WWF Smackdown: April 29, 1999 [24/7]

INT- Vince

Stephanie & Shane McMahon/Big Boss Man/Triple H/Chyna/Mean Street Posse/Undertaker

Val Venis vs. Blue Blazer

Jeff Jarrett/Debra/Nicole Bass/Godfather interfere

INT- Blue Blazer

Big Show vs. Test

Big Boss Man comes out

INT- The Rock/Steve Austin/Shane McMahon unveils the Corporate Ministry

INT- X-Pac/Kane

D'Lo Brown vs. Darren Drozdov

Prince Albert/Mark Henry come out

INT- New Age Outlaws

Kane/X-Pac vs. New Age Outlaws

INT- Brood/Michael P.S. Hayes

INT- Ken Shamrock

Bradshaw vs. Ken Shamrock (Street Fight)

INT- Mankind

INT- Corporate Ministry

Mankind vs. Big Boss Man

Big Show/Test come out

Billy Gunn attacks X-Pac

Triple H/Undertaker vs. The Rock/Steve Austin

Corporate Ministry/Ken Shamrock/Big Show/Test/Vince McMahon come out.


WWF Smackdown: August 26, 1999

INT- Triple H/Chyna/The Rock/Shawn Michaels/Shane McMahon/Mankind/Mean Street Posse

Jeff Jarrett vs. Billy Gunn

INT- Al Snow

X-Pac/Kane vs. Undertaker/Big Show vs. Acolytes

INT- Big Boss Man/Al Snow

Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow (Hardcore Title Change)

Chris Jericho vs. Road Dogg

INT- Chris Jericho/Howard Finkel

Tony Chimel/Howard Finkel brawl

Ken Shamrock comes out

INT- Test/Stephanie & Shane McMahon/Mean Street Posse/Mankind/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson

Shane McMahon vs. Mankind

INT- Ken Shamrock/Howard Finkel

INT- Steve Austin

Ivory vs. Tori (Evening Gown Match)

Luna Vachon interferes

INT- Triple H/Chyna

Triple H vs. The Rock (Shawn Michaels as guest referee)

Shawn Michaels joins up with Triple H/Chyna/Shane McMahon.


WWF Smackdown: September 2, 1999

Jeff Jarrett/Debra/Miss Kitty join for commentary

Billy Gunn vs. Chyna

Triple H interferes

INT- Big Show/Paul Bearer/Undertaker

INT- The Rock/Mankind/Triple H/Shane McMahon/Chyna

Howard Finkel vs. Tony Chimel (Tuxedo Match)

INT- X-Pac/Kane

INT- Mankind

INT- Chris Jericho/Howard Finkel

Chris Jericho vs. X-Pac

Undertaker/Big Show/Kane come out

INT- Shane McMahon

Triple H vs. Gillberg

INT- Al Snow/Big Boss Man in hotel

The Rock vs. Mankind

Triple H/Shane McMahon/Chyna interfere

Val Venis vs. Ken Shamrock

Steve Blackman/Chris Jericho interfere

INT- Shane McMahon/Triple H/Chyna/Test/Stephanie & Linda McMahon

Mideon/Viscera vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Darren Drozdov/Prince Albert vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Acolytes vs. Stevie Richards/Blue Meanie vs. Edge/Christian (Elimination Match)

Dudley Boyz debut by interfering

INT- Dudley Boyz

Triple H/Shane McMahon vs. The Rock/Mankind.


WWF Smackdown: September 9, 1999

Triple H/Kane/Chyna/Undertaker/Big Show brawl

Big Boss Man vs. British Bulldog (Hardcore Title Change)

Al Snow dressed as Leif Cassidy comes out

Hardy Boyz vs. Edge/Christian

Kane ocmes out

INT- Triple H

INT- X-Pac/Kane

Chyna vs. Hardcore & Crash Holly

Billy Gunn interferes

Dudley Boyz vs. Acolyes

INT- Big Boss Man

INT- Test/Stephanie/Linda & Shane McMahon/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Mean Street Posse/Terri Runnels

INT- The Rock/Mankind

Triple H vs. Kane

Undertaker/Big Show come out

INT- Ken Shamrock/Chris Jericho

INT- Jeff Jarrett/Debra/Miss Kitty/Fabulous Moolah/May Young

"Enter the Big Valbowski" video

Undertaker/Big Show vs. The Rock/Mankind (Buried Alive Match, Tag Team Title Change)

Kane interferes

Steve Austin attacks Triple H

puts him in an ambulance and crashes a semi-truck into it.


