this is one disk.  All matches are on 8mm film and are clips









































MSG 6/30/73 [24/7] 2hrs

1.        Blackjack Lanza v. Lee Wong

2.        El Olympico v. Prof. Toru Tanaka

3.        Gorilla Monsoon v. Capt. Lou Albano

4.        Victor Rivera v. Black Gordman

5.        Joyce Grable & Jan Sheridan v. Peggy Patterson & Dottie Downs

6.        Pedro Morales v. George “The Animal” Steele (Pedro is currently the WWWF Champion.  Steele is speaking perfect
English, as he yells at the crowd.)

7.        Chief Jay Strongbow v. Mr. Fuji

8.        Haystacks Calhoun v. Moondog Mayne


MSG 8/27/73:

Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Prof. Toru Tanaka

Gorilla Monsoon vs. George Steele

Pedro Morales vs. Stan Stasiak


MSG 4/29/74:

Nikolai Volkoff vs. Dean Ho

Bruno Sammartino vs. Killer Kowalski

Pedro Morales vs. Mr. Fuji

Andre the Giant & Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Don Leo Jonathan & Otto Von Heller


MSG 4/14/75 [24/7] 2hrs

9.        Mike Paidousis v. Tony Altimore

10.     Waldo Von Erich v. Chief Jay Strongbow

11.     Lord Littlebrook & Little Tokyo v. Sonny Boy Hayes & Little Louie

12.     Bruno Sammartino v. Spiros Arion (Greek Death Match)

13.     Edouard Carpentier v. Joe Nova

14.     Bobby Duncum v. Victor Rivera



1.        Louie Cyr v. Francisco Flores

2.        Spiros Arion v. Kevin Sullivan

3.        Ernie Ladd v. Dominic Denucci

4.        Ivan Putski v. Ivan Koloff

5.        Billy the Kid & Little Johnny v. Bobo Johnson & Little Louie (Midget match)

6.        Bruno Sammartino v. Superstar Billy Graham

7.        Baron Miguel Sicluna v. Pat Barrett

8.        Bobo Brazil & Tony Parisi v. Crusher Blackwell & Bugsy McGraw


MSG 3/1/76 [24/7] 1hr 30min

1.        Louie Cyr v. Irish Pat Barrett

2.        Superstar Billy Graham & Ivan Koloff v. Tony Parisi & Louis Cerdan

3.        Bruno Sammartino v. Ernie Ladd

4.        Kitty Adams v. Susan Green

5.        Bobo Brazil v. Crusher Blackwell

6.        Ric Flair v. Pete Sanchez (This was Flair’s first MSG appearance.)


MSG 8/7/76 [24/7]  2 disks

1.        Johnny Rivera v. Jose Cadiz

2.        SD Jones v. Johnny Rodz

3.        The Executioners v. Jose Gonzales & Dominic DeNucci (2/3 falls)

4.        Bruiser Brody v. Kevin Sullivan

5.        Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White wolf v. Baron Mikel Scicluna & Rocky Tomayo

6.        Bruno Sammartino v. Stan Hansen (Steel Cage Match)

MSG 10/25/76 [24/7] 2 Disks

Disk 1

  1. Johnny Rodz v. Manuel Soto

  2. Bobo Brazil v. Gashouse Gilbert

  3. Tor Kamata v. Jose Gilbert

  4. Stan Hansen v. Ivan Putski


Disk 2

 5.  Bruno Sammartino v. Nikolai Volkoff

6.  Victor rivera v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

7.  Andre the Giant, Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf v. Bruiser Brody & The Executioners (3/5 falls.


MSG 1/17/77:

Pat Patterson vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna

Bruno Sammartino vs. Ken Patera

Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy Whitewolf vs. Executioners

Ivan Putski vs. Bruiser Brody

Bobo Brazil vs. Stan Stasiak


MSG 6/27/77

1.        Jose Gonzales v. Jan Nelson

2.        Larry Zbysko v. Rocky Tomayo

3.        Tony Garea v. George “The Animal” Steele

4.        Chief Jay Strongbow & Andre the Giant v. Nikolai Volkoff & Ken Patera

5.        Stan Stasiak v. Lenny Hurst

6.        Int - Superstar Billy Graham

7.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Bruno Sammartino (Rematch for Graham’s WWWF Title.

8.        Ivan Putski v. Baron Von Raschke

9.        Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka v. Dominic Denucci & Haystacks Calhoun (2/3 falls)


MSG 8/1/77:

Carlos Colon vs. Johnny Rodz

Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka vs. Jose Gonzalez & Lenny Hurst

Ken Patera vs. Chief Jay Strongbow

Bruno Sammartino vs. Superstar Billy Graham

Peter Maivia vs. Nikolai Volkoff

Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko vs. George Steele & Stan Stasiak


MSG 8/29/77 [24/7] (EXCELLENT QUALITY) 1HR 33MIN

1.        Vince McMahon interviews High Chief Peter Maivia who makes his first appearance at Madison Square Garden. (Maivia was the
grandfather of The Rock)

2.        Peter Maivia v. Stan Stasiak

3.        Baron Miguel Sicluna & George “The Animal” Steele v. Tony Garea & Larry Zbysko

4.        Superstar Billy Graham who recently won the WWWF Title gives probably the greatest promo/interview in the history of MSG to date!
This guy was so far ahead of his time, it’s ridiculous!  With his incredible physique, colorful tie dyed attire and fantastic charisma, it’s
beyond a shadow of a doubt that If the Billy Graham of 1977 showed up in today’s WWE, he’d have the title put around his waist within
a couple of months.  It’s no wonder that wrestlers like Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Scott Steiner, and none other than Hulk Hogan all
emulated Billy Graham’s style during their respective careers.

5.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Ivan Putski

6.        Nikolai Volkoff v. Verne Gagne (Verne is acknowledged as the former AWA World Champion)

7.        Bruno Sammartino v. Ken Patera

8.        Jay Strongbow v. Mr. Fuji


Disk 1 – 1hr 9min

1.        Cowboy Lang & Haiti Kid v. Little Tokyo & Little John

2.        Johnny Rivera v. Toru Tanaka

3.        Baron Miguel Sicluna v. Jack Evans

4.        Mr. Fuji v. Lenny Hurst

5.        Int - Bob Backlund

6.        Bob Backlund v. Larry Sharpe


Disk 2 – 1hr 10min

1.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Dusty Rhodes (Graham defends the WWWF Title)

2.        Peter Maivia v. George “The Animal” Steele

3.        Tony Garea, Jay Strongbow & Larry Zbysko & v. Ken Patera, Stan Stasiak & Capt. Lou Albano


MSG 10/24/77 [24/7] 2 DISKS

1.       Kitty Adams v. Leilani Kai v. Winona Little Heart & Vivian St. John

2.       Dusty Rhodes v. Superstar Billy Graham (Texas Death Match)

3.       Chief Jay Strongbow & Peter Maivia v. Prof. Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji

4.       Ivan Putski v. Stan Stasiak

5.       Larry Zbyzsko v. Johnny Rodz

6.       Larry Sharpe v. Johnny Rivera

7.       Butcher Vachon v. Lenny Hurst


MSG 12/1977 [24/7]

1.         SD Jones v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

2.        Clips of NWA Champion Harley Race defending the NWA World Title against Rick Martel in Australia

3.        Butcher Vachon v. Johnny Rivera

4.        Capt. Lou Albano v. Arnold Skaaland

5.        Bob Backlund v. Mr. Fuji

6.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Mil Mascaras

7.        Dusty Rhodes v. Stan Stasiak

8.        Prof. Toru Tanaka v. Chief Jay Stongbow

9.        Tony Garea & Larry Zbysko v. Larry Sharpe & Jack Evans



1.         Dominic Denucci v. Stan Stasiak

2.        Haystacks Calhoun v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

3.        SD Jones v. Victor Rivera

4.        Bob Backlund v. Ivan Koloff

5.        High Chief Peter Maivia v. Crazy Luke Graham

6.        Dusty Rhodes v. Superstar Billy Graham (Bullrope Match.  Chief Jay Strongbow is the guest referee)

7.        Vickie Williams v. Fabulous Moolah

8.        Andre the Giant, Dino Bravo & Tony Garea v. Spiros Arion & The Yukon Lumberjacks


MSG 10/23/78 (Broadcast version - EXCELLENT QUALITY!)

This version contains the entire card, while the 24/7 version has several matches missing.

1.        SD Jones v. Baron Miguel Scicluna

2.        Chief Jay Strongbow & High Chief Peter Maivia v. Yukon Lumberjacks (Maivia seems reluctant to tag into the match at first, and then ATTACKS
STRONGBOW FROM BEHIND!  Maivia turns heel leaving Strongbow to take on the Lumberjacks by himself.)

3.     Crusher Blackwell v. Tony Russo

4.        Bob Backlund v. “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd

5.     Larry Zbysko v. Spiros Arion

6.     Bruno Sammartino v. "Superstar" Billy Graham

7.     Ivan Koloff v. Tony Garea

8.     Victor Rivera v. Dominic Denucci

9.     Dino Bravo v. Luke Graham


MSG 10/23/78 [24/7] 

1.        SD Jones v. Baron Miguel Scicluna

2.        Chief Jay Strongbow & High Chief Peter Maivia v. Yukon Lumberjacks (Maivia seems reluctant to tag into the match at first, and then ATTACKS
STRONGBOW FROM BEHIND!  Maivia turns heel leaving Strongbow to take on the Lumberjacks by himself.)

3.        Bob Backlund v. “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd

4.     Bruno Sammartino v. "Superstar" Billy Graham



1.        WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund v. Greg Valentine (GREAT 30 MINUTE MATCH!)

2.        Bruno Sammartino v. Ivan Koloff

3.        The Valiant Brothers & Capt. Lou Albano v. Dusty Rhodes, Larry Zbyszko, & Tony Garea (2/3 FALLS)

4.        Ivan Putski v. Peter Miavia


MSG 6/4/79 (Good Quality)  2hrs 35min 2 DISKS

Disk 1 – 1hr 5min

1.        Tito Santana v. Jose Estrada (Tito’s MSG Debut)

2.        $10,000 Battle Royal.

3.        Nikolai Volkoff v. SD Jones (Volkoff has a full head of hair!)

4.        Greg Valentine v. Dominic Denucci

5.        Dick “Bulldog” Brower v. Mr. X

Disk 2 -

6.        Bob Backlund v. Hossein Arab (FANTASTIC 35 MINUTE TECHNICAL MATCH!  Except for the loaded boot and the
chair shots by Hossein.  Hossein would later become known as the Iron Sheik.)

7.        Ivan Putski v. Miguel Scicluna

8.        Ted DiBiase v. Jimmy Valiant

9.        Haystacks Calhoun & Steve Travis v. Johnny & Jerry Valiant



1.        WWF World Champion Bob Backlund v. WWF North American Champion Pat Patterson (GREAT 30 MINUTE MATCH!)

2.        Greg Valentine v. Chief Jay Strongbow (Indian Strap Match)

3.        Andre the Giant, Ivan Putski, Tito Santana, & Dominic DeNucci v. the Valiant Brothers & Capt. Lou Albano (Best of 5 falls)



1.        Ivan the Terrible & Billy the Kid defeated Butch Cassidy & Tiny Tom

2.        SD Jones defeated Frank Rodriguez

3.        Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Bulldog Brower

4.        Tito Santana fought the Great Hussien to a draw

5.        Ted Dibiase fought Jimmy Valiant to a draw

6.        Johnny Valiant defeated Dominic DeNucci

7.        Greg Valentine defeated Steve Travis

8.        Bruno Sammartino defeated Nikolai Volkoff

9.        Andre the Giant defeated Jerry Valiant

10.     WWF World Champion Bob Backlund fought WWF IC Champion Pat Patterson to a no contest




1.        Johnny Rivera v. Gypsy Rodriguez

2.        Johnny Rodz v. Steve King

3.        Baron Mikel Scicluna v. SD Jones

4.        Ted Dibiase v. Jose Estrada

5.        Hussain Arab v. Pete Sanchez

6.        WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (w/ Arnold Skaaland) v. WWF IC Champion Pat Patterson (steel cage match)

7.        Andre the Giant & Tito Santana v. Jimmy & Jerry Valiant

8.        Greg Valentine v. Dominic DeNucci via submission

9.        Ivan Putski v. Johnny Valiant

10.     Nikolai Volkoff v. Chief Jay Strongbow



1.        Johnny Rodz v. Jonny Rivera

2.        Tito Santana & Ivan Putski v. Johnny & Jerry Valiant

3.        Nikolai Volkoff v. Moose Monroe

4.        Bob Backlund v. Swede Hansen

5.        Hossein Arab v. Dominic Denucci

6.        Bruno Sammartino v. Greg Valentine

7.        Dusty Rhodes v. Jimmy Valiant

8.        Larry Zbysko v. Bulldog Brower

9.        Ted DiBiase v. Pat Patterson


MSG 12/17/79 [24/7]

1.        Larry Zbyszko v. Bulldog Brower

2.        Choshu & Seji Sakaguchi v. Bad News Allen Coage & Jo Jo Andrews

3.        Mike Graham v. Johnny Rodz

4.        Hulk Hogan (w/ Freddie Blassie) v. Ted Dibiase (This was Hogan’s MSG debut and Dibiase's last match in the WWF
for almost 8 years)

5.        Bob Backlund v. Bobby Duncum (Backlund beats Duncum in a Texas Death Match to win the vacant WWF World
Title.  The belt had been held up after Backlund lost the belt to Antonio Inoki in Japan.  Inoki
returned the belt to Backlund before returning to the US .)

6.        Antonio Inoki v. Hossein Arab (Inoki was expecting to get a title shot against Backlund here, but instead gets billed as the Japanese
Heavyweight Champion and is booked against Hossein "Iron Sheik" Arab.)

