1/2 Hardcore TV

Stevie Richards/Missy Hyatt Interview/Segment

TV and Tag Team Title Match: Mikey Whipwreck vs. 2 "Gold" Scorpio- Cactus Jack helps Mikey win the titles.

Public Enemy Highlights

Public Enemy vs. The Gangstas

Gangstas Int, Public Enemy Int, Cactus Jack/Raven Int


1/9 Hardcore TV

Taz vs. Nakagawa

Bruiser Mastino vs. El Puerto Ricano

911/Taz Segment, Buh Buh Ray Dudley/Blue Meanie/Stevie Richards Segment

Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven

Various Interviews- Includes the return of Shane Douglas.


1/16 Hardcore TV

Joey Styles/Bill Alfonzo/Taz/911/Eliminators Segment

911 and Rey Mysterio vs. Eliminators

Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. Jimmy Del Ray- Shane Douglas comes out.

Flash Funk vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Stevie Richards/Beulah/Raven/Tommy Dreamer Segment/Brawl- Beulah is having Tommy Dreamer’s kid.


1/23 Hardcore TV

Rob Van Dam vs. Axl Rotten- Rob Van Dams ECW debut. Styles claims that the ECW fans in the ECW arena isn’t sure what to think of RVD.

Taz vs. Hack Myers

Sabu vs. Stevie Richards

ECW Title Match: Konnan vs. Sandman

Various Interviews


1/30 Hardcore TV

Pitbulls/Eliminators/Stevie Richards Brawl

Cactus Jack and Mike Whipwreck vs. Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas

ECW Title Match: Raven vs. Sandman- Raven wins the ECW title for the first time. Sandman and Woman have problems as she is off to WCW.

Sandman/2 Cold Scorpio/Woman Int


2/6 Hardcore TV

Rey Mysterio vs. Juventud - Juvi Juice makes his ECW debut.

Eliminators vs. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Cactus Jack

Pitbulls/Elminators/Francine Brawl- The Pitbulls cut Perry Saturn's hair.

Several Interviews


2/13 Hardcore TV

Taz/Joey Styles/911 Interview/Segment

Woman/Sandman/2 Cold Scoprio/Stevie Richards/Raven Interview/Segment

Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas vs. Raven and Stevie Richards- Richards puts on a Razor Ramon shirt and flicks a toothpick at Shane Douglas as a slap in the face to Shane Douglas who had his clique problems.

Taz vs. Shark Attack Kid- Bam Bam Bigelow makes his ECW debut and chases off Taz and Bill Alfonso.


2/20 Hardcore TV

Bad Crew and Dredd vs. Dirtbike Kid, Don E Allen, and Dino Sendoff

Brian Pillman Interview- Announces that he was fired by Eric Bischoff, eventhough Bischoff would say in his book that his "release" was a work. He makes his ECW debut and bashes "Smark Marks" which was basically

 every ECW fan. After that, he attacks a "fan at ringside". What a segment.

Bill Alfonzo/Taz Int

Bruise Brothers vs. Headhunters

Pitbulls vs. Eliminators

Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. Curtis Hughes

Tommy Dreamer/Raven Interview/Segment- Raven has several ECW stars attack Dreamer.

Bonus Segment, ECW on Current Affair- The people from the show and some other jabronie just bash the product, proving that they know nothing about what's going on.


2/27 Hardcore TV

Axl Rotten vs. JT Smith

Cactus Jack vs. Shane Douglas

Taz vs. Joel Hartgood

Shane Douglas Segment


3/5 Hardcore TV

Brian Pillman Int, Shane Douglas Int

TV Title Match: Sabu vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Blue Meanie/Buh Buh Ray Dudley Segment- They do the Mirror thing here.

Various Interviews


3/12 Hardcore TV

Shane Douglas/Brian Pillman Interview- “Shawn Michaels, kiss my ass!” The first thing he says.

Taz/Bill Alfonzo/Bam Bam Bigelow Segment

Headhunters/Gangstas Brawl

Chris Jericho vs. Cactus Jack- Jericho makes his ECW debut, which means he would show up in WCW within the next year,

Taz vs. Mikey Whipwreck


3/19 Hardcore TV

Brian Pillman/Shane Douglas Interview

Bruise Brothers vs. Pitbulls

Rey Mysterio vs. Juventud Guerrera

Various Interviews


3/26 Hardcore TV

Mick Foley vs. Mike Whipwreck- Foley's last match in ECW. After, he calls out Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie to dance to "New York, New York".

