Disk 1 

1.         Dr. D. David Schultz v. Steve Lombardi (Roddy Piper is managing Schultz and does a post match interview. TV 1/7/84)

2.         The first ever Pipers Pit segment airs on WWF TV.  No other interview segment will ever come close. (WWF TV 1/28/84)

3.         Piper’s Pit – Paul Orndorff (WWF TV 2/4/84

4.         Piper’s Pit – Dr. D. David Shultz (WWF TV 2/11/84)

5.         David Shultz & Roddy Piper v. John Callahan & Frankie Williams (WWF TV 2/11/84)

6.         Roddy Piper & Don Muraco v. Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas (Phl 2/15/84)

7.         Piper’s Pit – Tony Garea (WWF TV 2/18/84)

8.         Roddy Piper & David Schultz v. The Invaders (MSG 2/20/84)

9.         Piper’s Pit – Masked Superstar (WWF TV 2/25/84)

10.      Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff v. Jose Luis Rivera & SD Jones

11.      Piper’s Pit – Tito Santana (WWF TV 3/4/84)

12.      Piper’s Pit – Tony Garea & B. Brian Blair (WWF TV 3/11/84)

13.      Piper’s Pit – Andre the Giant (WWF TV 3/18/84)

14.      Piper’s Pit – Iron Sheik & Fred Blassie (WWF TV 3/25/84)

15.      Roddy Piper & David Schultz vs. Andre the Giant & Jimmy Snuka ( 3/25/84)

16.      Piper’s Pit – Piper interviews Pvt. Terry Daniels, who will soon be wrestling in the WWF as the first inductee in

Sgt. Slaughter’s Cobra Corps. (WWF TV 3/31/84)

17.      Int – Piper and Dr. D. David Schultz (WWF TV 4/7/84)

18.      Pipers Pit – Ivan Putski (WWF TV 4/7/84)

19.      Pipers Pit – Frank Williams – Piper berates Williams for his poor won/loss record.  Williams stands up to Piper, and gets the
Hell beat out of him. (WWF TV 4/14/84

20.      Pipers Pit – Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas (WWF TV 4/21/84)

21.      Roddy Piper, David Schultz & Paul Orndorff v. Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas & Ivan Putski (MSG 4/23/84)

22.      Pipers Pit – Capt. Lou Albano.  We see the debut of what would soon be termed the “Rock & Wrestling Connection” as

we see footage of Cyndi Lauper’s music video “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” with Albano playing a role in the video.

(WWF TV 4/28/84)

23.      Pipers Pit – Rocky Johnson - Piper calls Johnson “Boy”, and Johnson immediately attacks Piper! (WWF TV 5/5/84)

24.      Pipers Pit – Lou Albano is back and still claiming to be Cyndi Laupers Manager.  A short clip of Lauper’s video “Time

after Time” is shown.  Albano has a short cameo as a short order cook. (WWF TV 5/12/84)

25.      Int – Roddy Piper (WWF TV 5/19/84)

26.      Pipers Pit – Lou  Albano is back again.  Piper reads a letter from Cyndi Lauper’s manager Dave Wolf, Piper to tell Albano
to stop mis-representing himself as Cyndi Lauper’s Manager and threatening to sue if he continues.  Albano isn’t happy,
and promises to bring Lauper on Pipers Pit next week . (WWF TV 5/19/84)


Disk 2

1.         Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (St. Louis, 5/25/84 – Lou Thesz is the referee)

2.        Roddy Piper v. Ivan Putski (MSG 5/21/84)

3.         Piper’s Pit – Piper comes out with his hair all spiked like Cyndi Lauper, and attempts to introduce Cyndi with her “Manager”

Lou Albano.  Unfortunately, Lou can’t seem to produce her.  Piper is embarrassed, as Albano has been promising her for

weeks now.  Albano accuses Lauper’s REAL manager, Dave Wolfe of holding Lauper up, and Piper promises to have Wolfe as

is guest on next week’s ‘Pit. (WWF TV 5/26/84)

4.         Pipers Pit – Dave Wolfe appears and confirms that it’s HE and not Lou Albano that manages Cyndi Lauper.  Wolfe also

promises to bring Cyndi herself on Pipers Pit next week. (WWF TV 6/2/84)


5.         Gene Okerlund is at the set of Pipers Pit and recaps the single greatest segment of  Pipers Pit  of all time.  .Jimmy Snuka

Is the guest star on an earlier un-aired episode and after being relentlessly insulted , IS ATTACKED BY PIPER! 

Piper nails Snuka in the head with a coconut and smears a banana in his face, and totally DESTROYS the Pipers Pit set   

in the  process!  This had to be the single greatest interview segment that’s ever aired!  The heat that Piper got for

decimating the beloved Superfly cemented Piper as the WWF’s biggest heel.  (WWF TV 6/9/84)

6.         Piper’s Pit – Samu (who isn’t happy about what happened to his cousin Jimmy Snuka)

7.         Pipers Pit – Lou Albano and Piper celebrate as they confirm that Cyndi Lauper will finally make her appearance on Piper’s Pit.

(WWF TV 6/9/84)

8.         Roddy Piper v. Rocky Johnson (Capital Centre – 6/9/84)

9.         Piper’s Pit – FOR REAL THIS TIME!  Piper FINALLY gets Cyndi Lauper on the se.  Piper starts out being nice, but brings

up the subject of Lou Albano, believing him to be her manager.  Cyndi tries to set the record straight, but Albano himself

comes out and tries to coerce Lauper into backing up his story.  Lauper doesn’t go for it, and after a few words get said,

ATTACKS BOTH ALBANO AND PIPER!  This was the catalyst for the “Rock & Wrestling Connection”, as the WWF and

the fledgling MTV would kick the concept of “Sports Entertainment into high gear, culminating with the first Wrestlemania.

(WWF TV 6/16/84)

10.      Piper’s Pit – We’re on location with Piper at Capt. Lou Albano’s house.  Albano is looking especially fat and sloppy today. 

Footage is shown of Piper at Cyndi Lauper’s recording studio trying to get Lauper to apologize for her actions on last week’s

Pit.  Not only didn’t Lauper apologize, but she promised to get her own female wrestler and issued a challenge to Albano to

find a female wrestler of his choice for a match.  Albano of course accepts the challenge.  (WWF TV 6/23/84)

11.      Roddy Piper announces that Capt. Lou Albano has chosen his wrestler for Cyndi Lauper’s challenge.  It’s

The current WWF Ladies champion, THE FABULOUS MOOLAH!  Lou and Moolah promise to hurt both Lauper and

whoever she picks to fight Moolah.  (WWF TV 6/30/84)

12.      Lauper announces that she’s picked WENDY RICHTER.  Richter was last seen on WWF TV on 5/5/84 , and wasn’t made to

look like anything special.  Now, Richter sports a very impressive physique and spiked hair.  Richter is supposed to be the next

generation of female wrestler. (WWF TV 6/30/84)

13.      Int – Jimmy Snuka.  You couldn’t understand a word Snuka was saying, but you knew that SOMEBODY was going to get their
butt kicked! (WWF TV 6/30/84

14.      Int – Jimmy Snuka.  (Snuka comments on his feud with Roddy Piper and their upcoming houseshow match. (WWF TV 7/7/84)

15.      Roddy Piper shows footage of Captain Lou Albano “training” Fabulous Moolah for their upcoming match with Wendi Richter.