7.        NWA World Champion Harley Race v. Dusty Rhodes

8.        WWF IC Champion Pat Patterson v. Dominic Denucci

9.        WWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami v. Johnny Rivera

10.     WWF Tag Team Champions Ivan Putski & Tito Santana v. Victor Rivera & Swede Hansen



1.        Kevin Von Erich v. Johnny Rodz

2.        Hussein Arab v. Larry Zbyszko

3.        Hulk Hogan v. Dominic DeNucci

5.        WWF Tag Team Champions Ivan Putski & Tito Santana v. the Wild Samoans

6.        WWF World Champion Bob Backlund v. Ken Patera

7.        WWF IC Champion Pat Patterson v. Capt. Lou Albano

8.        Tony Atlas v. Swede Hanson


MSG 3/24/80 [24/7]

1.        Bulldog Brower v. Frank Williams

2.        Kerry Von Erich v. Jose Estrada

3.        Tor Kamata v. Mike Masters

4.        Larry Zbyszko v. Bruno Sammartino

5.        Afa v. Dominic DeNucci

6.        WWF World Champion Bob Backlund v. Sika

7.        Andre the Giant & WWF IC Champion Pat Patterson v. Bobby Duncum & Ken Patera

8.        Rene Goulet v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

9.        Hulk Hogan v. Tito Santana



1.        Larry Sharpe v. Mike Masters

2.        Greg Gagne v. Jose Estrada

3.        Ken Patera v. Pat Patterson (Patera wins the IC Title!)

4.        Dominic Denucci v. Sika

5.        Larry Zbysko v. Bruno Sammartino

6.        Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood v. Bulldog Brower & Tor Kamada

7.        Bob Backlund v. Afa

8.        Hulk Hogan v. Renee Goulet

9.        Andre the Giant v. Bobby Duncum




1.        $15,000 Battle Royal

2.        Rick McGraw v. Jose Estrada

3.        Larry Sharpe v. Frankie Williams

4.        Larry Zbyszko v. Dominic DeNucci

5.        Tor Kamata v. Johnny Rodz

6.        WWF World Champion Bob Backlund v. WWF IC Champion Ken Patera (Texas Death Match  named
Wrestling Observer's Match of the Year)

7.        Gorilla Monsoon v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

8.        Bobby Duncum v. Rene Goulet

9.        Tony Atlas, Ivan Putski, & Pat Patterson v. Peter Miavia & the Wild Samoans (2 out of 3 falls)


SHOWDOWN AT SHEA – Shea Stadium 8/9/1980 [24/7]

1.        Jose Estrada v. Angel Martilla

2.        Dominic Denucci v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

3.        Tatsumi Fujinami v. Chavo Guerrero

4.        Antonio Inoki v. Larry Sharpe

5.        Bob Backlund & Pedro Morales v. Wild Samoans (2/3 falls for the WWF Tag Team Titles.  Morales & Backlund who
were also the IC and WWF Heavyweight Champions beat the Samoans in 2 straight falls to win the Tag Titles.  Though
they had to vacate the titles shortly thereafter, Backlund & Morales were the first team to hold the WWF World, IC and
Tag Titles at the same time!)

6.        Pat Patterson v. Tor Kamata

7.        Fabulous Moolah & Beverly Slade v. Peggy Lee & Kandi Malloy

8.        Ken Patera v. Tony Atlas

9.        Ivan Putski v. Johnny Rodz

10.     Rene Goulet v. The Hangman

11.     Andre the Giant v. Hulk Hogan

12.     Bruno Sammartino v. Larry Zbysko (Cage Match.)



01.           PAT PATTERSON   -Vs-   JOHNNY RODZ

02.           DOMINIC DENUCCI   -Vs-   THE HANGMAN

03.           TONY GAREA   -Vs-   LARRY ZBYSZKO

04.           RICK MARTEL   -Vs-   RICK McGRAW

05.           PEDRO MORALES   -Vs-   SAMOAN AFA

06.           WWF Intercontinental Title:   KEN PATERA   -Vs-   RENE GOULET

07.           TONY ATLAS   -Vs-   SAMOAN SIKA


MSG 10/20/80 (VG QUALITY)

1.        Terry Taylor v. Jose Estrada (Taylor’s MSG debut)

2.        Rene Goulet v. Johnny Rodz

3.        The Hangman v. Rick McGraw

4.        Pedro Morales v. WWF IC Champion Ken Patera

5.        Dominic DeNucci v. Larry Sharpe

6.        Sgt. Slaughter v. WWF World Champion Bob Backlund

7.        Rick Martel v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

8.        Tony Garea v. Larry Zbyszko

9.        Dusty Rhodes & Pat Patterson v. WWF Tag Team Champions the Wild Samoans (2/3 falls)


MSG 12/29/80 [24/7] [2 DISKS]

1.        Yoshiaki Yatsu v. Jose Estrada (This was Yatsu’s MSG debut)

2.        Seiji Sakaguchi v. Afa

3.        Tatsumi Fujinami v. Don Diamond (Prior to the match, Bad News Allen Coage is introduced to the crowd.  Coage then             

         puts the bad mouth on Fujinami to get some heel heat.  Coage would have a more memorable run in the WWF 8 years

         later as BAD NEWS BROWN)

1.        Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. The Moondogs (Garea & Martel are the WWF Tag Team Champions at this point.)

2.        Hulk Hogan v. Dominic Denucci

3.        Bob Backlund v. Killer Kahn

4.        Antonio Inoki v. Bobby Duncum

5.        Fabulous Moolah & Joyce Grable v. Wenona Little Heart & Pepper Torres (Ladies match)

6.        Pedro Morales v. The Hangman

7.        Ken Patera v. Pat Patterson



1.        Johnny Rodz v. Yoshiaki Yatsu

2.        Hangman v. Frank Savage

3.        SD Jones v. Baron Miguel Scicluna

4.        Pedro Morales v. Sgt. Slaughter

5.        Hulk Hogan v. Rick McGraw

6.        Stan Hansen v. Bob Backlund

7.        Killer Kahn v. Dominic Denucci

8.        Moondogs & Capt. Lou Albano

9.        Tony Garea, Rick Martel & Pat Patterson

Bonus footage:

10.     Short documentary on the Lillian “Fabulous Moolah” Ellison


1. Baron Mikel Sicluna v. Yoshiaki Yatsu
2. SD Jones v. Jonny Rodz
3. Rick McGraw v. Moondog Rex
4. Larry Sharpe v. Dominic Denucci
5. Bob Backlund v. Stan Hansen
6. Pedro Morales v. Moondog King
7. Sgt. Slaughter v. Andre the Giant
8. Hangman v. Rick Martel
9. Tony Garea v. Dick "The Bulldog" Brower
10. Hulk Hogan v. Tony Atlas


MSG 4/6/81 [24/7]

1.        The Great Yatsu v. Terry Gunn

2.        Killer Khan v. Dominic DeNucci

3.        WWF IC Champion Pedro Morales v. Moondog Rex

4.        Pat Patterson v. Sgt. Slaughter

5.        Mil Mascaras v. Moondog King

6.        WWF World Champion Bob Backlund v. Stan Hansen (in a steel cage match)

7.        SD Jones v. Baron Mikel Scicluna

8.        The Fabulous Moolah & Lelani Kai v. Jill Fontaine & Suzette Ferreira (Ladies match)

9.        Tony Garea & Rick Martel v. Johnny Rodz & Larry Sharpe  



1.        Dominic DiNucci vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna

2.        Rick McGraw vs. Peter Maivia

4.        Hangman v. Yoshiaki Yatsu

5.        Bob Backlund vs. King Kong Mosca (World Title)

6.        Pat Patterson vs. Sgt. Slaughter - Alley fight

7.        Gorilla Monsoon/Rick Martel/Tony Garea vs. Stan Hansen/Moondog Rex/Lou Albano

8.        Kid Chocolate/Sky Low Low vs. Catalina Kid/Farmer Jerome



1.        The Magnificent Muraco v. Rick Martel (This was Muraco’s MSG debut)

2.        SD Jones v. Frank Savage

3.        Dusty Rhodes v. Killer Kahn

4.        Ringside interview with Andre the Giant who comes out on crutches due to a previous injury at the hands of Killer Kahn.

5.        Man Mountain Cannon v. Tony Garea

6.        Bob Backlund v. Angelo “King Kong” Mosca

7.        The Moondogs v. Yoshiaki Yatsu & Tatsumi Fujinami (Howard Finkel announces Fujinami’s recent engagement, and his new

 Fiance Kaori comes to the ring to celebrate with Fujinami)

8.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Pedro Morales



01.           BARON MIKEL SCICLUNA   -Vs-   YOSHIAKI YATSU (Joined in progress)

02.           20Man Battle Royal:





03.           RON SHAW   -Vs-   STEVE O

04.           MR. FUJI   -Vs-   CURT HENNIG

05.           KILLER KHAN   -Vs-   DOMINIC DENUCCI

06.           MR. SAITO   -Vs-   ROBERTO SOTO

07.           KING KONG MOSCA   -Vs-   S.D. JONES

08.           WWF World Title:   BOB BACKLUND   -Vs-   MAGNIFICENT MURACO   (Texas Death Match)

09.           PEDRO MORALES   -Vs-   LARRY SHARPE

10.           MIL MASCARAS   -Vs-   BULLDOG BROWER




1.        Curt Hennig v. Joe Cook

2.        Rick Martel & Tony Garea v. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito

3.        Magnificent Muraco v. Pedro Morales

4.        Dusty Rhodes v. The Executioner (Dusty must have been double parked outside.  The match was over in less than 5


5.        Bob Backlund v. Greg Valentine (Good Match with a very convoluted finish.  Backlund pins Valentine, but the ref

         mistakenly thinks that it was VALENTINE who scored the pin, and nearly awards him the WWF Title!  A huge                

         argument ensues, resulting in the title being held up pending a rematch between the two at next month’s MSG show.

6.        King Kong Mosca v. Pat Patterson

7.        SD Jones & Dominic Denucci v. Jose Estrada & Johnny Rodz

8.        Tony Atlas v. Killer Kahn  


MSG 11/23/81 [24/7] 1HR 32 MIN

1.        SD Jones v. Mr. Saito

2.        Rick Martel vs. Hans Schroeder

3.        Don Muraco vs. Pedro Morales (Texas Death Match - Morales wins the Intercontinental Championship!)

4.        Haiti Kid v. Little Boy Blue (Midget match)

5.        Bob Backlund vs. Greg Valentine (Backlund and Valentine battle in a no DQ match for the WWF Title, which was held up after
a very controversial finish at the 11/80 MSG show.  Backlund had scored the pinfall, but the ref raised Valentines hand as the
winner!  This match settled the score.  GREAT MATCH!)

6.        Dusty Rhodes vs. King Kong Mosca

7.        Mil Mascaras vs. Executioner (Mascaras must have had a pressing appointment.  He pinned the Executioner in only 2 minutes!)

8.        Tony Atlas vs. Mr. Fuji



01.           DAVEY O’HANNON   -Vs-   MANUEL SOTO

02.           LARRY SHARPE   -Vs-   JOSE ESTRADA

03.           JOHNNY RODZ   -Vs-   CHARLIE FULTON

04.           WWF Intercontinental Title:   PEDRO MORALES   -Vs-   GREG VALENTINE


06.           WWF World Title:   BOB BACKLUND   -Vs-   ADRIAN ADONIS

07.           WWF World Tag Team Title:   MR. FUJI & MR. SAITO   -Vs-   TONY GAREA & RICK MARTEL

                (Special Guest Referee - PAT PATTERSON)

08.           TONY ATLAS   -Vs-   THE EXECUTIONER   (J.I.P.)

09.           IVAN PUTSKI   -Vs-   KILLER KHAN


MSG 3/14/82 [24/7]

1.        Steve Travis v. Jose Estrada

2.        Fabulous Moolah & Wendi Richter v. Velvet McIntyre & Princess Victoria

3.        Greg Valentine v. SD Jones

4.        Rick McGraw & Andre the Giant v. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito

5.        Bob Backlund v. Jesse “The Body” Ventura (Ivan Putski is the guest referee, and delivers one of the fastest 3 counts in history to give Backlund the win.)

6.        Pedro Morales v. Adrian Adonis

7.        Executioner & Charlie Fulton v. Tony Garea & Rick Martel



1.        Rick McGraw vs Johnny Rodz

2.        Laurent Soucie vs Swede Hanson

3.        Baron Mikel Scicluna vs Salvatore Bellomo

4.        Pedro Morales vs. Cowboy Bob Orton (IC Title)

5.        S.D. Jones vs Blackjack Mulligan

6.        Charlie Fulton vs Steve Travis

7.        Bob Backlund vs. Jimmy Snuka (World Title; Cage Match)

8.        Jules & Jay Strongbow vs Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito (Guest Referee Ivan Putski; Tag Titles))

9.        Tony Garea vs Adrian Adonis

10.     Tony Atlas vs Greg Valentine



01.           TONY GAREA   -Vs-   CHARLIE FULTON

02.           KILLER KHAN   -Vs-   STEVE TRAVIS

03.           PAT PATTERSON   -Vs-   BOB ORTON

04.           WWF Junior Heavyweight Title:   TIGER MASK   -Vs-   THE DYNAMITE KID (FANTASTIC MATCH!)

05.           WWF Intercontinental Title:   PEDRO MORALES   -Vs-   JIMMY SNUKA

                (Special Guest Referee - IVAN PUTSKI)

06.           SKY LOW LOW & SUNNY BOY   -Vs-   TIGER JACKSON & LITTLE BEAVER   (2/3 Falls)

07.           WWF International Heavyweight Title:   GINO BRITO   -Vs-   TATSUMI FUJINAMI   (T/C)


09.           WWF World Title:   BOB BACKLUND   -Vs-   BUDDY ROSE

10.           WWF Ladies Title:   THE FABULOUS MOOLAH   -Vs-   PENNY MITCHELL


                ANDRE THE GIANT   (2/3 Falls)


MSG 11/22/82  (VERY GOOD QUALITY) 3hrs

1.        Curt Hennig v. Eddie Gilbert (This was Gilbert’s MSG debut)

2.        Swede Hansen v. SD Jones

3.        Tigermask v. Jose Estrada

4.        Little Beaver & Little Boy Blue v. Butch Cassidy & Sky Lo Lo (Obviously, a midget match)

5.        Pre match interview – Billy Graham prior to his match with Bob Backlund

6.        Bob Backlund v. Superstar Billy Graham (Graham had previously destroyed Backlund’s WWF Title belt, and Backlund is hot!)