WWF Smackdown: September 16, 1999

INT- Steve Austin/Triple H/Chyna

INT- Shane McMahon/Mean Street Posse/Terri Runnels

Shane McMahon vs. Joey Abs

INT- Ivory/Cindy Margolis/Jeff Jarrett

INT- Triple H/Chyna

Steve Blackman vs. Mark Henry

Val Venis/D'Lo Brown come out

Jeff Jarrett/Test brawl

INT- Jeff Jarrett

INT- Chris Jericho

Curtis Hughes vs. Ken Shamrock (Howard Finkel in a mask as referee)

INT- Mankind

INT- The Rock

The Rock vs. Big Show vs. Mankind vs. Kane vs. Undertaker

Mideon/Viscera come out

Hardcore & Crash Holly vs. Chyna/Billy Gunn

Jeff Jarrett/Debra/Miss Kitty come out

INT- Big Boss Man

Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow (Pepper on a Pole Match)

Jeff Jarrett vs. Test

Mean Street Posse/Stephanie & Shane McMahon come out

INT- Triple H/Chyna/Shane McMahon

Triple H vs. Vince McMahon (World Title Change, Shane McMahon as guest referee)

Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Linda McMahon/Steve Austin interfere.


WWF Smackdown: September 23, 1999

INT- Vince McMahon/Triple H/Chyna

Triple H vs. Big Show (Chokeslam Match)

INT- Chris Jericho

D'Lo Brown joins for commentary

X-Pac vs. Mark Henry

INT- Luna Vachon

INT- Jeff Jarrett/female director/Miss Kitty/Chyna

Triple H vs. Kane (Inferno Match)

Undertaker/Mideon/Viscera/Big Show bring out a beaten X-Pac

INT- Undertaker/Vince McMahon

INT- The Rock/Mankind

The Rock/Mankind vs. New Age Outlaws (Tag Team Title Change)

Triple H vs. Mideon/Viscera (Casket Match)

INT- Ivory

Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow

Big Boss Man interferes

Triple H vs. Mankind (Boiler Room brawl)

Chris Jericho vs. Ken Shamrock (First Blood Match)

INT- Vince McMahon/British Bulldog

Triple H vs. The Rock (Brahma Bull Strap Match, British Bulldog as guest referee).


WWF Smackdown: September 30, 1999

Chris Jericho vs. Road Dogg

Hardcore & Crash Holly join for commentary

INT- Vince McMahon

INT- Mankind/Val Venis

INT- The Rock

Hardy Boyz vs. Edge/Christian (Terri Runnels Invitational Tournament Match)

Terri Runnels joins for commentary

INT- Briitsh Bulldog, Darren Drozdov/Prince Albert join for commentary

D'Lo Brown vs. Big Show

Mark Henry comes out

Kane/X-Pac vs. Acolytes vs. Dudley Boyz

INT- Jeff Jarrett attacked by women

INT- Steve Blackman attacks Jim Dotson

INT- Mankind

Manind vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley

INT- Val Venis/Mankind/Dudley Boyz

INT- The Rock

Triple H vs. British Bulldog (The Rock as guest referee)

Steve Austin attacks Triple H.


WWF Smackdown: October 7, 1999

Gorilla Monsoon tribute

X-Pac/Kane vs. Mideon/Viscera

INT- The Rock

INT- Mankind

Road Dogg vs. Hardcore Holly

Billy Gunn/Crash Holly come out

Mark Henry sex therapy segment

INT- Jeff Jarrett

INT- British Bulldog/Mankind

INT- Terri Runnels

Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boyz

Ivory vs. Miss Kitty (Mud Wrestling Match)

Jeff Jarrett/Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young/Chyna come out

INT- Shane McMahon

British Bulldog vs. Mankind

INT- Steve Austin/Jim Ross hunting

Big Show vs. Big Boss Man

INT- Triple H

INT- Val Venis/Mankind/British Bulldog

The Rock vs. Val Venis, Mankind interferes.


