The matches on this and the following tape were recorded with an 8mm camera.  There is no sound, and all matches are clips from
20seconds to up to 3minutes in length.  
1. Ernie Ladd Vs. Pampero Firpo 
2. Inoki/Sakagucci Vs. Von Shotz/Von Hess
3. Butcher Brannigan Vs. Eduard Carpentier 
4. Man Mt. Mike Vs. Mr. Calif 
5. John Tolos Vs. Victor Rivera 
6. The Sheik Vs. Firpo (Farouk in cage above the ring) 
7. The Medic's Vs. Pork Chop/Manuel Soto 
8. Mr. Wrestling Vs. Earl Maynard 
9. The Sheik Vs. Firpo #2 
10. Gordman/Goliath Vs.Ivan Putski 
11. Tolos Vs. Rivera #2 (Strap Match) 
12. Butcher Brannigan Vs. Manuel Soto 
13. John Tolos Vs. Rocky Johnson 
14. The Sheik Vs. Firpo #3 (Cage Match) 
15. Butcher Brannigan Vs. Man Mt. Mike 
16. Von Hess/Von Shotz Vs. Rivera/Pork Chop. 
17. Black Gordman Vs. David Morgan 
18. Gordman Vs. Kenji Shibuya (Tolos as manager in corner) 
19. Ernie Ladd Vs. Man Mt. Mike 
20. Dale Lewis Vs. Pork Chop 
21. Great Goliath Vs. Manuel Soto 
22. Firpo Vs. Mr. Texas 
23. Greg Valentine Vs. Amazing Zulu 
24. Hollywood Blondes /Humperdink Vs. Earl Maynard/S.D. Jones 
25. John Tolos Vs. Victor Rivera #3 
26. Tolos/G.Valentine Vs. Dino Bravo/Rivera 
27. Gordman Vs. Eduard Carpentier 
28. Tolos/G.Valentine Vs. Andre 
29. Tolos/Sheik Vs. Ivan Putski/Firpo 
30. Man Mt. Mike Vs. Rivera 
31. Count Billy Varga 
32. Pork Chop/Raul Reyes Vs. Von Shots/Von Hess 
33. Carpentier Vs. Dr. Death 
34. Gorgeous George Jr. Vs. Mil Mascaras 
35. Wolfman Farcus Vs. Firpo 
36. Dino Bravo Vs. Raul Reyes 
37. Bravo/Rivera Vs. Tony Rocco/Reyes 
38. The Sheik Vs. Ivan Putski 
39. Tony Rocco Vs. Dennis Stamp 
40. Man Mt. Mike Vs. Haystacks Calhoun 
41. Midget Tag Teams 
42. John Tolos Vs. Pampero Firpo 
43. Lord Al Hayes Vs. Dan Steele 
44. Man Mt. Mike Vs. Dennis Stamp 
45. Tolos Vs. Firpo #2 
46. Greg Valentine Vs. La Pantera Negra 
47. Rivera/Bravo Vs. Hollywood Blondes 
48. Amazing Zulu Vs. Cyclone Negro 
49. Carpentier Vs. Gordman 
50. 1974 Battle Royal 
51. Tolos Vs. Rivera #4 
