SST vs. The Road Warriors
Gordon Solie’s WNN
J.R. Interviews Ric Flair
Freebirds vs. Ranger Ross & Scott Hall
Funk’s Grill w/Missy Hyatt
Terry Funk vs. Ricky Santana

Sting vs. Ron Simmons (TV Title)
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Flyin Brian & Ricky Santana vs. Jeff James & Al Greene
Skyscrapers vs. George South & Trent Knight
Funk’s Grill w/Lex Luger
Dr. Death, Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner vs. Freebirds (Hayes, Garvin, Gordy)

NWA Power Hour 7/7/89
● Scott Steiner (w/Rick Steiner) vs. The Bounty Hunter
~ WNN: Gordon Solie actually covers the WWF!!!
● Tommy Rich vs. Jim Bryant
~ Terry Funk's Grill w/Paul E. Dangerously
● Brian Pillman & the Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace) vs. Bill Irwin & New Zealand Militia (Rip Morgan & Jack Victory)

NWA Power Hour 7/14/89
● Ricky Steamboat vs. Jack Victory
● The Skyscrapers (w/Teddy Long & Norman) vs. Randy Rose & Dwayne Bruce
~ Terry Funk's Grill w/Gary Hart & Great Muta (Muta mists Terry Funk's hand to give him Shogun powers)
● The Road Warriors vs. The Freebirds (Gordy & Jim Garvin) (Cage Match, Michael Hayes & the Samoan Swat Team come in)
~ Interviews w/Road Warrior Animal

NWA Power Hour 7/21/89
● Sid Vicious vs. Davey Rich
● Brian Pillman, Tommy Rich, & Scott Hall vs. The Iron Sheik, Bill Irwin, & TJ Meadows
~ Terry Funk's Grill w/Freebirds
● Terry Gordy vs. Dick Murdoch

Dan Spivey vs. Johnny Rich
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Scott Hall & Ranger Ross vs. New Zealand Militia
Funk’s Grill w/Norman the Lunatic
Eddie Gilbert vs. Tommy Rich

NWA Power Hour 8/4/89
● Eddie Gilbert (w/Missy Hyatt) vs. The Bounty Hunter
● Scott Steiner vs. Rip Morgan
~ Terry Funk's Grill w/Teddy Long & Norman the Lunatic (Funk renames him Norman the Maniac, funny bit)
● Sting & Steve Williams vs. Terry Funk & Terry Gordy

NWA Special Power Hour 8/11/89
● Mike Rotunda vs. Shane Douglas
● The Great Muta vs. Eddie Gilbert (Anything Goes Match, Tommy Rich & Gary Hart come in, somehow Gilbert pins Gary Hart!?!?)
~ Terry Funk's Grill w/Steiner Brothers
● Road Warrior Hawk vs. Samu (Samu dumps Paul E. Dangerously as a manager)

NWA Power Hour 8/18/89
● Ron Simmons vs. Sting
● NWA Champ Ric Flair vs. Fidel Sierra
~ Terry Funk's Grill w/Teddy Long & Norman the Maniac
● U.S. Champ Lex Luger vs. Tommy Rich

NWA Power Hour 8/25/89
Show emanates from Cleveland, OH.
● Brian Pillman vs. Jerry Price
● Tommy Rich vs. Fidel Sierra
~ Terry Funk's Grill w/Teddy Long & Norman (Brian Pillman comes in & gets attacked)
● US Champ Lex Luger vs. Brad Armstrong

Cuban Assassin vs. Greg Evans
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Tommy Rich vs. Wild Bill Irwin
Funk’s Grill w/Road Warriors
Sting vs. The Great Muta

Flyin Brian vs. The Enforcer
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Lex Luger vs. Ranger Ross
Tommy Rich vs. The Bounty Hunter
Funk’s Grill w/Gary Hart & Dick Slater
Road Warriors & Steiner Brothers vs. SST & Freebirds

New Fantastics vs. Freebirds
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Ranger Ross vs. Scrap Iron Ford
Funk’s Grill w/Gary Hart
Rick Steiner vs. Norman the Lunatic
Highlights from Clash 8

Dynamic Dudes vs. New Zealand Militia
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Ric Flair vs. Wild Bill Irwin
Funk’s Grill w/Gary Hart
The Great Muta vs. Dick Murdoch

Z-Man vs. Trent Knight
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Dynamic Dudes vs. Mike Rotunda & Cuban Assassin
Funk’s Grill w/Woman
Road Warrior Animal vs. Militia-man Jacko

Norman the Lunatic vs. Tommy Angel
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Ric Flair vs. Dick Slater
Funk’s Grill w/Steiner Brothers
Road Warriors vs. New Zealand Militia

Samoan Savage vs. Tim Parker
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Steiner Brothers vs. Cuban Assassin & Bob Cook
Funk’s Grill w/Ole Anderson
Eddie Gilbert vs. The Great Muta

Italian Stallion vs. Terry Funk
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Scott Hall, Richard Sartain, Tommy Rich vs. SST & Samoan Savage
Funk’s Grill w/Kevin Sullivan
Road Warrior Animal vs. Dan Spivey

Dr. Death vs. Rude Dog
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Freebirds vs. Ranger Ross & Tommy Rich
Funk’s Grill w/Ric Flair
SST & Samoan Savage vs. Dick Murdoch, Scott Hall, Eddie Gilbert

Doom vs. Italian Stallion & Richard Sartain
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Norman the Lunatic vs. Tommy Rich
Funk’s Grill w/Gordon Solie
Lex Luger vs. Dick Murdoch

NWA Power Hour 11/18/89 (Partial)
● Buzz Sawyer vs. Louis Estilla
~ WWN w/Gordon Solie

Dynamic Dudes vs. Rip Rogers & The Avenger
Gordon Solie’s WNN
Kevin Sullivan vs. Ranger Ross
Funk’s Grill w/Gordon Solie
Steiner Brothers vs. Doom




featured an opening segment with Jim Cornette in the arena in which he said he wasn't going to do commentary with Jim
 Ross out of spite for having to be in Peoria; included Gordon Solie hosting a segment of the Wrestling News Network in which he
 predicted the NWA World Title and NWA Tag Team Titles to change hands at least once in 1990; featured the Brian Pillman vs.
 Cactus Jack match from Worldwide with a crucifix at 5:48; featured Woman as a guest of Terry Funk's Grill in which she refused
 to see Norman's painting, with Funk kicking her off the set; included a closing promo by Cornette on Bobby Eaton facing NWA
 World Champion Ric Flair during The Main Event
Tom Zenk pinned Galaxian II with a dropkick from the middle turnbuckle at 10:17; during the bout, Jim Ross announced that Teddy
 Long would unveil the new Skyscrapers and that Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson would return on WCW Saturday Night and that
 Arn Anderson would face NWA TV Champion the Great Muta the following week
Arn & Ole Anderson defeated Jack Victory & Rip Morgan (w/ Lord Littlebrook) at 13:26 when Arn pinned Morgan after hitting him behind the referee's back with Littlebrook's cane; during the bout, it was announced NWA World Champion Ric Flair would face
 Bobby Eaton on The Main Event and that Norman would present Woman his painting (the debut of a new look for the New Zealand Militia)

1/12/90 -
featured a Wrestling News Network segment hosted by Gordon Solie in which he made mention of the return to the NWA
 by Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, said the date and location for the next Clash of the Champions and pay-per-view would be
 soon announced, and that Kerry Von Erich had left Dallas, Tx and could soon start negotiating with the NWA; Solie then noted
 Steve Williams' mindset was off but he could achieve major success if that changed; included the NWA World Champion Ric Flair
 vs. Eddie Gilbert match, shown in full, from the 12/14/89 taping in Peoria, IL; featured Kevin Sullivan as a guest of Funk's Grill in
 which Terry Funk questioned Sullivan's recent attack on Norman during World Championship Wrestling, during which Sullivan
 said Norman shared some of the qualities of Dory Funk Jr. and Funk claimed the attack on Norman was like kicking a helpless
Steve Williams pinned Brodie Chase with the Oklahoma Stampede after the 7-minute mark
Arn Anderson pinned NWA TV Champion the Great Muta to win the title at 13:17 with the DDT after lifting his knees to block the
 moonsault, despite interference from Sawyer and Dragon Master who appeared ringside early in the match; following the commercial
 break, Jim Ross conducted an interview with Anderson regarding the title win, with Sawyer & the Dragon Master confronting him
 and Sawyer challenging Anderson for the following week and Anderson agreeing



NWA Power Hour 1/19/90

1.        Italian Stallion vs. Norman the Lunatic

2.        Lex Luger Roos Commercial

3.        U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Eddie Gilbert

4.        Terry Funk's Grill w/Cactus Jack

5.        TV Champ Arn Anderson vs. Buzz Sawyer (Great Muta & Ole Anderson come in)


NWA Power Hour 1/26/90 (VERY GOOD - 47 minutes)

6.        Samoan Savage vs. Robbie Idol

7.        Freebirds (Hayes & Garvin) vs. Italian Stallion & Ranger Ross

8.        Terry Funk's Grill w/Sting

9.        Sting, Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs. Great Muta, Buzz Sawyer & Dragon Master


NWA Power Hour 2/2/90 (VERY GOOD - 1 hour)

10.     Doom (still masked) vs. Italian Stallion & Keith Hart

11.     Road Warriors Roos Commercial

12.     Ranger Ross vs. Joe Cruz

13.     Terry Funk's Grill w/Arn Anderson

14.     Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Tom Zenk


NWA Power Hour 2/9/90 (VERY GOOD - 57 minutes)

15.     Norman the Lunatic vs. Hacksaw Higgins (Kevin Sullivan & Cactus Jack attack Norman)

16.     Freebirds (Hayes & Garvin) vs. Larry Santo & Paul Drake

17.     Lex Luger turns down the Horsemen

18.     Road Warriors vs. Doom (now unmasked)


NWA Power Hour 2/23/90 (VERY GOOD - 55 minutes)

19.     Cactus Jack vs. Keith Hart

20.     Samoan Swat Team vs. Bob Cook & Paul Drake

21.     Interview w/Kevin Sullivan, Buzz Sawyer & Cactus Jack

22.     U.S. Tag Champs Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk vs. Freebirds (Hayes & Garvin) (Rock 'n' Roll Express & Midnight Express come out)


NWA Power Hour 3/9/90 (VERY GOOD - 59 minutes)

1.        Eddie Gilbert vs. Hacksaw Higgins

2.        Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Bob Cook & Nasty Ned Brady

3.        Doom Interview

4.        World Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Tommy Rich


NWA Power Hour 3/16/90 (VERY GOOD - 59 minutes)

5.        Royal Family (Victory & Morgan) vs. Italian Stallion & Joe Cruz

6.        Samoan Swat Team vs. Jerry Price & Mike Hart

7.        Ole Anderson Interview

8.        Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan vs. Ranger Ross & Tommy Rich