Taz vs. Chris Jericho

ECW Title Match: Shane Douglas vs. Raven


4/2 Hardcore TV

Damien Kane Int

Gangstas vs. Blue Meanie and Chad Austin

Elimination vs. Dark Riders

Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. Taz

Various Interviews


4/9 Hardcore TV

Raven/Sandman Interview/Brawl- The debut of ... of ... Brian Lee. What a scrub he was along with the Bruise Brothers. Joey Styles said a couple of weeks ago that if you could make it in ECW, you could

 make it anywhere. That was the complete opposite of the truth. ECW got everyone over it seems, except the Bruise Brothers and Brian Lee.

Axl Rotten vs. Joel Hartgood vs. Broad Street Bully

Bruise Brothers and Raven vs. Sandman, Shane Douglas, and Tommy Dreamer


4/16 Hardcore TV

Shane Douglas Int

JT Smith vs. Devon Dudley- Devon debuts as well as Little Guido.

Taz vs. Chris Jericho

Eliminators vs. Joel Hartgood and El Puerto Ricano

Pit Bulls and Tommy Dreamer vs. Bruise Brothers and Brian Lee

Various Interviews


4/23 Hardcore TV

Gangstas Interview

Super Nova vs. El Puerto Ricano- Nova debuts.

Eliminators/Gangstas Brawl

Little Guido/JT Smith Int

Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer

Sandman/Missy Hyatt Music Video- "Love is Strong" by Rolling Stones.

Shane Douglas/Tommy Dreamer/Raven/Kimona/Beulah Segment- This was the talked about Lesbian angle that they ECW temporarily thrown off of MSG.


4/30 Hardcore TV

ECW Title Match: Shane Douglas vs. Raven

Shane Douglas/2 Cold Scorpio Interview/Brawl

Gangstas Int

Axl Rotten vs. Little Guido

Taz vs. Devon Storm

Various Interviews


5/7 Hardcore TV

Dudley Boys vs. Pit Bulls

Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu- Their careers crossed paths very early, starting here.

Pitbulls Int


5/14 Hardcore TV

El Puerto Ricano vs. Damien

TV Title Match: Shane Douglas vs. 2 Cold Scorpio- Douglas wins the TV title.

Shane Douglas Interview- After a long speech, Shane says "I want you to show everybody what respect is and strap this belt around my waste." 2 Cold Scorpio would instead nail Douglas with the belt

 and beat him up some more.

Various Interviews


5/21 Hardcore TV

Paul E Dangerously Int, Taz/Bill Alfonso Int

Taz vs. 2 Cold Scorpio- Not much to it. Taz is calling out Sabu.

Chris Jericho vs. Mikey Whipwrec

Pit Bull #2 vs. Raven vs. Sandman

Various Interviews


5/28 Hardcore TV

Paul E Dangerously Int

Chris Jericho vs. 2 Cold Scoprio

Stevie Richards Int

Dudley Boys vs. Damien Kane and Devon Storm

Eliminators and Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer and Gangstas

6/4 Hardcore TV


Stevie Richards/Raven Interview

Taz vs. Jason Helton- Paul Varlens from UFC is in the stands. Taz wants a piece but doesn't get it and is still after Sabu.

Tommy Dreamer and Pit Bulls vs. Brian Lee and Bruise Brothers

ECW Title Match: Pit Bull #2 vs. Raven


6/11 Hardcore TV

Taz/Paul Varlens Contract Signing

FBI vs. Dudley Boys

Rob Van Dam vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Paul E Dangerously Int

TV Title Match: Pit Bull #2 vs. Shane Douglas- Douglas loses his title.

Various Interviews


6/18 Hardcore TV

Sandman vs. Stevie Richards

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Sabu

Raven/Stevie Richards/Bluedust Int

Various Interviews


6/25 Hardcore TV

Baron Von Stevie/Bluedust Interview

Sandman Interview

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Shane Douglas

Stevie Richards/Raven/Sandman Interview- Richards brings out Peaches to be Raven's slut.