7.        Mr. Fuji v. Salvatore Bellomo

8.        Pedro Morales v. Playboy Buddy Rose (Morales defends the IC title)

9.        clips of Ray Stevens and Lou Albano brutalize Jimmy Snuka on WWF TV

10.     Jimmy Snuka v. Capt. Lou Albano (Lou is always hilarious in these matches)

11.     Jules  Strongbow v. Ray “The Crippler” Stevens

12.     Rocky Johnson & Tony Garea v. Riki Choshu & Mr. Saito (2/3 falls)



1.        SD Jones v. Eddie Gilbert

2.        Tony Garea v. Johnny Rodz

3.        Ivan Putski v. Buddy Rose

4.        Pedro Morales v. Don Muraco

5.        Salvatore Bellomo v. Jose Estrada

6.        Bob Backlund v. Superstar Billy Graham (Lumberjack match for the WWF Title.  Swede Hanson is the guest referee for this match.
Backlund wins by submission, and Graham brawls with Hansen afterward.)

7.        Wendi Richter & Fabulous Moolah v. Wondergirl Sabrina & Princess Victoria

8.        Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka v. Ray “The Crippler” Stevens

9.        Rocky Johnson v. Black Demon



1.        Johnny Rodz vs Pete Sanchez

2.        Baron Mikel Scicluna vs SD Jones

3.        Superstar Graham vs Swede Hanson

4.        Pedro Morales vs. Don Muraco (IC Title)

5.        Wild Samoans vs Eddie Gilbert & Tony Garea

6.        Jules Strongbow vs Ray Stevens

7.        Bob Backlund vs Big John Studd (World Title)

8.        Curt Hennig vs Mac Rivera

9.        Jimmy Snuka vs Playboy Buddy Rose

10.     Salvatore Bellomo vs Charlie Fulton

11.     Rocky Johnson vs Mr. Fuji


MSG 2/18/83 (GOOD QUALITY) 3hrs

1.        Curt Hennig vs Jose Estrada

2.        Baron Mikel Scicluna vs Johnny Rodz

3.        Tony Garea vs Mr. Fuji

4.        Jules Strongbow vs Big John Studd

5.        Ray Stevens vs Chief Jay Strongbow

6.        Bob Backlund vs Don Muraco (World Title)

7.        Superstar Billy Graham vs Rocky Johnson

8.        Andre the Giant & Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs The Wild Samoans

9.        Eddie Gilbert vs Charlie Fulton

10.     Salvatore Bellomo vs Swede Hanson

11.     Pedro Morales vs Buddy Rose


MSG 3/20/83 [24/7]

1.        Baron Miguel Scicluna v. Mac Rivera

2.        Swede Hansen v. Pete Sanchez.

3.        Tony Garea v. Johnny Rodz

4.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Jules Strongbow

5.        Ray “The Crippler” Stevens v. Salvatore Bellomo

6.        Bob Backlund v. The Magnificent Muraco (FANTASTIC TEXAS DEATH MATCH!)

7.        Jimmy Snuka, Rocky Johnson & Andre the Giant v. Big John Studd, Afa & Lou Albano (2/3 falls)

8.        Jose Estrada v. S.D. Jones

9.        Tiger Jackson & Sonny Boy v. Farmer Pete & Butch Cassidy (Midget match)


MSG 5/23/83 [24/7]

1.        Don Kennedle vs Baron Mikel Scicluna

2.        Mac Rivera vs Pete Doherty

3.        Ivan Koloff vs Jules Strongbow

4.        Salvatore Bellomo vs Swede Hanson

5.        Chief Jay Strongbow vs Iron Mike Sharpe

6.        Bob Backlund vs Sgt. Slaughter (World Title)

7.        Dusty Rhodes vs Samu

8.        Lelani Kai vs Susan Starr

9.        Jimmy Snuka vs Sika

10.     Fabulous Moolah vs Princess Victoria (Women's Title)

11.     Don Muraco vs Rocky Johnson (IC Title)

12.     Tony Garea v. Rene Goulet


MSG 7/20/83 ( VERY GOOD QUALITY) 2HRS 20MIN [2 disks]

1.        Tony Garea v. Iron Mike Sharpe

2.        Ivan Koloff v. SD Jones

3.        The Invaders v. Rodruguez & Jeff Craney

4.        Big John Studd v. Salvatore Bellomo (Yeah, Sal has a chance here.)

5.        Jimmy Snuka v. The Magnificent Muraco (GREAT MATCH!  TREMENDOUS HEAT!!)

6.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Swede Hansen

7.        Bob Backlund v. George “The Animal” Steele (GREAT POST MATCH INTERVIEW as Backlund yells at interviewer Cal Rudman)

8.        Andre the Giant v. Big John Studd (Steel Cage match – Landover MD)

9.        Rocky Johnson v. Don Kernodle  

10.     Tito Santana v. Mr. Fuji



1.        Tony Garea vs Rene Goulet

2.        Tiger Chung Lee vs S.D. Jones

3.        Sgt. Slaughter vs Ivan Putski

4.        Tito Santana vs Iron Mike Sharpe

5.        Bob Backlund vs Masked Superstar (World Title)

6.        Mike Graham vs Bob Bradley

7.        "The Magnicient" Don Muraco vs Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka ( WITHOUT A DOUBT, ONE OF THE GREATEST CAGE

8.        MATCHES OF ALL TIME! Snuka and Muraco are both beaten ABSOLUTELY BLOODY here, as Muraco just barely

         escapes with his IC title intact.  Unfortunately, he doesn't escape Snuka, who didn't miss the top-of-the-cage splash like


10.     Rocky Johnson vs Sika

11.     Invaders vs Israel Matia & Butcher Vachon

12.     Andre the Giant vs Afa


MSG 12/26/83 (VERY GOOD QUALITY) 2 disks
1.        Rene Goulet vs Jose Luis Rivera
2.        Tiger Chung Lee vs Salvatore Bellomo
3.        Arnold Skaaland & Jimmy Snuka vs Don Muraco & Lou Albano
4.        Jay Strongbow vs Sgt. Slaughter
5.        Ivan Putski vs Masked Superstar
6.        Iron Sheik vs Bob Backlund (Sheik wins WWF title)
7.        Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson, & S.D. Jones vs Samoans 1,2,3
8.        Tito Santana vs Ivan Koloff
9.        Iron Mike Sharpe & Butcher Vachon vs Invaders



1.        The Invaders v. Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee

2.        The Masked Superstar v. Chief Jay Strongbow

3.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Ivan Putski

4.        Paul Orndorff v. Salvatore Bellomo

5.        WWF IC Champion Don Muraco v. Tito Santana

6.        The Haiti Kid & Tiger Jackson (Dink the Clown) v. Dana Carpenter & Pancho Boy (2 out of 3 falls)

7.        Hulk Hogan v. WWF World Champion the Iron Sheik (HULK HOGAN PINS THE IRON SHIEK TO WIN THE WWF WORLD TITLE!)

8.        Jimmy Snuka v. Rene Goulet

9.        Andre the Giant, WWF Tag Team Champions Rocky Johnson, & Tony Atlas v. Afa, Sika, & Samula


WWF MSG 2/84 [24/7] 3hrs (2 disks)
3.        TONY GAREA VS. AFA


MSG 4/23/84  (VERY GOOD QUALITY) 2 disks

01.           TIGER CHUNG LEE   -Vs-   THE TONGA KID

02.           RENE GOULET   -Vs-   JOSE LUIS RIVERA

03.           WWF Intercontinental Title:   TITO SANTANA   -Vs-   JAMES J. DILLON

04.           SGT. SLAUGHTER   -Vs-   THE IRON SHEIK   (“Huge Heat!!”)

05.           RON SHAW   -Vs-   SALVATORE BELLOMO


                PAUL ORNDORFF

07.           B. BRIAN BLAIR   -Vs-   SAMOAN SAMU

08.           WWF Women’s Tag Team Title:   VELVET McINTYRE & PRINCESS VICTORIA   -Vs-   PEGGY LEE &

                WENDI RICHTER

09.           BOB BACKLUND   -Vs-   GREG VALENTINE


Madison Square Garden 5/21/84:

1.  Jesse Ventura vs. Salvatore Bellomo

2.  Roddy Piper vs. Ivan Putski

3.  Paul Orndorff vs. Tito Santana

4.  Sgt. Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik

5.  Fabulous Moolah vs. Wendi Richter

6.  Hulk Hogan vs. David Schultz


1.        Don Muraco v. Tony Garea

2.        George Steele v. Jose Luis Rivera

3.        WWF Tag Team Champions Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis v. the Wild Samoans (2 out of 3 falls match.  The Samoans are being cheered as babyfaces!)

4.        Jesse Ventura v. SD Jones

5.        Greg Valentine v. WWF IC Champion Tito Santana

6.        Andre the Giant v. David Schultz

7.        Mad Dog Vachon v. Steve Lombardi

8.        Paul Orndorff v. Salvatore Bellomo

9.        Bob Orton Jr. v. Chief Jay Strongbow

10.     Sgt. Slaughter v. the Iron Sheik (Bootcamp Match.  GREAT MATCH!  Very bloody)


MEADOWLANDS 7/15/84 [24/7] 2 DISKS

1.        Inter. w/ Paul Orndorff

2.        Paul Orndorff  (-vs-)  B.Brian Blair

3.        Wild Samoans  (-vs-)  Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee

4.        Ivan Putski  (-vs-)  Rene Goulet

5.        Roddy Piper  (-vs-)  Jimmy Snuka

6.        Inter. w/ Hogan & Andre

7.        Hogan & Andre  (-vs-)  Adrian Adonis, Dick Murdoch & Big John Studd    ( 2/3 Falls )  


MSG 7/23/84 [24/7]  2 disks

1.        Sika v. Ron Shaw

2.        Iron Sheik v. Tony Garea

3.        Tito Santana v. Bob Orton

4.        Bob Backlund v. Butcher Paul Vachon

5.        Hulk Hogan v. Greg Valentine

6.        Antonio Inoki v. Charlie Fulton

7.        Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch v. Sgt. Slaughter & Terry Daniels

8.        Wendi Richter v. Fabulous Moolah (Richter defeats Moolah in “The Brawl to End it All to win the WWF Womens

9.        Paul Orndorff v. Chief Jay Strongbow

10.     Afa v. Rene Goulet

11.     20 Man Battle Royal


MSG 8/84 [24/7] 2 disks

1.        Kamala v. Chief Jay Strongbow

2.        B. Brian Blair v. Iron Mike Sharpe

3.        Salvatore Bellomo v. Rick McGraw

4.        Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch v. The Wild Samoans [with Capt. Lou Albano] (Murdoch & Adonis are the champs here.  The Samoans are the babyfaces
in this match, and Capt. Lou Albano is the guest referee!)

5.        Ken Patera v. Pat Patterson (The first two Intercontinental Champions get it on again!)

6.        Jesse “The Body” Ventura v. Ivan Putski

7.        The Fabulous Freebirds [Hayes, Gordy & Roberts] v. Pete Doherty, Ron Shaw & Butcher Vachon

8.        Roddy Piper v. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (Piper brutalizes Snuka after the match, and the “Superfly” has to be stretchered out.)

9.        Terry Daniels v. Fred Marzino

10.     Tito Santana v. Greg Valentine (Valentine slaps on the Figure Four after the match and refused to break it.  Santana keeps the Intercontinental Title , but
is out with a legitimate leg injury.)



1.        Pat Patterson v. Ron Shaw

2.        Nikolai Volkoff v. Steve Lombardi

3.        Kamala v. Rick McGraw

4.        Paul Orndorff v. Chief Jay Strongbow

5.        Roddy Piper v. B. Brian Blair

6.        The Iron Sheik v. Andre the Giant

7.        WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan v. Bob Orton Jr.


MEADOWLANDS  10/14/84 [24/7]

1.        Rene Goulet v. Sal Bellomo

2.        Brutus Beefcake v. Rick McGraw

3.        David Sammartino v. Mr. Fuji

4.        Jack & Jerry Brisco v. Rene Goulet & Steve Lombardi

5.        Rocky Johnson v. Moondog Spot

6.        Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch v. The Wild Samoans (Lou Albano & Arnold Skaaland were the guest referees)

7.        Big John Studd v. SD Jones

8.        Andre the Giant & Sgt. Slaughter v. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff


MSG 10/84  [24/7] 2 DISKS


02.           DICK MURDOCH   -Vs-   SAMOAN AFA

03.           IVAN KOLOFF   -Vs-   RICK McGRAW


05.           WWF Intercontinental Title:   GREG VALENTINE   -Vs-   TITO SANTANA

06.           KEN PATERA   -Vs-   ROCKY JOHNSON

07.           ADRIAN ADONIS   -Vs-   SAMOAN SIKA


09.           BRUTUS BEEFCAKE   -Vs-   TONY GAREA

10.           WWF World Title:   HULK HOGAN   -Vs-   JOHN STUDD   (Title can change hands on a count out!!)


MSG 11/84  [24/7]

01.           S.D. JONES   -Vs-   CHARLIE FULTON

02.           MOONDOG SPOT   -Vs-   JOSE LUIS RIVERA


04.           ANGELO MOSCA   -Vs-   MR. FUJI

05.           BOB ORTON   -Vs-   SWEDE HANSON

06.           RODDY PIPER   -Vs-   THE TONGA KID

07.           BARRY WINDHAM   -Vs-   MOONDOG REX

08.           TONY ATLAS   -Vs-   THE EXECUTIONER

09.           DAVID SHULTZ   -Vs-   ROCKY JOHNSON

10.           KEN PATERA   -Vs-   DAVID SAMMARTINO

11.           WWF Intercontinental Title:   GREG VALENTINE   -Vs-   TITO SANTANA


MEADOWLANDS  12/10/84 [24/7]

1.        Buddy Rose v. Jose Luis Rivera

2.        Johnny V. v. Steve Lombardi

3.        George Wells v. Charlie Fulton

4.        Ken Patera v. Jim Powers

5.        Bobby Heenan v. SD Jones

6.        Velvet McIntyre & Desiree Peterson v. Penny Mitchell & Peggy Peterson

7.        JYD v. Paul Orndorff

8.        Jimmy Snuka v. Bob Orton

9.        Brutus Beefcake v. Sal Bellomo

10.     Hulk Hogan v. Big John Studd ($15,000 bodyslam match)



1.        Salvatore Bellamo v. Johnny Rodz

2.        Antonio Inoki v. David Schultz

3.        JYD v. Paul Kelly

4.        The Cobra v. the Black Tiger  (GREAT MATCH!)

5.        Jimmy Snuka & the Tonga Kid v. Roddy Piper & Bob Orton Jr.

6.        Mike Rotundo v. Rene Goulet

7.        Ken Patera v. Pat Patterson

8.        Greg Valentine v. Tito Santana

9.        WWF Tag Team Champions Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch v. Jack & Jerry Brisco (FANTASTIC MATCH!  The Brisco

Brothers wrestled in the WWF for only a very short period of time.)

