blaze

4.         Int – Jim Cornette & Bobby Eaton

5.         DWB v. Scott Campione

6.         Dutch Mantell interviews Tracey Smothers and Tim Horner

7.         Night Stalker v. Kevin Sullivan (Sullivan spits ink into NS's eyes for the DQ. Kevin then does an insane
interview, and NS attacks.)


8.         TRACY SMOTHERS vs THE AVENGER (Chris Candido)- DWB jumps Smothers and paints a yellow streak down his

9.         Int – Brian Lee.  Lee is interrupted by TAMMY LYNN FYTCH, who offers her services as a manager.  Lee turns her down.

10.      Rock & Roll Express v. Scott Campione & Buddy Landell

11.      Int Stud Stable

12.      Int Rock & Roll Express

13.      Dutch Mantel interviews Sullivan.  Very weird interview.

14.      Heavenly Bodies v. Robbie Eagle & Bobby Blaze

15.      Bobby Eaton v. Brian Lee (Lee wins the TV Title!  Eaton & Cornette attack Lee afterward, which draws out the
Heavenly Bodies, Killer Kyle and The Rock & Roll Express for the post match brawl.)




SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 67 & 68


1.        Dixie Dynamite v. The Avenger

2.        Music Video – Rock & Roll Express

3.        Dirty White Boy v. Bobby Blaze

4.        Int – Tracy Smothers

5.        Night Stalker v. Paul Lee

6.        Promo – Kevin Sullivan

7.        Int – Jimmy Golden & Ron Fuller

8.        Stan Lane v. Jimmy Golden

9.        Int – Jim Cornette

10.     Killer Kyle v. Brian Lee (Beat the Champ TV Title match.)

11.     Int – Dirty White Boy

12.     Int – Jim Cornette

13.     Int – Brian Lee, Rock & Roll Express & Bob Armstrong


14.     Int – Jim Cornette

15.     Jimmy Golden v. Tom Pritchard (Jim Cornette tries to interfere when the ref is knocked out, but it backfires and Bob Armstrong makes the 3 count)

16.     HEAVENLY BODIES vs STUD STABLE- Fuller injures Lane.

MATCHES 18-22 ARE FROM "VOLUNTEER SLAM II" All matches are joined in progress.

17.     Robert Gibson  vs Tazmaniac

18.     Robbert Fuller vs Killer Kyle

19.     Stan Lane vs Brian Lee

20.     Kevin Sullivan vs Jimmy Golden

21.     Ricky Morton vs Dr. Tom Prichard,

22.     THE RAGE IN THE CAGE from Vol Slam II- Heavenly Bodies, Kevin Sullivan, Killer Kyle & Tazmaniac vs Rock & Rolls, Stud Stable & Brian
Lee, jip. After  the match, Cornette and the heel team absolutely pulverize special referee Bob Armstrong- Cornette gets in dozens of racquet shots
and Bob Armstrong has to be hospitalized legit. Cornette does a great interview, crowing over it. This was one of the best angles I've ever seen,
incredibly dramatic.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 69 & 70

Match listings by John McAdam


1.        DIRTY WHITE BOY vs TRACY SMOTHERS, in a "coward waves the flag" match, winds up with the SMW title held up.


3.        THE NEW HEAVENLY BODIES, Tom Prichard & Jimmy Del Ray, debut. Del Ray is Jimmy Backlund.

4.        HEAVENLY BODIES (Lane/Prichard) vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS in a match where the loser of the fall leaves SMW forever, jip. We'll miss
you Stan.
  THE NEW HEAVENLY BODIES vs BOBBY BLAZE & MIKE SAMPSON- The New HB's debut, with Jimmy Del Ray (AKA Jimmy
Backlund) replacing Stan Lane as Tom Prichard's partner. As the storyline goes, Del Ray is Tom Prichard's cousin, who has made his living thus far
as a gigolo, "servicing" rich women in Florida.


5.        Tracy Smothers v. Robbie Eagle

6.        A BEDSIDE INTERVIEW WITH BOB ARMSTRONG, still laid up from the beating he took from Cornette. Bob resigns as SMW commissioner,
and announces that Scott and Steve Armstrong are coming after Cornette.

7.        DEBUT MATCH OF SCOTT & STEVE ARMSTRONG, followed by a tape of the recovering Bob Armstrong.

8.        DOWN & DIRTY with Dutch Mantell- DM interviews the Rock & Roll Express, and Tammy Fytch offers to manage the Rock & Rolls- but then
says that she would get them out of their tacky outfits, and turn them into a rap act. Morton mockingly turns her away, and Tammy has a tantrum.