9.        Cactus & Sullivan attack Norman the Lunatic & Mike Rotunda makes the save


NWA Power Hour 3/23/90 (VERY GOOD - 59 minutes)

10.     Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Cuban Assassin & Nasty Ned Brady

11.     Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert

12.     Sting Roos Commercial

13.     Mike Rotunda & Norman the Lunatic Interview

14.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Samu


NWA Power Hour 3/30/90 (VERY GOOD - 59 minutes)

15.     Tommy Rich & Johnny Ace vs. Samu & Cuban Assassin

16.     Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert

17.     Terry Funk Interviews Samoan Swat Team

18.     Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Doom


NWA Power Hour 4/13/90 (VERY GOOD - 58 minutes)

19.     Samoan Swat Team vs. Pat Rose & Rick Rider

20.     Tommy Rich vs. "Mean" Mark Callous

21.     Sting & Ole Anderson Interview

22.     Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Doom



1.        Mean Mark Callous v. Terry Bronson & Rockin’ Rebel

2.        Rick Steiner v. Butch Reed (Ron Simmons runs in to attack Rick, but Scott makes the save.)

3.        Int – Bam Bam Bigelow

4.        Midnight Express v. Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman



5.        Bam Bam Bigelow v. Paul Drake

6.        Rick Steiner v. Butch Reed (Same match as #2)

7.        Mean Mark Callous v. Bob Cook & Pat Rose

8.        Int – Freebirds

9.        Scott Steiner v. Ron Simmons (Much like Reed v. Rick, all 4 men eventually wind up brawling in the ring.)



10.     Eddie Gilbert v. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

11.     Rock & Roll Express and the Freebirds Brawl (From World Wide 4/28/90)

12.     Rock & Roll Express v. Nasty Ned Brady & Joe Cazana

13.     Int – Lex Luger

14.     Pillman & Zenk v. Samu & Joel Deaton



15.     Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich v. State Patrol

16.     Ric Flair v. Lex Luger (From World Wide 5/5/90)

17.     Int – The Horsemen  Ric Flair , Ole Anderson, Sid Vicious, Barry Windham & Arn Anderson

18.     Cactus Jack, Bam Bam Bigelow & Kevin Sullivan v. Norman the Lunatic, Capt. Mike Rotundo & Abdullah the Butcher


19.     Mean Mark Callous v. Dave Diamond & Lee Scott

20.     Freebirds v. Pat Rose & Ricky Nelson

21.     Debate:  Rick Steiner v. Teddy Long  (Doom runs in and attacks Rick Steiner.   Scott makes the save.)

22.     Road Warrior Animal v. Samoan Savage



1.        Tommy Rich v. Green Shadow

2.       Ric Flair v. Lex Luger (From Capitol Combat 90.  Ole Anderson & Barry Windham run in and attack Luger.)

3.        Freebirds v. Scott Sandlin& Denny Cass

4.        Int – Teddy Long & Mean Mark Callous.  Long sells Callous’ contract to Paul E. Dangerously

5.        Bam Bam Bigelow v. Brian Pillman (show ends while the match is in progress.)



6.        Bam Bam Bigelow v. Brian Pillman (conclusion from last week.)

7.        Capt. Mike Rotundo v. Green Shadow

8.        Stan Hansen v. Scott Sandlin

9.        Mean Mark v. Bob Morgan

10.     Rock & Roll Express v. Samoan Swat Team



11.     Ric Flair & Arn Anderson v. Mike Rotundo & Jerry Price

12.    Lex Luger v. Sid Vicious (From Clash of Champions XI.  Lex pins Sid in less than 30 seconds!)

13.     Lex Luger v. Barry Horowitz

14.     Int – The Horsemen

15.     Freebirds v. Southern Boys (Tracey Smothers & Steve Armstrong)

16.     Promo – Doom

17.     Rock & Roll Express v. MOD Squad



18.     Int – Teddy Long

19.     Doom v. Rock & Roll Express (The Express takes Doom to a time limit draw!)

20.     Southern Boys v. Freebirds (From Clash of Champions XI.)

21.     Mark Callous v. Joe Defuria

22.     Arn Anderson v. Tom Zenk



23.     Tommy Rich & Tim Horner v. State Patrol

24.     Arn Anderson v. Tim Parker

25.     WCW stipulates that for the Ric Flair v. Sting match at the Great American Bash, Ole Anderson must be handcuffed to El Gigante!

26.     Rick & Scott Steiner v. Dutch Mantel & Paul Sampson

27.     Video – Ric Flair with commentary by Jim Cornette on Flair’s upcoming match with Sting at the Bash.

28.     Stan Hansen v. Joe Defuria



29.     Brian Pillman v. Fred Avery

30.     Int – Brian Pillman

31.     Lex Luger v. Deathrow

32.     Int – Arn Anderson & Sid Vicious

33.     Arn Anderson & Barry Windham v. Paul Sampson & Joe Cazana

34.     Michael Hayes v. Tracey Smothers


7/22/90 (VERY GOOD - 57 minutes)

1.        Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk vs. Crusher Knoff & J.D. Wolf

2.        Samoan Swat team vs. Dave Johnson & Vincent Vandooly

3.        Stan Hansen vs. Tommy Rich (IP from Saturday Night Program)

4.        Sting Interview

5.        Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vs. Tim Hughes & Tony Burton

6.        Paul Orndorff vs. Zan Panzer

7.        JYD Interview

8.        U.S. Tag Champs Midnight Express vs. Tommy Rich & Tim Horner


7/29/90 (VG - 57 minutes)

10.     Big Van Vader vs. Jason Knight (from ECW)

11.     "Mean" Mark Callous vs. Eddie Martin

12.     Sid Vicious & Ole Anderson Interview

13.     JYD Interview

14.     Mike Rotunda & Jerry Price vs. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (Horsemen & Dudes with Attitudes come in after)

15.     Paul Orndorff Interview

16.     Barry Windham vs. Tim Parker

17.     Sting Interview

18.     Paul Orndorff vs. Dutch Mantell

19.     Trucker Norman vs. Barry Horowitz

20.     Norman Interview


NWA Main Event 8/5/90 (VG - 1 hour)

22.     Ole Anderson Interview

23.     Big Van Vader vs. Tom Zenk (from great American Bash)

24.     Freebirds Interview

25.     Brian Pillman vs. J.D. Wolf

26.     Tommy Rich Interview

27.     Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Mike Thor

28.     JYD Interview

29.     Barry Windham Interview

30.     Buddy Landell Interview

31.     Stan Hansen vs. Dave Johnson

32.     Paul Orndorff Interview

33.     Rock 'n' Roll Express Interview

34.     Tommy Rich vs. Buddy Landell

35.     Sting Interview



NWA Power Hour 8/12/90 (VG - 1 hour)

47.     The New Fantastics (Jackie & Bobby Fulton) vs. Barry Horowitz & Scotty Williams

48.     Sid Vicious vs. John Douglas

49.     Sting Interview

50.     Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs. Dave Diamond & Brad Batten

51.     Dutch Mantell vs. Lou Perez (Perez gets the win)

52.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Bob Holly (YES, the Bob Holly, long before the WWF)

53.     Lex Luger Interview

54.     "Mean" Mark Callous vs. Tommy Rich

55.     Freebirds Interview


NWA Power Hour TV 9/14/90 (VG - 60 minutes)

1.        Terry Taylor vs. Barry Horowitz

2.        Interviews w/Dan Spivey/Teddy Long/Flair & Anderson/Pillman

3.        Dan Spivey vs. Lou Perez

4.        Doom/Horsemen Confrontation

5.        Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Mike Thor & J.D. Wolfe

6.        Freebirds vs. Zan Panzer & Pat Rose

7.        Louisville Slugger w/Sid Vicious

8.        Brian Pillman vs. Tim Horner (1st Ever gauntlet match)


NWA Power Hour TV 10/5/90 (VG - 1 hour)

9.        U.S. Tag Champs Steiner Brother vs. Ringlords

10.     Nasty Boys vs. James Soloman & Rick Ford

11.     Interviews w/Nasty Boys/Sid Vicious/Sting/Arn & Flair/Teddy Long/Renegade Warriors/Michael Hayes/Stan Hansen

12.     Freebirds vs. Allen Iron Eagle & Lou Perez

13.     Moondog Rex vs. Scott Allen

14.     Freebirds tour Hollywood

15.     Tag Champs Doom vs. Mike Rotunda & Tim Horner


NWA Power Hour TV 10/12/90 (VERY GOOD - 1 hour)

16.     Terry Taylor vs. Brian Carr

17.     Dutch Mantell vs. Joe Barrett

18.     Gordon Solie conducts an Interview w/Black Scorpion while blind folded

19.     Interviews w/Sting/Luger/Sid Vicious/Paul E.'s "Bodyguard" Jim Brady

20.     Southern Boys vs. State Patrol

21.     Samoan Swat Team (Fatu & Savage) vs. Rick Ford & Mark White

22.     Jim Ross Interviews The Guardian Angels creators

23.     Louisville Slugger w/Teddy Long

24.     NWA Top 10

25.     TV Champ Arn Anderson vs. Tim Horner


NWA Power Hour TV 10/26/90 (VG - 1 hour)

26.     U.S. tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Barry Horowitz & Hussein Farouk

27.     Midnight Express vs. Tim Parker & Reno Riggins

28.     Interviews w/Sid/Sting/Teddy Long/Arn & Flair

29.     Terry Taylor vs. Italian Stallion

30.     State Patrol vs. Greg Sawyer & Mark White

31.     Louisville Slugger w/Nasty Boys

32.     Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs. Mike Rotunda & Tim Horner


NWA Power Hour TV 11/3/90 (VG - 1 hour)

33.     Freebirds vs. Dave Perry & Joe DeFuria

34.     Interviews w/Michael Hayes & Richard Marley/Black Scorpion/Arn & Flair/Teddy Long

35.     Post Halloween Havok Report

36.     Sid Vicious vs. Mike Williams

37.     U.S. Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Dave Johnson & Jeff Stone

38.     Louisville Slugger w/Tracey Smothers & El Gigante

39.     Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich vs. Dutch Mantell & Barry Horowitz

40.     Lex Luger vs. Bob Emory


NWA Power Hour TV 11/10/90 (VG - 1 hour)

41.     Junk Yard Dog vs. Barry Horowitz

42.     J.W. Storm vs. John Peterson

43.     Interviews w/Black Scorpion/Sting/Flair & Arn Anderson/Buddy Landell

44.     Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs. Joe Barrett & Italian Stallion

45.     Sid Vicious vs. Dave Taylor

46.     Stan Lane vs. Steve Armstrong (Gauntlet Match)

47.     Juicer (Art Barr) vs. Todd Brewer


Power Hour 12/29/90 (VG - 52 minutes)

1.        Lex Luger vs. Samu (3/23/90)

2.        Doom vs. New Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton) (IP, 8/24/90)

3.        Doom vs. Steiner Brothers (IP, 3/30/90)

4.        Sting vs. Jacko Victory (IP, 2/9/90)

5.        Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Tommy Rich (3/9/90)