10.     Barry Windham v. Mr. Fuji

11.      WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan v. the Iron Sheik




01.           MOONDOG REX   -Vs-   TERRY GIBBS

02.           BRET HART   -Vs-   RENE GOULET   (This is Bret’s MSG debut!!)

03.           TONY GAREA   -Vs-   JIM NEIDHART



06.           ANDRE THE GIANT   -Vs-   KEN PATERA

07.           JOHN STUDD   -Vs-   GEORGE WELLS

08.           RODDY PIPER & BOB ORTON   -Vs-   JIMMY SNUKA & JUNKYARD DOG   (Texas Tornado Match)

09.           RICK McGRAW   -Vs-   THE SPOILER

10.           WWF Intercontinental Title:   GREG VALENTINE   -Vs-   TITO SANTANA


MSG 2/18/85 [24/7] 3HRS (2 DISKS)

1.  Rick McGraw v. Moondog Spot

2.  Johnny Rodz v. Jose Luis Rivera

3.  Hillbilly Jim v. Renee Goulet

4.  Wendi Richter (w/ Cyndi Lauper) v. Leilani Kai (w/ Fabulous Moolah)

5.  David Sammartino v. Moondog Rex

6.  Swede Hanson v. Nikolai Volkoff

7.  Jimmy Snuka v. Bob Orton

8.  Paul Orndorff v. Tony Atlas

9.  Don Muraco v. Salvatore Bellomo

10.  Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo v. The Spoiler & The Assassin

11.  THE WAR TO SETTLE THE SCORE!  Hulk Hogan v. Roddy Piper (GREAT MATCH!  TREMENDOUS HEAT!  We're in the middle of the

        big WWF/MTV expansion, and there are loads of celebrities in attendance.  After the match, Mr. T comes in to help Hogan and is attacked

         by Piper & Orndorff.  Hogan gets a second wind and along with a revived Mr. T., confronts the heels.  More than a dozen police officers run

        in to stop the carnage.  Several fans have to be held back from the ring. )

12.  Int - Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Lou Albano (who had recently turned face), David Wolf & Cyndi Lauper

13.  Int - Several additional celebrities including Danny Devito & Andy Warhol comment on the main event match. 

14.  Int - Piper, who comes right out of the shower to interrupt Danny Devito's interview. 


MSG 3/17/85 [24/7] 1HR 40min
1.        Rocky Johnson v. Charlie Fulton (Rocky wins a quick one)
2.        Barry O v. Rene Goulet
3.        S.D. Jones v. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart 
4.        King Kong Bundy v. Jose Luis Rivera
5.        Piper's Pit - Piper accompanied by fellow heels, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff.and "Ace" Bob Orton welcoms MR. T who
         Brings out HULK HOGAN & JIMMY "SUPERFLY SNUKA!  Needless to say, sparks fly here, as the build up to the first 
         Wrestlemania begins.
6.        Bret Hart & George Wells v. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart hadn't yet been partnered up as the Hart Foundation.
7.        Matt Borne v. David Sammartino
8.        Andre the Giant, The Junkyard Dog & Jimmy Snuka v. Big John Studd, Ken Patera & Jesse "The Body" Ventura
9.        Ricky Steamboat v. Terry Gibbs
10.     Tito Santana v. Greg Valentine (Lumberjack match - IC Title match)
1.        Barry O v. The Cobra
2.        Tatsumi Fujinami v. Matt Borne
3.        Swede Hanson v. King Kong Bundy
4.        The British Bulldogs v. Rene Goulet v. Johnny Rodz
5.        Ricky Steamboat v. Moondog Spot 
6.        Video - Hulk Hogan
7.        Hulk Hogan v. The Magnificent Muraco (WWF Title match - Muraco wins by count-out!)
8.        Mike Rotundo v. The Iron Sheik
9.        Barry Windham v. Nikolai Volkoff
10.     Tito Santana & JYD v. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake 
MSG 5/20/85 (VG Q) 3HRS
1.        ROCKY JOHNSON VS. RENE GOULET                           
2.        JIM NEIDHART VS. IVAN PUTSKI                                    
3.        PEDRO MORALES VS. TERRY GIBBS                                   
4.        HULK HOGAN VS. DON MURACO                                       
5.        BRET HART VS. RICK McGRAW                                       

MSG 6/85 (24/7)

1.        Leaping Lanny Poffo vs. Terry Gibbs

2.        Tony Atlas vs. Matt Borne

3.        Jose Luis Rivera vs. Missing Link

4.        Jim Brunzell vs. Moondog Spot

5.        Randy Savage vs. Rick McGraw

6.        Barry Windham/Mike Rotundo/George Steele vs. Big John Studd/Adrian Adonis/Bobby Heenan

7.        Judy Martin vs. Desiree Peterson

8.        Tony Garea vs. King Kong Bundy

9.        Ricky Steamboat vs. Greg Valentine

10.     B. Brian Blair vs. Barry O.

11.     Hulk Hogan vs. Magnificent Muraco in a Cage Match (World Title)



01.           PEDRO MORALES   -Vs-   RENE GOULET


03.           JUNKYARD DOG   -Vs-   BOB ORTON

04.           TERRY FUNK   -Vs-   LANNY POFFO

05.           RODDY PIPER   -Vs-   PAUL ORNDORFF   (Grudge Match)

06.           THE IRON SHEIK   -Vs-   SWEDE HANSON





Paul Roma v. Charlie Fulton
        "Leaping" Lanny Poffo v. "Iron" Mike Sharpe
        Tony Garea v. The Missing Link
        Big John Studd v. Uncle Elmer
        Tony Atlas v. Les Thorton
        "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorf & Andre the Giant v. Bob Orton & Roddy Piper
        Randy "Macho Man" Savage v. Jose Luis Rivera
        Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo v. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake



01.           LES THORNTON   -Vs-   SCOTT McGHEE

02.           ADRIAN ADONIS   -Vs-   RICK McGRAW

03.           RANDY SAVAGE   -Vs-   PAUL ROMA

04.           ANDRE THE GIANT   -Vs-   KING KONG BUNDY

05.           BOB ORTON   -Vs-   S.D. JONES


07.           THE MISSING LINK   -Vs-   LANNY POFFO



10.           TERRY FUNK   -Vs-   JUNKYARD DOG




1.        Steve Gatorwolf vs. Terry Gibbs

2.        Adrian Adonis vs. SD Jones

3.        Tony Atlas and Mike Rotundo vs. Iron Mike Sharpe and Barry O

4.        Andre the Giant and Hillbilly Jim vs. Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy

5.        Piper's Pit w/Bruno Sammartino

6.        Paul Orndorff vs. The Spoiler

7.        The British Bulldogs vs. The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff


MSG 11/24/85 [24/7] 2 Disks

1.        Dan Spivey v. Terry Gibbs
2.        Mr. X v. King Tonga (Tonga would later be known as Haku.)
3.        Jesse "The Body" Ventura v. Barry O
4.        Cousin Jr. v. Hercules Hernandez
5.        Wendy Richter v. The Spider (In what seemed like an upset, the Spider pinned Richter to win the title.  But Richter
 unmasks her to reveal THE FABULOUS MOOLAH!)
6.        Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake v. Pedro Morales & Tito Santana (WWF Tag Team Title match.  Tito is currently the 
Intercontinental Champion at this time as well.  In fact, Beefcake is the only participant in this match who has never held the IC title.
7.        The Magnificent  Muraco v. Ricky "The Dragon Steamboat (Good Match)
8.        Terry Funk v. Mr. Wrestling II (Good Match)
9.        King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan v. Andre the Giant, Hillbilly Jim & Capt. Lou Albano
MSG 12/30/85 [24/7]2HRS 30MIN
1.         Ron Shaw v. S.D. Jones (Nice to see S.D. win one)
2.         Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart v. B. Brian Blair
3.         Hercules Hernandez v. Jose Luis Rivera
4.         "Adorable" Adrian Adonis v. Leaping Lanny Poffo
5.         Hulk Hogan v. Randy "Macho Man" Savage (WWF Title match - Savage was just so much better than the rest of the heel  
          roster at this time, it was ridiculous!)
6.         Big John Studd v. Tony Atlas
7.         The Haiti Kid v. Butch Cassidy (Midget Match)
8.         Bret Hart v. Jim Brunzell (Very Good match)
9.         The Dream Team (Beefcake & Valentine) v. Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer
1.        Dan Spivey v. Rene Goulet
2.        George Wells v. Mike Sharpe
3.        Ted Arcidi v. Tiger Chung Lee
4.        Paul Orndorff v. Big John Studd
5.        Terry Funk v. Scott McGee
6.        Hulk Hogan v. Randy "Macho Man" Savage (WWF Heavyweight Title)
7.        Pedro Morales v. Moondog Spot
8.        Sivi Afi v. Ron Shaw
9.        JYD v. Adrian Adonis
10.     George "The Animal" Steele v. Barry O
11.     British Bulldogs v. The Dream Team (WWF Tag Team Titles)

MSG 2/17/86 [24/7] 2 disks
1.        Lanny Poffo v. Rene Goulet
2.        King Tonga (Now known as Meng) v. Les Thorton
3.        Hart Foundation v. The Killer Bees (GREAT MATCH!)
4.        King Kong Bundy v. George Wells
5.        Ricky Steamboat v. The Magnificent Muraco
6.        Tony Atlas v. Barry O
7.        George 'The Animal' Steele v. Adrian Adonis
8.        Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik v. Dan Spivey & Cpl. Kirschner
9.        Ted Arcidi v. Terry Gibbs
10.     Hulk Hogan v. Randy "Macho Man" Savage (Lumberjack match)

MSG 3/16/86 [24/7]

1.        Sivi Afi v. Moondog Spot

2.        Hercules v. George Wells

3.        Linda Gonzales & Velvet McIntyre v. Dump Matsumoto & Bull Nakano

4.        Bob Orton v. Pedro Morales

5.        Magnificent Muraco v. King Tonga

6.        Leilani Kai & Penny Marshall v. The Crush Girls (Chigusa Nagayo & Lioness Chigusa) (Not bad, but the Crush girls carry the whole thing from start to finish.)

7.        Hillbilly Jim v. King Kong Bundy

8.        Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat v. Mr. Fuji (Not even Steamboat can make this one look good)

9.        Jake "The Snake" Roberts v. Leaping Lanny Poffo (Jake's MSG debut)

10.     INT - Intercontinental Champion Randy "Macho Man" Savage

11.     Tito Santana v. Randy Savage (IC Title match - Good Match)

12.     Haiti Kid v. Dana Carpenter (Midget match)

13.     The Dream Team and Johnny Valient v. The British Bulldogs & Capt. Lou Albano

MSG 4/22/86 [24/7] 2 disks
1.        Leaping Lanny Poffo v. Rene Goulet
2.        Nikolai Volkoff v. Tony Garea
3.        King Tonga v. Paul Christy
4.        Dynamite Kid v. Brutus Beefcake (Boy did Beefcake suck.  And Dynamite just made him look even worse)
5.        Randy Savage v. Tito Santana (IC Title match)
6.        Daveyboy Smith v. Greg Valentine
7.        Iron Sheik v. Cpl. Kirschner
8.        Pedro Morales v. Tiger Chung Lee
9.        Jake "The Snake" Roberts v. Scott McGhee
10.     King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd v. Hulk Hogan & Hillbilly Jim

1.        Tiger Chung Lee v. Leaping Lanny Poffo
2.        Bret Hart v. S.D. Jones
3.        Sivi Afi v. Hercules Hernandez
4.        Nikolai Volkoff v. Cpl. Kirschner
5.        Randy Savage v. Tito Santana (IC Title Match)
6.        King Kong Bundy v. Tony Atlas
7.        Ricky Steamboat v. Jake Roberts
8.        Dan Spivey v. Paul Christy
9.        Jumping Jim Brunzell v. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
10.     The British Bulldogs v. The Dream Team (Good Match)
MSG 6/14/86 (GOOD QUALITY) 2hrs
1.  Pedro Morales v. the Iron Sheik (in progress)
2.  Jimmy Jack Funk (w/ Jimmy Hart) v. Tony Garea
3.  Dory Funk Jr. (w/ Jimmy Hart) v. George Welles
3.  Mike Rotundo & Dan Spivey v. Moondogs 
4.  Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan) v. Lanny Poffo 
5.  Nikolai Volkoff v. George Steele (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) 
6.  Big John Studd v. King Tonga 
7.  The Junkyard Dog v. King Kong Bundy 
8.  WWF IC Champion Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis v. Bruno Sammartino & Tito Santana  