ECW Title Match: Terry Gordy vs. Raven- Sandman comes out but then Raven brings out Sandman's son who would say, "Daddy, you're a drunk, I worship Raven!"


7/2 Hardcore TV

Raven/Tyler Int

TV Title Match: Chris Jericho vs. Pit Bull #2- Jericho wins the TV title.

Dudleys/FBI Segment

Weapons Match: Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer


7/9 Hardcore TV

Eliminators/Gangstas/Samoan Gangsta Party/Bruise Brothers Brawl

Samoan Gangsta Party vs. Axl Rotten and Hack Myers

Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam- Match goes on dispite a broken top rope.


7/16 Hardcore TV

Samoan Gangsta Party vs. The Gangstas

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Paul Lauria

Tag Team Title Match: Sabu and Mikey Whipwreck vs. Eliminators

Eliminators Music Video- "Fed Up" by House of Pain.

D-Von Dudley Int, Taz/Bill Alfonso Int

Various Interviews


7/23 Hardcore TV

TV Title Match: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Pit Bull #2 vs. Shane Douglas vs. Chris Jericho- Francine turns on the Pit Bulls to join up with Shane Douglas, who would go the distance in the Elimination

match and win the TV championship back.


7/30 Hardcore TV

Taz/Bill Alfonso Interview

Louie Spicolli vs. El Puerto Ricano

Louie Spicolli vs. Sabu

Gangstas vs. The Samoan Gangsta Party

Tommy Dreamer Int, Taz Int


8/6 Hardcore TV

Stevie Richards/JT Smith/Sandman Segment/Interview- Stevie and crew dress up as Kiss until Sandman breaks it up.

D-Von Dudley vs. Axl Rotten- Buh Buh Ray and the other Dudleys comes out to fight with D-Von.

Sandman vs. Stevie Richards

Gangstas vs. Samoan Gangsta Party vs. Eliminators vs. Bruise Brothers


8/13 Hardcore TV from Tokyo, Japan

Raven Int, Eliminators/Terry Gordy Int

Eliminators vs. Takashi Okano and Kasuke Tamada

ECW Title Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven


8/20 Hardcore TV [24/7]

New Jack Interview

Gangstas Music Video- "Natural Born Killaz" by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube.

Shane Douglas Int

Gary WOlfe Interview

TV Title Match: Pit Bull #2 vs. Shane Douglas

Various Interviews


8/27 Hardcore TV

Rob Van Dam vs. Doug Furnas

Sandmanm/Raven/Missy Hyatt/Peaches Highlights

Louie Spicolli vs. Johnny Smith

Various Interviews- Rob Van Dam announces Sabu will be his partner, dispite all their recent battles.


9/3 Hardcore TV

Shane Douglas/Francine Int, Pit Bulls Music Video

Rob Van Dam/Paul E Dangerously Int

Sandman/Missy Hyatt/Joel Gertner/Blue Meanie/Stevie Richards Segment- Sandman is off on his own as he smacks Missy.

Taz Int

Louie Spicolli vs. Danny Davis

Tommy Dreamer vs. Taz- Massive brawl breaks out.


9/10 Hardcore TV

Terry Gordy vs. Brian Lee

Big Dick Dudley and Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. Axl Rotten and D-Von Dudley

Raven Int

Various Interviews

Bonus Segment, ECW on American Journal- They didn't knock ECW as bad as Current Affair did but didn't look at it in a positive light either. After the clip, the lady says "There's got to be

a better way to make a living."


9/17 Hardcore TV

Blue Meanie/Tyler/Raven Segment

Gangstas Int

TV Title Match: Louie Spicolli vs. Shane Douglas


9/24 Hardcore TV

Sandman vs. Devon Storm

Gangstas vs. Little Guido and JT Smith

Rob Van Dam and Sabu vs. Doug Fornas and Phil Lafon

Taz Int


10/1 Hardcore TV

Taz vs. Johnny Smith

Gangstas vs. Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie- Richards and Meanie dress up like Public Enemy.

Stevie Richards/Blue Meanie Int- Then they cut a PE promo and make fun of the fake Diesel and Razor on Raw.