9.        BRIAN LEE vs JIMMY GOLDEN (TV Title)- Golden is DQed for using a chain.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 71 &72


1.        Bobby Blaze v. Paul Lee

2.        Int – Rock & Roll Express

3.        Chris Candido v. Gary Scott (Candido is pushing himself as the “WWA” World Heavyweight Champion, but nobody can prove that the
WWA even exists.)

4.        Heavenly Bodies v. Mike Sampson & Robby Eagle

5.        HEAVENLY BODIES SQUASH- The Bodies pummel their opponents until Scott & Steve Armstrong make the save.

6.        Int- Bob Armstrong

7.        DOWN & DIRTY with JIM CORNETTE & THE HEAVENLY BODIES. A clip of Bob Armstrong in training is shown, and after Cornette laughs it off, Del Ray reads a love

        letter from "Steve Armstrong's girlfriend". The Armstrong's object, and another brawl is underway.

8.        TIM HORNER vs JIM CORNETTE (clips)- Dirty White Boy attacks Horner for the DQ, but Tracy Smothers makes the save, until Cornette blinds
him with powder. Tracy swings wildly at everything, and Horner catches a shot, setting off a fight between the two friends.

9.        BRIAN LEE vs DIRTY WHITE BOY (TV Title)- DWB wins using his feet on the ropes, Smothers rats him out, and the ref re- starts the match, enabling Lee to get the win.


10.     Chris Candido v. Bobby Blaze

11.     Brian Lee v. jobber

12.     JIM CORNETTE'S "MYSTERY TEAM" vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS- the mystery team turns out to be the Bruise Brothers, who come out of the
audience and beat the stew out of Morton and Gibson.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 73 &74


1.        Scott & Steve Armstrong v. Jeff Daniels & Paul Lee

2.        Bruise Brothers v. jobbers

3.        Down & Dirty with Chris Candido

4.        Brian Lee v. Robbie Eagle

5.        Tracy Smothers v.

6.        DOWN & DIRTY with Tim Horner, Tammy Fytch and Robbie Eagle- Horner turns down Fytch's offer to manage him, and Fytch promptly dumps

7.        TRACY SMOTHERS vs ABDUL HASSAN, who Ron Wright has hired as a bounty hunter. Before the match, Tammy Fytch condescendingly
offers to manage Smothers, and Tracy tells her off big time. Tammy throws a fit and vows revenge. DWB runs in during the match to collect the bounty, and bloodies Smothers.


1.        Rock & Roll Express v. Paul Lee & Jeff Daniels

2.        Clips of Tracy Smothers getting double teamed by Dirty White Boy and Kevin Sullivan, as they try to collect on a $20,000 bounty on Smothers’ head.

3.        TRACY SMOTHERS vs KEVIN SULLIVAN (clips)- DWB runs in to attack Smothers, but Brian Lee cleans house- and then jumps on Tracy himself!!

          A well planned, well executed heel turn for Lee.

4.        DOWN & DIRTY with Tracy Smothers and Tim Horner- Dutch shows clips of some tense moments between the two.

5.        DIRTY WHITE BOY vs BOBBY BLAZE, for the vacant TV Title- supposed to be a squash, but Blaze pulls off a major upset, pinning his opponent. DWB goes nuts and gives

          Blaze a horrible beating, giving him a DDT on a chain.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 75 &76


1.        Bruise Brothers v. Robbie Eagle & Jeff Daniels

2.        POOLSIDE INTERVIEW WITH TAMMY FYTCH AND BRIAN LEE. Fytch announces Lee as her new protege.

3.        TRACY SMOTHERS vs KILLER KYLE, w/ Jim Cornette. Kyle shoots for the bounty.

4.        TIM HORNER vs CHRIS CANDIDO- during a Candido interview, Horner gets fed up with Candido's whining and challenges him to an immediate match. Candido wins with a chain,

        but the ref reverses the decision.

5.        JIMMY DEL RAY vs STEVE ARMSTRONG- Scott Armstrong and Tom Prichard get involved for the DQ, but the Bruise Brothers intervene, making it a 4-on-2 for Cornette's men.


6.        Bobby Blaze v. Mike Sampson

7.        DOWN & DIRTY with Tracy Smothers- Lee and Fytch come out, and the fight starts after a brief exchange of words.