52. Carpentier Vs. Ray Stevens 
53. Lonnie "MoonDog" Mayne Vs. Stamp 
54. 1974 Battle Royal (Intro's & Entrances) 
55. Killer Kowalski Vs. The Sheik (Maple Leaf Gardens, Canada) 
56. John Tolos "Blades" on Canvas 
57. Blassie/Tolos Vs. Hollywood Blondes 
58. 1974 Battle Royal (Midway thru) 
59. Jack Brisco Vs. Greg Valentine (N.W.A Championship) 
60. Rivera Vs. Carpentier 
61. Tolos Vs. Valenetine (W/Humperdink) 
62. 1974 Battle Royal (Start) 
63. Kowalski Vs. Sheik (Maple Leaf Grdn) 
64. Abdullah the Butcher Vs. Mighty Igor 
65. Unknown Canadian Wrestlers 
66. Zulu Vs. Man Mt. Mike 
67. Terry Funk Vs. Rivera 
68. Pork Chop Vs. Ken Mandel 
69. Rivera/Bravo Vs. Hollywood Blondes 
70. Valentine Vs. Firpo (Cage Match) 
71. KCOP TV Taping Tolos Vs. Rocco (Count Billy Varga) 
72. Pak Song Vs. Mr. Wrestling 
73. Tolos Vs. Ruben Juarez (Cage Match) 
74. Dr. Death Vs. Tony Rocco (Cage Match) 
75. KCOP TV Tolos, Shibuya, Pak Song 
76. Masa Sieto Vs. Salvador Lothario 
77. Gorilla Monsoon Vs. Tolos 
78. Raul Mata/Reyes Vs. Death/Mr Wrestling 
79. Pak Song Vs. Killer Karl Krupp 
80. Mr. Wrestling Vs. Raul Mata 
81. Man Mt. Mike Vs. Pat Patterson 
82. Tolos Vs. Pak Song #1 
83. Sandy Parker Vs. Diamond lil 
84. Tolos Vs. Pak Song #2 
85. Death/Wrestling Vs. Man Mt. Mike 
86. Raul Mata Vs. Debs Seki 
87. La Pantera Negra Vs. Singh 
88. Man Mt. Mike Vs. Debs Seki 
89. Gordman Vs. Rivera (W/Big Bad John) 
90. Ray Mendoza Vs. Great Goliath 
91. Big Bad John/Tolos Vs. Mata/ Pantera Negra 
92. Gordman/Goliath Vs. Mata Rivera 
93. Tolos Vs. Pak Song #3 (M MT. Mike Ref) 
94. Gordman/Goliath Vs. Tolos/BB John 
95. La Pantera Negra Vs. Singh 
96. Tony Rocco Vs. Raul Reyes 
97. Tolos Vs. Man Mt. Mike 
98. Big Bad John Vs. Victor Rivera 
99. Rivera Vs. Man Mt. Mike/Dale Lewis 
100. Gordman/Goliath Vs. Andre 
101. Tolos Vs. Pork Chop Cash 
102. Raul Mata Vs. Dale "Professor" Lewis 
103. Man Mt. Mike Vs. Cowboy Frankie Laine 
104. John Tolos Vs. Tony Rocco 
105. Butcher Brannigan Vs. Pork Chop 106. Gordman/Goliath Vs. Rivera