Eliminators and Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer, Terry Gordy, and Steve Williams

Shane Douglas Int, Eliminators Int


10/8 Hardcore TV

Stevie Richards/Blue Meanie/Gangstas/Eliminators Brawl/Segment

Mikey Whipwreck vs. JT Smith

ECW Title Match: Tommy Dreamer and Sandman vs. Stevie Richards and Brian Lee- Under some of those crazy ECW stipulations, Richards is pinned by the Sandman and wins the title from

Raven, who has been injured.


10/15 Hardcore TV

Lori Fullington Int

Taz vs. Johnny Smith

Eliminators vs. Samoan Gangsta Party

TV Title Match: Pit Bull #2 vs. Shane Douglas- Big riot breaks out after when Shane attacks the injured Gary Wolfe and has to run out of the arena. Joel Gertner would stir the pot and cause Tod


 Gordon and Paul E Dangerously to go after Gertner for trying to announce Douglas the champion still.


10/22 Hardcore TV

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Chris Jericho

Shane Douglas Int

Eliminators vs. Gangstas

Various Interviews


10/29 Hardcore TV

Kurt Angle/Little Guido/Taz Interview- Angle makes his professional wrestling debut. Philly wanted to boo him.

Taz vs. Little Guido

Shane Douglas vs. Cody Michaels

Spike Dudley vs. Chris Candido- Two guys make their ECW debut, well for Candido it was his return. Crowd chants "we want Sunny!"

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Sandman- Sandman hugs his son before Raven runs in to smack him.


11/5 Hardcore TV

Raven Int, Shane Douglas Int

Shane Douglas and Brian Lee vs. Pit Bull #2

Louie Spicolli vs. Doug Furnas

TV Title Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Shane Douglas

Various Interviews


11/12 Hardcore TV

Dudleys/Axl Rotten Segment- Big Dick Dudley does a moonsault onto Axl. Styles says "Big Dick Dudleysault?" No Joey, how about just a moonsault. Stop intertwining the names of the

wrestlers with the moves ie Tazplex, FrankenSander, etc.

Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon vs. Sabu and Rob Van Dam

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Davey Morton- Taz comes out to attack Scorpio then again calls out Sabu.

Paul E Dangerously Int


11/19 Hardcore TV, (F/G)

Taz Interview

Stevie Richards/Blue Meanie/Nova Segment- The birth of the most famous faction ever, the one that really got the wrestling buzz going, the faction that started it all and turned the company around.

 The birth... of the Blue World Order. Crowd goes nuts.

Davey Morton vs. Stevie Richards

Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. D-Von Dudley

Eliminators vs. Gangstas vs. Sabu and Rob Van Dam


11/26 Hardcore TV

Taz Interview

Axl Rotten vs. Hack Myers

BWO Int, Tommy Dreamer Int

2 Cold Scorpio Interview- Scorpio is off to be Flash Funk in the WWF. He goes on here to have 4 quick matches where he beats Devon Storm, JT Smith, and Hack Myers but loses to Louie Spicolli.

Taz Interview- Taz continues to call out Sabu and finally Sabu comes out but the show ends.


12/3 Hardcore TV

Taz vs. Rob Van Dam

Eliminators vs. Chris Candido and Mikey Whipwreck

Chris Candido Int

Tommy Dreamer/Beulah Video

Tommy Dreamer vs. Shane Douglas

BWO/Taz Int


12/10 Hardcore TV

Sandman/Raven Highlights

Gangstas vs. Axl Rotten and D-Von Dudley

Shane Douglas Int, Rob Van Dam Int

Taz Int, Chris Candido Int

Brian Lee vs. Louie Spicolli- Shane Douglas and Chris Candido come out to attack Pit Bull #2.

Raven Int


12/17 Hardcore TV

Tommy Dreamer and Beulah vs. Shane Douglas and Francine

Shane Douglas Int

Rob Van Dam vs. Taz


12/24 Hardcore TV

Little Guido and Davey Piazzano vs. Buh Buh Ray and Spike Dudley

Taz Interview

King of the Hill Battle Royal- Many wrestlers participate and Balls Mahoney makes his debut. The crowd greets him with a "You fat F***" chant. Sabu wins the Battle Royal.

Joel Gertner/Shane Douglas Int







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