WWF Smackdown: October 14, 1999

INT- Mankind/Vince McMahon

INT- New Age Outlaws/Triple H/Vince McMahon

Kane vs. Acolytes

X-Pac comes out

INT- Mankind/Stevie Richards

INT- Test/Michael P.S. Hayes

Chris Jericho/Curtis Hughes brawl

INT- Mankind/The Rock

Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Hughes

Howard Finkel comes out

INT- Big Show

INT- Big Boss Man

Mark Henry sex therapy segment

Al Snow vs. Big Boss Man vs. Big Show (Hardcore Rules)

Val Venis vs. Stevie Richards (Dressed as Dude Love)

INT- British Bulldog

INT- Terri Runnels

INT- Jeff Jarrett/Miss Kitty/Debra

INT- Steve Austin

Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boyz

GTV with British Bulldog/Stephanie McMahon

Godfather vs. Mideon

New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock/Mankind

Triple H/Chyna attack Steve Austin/


WWF Smackdown: October 21, 1999

INT- Mankind/Vince McMahon/The Rock/Val Venis/Steve Austin

INT- Triple H/Al Snow/Shane McMahon

Test/Edge/Christian vs. British Bulldog/Mean Street Posse

INT- Big Show

INT- Triple H/Al Snow

Val Venis joins for commentary

The Rock vs. Mankind

Triple H interferes

Fabulous Moolah vs. Mae Young

Tori/Ivory/Jacqueline/Luna Vachon come out

INT- Mark Henry/Godfather

Hardcore & Crash Holly vs. Hardy Boyz

New Age Outlaws come out

INT- Big Boss Man/Fake Cop/Big Show

Godfather/Mark henry vs. Viscera/Mideon

Steve Austin vs. Val Venis

The Rock comes out.


WWF Smackdown: October 28, 1999

INT- D-Generation X/Vince McMahon

Hardcore & Crash Holly join for commentary

Edge/Christian vs. Too Cool

INT- Big Show

INT- Mark Henry

Chris Jericho vs. Stevie Richards dressed as Chyna

Chyna/Miss Kitty come out

D-Generation X attack The Rock

D'Lo Brown vs. British Bulldog (European Title Change)

Mean Street Posse come out

INT- X-Pac/Kane

INT- Road Dogg

X-Pac/Kane vs. Dudley Boyz

D-Generation X comes out

Hardy Boyz vs. Viscera/Mark Henry

INT- D-Generation X

Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow

Steve Austin attacks Road Dogg

Big Show attacks Big Boss Man/Prince Albert

Steve Austin hangs Billy Gunn

Mankind vs. Val Venis

Al snow comes out

INT- D-Generation X/Steve Austin/Kane/The Rock.


WWF Smackdown: November 4, 1999

INT- D-Generation X

Mankind/Al Snow vs. Hardcore & Crash Holly (WWF Tag Team Title Change)

INT- Steve Austin/Jim Ross

Mankind/Al Snow celebration

Test vs. D'Lo Brown

Mean Street Posse watch the match

INT- The Rock/Jim Ross

Hardy Boyz vs. Too Cool

INT- Kane/Tori/Jim Ross

Kurt Angle promo

Edge vs. British Bulldog

Headbangers/Mean Street Posse/Christian come out

INT- Vince McMahon/Jim Ross

INT- Mankind

INT- D-Generation X/Vince McMahon

INT- Mankind

Chris Jericho vs. Godfather

Stevie Richards comes out dressed as a ho

INT- Stevie Richards

Val Venis attacks Al Snow

Big Show vs. Big Boss Man

Prince Albert comes out

Shane McMahon/Kane/The Rock/Steve Austin vs. D-Generation X (Survivor Series Rules)

Vince McMahon comes out.