MSG 7/2/86 [24/7] 2HRS 28MIN
1.        Tony Atlas v. Leaping Lanny Poffo
2.        20 Man Battle Royal
3.        Pedro Morales v. Iron Mike Sharpe
4.        King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd v. King Tonga & Sivi Afi
5.        Brutus Beefcake v. Billy Jack Haynes
6.        British Bulldogs v. The Moondogs
7.        Harley Race v. Tony Garea
8.        JYD v. Greg Valentine
9.        Bruno Sammartino & Tito Santana v. Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis (Cage Match)
MSG 8/15/86 [24/7] 2 DISKS
1.        Les Thornton v. Nick Kiniski
2.        Jake Roberts v. Sivi Afi
3.        Billy Jack Haynes v. Hercules Hernandez
4.        Cpl. Kirschner v. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
5.        King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd v. The Super Machine & The Giant Machine (The Giant Machine was quite obviously 
6.        Andre the Giant, while the Super Machine was Bill (Masked Superstar/Demolition AX) Eadie
7.        "Adorable" Adrian Adonis v. Tony Atlas
8.        Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff v. Rotundo & Spivey
9.        Randy Savage v. Pedro Morales (Morales goes after the IC title one more time)
MSG  9/22/86 [24/7] 2HRS 18MIN  (2 DISKS)
1.        The Islanders v. The Moondogs (The Islanders were babyfaces at this time)
2.        Nick Kiniski v. Steve Lombardi
3.        Billy Jack Haynes v. Bob Orton
4.        Hart Foundation v. Jacques & Raymond Rougeau (Good match.  The Rougeaus score an upset)
5.        Ted Arcidi v. Tony Garea
6.        "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal v. Jose Luis Rivera
7.        S.D. Jones v. Mr. X
8.        Tito Santana v. "The King" Harley Race
9.        Leaping Lanny Poffo v. Sika
10.     Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan v. The Big, Super & Hulk Machines
MSG 10/20/86 [24/7] 2 Disks
1.        B. Brian Blair v. Brutus Beefcake
2.        Tama v. Moondog Rex
3.        King Kong Bundy v. The Big Machine
4.        The Dynamite Kid v. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
5.        Jacques Rougeau v. Iron Sheik 
6.        Pipers Pit - Bobby Heenan & "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff  (Piper challenges Orndorff to find a tag partner and face
        Piper and a tag partner of his choice at the next MSG show.  Heenan chooses "The King" Harley Race as Orndorff's 
         partner.  Piper pulls a fan out of the crowd to choose Piper's partner.  The fan predictably chooses HULK HOGAN)
9.        Mike Rotundo v. Jim Brunzell (rare babyface vs. babyface match - clipped)
10.     Daveyboy Smith v. Greg Valentine
11.     S.D. Jones v. Moondog Spot
12.     Haku v. Nikolai Volkoff
13.     Bret Hart v. Raymon Rougeau
14.     Tag Team Battle Royal (When one man is eliminated, his partner is out too)
MSG 11/86 [24/7] 2HRS 18MIN 
1.        "Cowboy" Bob Orton v. Billy Jack Haynes
2.        Hercules v. Pedro Morales
3.        George "The Animal" Steele v. Kamala
4.        Leaping Lanny Poffo v. Steve Lombardi
5.        Magnificent Muraco v. Hillbilly Jim
6.        Paul Orndorff & Harley Race v. Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper (Possibly the first that Piper & Hogan teamed up)
7.        Karate Kid & Pepe Gomez v. Little Tokyo & Lord Littlebrook (Midget match)
8.        Koko B. Ware v. Jimmy Jack Funk
9.        Beefcake & Valentine v. The Islanders
MSG 12/86 [24/7] 2 Disks
1.        Hart Foundation v. Cpl. Kirschner & "The Rebel" Dick Slater
2.        Leilani Kai v. Fabulous Moolah (WWF Womens title match)
3.        Pedro Morales v. Dino Bravo
4.        Hulk Hogan v. Kamala
5.        Steve Lombardi v. Jose Luis Rivera
6.        Mr. Fuji v. Hillbilly Jim (Tuxedo Match)
7.        Honkytonk Man v. Sivi Afi
8.        Confrontation - Honkytonk is still celebrating as Tito Santana comes ouf for his match.  Tito ignores him, and is of course Attacked by HTM.
9.        Tito Santana v. Hercules (Tito is still hurt and laying at ringside, but manages to make it into the ring. - The ending is cut off though)
1.        Brad Reingans v. Frenchy Martin (joined in progress)
2.        Mean Gene presents Howard Finkel with a plaque for 10 years of dedicated ring announcing at Madison Square Garden
3.        The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine) v. The Can Am Connection (Rick Martel & Tom Zenk)
4.        "The Outlaw" Ron Bass v. S.D. Jones
5.        George "The Animal" Steele v. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
6.        Tiger Chung Lee v. Jerry Allen
7.        Hulk Hogan v. Kamala (Andre the Giant is there and after the match, somewhat hesitantly presents the WWF Title belt 
         To the Hulk.  A little tease there, as Andre would soon turn on Hogan.)
8.        Leaping Lanny Poffo v. The Red Demon
9.        JYD v. Harley Race
10.     The Hart Foundation v. Daveyboy Smith & Billy Jack Haynes
MSG 2/23/87 [24/7] 2HRS
1.        Paul Roma v. Salvatore Bellomo
2.        Demolition v. The Islanders (Demolition's Madison Square Garden debut)
3.        Tito Santana v. "The Natural" Butch Reed
4.        Killer Bees v. The Hart Foundation (with Jimmy Hart & "Dangerous" Danny Davis)
5.        Outback Jack v. Barry O (Thankfully, Outback Jack didn't last long in the WWF)
6.        Randy Savage, Harley Race & Adrian Adonis v. Ricky Steamboat, JYD, & Roddy Piper (6man elimination tag match.  This
.        Format would be used later on in the year as the basis for the SURVIVOR SERIES)
1.        Sam Houston v. Terry Gibbs (Houston's MSG debut)
2.        Paul Roma & Jim Powers v. Cowboy Bob Orton & The Magnificent Muraco
3.        Koko B. Ware v. "Dangerous" Danny Davis
4.        Hulk Hogan v. Harley Race (Race NAILS Hogan with the WWF title belt)
5.        Debbie Combs v. The Fabulous Moolah (Moolah,, is once again the Women's champion at this time.)
6.        Demolition v. The Killer Bees
7.        Honkytonk Man v. Ken Patera

1.        The Can Am Connection v. The Shadows (After the match, Bobby Heenan tells the Can Ams that they couldn't handle the 
2.        Islanders.  Haku & Tama, who have recently turned heel come out, but the officials won't allow the fight to happen)
3.        Billy Jack Haynes v. Hercules
4.        The Islanders v. Jim Powers & Paul Roma
5.        JYD v. Paul Orndorff
6.        Hulk Hogan v. Harley Race (Texas Death Match - a grudge match from last month's card)
7.        Outback Jack v. Jose Estrada
8.        The Hart Foundation & Danny Davis v. The British Bulldogs & Billy Jack Haynes
1.        Dino Bravo v. Brady Boone
2.        Rick Martel v. Tama (After the match, both Islanders DESTROY Martel.)
3.        Butch Reed v. Hillbilly Jim
4.        Honkytonk Man v. Ricky Steamboat
5.        Tito Santana v. Nikolai Volkoff (Tito hasn't even left ringside before he's attacked by "The Outlaw" Ron Bass.  Outback 
6.        Jack of all people runs out to make the save turning it into…)
7.        Outback Jack v. Ron Bass
8.        Greg "The Hammer" Valentine v. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake (Dino Bravo runs in and helps Valentine double team 
        Beefcake.  Brutus gets his hair cut!)
10.     "Ravishing" Rick Rude v. Jerry Allen (Rude's MSG debut)
11.     Hart Foundation v. British Bulldogs (GREAT MATCH!)
MSG 8/22/87 [24/7]
1.        Scott Casey v. Tama
2.        Tito Santana v. Ron Bass
3.        Sensational Sherri v. Velvet Macentyre
4.        Haku v. Rick Martel (Tama helps Haku by hitting Martel with a chair.  Martel's new partner Tito Santana comes out to help The injured Martel to the back)
5.        Ricky Steamboat v. Honkytonk Man (Lumberjack match)
6.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Butch Reed (The former WWF Champion returns to MSG!)
7.        Lanny Poffo v. Jose Estrada
8.        JYD & George "The Animal" Steele v. Demolition
1.        Steve Lombardi v. Scott Casey
2.        Cowboy Bob Orton v. "The Rock" Don Muraco
3.        Strike Force (Tito Santana & Rick Martel) v. The Islanders (When Tom Zenk abruptly left the WWF, Rick Martel was left
4.        without a tag team partner.  The Can Am Connection was right on the edge of a Tag title reign, and Tito Santana was sent in to replace Martel.  
Turns out that Santana was a better choice than Zenk anyway.)
5.        Brad Rheingans v. Tiger Chung Lee
6.        Hulk Hogan v. One Man Gang
7.        The Rougeau Brothers v. The New Dream Team (Greg Valentine & Dino Bravo)
8.        George "The Animal" Steele v. Sika
9.        Hillbilly Jim v. Harley Race
10.     Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man (Savage finally gets a clean pin HTM!.  It was a non title match though)
1.        Outback Jack v. Jose Estrada
2.        Killer Bees v. The Dream Team (GREAT MATCH! Late in the match, the Bees don their masks and The Dream team falls
3.        victim to the ol' switcheroo. - Guest commentary by Nick Bockwinkle)
4.        Ivan Putski v. Mike Sharpe (The "Polish Power" returns to MSG)
5.        POSEDOWN CONTEST - "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff v. "Ravishing" Rick Rude.  After firing Bobby Heenan for the
.        umpteenth time, Orndorff is a face again.  The crowd quite obviously is behind Orndorff and this leads to…
7.        Orndorff v. Rude (The posedown was better)
8.        Don "The Rock" Muraco v. Sika
9.        Randy Savage v. Killer Kahn
10.     Superstar Billy Graham v. Butch Reed (Cage Match)
11.     Billy Jack Haynes v. Nikolai Volkoff
12.     Strike Force v. The Islanders (GREAT 2/3 FALLS MATCH! This was when the WWF's tag team division was at its BEST!)
MSG 11/24/87 [24/7] 2 disks
1.        Ultimate Warrior v. Frenchy Martin (With a match that's short and sloppy, The Warrior makes his MSG debut.)
2.        Glamour Girls v. The Jumping Bomb Angels (VERY GOOD MATCH, but only due to the Angels who carried the match 
          from start to finish.)
4.        Paul Orndorff v. Rick Rude
5.        The Killer Bees v. The Bolsheviks (The Bolsheviks were just plain bad.)
6.        Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (y'know, it's a shame Savage had to get old.  During the mid 80's Savage outclassed, and
        outworked virtually the entire WWF Roster.  Whether as a face or a heel, he was great to watch.)
8.        Jake Roberts v. Danny Davis (Yeah, Davis really had a chance here…NOT!)
9.        Strike Force v. The Hart Foundation (Tag Team title defense by Strike Force - GREAT MATCH!)
10.     Ted DiBiase v. Ivan Putski
11.     Bam Bam Bigelow v. King Kong Bundy
1.        S.D. Jones v. Iron Mike Sharpe
2.        The Rougeau Brothers v. the Conquistadors (Jacques & Raymon Rougeau were still baby faces at this point.)
3.        Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Sika
4.        Sensational Sherri v. Rockin Robin (WWF Womens Title match.  Sherri is currently the champion here.)
5.        Greg "The Hammer" Valentine v. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake  (The former Dream Team tag partners do battle)
6.        Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat v. "Ravishing" Rick Rude (Very Good Match!)
7.        Dino Bravo v. Koko B. Ware
8.        The Islanders v. The Killer Bees (GREAT MATCH!  Both of these teams were very much underrated and underused.)
9.        Cowboy Lang & Chris Dube v. Lord Littlebrook & Little Tokyo (Midget match)
10.     Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (HTM was the IC champ at this time, and had recently cemented Savage's face turn
         by attacking Elizabeth and causing an alliance between Savage and Hulk Hogan.  In this match, Jimmy Hart has to be
         suspended above the ring in a cage.)
1.        Scott Casey v. Jose Estrada
2.        "Dangerous" Danny Davis v. Sam Houston
3.        The Junk Yard Dog v. "The Natural" Butch Reed
4.        Omar Atlas v. Dusty Wolfe
5.        Don "The Rock" Muraco (With Superstar Billy Graham) v. The One Man Gang (After the match, Butch Reed and the Gang Attack Graham.)
6.        Hulk Hogan & Bam Bam Bigelow v. Ted Dibiase & Virgil
7.        The Young Stallions (Paul Roma & Jim Powers) v. Barry Horowitz and Steve Lombardi
8.        "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan v. "The King" Harley Race
9.        Hillbilly Jim v. "The Outlaw" Ron Bass
10.     The Islanders v. The British Bulldogs
MSG 1/25/88 [24/7] 2 Disks
Same listings as above
1.        The Rougeau Brothers v. Iron Mike Sharpe & Harley Race
2.        George "The Animal" Steele v. Sika
3.        Ken Patera v. Demolition Ax
4.        JYD v. Smash
5.        Jake "The Snake" Roberts v. Dino Bravo
6.        Bam Bam Bigelow v. Ted Dibiase 
7.        Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. " The Outlaw" Ron Bass
8.        Don Muraco & The Ultimate Warrior v. King Kong Bundy & Butch Reed 
         (Coincidently enough, Muraco was known at the time as "The Rock", while The Warrior's name as part of the Blade 
         Runners Tag team (with Sting) was "Rock".  Useless information huh?  Well how about this, When Muraco was simply 
         "Magnificent", he feuded with Rocky Johnson, who at the time was called "The Rock".  Rocky Johnson is the father of 
         Rocky Maivia, who is now known as, you guessed it.....THE ROCK!)
1.        Brady Boone v. Steve Lombardi (VERY GOOD MATCH! I'm not kidding here!  Both guys did a fantastic job.  The crowd was 
         really into it as the match neared its conclusion.)
2.        Ken Patera v. Dino Bravo
3.        Bret Hart v. Bad News Brown (Brown had double-crossed Hart to win the battle royale at Wrestlemania 4.  This saw the 
        beginning of the Hart Foundation's baby face turn - Good Match)
4.        Bam Bam Bigelow v. One Man Gang
5.        Randy "Macho Man" Savage v. Ted DiBiase (Savage's first title defense since winning the WWF Title at Wrestlemania 4.  GREAT MATCH!  
Both Savage and DiBiase were two of the best workers in the WWF at the time.)
6.        Barry Horowitz v. Jose Luis Rivera
7.        Sensational Sheri v. Desiree Peterson
8.        Ultimate Warrior v. Hercules (Sloppy match, but the crowd just LOVES this guy!)
9.        Demolition v. Strike Force (Strike Force attempt to regain their recently lost Tag Team titles from Demolition.  VERY GOOD MATCH!  
Once again, during the years of 1987 and 1988, the WWF had the best tag team division in it's history.  You were Guaranteed a great match, 
no matter which 2 teams you put in the ring.  The only shame was that Vince wouldn't put his faces and his heels against each other.)
1.        S.D. Jones v. The Conquistador
2.        George "The Animal" Steele v. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
3.        The Young Stallions v. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (The Rougeaus are now heels, while the Young Stallions were a good guy version of the 
Conquistadors.  Basically Jobbers with an actual name.)
4.        Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake v. One Man Gang
5.        The British Bulldogs & Koko B. Ware v. The Islanders & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (Sivi "High Chief" Afi is subbing for Tama)
6.        Iron Mike Sharpe v. Jerry Allen
7.        Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (Return match from last month's MSG card - ANOTHER GREAT MATCH! In the opening
8.        seconds of the match, Savage absolutely DRILLS Ted with a wicked double forearm and breaks his nose!)
9.        "The Rock" Don Muraco v. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
10.     Ken Patera v. Dino Bravo     
11.     JYD v. "The Outlaw" Ron Bass
12.     Howard Finkel announces the matches for next month's MSG card.  Nothing out of the ordinary here, as Finkel does this at  every show.  
However, when Finkel announces that Heenan will face the ULTIMATE WARRIOR in a weasel suit match, "The Brain" storms the ring and goes 
NUTS!  Very funny segment.
1.       The Big Boss Man v. Scott Casey (Big Bossman's MSG debut)
2.        The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers v. The Conquistadors
3.        George "The Animal" Steele v. Greg Valentine
4.        "The Rock" Don Muraco v. "Dangerous" Danny Davis (Pretty Funny, as the 210lb Davis is almost completely ineffective
         against the 280lb Muraco.  Muraco was about to finish him with a Tombstone Piledriver, when Greg Valentine runs in 
         and attacks Muraco.  He also gets in a cheap shot on Superstar Billy Graham for good measure.
5.        Jim Duggan v. One Man Gang
6.        Andre the Giant v. Bam Bam Bigelow (Andre is choking Duggan relentlessly when Jim Duggan runs in to make the save.)
7.        Ultimate Warrior v. Bobby Heenan (Weasel Suit match.  The winner is the one who can beat his opponent and stuff his
         opponent into a weasel suit.  Do I even NEED to tell you who won this one?  Pretty funny to see Heenan stumble around, 
         chasing his tail and falling downin the weasel suit.)
8.        Bad News Brown v. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (Bad News cuts a good promo about how he just WALKED to MSG from
       Harlem, and how the Hart Foundation "has no Heart")
9.     Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (Steel Cage match.  These guys couldn't have a bad match if they tried.  Near the close of the match, some idiot 
fan jumps the guard rail and actually CLIMBS THE CAGE to stop Virgil from interfering.)
MSG 7/26/88 [24/7] 2 disks
1.        Leaping Lanny Poffo v. Terry Taylor
2.        The Rockers v. The Rougeau Brothers (The Rockers make their MSG debut.  Decent match, but these two teams would have much better matches in the months to come.)
3.        Bret Hart v. Danny Davis
4.        "The Rock" Don Muraco v. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (Grudge match from the previous card.)
5.        British Bulldogs v. Demolition
6.        The Powers of Pain v. The Bolsheviks
7.        King Haku v. S.D. Jones
8.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Andre the Giant (Lumberjack Match)