WCW Power Hour 1/5/91 (VG - 1 hour)

6.        Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman vs. Joe Cazana & Ed Brock

7.        Freebirds vs. Tommy Angel & Rob Morgan

8.        Rick Steiner vs. Chuck Coates

9.        Interviews w/Sting/Ric Flair

10.     Terry Taylor vs. Brian Carr

11.     Michael Wallstreet vs. Rick Hardrock

12.     Sid Vicious vs. Dave Perry

13.     Bobby Eaton vs. Ricky Morton (Freebirds & Tom Zenk come in)


Power Hour 1/12/91 (VG - 1 hour)

14.     Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers

15.     Minotaur vs. Man Mountain Bailey (from Sat. Night 1/5/91, IP)

16.     Bobby Eaton vs. Tommy Angel

17.     Arn Anderson vs. Terry Taylor (from Sat. Night 1/5/91, IP)

18.     Terry Taylor vs. Mike Thor

19.     Steiner Brothers vs. Mr. Saito & Great Muta (Pat O'Connor Finals from Starrcade)

20.     Dutch Mantell vs. Brian Pillman


Power Hour 1/19/91 (VG - 1 hour)

21.     Motor City Mad Man & Big Cat vs. Allen Iron Eagle & Greg Sawyer

22.     Interviews w/Freebirds/Ric Flair/Arn & Windham

23.     Freebirds vs. Italian Stallion & Reno Riggins

24.     Renegades/Arn & Windham brawl

25.     Renegade Warriors vs. Magnum Force

26.     Konnan vs. Chuck Coates

27.     Sid Vicious vs. Man Mountain Bailey

28.     TV Champ Tom Zenk vs. Bill Irwin


Power Hour 1/26/91 (VG - 58 minutes)

29.     Minotaur vs. Keith Hart

30.     Master Blasters vs. Tim Parker & Scott Allen

31.     Rick Steiner vs. Mike Samples (Nash attempts to come in)

32.     Interviews w/Bobby Eaton/Tom Zenk/Paul E./Horsemen/Taylor & Morton

33.     Missy Hyatt Work out Video

34.     Brian Pillman vs. James Earl Wright (B.L. Parker comes in after)

35.     Terry Taylor vs. Joe Barrett

36.     TV Champ Tom Zenk vs. Moondog Rex


Power Hour 2/2/91 (VG - 1 hour)

37.     Tim Horner vs. Mike Samples

38.     Ricky Morton & Junk Yard Dog vs. Mark Kyle & Joe Cazana

39.     Interviews w/Sting, Pillman & Steiner's/Horsemen

40.     Brian Pillman vs. John Peterson

41.     Sid Vicious vs. Dave Johnson

42.     U.S. heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Magnum Force #1

43.     Arn Anderson vs. Bobby Eaton


Power Hour TV 2/9/91 (VERY GOOD - 51 minutes)

1.        Tommy Rich vs. John Peterson (This match is in P quality, everything else is VG/EX)

2.        U.S. tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Master Blasters (Freebirds come in after)

3.        Interview w/Sting, Steiner's & Pillman

4.        Sid Vicious vs. Todd Galinia

5.        Freebirds vs. Brian Pillman & Brad Armstrong

6.        Tag Champs Doom vs. Greg Sawyer & John Faulkner

7.        Barry Windham vs. Carl Robertson

8.        TV Champ Tom Zenk vs. Arn Anderson (Title Change)


Power Hour TV 2/16/91 (VG - 54 minutes)

9.        U.S. tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Rob Morgan & Mike Samples

10.     Brian Pillman vs. Bill Ford

11.     NWA Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Mike Hart

12.     Master Blasters (no paint) & James Earl Wright vs. Ricky Morton, Tommy Rich & Junk Yard Dog

13.     Ric Flair/El Gigante feud Recap

14.     Tag Champs Doom vs. Freebirds (IP, from Sat. Night)

15.     Barry Windham vs. Ron Simmons

16.     Sting & Lex Luger vs. Dutch Mantell & Rip Rogers

17.     Sid Vicious vs. Ray Diamond


Power Hour TV 2/23/91 (VG - 49 minutes)

18.     Danger Zone w/Ron Simmons & Teddy Long

19.     Ron Simmons vs. Scott Sandlin

20.     Big Josh's Debut from 2/16/91 (he's called Big Joshua Jones)

21.     Sting vs. Buddy Landell

22.     Danger Zone w/El Gigante

23.     Barry Windham & Arn Anderson vs. Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton (Simmons comes in)

24.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. John Peterson

25.     Sid Vicious vs. Johnny Boyd


Power Hour TV 3/2/91 (VG - 49 minutes)

26.     Royal Family vs. Dave & John Peterson

27.     Tom Zenk vs. James Earl Wright

28.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Joe Cruz

29.     Terry Taylor, Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers, Pat Rose & Master Blaster (Nash)

30.     Ron Simmons vs. Barry Windham (IP, Omni, 2/17/91, Doom split)

31.     Tag Champs Doom vs. Freebirds (IP, WrestleWar, Title Change, Doom Split)

32.     Sid Vicious vs. Thad Clark

33.     Sting & Lex Luger vs. Magnum Force

34.     Barry Windham vs. El Gigante (Flair comes in)


Power Hour TV 3/9/91 (VG - 54 minutes)

35.     Sid Vicious vs. David Isley

36.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Rob Morgan

37.     Big Josh vs. Cruel Connection

38.     Recap of Doom Split up

39.     Sting/Larry Zbyszko brawl

40.     Danger Zone w/Sting (Zbyszko attacks)

41.     Eaton/Taylor feud Recap

42.     6-Man Tag Champs Tommy Rich, Ricky Morton & JYD vs. Terry Taylor, Bobby Eaton & Buddy Landell (Eaton turns baby face)

43.     Sting vs. Larry Zbyszko


Power Hour TV 3/16/91 (VG - 47 minutes)

44.     Dan Spivey vs. David Isley

45.     Tommy Rich vs. Buddy Lee Parker (Wright & Big Josh come in after)

46.     Big Josh vs. Rip Rogers

47.     Brian Pillman vs. Buddy Landell

48.     Tom Zenk vs. Terry Taylor (w/A. York) (Eaton comes down)

49.     Sting/Zbyszko feud Recap

50.     Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs. Sting & El Gigante (Horsemen come in)

51.     Tim Horner vs. Ron Cumberledge (El Gigante & Sting, Horsemen come in)


WCW Power Hour 3/23/91 (VERY GOOD - 59 minutes)

1.        First match has a few minor tracking problems, nothing to worry about really

2.        Dustin Rhodes vs. Joe Cazana

3.        Terry Taylor vs. Tommy Angel (Zenk comes in after)

4.        Stan Hansen vs. Jim Boss

5.        Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Mark Kyle & Randy Starr

6.        Eaton/Taylor & Landell feud Recap

7.        Tommy Rich vs. Buddy Lee Parker (Wright & Big Josh come in)

8.        4 Horsemen (Flair, Windham, Arn & Sid Vicious) vs. Joey Maggs, Greg Sawyer, Ricky Nelson & Keith Hart


WCW Power Hour 3/30/91 (VG - 1 hour)

9.        Young Pistols vs. Joe Cazana & Rip Rogers

10.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Pat Rose

11.     Sid Vicious vs. Scott Allen (Pillman comes down after)

12.     Brian Pillman vs. Barry Windham (IP, Arn comes in after)

13.     Barry Windham vs. Terry Bronson

14.     Kevin Sullivan, One Man Gang & Teddy Long Interview (Ron Simmons come in)

15.     Tag Champs Freebirds vs. Steiner Brothers (Title Change)

16.     Terry Taylor & Buddy Landell vs. Bobby Eaton & Tom Zenk (IP)

17.     Bobby Eaton vs. Buddy Landell (Taylor & Zenk come in)


WCW Power Hour 4/6/91 (VERY GOOD - 59 minutes)

18.     Dan Spivey vs. Larry Santo

19.     Sid Vicious vs. Carl Robertson (Pillman comes in after)

20.     Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Brian Carr & Lou Fabiano

21.     Ron Simmons vs. Mike Thor (Reed attacks after)

22.     Ron Simmons & Butch Reed Interviews & brawl

23.     Eaton & Zenk/Taylor & Landell feud Recap

24.     Terry Taylor vs. Bobby Eaton (this match turns into)

25.     Terry Taylor & Buddy Landell vs. Bobby Eaton & Tom Zenk

26.     Young Pistols vs. State Patrol


WCW Power Hour 4/13/91 (VERY GOOD - 57 minutes)

27.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Greg Sawyer (IP)

28.     Tommy Rich & Big Josh vs. Mike Samples & Keith Hart

29.     Ron Simmons vs. Rip Rogers (Reed/Simmons brawl afterwards)

30.     Sting vs. Tom Sawyer

31.     Owen Hart vs. Jobber

32.     Vader/Hansen brawl from WrestleWar

33.     Nikita Koloff's return (from Wrestle War)

34.     Barry Windham vs. Tommy Angel

35.     SuperBrawl Control Center Interviews w/Young Pistols/Big Daddy Dink

36.     Larry Zbyszko vs. Thad Clark

37.     TV Champ Arn Anderson vs. Brian Pillman (Sid comes in)


WCW Power Hour 4/20/91 (VG - 59 minutes)

38.     Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner vs. Royal Family (Victory & Morgan)

39.     Vader vs. Stan Hansen (Wrestler War, IP)

40.     Stan Hansen vs. Larry Santo

41.     Stan Hansen Interview (Dustin Rhodes comes in)

42.     Owen Hart & Ricky Morton vs. Joey Maggs & Greg Sawyer

43.     Young Pistols vs. Chuck Coates & John Faulkner (Freebirds comes in after)

44.     Dusty Rhodes Interviews Barry Windham

45.     Grizzly Smith Vacates U.S. Tag Titles

46.     Bobby Eaton & Tom Zenk vs. Terry Taylor & Larry Zbyszko (IP)

47.     Terry Taylor vs. Bobby Eaton

48.     Super Brawl Control Center Interviews w/Steiner's/ Luger & Sting

49.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Hacksaw Higgins


WCW Power Hour 4/27/91 (VERY GOOD - 58 minutes)

50.     Young Pistols vs. Lou Fabiano & Dave Johnson

51.     6-Man Tag Champs JYD, Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich vs. Rip Rogers, Joe Cazana & Don Allen

52.     Barry Windham vs. Scott Allen

53.     U.S. Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Pat Rose

54.     Pillman/Windham feud Recap

55.     TV Champ Arn Anderson vs. Tim Horner

56.     IWGP Tag Champs Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki vs. Steiner Brothers (NJPW, Tape ends right before finish)


Power Hour TV 5/4/91 (VG - 58 minutes)