1.        John Tolos Vs. Rocky Johnson
2.        The Sheik Vs. Pampero Firpo  (Fire)
3.        Women Wrestlers
4.        Terry Funk Vs. Victor Rivera
5.        Tolos Vs. Rivera #2
6.        Earl Maynard Vs. Singh
7.        Blassie (Ring Entrance)
8.        Tolos Vs. Rivera #3 (Strecher Match)
9.        John Tolos Vs. Freddy Blassie
10.     Inoki/Sakagucci Vs. Johnny Powers/Pat Patterson (Joe Louis Ref.)
11.     Tolos Vs. Blassie #2 (Strecher Match)
12.     Midget Women Vs. Woman Wrestlers
13.     Tolos Vs. Blassie #3 (Monsel's Powder)
14.     Tahiti Kid Vs. Sky Low Low
15.     Tolos Vs. Rivera #4
16.     Tolos Vs. Rivera #5 (Cage match)
17.     Tolos Vs. Manuel Soto
18.     Butcher Brannigan Vs. Rivera
19.     Big Bad John Vs. Rivera (Chain Match)
20.     Tolos Vs. Ruben Juarez (Cage Match)
21.     Chief Sonny War Cloud Vs. Singh (Indian Strap Match)
22.     Tolos Vs. Pak Song (Studded Collar)
23.     Raul Mata Vs. Singh
24.     War Cloud Vs. Debs Seki
25.     Blassie/Mata Vs. Dr. Death/Wrestling
26.     Tolos Vs. Duane Allen (Blassie fight end)
27.     Sandy Parker Vs. Diamond Lil
28.     Pak Song Vs. Singh
29.     Rivera/Mata Vs. Death/Mr.Wrestling
30.     Tolos Vs. Blassie #4
31.     Ray Mendoza Vs. Singh
32.     Raul Reyes Vs. Singh
33.     Rocky Johnson Vs. Debs Seki
34.     Mr. Wrestling Vs. Duane Allen
35.     Tolos Vs. La Pantera Negra
36.     Dr. Jerry Graham Vs. Ray Mendoza
37.     MoonDog Mayne Vs. Pak Song
38.     Dr.Death/Mr. Wrestling Vs. Andre
39.     Gordman/Goliath Vs. Mata/Rivera
40.     Pat Patterson Vs. Ken Mandel
41.     1974 Battle Royal (Start)
42.     KCOP TV Pak Song Vs. Dr. Death, Andre Vs. Dr. J Graham & Vigilantes
43.     Tolos Vs. Rivera #5 (Loser Leaves Town)
44.     Brannigan Vs. Pork Chop Cash
45.     Gordman/Goliath Vs. Mata/Man Mt. Mike
46.     Tony Rocco Vs. Dory Funk Jr.
47.     Tolos Vs. Rivera #7 (Loser Leaves Town)
48.     Pork Chop Vs. Dale Lewis
49.     Gordman/Goliath Vs. man Mt. Mike/Tony Rocco
50.     Dale Lewis Vs. Pork Chop #2
51.     Gordman Vs. Pork Chop
52.     Goliath Vs. Davey Morgan
53.     Man Mt. Mike Vs. Dale Lewis
54.     Gordman Vs. Pork Chop #2
55.     Tolos Vs. Soto #2
56.     Dale Lewis Vs. Davey Morgan
57.     Rocky Johnson Vs. Gordman
58.     Rivera/Soto Vs. Brannigan/Mr. Calif
59.     Goliath Vs. John Birch
60.     Lewis Vs. Man Mt. Mike #2
61.     Ernie Ladd Vs. Pork Chop
62.     Rivera/Soto Vs. Brannigan/Mr. CA #2
63.     Gordman Vs. Davey Morgan
64.     Gordman Vs. Soto
65.     Goliath Vs. Man Mt. Mike
66.     Ernie Ladd Vs. Pork Chop #2
67.     Mr. Calif Vs. Rivera
68.     Brannigan Vs. Dale Lewis
69.     Ernie Ladd Vs. Andre
70.     Medic #1 Vs. Soto
71.     Brannigan Vs. Killer Tim Brooks
72.     Medic #2 Vs. Rocky Johnson
73.     Mr. Calif Vs. Rivera #2 (Tolos in Small Cage Above the Ring)
74.     Terry Funk Vs. Rivera #2
75.     John Birch Vs. Singh
76.     Sonny King Vs. Pak Song
77.     Earl Maynard Vs. Tony Rocco
78.     Fred Blassie in Suit / Ring Intro
79.     Ruben Juarez Vs. Mr. Wrestling
80.     Victor Rivera Vs. John Tolos #8
81.     Raul Reyes Vs. Jan Madrid
82.     Inoki/Sakagucci Vs. Pat Patterson/Johnny Powers #2 (Joe Louis Ref)
83.     Wrestling Historian Dr. Mike Lano at 18 Thumbs his nose at Society!
84.     Mr. Wrestling/Song Vs. Reyes/Mata
85.     Raul Reyes Vs. Mr. Wrestling
86.     Tony Rocco Vs. Singh
87.     Freddy Blassie Vs. John Tolos #5 (Strecher Match)


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