1.         Marc Mero v. Steve Blackman (Blackman wins after scoring several takedowns on Mero  RAW 6/29/98)

2.         Mark Cantebury (formerly known as Henry Godwin) v Bradshaw (If ever there was a match to personify the “BRAWL”       

            in this tournament, This was it!  RAW 6/29/98)

3.        Brakus v. Savio Vega (Brakus spend all of about 17 minutes in the WWF before being busted down to ECW, where he

           disappeared Into obscurity.  The thorough beating that Brakus took in this match didn’t help him any.  RAW 7/6/98)

4.        Road Warrior Hawk v. Droz (RAW 7/6/98)

5.        Bart Gunn v. Bob Holly (Holly & Gunn were being billed as the New Midnight Express at this time.  Fortunately,

           that angle never got off the ground.  Not sure if this match was worked or not, but Holly looked legitimately pissed

           with Gunn after this one.  (RAW 7/13/98)

 6.       The Godfather v. Dan Severn (Severn was considered a strong favorite in this tournament, but wound up dropping out

         of the tournament despite winning this match.  Having the gloves on his hands severely hampered Severn’s skills.  (RAW 7/13/98)  

7.       Jean Pierre Lefitte v. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams (Williams was considered to be the odds on favorite to win the whole thing

           and completely dominated Pierre in this one.  RAW 7/20/98)

8.        2 Cold Scorpio v. 8-Ball (One of the Harris Twins (several clips of this one are shown, as Scorpio despite being the smaller

   competitor, defeats 8-Ball.  RAW 7/20/98)


   TOURNAMENT! This was a total shoot, as even Williams himself later admits that he lost fair and square.  This match

   Made Gunns career, and spelled the beginning of the end of Williams’ tenure with the WWF, as it completely killed his

   Tough guy persona, and derailed his push.  RAW 7/27/98)

10.        Godfather v. Scorpio (Godfather is back in the tournament after Dan Severn drops out.  RAW 8/3/97)

11        Droz v. Savio Vega (RAW 8/10/98)

12.        Bradshaw v. Mark Mero (Blackman backs out of the tournament as well, allowing Mero to advance.  RAW 8/10/98)

13.        Bart Gunn v. The Godfather (Bart Gunn wins with another KO.  I’m suspicious of this one though.  8/17/98)

14.        Bradshaw v. Droz (RAW 8/17/98)

15        Bart Gunn v. Bradshaw (Another KO for Gunn, and Bart wins the Brawl for All Tournament.  Williams being knocked out was a

            shoot.  But I’m pretty convinced that the rest of his matches were worked.  8/24/98)

16.        Bart Gunn v. Butterbean  (NOTHING fake about this one!  In what had to be the easiest payday of his life,

     Butterbean DESTROYS Gunn in the first round with a solid KO!  Wrestlemania 15)


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