1.        Big Josh vs. Jeff Sword

2.        IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champ Jushin Liger vs. Akira Nogami (NJPW)

3.        Interviews w/Ron Simmons/Steiner Brothers/Sting & Lex Luger

4.        Ron Simmons vs. Tony Mella

5.        Nikita Koloff/Lex Luger feud Recap

6.        Brian Pillman & El Gigante vs. Mark Kyle & Doug Vines

7.        One Man Gang vs. Keith Hart

8.        Sting & Lex Luger vs. Magnum Force (No Ending shown)


Power Hour TV 5/11/91 (VG - 1 hour)

9.        Terry Taylor vs. Greg Sawyer

10.     Interviews w/DDP/Flair/Steiners/Luger & Sting/Nikita Koloff

11.     Freebirds vs. Terry Bronson & Tim Parker

12.     Danger Zone w/Sting

13.     Ron Simmons vs. Mike Samples

14.     Nikita Koloff vs. Tommy Angel

15.     Missy Hyatt attacks Paul E.

16.     Barry Windham & Arn Anderson vs. Mr. Saito & Masa Hiro Chono (from NJPW)

17.     TV Champ Arn Anderson vs. Brian Pillman (Windham & Eaton come in)


Power Hour TV 5/18/91 (VG - 43 minutes)

18.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Tom Burke (Terry Taylor comes in after)

19.     Sting & Lex Luger vs. Paul Lee & Carl Robertson

20.     Steiner's/Luger & Sting Video

21.     Horsemen attack El Gigante

22.     El Gigante vs. Jim Boss

23.     Interviews w/Terry Taylor/Dustin Rhodes/Barry Windham

24.     Ron Simmons vs. Mike Steel

25.     Barry Windham vs. Brian Pillman (IP, Arn & Eaton come in)

26.     Bobby Eaton vs. Jeff Stone (show cuts off after Eaton's finisher)


Power Hour TV 5/25/91 (VG - 44 minutes)

27.     Big Josh vs. Mike Steel

28.     Nikita Koloff vs. Ian Weston

29.     6-Man Tag Champs JYD, Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton vs. Tom Burke, Jeff Sword & Joe Cazana

30.     Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Dave Johnson & Mike Maverick

31.     Brian Pillman vs. Jim Corbett

32.     Sting & Lex Luger vs. Mark Kyle & Hacksaw Higgins

33.     P.N. News vs. Jobber

34.     Lex Luger vs. Sid Vicious (from Clash 6/90)

35.     Sting vs. Great Muta (from NJPW, IP)

36.     Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Johnny Rich

37.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Doug Vines


Power Hour TV 6/1/91 (VG - 22 minutes)

38.     Ron Simmons & El Gigante vs. Doug Vines & Jeff Sword

39.     U.S. Champ Lex Luger vs. Randy Barber

40.     Sting vs. Lou Fabiano

41.     Bruise Cruise Commercial

42.     Angel of Death vs. Rick Ryder (tape begins to jump before ending)


Power Hour 6/8/91 (VG - 43mins)
● One Man Gang & Angel of Death (w/Kevin Sullivan) vs. Philip Parrish & Larry Santo
● Junkyard Dog & Ron Simmons vs. Jeff Sword & Jim Corbett
~ Interviews w/Flair/Eaton
~ Bruise Cruise Commercial
● Brian Pillman & El Gigante vs. State Patrol
● Nikita Koloff vs. Scott Allen (Sting/Nikita brawl)
● Big Josh & Bobby Eaton vs. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson


WCW Power Hour 6/15/91 (VG - 58mins)
● Young Pistols (Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers) vs. Jim Boss & Doug Vines
~ Great American Bash Control Center (Interviews w/Ric Flair & Lex Luger)
● Stan Hansen vs. Jamie McKinnon
● Ricky Morton vs. Jeff Sword (York Foundation at ringside)
● P.N. News vs. Buddy Lee Parker
~ Johnny B. Badd & Teddy Long Interview (from Clash of the Champions)
~ Bruise Cruise Commercial
~ Great American Bash Rap
~ Gordon Solie with WNN (Clips of El Gigante/One Man Gang & Kevin Sullivan brawl & Sting/Nikita brawl from SuperBrawl)
~ Desperados Promos #1 & #2
● Ric Flair, Nikita Koloff, One Man Gang & Barry Windham vs. Brian Pillman, Tommy Rich, El Gigante & P.N. News (News subs for Sting as Koloff attacked Sting in the aisle way before the match)

WCW Power Hour 6/22/91 (VG - 44mins)
● Big Josh vs. Greg Sawyer
● Dustin Rhodes vs. Bob Cook
~ PN News Great American Bash Rap
~ Desperados Promo #3 (Dead Eye Dick in Jail)
● Nikita Koloff vs. Dave Johnson
● PN News vs. Tim Frye
● Dan Spivey & Angel of Death vs. Larry Santo & Keith Hart
● TV Champ Bobby Eaton vs. Arn Anderson (Flair/Eaton brawl)


WCW Power Hour 6/29/91

1.        Bobby Eaton v. Rip Rogers

2.        PN News v. Mark Kyle

3.        Barry Windham v. jobber

4.     Steiner Brothers v. Mike Thor & Hacksaw Higgins

5.     One Man Gang v. Ian Weston

6.     Dustin Rhodes v. Doug Gilbert

7.     Sting v. Tim Frye


WCW Power Hour 7/6/91

1.  Lex Luger v. Allen Martin

2.  Johnny B. Badd v. Terry Bronson

3.  PN News v. Tommy Starr

4.  Hardliners v. Mike Jackson & Tim Parker

5.  Young Pistols v. Greg Spurlock & Pat Rose

6.  One Man Gang & Black Blood v. Greg Sawyer & Kenny Kendall

7.  Bobby Eaton v. Stunning Steve Austin



WCW Power Hour 7/13/91

1.  Big Josh v. Tim Frye

2.  Lex Luger v. Barry Windham (Steel Cage from the 91 Great American Bash.  Lex Luger wins the WCW World Title)

3.  Michael Hayes & Badstreet v. Mike Jackson & Tim Parker

4.  Steve Austin v. Kerry Booth

5.  Bobby Eaton v. Allen Martin

6.  Freebirds v. JYD & Tommy Rich

7.  Richard Morton v. Chris Sullivan

8.  One Man Gang v. John Peterson

9.  Diamond Studd v. Kenny Kendall

10.  Hardliners v. Larry Santo & Scott Sandlin


WCW Power Hour 7/20/91 (VG - 43mins)
~ Interview w/Lex Luger & Harley Race (Lex is the new Champion)
● US Tag Champs Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Badstreet) vs. Mike Jackson & Tim Parker
● Steve Austin (w/Lady Blossom) vs. Kerry Booth
● Bobby Eaton vs. Alan Martin
● Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Jim Garvin & Badstreet) vs. 6-Man Tag Champs Tommy Rich & Junkyard Dog (Ricky Morton no shows, Title Change)
● Ricky Morton (w/York) vs. Chris Sullivan (Dustin Rhodes comes in)
● One Man Gang (w/Kevin Sullivan) vs. John Peterson
● Diamond Studd (w/DDP) vs. Kenny Kendall
● Dick Slater & Dick Murdoch (Hardliners) vs. Larry Santo & Scott Sandlin


WCW Power Hour 7/27/91 (VG - 44mins)
● PN News vs. John Peterson
● TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Keno McKenzie
● Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) vs. Rick Ryder
● Ron Simmons vs. Bob Cook
● Hardliners (Dick Slater & Dick Murdoch) vs. Sonny Trout & Chris Sullivan
● Mr. Hughes vs. Scott Allen (Ricky Morton, Terry Taylor, Dustin Rhodes & Robert Gibson come in)

WCW Power Hour 8/3/91
● Johnny B. Badd vs. Joey Maggs
~ Interviews w/Kevin Sullivan & OMG/Enforcers
● El Gigante vs. Carl Nelson
● TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Kip Abee
● Tom Zenk vs. Mike Thor
● Dustin Rhodes, Yellow Dog & Bobby Eaton vs. Enforcers & Diamond Studd



WCW Power Hour 8/10/91

1.  El Gigante v. Lou Fabiano

2.  PN News v. Chris Sullivan

3.  One Man Gang v. Big Josh

4.  Arn Anderson & Larry Zbysko v. Yellow Dog & Dustin Rhodes

5.  Young Pistols v. Terrance Taylor & Richard Morton

6.  Ron Simmons v. Stunning Steve Austin



WCW Power Hour 8/17/91
● P.N. News vs. Chris Sullivan
● One Man Gang vs. Big Josh
~ Lex Luger Interview
● Enforcers vs. Dustin Rhodes & Yellow Dog
● Young Pistols vs. Terry Taylor & Ricky Morton
● TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Ron Simmons


WCW Power Hour 8/24/91
● The Patriots (Chip & Champion) vs. Black Bart & Richard Myers
● Johnny B. Badd vs. Scott Sandlin
● Robert Gibson & Tom Zenk vs. Enforcers (Arn & Zbyszko)
~ Lex Luger Interview
● Dustin Rhodes vs. Bubba Monroe
● Terry Taylor vs. Yellow Dog
● Hardliners vs. Rick Steiner & Sting

WCW Power Hour 8/31/91
● Young Pistols vs. Rip Rogers & Sam Cody
● TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Robert Gibson
● Ron Simmons vs. Jobber
~ Ron Simmons Interview (Lex Luger attacks)
● Lex Luger vs. Tommy Rich (JIP, from Clash)
● Enforcers vs. Patriots (JIP)
● The Enforcers (Arn & Larry) vs. Bobby Eaton & Big Josh


WCW Power Hour 9/14/91 (VERY GOOD - 56 minutes)

1.        Rick Steiner & Bill Kazmaier vs. Bill Boss & Sam Cody

2.        Johnny B. Badd vs. Jimmy Hodge

3.        Badstreet vs. Joey Maggs (Light Heavyweight Title Tournament 1st Round)

4.        TV Champ Steve Austin vs. T.C. Carter

5.        Barry Windham vs. Snake Watson (Luger attacks Windham)

6.        Cactus Jack Interview

7.        U.S. Tag Champs Freebirds vs. Patriots (IP, Title Change)

8.        U.S. Tag Champs Patriots vs. Enforcers (Arn & Zbyszko)


WCW Power Hour 9/21/91 (VG - 52 minutes)

9.        U.S. Tag Champs Patriots vs. Freebirds

10.     Diamond Studd & Oz (Hall & Nash) vs. Tom Zenk vs. Big Josh

11.     Recap of Simmons/Luger match

12.     Cactus Jack vs. Scott Sandlin


WCW Power Hour 10/5/91

1.  Rick Steiner v. Paul Lee

2.  Arn Anderson & Larry Zbysko v. Johnny Rich & Scott Allen

3.  Brian Pillman v. Buddy Lee Parker

4.  Big Josh, Dustin Rhodes & Tom Zenk v. Richard Morton, Thomas Rich & Terrence Taylor


WCW Power Hour 10/12/91 (VERY GOOD - 58 minutes)