This footage is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!  (WWF TV 7/7/84)

16.      Int – Jimmy Snuka talks some more about what Roddy Piper did to him. (WWF TV 7/14/84)

17.      Roddy Piper shows footage of Cyndi Lauper training Wendi Richter.  Richter is training hard, and is dressed like she raided

Superstar Billy Graham’s closet.  (WWF TV 7/14/84)

18.      Roddy Piper on TNT as he is interviewed by Vince McMahon and Lord Alfred Hayes (Includes a match with SD Jones, as well as a
bagpipe exhibition.  TNT 7/14/84)

19.      Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (Meadowlands 7/15/84)

20.      Jimmy Snuka vs. Roddy Piper (strap match - 7/20/84)

21.      Int – Jimmy Snuka talks about his upcoming match with Roddy Piper (WWF TV 7/21/84)

22.      Int – Roddy Piper  (TV 7/21/84)

23.      Update – The feud between Piper/Albano & Moolah v. Cyndi Lauper, Dave Wolfe and Wendi Richter. 

24.      Piper cuts another great promo about the upcoming Madison Square Garden match with Richter & Moolah.  Piper promises

         not only to have the winner of the match on his Piper Pit segment, but to also air the match in its entirety.  Piper

         also reads a letter he says is from one of Jimmy Snuka’s releatives  (WWF TV 7/28/84)


Disk 3

1.         Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (Cap Centre 7/28/84)

2.         Roddy Piper shows interview footage of Cyndi Lauper after Wendi Richter won the ladies title from the Fabulous Moolah.

                    Piper promises to have the decision overturned next week. (WWF TV 8/4/84)

3.         Int – Roddy Piper (TV 8/11/84)

4.         Piper’s Pit – Sgt. Slaughter (WWF TV 8/18/84)

5.         Pipers Pit – Fred Blassie, Friday and Kamala (WWF TV 8/25/84)

6.         Roddy Piper vs. Jimmy Snuka (MSG - 08/25/84)

7.         Roddy Piper v. Andre the Giant (Spectrum 9/1/84)

8.         Piper’s Pit – Nikolai Volkoff & Fred Blassie (TV 9/2/84)

9.         Roddy Piper v. B. Brian Blair ( Nassau Coliseum – 9/7/84)

10.      Pipers Pit – No guest this week, as Piper runs down for everyone the series of events involving his feud with Albano

against Cyndi Lauper & Dave Wolfe.  (WWF TV 9/9/84)

11.      Piper’s Pit – WWF Vice President Jack Tunney (TV 9/16/84)

12.      Pipers Pit – Iron Mike Sharpe (WWF TV 9/23/84)

13.      Pipers Pit – Capt. Lou Albano and Ken Patera (WWF TV 9/30/84)

14.      Piper’s Pit – Dynamite Kid.  During the interview, Piper gets a message from one of Jimmy Snuka’s relatives  asking to be a

guest on the Pit next week. (WWF TV 10/7/84)

15.      Pipers Pit – Piper is interviewing Masked Executioner, but the Tonga Kid interrupts the interview and challenges Piper to a

match.  (WWF TV 10/13/84)

16.      Pipers Pit – David Sammartino.  The Tonga Kid interrupts Pipers Pit for a second time to challenge Piper.

After trying to make excuses, Piper is goaded by Tonga and Sammartino into accepting the challenge. (WWF TV 10/20/84)

17.      Pipers Pit – Greg Valentine and Lou Albano (Piper & Valentine bury the hatchet and shake hands for the first time s
since their INCREDIBLE dog collar match at Starrcade 1983.  TV 10/27/84)

18.      Roddy Piper v. Tonga Kid ( Tonga finally gets his match., and beats 6 kinds of hell out of Piper!) (WWF TV 10/27/84)

19.      Pipers Pit – Nikolai Vo lkoff and Fred Blassie (WWF TV 11/4/84)

20.      Commercial - Roddy Piper & Capt. Lou Albano for the WWF Hotline

21.      Pipers Pit – Barry Windham (WWF TV 11/10/84)

22.      Tonga Kid v. Dave Barbie (Roddy Piper comes down to ringside to interfere and JIMMY ‘SUPERFLY’ SNUKA

          comes down to run Piper off!  Tonga Kid is interviewed afterward)    WWF TV 11/10/84

23.      Pipers Pit – Jack & Jerry Brisco.  The Brisco Brothers challenge Adonis and Murdoch to a Title match for the WWF

          Tag Titles.  (WWF TV 11/17/84)

24.      Int – Tonga Kid & Jimmy Snuka (WWF TV 11/17/84)

25.      Roddy Piper v. Tonga Kid (MSG 11/26/84)

26.      Piper’s Pit – RODDY PIPER!  Yes, Roddy Piper has himself asa guest on the Pit!

27.      Pipers Pit – Aldo Marino.  Perennial jobber, Marino has a few tough words for Piper, and of course gets the snot kicked

          out of him by Piper and his bodyguard Bob Orton (WWF TV 11/25/84)

28.      Pipers Pit – Tony Atlas (WWF TV 12/1/84)

29.      Roddy Piper v. Tonga Kid (Phl  12/1/84)


Disk 4

1.         PIPER'S PIT W/ FANS, SAL BELLOMO (Meadowlands – 12/10/84)

2.         Pipers Pit – Capt. Lou Albano.  For some strange reason, Piper won’t let Albano talk, as Piper goes on and on about an upcoming

          presentation at Madison Square Garden  Albano doesn’t appear too happy about not getting a chance to speak. (WWF TV 12/8/84)

3.         Int – Vince gets comments from Roddy Piper & Lou Albano about the award that Cyndi Lauper is going to receive at Madison Square
Garden at the end of the Month.  Footage is shown of Lauper in concert, as well as while managing Wendi Richter  Again, just like
on Piper’s Pit last week, Piper isn’t letting Albano speak.(WWF TV 12/15/84)

4.         Pipers Pit – Piper brings out the big Hillbilly that had been sitting at ringside for the last month or so.  The Hillbilly introduces himself

         as BIG JIM.  Piper proceeds to ridicule Jim, while offering his services as a manager.  Jim isn’t so sure that he’d like that and wants some
time to consider it.  (WWF TV 12/15/84

5.         Pipers Pit – Bobby Heenan and Playboy Buddy Rose laugh about the previous week’s Pipers Pit where we were officially introduced to our

         recurring Hillbilly friend, as “Big Jim”. Heenan makes some funny jokes at Jim’s” expense.  Big Jim is in the front row of course watching
the action (WWF TV 12/22/84

6.         Roddy Piper & Tonga Kid v. Roddy Piper & Bob Orton (MSG 12/28/84)

7.         Dick Clark presents Cyndi Lauper & Lou Albano with an award for their work for the WWF and for Multiple Sclerosis.  An irate Roddy
Piper comes in to interrupt the ceremony
AND ATTACKS LAUPER AND ALBANO!  With a g reat deal of mainstream music stars and
celebrities there, this incident put Piper over as the top as the WWF’s biggest heel, sent the new MTV “Rock & Wrestling connection” into
high gear, and signaled the start of the WWF’s road to the first ever

8.         Pipers Pit – Piper is about to interview Gamma Singh, but Big Jim comes out to confront Piper for making fun of him a couple of weeks
ago.  Piper wants to manage Jim, but Big Jim says that he’s going to train with HULK HOGAN.  Piper is incredibly upset at this turn of
events. (WWF TV 12/29/84

9.         Roddy Piper & Bob Orton v. Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas (PHl 1/4/85) or Primetime 3/12/85

10.      Pipers Pit – Ken Patera, Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan (WWF TV 1/5/85)

11.      Pipers Pit – Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch (WWF TV 1/12/85)

12.      Roddy Piper & Bob Orton v. Tony Atlas & Jimmy Snuka (Spectrum 1/12/85)

13.      Pipers Pit – Tito Santana.  Piper doesn’t think he can make him give up to the figure four and he attempts to prove it by having Orton take

         his place.  Pretty funny.  (WWF TV 1/19/85)

14.      Roddy Piper & Bob Orton v. Jimmy Snuka & JYD [subbing for Tonga Kid] (Texas Tornado match.  MSG 1/21/85)

15.      Pipers Pit – Blackjack Mulligan.  Mulligan hosts an interview segment on another WWF show called Mulligan’s Bar-B-Que.  Piper needless to

         say, is not happy about that. (WWF TV 1/26/85)