WWF Smackdown: November 11, 1999

INT- D-Generation X/Vince McMahon/Test

Kurt Angle promo

Edge vs. Hardcore Holly

INT- Vince McMahon/Gerald Briso/Pat Patterson/Arnold Schwarzenegger

Godfather/D'Lo Brown vs. Dudley Boyz

INT- D-Generation X

Val Venis vs. British Bulldog

Mean Street Posse/Steve Blackman/Gangrel/Mark Henry come out

INT- The Rock/Arnold Schwarzenegger

Big Boss Man interrupts the funeral of Big Show's father

Big Boss Man vs. Faarooq (Hardcore Rules)

INT- Chyna/Miss Kitty/Chris Jericho

INT- Arnold Schwarzenegger/Marissa Mazzola

Hardy Boyz vs. Too Cool

INT- Arnold Schwarzenegger/Steve Austin

INT- Vince McMahon/Arnold Schwarzenegger

D-Generation X attacks someone

Tori vs. Ivory

Arnold Schwarzenegger joins for commentary

Shane McMahon/Kane/The Rock/Test vs. D-Generation X (Survivor Series Rules, Steve Austin as guest enforcer)

Arnold Schwarzenegger knocks out Triple H and celebrates with Steve Austin.


WWF Smackdown: November 18, 1999

INT- Vince McMahon/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/Test

Edge/Christian vs. Too Cool

INT- Vince McMahon/D-Generation X

Kurt Angle vs. Gangrel

INT- Test/Stephanie McMahon

D-Generation X attacks Test

Godfather vs. British Bulldog

Mean Street Posse comes out

INT- Vince McMahon/D-Generation X

INT- Viscera/Tori/Kane

Big Show vs. Hardcore Holly

Crash Holly interferes

INT- Vince

Stephanie & Shane McMahon/Test

Kane vs. Viscera

INT- Jim Ross

Ivory vs. Luna Vachon vs. Jacqueline (Hardcore Rules)

Mankind/Al Snow in Las Vegas

Chris Jericho vs. Mark Henry

INT- Dudley Boyz

INT- The Rock

New Age Outlaws vs. Hardy Boyz

X-Pac comes out

INT- Arnold Schwarzenegger/Marissa Mazzola

The Rock vs. Big Boss Man

Prince Albert/Hardcore & Crash Holly interfere

INT- Triple H/Vince McMahon.


WWF Smackdown: November 25, 1999

INT- Big Show/Chris Jericho

Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

Big Boss Man/Chyna/Miss Kitty come out

INT- D-Generation X/Vince & Shane McMahon/Test/police

D'Lo Brown vs. Kurt Angle

INT- Mankind/Al Snow

INT- D-Generation X

Val Venis vs. British Bulldog

INT- D-Generation X/homeless people

Kane vs. Big Boss Man (Hardcore Rules)

Prince Albert/Viscera interfere

INT- D-Generation X/homeless people

INT- Test/Stephanie McMahon

INT- Mankind/The Rock

Mankind/The Rock vs. Hardcore & Crash Holly

INT- D-0Generation X/homeless people

INT- Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young

Rikishi Phatu vs. Joey Abs

Too Cool/Mean Street Posse come out

INT- D-Generation X/homeless people

Ivory vs. Jacqueline (Gravy Bowl Match, Miss Kitty guest referee)

B.B. comes out

Godfather vs. Al Snow

New Age Outlaws vs. Hardy Boyz (Cage Match)

X-Pac comes out

Triple H/X-Pac vs. Shane McMahon/Test

a huge brawl erupts with all the WWF Superstars in a food fight.


WWF Smackdown: December 2, 1999

Stephanie McMahon/Test Wedding video

INT- Stephanie

Vince & Shane McMahon

Kane vs. Viscera

INT- X-Pac

INT- Mankind/Al Snow

Dudley Boyz vs. Edge/Christian

Acolytes come out

INT- D'Lo Brown

D'Lo Brown vs. British Bulldog

Val Venis comes out

INT- D-Generation X

INT- Mankind/The Rock/Al Snow

Mankind vs. Chris Jericho

Chyna/Miss Kitty come out

Kurt Angle/Steve Blackman vs. Headbangers

INT- Test/Stephanie McMahon

Hardcore Holly joins for commentary

Crash Holly vs. Rikishi Phatu

The Rock vs. Al Snow

New Age Outlaws/Mankind come out

New Age Outlaws/X-Pac vs. Hardy Boyz/Big Show

Big Boss Man/The Rock/Mankind/Kane come out.