13.     P.N. News vs. Mike Fever

14.     Big Josh vs. Zan Panzer

15.     Johnny B. Badd vs. Keith Hart

16.     Diamond Studd vs. T.C. Carter

17.     Halloween Havok Control Center (Paul E. & Missy look for the Chamber of Horrors)

18.     Tracey Smothers vs. Bob Cook

19.     Ron Simmons Video

20.     Bill Kazmaier & Brian Pillman vs. Cactus Jack & Abdullah the Butcher


WCW Power Hour 10/19/91 (VG - 58 minutes)

21.     Young Pistols vs. Enforcers (Zbyszko & Anderson)

22.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Jobber

23.     Halloween Havok Control Center (Paul E. & Missy get mugged)

24.     Johnny B. Badd vs. Kenny Kendall

25.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Tony Mella

26.     Brian Pillman vs. Thomas Rich (No finish shown)


WCW Power Hour 10/26/91 (VG - 58 minutes)

27.     Rick Steiner vs. Lou Fabiano

28.     Michael Hayes vs. Larry Zbyszko (IP)

29.     Larry Zbyszko vs. Jimmy Garvin

30.     Halloween Havok Control Center (Ron Simmons Interview)

31.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Steve Armstrong

32.     U.S. Tag Champs Patriots vs. Rip Rogers & Paul Lee

33.     Madusa vs. Lei Lani Kai (IP)

34.     Van Hammer Music Video

35.     Terry Taylor & Tommy Rich vs. Brian Pillman & Mike Graham (Missing final minute of match)


WCW Power Hour 11/2/91 (VG - 58 minutes)

36.     Johnny B. Badd vs., Joey Maggs

37.     Johnny B. Badd Interview/Cactus Jack Interview/Austin & Lady Blossom Interview

38.     Bill Kazmaier vs. Mike Thor

39.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Mr. Hughes

40.     P.N. News vs. John Faulkner

41.     Vader Video

42.     Bambi vs. Lei Lani Kai

43.     Van Hammer vs. Paul Lee

44.     Cactus Jack & Abdullah the Butcher vs. Jobbers

45.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman (again someone failed to notice that the show ends at 10:05am and not 10:00, missing final  pot of the match)


WCW Power Hour 11/9/91 (VG - 1 hour)

1.        Terry Taylor & Tommy Rich vs. Big Josh & Bobby Eaton

2.        Madusa vs. Bambi (IP)

3.        U.S. Tag Champs Patriots vs. Fred Avery & Bob Cook

4.        Ron Simmons vs. Doug Somers

5.        Barry Windham vs. Lou Fabiano

6.        Tom Zenk vs. Bill Ford

7.        WCW Top 10

8.        Interviews w/Dustin Rhodes/Enforcers/Rick Steiner

9.        Bill Kazmaier vs. Cactus Jack (Abby comes in)

10.     Rick Steiner vs. Jim Boss

11.     U.S. Champ Sting vs. Buddy Lee Parker

WCW Power Hour 11/16/91 (VG - 42mins)
Johnny B. Badd (w/Teddy Long) vs. Bobby Eaton
Interviews w/Pillman/Long & Badd/Cactus/Rude & Dangerously/Sting
TV Champ Steve Austin (w/Lady Blossom) vs. John Peterson
Tommy Rich (w/York) vs. Arachniman
(CLIP) Rick Rude vs. Todd Champion


WCW Power Hour 11/23/91 (VG - 1 hour)

12.     Arn Anderson vs. Buddy Lee Parker

13.     WCW Top 10

14.     Rick Steiner vs. Jim Davis

15.     Heavyweight Champ Lex Luger vs. Rick Steiner (IP, from Clash)

16.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Jimmy Garvin

17.     Sting vs., Cactus Jack (Submit or surrender, anything goes, good match)

18.     Rick Rude & Paul E. Interview


WCW Power Hour 11/30/91 (VG - 1 hour)

19.     Rick Steiner vs. John Faulkner

20.     WCW Top 10

21.     U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Johnny Rich

22.     6-Man Tag Champs Terry Taylor, Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton vs. Larry Santo, Lynn Fields & Joey Maggs

23.     El Gigante vs. Doug Somers

24.     Larry Zbyszko vs. Fire Breaker Chip (Submit or surrender match)

25.     Lex Luger & Harley Race Interview

26.     Dustin Rhodes & Bobby Eaton vs. Arn Anderson & Steve Austin (Eaton turns heel and joins Dangerous Alliance)


WCW Power Hour 12/7/91 (VG - 59 minutes)

27.     Van Hammer vs. Bob Cook

28.     Cactus Jack vs. Peter Dumas

29.     Vader vs. Mike McReynolds

30.     WCW Top 10

31.     P.N. News vs. Mark Canterbury

32.     U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Todd Champion

33.     Jushin Liger Video

34.     Light Heavyweight Champ Brian Pillman vs. Ricky Morton


WCW Power Hour 12/14/91 (VG - 58 minutes)

35.     Van Hammer vs. Tommy Rich

36.     Johnny B. Badd vs. Jim Boss (Teddy Long comes in after)

37.     Mr. Hughes vs. Ian Weston & Terry Bronson (Handicapped)

38.     Freebirds vs. Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton (IP, Zbyszko gets involved)

39.     Sting Interview

40.     Steve Austin & Bobby Eaton vs. Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman


WCW Power Hour 12/21/91 (VG - 59 minutes)

41.     Enforcers (Arn & Zbyszko) & Bobby Eaton vs. Brian Pillman, Mike Graham & Tom Zenk

42.     Arachniman (Brad Armstrong) vs. Mike Samples

43.     Big Josh vs. Tommy Rich (Submit or surrender match)

44.     Rick Rude/Sting confrontation & brawl

45.     U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Sting (IP, from Omni, Thanksgiving night)

46.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Michael Hayes


WCW Power Hour 12/28/91 (VG - 59 minutes)

1.        Mr. Hughes vs. Scott Steiner

2.        Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) vs. Ian Weston

3.        WCW Top 10

4.        Vader vs. T.C. Carter

5.        Arachniman (Brad Armstrong) vs. Mark Cantebury

6.        U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Jobber

7.        U.S. tag Champs Young Pistols vs. Patriots (3rd Fall, IP)

8.        Steve Austin & Bobby Eaton vs. Freebirds


WCW Power Hour 1/4/92 (VG - 49 minutes)

9.        Tag Champs Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes vs. Buddy Lee Parker & Greg Sawyer

10.     Vader vs. Larry Corey

11.     Rick Steiner vs. Sonny Trout

12.     Sting vs. Mr. Hughes

13.     U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Larry Santo

14.     WCW Top 10

15.     Dangerous Alliance attack Sting

16.     P.N. News & Tom Zenk vs. Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton


WCW Power Hour 1/18/92 (VG - 56 minutes)

17.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Mike Graham

18.     Interviews w/Steiner's/Ron Simmons/Larry Zbyszko

19.     Steiner Brothers vs. Don Michaels & Jack Savage

20.     Ron Simmons vs. The Medic

21.     U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Butch Malone

22.     WCW Top 10

23.     Ricky Steamboat vs. Tommy Rich


WCW Power Hour 12/25/92 (VG - 59 minutes)

24.     Brian Pillman vs. Buddy Lee Parker

25.     Light Heavyweight Champ Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Liger (12/25/91, Omni, IP, Title Change)

26.     Steiner Brothers vs. Bob Cook & Dave Diamond

27.     WCW Top 10

28.     Johnny B. Badd vs. Chris Sullivan

29.     Sting vs. Iron Sheik (Wrestle War 89)

30.     Interviews w/Sting/Larry Zbyszko & Cactus Jack

31.     Abdullah/Cactus feud Recap

32.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Ron Simmons (Larry, Arn & Eaton/Dustin, Windham & Dragon come in)


WCW Power Hour 2/1/92 (VG - 55 minutes)

33.     Sting vs. Chuck Coates

34.     WCW Top 10

35.     Steiner Brothers vs. Vader & Mr. Hughes

36.     Larry Zbyszko vs. Terry Bronson

37.     Brad Armstrong vs. Ricky Morton

38.     Dustin Rhodes, Ron Simmons & Ricky Steamboat vs. Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson & Steve Austin (Larry & Windham come in)


WCW Power Hour 2/8/92 (VG - 55 minutes)

39.     Bobby Eaton vs. Marcus Bagwell

40.     WCW Top 10

41.     Steiner Brothers vs. Chris Sullivan & John Peterson

42.     Steiner Brothers vs. Cactus Jack & Abdullah the Butcher (Cactus & Abby brawl after)

43.     Sting vs. The Medic

44.     Cactus/Abby feud Recap

45.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Ricky Steamboat


WCW Power Hour 2/15/92 (VG - 58 minutes)

1.        Ron Simmons & Abdullah the Butcher vs. Cactus Jack & Mr. Hughes

2.        Steiner Brothers vs. Nasty Boys (Highlights from Havok 90)

3.        Johnny B. Badd vs. Paul Lee

4.        U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Brad Armstrong (Steamboat comes in afterwards)

5.        Ricky Steamboat Interview

6.        Vader vs. Sting


WCW Power Hour 2/22/92 (VG - 59 minutes)

7.        Dustin Rhodes vs. Bobby Eaton

8.        Cactus Jack, Vader & Terry Taylor (Made Man) vs. El Gigante, Ron Simmons & Van Hammer

9.        Vinnie Vegas/Big Josh brawl

10.     Vinnie Vegas vs. Chris Sullivan

11.     U.S. Tag Champs Young Pistols vs. Ron Simmons & Big Josh (IP, Title Change)

12.     Sting & Marcus Bagwell vs. Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko


WCW Power Hour 2/29/92 (VG - 58 minutes)

13.     Steiner Brothers vs. Mike Thor & Fred Avery

14.     Steiner Brothers vs. Maximum Overdrive (from Clash 90, you can hear Rick yelling spots)

15.     Sting vs. Rick Thames

16.     Freebirds vs. Tommy Rich & Joey Maggs

17.     Lex Luger Interview

18.     Ron Simmons vs. Bob Cook

19.     Marcus Bagwell/Terry Taylor feud Recap

20.     U.S. Champs Rick Rude vs. Brian Pillman (Missing last minute of match)


WCW Power Hour 3/7/92 (VG - 59 minutes)

21.     Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs. Sonny Trout & Pat Rose

22.     Vinnie Vegas vs. Tom Zenk (Big Josh comes in after)

23.     Johnny B. Badd vs. Mike Fever

24.     Brian Pillman vs. Bart Batten

25.     Freebirds vs. Italian Stallion & Ian Weston

26.     WCW Top 10

27.     U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Danny Poston

28.     SuperBrawl Post Press Conference (Sting/Rude brawl)

29.     Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Eaton & Cactus Jack vs. Steiner Brothers, Sting & Marcus Bagwell


WCW Power Hour 3/14/92 (VG - 1 hour)