MSG 9/88  [24/7]
1.        Terry Taylor v. Sam Houston  (Not yet saddled with the career ending Red Rooster gimmick, Taylor is still playing 
the heel role, but he still looks respectable.)
2.        The Rockers v. The Conquistadors
3.        JYD v. King Haku
4.        Dino Bravo v. B. Brian Blair
5.        Randy Savage v. Andre the Giant
6.        Sandy Beach v. Scott Casey
7.        Brutus Beefcake v. Ron Bass
8.        Tito Santana v. Bad News Brown
9.        Ultimate Warrior v. Honkytonk Man (Grudge match from the 19 second pounding that HTM received the previous month 
at Summerslam 88 when the Warrior ended his 14 month Intercontinental title reign)


1.        Mr. Perfect vs. Jim Brunzell

2.        Don Muraco vs. Greg Valentine

3.        The Junkyard Dog vs. Hercules

4.        Hulk Hogan vs. Bad News Brown

5.        The Blue Blazer vs. Barry Horowitz

6.        Jim Duggan vs. Ted Dibiase

7.        Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. Jacques & Raymond Rougeau

8.        Jake Roberts (w/ Cheryl Roberts) vs. Rick Rude

MSG 10/27/88  [24/7]  2 Disks
1.        Paul Roma v. Danny Davis
2.        Big Bossman v. Koko B. Ware
3.        Demolition v. The Rockers
4.        Virgil v. Hercules
5.        Blue Blazer v. Steve Lombardi
6.        Randy Savage v. Andre the Giant (Rematch from last month's card)
7.        Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Dino Bravo
8.        Hart Foundation v. Rougeau Brothers (The match goes to the time limit, but the Hart Foundation challenges the Rougeaus
        to go another 5 minutes.  After trying to chicken out, the Rougeaus are ordered back to the ring to continue the match.
9.        Rick Rude v. Jake Roberts (Cheryl Roberts is at ringside.  Good Match.  I really liked this feud.)

1.        Leaping Lanny Poffo v. Barry Horowitz
2.        Paul Roma v. Mr. Perfect
3.        Ted DiBiase v. Hercules
4.        Akeem v. S.D. Jones
5.        Demolition v. The Powers of Pain (Fresh off their double face/heel switch at the Survivor Series, both Road 
Warrior rip-offs face off against each other)
6.        Nikolai Volkoff v. Iron Mike Sharpe
7.        Tito Santana v. Greg Valentine (Not nearly as good as the matches they had 4 years earlier for the Intercontinental Title)
8.        Rockin' Robin v. Sensational Sheri
9.        The Big Bossman v. Hulk Hogan
MSG 12/30/88 (VG QUALITY) 2HRS 15MIN
1.        The Blue Blazer v. The Red Rooster (The end is near for Taylor's career.  They're not even acknowledging that his name is 
          Terry Taylor any more.  Very Good Match)
3.        Bad News Brown cuts another good promo about his upcoming title match with Randy "Macho Man" Savage.  
4.        Koko B. Ware v. "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig (Hennig was still in the first couple of months of his Mr. Perfect gimmick, and they 
were still acknowledging his real name.)
5.        Rick Rude comes out to give a "Rude Awakening" to some lucky lady.  Unfortunately, HILLBILLY JIM comes in and steals 
her away.  You know, When Hillbilly Jim is stealing your women, something's wrong.
6.        The Bushwackers v. The Bolsheviks (The concession stands must have done record business during this time.  I couldn't 
7.        imagine that anyone would have actually been watching this match.  I couldn't imagine a match I'd rather see less.)
8.        Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Dino Bravo (Ok, I Stand corrected.  NOW I can't imagine a match I'd rather see less.  The concession stands 
must have been running out of food by now.)
9.        Tim Horner v. Barry Horowitz
10.     Demolition v. The Powers of Pain (This one was better than their match on the previous month's card.  But that's not saying very 
much though.  It didn't take much effort to accomplish that)
11.     "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin v. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
12.     Randy "Macho Man" Savage v. Bad News Brown (VERY GOOD MATCH!)
1.        Sam Houston v. Danny Davis
2.        Brutus Beefcake v. Mr. Perfect
3.        Tim Horner v. Jose Estrada (Horner was a very good worker, but just couldn't crack the lower card ceiling in the WWF)
4.        Bret Hart v. The Honkytonk Man
5.        The Rockers v. The Brainbusters (Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson - FANTASTIC MATCH!!!)
6.        Rick Rude v. Hillbilly Jim
7.        Hercules v. Ted DiBiase
8.        "The Outlaw" Ron Bass v. Tito Santana
9.        Big Bossman v. Hulk Hogan (Hulk attempts to exact a little revenge on the Bossman for his attack on the Brother Love show.  
Hulk refuses to pin the Bossman after 2 legdrops and grabs the nightstick.  He throws the ref though, and gets DQd.)
MSG 2/20/89 [24/7]
1.        Iron Mike Sharpe v. Jim Powers
2.        The Red Rooster v. The Brooklyn Brawler (Taylor has recently turned babyface, but the WWF inexplicably made him keep the 
Red Rooster gimmick.  What they should have done is put over the fact that the Rooster persona was a terrible plan on Bobby Heenan's 
part, and had Taylor drop it as soon as he turned face.  As a result of this not happening, Taylor will be the Rooster for the rest of his life.)
3.        Akeem v. Big John Studd (Studd's first MSG appearance in 3 years.  He didn't stay in the WWF long during this run.  This was An absolutely 
TERRIBLE MATCH!  Akeem gets counted out, but Studd insists on punishing the MSG crowd further, by demanding that the match continue.)
4.        The Rougeau Brothers v. The Bushwackers
5.        Brutus Beefcake v. Rick Rude
6.        King Haku v. Rick Martel
7.        Greg Valentine v. Jim Neidhart
8.        Randy Savage v. The Ultimate Warrior (Rick Rude comes to ringside and gives Savage a helping hand)
MSG 2/20/89 (MSG Broadcast - Very Good Quality)
same listings as above
MSG 3/18/89 (EXCELLENT QUALITY)2HRS 20MIN (2 disks)  
1.        Young Stallions v. The Conquistadors (THE BATTLE OF THE JOBBER TAG TEAMS!)
2.        Rockin Robin v. Judy Martin
3.        Ronnie Garvin v. Mr. Perfect
4.        Hulk Hogan v. Big Bossman (Cage Match)
5.        The Rockers v. The Brainbusters (ANOTHER GREAT MATCH!)
6.        The Red Rooster v. The Brooklyn Brawler 
7.        Bad News Brown v. Hercules
8.        The Rougeaus and Dino Bravo v. The Bushwackers & Jim Duggan
MSG 3/18/89 [24/7] (2 disks)  
Same listings as above
MSG 4/26/89 [24/7] 2 disks
1.        Greg Valentine v. The Blue Blazer
2.        Hillbilly Jim v. The Honkytonk Man
3.        Dino Bravo v. Hercules
4.        Paul Roma v. Boris Zukhoff
5.        Jake "The Snake" Roberts v. Ted DiBiase
6.        Bret Hart v. Mr. Perfect (VERY GOOD MATCH!  But then again, what else would you expect from these two?)
7.        The Brainbusters v. The Bushwackers (Bad enough that the WWF repeatedly put the Bushwackers over the Rougeau 
         Brothers, BUT THE BRAINBUSTERS?)  
8.        Hulk Hogan v. Randy Savage (ReMatch from Wrestlemania 5.  Hulk Hogan is once again the WWF Champion here)
MEADOWLANDS ARENA 5/8/89 [24/7] 2 Disks
1.        Mr. Perfect v. The Blue Blazer
2.        Bret Hart v. Greg Valentine
3.        Tito Santana v. Rick Martel
4.        Honkytonk Man v. Hillbilly Jim
5.        Rick Rude v. The Ultimate Warrior (IC Title match.  Rude is the champion here)
6.        Jim Powers v. Iron Mike Sharpe
7.        The Red Rooster v. The Brooklyn Brawler
8.        Brother Love interview - Zeus! The WWF was pushing Hulk Hogan's "No Holds Barred" movie at this point, and were
         not happy with just letting the movie suck.  They insisted on bringing Tiny Lister's character off of the screen and into the
         WWF in an attempt to generate some more publicity for the movie, and provide a fresh main event angle for Hulk Hogan.
9.        Tito Santana v. Rick Martel
10.        Demolition v. The Twin Towers (Big Bossman & Akeem)
-NASSAU COLISEUM 6/10/89 [24/7] 2hrs 23min
1.        "The Genius" Lanny Poffo v. Jim Powers
2.        The Rockers v. The Rougeau Brothers (GREAT MATCH!  These teams always put on great matches with each other)
3.        Greg Valentine v. Brutus Beefcake
4.        Hillbilly Jim v. Andre the Giant
5.        King Duggan v. Haku
6.        Sean Mooney interviews Zeus (They're still pushing "No Holds Barred" down the people's throats here.)
7.        Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka v. Boris Zhukoff
8.        The Hart Foundation v. The Powers of Pain
NASSAU COLISEUM 7/10/89 [24/7] 2 Disks
1.        Tim Horner v. Iron Mike Sharpe
2.        The Warlord v. Koko B. Ware 
3.        Hercules v. Mr. Perfect
4.        The Genius v. Jose Luis Rivera
5.        King Duggan & Hillbilly Jim v. Haku & Andre the Giant
6.        Sandy Beach v. Paul Roma
7.        Randy Savage v. Brutus Beefcake
8.        Demolition v. The Twin Towers (A better match than you might think.  But not much better)
MSG 9/30/89 [24/7] 2 DISKS
1.        Koko B. Ware v. The Genius
2.        Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka v. The Honkytonk Man
3.        Mr. Perfect v. The Red Rooster
4.        Mark Young v. Barry Horowitz
5.        Ultimate Warrior v. Andre the Giant (The Warrior slams the Giant!)
6.        Ronnie Garvin v. Greg Valentine
7.        Rick Rude v. Roddy Piper
MSG 10/28/89 [24/7]
1.        Tito Santana v. Boris Zukhoff
2.        Al Perez v. Conquistador #1 (I had always hoped that Al Perez would make an impact in the WWF, but unfortunately, he didn't last very long)
3.        Dino Bravo v. Bret Hart
4.        Brooklyn Brawler v. Jose Luis Rivera
5.        The "Macho King" Randy Savage v. Jim Duggan 
6.        Hercules v. Akeem
7.        Jimmy Snuka v. Mr. Perfect
8.        Ultimate Warrior v. Andre the Giant (In the fastest IC title match on record, The Warrior drills Andre with 3 rapid fire 
         clotheslines and a big splash for the clean pin!  For those of you who think New Jack was the innovator of a wrestler         
         working a whole match with his entrance music still playing, you'll be disappointed.  This match was over so quick, the  
         sound crew never had a chance to turn the Warriors music off!)
9.        The Bushwackers v. The Powers of Pain
MSG 10/28/89 (MSG Network broadcast - VERY GOOD QUALITY)
Same listings as above
MSG 11/25/89 [24/7]
1.        Haku v. Paul Roma
2.        Rockers v. The Hart Foundation (GREAT MATCH!  A very rare [at this time] baby face v. baby face match)
3.        Al Perez v. Brooklyn Brawler
4.        Jake Roberts v. Ted DiBiase
5.        Bad News Brown v. Tito Santana
6.        Hercules v. Dino Bravo
7.        "Macho King" Randy Savage v. Jim Dugan
MSG 12/89 [24/7]
1.        Rick "The Model" Martel v. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
2.        Tugboat Thomas v. Dale Wolfe
3.        Jake Roberts v. Ted DiBiase (Virgil has been barred from ringside. And that makes all the difference for Jake, as he finally 
gets a clean pin on DiBiase in a good match.)
4.        Koko B. Ware v. Iron Mike Sharpe
5.        Demolition v. The Colossal Connection [Andre the Giant & Haku] 
6.        Roddy Piper v. Rick Rude (GREAT STEEL CAGE MATCH!)
MSG 1/15/90[24/7] 2 DISKS
1.        Jim Neidhart v. The Genius
2.        Rockers v. The Powers of Pain
3.        Bret Hart v. Akeem
4.        Rhythm & Blues (Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine) v. Ron Garvin & Jimmy Snuka
5.        Jake Roberts v. Ted DiBiase
MSG 2/19/90 [24/7] 2 Disks
1.        Tito Santana v. Playboy Buddy Rose
2.        Earthquake v. Ron Garvin (Garvin does a stretcher job)
3.        Rick "The Model" Martel v. The Red Rooster
4.        Hulk Hogan & Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake v. Mr. Perfect & The Genius
5.        Bad News Brown v. Jumping Jim Brunzell
6.        Dusty Rhodes v. Akeem
7.        The Rockers & Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. The Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji


1.        Jim Powers v. Iron Mike Sharpe

2.        Hercules v. Black Bart

3.        The Orient Express (w/ Mr. Fuji) v. Demolition

4.        Koko B. Ware v. Frenchy Martin

5.        Earthquake v. Jim Duggan

6.        Bret Hart v. Rick Martel

7.        Dino Bravo v. Brutus Beefcake

8.        Tugboat Thomas v. Pez Whatley

9.        WWF IC Champion the Ultimate Warrior v. Mr. Perfect (Although the commentators called this match as if it’s
Perfect’s first pinfall loss in the WWF, it was actually his second or third, as he had lost to Hulk Hogan ealier
in the week.)


MSG 3/19/90 [24/7] 2 Disks

Same listings as above.



1.        Hercules v. Haku

2.        Paul Diamond v. Jim Powers

3.        Jake Roberts v. Bad News Brown

4.        Nikolai Volkoff v. Jose Luis Rivera

5.        The Barbarian v. Jimmy Snuka

6.        The Big Bossman v. Ted Dibiase

7.        Dino Bravo v. the Red Rooster

9.        Greg Valentine & the Honkytonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart) v. the Bushwhackers

10.     Hulk Hogan v. Earthquake (w/ Jimmy Hart)



1.        Dustin Rhodes v. Paul Diamond

2.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Nikolai Volkoff

3.        The Barbarian v. Tito Santana

4.        Paul Roma (w/ Hercules) v. Marty Jannetty

5.        Ron Garvin v. Bob Bradley

6.        Jim Duggan v. Rick Rude via disqualification after Rude pushed the referee

7.        WWF World Champion Ultimate Warrior & the Legion of Doom v. Demolition Ax, Smash, & Crush


MSG 9/21/90 [24/7] 2 disks

Same listings as above.




1.        Mr. Perfect v. WWF IC Champion Kerry Von Erich

2.        Iron Mike Sharpe v. SD Jones

3.        Shane Douglas v. the Brooklyn Brawler

4.        The Warlord v. Koko B. Ware

5.        Davey Boy Smith v. Haku

6.        Ted Dibiase (w/ Virgil) v. Dusty Rhodes

7.        Tugboat v. Dino Bravo

8.        WWF Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation v. Greg Valentine & the Honkytonk Man


MSG 11/24/90 [24/7]

1.        Davey Boy Smith v. Buddy Rose

2.        Tugboat v. Boris Zhukov

3.        Earthquake v. Hulk Hogan

4.        WWF IC Champion Kerry Von Erich v. Mr. Perfect (Roddy Piper was the guest referee for the bout)

5.        Shane Douglas v. Haku

6.        WWF Tag Team Champion Bret Hart v. the Barbarian

7.        Ted Dibiase & Virgil v. Dusty & Dustin Rhodes

8.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Jim Duggan

9.        The Rockers v. Demolition


MSG 12/28/90 [24/7]

1.        Koko B. Ware v. Black Bart

2.        Saba Simba v. Greg Valentine (w/ Jimmy Hart);

3.        The Rockers v. Power & Glory

4.        Jimmy Snuka v. the Warlord

5.        Sgt. Slaughter & Gen. Adnan v. Dusty Rhodes & Jim Duggan

6.        Kerry Von Erich v. Virgil

7.        Roddy Piper v. WWF IC Champion Mr. Perfect

8.        Hulk Hogan & Tugboat v. Earthquake & Dino



 MSG 1/21/91 [24/7] 2HRS

1.        Paul Roma v. Shane Douglas

2.        Tito Santana v. Koko B. Ware (Koko played the role of the heel for this match.)

3.        The Undertaker v. Jimmy Snuka

4.        Davey Boy Smith v. the Warlord

5.        The Legion of Doom v. Demolition

6.        The Big Bossman v. Hercules

7.        Greg Valentine v. Dino Bravo

8.        The Nasty Boys (w/ Jimmy Hart) v. the Bushwhackers

9.        Randy Savage (w/ Sensational Sherri) v. the Ultimate Warrior (GOOD STEEL CAGE MATCH  After the match,
Warrior absolutely DESTROYS Sherri)


MSG 3/15/91 [24/7]

1.        Marty Jannetty v. Pat Tanaka

2.        The Mountie v. Koko B. Ware

3.        Davey Boy Smith v. the Warlord

4.        The Undertaker v. Tugboat

5.        WWF Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation v. Earthquake & Dino

6.        The Barbarian v. Jim Brunzell

7.        Kerry Von Erich v. Ted Dibiase after

8.        Kato (w/ Mr. Fuji) v. Shawn Michaels

9.        Jim Duggan (w/ Hulk Hogan) v. WWF World Champion Sgt. Slaughter (w/ Gen. Adnan) (flag match)


MSG 3/15/91 (MSG Broadcast - VERY GOOD QUALITY) 2HRS 5MIN

Listings same as above


MSG 4/22/91 [24/7] 2 Disks

1.        Ricky Steamboat v. Haku

2.        Bushwhackers v. Power & Glory

3.        Big Bossman v. the Mountie

2.        Sgt. Slaughter v. WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan

3.        IRS v. Jimmy Snuka by using the tights for leverage

4.        Kerry Von Erich v. Warlord

5.        Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, & Virgil v. the Orient Express & Mr. Fuji

6.        Ted Dibiase v. Roddy Piper



1.        Big Bossman v. the Mountie (joined in progress)

2.        Sgt. Slaughter v. WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan

3.        IRS v. Jimmy Snuka by using the tights for leverage

4.        Kerry Von Erich v. Warlord

5.        Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, & Virgil v. the Orient Express & Mr. Fuji

6.        Ted Dibiase v. Roddy Piper


MSG 6/3/91[24/7] 2HRS 10MIN

1.        Ricky Steamboat v. Demolition Smash

2.        Koko B. Ware v. Warlord

3.        Col. Mustafa v. Jim Duggan

4.        Bret Hart v. the Barbarian (w/ Mr. Fuji - sub. for Bobby Heenan) (Bret wins when Fuji accidentally hit the Barbarian
with his cane.  Heenan argued with Fuji regarding the loss.  This would become more relevant during next months


5.        Jimmy Snuka v. Bob Bradley

6.        Earthquake v. Jake Roberts

7.        Tugboat v. Brooklyn Brawler

8.        Road Warrior Animal v. Paul Roma (w/ Hercules)

9.        The Mountie v. the Big Bossman

10.     WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan v. Sgt. Slaughter (w/ Adnan) (in a Desert Storm match) 



included Randy Savage as a guest of the Barber Shop in which Savage said he was planning on proposing to Miss Elizabeth on the

coming week's edition of WWF Superstars and if she said yes the two would marry at SummerSlam, which was to be held at MSG:

1.        Dino Bravo v. Shane Douglas

2.        Ricky Steamboat v. Paul Roma

3.        The Berzerker v. Jimmy Snuka

4.        WWF Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys (w/ Jimmy Hart) v. Hart Foundation (This was the final teaming of the

         original Hart Foundation)

5.        The Warlord v. Greg Valentine

6.        Jake Roberts (w/ Andre the Giant) v. Earthquake (w/ Jimmy Hart)

7.        Haku & the Barbarian v. Mr. Fuji (sub. for Pat Tanaka) & Kato (Bobby Heenan doing commentary at ringside was
ripping into Kato prior to and during the match. Fuji had a confrontation with Heenan, which led to “The Brain”
getting directly involved in the finish of the match!  The fans gave Heenan a babyface reaction during this one.

8.        The Ultimate Warrior v. the Undertaker (in a bodybag match )


MSG 10/28/91 [24/7]

1.        Kerry Von Erich v. Big Bully Busick

2.        Davey Boy Smith v. IRS

3.        The Mountie (w/ Jimmy Hart) v. Jim Neidhart

4.        The Big Bossman v. Col. Mustafa

5.        Tito Santana v. Hercules

6.        WWF Tag Team Champions the Legion of Doom v. the Natural Disasters

7.        WWF IC Champion Bret Hart v. the Bezerker

8.        Ric Flair (w/ Bobby Heenan) v. Roddy Piper



Same listings as above


MSG 11/30/91 [24/7] 2HRS 5MIN

1.        Santana v. Kato

2.        Kerry Von Erich v. the Bezerker

3.        Jim Duggan v. the Barbarian

4.        Virgil v. Skinner

5.        Hulk Hogan v. Ric Flair (w/ Mr. Pefect)

6.        IRS v. the Big Bossman

7.        WWF IC Champion Bret Hart v. the Mountie

8.        The Nasty Boys v. The Rockers


MSG 12/29/91 [24/7] 2 disks

1.        Davey Boy Smith v. the Bezerker

2.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Gen. Adnan & Col. Mustafa in a handicap match

3.        Hercules v. Greg Valentine

4.        The Nasty Boys v. the Bushwhackers

5.        Skinner v. Jim Powers

6.        Chris Walker v. the Brooklyn Brawler

7.        Virgil v. Repo Man

8.        WWF IC Champion Bret Hart v. Ted Dibiase (GREAT MATCH!)

9.        Hulk Hogan v. Ric Flair


MSG 1//92 [24/7]

1.        Rick Martel v. Kerry Von Erich

2.        Shawn Michaels v. Jimmy Snuka

3.        Sid Justice v. the Mountie

4.        The Warlord v. Hercules

5.        Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Duggan v. the Nasty Boys

6.        Chris Walker v. Kato

7.        The Undertaker v. Bret Hart

8.        Repo Man v. Virgil

9.        Randy Savage v. Jake Roberts


MSG 2/23/92 [24/7] 2 DISKS

1.        The Nasty Boys v. the Bushwhackers

2.        The Bezerker v. Jim Brunzell

3.        Rick Martel v. the Big Bossman

4.        The Warlord v. Chris Walker

5.        Sid Justice (w/ Harvey Whippleman) v. Hercules (Sid pins Hercules in 25 seconds!)

6.        WWF IC Champion Roddy Piper v. Repo Man

7.        The Undertaker v. Davey Boy Smith

8.        20Man battle royal (Sid won the match by last eliminating Hulk Hogan; Hogan had eliminated Sid earlier in the contest
but the referee ad been knocked out)


MSG 3/23/92 [24/7]