8.        Rock & Roll Express v. Robbie Eagle & Jimmy Jannetty (But not for long, as the Bruise Brothers run in and toss out Eagle & Jannetty. 
Cornette insults the R&R's into accepting this unscheduled match for the Express’s Tag Team Titles.  Bad move for Ricky and Robert, as the
Bruisers wind up winning the SMW Tag Team Titles. As Cornette brags during his post-match interview, the R&R's jump the Bruisers, but the Heavenly Bodies quickly make it a 4-on- 2.

       Bob Armstrong returns, brandishing a baseball bat


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 77 & 78


1.        Brian Lee v. Jimmy Jannetty

2.        DIRTY WHITE BOY vs BOBBY BLAZE- Dutch Mantell is supposed to wrestle Blaze for the TV title, but feigns an injury, and gives the match to the "Mighty Yankee", who is obviously

        DWB under a hood. Blaze sneaks by with a time limit draw.

3.        Down & Dirty with Dutch:  The Bruise Brothers

4.        TRACY SMOTHERS v BRIAN LEE, clips from Summerblast '93- Lee wins the SMW title with help from Tammy Fytch.

5.        JIM CORNETTE & HEAVENLY BODIES v BOB, STEVE & SCOTT ARMSTRONG, clips from SB '93- Before the match starts, Corny sprays Scott with an aerosol can, giving his team

        a 3-on-2 edge. Bob Armstrong finally gets some shots in on Cornette, but is pinned by Corny in a fluke finish! Great post-match brawl with Bruise Bros and Rock & Roll Express involved.

6.        Chris Candido v. Tim Horner


7.        Rock & Roll Express v. Jimmy Jannetty & Jeff Daniels

8.        TRACY SMOTHERS v BRIAN LEE, clips from Summerblast '93- Lee wins the SMW title with help from Tammy Fytch.

9.        Bruise Brothers v. Robbie Eagle & Mike Sampson

10.     JIM CORNETTE & HEAVENLY BODIES v BOB, STEVE & SCOTT ARMSTRONG, clips from SB '93- Before the match starts, Corny sprays Scott with an aerosol can, giving his team a

        3-on-2 edge. Bob Armstrong finally gets some shots in on Cornette, but is pinned by Corny in a fluke finish! Great post-match brawl with Bruise Bros and Rock & Roll Express involved.

11.     DIRTY WHITE BOY v UNDERDOG (TV Title)- Supposed to be DWB v Tim Horner, but Tim gives the match to Bobby Blaze who is wearing a

12.     CHRIS CANDIDO attacks Tim Horner during an interview, forcing a baby bottle into his mouth.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 79 & 80


1.        Heavenly Bodies v. Larry Santo & Chris Carmen

2.        BOB ARMSTRONG and SMW promoter Sandy Scott announce an upcoming Lumberjack Match, Bob Armstrong vs Jim Cornette, where if Bob can't send Cornette out in an ambulance,

        he'll refund all of the fans' money. The ultimate guaranteed result.

3.        Tim Horner v. Joe Cazana

4.        DOWN & DIRTY WITH DUTCH: Dutch Mantell interviews Dirty White Boy, who challenges Bobby Blaze to a match where if Blaze lasts 10 minutes with DWB, he gets $1,000- but if he loses,

        Blaze gets his head shaved. Is Blaze related to Bobby Eaton?

5.        Tracy Smothers v. Juicy Johnny

6.        Steve Armstrong v. DWB (From Last Tango in Tenessee)


7.        Scott & Steve Armstrong v. Juicy Johnny & Joe Cazana

8.        Promo – Big Bossman who is the guest referee for the big cage elimination match between the Rock & Roll Express & the Armstrongs v.
The Bruise Brothers, Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette.

9.        DWB v. Chris Thomas (TV Title match)

10.     Down & Dirty with Dutch:  Bob Armstrong

11.     Bruise Brothers v. Bobby Blaze & Larry Santo

12.     Brian Lee v. Tim Horner


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 81 & 82


1.        The Bruise Brothers v. Larry Santo & Chris Comet (afterwards, the Bruise Brothers get beaten in an impromptu non-title match by the Rock & Roll Express)

2.        Brian Lee v. Tim Horner (Chris Candido interferes on behalf of Lee, but Tracy Smothers runs in to help Horner)

3.        DWB v. Joe Cazana  (Beat the Champ TV Title match)

4.        Chris Candido v. Juicy Johnny (Candido tries to stick a baby bottle in Johnny’s mouth after the match, but Tim Horner runs in and attacks Candido)

5.        BRIAN ARMSTRONG debuts with an interview- Cornette shows up and taunts Brian into accepting a match vs Killer Kyle.  Brian Armstrong would go on to To be known as the


6.        BRIAN ARMSTRONG v KILLER KYLE- Brian pulls off the upset, and the Heavenly Bodies attack, setting off another battle between "Cornette's Criminals" (Heavenly Bodies, Bruise Brothers & Killer Kyle)

        and "Armstrong's Army" (Bob, Steve and Scott Armstrong & Rock & Roll Express) The Cornette v Armstrong issue gets my "Feud of the Year" vote.