30.     P.N. News & El Gigante vs. Carl Nelson & Jobber

31.     WCW Top 10

32.     U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Ian Weston

33.     Larry Zbyszko vs. Todd Champion

34.     Fire Breaker Chip vs. Johnny B. Badd

35.     Tag Champs Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton vs. Tom Zenk & Marcus Bagwell (Steiner's & Dangerous Alliance come in)


WCW Power Hour 3/21/92 (VG - 1 hour)

36.     Ron Simmons & Big Josh vs. Vinnie Vegas & Mr. Hughes

37.     Nikita Koloff face turn Interview

38.     Freebirds vs. Mark Cantebury & Bob Cook

39.     Johnny B. Badd vs. Mike Vance

40.     WCW Top 10

41.     Sting/Vader brawl (Vader lays out Sting)

42.     Arn Anderson, Steve Austin & Bobby Eaton vs. Tom Zenk, Marcus Bagwell & Fire Breaker Chip


WCW Power Hour 3/28/92 (VG - 54 minutes)

1.        Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham vs. George South & Mark Cantebury

2.        Vader/Sting brawl

3.        P.N. News vs. Greg Sawyer

4.        U.S. Tag Champs Terry Taylor (Made Man) & Greg Valentine vs. Tom Zenk & Marcus Bagwell (Non Title)

5.        J.T. Southern vs. Chris Sullivan (IP, Southern's Debut)

6.        J.T. Southern Interview

7.        U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Big Josh


WCW Power Hour 4/4/92 (VG - 53 minutes)

8.        Marcus Bagwell & Tom Zenk vs. Mike Thor & George South

9.        Nikita Koloff (baby face) Interview

10.     Nikita Koloff vs. Chris Sullivan

11.     Vader/Sting feud Recap

12.     Vader vs. Mike McReynolds

13.     Barry Windham vs. Bob Cook

14.     Steamboat/Rude feud Recap (Rude "breaks" Steamboat's nose)

15.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Rick Steiner


WCW Power Hour 4/11/92 (VG - 57 minutes)

16.     Arn Anderson vs. Larry Santo

17.     Freebirds vs. Mark Cantebury & Sonny Trout

18.     U.S. Tag Champs Greg Valentine & Terry Taylor vs. The Patriots (IP)

19.     Vader/Sting feud Recap

20.     Interviews w/Sting/Vader & Harley Race/Ricky Steamboat (with broken nose)

21.     Marcus Bagwell vs. George South

22.     Vinnie Vegas & DDP vs. Ron Simmons & Junk Yard Dog


WCW Power Hour 4/18/92 (VG - 56 minutes)

23.     Madusa vs. Bambi

24.     J.T. Southern vs. Fire Breaker Chip

25.     WCW Top 10

26.     Johnny B. Badd vs. Jesse Curles

27.     Terry Taylor (Made Man) vs. Larry Santo

28.     Vader vs. Marcus Bagwell (Vader destroys Buff, Sting/Vader brawl afterwards)

29.     Rick Rude, Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko vs. Big Josh, Ron Simmons & Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk


WCW Power Hour 4/25/92 (VG - 44 minutes)

30.     Steiner Brothers vs. DDP & Ricky Morton

31.     Steve Austin & Larry Zbyszko vs. Scott Allen & Jobber

32.     Vinnie Vegas vs. Todd Champion

33.     Barry Windham vs. Randy Starr

34.     Freebirds vs. Bobby Eaton & Larry Zbyszko (IP)

35.     Zbyszko jobs to Nikita (Paul E./Zbyszko arguement)

36.     Terry Taylor (Made Man) vs. Tom Zenk (Greg Valentine gets involved)


WCW Power Hour 5/9/92 (59 minutes)

1.        The VQ was lowered from EX/VG to VG/G due to sporadically jumping here & there

2.        Nikita Koloff vs. John Peterson

3.        Scotty Flamingo (w/J.T. Southern) vs. Scott Allen

4.        U.S. Tag Champs Greg Valentine & Terry Taylor vs. P.N. News & Johnny Rich

5.        Big Josh vs. Rip Rogers

6.        WCW Top 10

7.        Tom Zenk vs. Tommy Rich

8.        Bobby Eaton vs. Dustin Rhodes (Austin & Windham come in)


WCW Power Hour 5/23/92 (1 hour)

10.     The VQ was lowered from EX/VG to VG/G due to sporadically jumping here & there

11.     Johnny B. Badd, Junk Yard Dog & Brad Armstrong vs. DDP, Mr. Hughes & Vinnie Vegas

12.     WCW Top 10

13.     Steve Williams vs. Italian Stallion (from old Clash, IP)

14.     Scotty Flamingo (w/J.T. Southern) vs. Terry Bronson

15.     U.S. Tag Champs Terry Taylor & Greg Valentine vs. Scott Allen & Danny Poston

16.     Ron Simmons vs. Sonny Trout

17.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Fire Breaker Chip

18.     Interviews w/Ricky Steamboat/Madusa

19.     Bobby Eaton vs. Dustin Rhodes (rematch, Diamond Studd returns & comes in after)


WCW Power Hour 5/30/92 (51 minutes)

21.     The VQ was lowered from EX/VG to VG/G due to sporadically jumping here & there

22.     Dustin Rhodes vs. Ricky Morton

23.     Scotty Flamingo vs. Larry Santo

24.     Freebirds Interview from Freebirds Enterprises

25.     Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko & Bobby Eaton vs. Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat & Nikita Koloff (Anderson/Zbyszko stare down)

26.     Eric Bischoff & Lance Russell talk about the NWA Tag Title Tournament

27.     Interviews w/Steiner's/Williams & Gordy

28.     Wild brawl on the set of Saturday Night as Steamboat attacks Paul E.

29.     Ricky Steamboat & Nikita Koloff vs. Vinnie Vegas & Mr. Hughes


WCW Power Hour 6/6/92 (VG - 59 minutes)

1.        Steve Austin vs. Joey Maggs

2.        Michael Hayes vs. Greg Valentine (Jimmy Garvin & Terry Taylor come in after)

3.        Paul E. Dangerously fires Larry Zbyszko from the Dangerous Alliance

4.        Steve Austin vs. Larry Zbyszko

5.        Big Josh vs. Jim Cain

6.        NWA Tag Title Tournament Control Center (Interviews w/Brian Pillman/Joe & Dean Malenko/Nikita & Steamboat

7.        Cactus Jack/Sting feud Recap

8.        Cactus Jack Interview

9.        Jimmy Garvin vs. Terry Taylor (Made Man)


WCW Power Hour 6/13/92 (VG - 59 minutes)

10.     TV Champ Barry Windham vs. Joe Cruz

11.     Super Invader (Hercules) vs. Ricky Ryder & Scott Allen (Handicapped)

12.     NWA Tag Title Tournament Control Center (Interviews w/Freebirds/Silver Kings)

13.     Vinnie Vegas vs. Scott Sandlin

14.     Scotty Flamingo (w/J.T. Southern) vs. Johnny B. Badd (Brad Armstrong gets involved)

15.     Madusa/Missy Hyatt confrontation

16.     Steve Austin vs. Ron Simmons


WCW Power Hour 6/20/92 (VERY GOOD - 58 minutes)

17.     Scotty Flamingo (w/Southern) vs. John Peterson (B. Badd comes in after)

18.     Bill Watts hires Ole Anderson as head referee

19.     Nikita Koloff & Ricky Steamboat vs. Ricky Morton & Tracey Smothers

20.     NWA Tag Title Tournament Control Center (Interviews w/Arn & Eaton/Rude & Austin/Windham & Dustin)

21.     Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs. Chris Sullivan & Joey Maggs

22.     Cactus Jack Interview

23.     Greg Valentine vs. Big Josh


WCW Power Hour 6/27/92 (VG - 58 minutes)

24.     Johnny B. Badd vs. George South

25.     Super Invader (Hercules) vs. Chris Sullivan

26.     WCW Top 10

27.     Ron Simmons vs. Jobber

28.     Steiner Brothers vs. Steve Williams & Terry Gordy (IP, NWA Tag Title 1/4 Finals)

29.     TV Champ Barry Windham vs. Steve Austin (Title Change)

30.     Interviews w/Paul E./Nikita Koloff & Madusa

31.     U.S. Tag Champs Freebirds vs. Tracey Smothers & DDP


WCW Power Hour 7/4/92 (VG - 58 minutes)

32.     Johnny B. Badd vs. John Black

33.     Brian Pillman vs. Greg Valentine

34.     Big Josh vs. Tracey Smothers

35.     Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Buddy Lee Parker & Rob Bassum

36.     Rick Rude & Madusa Interview (Rude/Nikita Koloff brawl)

37.     Ron Simmons vs. Terry Taylor (Made Man) (Valentine comes in after)


WCW Power Hour 7/18/92 (VG - 58 minutes)

38.     Barry Windham vs. Ricky Morton

39.     Marcus Bagwell vs. DDP

40.     TV Champ Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman

41.     Light Heavyweight Champ Scotty Flamingo vs. Brad Armstrong (IP, 7/5/92 in the Omni, Title Change)

42.     Brad Armstrong Interview


WCW Power Hour 7/25/92 (VERY GOOD - 1 hour)

1.        Scotty Flamingo vs. Keno McKenzie

2.        Light Heavyweight Champ Brad Armstrong vs. Tracey Smothers

3.        Ron Simmons vs. Ricky Morton

4.        Barbarian & Dick Slater vs. Scott Sandlin & Scott Allen

5.        Rick Rude/Nikita Koloff feud Recap

6.        Cactus Jack & Steve Austin vs. Barry Windham & Ricky Steamboat


WCW Power Hour 8/1/92 (VERY GOOD - 58 minutes)

7.        Bobby Eaton vs. Larry Corey

8.        Greg Valentine/Dustin Rhodes brawl

9.        Dick Slater, Greg Valentine & Barbaian vs. Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes

10.     Heavyweight Champ Vader vs. Mike Thor & Sonny Trout (Handicapped)

11.     Sting Interview

12.     U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Nikita Koloff


WCW Power Hour 8/8/92 (VERY GOOD - First 37 minutes)

13.     Van Hammer vs. Joe Cruz

14.     Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Chris Sullivan

15.     U.S. Champ Rick Rude vs. Nikita Koloff (IP, Sting comes in, Jake Roberts debuts & attacks Sting)

16.     Bill Watts announces Ron Simmons will get a title shot at Vader

17.     Heavyweight Champ Van Vader vs. Ron Simmons (IP, Title Change)


WCW Power Hour 9/12/92 (VG - 58 minutes)

18.     Van Hammer vs. Jobber

19.     Scotty Flamingo vs. Rick Tango

20.     Ricky Steamboat/Steve Austin Confrontation

21.     Barbarian vs. T.C. Carter

22.     IWGP Tag Champs Steiner Brothers vs. Kensuke Sasaki & Keiji Mutoh (Great Muta) (NJPW)


WCW Power Hour 9/26/92 (VG - 58 minutes)