16.      Update – Mr. T joins Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter as part of the “Rock & Wrestling Connection”.  Mr. T is very upset with Roddy Piper

         for his actions at Madison Square Garden and vows to get revenge. (WWF TV 2/9/85)

17.      Pipers Pit – Lou Albano.  Piper and Orton bully Albano , but Windham and Rotundo come out and force Piper and Orton to leave the set. (WWF TV 2/9/85)

18.      Int – Roddy Piper (WWF TV 2/9/85)

19.      Pipers Pit – MR. T!  Piper interviews Mr. T in his dressing room.  After verbally abusing him for a few minutes, Mr. T loses his cool and
attempts to attack Piper, but his held back. (WWF TV 2/16/85

20.      Roddy Piper comments on his recent actions at Madison Square Garden .(WWF TV 2/16/85)


Disk 5

1.         Hulk Hogan v.  Roddy Piper (This match was called “The War to Settle the Score”. Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T are at ringside for this
match, and the heat for this match is INCREDIBLE!  Paul Orndorff  runs in and helps Piper double team Hogan.  Mr. T runs in
and gets demolished as well.  Both Hogan and T recover though, and go after the heels, but they manage to escape.  This match
would lead directly to the main event match of the first Wrestlemania.  (MSG 2/18/85

2.         Int - Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Lou Albano, David Wolf & Cyndi Lauper, as well as several additional celebrities including Danny Devito &
Andy Warhol comment on the main event match.  Also interviewed is Roddy Piper, who comes right out of the shower to interrupt Danny
Devito's interview.  (MSG 2/18/85)

3.         Pipers Pit – Bobby Heenan, Big John Studd & Ken Patera (WWF TV 2/23/85)

4.         Pipers Pit – Paul Orndorff.   Piper and Orton badmouth Mr. T and Hulk Hogan.  Hogan and T have challenged Piper and Orndorff to a match. (WWF TV 3/2/85)

5.         Int – Hulk Hogan & Mr. T discuss the kind of training that they’ll be doing in preparation for their big match against Piper And Orndorff (WWF TV 3/2/85)

6.         Roddy Piper,Cowboy Bob Orton,Paul Orndorff on TNT (Including a pretty funny segment where Piper, Orton & Orndorff talk
to a fortune teller. TNT 3/8/85)

7.         More with Piper, Orton & Orndorff on TNT (TNT 3/8/85)

8.         Piper’s Pit – Paul Orndorff (WWF TV 3/9/85)

9.         NBC documentary on the WWF, featuring Roddy Piper’s ultra-heel antics.  Several people are interviewed including Gene Okerlund, Mr. T and Piper himself.

10.      MTV special.  Piper hosts the show, as numerous celebrities give comments on Piper’s recent actions.against Hulk Hogan and in attacking Capt. Lou Albano

         & Cyndi Lauper at MSG.   Piper does a FANTASTIC job as a monster heel here, and drums up lots of interest in the upcoming Wrestlemania.

11.      Pipers Pit – Johnny Valiant and Brutus Beefcake (WWF TV 3/16/85)

12.      Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff are training for their Wrestlemania match against Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. (WWF TV 3/16/85)

13.      Int – Hulk Hogan & Mr. T (MSG 3/17/85)

14.     Piper's Pit - Piper accompanied by fellow heels, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff.and "Ace" Bob Orton welcoms MR. T who  
Brings out HULK HOGAN & JIMMY "SUPERFLY SNUKA!  Needless to say, sparks fly here, as the build up to the first
Wrestlemania begins. (MSG 3/17/85)

15.      Roddy Piper,Cowboy Bob Orton,Paul Orndorff on TNT (TNT 3/22/85)

16.      Pipers Pit – Piper, Orton & Orndorff talk some more trash about Mr. T & Hulk Hogan prior to their upcoming match at Wrestlemania I (WWF TV 3/30/85)


Disk 6

1.        Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff v. Hulk Hogan & Mr. T. (Wrestlemania I)

2.        Piper’s Pit – Big John Studd, following his $15,000 bodyslam challenge match against Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania.  Studd is very
mad that Andre slammed him and took the money. (WWF TV 4/6/85)

3.        Pipers Pit – Piper and Orton are in the locker room after their Wrestlemania match blaming their loss on Paul Orndorff (WWF TV 4/13/85)

4.        Piper’s Pit – Another pre-taped Pipers Pit immediately following Wrestlemnia, as Jesse Ventura complains with Piper and Orton about what happened at

        Wresltemania. (WWF TV 4/20/85)

5.        Pipers Pit – Bobby Heenan, who is irate because he apparently had just been FIRED by Paul Orndorff.   (WWF TV 4/27/85)

6.        Int – Roddy Piper & Bob Orton (WWF TV 4/27/85)

7.        Roddy Piper & Bob Orton Jr. v. SD Jones & George Wells (Philly Spectrum 4/27/85)

8.        Int – Piper & Orton (WWF TV 5/4/85)

9.        Pipers Pit – Windham & Rotundo (WWF TV 5/4/85)

10.     Piper’s Pit – Ricky Steamboat (WWF TV 5/11/85)

11.     Piper’s Pit – Paul Orndorff (SNME 5/11/85)

12.     Hulk Hogan v. Bob Orton (Piper & Orndorff run in.  SNME 5/11/85)

13.     Music Video – “Good Enough” with Cyndi Lauper, Roddy Piper and most of the WWF roster.  SNME 5/11/85)

14.     Int – Muraco, Piper & Orton (WWF TV 5/18/85)

15.     Pipers Pit – Sheik & Volkoff   Footage of their SNME match with George “The Animal” Steele v. Ricky Steamboat, Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham

        is shown.  After the match, the heels turned on Steele. (WWF TV 5/25/85)

16.     Pipers Pit – Jesse Ventura (WWF TV 6/2/85)

17.     Pipers Pit – Bobby Heenan subs for Piper and interviews Tito Santana (WWF TV 6/9/85)

18.     Pipers Pit – Bobby Heenan (subbing for Roddy Piper) brings out the Missing Link (WWF TV 6/16/85)

19.     Pipers Pit – Heenan interviews Big John Studd (WWF TV 6/23/85)

20.     Pipers Pit – Hillbilly Jim, who introduces his UNCLE ELMER (WWF TV6/30/85)

21.     Pipers Pit – Terry Funk (WWF TV 7/6/85)

22.     Pipers Pit – Randy “Macho Man” Savage (WWF TV 7/13/85)

23.     Roddy Piper v. Paul Orndorff  (MSG 7/13/85)

24.     Pipers Pit – Capt. Lou Albano.  Piper & Orton harass Albano and Windham and Rotundo come out. (WWF TV 7/20/85)


Disk 7

1.        Roddy Piper v. Paul Orndorff (Spectrum 7/20/85)

2.        Int – Roddy Piper (WWF TV 7/27/85)

3.        Pipers Pit – Adrian Adonis (WWF TV 7/27/85)

4.        Paul Orndorff v. The Ax (Piper runs in and brawls with Orndorff – WWF TV 7/27/85)

5.        Pipers Pit – Tito Santana (WWF TV 8/3/85)

6.        Roddy Piper v. Paul Orndorff (Boston 8/3/85)

7.        Roddy Piper, on TNT (including a segment with Vince McMahon & Alfred Hayes visit Roddy Piper’s Dungeon. TNT 8/9/85)

8.        Roddy Piper  & Bob Orton v. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorf & Andre the Giant v. (MSG 8/10/85 – Good quality)

9.        Pipers Pit – Magnificent Muraco (WWF TV 8/10/85)

10.     Pipers Pit – Andre the Giant (WWF TV 8/17/85)

11.     Piper’s Pit – Terry Funk (WWF TV 8/24/85)

12.     Roddy Piper v. Paul Orndorff  (Grudge match- from the previous month’s show.  Special guest referee Bruno Sammartino
Spectrum 8/24/85