7.        JIMMY DEL RAY v STEVE ARMSTRONG (from "Fire on the Mountain II" – The winner will get the advantage for their team for the Rage in the Cage match later on in the night)

8.        CHRIS CANDIDO v TIM HORNER, loser must drink from a baby bottle, form "Fire on the Mountain II"

9.        BIG BOSSMAN v KEVIN SULLIVAN- Great Brawl from "Fire on the Mountain II"

10.     DOWN & DIRTY with Jim Cornette, who discusses his WWF appearances and SummerSlam, while frantically pounding Big Bossman's dressing room door, as Bossman is the referee for Corny v Bob Armstrong.

        Bossman, who was Cornette's bodyguard "Big Bubba Rogers" in the NWA before McMahon gave him his Bossman character, won't give Corny the time of day.

11.     TRACY SMOTHERS v BRIAN LEE in a Coal Miner's Glove match from Fire II- Dirty White Boy helps Lee injure Smothers.

12.     Brian Lee & DWB argue about who will collect the money from their match earlier in the night.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 83 & 84


1.        Rock & Roll Express v. Robby Eagle & The Dark Secret

2.        THREE HILARIOUS JIM CORNETTE INTERVIEWS- Corny is bedridden from the injuries inflicted by Bob Armstrong.

3.        TERRY FUNK interview- Cornette is bringing in the legendary Funker for a match v Bob Armstrong, where if Bob wins, he regains his position as SMW Commissioner- but if Funk wins, Cornette gets the job! Great 70's style interview.

4.        DWB v. Mike Sampson

5.        RON WRIGHT delivers the bounty money for injuring Tracy Smothers to Brian Lee. DWB is not pleased with this.

6.        Chris Candido v. Jason West (Tim Horner challenges Candido to a country whippin’ match.)

7.        KEVIN SULLIVAN v STEVE ARMSTRONG, for the vacant TV title. The match ends in a double-disqualification.


8.        KEVIN SULLIVAN interview- Kevin discloses that he will now "guide" the Bruise Brothers, replacing Cornette.

9.        Bruise Brothers v. Jason West & Robby Eagle

10.     TRACY SMOTHERS announces that he's not permanently injured, and will return to action in three weeks. Wright and DWB want their $25,000 bounty money back, but Lee and Fytch stall for time.

11.     WWA PROMOTER DENNIS CORRALUZZO sends in a hilarious interview chastising SMW for not recognizing the WWA title.

12.     Tim Horner v. Mike Sampson (Chris Candido runs in and attacks Horner)

13.     DOWN & DIRTY with Bob Armstrong, who discusses upcoming match with Cornette's "mystery man." If Cornette's man loses, Cornette must leave SMW forever, but if Armstrong loses, he must leave SMW.

14.       Brian Lee v. Bobby Blaze

15.       RICKY MORTON v JIMMY DEL RAY, for vacant TV title. Del Ray uses a chain to win the match and the title.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 85 & 86


1.        Scott & Steve Armstrong v. Dark Secret & Mike Sampson

2.        CHRIS CANDIDO v ROBBIE EAGLE (Horner bet that Candido wouldn’t win, and if heloses he’d have to wear a baby bonnet until he wins again on TV.  Candido 

        accepts the challenge, seeing as how Eagle has NEVER won a

        TV match in his life.  But in a HILARIOUS segment, Tim Horner runs in and elbow dropps Eagle, CAUSING CANDIDO TO BE DISQUALIFIED!)

3.        DOWN & DIRTY with Lee, Fytch, DWB and Ron Wright. DWB wants the bounty money returned, but Tammy schmoozes her way into getting a one week extension.

       Tammy got my runner-up vote for "Manager of the Year" behind Cornette.

4.        Jimmy Del Ray v. Jason West (Beat the Champ TV Title match)

5.        ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS vs BRUISE BROTHERS- Kevin Sullivan helps the Bruisers demolish the R&R's.