WWF Smackdown: December 9, 1999

Chyna joins for commentary

Chris Jericho vs. Road Dogg

INT- Test/Stephanie McMahon/X-Pac

Kurt Angle/Steve Blackman vs. Dudley Boyz

INT- Too Cool/Rikishi Phatu

Christian vs. British Bulldog

Mean Street Posse/Val Venis/D'Lo Brown come out

INT- Miss Kitty

INT- Too Cool/Rikishi Phatu

Hardy Boyz vs. Big Boss Man/Prince Albert

Big Show comes out

Mankind vs. Al Snow

INT- Vince; Shane

Stephanie & Linda McMahon/Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson/D-Generation X

Test vs. X-Pac

INT- Too Cool/Rikishi Phatu

The Rock vs. Billy Gunn

Triple H vs. Kane.


WWF Smackdown: December 16, 1999

INT- Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/WWF Locker Room

Chris Jericho vs. Prince Albert

Big Boss Man/Chyna interfere

INT- Triple H/Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon joins for commentary

Kurt Angle vs. Test

D-Generation X comes out

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

INT- Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Tori/Mean Street Posse

Mean Street Posse attacks Kane

X-Pac vs. Tori

Mankind vs. Al Snow (Hardcore Rules)

The Rock interferes

INT- D-Generation X

Edge vs. Christian

Acolytes vs. Mean Street Posse

INT- Jim Ross/Triple H/Stephanie McMahon

Too Cool/Rikishi Phatu vs. Hardcore & Crash Holly/Viscera

Terri promo

New Age Outlaws vs. Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson

The Rock vs. Big Show (Lumberjack Match).


WWF Smackdown: December 23, 1999

INT- Mankind/WWF locker room

Chris Jericho vs. Hardcore Holly

Crash Holly/Chyna interfere

INT- Stephanie McMahon/Kane

Viscera vs. Rikishi Phatu

Too Cool come out

INT- The Rock

Road Dogg vs. Test

INT- Triple H/Stephanie McMahon

Kurt Angle vs. Edge

INT- Al Snow/Stephanie McMahon/Kane

The Rock vs. Al Snow (Cage Match)

Ivory vs. The Kat (No DQ)

Chyna interferes

INT- Taka Micinoku/Sho Funaki/Mean Street Posse

Jeff Hardy/Christian vs. Taka Michinoku/Sho Funaki

Mean Street Posse come out

INT- Jim Ross/Mankind

Kane vs. Billy Gunn

Mark Henry vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley

D-Von Dudley/Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young come out

Stephanie McMahon joins for commentary

Big Show vs. Mankind (Triple H suspended above the ring in a cage)

big brawl erupts on the ramp.


WWF Smackdown: December 30, 1999

INT- Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Kane/Tori

Test vs. Prince Albert/Big Boss Man

INT- Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young/Al Snow

Kurt Angle vs. Rikishi Phatu (Steve Blackman handcuffed to the ringpost)

INT- Stephanie McMahon/Tori

Jeff Hardy vs. Al Snow

Matt Hardy interferes

Hardcore & Crash Holly vs. Fabulous Moolah/Mae Young

Mark Henry/Harvey Whippleman come out

INT- The Rock/Tori

The Rock vs. Kane (No Holds Barred)

INT- Mick Foley/Jim Ross

INT- Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/X-Pac

Chris Jericho vs. Chyna (Intercontinental Title held up)

Faarooq vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley

D-Von Dudley/Bradshaw/Mean Street Posse come out

INT- New Age Outlaws/X-Pac

Gangrel/Luna vs. Jacqueline/Viscera

INT- The Rock

X-Pac vs. Big Show

D-Generation X interferes.



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