13.     Pipers Pit – Randy Savage (WWF TV 8/31/85)

14.     Piper’s Pit – Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan.  Footage of the new “Hulk Hogan’s Rock-N-Wrestling cartoon is shown as well.  (WWF TV 9/7/85)

15.     Piper’s Pit – Cpl Kirchner(WWF TV 9/14/85 – good quality)

16.     Piper’s Pit – Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenan (WWF TV 9/21/85)

17.     Piper’s Pit – Uncle Elmer (WWF TV 9/27/85)

18.     Pre-match Interviews:   Roddy Piper & Bob Orton  (Spectrum 9/28/85)

19.     Roddy Piper & Bob Orton -Vs- Paul Orndorff & Bruno Sammartino (Spectrum 9/28/85)

20.     Pipers Pit – Rick Derringer, who talks about the new WWF music album. (WWF TV 10/4/85)

21.     Roddy Piper v. Paul Orndorff (Saturday Night’s Main Event) 10/6/85

22.     Roddy Piper raises an objection during the wedding of Uncle Elmer and his wife-to-be (SNME 10/6/85)


Disk 8

1.        Pipers Pit – Lou Albano and Andre the Giant (WWF TV 10/11/85)

2.        Pipers Pit – Magnificent Muraco & Mr. Fuji (WWF TV 10/18/85)

3.        Roddy Piper cuts a promo for MSG Television (MSG 10/21/85)

4.        Piper's Pit w/Bruno Sammartino (MSG 10/21/85)

5.        Pipers Pit – Rick McGraw, who slaps Piper across the face and challenges him to a match next week. (WWF TV 10/25/85)

6.        Bruno Sammartino & Paul Orndorff   -Vs-   Roddy Piper & Bob Orton   (Steel Cage Match – Spectrum 10/26/85  good quality)

7.        Piper’s Pit – Jesse “The Body” Ventura (WWF TV 11/2/85)

8.        Roddy Piper v. Rick McGraw (It’s very rare when Piper actually wrestles on TV.) (WWF TV 11/2/85)

9.        Piper`s Pit with Uncle Elmer, Hillbilly Jim, Cousin Jr. & Jesse Ventura (SNME 11/2/85)

10.     Tricks and No Treats with Roddy Piper  Roddy hands out his own special made treats  to the kids when they come to his door. (SNME 11/2/85)

11.     Roddy Piper v. Hulk Hogan (Wrestling Classic PPV 11/7/85)

12.     Piper’s Pit – JYD (WWF TV 11/9/85)

13.     Piper’s Pit – Cpl Kirchner (WWF TV 11/16/85 – fair quality)

14.     Paul Orndorff v. The Menace (Orndorff comes to the ring with a cast on his arm.  No, we didn’t miss a sneak attack here. 
Apparently, Orndorff is wearing a cast in response to “Ace” Bob Orton, who always wears a cast with the excuse that he has a
nagging ‘injury’, but of course only uses it to cheapshot his opponents.  Orndorff is playing Orton’s own game. WWF TV 11/23/85)

15.     Piper’s Pit – King Tonga is supposed to be the guest, but Piper and Orton are preoccupied with Onrdorff’s new cast.  They argue for a bit, and Orndorff

        charges toward the Piper’s Pit set, running Piper and Orton off. (WWF TV 11/23/85)

16.     Piper’s Pit – Ted Arcidi (WWF TV 11/30/85)

17.     Piper’s Pit – Piper brings out Valentine & Beefcake, The Hart Foundation & Hercules to taunt Orndorff and his new arm cast. (WWF TV 12/7/85)

18.     Roddy Piper v. Bruno Sammartino (Boston 12/7/85)

19.     Piper’s Pit – Hillbilly Jim (WWF TV12/14/85)

20.     Roddy Piper & Bob Orton on TNT (Including Piper starring as Ebenezer Scrooge in the WWF’s production of “A Christmas Carol” TNT 12/20/85)

21.     Piper’s Pit – Still steamed over Paul Orndorff’s new arm cast, Piper invites a doctor onto his show to discuss Orton’s arm.  Piper doesn’t
like the results, as the Doctor prettymuch exposes Orton’s own arm injury as the fraud that it is. (WWF TV12/21/85)

Disk 9
1.        Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff & Capt. Lou Albano do a cooking show.  Albano had some fun with the hot sauce when preparing Orton & Piper’s food. 
(TNT 12/27/85)

2.        Piper’s Pit – “Mad Dog” Maurice Vachon (WWF TV12/28/85)

3.        Promo – Piper & Orton (WWF TV1/5/86)

4.        Piper’s Pit – Fabulous Moolah (WWF TV 1/5/86)

5.        Bruno Sammartino & Paul Orndorff v. Roddy Piper & Bob Orton (Boston 1/11/86)

6.        Piper’s Pit – Jimmy Hart & “Adorable” Adrian Adonis.  Adonis now has several bows in his head.  He says that he “jumped out of the
closet”, and officially retires his leather jacket!   (WWF TV 1/12/86)

7.        Roddy Piper, Cowboy Bob Orton & Jesse Ventura  v. Hillbilly Jim, Uncle Elmer & Cousin Luke  (SNME 1/4/86)

8.        Piper’s Pit – Hercules Hernandez (WWF TV 1/20/86)

9.        Roddy Piper & Bob Orton on TNT (TNT 1/24/86)

10.     Int - Roddy Piper (WWF TV 1/27/86)

11.     Pipers Pit – Valentine & Beefcake.  They taunt the British Bulldogs, who come out and challenge Valentine & Beefcake for the tag team
titles.  Johnny Valiant (Valentine & Beefcake’s manager) keeps mouthing off and Albano slugs him!  (WWF TV 1/27/86)

12.     Piper’s Pit – George “The Animal” Steele

13.     Piper’s Pit – Piper offers up an open contract for anyone to fight Bob Orton in a boxing match. (WWF TV 2/3/86)

14.     Roddy Piper vs. Bruno Sammartino (Cage Match – Bos 2/8/86)

15.     Piper’s Pit – Jose Luis Rivera, who comes out with some boxing gloves and offers to sign Orton’s boxing contract. (WWF TV 2/10/86)

16.     “Boxing” Bob Orton v. Jose Luis Rivera (Boxing match.  Orton wins by KO - WWF TV 2/10/86)

17.     Piper’s Pit – Hulk Hogan shocks Piper & Orndorff by saying that none other than MR. T will be Orton’s next boxing opponent. (WWF TV 2/17/86) or TNT 2/28/86

18.     Piper’s Pit – Bobby Heenan & King Kong Bundy (WWF TV 3/1/86)

19.     Mr. T. - vs - " Battling Cowboy " Bob Orton,  in a boxing match that ends in a brawl setting up the boxing match between Mr. T and Roddy
Piper at WM 2. (SNME 3/1/86)

20.     Roddy Piper on TNT (TNT 3/7/86)


Disk 10

1.        Roddy Piper on TNT (Footage is shown of Piper and Orton dragging the Haiti Kid onto the Pipers Pit set and cutting his hair to look
like Mr. T (TNT 3/7/86)

2.        Joe Frazier on TNT.  Piper also holds a “Press Conference” and runs down Frazier & Mr. T (TNT 3/14/86)

3.        Piper’s Pit – Piper brings a couple of fans out of the audience and introduces them to Johnny Valiant and Valentine & Beefcake.
Surprisingly enough, nothing out of the ordinary happens.   Piper and the other heels are perfect gentlemen! (WWF TV 3/15/86)

4.        Roddy Piper training for his Wrestlemania 2 Boxing match.  Includes footage of Piper signing autographs for the fans who were in
attendance. (WWF TV 3/22/86)