6.        JIM CORNETTE is introduced as the new SMW Commish, after successfully running Bob Armstrong out of the area.   Corny taunts the
Steiner Brothers who will be wrestling the Heavenly Bodies at the upcoming Parade of Champions

7.        TERRY FUNK vs BOB ARMSTRONG- clips from "K-Town Showdown"- wild match with every wrestler on the card getting involved. Funk KO's Bob with his branding iron for the win,

       and Jim Cornette is installed as SMW Commissioner.

8.        RICK & SCOTT STEINER vs THE HEADSHRINKERS (clips from a WWF taping)- Cornette throws powder in Scott's eyes, and The Heavenly Bodies clean house on the Steiners.

9.        ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS vs BRUISE BROTHERS (Clips from K-Town)- The R&R's win the SMW Tag Titles, and Corny puts the Bruisers on "Double Secret Probation".

10.     CHRIS CANDIDO vs ROBBIE EAGLE- a rematch, and if Candido wins, he no longer has to wear his baby bonnet. Tim Horner comes to ringside wearing Candido's WWA belt.

        Candido goes after him- and gets counted out!

11.     Tracy Smothers v. Gator McCallister

12.     SENSATIONAL SHERRI MARTEL INTERVIEW- Sherri comes in to help Tracy Smothers with Tammy Fytch and Brian Lee.

13.     JIMMY DEL RAYvs ROBERT GIBSON- Gibson wins the SMW TV Title- Cornette does commentary, and he's too much.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 87 & 88


1.        Bobby Blaze v. Robbie Eagle

2.        Bob Armstrong v. Black Ninja (Armstrong attacks SMW Commissioner Jim Cornette, allowing a second Black Ninja to attack and pin
Armstrong.  Because of the pre-match stipulation, Armstrong has to leave SMW.)

3.        Heavenly Bodies v. Steiner Brothers (From Summerslam 93.  Very Good Match.)

4.        The Heavenly Bodies attack the Steiners on WWF TV.

5.        Chris Candido v. Dark Secret (Baby Bonnet Challenge match.  Candido finally wins his match, and can remove the baby bonnet that he’d
been forced to use.  Thanks to Cornette though, he didn’t have to wrestle Tim Horner like he should have, but a much easier opponent
in Dark Secret.)

6.        The SMW board of directors have decided that due to all the trouble that Cornette has been causing as commissioner of SMW, they have decided
to impeach Cornette!  Cornette is no longer the SMW commissioner.

7.        Bruse Brothers v. Jason West & Gator McCallister

8.        Robert Gibson v. DWB (DWB wins the TV Title.  Afterward, the Heavenly Bodies attack Ricky Morton, Scott Armstrong runs the bodies
off, but Gibson apparently thinks it was Armstrong who attacked Morton)


9.        Tracey Smothers v. Robbie Eagle

10.     A rundown of the feud between Bob Armstrong and Jim Cornette which saw Cornette become the SMW Commissioner and all of the drama
that occurred afterward, leading to Cornette being impeached as commissioner last week, and Armstrong’s quest to be reinstated to SMW

11.     The debut of “The Bullet!”  - Cornette is irate, as it’s obviously Bob Armstrong under a mask.

12.     Killer Kyle v. Gator McCallister

13.     Down & Dirty with Dutch:  Dutch Mantell asks the R&R Express if there’s any heat between them and the Armstrongs, but the Express, who
will be wrestling the Armstrongs at the upcoming Parade of Champions promise that there’s no problem between them. And the Armstrongs.

14.     Heavenly Bodies v. Jason West & Chris Kanyon

15.     Int – With the Heavenly Bodies at his side, Cornette calls out the Bruise Brothers to show them footage of the Bodies attacking the Steiners
so the Bruisers can see what a real tag team is all about.

16.     DWB v. Dark Secret (Tracy Smothers runs in and attacks DWB.  Brian Lee comes in, but instead of double teaming Smothers, DWB leaves
the ring, allowing Smothers to take out Lee!  Looks like DWB is still a little upset about that $25,000 he lost to Lee.)


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 89 & 90


1.           Les Thatcher and Dutch Mantel open up the show.

2.           Rock 'N Roll Express vs Robbie Eagle & Dark Secret.

3.           Les interviews Darryl Van Horn. (A nice gesture on behalf of Van Horn to the fans' negative response : "Suttup crackers!")