23.     Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs. Pat Rose & Mark Cantebury

24.     Halloween Havok Control Center (Interviews w/Ron Simmons/Rick Rude/Jake Roberts/Sting)

25.     Barbarian vs. Chris Sullivan

26.     Brian Pillman & Scotty Flamingo vs. Brad Armstrong & Marcus Bagwell

27.     Interviews w/Harley Race/Steve Austin

28.     Jake Roberts vs. Nikita Koloff (Sting & Cactus come in)


WCW Power Hour 10/10/92 (VG - 1 hour)

29.     Ricky Steamboat vs. Buddy Lee Parker

30.     Halloween Havok Control Center (Interviews w/Barbarian & Cactus Jack/Jake Roberts)

31.     Barbarian & Cactus Jack Interviews & Training sessions

32.     Barbarian (w/Cactus & Butch Reed) vs. Robert Wallace

33.     Shane Douglas vs. Mike Thor

34.     Van Hammer vs. Rex Cooper


WCW Power Hour 10/10/92 & 10/17/92


1.        Ricky Steamboat vs. Buddy Lee Parker

2.        Halloween Havoc Control Center (Interviews w/Barbarian & Cactus Jack/Jake Roberts)

3.        Barbarian & Cactus Jack Interviews & Training sessions

4.        Barbarian (w/Cactus & Butch Reed) vs. Robert Wallace

5.        Shane Douglas vs. Mike Thor

6.        Van Hammer vs. Rex Cooper

7.        Brian Pillman vs. Tom Zenk


8.        Shane Douglas vs jobber

9.        Steve Williams/Terry Gordy vs jobbers

10.     Chono vs Great Muta (NJPW WCW Japan Tour)

11.     Van Hammer vs jobber

12.     Jake Roberts/Barbarian vs Nikita Koloff/Ron Simmons


WCW Power Hour 10/24/92 & 10/31/92


1.        van Hammer vs Fred Avery

2.        mark Canteberry vs Erik Watts

3.        Rick Ride vs jobber

4.        Steve Austin/Brian Pillman vs jobbers

5.        Arn Anderson/Bobby Eaton vs jobbers

6.        Ricky Steamboat vs Scotty Flamingo


7.        Diamond Dallas Page vs Brad Armstrong

8.        Shane Douglas vs jobber

9.        Tony Atlas vs jobber

10.     Barry Windham/Ron Simmons/Dustin Rhodes vs cactus Jack/Jake Roberts/Rick Rude



WCW Power Hour 11/7/92 & 11/14/92


1.        Ricky Steamboat vs Brian Pillman

2.        Johnny Gunn vs Mike Thor

3.        Vinnie Vegas vs jobber

4.        Tony Atlas vs jobber

5.        Nikita Koloff vs Rick Rude


6.        Vinnie Vegas/Diamond Dallas Page vs Van Hammer/Brad Armstrong

7.        Scotty Flamingo vs jobber

8.        Sting/Dustin Rhodes/Ron Simmons vs Cactus Jack/Tony Atlas/Barbarian


WCW Power Hour 11/21/92 & 11/28/92


1.        Ken Sasaki vs Buddy lee Parker

2.        Slazenger/Pierce vs jobbers

3.        Rick Rude vs Van Hammer

4.        Ricky Steamboat vs Vader


5.        Pierce/Slazenger vs Brad Armstrong/Marcus Bagwell

6.        Brian Pillman vs jobber

7.        Rick Rude vs jobber

8.        Ricky Steamboat/Shane Douglas vs Arn Anderson/Bobby Eaton


WCW Power Hour 12/5/92 & 12/12/92


1.        Ricky Steamboat vs Chic Donovan

2.        Johnny B Badd vs Diamond Dallas page

3.        Z Man/Johnny Gunn vs jobbers

4.        Erik Watts vs Mike Thor

5.        Ron Simmons vs The barbarian


6.        Too cold Scorpio vs jobber

7.        Brian Pillman vs jobber

8.        Slazenger/Pierce vs jobbers

9.        Rick Rude/The barbarian vs Ron Simmons/Masahiro Chono


WCW Power Hour 12/19/92 & 12/26/92


1.        Masahiro Chono vs Scotty Flamingo

2.        Barry Windham vs TA McCoy

3.        2 Cold Scorpio vs Buddy Lee Parker

4.        Ricky Steamboat/Shane Dogulas vs Barbarian/Tony Atlas


5.        Z Man/Johnny Gunn vs jobbers

6.        2 Cold Scorpio vs jobber

7.        Brian Pillman vs Brad Armstrong

8.        Johnny B Badd vs Diamond Dallas Page

9.        Dustin Rhodes/Ron Simmons vs Vader/Barry Windham


WCW Power Hour 1-2-93
Joe Cruz vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
Heavy Metal VanHammer vs. Ron Simmons (Arm Wrestle)
Scotty Flamingo vs. Keith Cole
Heavy Metal VanHammer vs. Cactus Jack (Clash of Champions)
Barry Windham/Brian Pillman vs. Marcus Bagwell/Brad Armstrong

WCW Power Hour 1/9/93 (VERY GOOD - 56 minutes)

1.        Johnny B. Badd vs. Barry Windham (U.S. Title Tourney Semi Finals)

2.        Dustin Rhodes vs. Vinnie Vegas (U.S. Title Tourney Semi Finals)

3.        Sting vs. Vader (Highlights from Starrcade 92)

4.        Sting & Ricky Steamboat vs. Steve Austin & Rick Rude (from 1/91 Clash)


WCW Power Hour 1-16-93
Tony Atlas vs. Dustin Rhodes
Tex Slazenger/Shangai Pierce vs. Tommy Angel/Italian Stallion
Barry Windham vs. The dragon
Harley Race vs. Cactus Jack
2 Cold Scorpio vs. Barbarian

WCW Power Hour 1-23-93
Death Row vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
Marcus Bagwell/Brad Armstrong vs. BL Parker/Bob Cook
Vinnie Vegas vs. Joe Pecks
The Dragon vs. Dustin Rhodes
Wrecking Crew vs. Johnny Rich/Joey Maggs
Cactus Jack vs. Vader


WCW Power Hour 1/30/93 (VG - 1 hour)

5.        Steve Austin & Brian Pillman vs. Brad Armstrong & Marcus Bagwell

6.        Chris Benoit vs. Brad Armstrong (IP, 1/93 Clash)

7.        Barbarian vs. Tim Dixon

8.        Barry Windham vs. Dave Hart

9.        White Castle of Fear Mini Movie

10.     Too Cold Scorpio Music Video

11.     Paul Orndorff vs. Cactus Jack


WCW Power Hour 2/6/93 (VERY GOOD - 1 hour)

12.     Paul Orndorff vs. Marcus Bagwell

13.     SuperBrawl Control Center

14.     Vinnie Vegas vs. Chris Sullivan

15.     Cactus Jack vs. John Peterson

16.     Dustin Rhodes & Sting vs. Vader & Barry Windham (IP)

17.     Barry Windham vs. Brad Armstrong

18.     Steve Austin & Brian Pillman vs. Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn


WCW Power Hour 2/13/93 (VERY GOOD - 1 hour)

19.     Paul Orndorff vs. Tom Zenk

20.     SuperBrawl Control Center (Interviews w/Sting/Vader)

21.     Too Cold Scorpio vs. Executioner

22.     Dustin Rhodes & Ron Simmons Interview

23.     Vinnie Vegas vs. Tim Dixon

24.     R'n'R Express/Heavenly Bodies feud Recap

25.     WCW Slam Jam Promo

26.     Johnny B. Badd vs. Scotty Flamingo

27.     Tag Champs Shane Douglas & Ricky Steamboat vs. Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce


WCW Power Hour 2/20/93 (VG - 1 hour)

28.     Chris Benoit vs. Joey Maggs

29.     SuperBrawl Control Center

30.     Too Cold Scorpio vs. Paul Orndorff (1st Round TV Title Tournament)

31.     Maxx Payne vs. Brad Anderson

32.     Dustin Rhodes & Cactus Jack vs. Barry Windham & Paul Orndorff

33.     Michael Hayes & Slam Jam Promo

34.     Vader vs. Bobby Baker

35.     Tag Champs Shane Douglas & Ricky Steamboat vs. Steve Austin & Brian Pillman (Non Title match)


WCW Power Hour 2/27/93 (VERY GOOD - 51 minutes)

36.     Robbie V. (RVD) vs. Rip Rogers

37.     Cactus Jack vs. Tom Zenk (1st Round of TV Title Tourney)

38.     Tex Slazenger, Shanghai Pierce & Scotty Flamingo vs. Marcus Bagwell, Too Cold Scorpio & Steve Regal

39.     Steve Austin & Brian Pillman Interview

40.     Michael Hayes Slam Jam Promo

41.     U.S. Champ Dustin Rhodes vs. Paul Orndorff (No Ending shown)


WCW Power Hour 3/6/93 ( 1 hour)
● Wrecking Crew vs. Joe Cruz & Brad Anderson
● Van Hammer vs. Fred Avery
● Cactus Jack vs. Tom Zenk (TV Title Tourney 1st Round)
● Johnny B. Badd vs. Chris Benoit (JIP)
~ Maxx Payne Interview
~ Sting wins Slam Jam Contest
● Tag Champs Shane Douglas & Ricky Steamboat vs. Steve Austin & Brian Pillman

WCW Power Hour 3/13/93 (VG - 1 hour)
● Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce vs. Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn
● Maxx Payne vs. Bob Cook
● Barbarian vs. Steve Regal (TV Title Tourney 1st Round)
● Van Hammer vs. Vinnie Vegas (Strongest Arm Competition, left handed)
● Davey Boy Smith vs. Mustafa Saed
● Barbarian vs. TA McCoy
● Brian Pillman, Steve Austin & Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Lane) vs. Rock 'n' Roll Express, Shane Douglas & Ricky Steamboat

WCW Power Hour 3/20/93 (VG - 1 hour)
~ Rick Rude Interview
● U.S. Champ Dustin Rhodes vs. Paul Orndorff
~ Ric Flair (return) Interview
● NWA Heavyweight Champ Barry Windham vs. Johnny Gunn
● Maxx Payne vs. Erik Watts (TV Title Tourney 1st Round)
● Cole Twins vs. Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce
● Bruise Brothers (Ron & Don Harris) vs. Brad Anderson & Bronson
● Davey Boy Smith vs. Masked Wrecker
● Vinnie Vegas & Big Sky vs. Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn

WCW Power Hour 3/27/93 (VG - 1 hour)
● Rick Rude vs. TA McCoy
~ Rick Rude Interview
● Maxx Payne vs. Ronnie Hagan
~ Maxx Payne Interview
● Steve Regal vs. Johnny B. Badd (TV Title 1/4 Finals)
● NWA Heavyweight Champ Barry Windham vs. Jobber
● Cole Twins vs. Jobbers
~ Cole Twins Interview
● Van Hammer vs. Big Sky (w/Vegas)