5.        Roddy Piper harasses “Smokin” Joe Frazier at the gym where Mr. T. trains. (WWF TV 4/5/86)

6.        Mr. T (managed by Joe Frazier) v. Roddy Piper (managed by Lou Duva) ("boxing" match. – Wrestlemania 2)

7.        Piper’s Pit – Piper & Orton aren’t here tonight, as Jimmy Hart and Hoss Funk fill in to interview Jake “The Snake” Roberts
(WWF TV 4/12/86)

8.        Piper’s Pit – Studd & Bundy, who challenge any 2 wrestlers to get in the ring with them. (WWF TV 4/19/86)

9.        Piper’s Pit – The Killer Bees (WWF TV 4/26/86)


10.     The Flowershop – Adorable Adrian debuts with his flower shop interview segment!  His first guest is Hillbilly Jim. (WWF TV 5/3/86)

11.     The Flower Shop – Johnny Valiant with Valentine & Beefcake (WWF TV 5/10/86)

12.     Flower Shop – Randy Savage & Elizabeth (WWF TV 5/17/86)

13.     The Flowershop – Magnificent Muraco (WWF TV 5/24/86)

14.     The Flowershop – The British Bulldogs & Capt. Lou Albano (WWF TV 5/31/86)

15.     Flowershop – “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff.  Adonis asks Orndorff if he’s playing second fiddle to Hulk Hogan, and Orndorff gets upset.  

Do I smell a heel turn coming? (WWF TV 6/13/86)  

16.     Flowershop – Bobby Heenan, who gloats about Andre The Giant having been suspended from the WWF.  Hulk Hogan interrupts though,
and yells at Adonis for trying to cause trouble between Hogan and Ornforff. (WWF TV 6/20/86)

17.     Flowershop – Heenan is being interviewed, but Orndorff comes back to the set to yell at Adonis.  Heenan interrupts Orndorff, repeatedly
calling him “Hulk Junior” and challenges him and  Hogan to a match against Studd & Bundy.  Orndorff promises to call Hulk Hogan right
then and there.   (WWF TV 6/27/86)

18.     Flowershop – Hogan & Orndorff show up Hogan tells Adonis that they’re ready for Studd & Bundy.  But Orndorff interrupts Hogan and
says that that match will take place in 2 weeks, because he’s signed a contract to face the Moondogs.  Orndorff makes sure everyone knows

        that he’s intent on showing the world world what MR. WONDERFUL is all about. (WWF TV 7/4/86)

19.     Flowershop – British Bulldogs (WWF TV 7/11/86)

20.     Flowershop – Hercules Hernandez (WWF TV 7/18/86)

21.     Flowershop – The newly heel turned “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff re-introduces Bobby Heenan as his new manager. (WWF TV 7/25/86)

22.     Flowershop – JYD (WWF TV 8/2/86)

23.     Flowershop – Cowboy Bob Orton offers his services as Adonis’ bodyguard.  I wonder what Roddy Piper is thinking? (WWF TV 8/9/86)

24.     Flowershop – Adonis is about to introduce the Magnificent Muraco, BUT RODDY PIPER COMES ON THE SET!  Piper thanks Adonis
for taking the show over and voices his intention of taking his show back.  Adonis objects, and claims that the Flowershop will not be going
anywhere.  Orton comes on the set and needless to say, Piper isn’t too happy to see his old buddy on Adonis’ side.  Piper vows that he’s
taking his show back, and the biggest babyface turn of the year begins. (WWF TV 8/16/86)

25.     Roddy Piper v. AJ Petruzzi (Piper returns to action to a TREMENDOUS babyface reaction!  Piper proceeds to beat Petruzzi with
one hand behind his back!  WWF TV 8/23/86

26.     Flowershop – Adonis attempts to interview Slick, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, but Piper walks on the set and insults slick. (Primetime

27.     Flowershop – Lou Albano and the Machines.  Bobby Heenan comes out and attempts to reveal who they are.  The Super
Machine comes out, but Heenan can’t tell who he is (He was Bill Eadie, best known as the Masked Superstar and Demolition

Axe).  Heenan then calls out the Giant Machine (who was obviously Andre the Giant), but the Giant Machine that comes out

isn’t Andre!  A confused Heenan turns around to confer with Adonis and Jimmy Hart and when he turns around, THE REAL

GIANT MACHINE IS THERE!  Heenan throws a fit and while he’s ranting with Hart and Adonis, the FAKE Giant Machine

returns.  Heenan goes nuts!

28.     Adorable Adrian Adonis interrupts Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino’s closing comments and rants about Roddy Piper and his
repeated interruptions on his Flowershop segment, and the fact that he’s being forced to have Piper as an official guest on the Flowershop
next week. (WWF TV 8/30/86)

29.     Flowershop – Roddy Piper comes out as Adonis’ guest, and boy did Adonis regret it.  Piper launches into a tirade of hilarious insults on the

        Adorable one.  Piper then reveals that the WWF has announced that PIPERS PIT WILL RETURN NEXT WEEK! (WWF TV 9/6/86) THE RETURN OF PIPER’S PIT!

30.     Roddy Piper returns to the interview set to a tremendous ovation.  Piper attempts to interview one of the announcers, and is interrupted by Jimmy Hart,

        Adrian Adonis and his bodyguard, BobOrton.   Piper makes Adonis look silly. (WWF TV 9/13/86)

31.     "Piper's Pit" & Adrian Adonis' "Flower Shop" interview segments air Simultaneously with Don Muraco as Piper's guest & Bob Orton as
Adonis' guest. Muraco, Orton & Adonis attack Piper and injure his leg. And destroy the Pipers Pit set. (Primetime 9/20/86)

32.     Piper refuses help backstage (WWF TV 9/20/86)

33.     Pipers Pit – Piper limps out on a crutch, and takes a baseball bat and destroys the set of the Flowershop! (Primetime 10/4/86)


Disk 11

1.        Big Machine, Super Machine, & Piper Machine vs. King Kong Bundy, John Studd, & Bobby Heenan (Boston 10/4/86)

2.        Int – Roddy Piper (SNME 10/4/86)

3.        Hulk Hogan v. Paul " Mr. Wonderful " Orndorff (Ending, as Adonis runs in to help Orndorff and Piper makes the save, breaking Adonis’

        arm with one of his crutches.  SNME 10/4/86)

4.        Rowdy Roddy Piper - vs - The Iron Sheik (Piper wrestles with a broken leg and still whips the Sheik.  SNME 10/4/86)

5.        Post – match interview – Roddy Piper (SNME 10/4/86)

6.        Magnificent Muraco & Bob Orton v. Sivi Afi & Billy Jack Haynes (Muraco and Orton are wearing kilts, mocking Roddy Piper.) (WWF TV 10/11/86)

7.        Pipers Pit – No interview, as a new Pipers Pit set is being constructed.  Footage is shown of the recent SNME episode where Piper broke Adrian Adonis’

         arm with his crutch.  Piper cuts a good promo afterward. (WWF TV 10/4/86)

8.        Update – Muraco & Orton discuss their feud with Roddy Piper.  Footage of them destroying Piper and the set of Pipers Pit is shown. (WWF TV 10/18/86)

9.        Int – Roddy Piper (WWF TV 10/18/86)

10.     Pipers Pit –  The new Pit set has been constructed, and Piper is back in business.  Jimmy Hart tries to insult Piper, but Piper is the master in this category,

         and gives Jimmy Hart the most humiliating time of his life. (WWF TV 10/18/86)

11.     Piper’s Pit – Jimmy Hart (Philadelphia Spectrum 10/18/86)

12.     Pipers Pit - Bobby Heenan & "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (Piper challenges Orndorff to find a tag partner and face
Piper and a tag partner of his choice at the next MSG show. Heenan chooses "The King" Harley Race as Orndorff's partner.   Piper pulls a

        fan out of the crowd to choose Piper's partner. The fan  predictably chooses HULK HOGAN!  MSG 10/20/86)

13.     Pipers Pit – Mr. Fuji (WWF TV 10/25/86)

14.     Int – Roddy Piper (WWF TV 10/25/86)

15.     Roddy Piper v. Mr. Fuji ( Fuji gets the beating of a lifetime, but it’s not long before Orton and Muraco run in and attack Piper.  Danny Davis

        is the referee though, and he disqualifies Piper! (WWF TV 11/1/86)

16.     Int – Roddy Piper (WWF TV 11/1/86)


Disk 12

1.        Pipers Pit – Bobby Heenan brings out Harley Race (WWF TV 11/8/86)

2.        Roddy Piper v. Don Muraco (Boston 11/1/86)

3.        Roddy Piper v. Don Muraco (Toronto 11/16/86)

4.        Roddy Piper v. Bob Orton (Phl 11/8/86)

5.        Bob Orton & Don Muraco v.  Jerry Allen & Don Driggers (Orton & Muraco are wearing kilts and coming out to bagpipe music to taunt Roddy Piper. 