4.           Tim Horner vs Jason West.

5.           The Bullet promo.

6.           Les interviews Jim Cornette; Tracy Smothers.

7.           Dirty White Boy vs Chris Kanyon; Beat The Champ.

8.           Clip of DWB vs Dark Secret from last week.

9.           Les interviews DWB.

10.        Tammy's Tips.  (Tammy teaches a lady to use deodorant and perfume.  Pretty funny)

11.        Heavenly Bodies - Steiners video.  (All of the footage is from the WWF, and what's funny is, the music sounds like it's straight out of 1976.)

12.        Les interviews Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies; Bobby Blaze.

13.        Tracy Smothers vs Brian Lee; Coal Miner's Glove match. (Dirty White Boy comes in and gets the glove, and ends up hitting Brian Lee by
mistake! )

14.        Les interviews Brian Lee, DWB, Tammy Fytch, and Ron Wright. (They all argue after the above incident. This was the beginning of the split-

15.        SMW closing video, recapping today's show.


14.       Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantel open up the show.

15.       Darryl Von Horn comes out, and sits in on commentary at the desk.

16.       Clip of Chris Candido vs Bobby Blaze (Candido wins the U,S. Junior title, Knoxville Coliseum.)

17.       Dirty White Boy vs Tim Horner; Parade Of Champions - Barbourville, Kentucky

18.       Tracy Smothers vs Brian Lee; Freedom Hall. (Sensational Sherri and Tammy Fytch are at ringside. )

19.       Bob interviews Brian Lee, Tammy Sytch, and Ron Wright.

20.       The Bullet vs Killer Kyle; Freedom Hall. (If Bullet loses, he must unmask)

21.       Rock 'N Roll Express vs Steve & Scott Armstrong; Freedom Hall.

22.       The Steiners vs The Heavenly Bodies; Parade Of Champions - Barbourville, Kentucky. (The fans are big into Rick and Scott Steiner.)

23.       Bob interviews Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies, then closes out the show.

24.       SMW closing video, recapping today's show

SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 91 & 92


1.        SMW opening montage video.

2.        Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantel open up the show.

3.        The Rock 'N Roll Express vs Chris Kanyon & Juicy Johnny.(How’s that for a couple of tag team names?)

4.        Bob interviews Jim Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies. (Cornette announces The Moondogs are coming in. The storyline this week was that
the Bodies had  to face a mystery team, so they're going crazy as to who it is.  The Bruise Brothers interrupt, and Cornette yells at them.
Bad move, as the Bruise Brothers attack Cornette and immediately challenge them to a match, leading directly to…..)

5.        The Heavenly Bodies vs The Bruise Brothers. (Awesome angle, and it gets over huge with the crowd.  Not really a match though, as
there was no referee.  Both teams brawled all over the arena and even out into the parking lot!)

6.        The Bruise Brothers come back inside, and cut a promo at the desk.

7.        Dirty White Boy vs Larry Santo.

8.        Bob interviews Brian Lee, Tammy Fytch, and Ron Wright. (Wright is visually upset about the heat between DWB and Brian Lee. Tony
Anthony comes out  and tries to "take Ron Wright home". Great, great stuff, as the crowd seems to be getting behind the DWB. )

9.        Tracy Smothers vs Chris Comet.

10.     Bob interviews Tracy Smothers.

11.     Tammy's Tips.  (Dining Etiquette)

12.     Chris Candido vs Bobby Blaze (Candido wins back the United States Junior Heavyweight title,)

13.     Bob interviews Chris Candido; The Bullet, then closes out the show.

14.     SMW closing video, recapping today's show.


15.     SMW opening montage video.

16.     Scott & Steve Armstrong v. Larry Santos & Juicy Johnny

17.     DWB v. Brian Lee (Great Brawl!  White Boy is beaten Bloody and when Ron Wright gets out of his wheel chair and  comes in to help him,
Brian Lee attacks him!  DWB is in tears as he tries to help the unconscious Wright afterward.  DWB Tony Anthony’s face turn is

18.     Tammy’s Tips (Diet & Exercise)\

19.     Promo - Chris Candido goes to throw the US Jr. Heavyweight title into the river.  Bobby Blaze runs out to stop Candido and
Candido throws Blaze in the river instead!