1.        Tatanka v. Col. Mustafa

2.        Rick Martel v. JW Storm

3.        Bret Hart & the Bushwhackers v. the Mountie & the Nasty Boys

4.        WWF Tag Team Champion IRS v. Tito Santana

5.        Shawn Michaels (w/ Sensational Sherri) v. Virgil

6.        The Warlord v. Jim Brunzell

7.        Hulk Hogan & WWF IC Champion Roddy Piper v. WWF World Champion Ric Flair & Sid Justice


WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - January 17, 1994 (Good Quality)
Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson and the Heavenly Bodies were both advertised but did not appear due to transportation problems
Scott Putski pinned Iron Mike Sharpe with the Polish Hammer
Rick Steiner fought Ludvig Borga to a double count-out; it was during this match that Borga sustained an ankle injury that not only
kept him off the Royal Rumble card but also WrestleMania and eventually led to his leaving the WWF
WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification when Shawn Michaels interfered (Jarrett's MSG debut)
WWF World Champion Yokozuna pinned Tatanka with the Bonzai Drop; after the bout, Tatanka sustained a second Bonzai Drop and
was taken from ringside on a stretcher
The Quebecers defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Marty Jannetty & the 1-2-3 Kid at 21:24 to win the titles following the Tower of
Quebec on the Kid after Johnny Polo interfered and caused the Kid to crotch himself on the top rope
Owen Hart won a 30-man Royal Rumble match at 1:10:06 by last eliminating Fatu; order of entry: Diesel (00:00), Mo (00:00),
Bushwhacker Butch (2:25), the 1-2-3 Kid (4:20), Scott Steiner (6:47), Iron Mike Sharpe (8:26), Samu (10:42), Bob Backlund (12:25),
Jeff Jarrett (14:35), Virgil (16:35), Bam Bam Bigelow (17:58), Randy Savage (20:45), Adam Bomb (23:03), Sgt. Slaughter (24:53),
Crush (27:13), Mabel (29:22), Jim Powers (31:07), Bastion Booger (33:12), Bushwhacker Luke (35:16), Owen Hart, Rick Martel
(39:18), Bret Hart (41:20), IRS (43:30), Johnny Polo (44:56), Scott Putski (46:53), Fatu (49:00), Marty Jannetty (51:02), Bart Gunn
(53:22), Shawn Michaels (56:05), and Doink the Clown (57:18); order of elimination: Mo by Diesel (1:54), Butch by Diesel (3:16),
the Kid by Diesel; during the elimination, the Kid sustained a leg injury that kept him sidelined for 2 months (5:53), Sharpe by Scott
(8:46), Diesel by Savage after Diesel failed a boot to the face and landed across the ropes (21:18), Jarrett by Savage after ducking a
clothesline (21:36), Bomb by Slaughter, Backlund, & Steiner (25:06), Scott by Crush (27:55), Savage by Crush (29:27), Bigelow by
Crush (30:07), Slaughter by Crush after being thrown into the corner (30:43), Powers by Mabel after a splash in the corner (31:50),
Mabel, Virgil, & Backlund by everyone else as they attempted to eliminate Mabel (33:47), Booger by Crush via a clothesline (34:26),
Samu by Luke (35:32), Luke by Crush (36:16), Crush by Bret via a dropkick to the back (43:26), Jannetty by Michaels via a backdrop
(57:14), Polo by Owen after knocking him off the top (58:08), Putski by Fatu via a backdrop (58:23), Martel by IRS via a backdrop
(59:02), Bart by Doink via a clothesline (1:00:12), Doink by Michaels via a clothesline (1:00:29), IRS by Bret via an atomic drop
(1:01:09), Bret by Michaels as Bret attempted to eliminate Fatu (1:02:55), Michaels after Owen hit a spinning heel kick to Fatu and
Fatu collided with Michaels, knocking him over the top; Michaels was distracted by Razor Ramon on the floor which led to the
elimination; after the elimination, Razor and Michaels brawled to the back (1:05:35); once the match was down to two, Samu returned
ringside to help Fatu while Bret Hart came out to support Owen; Fatu by Owen after crotching him on the top and hitting a clothesline;
after the bout, Bret and Owen fought off both Headshrinkers


WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - May 20, 1994 (Very Good Quality) 2 Disks
Disk 1
Kwang pinned Sparky Plugg (Kwang and Sparky's MSG debut)
Jeff Jarrett pinned Doink the Clown
WWF Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers & Afa defeated the Quebecers & Johnny Polo
WWF Woman's Champion Alundra Blayze pinned Luna Vachon with a roll up after sending Luna into Bam Bam Bigelow on the
Lex Luger pinned Crush after a running forearm to the head

Disk 2
Howard Finkel defeated Harvey Wippleman in a tuxedo match; Finkel came out to Hulk Hogan's "Real American" theme song
Razor Ramon fought WWF IC Champion Diesel to a double count-out
Lex Luger pinned Crush
WWF Champion Bret Hart pinned Owen Hart with a roll over at 25:00


WWF @ Long Island, NY - Nassau Coliseum - July 9, 1994 (3,100) (BRET v. OWEN 1HR MARATHON MATCH!)
Kwang pinned the 1-2-3 Kid with a spin kick at 10:05 immediately after the Kid avoided an initial kick attempt
Duke Drose pinned Rick Martel with an elbow drop
Yokozuna pinned Typhoon with a headbutt and legdrop at 8:26; late in the match, the top rope broke off when Typhoon was thrown
into the ropes
Randy Savage pinned Jerry Lawler at 11:04 by reversing a backdrop attempt into a sunset flip
WWF Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers defeated Double Trouble (sub. for the Heavenly Bodies) at 9:27 when Samu scored
the pin by sitting on his opponent following a double thrust kick
IRS pinned Tatanka after IRS hit him with his steel briefcase
WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart with the Sharpshooter in sudden death overtime of a 60-minute marathon match; results of falls: Bret pinned Owen at 35:31 by reversing a sunset flip, Owen won via submission to a figure-4 at 43:58, Owen
won via submission to a figure-4 at 46:08, Bret won via submission with the Sharpshooter at 53:45, Bret won via submission with the
Sharpshooter at 1:08:23


This show is currently unavailable.

WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - August 25, 1994 (Very Good Quality)
Adam Bomb pinned Kwang with a series of clotheslines and a DDT at 9:53
The Heavenly Bodies defeated the Bushwhackers at 11:33; prior to the bout, the Bushwhackers were escorted to the ring by a fan
WWF Women's Champion Alundra Blayze pinned Bull Nakano (w/ Luna Vachon) with a German suplex into a bridge at 8:15 after avoiding a clothesline; Nakano used Kamala's theme song for her ring entrance; after the bout, Luna accidentally clotheslined Nakano
when the champion moved out of the way
Shawn Michaels & WWF IC Champion Diesel defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers via disqualification at 18:04
when Fatu assaulted both challengers with one of the title belts after Michaels brought the belt into the ring as the referee was knocked
Jeff Jarrett & Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Mabel & Doink the Clown at 5:42 when Bigelow pinned Mabel with a clothesline after
Jarrett made a blind tag
IRS defeated Tatanka in a strap match at 7:39 when Tatanka knocked IRS into the fourth and final corner
WWF World Champion Bret Hart & Razor Ramon defeated Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart at 15:14 when Bret pinned Owen after Neidhart shoved Bret as the champion had Owen in a bodyslam position with Owen falling on top and the momentum putting Bret on


WWF @ East Rutherford, NJ - Meadowlands - August 27, 1994 (Excellent Quality)
The Heavenly Bodies defeated the Bushwhackers after Butch was tripped by Tom Prichard
WWF Women's Champion Alundra Blayze pinned Bull Nakano with the German suplex into a bridge
Adam Bomb pinned Kwang with a DDT
WWF Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers defeated Shawn Michaels & WWF IC Champion Diesel via disqualification
Jeff Jarrett & Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Mabel & Doink the Clown
Tatanka (w/ NY Giants' Joe Morris) defeated IRS in an Indian strap match
WWF World Champion Bret Hart & Razor Ramon defeated Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart

WWF @ East Rutherford, NJ - Meadowlands - October 27, 1994 (Excellent)
The Smoking Gunns defeated the Heavenly Bodies
Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Adam Bomb
Jerry Lawler defeated Doink the Clown
WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Jim Neidhart
The Undertaker defeated Yokozuna in a casket match


WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - October 29, 1994 (9,646)
Adam Bomb defeated Bam Bam Bigelow via disqualification
Jim Powers defeated Abe Schartz
Jerry Lawler & Queezy defeated Doink & Dink the Clown
IRS defeated Duke Drose
WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Jim Neidhart
Billy Gunn defeated Tom Prichard
Lex Luger fought Tatanka to a double disqualification
The Undertaker defeated Yokozuna in a casket match at around the 12-minute mark after a flying
clothesline and chokeslam; IRS was in Yokozuna's corner but was ejected from ringside mid-way through
after closing the casket as Taker attempted to roll Yoko inside


WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - November 26, 1994 (Good Quality)

Aldo Montoya pinned Kwang
The New Headshrinkers defeated the Executioners (sub. for Shawn Michaels & Diesel) following Fatu's splash off the top rope
Davey Boy Smith fought King Kong Bundy to a double count-out
Action Zone - 11/27/94: Diesel (sub. for Bret Hart) pinned WWF World Champion Bob Backlund to win
the title following a boot to the midsection and a powerbomb after a matter of seconds; Diesel's
involvement in the match was not announced until WWF Superstars aired that morning; it was announced
on local TV during the Nov. 5-6 weekend that Randy Savage would be the guest referee for the originally
scheduled Hart/Backlund match but that announcement was never mentioned again
WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon pinned Jeff Jarrett with the Razor's Edge; Jarrett had originally won the
match via count-out but demanded the match continue so he would win the title
Mabel pinned Quebecar Pierre
The Undertaker pinned IRS



WWF @ Long Island, NY - Nassau Coliseum - January 13, 1995 (Very Good Quality)
Henry Godwinn defeated Bob Holly
Heartbreak Hotel – Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart via submission with the Sharpshooter
Wink & Pink the Clowns defeated Queezy & Cheezy
Duke Drose defeated Timothy Well
WWF Women's Champion Bull Nakano defeated Alundra Blayze
Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith defeated King Kong Bundy & Bam Bam Bigelow
The Undertaker defeated Tatanka
WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Jeff Jarrett (This match is missing from the DVD)

WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - June 10, 1995 (Very Good Quality)
Man Mountain Rock defeated Bob Backlund
Savio Vega defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart
Tatanka defeated Bam Bam Bigelow
Adam Bomb defeated WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett via disqualification
Shawn Michaels (sub. for WWF World Champion Diesel) defeated Psycho Sid in a steel cage match


East Rutherford, NJ - Meadowlands - June 11, 1995 (VERY GOOD QUALITY)
Jean Pierre Lafitte pinned Duke Drose with the Cannonball
Adam Bomb pinned Henry Godwinn with a small package
WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze pinned Bertha Faye with the German suplex
Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Aldo Montoya with the Pedigree
WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna defeated the Smoking Gunns in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; Yokozuna scored
the first fall with a legdrop; the challengers won the second fall with the backbreaker / kneedrop combo; Yoko won the third fall with a belly to belly suplex
Skip pinned Doink the Clown with a small package
Savio Vega defeated WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett via count-out, even though Jarrett re-entered the ring first
Shawn Michaels & Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Tatanka & Kama following Bigelow’s diving headbutt
The Undertaker defeated Psycho Sid via disqualification when Kama and Tatanka interfered


WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - August 12, 1995 (Very Good Quality)
Jacob & Eli Blu defeated Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith when Luger was pinned after Smith walked out of the match
Henry Godwinn pinned Adam Bomb in under a minute with the Slop Drop
Savio Vega pinned Rad Radford with a spin wheel kick
WWF World Champion Diesel & WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Men on a Mission when Diesel pinned Sir Mo with a
boot to the face; after the bout, Davey Boy Smith and Razor Ramon made the save for the champions
Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned the 1-2-3 Kid with the Pedigree
Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Tatanka in a strap match
Razor Ramon defeated Psycho Sid via disqualification when Ted Dibiase interfered
Bret Hart pinned Jean-Pierre Lafitte by kicking off the turnbuckle while caught in a sleeper  (this match is missing from the DVD)


WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - October 6, 1995  (Very Good Quality)
Benefit Show for the handicapped and underpriviledged
The 1-2-3 Kid defeated Bob Backlund
WWF Women's Champion Bertha Faye defeated Alundra Blayze
WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Jacob & Eli Blu
Savio Vega defeated Kama
WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Davey Boy Smith via disqualification
Bret Hart (w/ George Steele) defeated Isaac Yankem DDS via submission with the Sharpshooter
The Undertaker defeated King Mabel


WWF @ Long Island, NY - Nassau Coliseum - November 10, 1995 (VERY GOOD QUALITY)
Ahmed Johnson defeated Skip
Goldust defeated Marty Jannetty
WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Kama & Jean Pierre Lafitte (Lafitte's last appearance for 2 years)
Isaac Yankem defeated Henry Godwinn
Owen Hart defeated Bam Bam Bigelow
Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon via disqualification after the 1-2-3 Kid interfered
WWF World Champion Diesel, Bret Hart, & Shawn Michaels defeated Yokozuna, Davey Boy Smith, & King Mabel


WWF @ East Rutherford, NJ - Meadowlands - November 12, 1995 (3,500)
Davey Boy Smith pinned Bret Hart
WWF World Champion Diesel & Shawn Michaels defeated Owen Hart & Yokozuna


WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - May 19, 1996 (Very Good Quality)

Ahmed Johnson defeated Davey Boy Smith via disqualification when Owen Hart interfered
The Ultimate Warrior pinned Owen Hart with two hands on his chest after landing three clotheslines and a flying shoulderblock
(Warrior's return to MSG after a 5 year absence)
Steve Austin pinned Jake Roberts
Vader pinned Yokozuna with the Vader Bomb
Henry & Phinneas Godwinn defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Skip & Zip to win the titles when Phinneas pinned Skip with a
kick to the midsection and the Slop Drop after kissing Sunny on the ring apron; after the bout, the champions, Hillbilly Jim, Howard
Finkel, and a young fan danced in the ring
Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Razor Ramon with the Pedigree moments after referee Tim White was knocked down as Ramon lifted
Helmsley up for the Razor's Edge; after the bout, Ramon attempted to say goodbye to the fans but his mic was cut off
WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Diesel in a steel cage match at around the 20-minute mark by escaping out the door
after hitting the challenger with a steel chair and following with the superkick; late in the bout, Davey Boy Smith briefly interfered
and prevented the champion from escaping over the top; moments later, as Diesel was still knocked out and Michaels was posing with
the title belt, Razor Ramon came out, hugged the champion and raised his hand; Michaels then revived Diesel and waved for someone
else to join them in the ring; Hunter Hearst Helmsley then appeared and hugged Michaels before all four men embraced and held each
others arm in the air; as punishment for the public breaking of kayfabe, the office punished Helmsley by taking him out of the King of
the Ring tournament, which he was scheduled to win, and making him lose matches for several months straight (the final appearance
of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash for almost 6 years)


MSG 3/16/97 [24/7]  2 Disks

1.        Sultan v. Flash Funk

2.        The New Blackjacks v. Henry O and Pineas I Godwin

3.        Int – Bret Hart

4.        Crush v. Aldo Montoya

5.        Ahmed Johnson v. Savio Vega

6.        Owen Hart & Daveyboy Smith v. Doug Furnas & Philip Lafon

7.        Int – Ken Shamrock, who will be the referee at the upcoming Wrestlemania 13.

8.        Int – Hunter Hearst Helmsley

9.        Rocky Maivia v. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Goldust runs in and attacks Helmsley)

10.     Farooq v. Goldust

11.     Int – Sid

12.     Undertaker v. Vader (Casket Match)




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