         Danny Davis is the referee, and allows  Muraco and Orndorff to double team their opponents relentlessly.)  
(WWF TV 11/15/86)

6.        Pipers Pit –Piper brings out Hulk Hogan for the first time since turning face.  Hogan compliments Piper on getting rid of the Flowershop (WWF TV 11/15/86)

7.        Pipers Pit – Kamala with the Wizard and Kim Chee.  Piper is pretty funny here with the one liners at the heels’ expense. (WWF TV 11/22/86)

8.        Roddy Piper & Hulk Hogan vs. Harley Race & Paul Orndorff (MSG 11/24/86)

9.        Piper’s Pit – George the Animal Steele is supposed to be Pipers guest, but it’s Jimmy Hart that comes out and berates Piper, demanding respect.  As Piper responds

        by attacking Hart, Adrian Adonis comes out and attacks Piper from behind, putting him to sleep with his “Goodnight Irene” sleeper. (WWF TV 11/29/86)

10.     Pipers Pit – George “The Animal” Steele, and JYD (WWF TV 12/6/86)

11.     Piper's Pit with "The Natural" Butch Reed & Slick (WWF TV 12/13/86)

12.     Snake Pit – Jake “The Snake” Roberts interviews Roddy Piper.  Piper threatens Adrian Adonis, who is in the next  match. (WWF TV 12/14/86)

13.     Adorable Adrian Adonis v. SD Jones (Piper runs in and the entire lockerroom comes down to break it up.  WWF TV 12/14/86)

14.     Pipers Pit – The Hart Foundation (WWF TV 12/20/86)

15.     Pipers Pit – Bobby Heenan & Hercules (WWF TV 12/27/86)

16.     Roddy Piper v. Adrian Adonis (SNME 1/3/87)



Disk 13

1.        Piper's Pit w/Jack Tunney presents Hulk Hogan with a trophy for holding the title for 3 years. (Andre the Giant

makes his WWF Return and begins his heel turn by telling Hulk 3 yrs. is a long time to hold a title.  WWF TV 1/18/87)

2.        Piper's Pit w/Jack Tunney presents Andre the Giant with a trophy for being undefeated for 15 years. Hulk Hogan  comes in and cuts Andre off  while 

        congratulating him, causing Andre to walk off the set.  WWF TV 1/25/87 

3.        Piper's Pit w/Jesse Ventura (claiming he has a big secret he knows but won't tell, Jesse tells Piper to have Hogan & Andre

on next weeks show.  WWF TV 2/1/87)  

4.        Piper’s Pit – Piper has Hogan and Andre face to face, with Andre demanding a title shot at Wrestlemania 3. (WWF TV 2/8/87)

5.        Piper’s Pit – Hulk Hogan accepts Andre’s wrestlemania 3 challenge. (WWF TV 2/15/87)

6.        Roddy Piper v. Adrian Adonis (Toronto 2/15/87)

7.        Empty arena interview with Roddy Piper, who promises to retire after his match with Adrian Adonis at Wrestlemania 3.(Primetime 2/23/87)

8.        Roddy Piper, Junkyard Dog, & Rick Steamboat v. Randy Savage, Harley Race, & Adrian Adonis (elimination match. MSG 2/23/87)

9.        Post Match Interview with Roddy Piper (MSG 2/23/87) 

10.     Piper’s Pit – British Bulldogs & Tito Santana (WWF TV 2/28/87

11.     Piper's Pit: Piper interviews Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan as the buildup to Wrestlemania 3 continues. (WWF TV 3/787) 

12.     Piper's Pit: Hulk Hogan comes out with 2 weeks remaining until Wrestlemania 3 and pumps up his main event. (WWF TV 3/14/87)

13.     Piper's Pit - with Danny Davis (Spectrum 3/14/87)

14.     Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper v. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff & Kamala (Another rare Hogan/Piper teamup. Spectrum 3/14/87)

15.     Video Tribute to Roddy Piper (SNME 3/14/87)

16.     Piper's Pit:  Jack Tunney comes out and unveils a new WWF Championship belt.  This belt is HUGE, as it was designed At Bobby
Heenan's insistance to fit Andre the Giant.    Andre and Heenan then come in and take the belt. (WWF TV 3/21/87)

17.     THE FINAL PIPER'S PIT BEFORE WRESTLEMANIA 3.  Piper was gearing up for his own retirement match against

Adrian  Adonis, and says goodbye to the fans.  (WWF TV 3/28/87)

18.     Roddy Piper v. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis (Piper's Retirement match at Wrestlemania 3.  Piper receives a standing

ovation at the beginning and the end of the match!  We also see Brutus Beefcake's transition into "The Barber", as the

stipulation of this match, is that the loser must have his head shaved in the ring.)


Disk 14 


1.        Hulk Hogan v. Vince McMahon (Roddy Piper makes his shocking return at Wrestlemania 19 AND ATTACKS HOGAN!)

2.        PIPER’S PIT RETURNS! Vince reiterates that Hogan will never appear on WWE TV again.   Piper however makes it clear to Vince that he
won’t stand for Vince playing games with him like he did with Hogan.  (SD 4/10/03)

3.        Piper’s Pit – Jimmy Snuka shows up and is beaten down by Piper & Shean O’Haire.  Rikishi runs in to make the save (SD 4/17/03)

4.        Roddy Piper v. Rikishi (SD 4/24/03)

5.        PIPER’S PIT: Piper’s guest is Mr. America , who proves to be quite obviously Hulk Hogan in a mask.   C’mon, if the moustache
doesn’t give it away, I don’t know what will.   At least we get to hear “Real American” again.   Needless to say, Piper isn’t very
pleased.   And if you think Piper was upset, wait to you see Vince! (SD 5/1/03)

6.        Piper’s Pit – Mr. America and Piper brawl with each other.   Sean Ohaire attacks America and together with Piper, try to remove his mask. 