20.     Promo – Bobby Blaze promises to embarrass Candido as much as Candido embarrassed Blaze.

21.     Int – Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies

22.     The Bullet vs Killer Kyle.

23.     Int – Dirty White Boy

24.     Int – Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch.  A still bloody Dirty White Boy runs them off  with a chair and announces that he’s no longer from New York
City but is once again from Bucksnort, Tennessee.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 93 & 94


1.        Heavenly Bodies v. Chris Comet & Chris Kanyon (The match never gets started though, as the Bruise Brothers run in and attack the Bodies.)

2.        Tracy Smothers v. Larry Santo

3.        The Moondogs destroy some helpless opponents.

4.        Tammy’s Tips (makeup)

5.        Tim Horner v. Juicy Johnny (Beat the Champ, TV Title match.)

6.        Int – Tim Horner and Mike Furnas, who Horner will be training.

7.        Int – Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette talk about the “Gang Fight” match that has been signed with the Bruise Brothers for Thanksgiving

8.        Heavenly Bodies v. Chris Comet & Chris Kanyon (They finally get to have the match from the beginning of the show.)

9.        Int – Bruise Brothers

10.     Int – The Bullet

11.     Promo – Kevin Sullivan out on the beach in Daytona, Florida

12.     Brian Lee v. Bobby Blaze (DWB runs in to attack Brian Lee and protect Blaze)


13.     Bobby Blaze vs Jason West.

14.     Int – Chris Candido, who has signed for a Tar & Feather match with Bobby Blaze.

15.     Bob interviews Tracy Smothers.

16.     Dirty Whiteboy vs Brian Lee; Smoky Mountain title. (Tracy Smothers sits in on commentary. Brian Lee, in street clothes, comes out
wearing his arm in a sling, but DWB could care less, so the match is on. After Tammy attempts to spray DWB in the eyes, ref Mark Curtis
gets bumped; DWB begins spanking her, and Brian Lee jumps him from behind, putting the boots to him; Dirty White Girl, Kimberly,
then runs in, and begins clobbering everyone. Another wild one!

17.     Bob interviews Dirty White Boy and Kimberly. (Well, Tony Anthony is officially a face now. Kim calls Fytch a bitch! )

18.     The Rock 'N Roll Express vs John Hitchcock & Robbie Eagle.

19.     Bruise Brothers "Get A Haircut, And Get A Real Job" video.

20.     Down 'N Dirty with The Bruise Brothers.

21.     Bob interviews Jim Cornette with The Moondogs.

22.     The Moondogs vs Wild & Patterson. (The infamous debut in SMW. They kill their foes using a chair, vacuum cleaner, trashcan etc.)

23.     The Moondogs drag their downed opponents to the announce area, and lay in some more brutal shots.

24.     The Bullet promo from his house.

25.     Kevin Sullivan promo on Daytona Beach

26.     Clip of Tim Horner training Mike Furnas how to wrestle.

27.     Tim Horner v. Killer Kyle (BTC, TV Title Match)

28.     Bob interviews Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch. (Dirty White Girl comes running out, and Brian Lee catches her on his shoulder, and due to
momentum, he about  drops her on her head at the announce table! )


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 95 & 96


1.        Chris Candido v. Jason West (After the match, Candido puts feathers all over West , but Bobby Blaze runs in to make the save.  Candido and
Blaze will be in a “loser gets tarred and feathered” match at Thanksgiving Thunder.)

2.        Brian Lee v. Dirty White Boy (replay of the match from last week.)

3.        DWB [with Dirty White Girl Kimberly] v. John Hitchcock (Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch attack the DWG after the match.)

4.        Promo – Kevin Sullivan

5.        Promo – The Bullet

6.        Int – DWB and DWG who is still holding her head from her beating earlier in the evening.

7.        Int – Jim Cornette & The Moondogs

8.        The Moondogs are in the ring and refuse to leave.  They then proceed to destroy everyone comes down to the ring to try and make them leave. 
The Dogs

9.        Footage of Mike Furnas training with Tim Horner

10.     Tim Horner v. Robbie Eagle (BTC TV Champ match.)

11.     Heavenly Bodies v. Bruise Brothers


12.     Bobby Blaze v. Killer Kyle

13.     Promo – Kevin Sullivan

14.     Tim Horner v. Chris Kanyon (BTC TV Champ match)

15.     DWB v. John Hitchcock (Hitchcock doesn’t do any better than he did last week.)

16.     HEAVENLY BODIES & BRIAN LEE vs TRACY SMOTHERS & ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS- Good Match- Moondogs run in and attack the
Rock & Rolls-  the Bruise Brothers come out to even the sides, and all four tag teams brawl all over the arena! Smothers puts Lee in the figure-four,

        but Fytch KO's him with her loaded purse. Lee is about to jump off the top rope onto Smothers' knee when DWB makes the save. Smothers
still wants nothing to do with DWB though, and walks off without shaking his hand.