Marcus Bagwell/2 Cold Scorpio vs. Mike Moon/Randy Sledge
Ronn Simmons vs. Sam Cody
Rick Rude vs. jobber
Tommy Angel/Mike Winner vs. Hollywood Blondes
Vinnie Vegas vs. Eric Watts
Maxx Payne vs. Joey Maggs
Paul Orndorf vs. Dustin Rhodes

Heavy Metal VanHammer vs. Masked Wrecker
Itallian Stallion vs. Maxx Payne
Paul Orndorf vs. Erics Watts
The Dragon/Shane Douglas vs. Hollywood Blondes

WCW Power Hour 4/17/93 (VG - 1 hour)
● Sting vs. Dusty Wolfe
● Van Hammer vs. Vinnie Vegas (Big Sky comes in)
● U.S. Champ Dustin Rhodes vs. Rip Rogers
~ Arn/Eaton Confrontation
● Wrecking Crew vs. Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio
● Shane Douglas & Ricky Steamboat vs. Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce

WCW Power Hour 4/24/93 (VG - 1 hour)
● Arn Anderson vs. Steve Casey
● Tag Champs Steve Austin & brain Pillman vs. Amos Moses & Joey Jackson
● Bobby Eaton vs. Johnny Gunn
~ Arn/Eaton Confrontation & Brawl
~ Vader Interview
● Van Hammer vs. Gary McGough
● Ron Simmons vs. Bob Cook
● NWA Heavyweight Champ Barry Windham vs. Steve Regal

Hartford Hart vs. Maxx Payne
TC Mccoy vs. Scott Norton
Mike Thor/Chris Sullivan cs. Marcus Bagwell/2 Cold Scorpio
Rick Rude vs. Ash Masters
Vinnie Vegas/Big Sky vs. Rainbow Brown/Rude Dog
Terry Travis vs. Arn Anderson
Vader vs. Cactus Jack
Johnny B Badd vs. Brian Harkrider

Tommy Angel/Brad Anderson vs. Hollywood Blondes
Pat Rose vs. Sting
Rex Coopers vs. Rick Rude
Benoit/Eaton vs. Joey Maggs/Mike Winners
"Flair for the Gold" interview with Vader
Shane Douglas vs. Paul Orndorff

Rick Hardock vs. Maxx Payne
JB Stryker vs. Scott Norton
Arn Anderson vs. Terry Travis
Dave Lynch vs. Johnny B Badd
Rick Rude vs. Ron Hagen
Hollywood Blondes vs. Marcus Bagwell/2 cold Scorpio

Jim Neidhart vs. Mustafa Saied
Arn Anderson vs. Pat Rose
Johnny Gunn vs. Scott Norton
Cole Twins vs. Benoit/Eaton
Rick Rude vs. Dustin Rhodes

Joey Maggs/John Douglas vs. Blackhearts
Pat Rose/Burton vs. Bagwell/2 cold Scorpio
Jim Neidhart vs. Mike Thor
Rick Rude vs. Mark Mercedes
Paul Orndorff vs. Dave Hart
Junkyard Dog vs. Vicki Slater
Johnny B Badd vs. Windham

Blackhearts vs. Mark Mercedes/Ben Jordan
Maxx Payne vs. Rex Coopers
Van Hammer/Ron Simmons vs. Wrecking Crew
Chick Donovan/Joe Cruz vs. Bagwell/2 cold Scorpio
Paul Orndorff vs. Ric Cannon
Todd Zane vs. Jim Neidhart
The Dragon vs. Vader

Cole Twins vs. Vinnie Vegas/Big Sky
Joe Cazana vs. The Dragon
Shanghai Pierce vs. Dustin Rhodes
Rex Cooper vs. Paul Orndorff
Scott McKeever vs. Sid Vicious
Hollywood Blondes vs. Bagwell/2 cold Scorpio

Brian Pillman vs. Arn Anderson
Windham vs. Tommy Angel
Maxx Payne vs. TC McCoy
Rick Rude vs. Dave Dunlap
Big Sky/Vinnie Vegas vs. Cole Twins

Z-Man/Johnny Gunn vs. Vader/Sid Vicious
Yoshi Kwan vs. The Dragon
Todd Zane vs. Ron Simmons
Steve Regal vs. Joey Maggs
Pez Whatley vs. Dick Star
Rob Morgan/TJ Maverick vs. Big Sky/Vinnie Vegas
Wrecking Crew vs. Sting/Davy Boy Smith

Paul Orndorff/Arn Anderson vs. Wrecking Crew
Keith Hart/Terry Travis vs. Hollywood Blondes
Dick Slater/Paul Orndorff vs. The Dragon/Ron Simmons
Maxx Payne vs. Dave Dunlap
Big Sky vs. Dustin Rhodes

Sting/Davey Boy Smith vs. Powerbots???
Windham/Hollywood Blondes vs. Ric Flair/Arm Anderson/Roma (Sat Night)
Flair interview with Maxx Payne
Roma/Flair/Arn Anderson vs. Windham/Hollywood Blondes

Austin vs. Roma (Main Event)
Hollywood Blondes vs. Keith Hart/Terry Travis
Sid Vicious vs. Warren
Dustin Rhodes vs. Tony Zane
Rick Rude vs. The Dragon
Maxx Payne vs. Scott McKeever
Big Sky vs. jobber
Vader vs. Davey Boy Smith

Davy Boy Smith/Sting vs. Wrecking Crew
Maxx Payne vs. jobber
Rick Rude vs. jobber
Steve Regal vs. Chris Sullivan
Hollywood Blondes vs. Rich/Rocket
Flair vs. Windham
Arn Anderson/Roma vs. Shanghai Pierce/Tex Slazenger

Hollywood Blondes vs. Rick Dangle/Tommy Tana
Sid Vicious vs. jobber
Colossal Kongs vs. Rick Tango/Roddy Vegas
Cole Twins vs. Tony Zane/jobber
The Dragon vs. Top Gun
Johnny B Badd vs. Paul Orndorff

Heavy Metal Van Hammer vs. Fury
Roma/Arn Anderson vs. Nick Slater/Stockhauser
Rick Rude/Equalizer vs. Quinn/Scott D'more
Cole Twins vs. Shanghai Pierce/Tex Slazenger
Sid Vicious vs. Joy Sledge
Maxx Payne vs. Johnny b Badd

Tex Slazenger/Shanghai Pierce vs. Dustin Rhodes/Charlie Norris
Harlem Heat vs. Dave Hart/Mike Thor
Nasty Boys vs. Larry Santo/Scott Studd
Zbyszko vs. Windham (1988)
Bagwell vs. Paul Orndorff

Shanghai Pierce vs. Sting
Sledgehammer Man vs. Davey Boy Smith
Dusty Rhodes vs. Lex Luger (flashback)
Flair vs. Sting
TJ Maverick/Italian Stallion vs. Harlem Heat
Bobby Eaton vs. Ice Train

Sting/Davey Boy Smith vs. Benoit/Eaton
Yoshi Kwan vs. Buck Quartermain
1991 War Games
Sid Vicious vs. Danny Deese
Nasty Boys vs. 2 Cold Scorpio/Marcus Bagwell

Ric Flair vs. Big Sky
Rick Rude vs. Rico Federico
Johnny B Badd vs. Yoshi Kwan
Vader vs. Sting (flashback)
Roma/Arn Anderson vs. Shanghai Pierce/Tex Slazenger

Beautiful Bobby vs. Johnny B Badd
Vader vs. Cactus Jack (flashback)
Keith Cole vs. Yoshi Kwan
Denny Brown vs. The Dragon
Nasty Boys vs. 2 jobbers
Sid Vicious/Harlem Heat vs. Heavy Metal Van Hammer/Marcus Bagwell/2 cold Scorpio

Hollywood Blondes vs Frankie Rose/Jimmy Rogers
Nasty Boys vs TA MCcoy/JD Stryder
WCW Flashback: Road Warriors vs Sting/Dusty Rhodes (Starrcade 88)
Yoshi Kwan vs Frankie Lancaster
Dustin Rhodes/Sting vs Paul Orndorff/Chris Benoit

Nasty Boys vs 2 Cold Scorpio/Marcus Bagwell (courtesy WCW Saturday Night 10/9, apparently was pre-empted on WCWSN)
Rick Rude vs David Dee
WCW Flashback: Sting/Ric Flair vs Terry Funk/Great Muta (Halloween Havoc 89)
Ricky Steamboat vs Vader (JIP, WCWSN 10/9)
Sid Vicious vs Leroy Howard
Sting vs Big Sky

Sid Vicious vs Denny Brown
Nasty Boys vs ??
WCW Flashback: Road Warriors vs Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard (Starrcade 87)
Ric Flair/Paul Roma vs Wrecking Crew
Ricky Steamboat vs Paul Orndorff

Rick Rude vs Brady Boone
Johnny B Badd vs Fury
Harlem Heat vs ??
WCW Flashback: Assassins vs Dory Funk Jr/Rupus Jones (Worldwide 1/11/84)
Ricky Steamboat/Sting vs Paul Orndorff/The Equalizer

Tex Slazenger/Shanghai Pierce vs Cole Twins
Rick Rude vs jobber
WCW Classic: Magnum TA vs Ivan Koloff (WCW Pro 1/25/86)
Colassal Kongs vs jobbers
Johnny B Badd vs Steven Regal

Paul Orndorff vs Rico Federico
Ricky Steamboat vs Cuba's Top Gun
WCW Flashback: Sting/Abdullah the Butcher vs Brian Pillman/Bobby Eaton (Starrcade 91)
Thunder & Lightining vs jobbers
2 Cold Scorpio vs The Equalizer

Nasty Boys vs jobbers
Charlie Norris vs Mercenary #1
WCW Flashback: Road Warriors vs Somoan Swat Team (Starrcade 89)
Thunder & Lightning vs jobbers
2 Cold Scorpio/Marcus Bagwell vs Paul Orndorff/The Equalizer

Sting vs Mike Dibacco
Charlie Norris vs Cuba's Top Gun
Rick Rude vs Rick Hardrock
Dustin Rhodes vs jobber
Harlem Heat vs Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne

Nasty Boys vs Cole Twins
Vader vs Bert Styles
Shockmaster vs jobber
WCW Flashback: Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat (WrestleWar 89)
Steve Austin vs 2 Cold Scorpio

12/18/93 (significantly lower VQ, BTW):
Ricky Steamboat vs Nasty Ned
2 Cold Scorpio/Marcus Bagwell vs Bob Cook/The Terrorist
Terry Taylor vs Butch Long
WCW Flashback: Ric Flair vs Terry Funk (Clash of the Champions, new commentary by Schiavone & Taylor)
Nasty Boys vs Erik Watts/Charlie Norris

The Equalizer vs jobber
Rick Rude vs jobber
Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne vs jobbers
WCW Flashback: Road Warrior Hawk/Dustin Rhodes vs Rick Rude/Equalizer (Clash of the Champions 8/93)

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