Piper is then attacked by a fan from the crowd, who is then beat up by the heels, but in the process, Piper rips off the poor kid’s prosthetic
leg.  (The fan is actually Zach Gowan, who wrestled on the indy circuit) SD  5/15/03

7.        Vince congratulates Piper and Ohaire for attacking the kid. (SD 5/15/03)

8.        Mr. America v. Roddy Piper (Mr. America  is accompanied by Zach Gowan.   Judgment Day 5/18/2003)

9.        Vince confronts Piper about losing his match at Judgment Day. (SD 5/22/03)

10.     Mr. America v. Sean Ohaire (If Ohaire wins, America has to take a lie detector test.   If America wins, Piper is fired! Ohaire
thanks to Piper and Vince wins by countout!  SD 5/22/03)

11.     Roddy Piper & Sean O’Haire v. Eddie Guerrero & Yoshihiro Taijiri (SD 6/26/03)

12.     Roddy Piper inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (HOF 2005)

13.     Piper’s Pit – Piper has “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the Pit, but are interrupted by Carlito.  Needless to say, Carlito gets the hell
beaten out of him. (Wrestlemania 21)


SecondComing Presents:

The History of Roddy Piper

Disc One
Pat Patterson/Canadian interview
The Canadian/Victor Rivera vs. Tom/SD Jones 11/09/77
The Canadian/Texas Red Interview
The Canadian w/ Victor Rivera vs. SD Jones/Texas Red 11/23/77 (LA) not great VQ
The Canadian vs. Mondo Guerrero (cage match) 11/30/77 (LA) not great vq
Piper Interview
Piper vs. Chavo Guererro 2/22/78 (LA)
Chavo/Black Gordman vs. Hiro Ota/Ron Bass 5/13/78 (Piper ref)
Piper vs. Terry Sawyer w/ post match interview 5/17/78 (LA) (not great vq)
Piper/Bass vs. Gordman/Sawyer 5/24/78 (JIP)
Piper/Bass Post Match Interview (AWESOME)

Disc Two
Piper/Chavo/Ramos/Ito Interview
Chavo/Madril vs. Ramos/Ito (Piper ref)
Diablo vs. Hector Guerrero (JIP)
Piper/Chavo Interview (pre loser leaves town match)
Chavo vs. Pak Chu (JIP)
Piper attacks Chavo w/ Chain

Piper vs. Tony Milan 6/24/78
Piper interview "I have come to San Fran" 6/24/78 (SanFran)
Piper vs. Moondog Mayne (non-title match) 6/24/78
Piper vs. Guy Lambert 7/1/78
Piper Interview (on beating Moondog Mayne) 7/1/78
Piper vs. Rick Thompson 7/8/78
Piper shows clips of Pepper Gomez match (eats a live goldfish) 7/8/78
Match...w/Texas Red vs. Jerry Monte/Takashi Onome 7/15/78 (SF)
Interview Moondog
Interview Piper
Piper vs. Takashi Onome 7/22/78

Disc Three
Piper Int w/ clips 7/22/78
Piper vs. Marquez 7/22/78
Piper/Moondog Int.
Piper Interview 7/29/78
Match...Piper/Pak Chu vs. Hector/Tonga 9/6/78 (CaliTV Aug-Sept.)
2 int. Playboy Buddy Rose, Ed Wiskowski, Rowdy Roddy Piper & Killer Tim Brooks 3/31 & 4/7/79 (Port)
Match......Rose, Wiskowski, Piper & Brooks vs Adonis, Starr, Wells & Hector 4/7/79
Piper Int. 4/14/79
Piper slaps Vickie Williams 4/21/79
Vicki Williams slaps around Piper 4/21/78
Interview...Piper/Rose 5/5/79 (Port)
Piper/Rose Int. 5/12/79
Match......Piper vs Rose 2/3 5/19/79 (Port)

Disc Four
Piper vs. Rose (lumberjack match) 5/19/79 (low audio)
Interview...Piper & Brooks (post lumberjack match) 5/19/79 (Port)
Brooks vs. Rose (dog collar match/piper interferes) 6/2/79
w/ post match (Port)
Match......Piper vs Ricky Hunter (Rose steals Piper's bagpipes from ringside) 7/7/79 (Port)
Buddy Rose & Rip Rogers vs. Adrian Adonis & Ron Starr (ending) 7/7/79
Interview Roddy Piper 7/7/79
Interview...Bastein & Piper 10/20/79 (Port)
Interview...Piper 10/27/79 (tracking lines) (Port)
Match......Rose & Sheepherders vs Bass, Piper & Bastein 10/27/79 (Port) (Fall 1)
Match......Rose & Sheepherders vs Bass, Piper & Bastein 10/27/79 (Port) (Cont)
Interview...Piper 11/3/79 (Port)
Interview...Piper 11/17/79 (Port)
Interview Piper SOB 11/10/79
Match......Rose's Army vs Bass, Savage & Piper (Rose is dressed like the Sheepherders) 11/24/79 (Port)

Disc Five
Piper/Stasiak int.
Match......Sheephearders vs Piper & Stasiak with Dutch Savage as referee (second & third falls joined in progress) Playboy Buddy Rose steals Roddy Piper's kilt & sets it on fire 12/1/79 (Port)
Interview...Piper with his burnt kilt 12/1/79 (Port)
Interview...Playboy Buddy Rose in a cage prior to a cage match with Roddy Piper 12/21/79 (Port)
Interview...Rowdy Roddy Piper wearing a Santa hat & breaks a full bottle of beer on his head!!! 12/21/79 (Port)
Interview...Piper 12/29/79 (Port)
Match......Rose, Sheepherders & Bass vs Stasiak, Savage, Piper & Martell 1/5/80
Interview...Piper & Rose 1/19/80 (Port)
Interview...Piper 2/18/80 (Port)
Rose vs. Dusek (3rd fall)
Interview...Rose, Bass, Dusek & Piper 2/18/80 (Port)
Match...Piper vs. Luke Williams (hair match) 3/1/80 (Port)
Match...Piper/Martel vs. Sheepherders (tag titles) w/ post match interview 3/15/80 (Port)
Match...Piper/Martel vs. Sheepherders (tag titles) w/ post match interview 3/15/80 (Port) (last fall)/post match
Piper's All Star Interviews (on Chris Colt)
Interview...Martel/Piper (breaks a beer bottle over his head) 3//80 (Port)
Interview...Rose/Sheepherders (Luke drinks a beer instead) 3//80 (Port)

Disc Six
Match...Piper/Martel vs. Sheepherders (tag titles) 5/3/80 (Port)
Match...Martel vs. Rose (2/3) (post interviews) 5/10/80 (Port)
Match... Piper/Martel/Savage vs. Rose/Miller/Williams (2/3 falls) 5/24/80 (Port)
Match... Piper/Martel vs. Sheepherders (tag titles) 5/31/80 (Port)
Interview...Piper/Martel 6/7/80 (Port)

Disc Seven
Match...13 man battle royal 6/14/80 (Port)
Match... Piper vs. Rip Rogers 6/21/80 (Port) w/ post match
Army/Piper/Sheepherders Int
Match...Piper vs. Jesse Barr 7/19/80 (Port)
vs. Jonathon Boyd 7/26/80
Match...Piper/Martel vs. Rose/Wiskowski 8/2/80 Tag Titles (Port) w/ post match
Match...Piper vs. Tony Borne 8/9/80 (Port)
Interview...Piper (w/ damaged throat) 8/80 (Port)
Interview...Piper (gives shirt to kid w/ MD) 8/9/80 (Port)
Interview...Piper on Wiskowski 8/16/80
Piper Int. w/ Sheepherders
Match...Piper vs. Igor Volkoff (2/3 falls) w/ post match interview 8/16/80 (Port)

Piper Eight
Match...Piper vs. Wiskowski (2/3 falls) 8/23/80 (Port)
Interview...Piper 8/80 (Port)
Match...Piper/Popovich vs. Rose/Oliver (partial) 9/6/80 (Port)
Interview...Piper/Rose (Piper removes Roses mask) 9/6/80 (Port)
Match...Piper vs. Buddy Rose (2/3 falls) (NW Title) w/ post match interview 9/13/80 (Port)
Match...Rose/Oliver vs. Piper/Regal 6/20/81 (Port)
2 Piper Interviews on Flair
Match...Piper/Billy Jack vs. Flair/Oliver (PORT)