17.     Int – Mike Furnas.  Cornette comes out to insult him and Furnas grabs Cornette, but is attacked and beaten down by the Heavenly Bodies.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 97 & 98


Matches 1,3,5 & 6 are From Thanksgiving Thunder.

1.           Chris Candido v. Bobby Blaze (Tar & Feather match.  Candido wins the match, but the decision is reversed by Commissioner Sandy Scott. 
Candido then Kos Blaze and tars and feathers him anyway.)

2.           HEAVENLY BODIES & BRIAN LEE vs TRACY SMOTHERS & ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS- Good Match (repeat from last week.  Moondogs
run in and attack the Rock & Rolls-  the Bruise Brothers come out to even the sides, and all four tag teams brawl all over the arena! Smothers puts
Lee in the figure-four, but Fytch KO's him with her loaded purse. Lee is about to jump off the top rope onto Smothers' knee when DWB makes the
save. Smothers still wants nothing to do with DWB though.

3.        PRINCE KHARIS vs TIM HORNER (Clips from TT Tour)- Kharis finally debuts, and it's a disaster. He's a stiff, overblown clown in a mummy

4.        Mike Furnas gets into it with Jim Cornette on the interview set, and the Heavenly Bodies run in and rough him up. (replay from last week.)

5.        THE BULLET vs KEVIN SULLIVAN in a Singapore Spike Match (clips from TT tour)- Killer Kyle interference backfires.

6.        HEAVENLY BODIES vs BRUISE BROTHERS- clips of a "Gangfight Match" from TT Tour- a match that received ratings as high as 5 stars!!
There are broken pieces of tables and chairs all over the ring!


7.        Rock & Roll Express v. Larry Santo & Paul Lee

8.        HILARIOUS DICK MURDOCH interview, who Jim Cornette is bringing in to face Bob Armstrong.

9.        Brian Lee v. Chris Kanyon

10.     Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies badmouth Mike Furnas until Furnas runs him off.  Mike promises to bring his brother DOUG Furnas with him to the Upcoming Christmas Chaos show.

11.     THE MOONDOGS vs ROCK REGAL & MIKE COLLINS- the Dogs mangle their opponents with a stop sign!

12.     Clips are shown of the ending of match #6 where the Moondogs ran in and attacked the Bruise Brothers

13.     TRACY SMOTHERS vs JIMMY DEL RAY for the vacant TV title- good match between SMW's two best workers


SMOKY MOUNTAIN TV episodes 99 & 100


1.           Dirty White Boy v. Paul Lee (During the match, Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch attack DWG and smear lipstick all over her face.)

2.           The Heavenly Bodies v. Michael Collins & Chris Kanyon (Mike Furnas runs in afterward, but Cornette & the Bodies take him apart)

3.           DICK MURDOCH SENDS IN ANOTHER INTERVIEW, drinking beer and saying how happy he is to be coming to ROCKY Mountain
Wrestling because they're not under federal indictment! Funny, as Murdoch was a WWF tag team champ in 1984.

4.           Larry Santo v. Tracy Smothers (Beat the Champ TV Title)

5.           HEAVENLY BODIES vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS- jip from the Survivor Series in Boston- the Bods regain the tag titles in a great match- it's a
real embarrassment to be a "Boston Wrestling Fan" after seeing the crowd reaction for this terrific contest- everyone chanting "boring", like they
can't wait to see the four Doinks.

6.           ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS vs MOONDOGS- The Bruise Brothers interfere, causing the Dogs to lose. Cornette then challenges the Bruisers to
fight the Dogs.  Bad move for the Bruisers, as Cornette blinds them with powder, and the Dogs deliver a beating to the twin giants.


7.           Bobby Blaze v. Paul Lee

8.           Tracy Smothers video

9.           Bruise Brothers v. Larry Santo & Rock Regal

10.        Footage from last week when the Bruise Brothers and the Moondogs were brawling with each other. 

11.        Int – Bruise Brothers

12.        Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell – Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch

13.        Dick Murdoch sends in another great promo

14.        Int – Heavenly Bodies

15.        Int – Tim Horner, who is out of action after his match with Prince Kharis at Thanksgiving Thunder.

16.        TRACY SMOTHERS vs CHRIS CANDIDO- A very good match that goes to a time limit draw.




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