Disc Nine
Match...Piper/Snuka vs. Flair/Robertson 5/4/81
Match...Piper vs Youngblood 7/81 (MACW)
Piper vs. Parisi 6/81
Flair vs. Valentine (ending) 1981
Flair/Piper int/Flair vs. Piper
Flair/Piper int.
Piper vs. Flair 6/28/81
Match... Steamboat vs. Mike Prater (Piper attacks) 81 (MACW)
Steamboat/Piper Brawl
Piper/Steamboat contract signing
Match...Piper vs Steamboat 11/81 (MACW)
Debut as commentator for GCW block 10/31/81 (GA)
GA Commentate block 2/interviews Ole
Piper int. The Armstrongs 11/14/81 (GA)
Interview...Piper 11/21/81 int. block 3(GA)
Interview...Gary Hart 12/12/81 (GA)
Interview...The Armstrongs 12/12/81 (GA)

Disc ten
Interview...Piper 2/6/82 block/ Hernendez/Hart/Ole/Hansen(GA)
Interview...2/13/82 block/Armstrong/Hernendez/Hart (GA)
Interview...Ole/Hansen 2/27//82 (GA)
Match...Ole/Piper vs. Tims/Richie 5/82 (GA)
Piper attacks Rich 5/82
Match...Piper vs. Jake Roberts 6/23/82 (MACW)
Piper/Muraco antics
Interview...Muraco 7/82 (MACW)
Brisco vs. Muraco 7/82
Piper $10000 Challenge
match...vs. Jack Brisco w/ incredible post match interview 7/7/82 (MACW) (BTC)
Interview...Piper (Slater interferes causing brawl) 7/82 (MACW)
vs. Slater 7/16/82
Interview...Gordon Solie/Piper/Muraco...Piper makes the save/Face Turn and Highlights 9/4/82
Interview...Piper/Ole/Koloff 9/4/82 (GA)
Piper commentates his return and save of Tommy Rich/Ole beef

Disc Eleven
Interview...Piper on Lawler/Lawler squash 10/30/82 (GA)
2 Interview...Piper/ Valentine 3/9/83 (MACW)
Piper vs. Valentine 3/9/83 (MACW)
Piper vs. Valentine (ear incident)
Flair/Piper/Youngblood vs. Dory/Slater/Lewin 83 (MACW)
Roddy Piper & Wahoo McDaniel vs. Kelly Kiniski & Ben Alexander 1983
Piper Int. block...Sawyer/Valentine
Promo...Breakfast with Mad Dog 7/83 (GA)
Promo...Searching for Mad Dog (Piper in the Woods) (GA)
Promo...Piper 8/21/83 (GA)
Piper Valentine dog collar block 10/83
match...piper vs valentine (dog collar) 11/24/83 (NWA)

Disc Twelve
Piper's pit- 1/24/84 (robert debord)
match...David Shultz & Roddy Piper v. John Callahan & Frankie Williams (WWF TV 2/11/84 )
Int – Piper & Shultz (WWF TV 2/18/84 )
Match...Roddy Piper and David Schultz vs. The Invaders 2/20/84 (WWF)
Piper's Pit – Tito Santana (WWF TV 3/4/84 )
Piper's Pit – Andre (WWF TV 3/6/84 )
Match....Piper/Shultz vs Andre/Snuka 3/20/84
Piper's Pit – Frankie Williams (WWF TV 3/27/84 )
Int. Piper/Orndorff & Shultz 3/84
Pipers Pit – Capt. Lou Albano. (WWF TV 4/28/84 )
Pipers Pit – Rocky Johnson (WWF TV 5/5/84 )
Pipers Pit – Lou Albano (WWF TV 5/12/84)
Pipers Pit – Lou Albano (WWF TV 5/19/84 )
Piper's Pit –Lou Albano (WWF TV 5/26/84 )
Piper's Pit- Dave Wolf 6/2/84
Pipers Pit – Lou Albano (WWF TV 6/9/84 )
Piper's Pit – Cyndi Lauper (WWF TV 6/16/84 )
Piper's Pit – Snuka (WWF TV 6/26/84 )
Match...Piper vs. Snuka Fijian Strap Match 7/84
match...vs. Snuka MSG 8/25/84
Piper vs. Andre 9/1/84
Piper vs. Brian Blair 9/7/84
Piper interview
Roddy Piper v. Tonga Kid (Philly Spectrum)

Disc Thirteen
Piper/Orton vs. Snuka/Tonga Kid 12/28/84
Piper attacks Lauper 12/28/84
Piper/Otron vs. Snuka/Atlas 1/12/85
Match...Hogan vs. Piper (war to settle the score) 2/18/85 (WWF)
Piper's Pit w/ Mr. T 3/17/85
Famous Workout Promo 3/85
Piper's Pit –Orndorff (3/22/85 )
match...Hogan & T vs. Piper & Orndorff (Mania) 3/31/85 (WWF)
Talk Show interview 5/21/85
Match...vs. Rose (Portland Homecoming) 5/21/85 (PORT)

Disc Fourteen
Piper vs. Orndorff MSG 7/13/85
Piper vs. Orndorff (SNME 10/5/85)
piper/orton vs. bruno/orndorff 9/28/85
Piper vs. Orndorff 8/3/85
Piper's Pit – Bruno (11/5/85 )
match...Piper vs. Bruno (cage) 2/8/86
Flowershop vs. Piper's Pit...9/30/86
Pit-Hogan 11/15/86
live pit w/ orndorff
Piper/Hogan vs. Race/Orndorff 11/24/86
Savage/Piper Interviews 12/13/86
Piper vs. Savage (Handheld) 12/13/86
Adonis vs. Piper 1/3/87 SNME
Pit w/ Hogan 3/14/87 and 3/28/87 (final pit)
Piper career retrospective...SNME 3/14/87

Disc Fifteen
Piper's Pit w/ Morton Downey Jr. 4/2/89
Piper vs. Rude (cage) 12/89
Piper vs. Perfect 12/28/90
Flair vs. Piper 10/30/91
Piper/Hogan vs. Flair/Sid 3/92
Piper vs. Hart IC @ Wrestlemania 4/5/92

disc sixteen
Halloween Havoc 96 Piper debut
vs. Hogan Starcadde 12/29/96
vs. Flair batb 7/13/97
HOF induction

disc 17
bonus disc, containing random clips like the hilarious Hogans Heroes skit from Robot Chicken ("Hey, hey, ya f*n nazi!"), and some additional matches I wanted on the set, but didn't really fit...but most importantly THE FULL HALF HOUR PILOT EPISODE OF "TAG TEAM"...the action drama starring Piper and Jesse Ventura...very rare and a must for a fan.


Disk 1

1.        Roddy Piper & David Schultz v. Jimmy Snuka & Andre the Giant (MSG 3/20/84)

2.        Jimmy Snuka on Piper’s Pit (March 84)

3.        Roddy Piper on TNT (March 84)

4.        Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (Kiel Auditorium 5/25/84)

5.        Jimmy Snuka on TNT (6/26/84)

6.        Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (Spectrum 7/7/84)

7.        Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (Meadowlands (7/15/84)

8.        Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (Fijian Strap Match – Kiel Auditorium 7/20/84)

9.        Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (Landover, MD  7/28/84)

10.     Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (MSG 8/25/84)



Disk 2

1.        A letter to Roddy Piper (October 84)

2.        Roddy Piper v. Tonga Kid (MSG 11/20/84)

3.        Roddy Piper v. Tonga Kid (Spectrum 12/1/84)

4.        Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff v. Jimmy Snuka &Tonga Kid (Boston 12/8/84)

5.        Jimmy Snuka v. Bob Orton (Meadowlands 12/10/84)

6.        Roddy Piper & Bob Orton v. Jimmy Snuka & Tonga Kid (MSG 12/28/84)

7.        Roddy Piper & Bob Orton v. Jimmy Snuka & Tony Atlas (Spectrum 7/12/85)

8.        Roddy Piper & Bob Orton v. Jimmy Snuka & JYD (Texas Tornado Match – MSG 1/21/85)

9.     Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka (Spectrum 3/12/85)




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